Must Watch: Anne Hathaway's Passengers Trailer

August 30, 2008
Source: Reelz Channel

Passengers Trailer

I bet you didn't know Anne Hathaway was in a horror movie called Passengers? This horror flick is about a grief counselor assigned to work with a group of plane crash survivors who starts to uncover a horrific mystery when the survivors start to disappear. If I had to find a horror film to be very interested in, this is definitely it. The trailer hooked me in - it's like a viral marketing campaign with a mysterious conclusion that I'm dying to figure out. I don't want to know what it is before I see it (so please don't say), but I think this definitely looks good. It may not be the next great horror classic and it may not turn out to be a huge box office hit, but at least it looks unique and interesting and isn't a remake or an adaptation.

Thanks to our friends at Reelz Channel for debuting this trailer. I've got to admit that it really came out of nowhere. I had heard the title, but I didn't know Anne Hathaway was in a horror flick. Thoughts?

Watch the first trailer for Passengers:

[flv: 480 270]

Passengers is directed by Colombian filmmaker Rodrigo García, of Nine Lives and "In Treatment" previously. The script was written by Ronnie Christensen, of a few various made-for-TV films previously. Sony is releasing Passengers in limited theaters starting on October 24th this fall. The poster is featured below.

Passengers Poster

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  • coyo
  • Cedric
    #1: fucking brilliant comment. I lol'd
  • daniel
    horrible poster
  • Alyx
    The narration makes it feel like a lame movie, but I have too much faith in Patrick Wilson. I really want to see this, just for him. And that guy from The Mist!
  • drew
    did ANOTHER trailer give away too much of a plot?
  • Daniel
    Is the movie about the guy or the girl?
  • CHICKImonkey
    seems interesting but I hope it doesnt have a stupid ending like war of the worlds or something
  • TheJoker
    Hmm, Interesting...
  • Baltazar Markus
    isn't a remake or an adaptation??? Look at this: LOST + HEROES= PASSENGERS
  • Ariel
    god, baltazar, exactly what I tought. Like EXACTLY. The narration does make it seem crappy. And I would'nt call that horror, its definitly a sci-fi suspense flick. And that f---ing trailer just gave away half the movie, I'm sure.
  • Keith
    lets face it, that trailer sucked
  • LeeMan
    they should've just called it final destination: the lost tapes. who gives a damn about some horror movie getting a limited release on the same day as saw?
  • mocacinno
    agree with #5
  • Allen Johansen
    that just looked bad. I am not intrigued at all so far
  • Hmmm...I'd only see that film if there was nothing else to watch.
  • mortuus
    ya...that was about as bad as Monkey Bone....anyone remember that movie? that's how bad.
  • Joshua
    @Keagan Who are you to criticize anybody? No one is forcing you to read his reviews. If you don't like this site don't come here. Let's see you make something better. Otherwise, shut the hell up.
  • Phizik
    hmm looks crappy but nevertheless i'll watch it.
  • Denny Kolburn
    Sixth Sense did it!
  • bryan
    seems like a lifetime movie with a $30mil budget. patrick wilson looks awful in this.
  • Matt Suhu
    @21 yeah, seems like a ghost movie or something. boring.
  • LW
    I think the story goes a little something like this: MAN: A plane crashed, we need a hot and young psychiatrist to check out the survivors. ANNE: *flips hair around* Oh okay. PATRICK: I'm a handsome man who's conflicted. Sleep with me. ANNE: *Maybeline-esque pose* Okay.
  • Looks ok, probably on the same level as those other Screen Gem flicks.
  • Richard
    i zoned out before i even finished it
  • L
    I don't think Anne Hatheway being beautiful can save this one. The acting looks very uninspired and forced. I also, have this feeling it will end just like "The Forgotten"
  • Shige
    On the trailer: the narrators voice and what he is saying is so corny I had to switch of the sound. On the film: good actors bound by a stupid plot. Just as it always is in todays american "horror" flicks. On Anne Hethaway: cant take anything seriously with her as a lead unless it is not a chick flick. On the film poster: I can almost point out every single photoshop work they did on her face.
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    #26: agree, the narrators voice was very corny. agree with your second point Thrid point agree with, and finally your fourth point i very much agree with. 😀 Yea, that poster is very ugly and that itself will turn others down from watching it. Plus i've grown our of Anne Hatheways beauty...shes just an "ok" actress... and omg the trailer was just displeasing to watch.
  • El Conquistador
    This will only be more hokey if they use the Iggy Pop song of the same name for the opening credits. It looks like M. Night Shyamalan wiped his ass and this was the smear left on the toilet paper...
  • Really, the poster doesn't even LOOK like Anne. Also, why are they putting this in LIMITED RELEASE? By the looks of this it doesn't seem like an Oscar flick or they are just burying this flop.
  • vu
  • Icarus
    #1 said it best. I ditto his comment.
  • Andrew
    I'm making the prediction now: She was the only survivor of that plane crash...
  • twispious
    it has keanu written all over it
  • David R
    looks terrible
  • jason_md2020
    Baltazar Markus: "isn't a remake or an adaptation??? Look at this: LOST + HEROES= PASSENGERS" I can save you a step. Ever hear of the series "The 4400"?
  • insanartist
    I see Dead people .................................much *SPOILER* WARNING* <-----As if the trailer didn't give it up She is Dead and communicating with the real world or the other way around LOL #1 and #5
  • the trailer is ok, but that's the worst poster i've ever seen in my life.
  • Blue Silver
    Hmmm.....How did Liv Tyler get on that poster??
  • wetworks
    #38 I was going to ask the same question...but with Alicia Silverstone.
  • I agree with #2 and #3. And I didn't watch the trailer because I had a sneaking suspicion that what #5 said would happen here. And the I.R.S. had the nerve to say I wasn't good at math. FOOLS!
  • You
    Does Andre Braugher play the same character in every movie?
  • Lemme guess... they see dead people?
  • very typical poster




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