Must Watch: Brutal New Trailer for Friday the 13th Remake!

December 4, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Friday the 13th Trailer

Warner Brothers has unveiled the new full trailer for the Friday the 13th remake. While we have seen some footage before, this trailer finally gives us a taste of what this remake is all about. And let's say not only is brutal, but it looks just ridiculously fun, in a campy 80's horror kind of way. Naked girls? Check! Creepy houses? Check! Guy with a machete? Check! Tunnels and rats? Check! Camp Crystal Lake? Big check! Screw the remake factor on this, I'm digging it! There are going to be some incredible kills. And even if you've never seen any of the other Friday the 13ths, this looks like it'll be a great place to start.

Watch the full trailer for Friday the 13th:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the Friday the 13th trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Friday the 13th is directed by ex-music video director Marcus Nispel, of 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pathfinder previously. The screenplay for this reboot was penned by writing partners Damian Shannon and Mark Swift of Freddy vs Jason previously. Although this Friday the 13th is not a sequel, it is technically the 11th film in the franchise and follows Jason's last apperance in Freddy vs Jason in 2003. Friday the 13th is currently set to open on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

Friday the 13th Poster

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  • dave
    this movie look really good i cant wait for this movie next year
  • Cory
    i was unsure about this.. but now im totally sold
  • Darrin
    michael bay is out to tak our money. first the unborn, the friday the 13, then transformers 2
  • I never saw the previous films, but Jason (along with Freddy) was definitely part of the pop culture when I was growing up. The interesting thing with this film is that it doesn't immediately seem like a remake, but it looks like they are using elements from the first three films in the series (including, surprisingly, Jason wearing a sack).
  • The_Phantom
    This is looking real good. And what do you have against Michael Bay?
  • Florian
    This really looks like its gonna be good - i enjoyed the texas chainsaw massacre remake (the 1st one, mind you) and i'm hoping this turns out to be of similar quality
  • Chad
    I LOVE this trailer!
  • Chris
    while it seems that the film is doing away with the idea that the protagonists are camp counselars im hoping that this is good. As long as the stay true to the original ill be in the theatre
  • Richard
    You know I never was into the old horror movies and have seen some of them but dont *really remember anything about them, other then I think Jason is one of the most scary looking fucking bad guy's I've ever seen, so I'm gonna check this out. I never was a horror fan growing up, well let me rephrase, we couldn't see it in our house but it always intrigued me and I think my own imagination of the overall theme of these bad guys were scarier then the movies themselves but I just cant get into many vintage horror movies now. I watch them and think they are too cheesy to get into but I've grown fond of these more modern horror remakes and originals. As long as its not too teen horror-ish I'll like it.
  • Will
    I don't know about this. It definatly looks like a good film but it looks like it has gone hollywood and gotten away from the true slasher film. You know the types to where you know who is going to die and in what order by the order of their nude scenes. Even Freddy Vs. Jason was that way. By the way a true classic. I don't know let me know if I'm wrong.
  • I'm glad Nispel is directing this flick. I like what he did with the TCM remake.
  • guest
    looks like worst horror 2009 awards.
  • Mil
    All these remakes are rubbish. This looks no better. ZZZZZZzzzzzzz
  • rml
    Well, I can tell you guys that this has nothing to do with the original, so you can't call it a remake... Maybe you can call it a reboot of the series but, please, don't call it a remake. I'm guessing that it's gonna be just another (lackluster) hack at trying to squeeze some money out of horror (or new horror fans) without anything original or special about it. They're not getting my money, though...
  • Ricardo
    Hey, thank you very much for showing us every single kill of the movie, there goes the surprise factor...Am i the only one pissed about this?
  • Peloquin
    Nicely put # 9
  • Syphous
    This is clearly not a remake considering Jason is actually doing the killing, but it still looks like a pretty good reboot. I just hope it's not teeny-bopper crap. To #15, I highly doubt that's every kill, and I also doubt he killed all of them. It's called misdirection. Unless of course they're idiots and did exactly what you think they did, in which case I too would be upset.
  • wetworks
    I can't say how the movie will end up, but that trailer was freakin sweet. This might turn out like Hancock, though, where the trailer was put together so well it was hard for the movie to live up. I liked the movie ok, but I loved the trailer. I definitely excited to see this now, but I've got a feeling it's going to go that same way
  • normf
    This looks even dumber than I thought it would.
  • Guy
    Wow i can't wait. I loved the originals. It seems that Jason moves a little faster. Don't those teenagers no under age sex and drinking. rule 1 of horror movies.
  • K
    Well holy shit! That gave me some serious chills!
  • Fuck that! Which basically means it scares the shit out of me. I'm sure it'll do great at the theatres
  • Vinylcharmer
    It looks badass from the trailer, but it could still suck. To #15 This was something for fans of the original who remember the trailers. They did that body count in the first film's trailer as well. Everyone is supposed to die that's the point. The only thing to look for is how they die & how gruesome/violent the deaths are. This is never meant to be a meditation of the evils that men do, just pure carnage for the sake of carnage.
  • Alex
    This is all I can think of whenever I hear Michael Bay now: (he is halfway through the video)
  • Josh
    gee i wonder who dies in this movie it brings whole new meaning to the "give everything away in the trailer" mentality
  • Ryderup
    Nice that they copy the concept of the originals filmtrailer. But they should have set it in 1980, would be more of a nostalgic nod to the original films. Like how TCm03 did it. Bow it looks kind of generic, why didn't they just set it after Jason Goes To Hell if they were to put it in a modern time.
  • Joel
    "it brings whole new meaning to the "give everything away in the trailer" mentality" Uh, yeah. Because none of us knew what was going to go on in this movie until they showed the trailer. There's no way anyone could possibly have guessed. IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH. Everyone is going to die.
  • Dusty
    Great trailer... but no interest in the movie... I loved the campy, cheesy horror style of the originals... these are just blood and gore slashers... Let me know afterword if it is any good Alex.
  • milk
    im glad they showed me all the kills in the trailer, now i don't have to pay $12.
  • mjc
    This looks Awesome!!!!!!!
  • Ripper
    Although this Friday the 13th is not a sequel, it is technically the 11th film in the franchise and follows Jason's last apperance in Freddy vs Jason in 2003. Friday the 13th is currently set to open on Friday, February 13th, 2009. READ NOT A REMAKE. I think this will be another Bad Ass jason moives....Because I go to se Jason chop people up and count the Bodys. That is what i belive makes a god slasher flick Tits and Body Count
  • -Peter-
    wow. awesome. too bad I'm kindof a scaredypants with this kinda thing. Big screen might be a little to intense, but I really wanna see it even if I end up waiting for the dvd.
    this sucks. i was wanting a remake of the original, with momma Vorhees and all that. that would've been freaking sweet. this looks like it might be just a smidge better than Halloween: Resurrection...
  • Josh
    "h, yeah. Because none of us knew what was going to go on in this movie until they showed the trailer. There's no way anyone could possibly have guessed. IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH. Everyone is going to die." umm ya i know that everyone's gonna die. but they showed the actual killings in the trailer. that's a bit far. w/e. movies like this are useless anyway
  • Said
    is it really a remake?... cuase the first friday the 13th killer was the mom
  • wm
    why is everyone loving this remake and hating the Halloween remake? Just curious.
  • Rob
    Looks like more generic remake/reboot/re-imagining trash. I can't believe people here are hyped after watching this trailer.
  • Sam Winchester?! There is so a Friday the 13th to Supernatural crossover that could happen here...
  • alan
    wowo the first scene really scared the shit out of me wowo i like it
  • tyler
    not that impressed. and Micheal bay sucks, yeah transformers was cool but he is just so damn lame. can we please be done with the same old horror flick remake thing its just getting old.
  • Frame
    I know who's gonna die first.
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    what crap...this shit wasnt scary the first time around and it isnt scary there absolutely no talent left to be found in Hollywood at all these days?????
    people constantly bitch and moan about michael bay... -Beverly hills cop -Armageddon -Bad boys 1&2 -Transformers -Texas Chainsaw Massacre -The Island -The Rock -Pearl Harbor...tho the story was off topic, still an incredible movie visually -Nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th reboot sequels -All his movies have very inventive screen writing and cinematography, and with an industry like hollywood that hasn't produced an original idea since the mid 90's, he's one of very few producer/directors still keeping things new yet maintaining the original idealogy of films. and yes, the trailer gave alot away...HELLO!? ITS A REMAKE OF A 30 YEAR OLD MOVIE EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD HAS SEEN! If your pissed that you watched a friday the 13th trailer and saw jason hacking people up with a machete, you are the very definition of the word idiot...every single thing produced in hollywood in the past 10 years has been a rip-off of something before it. However, aside from Spielberg, Ron Howard and Jerry Bruckheimer; gimme the name of a guy thats grossed more box office money Michael Bay...
  • overlord
    let me just start off by saying somebody give mw a "hell yeah" i am so stoked i have seen every jason movie in the theater since friday the 13th in 3d and i was hoping they would cast kane hodder as jason he was the best one imo.I am also kind of biased because i was born on friday the 13th and thats what sold me in the first place yeah the franchise is campy and cheesy but if they gave this jason any lines to say everyonr would bitch about that because it wouldnt fit the mold of the franchise so give me cheesy gore slasher i was raised in the 80's so isay give me jason slashing teens and a 32 oz. jolt cola with alice coopers man behind the mask and i will be a happy man and if you dont like it dont go see it drink you moccha lates and watch mamma mia 2
  • lumiΓ¨re
    thanks for the link #24 / Alex! - 'Those aren't ideas, those are special effects.' - 'I don't understand the difference.' best summary of the 'talents' of Michael Bay i've ever seen or heard. who knows, since he's only produced this rather than been behind the camera, maybe we'll actually get to see what's going on in this film. #43 / CHICK, Michael Bay is the epitome of all that is wrong with Hollywood. big bangs and quick, fast $$$ > talent, creativity, writing, acting, longevity. of course, this is precisely the reason he has become successful and why so many of his production company's / films have made a lot of money. we should be more demanding. films will always be remade, more's the pity. but few remakes make you want to rewatch them like the original.
  • i am gonna see this because when it comes out it will be my birthday
  • CHICK - No... just, no. Inventive screenwriting and cinematography? Really? REALLY? Wow... just, wow. I laughed especially hard at your inclusion of The Island with regard to your mention of screenwriting. But then again, based on what you've chosen to write, I'm 100% certain you are not even aware that this particular "inventive" bit of screenwriting (actually, the only Bay film with any shred of originality, ironically) was completely ripped off, extensively and blatantly, from a film called The Clonus Horror.
  • robert
    I don't want to get personal, to each his own, etc, but if you are a fan of Michael Bay, well...yikes. He's pretty much the death of cinema to the rest of us. Strobelight editing, not an ounce of genuine emotion, ridiculous pastiches of Robert Frank, Tony Scott and anything else he can fit in the Cuisinart. He's pretty awful. On the bright spot, Friday the 13th is hardly classic cinema. Immensely successful, yes. Good? Not in the least. Tom and Jerry cartoons have more depth. It was midnight movie fodder in its day, and now just reads as the great-grandpappy of torture porn, so who can really argue about its remake in aesthetic terms? That's like critiquing a Snickers bar and comparing it to one you ate last year. Junk is junk, and Bay is just Fred Sanford. Having said that, this looks as glossy and CW as all the other recent horror remakes. Classy with a K.
  • Shelby
    Oh Snap ....todays his b-day?! well then Happy BIrthDay Jason!!! damn i like how he charges at number 12 ...not like the old ones where he's just walking around and waits for somebody to fall at his feet.....looks good can't wait
  • Zach
    AWESOME! oh c'mon guys YOU SHOULD KNOW THERE WONT ONLY BE 13 KILLS IN THIS MOVIE!?!?!? everyone knows that jason has more kills in his movies than any other charecter in their movies (chucky,freddy,leatherface,pinhead etc) i mean really how the eff do you think its going to end - with him killing a whole swat team or police department then the hero cop calls in for back and iron man and hulk come in and kick his butt back to his lake to be THE SWAP MONSTER!!!!!! but seriously guys there wont be just 13 kills trying doubling that and include all the 'accidental deaths' there will be and you get this great movie haha
  • neonblue
    nice one liners get off the floor...... yeah really smart we got a guy out here he killing everybody..... well let me get on out there as soon as possible
  • jon
    yea...umm...remake...okay so hes a little faster and sorta runs a bit..k i can swallow that one. But most remakes with the exception of hills have eyes, and amityville have been pretty terrible. well i guess chainsaw was alright..but if fridya the 13th is going to work we need GORE. yes GORE. GORE GORE GORE. and thats just something that we don't get anymore.
  • burak
    yeaahhh winchester bros are after jason this time πŸ˜€ but as we, real gore and horror movie lovers, all know, real killer in the friday the 13th is the mother, jason was not in the movie till the sequel πŸ˜› hellooo sidney, wassssaaaaaaaaaa πŸ˜›
  • ive read the script, i worked on the movie and let me tell you it will be awesome! best kills ever, there is like jason stabbing a girl in her buttcrack and lifting the machete up and ripping through her body
  • Vitriolic
    To #43, come on... If only castration via internet was possible. All those movies sans Transformers, had some money, a few even awards, but you know what? The majority, are still ABSOLUTE SHIT. Every post I have seen from you on this site makes me cringe. You fill this board with absolute vile sewage. The moral of the story is; you need to stop posting here, your opinions are absolute trash... It probably wouldn't hurt to review your own post, check for grammatical errors or shit... learn to utilize the spell check for once. I could take a shit in a dvd case, and slap "Michael Bay" on it, and it would sell. I could write shit in this comment box, and label it "CHICK" and it'd make more sense than half of your diatribes.
    HAHAHAHA...Goddamn, I had no idea peoples hatred for Michael bay ran so deep. I think my previously posted comment has been blown way out of proportion. Im by no means a hard-up Michael Bay supporter, I was simply tring to point out that even though he's cut many, many corners in his film making process, he surrounds himself with veterans in editing, cinematography, and the writing; well be honest, it could be worse. I think theres worse places that these reboots and remakes could've ended up rather than in Bay's lap.....And hey, I'll TRY and learn how to use spell check...seems so complicated though! Not really concerned if theres a mispelled word in a comment post, moron. Take that shit you spoke of in your last post, but instead of putting it in a DVD case, swallow a spoonfull of it.......this would please me.......
    GET EM' CHICK, i HATE THAT FUCKING IDIOT! you made a valid point, as usual, and you're rite th ers alot worse places these sequels could've ended up
  • Ballsonya
    I think Vitrolic wants to fuck Michael I way off base here?
  • Vitriolic
    #58, really? I'm not sure if you're typing your comment via voice to text computer based programs, seeing as Hellen Keller could have figured out what I said, regardless, you may have not received the braille transcript. Let me clarify for you; shit in a dvd case, labeled "Michael Bay" would sell. That wasn't a plug for his product, I was simply saying... it's still shit, you can color it what you want and it's still... a warm steamy pile. As far as #56, most definitely. The spoonful this morning tastes roughly of last nights general tso chicken and rice, but, a bit too grainy to my dismay.
  • Jester222
    I'll give it a look- but i feel it's going to be a tame movie- Not gory or nasty enough- Should have got Aja to Direct- as he knows how to deliver the gore- and after all- that's what the 13th movies are all about. (Although Aja did drop the ball a little on 'Mirrors') Nothing was given away in the trailer!!! For feks sake- it's a slasher Friday the 13th movie- most if not all of them will die- Although at one point it was original when the last person alive was a woman- now it's become cliche'd and predictable- maybe the guys won't be pussy's in this one and survive til the end- (doubt it). Fingers crossed they have good gore effect- and don't shy away from the kill shots- or it won't survive into a franchise. It'll already have to work extra hard to survive without Hodder involved!! We'll see. Not that excited. Too hollywood to be nasty enough.
  • Homeless Businessman
    give them hell CHICK!!!! you are absolutely right. michael bay is one of very few producer/directors still keeping things new yet maintaining the original idealogy of films. and to the idiot who calls himself Vitriolic , u need to stop posting here. Chick has a valid point and i totally agree with him. and yes Vitriolic u need to swallow the shit and get a life. keep posting the great posts CHICK.
    Edgecomb, Wallace, Rivera are dead. Well played tho.......hellen keller comment was a dead give away...better luck next time, love pappy..........c ya in the mornin
  • Homeless Businessman
    Merry christmas CHICK. and a happy new you have all the Punsher comics?? i need to seel my collection to help pay bills and if u want u can have first chance in buying them. let me know and and well exchange emails.
  • surgeonviper
    Not sure. Michael Bay being attached to anything bothers me though. He's too, how do I say this... Sporadic, he simple cannot develop stories on a mature level. I have to say I never liked him even when he did Bad Boys. He may not be directing this retread but having him behind the scenes is like having a child as a boss. Not good!
  • Nick S.
    looks gay.... sorry. i didn't mean to offend anyone. its looks extremely homosexual. fixed. =)
  • Yamika
    Looks alright, ill watch it.
  • han
    i see JARED PADALECKIi! Alright, now i'm going to watch this movie!Haha.
  • Stephen T
    Im not usually a fan of horror remakes but this remake looks great. The Trailer shook me up and the movie is not even out yet. Very excited about this remake. roll on february 2009!!! Steve
  • Sarkasmi
    I'll HAVE to see this one. I think the trailer looks sweet, the poster looks great AND I'm a huge Jason Vorhees fan for some reason, so .. It's a must-see. And I liked the new Texas chainsaw massacre films (esp. "Beginning") So... Friday the 13th movie with QUALITY filming and image and all that - hell, that's what I've been waiting for! Not that into the whole cheesyness of the old movies (although I've watched em all) and the crappy film and sound quality of 80's movies etc. You know, where every line just sounds like a line from an "old movie" ;> And I wanna see some BRUTAL RUTHLESS KILLING in this one πŸ˜‰ Loved the clip in the trailer where Jason runs towards the girl and just swings the machete without hesitation πŸ˜‰ Kinda like the new "Jason being more aggressive" thing going on here. Since in the old movies the victims always ran but Jason just walked - still magically cathing up. More agile, more serious, more aggressive, more brutal. If the movie delivers anything like that, I'm happy.
  • isaias herrera
    This is just like the original trailer for Friday the 13th part 2 back in the 80's. I saw it when I went to the 80's Tatuem O'Neal movie -Little Darlings.
  • L Lawliet
    HEEEEE HUUUUUUUU HAAAAAAAAAAAA theirs someone in there..... HHEEEEE HOOOOOOO HAAAAAA I better investigate!!
  • Conrad
    He name is Jason, and his birthday. - LOVE IT!!!!! This is a pretty good trailer even if Nispel and Bay fucked up the Texas Chain Saw Massacre revamp.
  • Jennifer
    So Alex, is Kane Hodder playing Jason in this or no?? I think the whole remake of 80's slashers would be great if they were done the same, but they're not. Prom Night, My Bloody Valentine, When a stranger calls, I could go on and on. Are there no original horror scripts left?? The last 6 Jason's were really bad with respect to 7 and 10, which I liked. Big horror fan, have seen them all. Didn't really like Jason vs Freddy, but watched it for the hell of it to see if any good. However, did not pay to see in the theater. Loved the Scream series and I know what you did last summer series. Those were original scripts and great fun for us old school horror fans. Looking forward to more monster movies like the upcoming Wolfman.
  • Jennifer
    Sorry, not a remake since his mother was the killer in the first one. So is this a remake of two or three or four?
  • elizabeth
    this the most awsome movie made from when it started with the old movies ilove them certain horror movies also like halloween and texas chain saw ...... great job and no the movies all arent the same .
  • elizabeth
    this the most awsome movie made from when it started with the old movies ilove them certain horror movies also like halloween and texas chain saw ......
  • Terry
    This is going to Rock when it come out and to all that dont like the remake F- yall... halloween and texas chain saw was dope and now this one is gong to kill both of them, its not a remake of the first one cause the killer was his mom, so it will be like halloween a lil they will have flashbacks of when jason was a kid and the lil dude they got, hell he look scary by hisself. so i hope is is a pants wetter cause they got nightmare on elm street coming out next year so they have to make this one good.... killer mama killer
  • jeriah
    this movie was so good i think this is the best Friday the 13th movie there is!!
  • josh
    Found the movie posted at ht tp://leafpen. com/friday13th They make you fill out some stupid survey but it works after that!! This movie is sooo scary!!!!




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