Must Watch: Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler Trailer!

November 20, 2008
Source: Apple

The Wrestler

Fox Searchlight has unveiled the trailer for Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler. Drop what you're doing and watch this trailer now. The Wrestler may go on to win some Oscars and you'll want to see it as soon as you can. Every quote in this trailer is accurate. It is certainly "tender, gripping" and "remarkable" and unquestionably a phenomenal achievement for both Mickey Rourke and Darren Aronofsky. Even if you don't like wrestling, you need to watch this. The Wrestler is less about the sport and more about the lonely life of one wrestler. And it is as endearing as it is entertaining - a truly phenomenal bit of cinematic bliss.

Watch the trailer for Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Wrestler trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Wrestler is both directed and produced by visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, of Pi, Requiem for a Dream, and The Fountain previously, with a script written by Robert D. Siegel, of only The Onion Movie previously. The film first premiered at the Venice Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival and was quickly picked up by Fox Searchlight for distribution. The Wrestler will hit very limited theaters starting on December 17th before expanding wider throughout January. Don't miss this - you will love it!

The Wrestler Poster

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  • Castro
    wow this movie looks pretty intense, i doubt it'll top "Requiem for a Dream" though that movie was way 2 good
  • Turd Ferguson
    Didnt know what to expect from this movie but it actually looks pretty good.
  • Farris
    Looks really promising. Anything with Aronofsky's name attached to it does.
  • I'm down. Nearly started crying watching the trailer. Think I'll go and punch a baby in the face for my moment of weakness.
  • Tim C
    Damn, the trailer made me tear up. I can't imagine what this film will do to me.. I can't wait!
  • Looks great, almost like a reworking of Rocky chuck
  • Carl Denham
    Looks great
  • TCox
    I hope this is his comeback. It looks great.
  • dee
    I was fortunate to watch a screening and do a Q @ A with Darren last week in San Diego. This is the can't miss movie of the year! Gritty and Real and Rourke is amazing in the top flick of the Year along with Slumdog and The Dark Knight. That's my top three and I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of nominations go up with all three. Darren was true to his word as I personally asked him if it would be up soon and he said November 20th. Also he is still in the running for ROBOCOP and Nick Cage wanted this role very bad, but it was meant for ROURKE and boy does is show. The springsteen cut was perfect for the trailer as well. :)
  • Caleb
    Can't wait!
  • dac_fan
    comeback? You mean first coming
  • dee
    Two things! This is no Rocky! No way in hell and it blows rocky out the water! Darren said, " he was going to reinvent himself with each movie he makes". He took a page from Madonna so you will not see another Requiem or Fountain ever again! Which is awesome since he is a diversed director. This movie also has a lot of laugh out loud comedic moments which was different for him. Mickey also Improv'd quite a bit which was left in the movie, especially the DELI scene. :)
  • Conrad
    Superb trailer! Mickey Rourke is BACK!! T
  • bart
    Reminds me of Over The Top starring Stallone.
  • -peter-
  • Matt
    This actually looks fantastic. Will definately go to see this. As long as no WWE nerds get involved hahahaha!!!
  • MCab
    It's got soul.
  • Bob
    Finally a movie i can anticipate!
  • Spider
    Mickey Rourke is back! How awesome! I love Aronofsky's work. I will be checkin' this out too. :)
  • Chris
    WOW. Thats all i can say
  • Rushka
  • dee
    21 ROCKY DENNIS!!!!!!! hahhahahah you are killing me!
  • Quanah
    To #4: I almost spit my coffee everywhere reading your post. Too funny... There are very few films that truly embody the essence of truth. I think this film has that chance. I look forward to this film more then anything else coming out this year.
  • adam
    it's the story of jake the snake roberts or at least very close to it
  • Kate
    I thought he kind of looked like Charlize Theron from Monster, myself.
  • seoulman
    that looks amazing...does anyone know what Springsteen song that is?
  • Zach D.
    FirstShowing needs to bring back the poster contests and get their hands on some of these!
  • twispious
    i want that poster
  • dee
    The Springsteen song was a gift for Mickey from the Boss. He gave it to them for free, liek Darren mentioned, " it's not like he needs the money". He did it as a favor for Mickey as the Boss is a huge Rourke fan. It is called The Wrestler.
  • BONO
    Looks great. Reminds me of ROCKY BALBOA which I loved and well that's hard to top since 30 years of an iconic figure... but this one looks great too.
  • jman571
    Looks good. Count me in. Also Marisa Tomei is a huge plus.
  • Shige
    What happened to Rourkes face ? I thought they used make up on him in Sin City but after seing this I realised he actually looks like that. Trailer looks good by the way.
  • Ripper
    32 He was A Boxer for a while, 6 nose operations, and Bad Ageing. He also cut his forhead with a razor blade for this film. Who Cares, some people dont need to be Brad Pitt if they got the Acting to say Rorke does.
  • This looks awesome. Great cast, and its in Jersey! ha! Oh yeah, going to make a lot of people cry for sure. I'm down for it.
  • Shige
    #33 I know he was a boxer but somewhere during last 3 years his face just changed.
  • MichaelBay
    Looks beautiful.
  • If the movie is half as good as the trailer this will be excellent.
  • darrin
    just give him the award
  • b
    Bawled. My. Eyes. Out. "I'm just a broken down piece of meat and I deserve to be alone."
  • stevedawg
    boooo.... thought this movie was about wrestling. I dont need no stinkin drama
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    This looks like a winner. I'm in.
  • samy
    I can't wait! A friend of mine saw it at a festival and LOVED it. The Boss' song there is so amazing <3
  • i cried
  • Nick O.
    Why was I under the impression that Darren Aronofsky wrote this? Did he not say that he actually started writing this back in his college days?
  • dennis
    i'm so mad how long they made me wait until the trailer came out. i was hoping to see this months ago and the wait was well worth it. this looks so amazing and i hope i don't build it up to be so great that i don't enjoy it as much as i think i will. i think. but i know it's gonna be great.
  • Wow! Didn't expect it to look that great. Can't wait!
  • Dan
    It was a good trailer but Mickeys bad face lift or botox kept distracting me.
  • Quanah
    #48 I think that may actually be more from plastic surgery and some steroid use. I know about the plastic surgery for sure, but the steroid use is online speculation and hearsay.
  • Gab
    WOW. Rouke look amazing in the trailer. The song from Bruce is amazing too. A great movie it'll be.
  • mrbobbyboy
    Sin City was the Mickeys return/resurrection/rebirth etc. This is just another showcase of his talent. Looks superb.
  • John
    WTF tha'ts Mickey Rourke? Either way it does look like a surprising touching story.
  • Hilander
    Wow. I was ready to never watch that trailer or even care about the movie ... let alone Mickey Rourke. Holy Crap! That looked absolutely phenomenal. Just the glimpses of Rourke's acting in this is breathtaking and heart wrenching. Who thought I could actually enjoy a second movie with Mickey Rourke in it ... Sin City being the other one.
  • dave13
    rocky films bore me. this, this looks intriguing, and quite touching too.
  • SLee
    Just watching this trailer brings a tear to my eye, just like The Fountain did. Congrats on another masterpiece Mr. Aronofsky
  • sue
    i never go to the movies, but after watching this short film, i may do so........ i do like wrestling on tv. and the seen where he tell's his daughter not to hate him made me tear up .... yep this may be the film i go see, the last movie i saw was "once apon a time in mexico" does anyone remember that one ? yes a very long time ago
  • The trailer looks great. Rook look amazing. I am doing to see it on this weekend.
  • Moi
    The Wrestler was FANTASTIC......Mickey, you were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yep, I love him, not so much as wrestling...but he rocks in this movie
  • faye
    I saw this movie and it left an lasting impression. We know what it is to grow old on the outside and stay young on the inside. Mickey Rourke protrayed that excellently. Best acting I've seen in a long time.




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