Must Watch: Disney's The Princess and the Frog Teaser Trailer

July 30, 2008

The Princess and the Frog Teaser Trailer

Disney has unveiled a short but sweet teaser trailer for their upcoming hand-animated feature The Princess and the Frog. As wonderful as this short teaser looks, the movie won't hit theaters until December of 2009, so we've got a while to wait. Not only does the animation look fantastic yet again, but the song is incredibly catchy too. And did they just poke fun at the Louie the Lightning Bug?! Or I think maybe the lightning bug character is part of the whole thing anyway. Either way, this looks truly wonderful, despite being 17 months away from release. This is really like watching a teaser for James Cameron's Avatar and being told we have to wait another 12 months to see anything else! Why do you torment us Disney?

Watch the teaser for The Princess and the Frog:

[flv: 502 282]

A musical set in the legendary birthplace of jazz - New Orleans - The Princess and the Frog will introduce the newest Disney princess, Tiana (voiced by Anika Noni Rose), a young African-American girl living amid the charming elegance and grandeur of the fabled French Quarter. From the heart of Louisiana's mystical bayous and the banks of the mighty Mississippi comes an unforgettable tale of love, enchantment and discovery with a soulful singing crocodile, voodoo spells and Cajun charm at every turn.

The Princess and the Frog is co-directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, whom previously worked together to bring us the Disney classics Aladdin, Hercules, and Treasure Planet. The script for the film was also written by Clements and Musker as well as other Disney regulars. Disney's The Princess and the Frog is currently set for release on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2009.

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  • sng.Sheep
    Could this be?! For 8 years!! Not since the Emperors new groove has disney[/pixar] made any descent hand animated cartoon, could this be it?! The trailer looks promising, the time is right, the stars have aligned, socks are at an afordable rate, let us sit and hope!!
  • Rico
    I'm always exicted for a new disney :) Looks wonderful
  • heath
    Disney? Princess? 2D? I'M THERE!!!
  • Chase ragland
    Me and my daughters first movie date. She will love it.
  • Alex
    Even though i am not disney's biggest fan, it is somehow refreshing to see that they are returning to their traditional animation roots rather than just relying on CGI for every film they make.
  • cyn
    Aw!!! so cute!!! The lightning bug is great! Yay 2D again!
  • dom
    Very promising - great to see traditional 2D animation again - I do so miss it!!
  • Jesse
    I love 2d, sadly this project isn't for me.
  • This isn't going to be "hand animated" nor "2d". It is computer generated 3D animation with some of the look of old 2d animation. Disney shut down their traditional animation studios a few years back.
  • izzy
    ok dumbass.... i am pretty sure everyone was aware "2d" meant the look and feel of the website, and not the technical process of "hand animation". geesh.....
  • Kind of interesting no one has seen fit to mention that this will be Disney's first black "princess." Congrats, Disney! It only took you 72 years since Snow White to get around to it!
  • Icarus
    Isn't it amazing how nostalgic we all get when we see an animated film that doesn't look like a pixar or dreamworks production? This looks like a great movie. I think the music in this one is what's going to push it right to amazing. The music is being written by Randy Newman. I like the guy, but couldn't they have gotten a classic like Alan Menken (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin) to compose? Hopefully Randy will come up with some great stuff because the music has ALWAYS been what makes a Disney "Cartoon" amazing.
  • paulina
    looks good!1 i miss princess tale!! and this look great"
  • Josh
    and yet again, everything goes to race Icarus who CARES what color the princess is?! it shouldn't matter. no one is ENTITLED to anything; so no one should feel "left out" or "singled out" if their race isn't depicted in a freakn disney cartoon this all goes back to the fact that everyone in our culture today feels entitled to something. i wouldn't care if the princess was Iraqi. I'm excited that disney is making another princess cartoon, regardless of the race
  • Josh
    sorry Icarus. I meant Tom Brazelton
  • Unseen
    Maybe this is the story of Snow Black......
  • Josh
    on a different note i wonder what would happen if she kissed him on the lips while holdin him over the balcony it would be extreme happiness followed by extreme sadness haha
  • Megan
    Wow and WOW! A 2D movie!!! I'm so there. Oh how I've missed 2D ... how I've missed it. And come one ... A DISNEY MOVIE TO BOOT! I can't WAIT!
  • Haha, that was funnier than I expected. I guess we can expect to see this infront of SWING VOTE this week???
  • Jaybear
    all I can say is "WOO-HOO" 2D ANIMATION!!! YAY!! I have been complaining that I miss this for YEARS!!
  • Wesley
    Treasure Planet a classic?! So The Little Mermaid must be chopped liver...
  • To Josh - Who cares what race the princess is? I guess in a utopia, it wouldn't matter. But unless you're a little black girl, shut up. It's not about "entitlement." It's about giving little girls a positive role model to look up to. It's a *nice* thing for them to have. Or are you so high up on your P.C. high horse that you can't see that? I'm not suggesting that Disney simply paste a black princess into a movie to appease a demograpic. Clearly the race of the character should be in support of the larger story like any other detail in storytelling - character motivations, setting, history, whatever. What I *am* saying is that it's kind of amazing that it took Disney nearly *3/4ths of a century* to pen a story that might provide that kind of opporunity.
  • Hoshino Ai
    I absolutely LOVED this trailer! Tiana looks beautiful and I cannot wait to see this when it comes out! ^_____^ I truly believe it's about time. Princesses comes in all colors and shapes, and I'm so happy Disney finally sees that. Thanks so much for that Disney. ^^ I will definitely wait with baited breath. 😉
  • Clamson
    I LOVE BLACK GIRLS!!!! I'll see it
  • Am I the only one who hates Disney?
  • Rachel
    God willing. Tom, I would like you to consider that for about half of that 72-year period, having a black protagonist simply would not have flown, for another quarter of that time the princess emphasis was greatly toned down, and that the Disney renaissance did plenty of other progressive things? Really, it seems awfully bitter of you to fault them quite so heavily for it. I think you may be too focused on the issue of race.
  • Jo
    Let's be real here! They had time and opprotunity to do Ariel, Mulan, Jasmine, Pocahontas. They could have done an African American princess by now. It's only a non-issue if you have no use for one. So what if it wouldn't fly as well as they'd like. I'm sure not all movies have the expected turn out. They've tried a Native American, an Asain and a Middle Eastern herion. Heck, even a half fish girl. So no, it's not just about focusing on race. It's about the absense of a group of people. But then it doesn't matter to those who are always represented. That said, I love their work so far. I will be seeing this one. The point is they could have tried it sooner.
  • swarup
    its a gr8 news.that disney going back 2d ll gr8 for all 2d animator
  • dreamer
    Have you ever considered that all forms of arts are influenced from our current social surroundings. I think one of the possible reasons disney have choosen to use a black princess is because America is likley to soon have a black president. Plus I was wondering if anyone here have watched a disney movie, for example the little mermaid and wondered why she is not black. Just because it has never entered my head tilll now and too be honest i think it would be a distraction. Plus I also think that origin of the story also has a part in characters and extras. To be honest a lot of these fairytales were written when the african race was a minority and africans lived in african, chinese lived in china and italians lived in italy etc. But what is happening now is in countries like America and England is that they are becoming more multicultural. You maybe surprise that in large cities like london, the afican race is becoming a majority rather than a minority and it is difficult to spot a british person. Plus I am also wondering why so much emphasis and debate surrounds the black race when so little surrounds other races. I sometimes feel that the black race feel hard done by and I dont know why as i believe there great sense of equality today for all types of people. I would be more shocked to see a disabled princess which is not patronised for her disability in a moralistic plot. I think it would be great to see some more african stories and black princesses. What we need is for the afican culture to share there fairytales and stories so that maybe disney will be more aware of them.
  • dreamer
    When I say british I mean a typical stereotype and I know that in modern society to be british does not mean u have to be caucasion.
  • dreamer
    I also understand that my view is subject to my own race and nationality and social surroundings. So i am open to other points of view fom people with diffrerent backgrounds and my view is not set in stone.
  • MBD
    I dont care what style of animation they use, I care more about the story and the characters. Of course it's impossible to say anything about the story from this little teaser, but I can confirm that none of the 3 characters featured spark any interest in me, so I'll pass on this. Rather see one of the classics again.
  • Amaya's mom
    To those of you who pooh-pooh the obvious absence of an African American princess, you haven't had the daunting task of trying to find something, anything in the children's movie genre that has a character that even remotely looks like your child. You also have never had your daughter glorify the images of another child while denigrating her own. I am the 43 year old mother of a 5 year old daughter. I remember vividly the "black" dolls that were bought for me. I hated them - they were ugly while the "white" counterparts were beautiful. They didn't look like me and I rejected them. My wonderful mother bought only the dolls that I liked while my sister preferred the "black" dolls. She explained that we have people of all hues in our family and why not allow me to have different hued dolls. Now, I am sure to purchase all types off dolls for my daughter to enable her to see the true spectrum and to show her that we come in all shapes and sizes. I'm just glad that we can finally see a "princess" that our daughters can relate to and accept as not just a doll painted brown to appease the African American race. You should want your child to see all races represented on film, especially by Disney. It is "A Small World After All" isn't it? That's one of their theme songs and you would think by now someone at the helm of that large empire would want the peoples of the world represented - it should have been done long ago. Until you have walked a mile in my shoes and raised or are currently raising an African American child, you have no idea of the minefield you walk each day to assure she has a strong sense of self. Don't belittle the struggle, embrace the change and awakening!
  • Mike
    Another Disney Princess... It just doesn't get any better. :)
  • Sassy
    Thanks Disney! (Better late than never.) My daughter and I applaud and thank you. You will be well rewarded on the backend; ie, $$$. Any items currently out to buy for Christmas?
  • Caelum
    People are looking at this waaay too seriously. Yeah, the new Disney Princess is black. Yeah, it's pretty cool of them. No need to stir up pressing worldly issues for a Disney movie. Whatever happened to just enjoying it? -- Caelum
  • Dee
    I agree with Caelum, let's leave the PC junk out of it. The way some people are responding to a black princess, it's little wonder it took them so long to get it out in the first place. They've had to make numerous changes to satisfy the PC community (name from Maddy to Tiana, title from "The Frog Princess" to the "Princess and the Frog", etc.). The PC peeps still have loads of complaints despite all the effort Disney's been making. Filmmakers just want to make film, but if they feel like they're going to get a lot of flack for including a black leading character, sometimes they'll just opt for the less PC stirring option--even though that really does nothing to promote race equality on either end--they've got to feel like they can tell their story. Hopefully despite all the flack Disney has got, this will still be a progressive step forward. Certainly I agree better representation of the African-American is long overdue in Disney, but I think the negative reactions to their finally doing it is counter-productive to truly promoting equality of race in America. (And sadly, a lot of the negative reactions I've read from those in the African-American community have been surprisingly racist. Does it really make an individual who feel discriminated against any better than those who discriminate if they turn around and do the same thing?) Racism stops when BOTH sides stop being racist, not just one or the other. Either way, I'm excited for the movie, because Tiana seems to be witty and fun and I visited New Orleans for the first time this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they portray it.
  • Yvette Monique
    For those of you who do not think that the race of the princess is of any importance, here's a quick story for you. I recently called my 6- year old black daughter "Princess" and in her most serious tone, replied, " I am NOT a princess and I CANNOT be a princess because they are all white." (Of couse, she is thinking of her favorite books and movies featuring Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, etc.,) My heart just sank as I tried to convince her that she is still a princess even if she doesn't resemble the ones that she sees. so, I am happy that Disney is coming out with a black princess so that my daughter and millions of other black girls like her will have a princess that they can relate to.
  • theotherbluth
    I am Way late on this post, but all the comments made me think of when I was a kid and my little sister had a black cabbage patch doll. she liked it better specifically because it was different from all her friends' dolls. I never really gave it thought until now reading all these post stating the contrary. Oh yea and we're white. Goes to show your whiney kids shouldn't require that they "Look like" the dolls just play with them, it's fun. Same with movies.
  • Riyadh
    Eee it looks promising but i'm still not convinced, im just not a fan of the modernisation of fairytales anymore, but who knows maybe this'll be disneys giant hit? :)
  • Susana
    LOL it was really hard for me to understand a lot of what the firefly (?) was saying at the end. but i think i got it the 2nd time around.
  • linhephoo
    I think that it is wonderful that Disney is putting something new out there, better than me having to watch Hanna Montana all day long with my daughter. Being that this is America I would like to see a mixed princess ya know. I am 50% European and 50% Vietnamese. My daughter is an all around mix of everything. I think that we should be able to portray every girl as a princess no matter the race, I would also like to see more big girls on the screen my sister in laws are always telling me "see big girls are not pretty they are just fat and ugly no one wants to see that" This is an insult, back in the way day Romans looked for bigger ( well rounded not fat but not too thin either) as meant as healthy. I think that Disney is a role model to the young and that this also needs to be a factor.I am glad that we have a new princess movie coming out, but for the future I am looking forward to more something toward what really is going on in today's society and that is a mixture of people coming together.
  • Hrabia
    It was easy to tell from the cheer that erupted when West first brought up The Princess and the Frog and 2D hand drawn animation that people still love that animation style. The Princess and the Frog is the first Disney movie since 2004 that is completely hand drawn and not computer animated, and if the hype continues to build as much as it has so far, it's likely to be a huge hit for Disney, which means they'll want more. And as long as John Lasseter stays on board at Disney as well, I'm certain he'll make sure that they keep putting out hand drawn animated movies, even if there's two years of time between each one. It means Disney's Princess and the Frog is hand made animation not computer. And Disney Pictures wants to make that movies again every 2 years. It's great:) I love it:)
  • Heulwen
    I'm sold. And I hope I won't be dissapointed come December. The thing with 3-D is, that it lacks depth. It's sleek, cold, sterile. I miss the musty colours and shadowy, hazy scenes we saw in the (now titled) 2-D classics. I don't want gleaming, round 3-D figures and bright colours, it takes away all the mysticism. In fact, I think 3-D is much more one-dimensional than 2-D ever was, because it is so damn revealing, it pops right out at you, there's nothing lurking in the shadows. Now, here's to hoping that the music will be good also. Could we once again, after so many years, have a song from a Disney-movie climbing the charts...? Like with the Liong King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas etc etc. Or was this a trait of the 90's, along with Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and the other ballad-Queens...? Maybe so. Everything is so more fastpazed now-a-days, people want speed, rhythm, bam bam bam, whereas I grew up with epic scenes, like the one with Belle and the Beast dancing in the ballroom, or Simba climbing the Lion rock after he defeated Scar. Music and scenes that moved you, and still do, made you gasp and shed some tears. Drew you in and had you flying along. I want that. Beauty and depth, greatness. Stories that go beyond. I just hope that time hasn't surpassed those traits... That the generation of today also could appreciate them, if they only were given to them. Things evolve fast, and I know, that I don't enjoy 3-D computer games, give me good ol' Segas, and I'm fine, give me Sonic and Mario Bros in their old 2-D forms. So, is this a generation thing...? Is it us, who grew up before 2000, before Toy Story, that long for the good old times, will the kids of today understand it like we did? I certainly hope so. Disney is facing some heavy expectations with this one, they sure are....
  • I remember seeing the renderings/drawings/sketches of the main character and her family members. Now that I'm seeing the trailer, I'm so excited! Disney has made some really good choices as far as how to put the character together. I love her "Southern Bell" sounding accent. Can't wait 'til it comes out!
  • Shannon
    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Disney Princess movie coming out!!! I will be buying ALL the new toys, clothes, and dolls from this movie....GREAT JOB Disney for going back to the original Animation, its seriously missed in today's theathers!!
  • Alyssa
    I THINKS ITS A BRILLIANT IDEA. i think 2D has a certain charm about it. I think that the classics like beauty and the beast, the little mermaid, Aladdin, Tarzan, ect ect were my absolute favourite. I mean can you imagine the little mermaid in 3D it would just be strange. I really hope disney continues to make 2D movies
  • Chico
    Well Well The only thing now to put up is a hispanic princess or a canadian princess
  • Striker
    Just for those people that think this is actually a computer generated film made to look 2d....first of all that's impossible with today's technology, second of all, I've been doing some freelance work on the film and I definatly used a pencil!! Yes, Disney shut down the hand drawn studio a few years ago, but as soon as John Lassiter was given the position of creative head, he immediately moved for a new hand drawn film. This film is the fist hand drawn film under his leadership and he plans on alot more. There are NO computer generated characters! All is hand drawn, except perhaps for some of the backgrounds in the film, which disney has done for ages.
  • C
    If there's singing, goddamn it I'm there.
  • I cant believe disney would put out such a boring looking princess. A boring Prince a frog da. And a boring story story line. What man is a frog come on !
  • maarch
    @JoJo you havent even seen the movie or read about it and you are complaning .... for your information, the twist in the movie is the princ ( the frog ) have been turn like he is my a evil sorcerer. Unfortunaly, when the princess ( tiana ) kills him, she instead turn herself into a frog. So, like any fairytale, they are now the same...just not in the way they were hoping. In that, they will try to both get back to their human shape and live happilly ever after ( like every disney movie ). So you see, there is a story and a twist. Most of the movie will feature the frog and not the princess. And no it isnt just a simple story of here trying to make the frog become the prince. gosh...if people would only read and get informed before commenting...internet would be such a better place.
  • Massey
    It's true that the United States has become much more racially diverse and accepting of diversity than say 50 years or 100 years ago. In terms of many nations, the United States has already given a lot of opportunities to people of minority races. It's a good thing, and I'm glad that the media has chosen to represent other races on film. However, the representation itself is and will be a touchy subject for minority races, because they have been and are still discriminated against in the United States. For many Caucasians, this discrimination may be difficult to see, because if you work hard and get that promotion, or if you do well and buy a nice house, it's difficult to imagine that the process would work any other way for other people. For many people, as we were taught in elementary school, racism is a myth of the past. But that's not true, because subvert racial persists in our society through stereotypes and assumptions about minorities. Many people today still believe the stereotype that blacks are dangerous trouble makers. That brown people are thieves, and Asians are work-a-holics, who at best, will never become truly American. As some commenters have mentioned, why don't blacks prove that they are not drug-dealers? Why don't they just become productive members of society? As minorities, we have to work ten times as hard as Caucasians to overcome these stereotypes, which our bosses already judge us by before we begin the job. We have to first prove that we are not troublemakers before we can even be judged as regular employees. Forget the promotions. They won't be coming as easily. So when a popular company like Disney comes up with a positive role model for African American children, it's only natural that we hope that she's as good as a role model as possible, and that she won't be stereotyped in the same way that we often are in real life. It's easy to be touchy, when blacks have been one of the most oppressed groups in U.S. history, and one of the most racially stereotyped now. Viewed as dangerous and aggressive, or lazy and unintelligent, so to speak. We hope that she represents the black race with dignity; we'll have more nibs about the production process because we're hoping for a princess that won't justify the negative racial stereotypes that we face. That said, I do hope that Disney incorporates some history in there, as unlikely as it may be with the racial controversy stirring up. As in the movie Pocahontas, I would prefer to see an idealistic future where blacks (and minority races ) and whites can work together to overcome racism, rather than foregoing the racial issue altogether. Working to create a better future rather than covering the problem. Our children need to see that.
  • Dear Tom Brazelton, I am a latin woman. I'm 20 and I grew up on Disney. I miss the princess stories even though some of them are questionable. My favorites were Ariel (a half fish half human) and Mulan (an asian). I looked up to them, for different reasons but equally. I didn't then and will never need a latin princess to look up to. I already have princesses to look up to. I can honestly say that I never cared about where the princess lived, or the color of her hair, or her skin. All I cared about was the story and the music. That is all little girls will continue to care about unless... someone mentions the fact that the princess is of a different color or race. Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora/Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmin, Ariel. They are all different and all loved. Why make it more than it has to be. It is just a story, to make us smile and bring us together, to pull us apart. -Marina P.S. Disney, I don't need a latin princess. I will love which ever one you create.
  • Debbie
    I think its fine that Disney made a movie about a black princess. Any disney movie is fine with me. I'm just hoping that maybe now we can get "The Song of the South" released in America. Yes its got Uncle Remus and African Americans find it offensive. But really, there wasn't a man in the old south who told stories? If there was I can't beleive he spoke perfect english. So what is the offense here? Somebody please explain it to me, cause I'm just a dumb, little white girl.
  • Seabrooks
    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG black white blue green why does a role model have to resemble them, a female NCO in the USA an my role model was A Asian Man......... go figure stop playin the gd race card black an white ppl alike. I dont see Chinese Or Japanese ppl pointing out who an what Mulan was to a freakin movie, let it go already say " hey it looks like a good movie" an move around......
  • Jasyia
    Since a few of you are saying that it is about time we have a black princess because all the rest have been white. In that case, when are we going to have a fat princess or an ugly princess?
  • Lin
    I would like to respond on the first commend. The last 2D disney movie was not emperor Kuzco, but Home on the Range, that came out in 2004. In the whole black princess thing, I must confess, I didn't even notice the black factor, I saw a pretty girl, like Disney always draws pretty girls.




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