Must Watch: First Angels and Demons Teaser Trailer!

October 30, 2008
Source: MSN

Angels and Demons Teaser Trailer

Sony has unveiled the glorious teaser trailer for next summer's Angels & Demons! The prequel to The Da Vinci Code from 2006, Angels & Demons follows Robert Langdon through the streets of Rome and the Vatican City in a race against time. I was already expecting this to look a lot better than Da Vinci Code and this trailer confirms that it definitely does. They don't show much yet, but this is the kind of teaser that makes audiences go "whoa!" in theaters when they see it for the first time - that was my reaction when I watched it. Next summer is looking better and better every single day with a line-up that is starting to rival the last few years. Definitely take a minute to stop and check out this intense teaser trailer!

Watch the teaser trailer for Angels & Demons:

[flv: 598 254]

Angels & Demons is directed by prolific filmmaker Ron Howard, of everything from Willow to Backdraft to Apollo 13 to A Beautiful Mind to the previous The Da Vinci Code. The script was written by veteran screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, of Lost in Space, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, and I Am Legend most recently. This film is based on Dan Brown's bestselling novel of the same name. Sony will be debuting Angels & Demons in theaters everywhere on May 15th, 2009 next summer.

Angels & Demons Poster

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  • e.mirchich
    Oh, snap!
  • Lauren
    I would be so much more excited for this movie if I hadn't read the book and discovered that Dan Brown is a formula writer. I also don't understand why/didn't know that they decided to make this movie. Didn't the Da Vinci Code movie do terribly?
  • Lauren
    Dammit, I just watched the trailer (I'm comment number 2 and those were just my initial reactions), and I did have an "Oh, snap!" moment. Maybe it'll be good. But still. Baffled.
  • Jeremy
    I'm very excited for this. The book was excellent.......way better than Da Vinci Code
  • This doesnt show much. But what it shows, it looks GREAT!!!!!
  • Tyler
    With mediocre reviews, and a high budget of 125$ million, The Da Vinci Code still ranked in 760$ million worldwide (27th highest film of all time worldwide). I wouldn't consider that as doing terribly.
  • Telepod
    Nicely done. Definitely gonna be better than the other one.
  • Peloquin
    I love that poster too...
  • The Da Vinci Code was definitely mediocre. I hope this film corrects some of the previous film's mistakes. Loved the revenge line and the music surge in the teaser.
  • Wow... I did absolutely not expect this trailer to suck that much. It looks like this movie has less of what made the book(s) great but much more of what made The Da Vinci Code a less than mediocre standard big budget Hollywood flick... :/ I'm gravely disappointed by this teaser! And not only because of the 51 seconds long poor CGI shot... though it adds significantly to my contempt for this teaser.
  • Bob
    Why watch this when you can watch the awesomely awesome End Of Days
  • Nick
    Why would anyone who saw "The Da Vinci Code" watch a trailer for basically the same movie. Damn Hollywood blows.
  • dac_fan
    Is this one blasphamy too?
  • Jedi
    Was that Alec Baldwin narrating? At first I thought it was Tom Hanks' voice, up until I heard him say "when we have our revenge," which would make no sense for Langdon to say. I listened again and I could swear that it's Alec Baldwin. I'm reading the book now, and my first impression is that Dan Brown was a formula writer. I loved reading The DaVinci Code, but this book does seem far better.
  • Ken Masters
    With this out soon, we have to wait until at least 2012-2016 for "The Solomon Key" movie if the book even gets here before the Mayan death day :( Dan Brown is so talented. Can't wait for the next book!
  • MGB
    This is going to be so good. Not the same movie - different story, same good characters.
  • CSpuppydog
    I didn't care for the Da Vinci Code book and I hated the movie but Angles and Demons is one of my favorite books of all time.. I hope this doesn't suck.
  • viral
    i loved da vinci code... it stayed true to the book and the directing nuances were simply brilliant... i dont know what everyone is complaining about... This movie is going to be AMAZING! the story is stunningly shocking... plus i cannot wait for Ewan Mcgregor to deliver the monologue at the end.... that is going to be the highlight of the movie... the parallels between science and religion... this movie is going to blow everyone out of the water... Go Ron Howard Go!!!
  • Johan
    I don't think it's Alec Baldwin. It is however probably Stella SkarsgÄrd since he is in this movie :)
  • Rocky
    I think it is funny that people on here can criticize a great book and a 51 second teaser that showed absolutely nothing pertaining to what this movie could remotely be. You saw a bunch of scene flashes and thats about it. Why don't you all try to write a 1 best selling novel, let alone 2 before you criticize a man for being a "formula" writer, apparently that formula he uses is pretty darn good.
  • kindofa bummer, see-nothing trailer, narrated by Alec Baldwin(?).
  • ziggy
    so good... can't wait. btw check out what this site says about the teaser
  • Finally, 2pac returns! Get ready for the Killuminati, bitches.
  • walt
    I Love tom hanks but he is not right for this role. Overall I did not like the casting the da vinci code except for Bettamy and so I don't have a lot of confidence in this movie
  • Luminaire
    I loved this book ten times more than Da Vinci Code, and from that teaser alone I'm extremely excited. I enjoyed Da Vinci Code, but this has so much more potential in my opinion.
  • Good teaser, but I feel like the beginning part was too long of it zooming up onto the statue and not enough action.
  • desiree
    lol definitely a tease...i'll wait for video, i'm still pissed off that I missed the final episode of Charmed to go see one of my favorite books become a disaster
  • ysiree!
    we really need to stop comparing movies to the books they're based off - it does a great disservice to the movies... dan brown is talented as thus far he's able to think and imagine such intriguing concepts but a good writer he is not - i've read his books and i even enjoyed but darn! how i wish someone else had written them.... I'm actually really looking forward to seeing this movie in the hopes that someone will do justice to the storytelling -
  • David
    The voice over is Alfred Molina. If you notice, he's talking about revenge. Best bet, they are going to make this a sequel, even though A&D takes place before the DVC. So if it's "revenge", then it's the group led by Molina's character (who's name escapes me at the moment).
  • XD Reyes
    Im so watching this movie! it'll definetly be better than the DaVinci Code.
  • David C
    Cant wait to see Tom Hanks back in the mix. So Tom Hanks should be picked to play the riddler in the next Batman Movie ( I think it would really work ) Hope you see this Nolan and dont go straight ahead with a guy like johnny Depp
  • NorthDude
    Hopefully this time around they hire a better lighting guy. Da Vinci was so dark, could hardly see anything some scenes. I understand the whole atmosphere thing, but being able to actually see what the hell is on the screen might help.
  • Sukuth
    About the voice, it seems to me like Ron Perlman, the thing is there is no reason for chosing him, only that he's got a really kickass voice :)




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