Must Watch: First Trailer for Superpower Sci-Fi Thriller Push

October 17, 2008
Source: Apple

Push Trailer

This first trailer for the sci-fi thriller Push has just launched. This was first unveiled at Comic-Con, but the trailer itself (and any other footage) hasn't showed up until today. Starring Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans, Camilla Belle, and Djimon Hounsou, Push envisions a world full of artificially enhanced paranormal operatives - those with the ability to move objects, get into people's minds, see into the future, change shapes, and so much more (you can read about the different powers here). It sounds like a very interesting concept and this trailer looks quite impressive - what I might describe as a mix of Jumper and "Heroes". Maybe not the best superhero-ish movie out there, but it looks entertaining more than anything.

Watch the first trailer for Push:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Push trailer in High Definition on Apple

Push burrows deep into the deadly world of psychic espionage where artificially enhanced paranormal operatives have the ability to move objects with their minds, see the future, create new realities and kill without ever touching their victims. Against this setting, a young man and a teenage girl take on a clandestine agency in a race against time that will determine the future of civilization.

Push is directed by Paul McGuigan, of Wicker Park and Lucky Number Slevin previously, with an original script written by David Bourla, of Nostradamus and Larceny previously. Summit Entertainment is debuting Push in theaters on February 9th, 2009. So don't expect to hear that much about this.

Push Poster

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  • Deine Mudda
    Compared to Jumper, Eagle Eye and Wanted the trailer looks solid.
  • Heroes?
  • Johnny Drama
    Looks like "Heroes" without Petrelli and Suresh. I'm in. Terrible Poster though.
  • Andrew
    looks pretty good, better than Jumper, as far as the acting, but its only a trailer
  • Looks solid enough but so did jumper
  • fanboy d
    i wonder why every sci-fi movie since the year 2000 has secretly wished it were based on a comic book property...
  • Hey hey hey HEROES anyone??
  • Ayie_Core
    Nice. Can Imagine better than Jumper. Just wait for the movie.
  • big r
    So many people (including other sites) think this looks or reminds them of heroes. I saw that show only a few episodes. But from what i saw this should not be compared. Look how long movies and tv shows have been around for... You are always going to have a movie, especially being it 2008, that you can say, ''hey... that looks like such n such''. Maybe hollywood is running out of originality but you can only have so many movies to come out where you wont be able to make such a comparison. thats of course IMHO
  • Jaf
    S'too bad jumper left a bad taste in my what the hell I'm a sucker for cool powers
  • Alfredo
    This has a s**tload more action than I originally thought. I was interested in it because it seemed like superpowered beings set in a realistic world, and how they react to real-world experiences. Now that I realize it's another episode of Heroes, I'm a bit more wary of it. I guess I'll just wait and see.
  • Heath
    I'm actually surprised! Dakota Fanning came off as a bit Keanu in the trailer but I'm sure she'll deliver liek she always does.
  • Lucky
    One word Heroes.... but looks good....
  • hector
    name of the music?
  • Darunia
    Looks horrible.
  • I agree that this movie looks dumb - which is a shame, because I really like Chris Evans as an actor. Was Dakota Fanning always a monotone little moppet? I seem to remember she had... y'know... *range*
  • Blue Buttons
    Looks fun!
  • Boris Van Der Ree
    DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT! This looks sooo good, but why did they have to go and put Dakota Fanning in it!??! Im not gonna see just because of that...
  • Spajo
    For hector, the music is High Roller (Myagi Remix) by The Crystal Method. The movie looks like it will be just a money maker and not much of a worthwhile film.
  • Jumper had a better trailer than this film does.
  • vu
    I like Chris Evans, I'm down Charlie Brr, I'm down Charlie Prrrrr, I'm down Charlie BBBBrowwwnn!.
  • Collin
    It still says "Marley and Me" right before the trailer. Thursday night popcorn muncher, calling it right now.
  • Phizik
    absolute crap...enough with the superheros movies already.
  • miracle disease
    this movie looked a lot like heroes.. and why do they always go for gov't secret sh#t... why not the x-men type, clans of super-powered beings against each other... oh well, since i'm a sucker for superhero movies.. i'll take a peek at this one...
  • darrin
    is it jusy me or summit pictures kicking every other studio ass these days. I mean first was 'never back down' it wasn't the best movie but i was entertaining and alot better than jumper. then they have twilight. that doesn't look good but we all know that a big crowd will be there for opening day and the last trailer wasn't too good but you have to admit the little car jumping kinda caught your attention . Now there is push, this movie looks really entertaining, good cast and i loved lucky no. slevin. i really hope this film is wicked.
  • Looks like X-Men meets Heroes meets NightWatch / DayWatch meets Wanted.
  • Tyler
    Looks like Heroes mixed with a little x-men and throw in some Mission Impossible.
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    as goofy as the plot sounds, the trailer looks pretty darn good...might have to actually go see this one...
  • Tony
    Damn, this looks good. Let's hope it's half as good as it looks in my head.
  • jvj590
    It looks like X-MEN had a one night stand with the retard cousin of Heros, but when the abortion took place whatever it was survived and is now this movie!
  • -peter-
    This looks like Heroes, with less storyline, and somehow, less special effects. I'll just keep watching Heroes, thanks.
  • Chris Evans looked great. But I'm VERY disappointed in Dakota Fanning. There better be a very good explanation for her monotone acting in this one, because otherwise I'm taking everything I said about her when she was a kid actor back.
  • chris
    heroes but if there was action.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    Dakota Fanning would make a excellent Layla Miller if they ever make an X-factor movie. i guess this will have to do until then 😛
  • Andrew
    is anyone else sick of heroes yet? the show used to be amazing and you could feel the plot moving each episode. now though, the heroes are just wandering around and there is no cohesive sense of plot to back up anything that happens. just my opinion anyway. this trailer looks good fun, and as long as they pull it off better than jumper i'll be satisfied.
  • Ck
    ERROR: above the trailer it says this, yes i refreshed my page a few times before reporting Watch the full trailer for Marley & Me: shouldnt say that
  • R.
    haven't these filmmakers heard of HEROES on NBC? hellooooooo.....?
  • Darren
    I love how it says watch the full trailer for marley and me over this trailer
  • Silver
    agree with #35. Heroes sucks (now, 1st season was great except ending), Jumper sucked because of Hayden The trailer was meh but i feel the actual movie will be better. Love me some Djimon Hounsou
  • Shige
    Why did they have to go and put Dakota Fanning in this. Cant stand her
  • viral
    A> looks neat... looks very stylised but just enough.. should be good... B> Dakota in something that is not a weepy drama... Plesant surprise... i know most people cant stand her... but i actually admire her acting skills and think she is a really good child star who might blossom into a really great A-lister.. Finally Chris evans is back.... i was starting to miss the human torch... will watch this for sure...
  • Enola
    Had high hopes for this movie, but the trailer made it look cheesey... Chris Evans is good so I'll def go see the movie, but I'm not expecting much....
  • Daywalker
    Helloooooo??? Heroes??? Anyone??
  • kitano0
    This looks much better than Heroes to me. I loved the first season of Heroes, but it has tumbled fast, I don't even bother anymore. I liked the trailer, music, and the poster...(Crystal Method have some good jams, I say..) Again, why all the Dakota-hate? I think you better get used to her, she's gonna be around a long time, unless she chooses to get her PhD in quantum physics or something
  • Yes, we've heard of Heroes. But they were hardly the first and pretty much a live action version of tons of Anime storylines coming out of Japan over the decades. A cut of MAI here, splice of 3X3 EYES there, some PSYCHIC TROOPER. As well as the Psy-Judges of Judge Dredd, various RPGs and of course, the DC and Marvel universeseseseses. There's a lot of original story left in super powered people and there's a lot of original story left in paranormal people. I've no doubt that the popularity of HEROES gave this flick the greenlight, but that doesn't mean this movie will be a rip. Could Be FUN!?!
  • Rob
    Can't stand Dakota Fanning, but I'm going to give this an awesome. It's gonna be fun!
  • Was there something mentioned on this a long while ago? Love the colours of some of the scenes, will watch this for sure. heroes or not it looks worth watching.
  • Fenris
    Heroes sucks this at least looks like it has some decent action in it.... Want a plodding, repetetive, episodic jumble of mixed messages and plot holes the size of the horse head nebula ??? Watch Heroes !!!! I prepare for the flames hehehe
  • Johnny
    Am I the only one here who thinks this looks horrible? Oh, and Heroes blows... ...Big time
  • kirch
    i think i have seen this it is an ok tv series on nbc
  • tba 2013
    movie make of heros. and the new wanna be xmen
  • Joe C.
    I'm from Hong Kong, when the heck did they come to Hong Kong to shoot this?
  • Stacey J
    Was Samuel Jackson not free for the week?
  • Haha number 53. I had some higher anticipation in this and found Dakota Fanning intresting in this type of role. I feel somewhat disappointed, looking like a replica of heroes, but I think it will be mildly entertaining. p.s. The poster sucks....REALLY BADLY
  • dave13
    oooh. while it reminds me of some version of XMen, it looks like it has some great action and a few 'make you snicker' lines. possibly bordering on epic, but not quite. I want to see it. Looks fun.
  • justy99
    LOL @ 53 This... looks like ass. It reminds me too much of Jumper which sucked badly. Passing on Push until it's on HBO or something.
  • bad
    :( y copy heroes... this is so idiot
  • vu
    how can anyone get Push confused with heroes? the only thing they have in common is the letter "s" other than that the two titles are obviously independent from one another. lol
  • The trailer is solid, Chris Evans in becoming a better actor, Fanning is going to become a very talented actress, and all around impressive. But, now that this film has come about, and if it happens to do good, other aspiring screen writers developing telekinetic story lines will have to really work at it.
  • Definitly Heroes! Heroes is great, this...!? I don't know. Maybe it's good, but I think they shouldn't take the same abilitys of the person from Heroes. But, maybe the film will be good, i'm surely gonna watch it
  • Mike Dee
    Heroes rip off all the way!!! Not happy about it!! I would rather watch Special with Michael Rappaport to get a good laugh.
  • sdfgsdf
    uhm... really shitty version of Heroes.
  • me
    why whould they recast heroes and make a movie out of it?
  • Susana
    looks interesting!
  • JB
    *cough* Jumper *cough*
  • LILY
    i´ve seen all this before in heroes, boring -.-
  • Xerxex
    Wow everybody here is sayting this is heroes...Well first off Heroes wasn't the first to use psychokinesis, there are others (i.e. Firestarter pyrokinesis, etc) so comparing this to a tv drama, is stupid. Who knows this might suck major, but not as bad as Jumper a catastrophic failure. I coud be wrong...but please stop comparing "Push" to "Heroes", besides it all basically the use of Telekinesis, with the use of mind control, a an awesome screaming voice. There really isn't that much comparsion with Heroes.




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