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March 5, 2008
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I Am Legend

Today I've got to break some rules. We normally never ever talk about anything related to DVD, but this time this is too amazing to pass up. And all in the same, I'm putting a theatrical spin on it, so let's just get to it. Last December when I Am Legend hit theaters, one of the biggest complains I heard was that the ending was completely changed from the book and in turn the entire "legend" concept that Richard Matheson originally wrote was never actually seen. The DVD is arriving in a few weeks and Francis Lawrence's original ending that was made is included on it. Thankfully we've grabbed the new version for you viewing pleasure below. And to say it simply - you NEED to watch this.

You've been warned - everything from this point forward contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!

I actually really loved I Am Legend quite a damn bit. I think I saw it around three times in theaters and loved it more each time. Up until the point where Alice Braga's character appeared, I was enjoying it so much that I was considering making a spot for it on my best of 2007 list. However, by the end, I wasn't as sure. The scene at the end where the vampire creatures break into Robert Neville's lab is intense and amazing, and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't how it should have played out. This ending below is what we should have seen.

The I Am Legend DVD with this alternate ending included is now available to buy on Two-Disc DVD or Blu-Ray!

For those unaware, let me explain the concept of Richard Matheson's book to help clarify why this original ending was so amazing to finally see. Without spoiling too much (incase you want to read it), the entire purpose of the title I Am Legend is that in the book, Robert Neville actually is the last man on the planet. And he has switched places from our reality of what we perceive as legend, to actually being the legend. As in, vampires are "legendary" to us because they're a myth from fantasy. In the book, Robert Neville is "legendary" because he is that myth and goes out day after day hunting them. With the original theatrical ending, they never actually touched on that idea at all - but when you think about, that's a pretty damn cool concept.

While an ending that direct wouldn't have worked at all in this interpretation of I Am Legend, the way this original ending plays out actually caters much more to that concept than the one we saw in theaters. I love the dynamic between Neville and the lead vampire, especially when he finally brushes up against next to him and comes in contact with him. He never got that close to any of them in movie and seeing that gave me a chill. It's rare that I'm this moved by something like an alternate ending, but this was truly breathtaking!

This is the kind of situation where I want to break the rules because I want to show Warner Brothers that the actual audiences in America would have accepted this ending and preferred it over the one that made it into the final theatrical cut. Although I Am Legend performed amazingly well at the box office anyway, I think this is a much more profound and emotional ending. Unfortunately now WB is already thinking that the ending they chose was right because it made them money - so I hope you can prove them wrong and show your support of this new alternate ending. That is, if you prefer it.

Special thanks to SlashFilm for first pointing this out - I'm truly grateful to have come across this.

I wrote this specifically so I could hear everyone's feedback. What do you think of this new ending and would you have preferred it in the theaters?

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  • Chris Schoenherr
    Wow. When I saw it in the theater, the last 10 minutes ruined the movie for me. I thought the ending was too abrupt and did not touch at all on the original concept of the book. This ending was fantastic. I especially like how Smith glances at his wall of photos and realizes that he must appear to be some sort of serial killer, with photos of his "kills" displayed on his wall. Very cool.
    • Mac McFadden
      Neville realizes that to the vampires he is Josef Mengele. A much truer ending to the book.
    • Seth Pyrzynski
      Agreed. When he looked up, it was subtle, but you couldnt miss the meaning. Fantastic ending. Should have been in the movie for sure. The ending as it was, did not finish the story in the movie or follow the book. Thank you for sharing.
    • Dennis25
      I definitely would've left this movie and the movie theater with a better since of fulfillment instead of feeling like they teased me 80% of the movie only to let me down in the last 20% of this film
  • Stephen
    I really like that ending to. I would have been happy with it if it was the one they used. Wish they could do a re-do and have that been the end.
    • Dennis25
      Yep...I support your idea it makes so much sense if wb cater to their audience than their audience will leave wanting to come back again not disappointed like in "The Matrix 3" (The Matrix:Revolution) THEY LET AGENT SMITH DIG HIS FILTHY HANDS INTO NEO AND COVER HIM IN THAT BLACK STUFF(WHY NOT GIVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANTED TO SEE THE VERY BATE IN WHICH THEY USED IN THE TEASER TRAILER TO GET US TO COME OUT AND WATCH THE MOVIE ? The last fight, rain scene where neo says:It ends tonight! YOU EXPECT TO SEE WORK AN ACTOR ACTING NEO FIGHTING ALL THOSE AGENT SMITHS SOME ACTION NOT TWO GUYS SWIMMING IN THE AIR WHEN THEY KNOW EVERY BIT OF DEFENSE EVER INVENTED.
  • I like what you're saying about the 'idea' but to me, as an aspiring filmmaker, what is of paramount importance is the ability to retain the filmmaker's voice throughout. When Alica Braga turned up in the film, it felt like Hollywood had stepped in to make it alright and I guess what they were doing is 'splitting the protagonist' so that she gets to do her 'you are not alone" speech with or without Neville. Which is also the logic applied in Seven, i.e., the good guy wins because the protagonist is split in two (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman). Oddly enough, the killing of Neville in Legend and Pitt's character killing John Doe in Seven are both more subversive endings for big star-vehicles than if all goes well and the good guy lives and wins. So I think I prefer theatrical ending and (still) hate the look of the vampires.
  • Matt S.
    I read the book in the weeks preceding the film's release and I was disappointed by the script's deviation of the ending and overall concept. I agree that the novel's concept of Neville being a legend to the vampires is far superior to the film's concept of his death being a legend amongst survivors. Thank you for posting this alternate ending. I very much liked it and it better than the theatrical version. Although I had wished that the alternate ending was more true to the novel in which Anna is an evolved daylight vampire who helps capture Neville and brings him to the vampires. She then explains that the vampires are a new society amongst themselves and view Neville as a killer and ghostly legend. And then they execute him. In this alternate ending, Neville should have died. This aspect makes the theatrical version superior, but it would have been great if both versions were combined to see Neville giving up, taken, and then executed. It would be a much more bleaker ending and it'd be a gamble, but very unique and artistic.
  • baby kicker
    Amazing, much more powerful of an ending than the one I saw in theaters. When Neville snatched the girl in the movie I was thinking that the writers were alluding to her being the leaders girl; the way the leader jumped into the sunlight when she was taken and how the vampires stepped up their tactics to try and get Neville after that. Its good to see I wasn't just imagining it. Its also interesting how Neville believed that the vampires had completly lost all traces of their humanity when he watched the leader expose himself, when actually it was the one aspect of his humanity left that made him jump into the sunlight.
  • Elvis #3, I'm still not sure I understand your reasoning for why it was better (even for Hollywood 'big star-vehicles') for Neville to be killed off... It's obvious most people didn't like the more "hopeful" ending that we saw in theaters. And the funny thing is they called this one "controversial" when I don't think there is anything even controversial about it - it's just a more emotional and powerful ending that sticks with the concept than pulling something "Hollywood"... Matt #4, to respond to your consideration about Neville being killed again... I think that if they tried it with this ending, it would've been too hard to explain that concept and everyone would have been saying "oh, these vampires really are ruthless, even when he helped them and gave them what they wanted..." I think that's why that wouldn't have worked here, but I'm not sure... I still don't like the idea of Neville being killed at all.
  • crabby
    WB...this ending is better. Nuff said!
  • Stephen
    I have never read the book, so take my opinion from that point of view. I liked both endings and without knowing anything about how it was "supposed" to end I would prefer the theatrical ending, but knowing more about the book I think I see why you liked this ending better. I think the idea that Neville will sacrifice himself to save humanity is what the theatrical ending tried to get across while the ending here is more rosy.
  • Realistically though... Did regular layman moviegoers actually think to themselves "oh this was about Neville sacrificing himself to save humanity" or did all of that get overshadowed by the simultaneous "pfft" heard in the theater when Alice showed up at that survival town.
  • Cool, I've been looking forward to the alternate ending since I saw the movie. I'm a huge fan of the novel, especially because of the 'legend'-part, so I was rather disappointed when they didn't even talk about that in the movie. As you say, the first half is incredible, even thought the similarities to the novel are non-existing, I still liked it a lot, great performance by Smith and I loved the fact that they kept the sub-story about the dog, even though that was also changed significantly. Anyway, the theatrical ending is horrible, and after reading about this alternate ending, I still didn't really expect it to be anything other than a short scene where Smith hands over the woman and the vampires leave. The fact that you see how much the alpha-male cares for the woman, that they just want to be left alone, and Neville realizes he's been doing something horrible, is incredible, it didn't seem like they dared to do that. Too bad WB chickened out in the end.
  • Scott
    Alex, Your taste for movies must reside somewhere in your asshole if you think this movie even deserves to be near a best of 2007 list. This was one of the worst movies of 2007 and resembled I-Robot so much that it probably could have been called I-notveryscarymonster. For you to see this movie at the theatres 3 times is a disgrace as it proves that your intellect is somewhere beteween that of a turd and a retarded spider monkey. Also now that you are actually trying to decifer why the most retarded scientist in movie history was killed really proves your stupidity.
    • jadsfjasjdf
      I-notveryscarymonster? haha that was sooo cheesy and pathetic
  • Stephen
    Scott I think are being a bit harse. I thought it was one of the best movies I saw this year, better then National Treasure and others like that. It was one of the few movies I did get to see so maybe that biases me some what. As for your last comment Alex, yes I did think it was about him sacrificing himself, I saw the movie a couple weeks after opening so I doubt anyone there was a fan of the novel and were just "layman" moviegoers as you call em.
  • I will grant that that was better than the original ending. However, I still do not think it is the best it could have been. I think sticking closer to the overall theme of the book would have made the movie stronger. You still lose the fact that Neville IS the last man on earth, and you're left with hope that there are other survivors. So even with this ending, you lose some of the magic of the story. But yes, far less "screw the people who read the book"-y.
  • Scott
    Stephen, 'I am legend' is a cinematic materpiece when compared to 'National treasue' obviously by your comments you don't get out much. I suggest you watch movies that aren't endorsed by Alex as the movies that Alex declares as best of the year will turn you into a mindless fucktard.
    • Spartanlaserman
      Why are you a dick to everyone? Fuck off bro, you honestly know nothing about this. Give one good example of your cinematic "mater"piece and maybe I'll consider not thinking your a complete idiot who doesn't understand cinema.
      • Ben_2_good
        Scott's right you know... spartanlaserman
  • taurinh
    i loved the alternate ending, and i would have preferred it in theaters, i think it is more complete to me for some reason. either way, i loved i am legend, and i loved it in IMAX, cant wait for DVD
  • I loved the book and really disliked the movie as it was a total disconnect from the entire 'Legend' concept of the book. Neville was entirely re-written from an ordinary man fighting every day to get through to a kind of "super-hero" Dr. That said, I would have liked the movie better if the ending had been this one, but overall read the book. Much better.
  • TCox
    The alternate ending is definitely better, and felt true to the story. Warners really messed up with the version they put in theaters. It ruined the whole movie for me. Seeing the alternate ending makes the movie feal more complete to me now. Thanks Alex!!!!!
  • Redge
    Like Stephen, I have never read the book but I think 28 Days later and 28 Weeks later are far more superior than I Am Legend. Also, I Am Legend was very predictable. The second I saw the dog I knew he was going to be bitten by the Vampires and that Smith would have to kill him.... See, this is the problem with Blockbusters, they're made with the same predictable formula. By the way, am I the only one to think that the CG used in the film (read: every vampire) wasn't that great? Anyway, I'm tired of those film...
  • Sam
    If I would have seen this, that bitter taste in my mouth would not have occurred.
  • Ross
    I was under the impression that this ending was changed because it didn't test well with audiences. But was this because they didn't like the fact that you don't find out if there are any other survivors, or because Neville didn't die?
  • Am I the only one who liked the theatrical ending better????
  • This actually brings me to ease, because throughout the entire movie I was looking for that specific sequence that I had seen in the trailer (virus infected human whispering sweet nothings in Smith's ear) yet I was dissapointed, or more confused, that it was missing in its entirety, where I thought it should be at the end. I enjoyed the alternate ending immensly, as it seemed to bring a lot more depth along with some closure; whereas the theatrical one just seemed to...yeah...close. Though, the theatrical one was more intense, and I think it was needed as most people would've walked out of the theatre with the alternative ending saying "that sucked...I hated the ending." I enjoyed the alternate one, but I can see why the other was chosen, and I probably would've have appreciated the alternate if I hadn't seen the theatrical version in the first place.
  • S Dub
    To be honest, I think the the theatrical ending is a lot more somber and better overall. I mean Will Smith's character dies in the theatrical ending .... I just think it's a bolder choice. This one just sort of ... ends with the happy "family" driving off.
  • Side thought: Why wasn't Will Smith nominated for Best Actor for his performance as Neville?
  • Forrest
    This was excellent, and added more tone for the audience to feel after watching the movie... DIDN'T THEY BLOW UP THE BRIDGE THOUGH?!?!
  • Joseph
    Whilst I do prefer the alternative ending, I think I like the threatrical one more on the basis that Neville dies. To be, that makes a massive impact, and I can't tell you how refreshing I found it to see a Hollywood film where the main character doesn't survive for once. Personally, I would have liked the alternative ending to have Neville executed by the Vamps (I forget the actual name). After glancing at the subject-wall, Neville could easily mumble something like, "What have I done?" or "What have I become?", before being carted off by the vamps or fed on. You could easily have the head Vamp go over to the wall of something, and show that he recognises Neville's acts as murder. This kind of ending would have been a lot more inkeeping with the book, whilst remaining as sombre as the threatrical cut and keeping that fantastic feeling of dispare.
  • Josh
    This is awesome. I can't tell you how much better this made the movie. I never read the book, but hearing from people who had, and knowing the original premise really made me feel they butchered it. Especially after they claimed they made the first movie adaptation that stuck by the book. The person commenting above me (#23) missed the point. That ending they created changes the story so much, and even pertaining to the title of the movie, that it becomes a different story all together. That moment where he realizes he is the monster and not the hunted, is the ah-ha moment this movie needed. Thanks again for posting this
  • Heckle
    I am a huge fan of the big and expressed on many occasions my dislike for the film to Alex. This ending is better in that it doesn't show the vampires as wild creatures it shows them as a collective with leaders and such. Alex explained....Neville was the legend. Legends die.... The introduction of the woman is what really screwed up the movie for me. If she was like the one in the book and the ending followed the book it would have been a trully great film.
  • This ending was much better. I hated the ending in theaters with the whole community of survivers and stuff. This ending showed some hope but was still very open. Why do studios always have to fuck things up?
  • Tirrell
    The theatrical ending wasn't that bad. The alternate ending was better even though I thought realistically they should've killed Neville basically because he's killed so many and their food supply was pretty low. But the alternate ending leaves more room to expand on maybe Neville can return and become this bad ass character he is in the book but then again we've already got a Blade movie so why do another. I'm with Alex, I think the movie was one of the best of 07' National Treasure sucked. They should put the alternate ending back into the movie and release it into the theater again like Michael Clayton.
  • Avelanch
    this ending was so full of win that i'm even more pissed about ending we ere subject to. I wish they would make a real i am ledgend movie that is based directly off the book, or even off the leaked orriginal screenplay (leaving on the tugboat and having an undergrownd sewer city with the creatures in it etc.). I want a DVD copy of the movie with the alternate ending being used as the actual ending so I don't have to go to special features to watch it.
  • E. Jones
    This ending is far superior. Not because of Neville but what we learn about the infected. They still have a part of humanity and the leaders intentions were more than just get Neville. When Neville glances to the wall of photos of all the infected that he experimented on you can see that he understands that he has lost his humanity as much as them. This ending would have made this film much better. Overall the theatrical ending was just lame, although I didn't mind that Neville died. Will Smith was an amazing force in this film.
  • This ending is quite amazing. It totally captures the same feel as the ending from the book and at the same time is updated and fits with the rest of the movie. The only reason I can think of that this wasn't used is because they felt they had to dumb the movie down for the masses. Once again the sheeple have ruined a perfectly good movie.
  • julius
    this ending is definitely 1000 times better. this was the ending that should have happened. thanks for showing it to us. i of course would have liked a movie that followed the book a lot closer, but this is fantastic. again, thanks for showing this alternate ending. it's the great ending this movie needed.
  • XMalice
    While I think this ending would have been an improvement over the one that they actually used, I can honestly say I still wouldn't have liked the movie. I'm not going to claim any reason other than the book has been one of my favorites since I was young and the movie was just wrong. Will Smith himself did amazingly well. I didn't realize he was that talented an actor, but he is drug down by the fact that everything he's in has to be such a big blockbuster and have lots of CG and a huge budget. I actually stopped liking the movie as soon as the vampires showed up. They were just wrong. IF you've seen 30 Days of Night (not a spectacular movie in itself really, but... ), the vampires in it, with a tiny bit of tweaking were much closer to what the vampires in this film should have been. I do not and never will understand why they would use all CG to create monsters that are basically sick human beings. It makes no sense and it ruins what little chance this movie had of really sucking you in. And when the woman showed up, it just got even worse. Neville coped entirely to well and too quickly..... okay. I'm going to stop or I could go on and on. Basically, why take an amazing book and change it so much it barely resembles itself? Hollywood does it over and over and over. It's incredibly frustrating.
  • I didn't like the survival town thing in the theatrical ending. It took the hope out of Anna's character and made it reality. However, I did like that, in the theatrical ending, he finally cured the disease. The blaze of glory was to satisfy the folks who like explosions and violent self-sacrifice, nothing more. I'm iffy on this alternate ending. I'm probably leaning toward it, though, because it puts more humanity into the vampires and Neville gets out of the situation alive, and is presumably able to continue his research.
  • Dustin
    I would have much prefered that ending to the movie.
  • Matt S.
    Alex Billington #6, I love the idea of Neville being killed because it simply fits in with the concept and title of the novel and film. For one to truly be a legend, one must be dead or have their existence in question. If Neville lives with Anna and drives away from the vampires in Manhattan, the title comes into question for the viewer as to why the movie is called I Am Legend. It'd be quite difficult for the viewer to connect with the vampires in how they see him as a legend. Certainly, humanity will not see Neville as a Legend if he lives because there are other survivors who should also be called Legends as well. But if Neville dies, then it is easier for the viewer to understand that he is both a legend to humanity and the vampire nation alike.
  • Evan F.
    Yes, the movie was AMAZING. Like many have already mentioned, however, this ending is much, much more fitting. They hinted at the unknown advancement of the "vampires" earlier in the movie, and this ending brings that fulfills that idea. This is way more satisfying. Warner Brothers screwed up.
  • Obviously someone in WB said "let's finish the movie with a big explosion" and there you have it. This ending is a lot deeper and unveils something that Neville character didn't thinks in the movie: that the beasts doesn't want to be cured.
  • Mark
    Just the same bull. And you should read the book again. Neville is legend because he is an relict of a former society that doesn‘t exist anymore. He commited suicide.
  • Spider
    I agree with you Alex. This was definitely the ending that we should have seen in theaters. But, like you said, Warner Bros is thinking they made the right choice. A truly satisfying and optimistic ending. Apples to oranges comparison: I also believe that the alternate ending to "Rocky Balboa" on the DVD was the ending we should have seen at theaters. It was a much more satisfying ending that capped off the franchise. That ending alone would have helped the flick garner bigger box office!
  • A much, much better ending. It was never really explained how or why the vampires (though they weren't really vampires) were so clever in setting traps etc to then just want to tear Neville apart. Showing the Alpha male doing everything he did just to get his woman back shows that they are evolving or that they still have human characteristics. It shows that Neville was the one out of place not the vamps. He was the last remnant of the past and the world had moved on. Had it been played better, with this ending and the girl not turning up it could have been an awesome twist at the end (just like the book was) Having such a thoughtful and considered ending makes the clumsy appearance of the woman and them heading off to the safe haven too good. So I know I want everything but in a perfect world it would have had this ending and maybe even Neville just shuffling off to do his own thing, wiser to the fact that life is still going but just fundamentally changed. What a shame that WB's didn't have the bottle to run with this.
  • Jimmy L
    The original ending didn't suck, but this is sooo much better. Thank God for alternate endings! If you're a drudge fan:
  • Sean
    Wow, ya, this was waaaaay better of an ending than the theatrical release. This followed closer to the book, compared to the theater release which was a big disappointment for me when I saw the last 10 minutes! I would LOVE to see this put on the dvd as an alternate ending and shoot, even if they were to consider a re-release of sorts! I'm not a huge fan of franchise movies but I think this could have had a continuation in the story if they had wanted to. Will Smith did an excellent job!
  • Richard
    I have NOT read the book so I am not biased in that way, I liked the theatrical version much better, so i guess the original concept is hes a legend to the vampires and not humanity? Uh great? So in other words we all die and Nevelle is a "Legend" to beats that have no real communication skills, how do they pass on legends? in grunts? And Nevelle just decided oh man i killed vampires with feelings, i guess i should leave them alone and let whatever happens happen, screw that, fight till the end or die trying. lol I don't know I thought that was a very interesting and cool alternate ending, but like i said i liked the theatrical better.
  • superfob
    While I was watching the movie in theaters, I thought Will Smith's character would give back the vampire's woman seeing as how I thought it was obvious to the audience that was the driving force behind the attacks. Having him sacrifice himself help the others escape seemed to break the continuity of the story. Now that I have seen the alternate ending, I am more at ease that I was correct in that feeling.
  • Birdwatching From Mars
    Um, has it been pulled by WB already?
  • Jim Gardner
    I am so sick and tired of going to see movies which work perfectly well up until the end, when you can almost smell the men in suites walk into the cinema and spray their idea of what they think people want all over the place like a wolf marking its territory. I think Frank Zappa called such a phenomena as a 'Cocaine Decision'. Thank you so much for letting me get a chance to see this otherwise brilliant movie, in the way it was meant to be seen - or at least in the way that actually makes more sense of the entire rest of the plot.
  • Liz
    I don't know. Having read Richard Matheson's book I was fairly disappointed with the movie. It would have been great as a movie unrelated to the book, but I was really looking forward to the final scene of the book when he looks out over the new population of vampires and finally realizes that he has become their legend. I think if nothing else the original ending holds truer to the concept of a legend. He dies to get a cure out etc. While this ending is powerful, I think it strays even more from Matheson's vision.
  • Amber
    I read the book before seeing the movie and loved the book. I enjoyed the movie interpretation on some levels as well. I can see why Hollywood went with the alternate ending of Neville going out in a blaze of glory. This made him so much more the hero. Completely self-sacrificing. And, as someone noted previously, could average joe movie goer have figured out the I Am Legend twist that Neville is a legend to the vampires as a legendary killer? I would hope the answer would be yes, but possibly not. He would might have had to actually state somehow that to the vampires he is a legend for some people to get it. One thing I didn't like about the alternate ending, was whatsername giving the final broadcast. If Neville is still alive, why wouldn't he do the last one? Why is she suddenly the focus? It was HIS story all along, with either ending. Her speaking the epilogue doesn't make sense to me if he's alive. I do think having him die makes so much more of a statement. I didn't like the original endings twist on the 'legend' aspect because of how COOL the book ending was. I liked the alternate a bit more, but there was less bittersweet triumph with it since every one is alive and unharmed. Meh. Like the interaction with the head vampire, and the tenderness between him and the female. Really drove home the fact that even though they were very animalistic in nature, they did retain some human nature after all. Or maybe were starting to regain some humanity. That was great. So, all in all, neither ending was perfect. If I could have mixed and matched a bit, then it would have been perfect, but I was also very spoiled by reading Matheson's original story.
  • Stephan Hauser
    Wow! When I saw the Movie in the Theater I, thought Great Cinema, Crappy ending and as a Result I didn't recommend the movie to friends. I Thoght it to downbeat. To Anti and not really complete sort of light a Book were the Author died and they got someone else who didn't get it to write the Last Chapter. This ending has rectified the Movie for me. I hope WB gets it attached to a Directores Cut edition so that one can watch the Movie as it was ment to be. Y-not
  • Jeff
    WB made a horrible mistake! This ending would have made the movie much better. Like most people here I felt the end just left you hanging and I hadn't read the book when I saw the movie. I expected this type of ending and was disappointed when it didn't happen. It just makes more sense why things played out the way they did….
  • Wow! Great ending, far better than original.
  • John
    FIRST - as for the guy who ripped your opinion about this being one of the best movies of 2007 and called it one of the worst - Get A Grip! I love the personal feel to this website and everything about it. Alex didn't ask for opinions about him, it was about the ending. To refer to Alex as an a _______ is out of line. As for this ending, I preferred this alternate ending to one used in the theaters. It does show that the remaining people do still have a SOUL, unlike real vampires, and not just blood thirsty killers (at least some of them) The ending in the move was OK, but like others said, very FINITE. As for the ending in the book, I am maybe one of the few (and do know others who feel the same) that the book ending was screwed up. Why get him all the way through that only to have a new race (execute him for what he did). If the infected still had a soul in the book, then they would have realized the Neville was doing the same thing they would have done if they all believed that the vampires/infected were only out to kill him. Maybe keep him imprisoned, but not kill him in the book and study why he was never infected. As for the movie, they could have easily incorporated the vampire/infected becoming the regular race, Neville giving the girl vampire/infected back. AND THEN drive out of the city .... THUS leading to a sequel where he could have been captured on his way to Vermont, leading to interrogations and imprisonment and then taken it from there.
  • Keith
    SOOOO much better than the ending we saw in theaters. Didn't the ending posted here not test well, so they changed it? If so, what the f*ck was that test audience thinking? I know they didnt choose the alternate ending, but this one, the original, is fantastic and made the movie much better. I want to watch the whole thing over again with this scene included.
  • Marcus
    Great ending, one question, how did they rebuild the bridges so quickly?
  • now that's and ending to a movie that i would have been proud to spend 10 bucks on.
  • heckle
    I think the reason for her doing the epilogue is to trick you for a moment into thinking he died. Then it gives you the shot of him smiling and she mentions his name. Besides he recorded the previous message that was broadcast. It was her turn.
  • Reza
    This was a fantastic ending. The theatrical version was just too abrupt an end for a character much of he audience had attached themselves through. I'm a huge proponent of killing off a main character if it's appropriate, rather than having Hollywood corporate influence dominate the ending. But there are certain characters who just go through too much for them to have an unhappy ending. It doesn't feel right that after two hours of rooting for this person, fearing for them, actually being on edge when they are on edge, and feeling every emotion they feel so profoundly that they should die and you are left with nothing but those emotions. A sense of accomplishment needed to be felt in I Am Legend, and it is sort of felt in the theatrical version. But in this one, it also humanizes the vampires, if only for a moment, and gives a great deal of development to Neville. This is one character I would not prefer to have dead. The last minute or so though, with the car on the bridge bit, wasn't so appealing. Maybe they should have shot Anna's voice over a montage of her and Neville packing up and cleaning up his house, rather than insert a trite bit of cinema. Overall though, this was a much stronger, much more well-rounded and less hurried ending to an otherwise superb movie and acting effort on the part of Will Smith. Had it not been for that ending, I truly believe he would have at the very least gotten a Golden Globe nomination.
  • Heckle
    The bridges thing is a good question. Also...In the book i can totally see why they would want him dead. He was killing them off. He was a serial killer. Don't we execute our serial killers? Oh also....test audiences are often not the people that would normally go see the type of movie they are viewing. They are often just told that it is a movie with a certain actor and maybe what genre it is. So they arent the best judges of the films....its a flawed way of testing.
  • Bob Smith
    Even though the movie wasn't spectacular, this ending would have made up for it plenty. This was a MUCH more emotional and impacting ending that at least payed a little bit of homage to the book it was based after.
  • Cesar Manzo
    The theatrical ending was better. People need to realize this was this was the ORIGINAL ending, so "the evil suits" only decided to change it after several complaints received at test showings. Movies aren't made for geeks, a lot of things done in the book would've looked retarded on the big screen. What works inside your mind/imagination, doesn't translate that well in film... take for instance, the way everyone keeps saying "they should've done it just like in the book" - uh, no. You would turn what was a flick almost everyone enjoyed, into a real cartoon fest.
  • louis
    i like this one better, much better! I completes the movie better. I would have enjoyed the movie better too. I make have to make my own cut of the film to watch in the future, with this ending.
  • Here's the mistake I think people are making with this ending: it only really works if you've read the book. Otherwise, it doesn't make a lick of sense. You have to infer so much just based on glances and gestures that you end up scratching your head. Why would Neville apologize to these ruthless monsters? I get the reasoning based on what the book is about, but that's not the story the movie was telling. The filmmakers figured this out, thankfully, in time. For me, the theatrical ending is so much more powerful. You end up with this science vs. religion thing that was in the movie the whole time, but only very subtly so. And when it fully emerges...I remember thinking to myself, "THAT'S what this movie's about." It becomes about this marriage of science of faith where the legend in "I Am Legend" is the legend of Robert Neville's sacrifice for humanity (making him a Christ figure) and his salvation of it through his work in the lab. I thought it was brilliant and was completely shocked to find out that the novel was otherwise when it seemed so perfect in the story the film presented.
  • Steve
    Way to be the man, and get this out to everyone. Youtube had to shut it down b/c of the copyright infringement crap, but thank you for keeping the mirror alive. As for the alternate ending. OMG. I was floored that this original cut wasn't the final ending! It truly is a testament to how changing anything in a movie just to make money IS THE WRONG WAY TO MAKE MOVIES. It is a shame that WB was the instigator here. I think the facade that all the "dark dwellers" are basically inhuman is greatly contrasted with this ending that proves this wrong and makes Neville the "legend" he is. Great ending. Thanks.
  • Dan
    I liked this ending, however i feel that nevel still should die at the end for his crimes. not out of principal, but to lend the story a more tragic feel. After the vampires kill him ,(if they must keep the woman and the boy in the film and go with the whole survivor storyline to leave room for sequels), they could walk away and leave the woman and boy alone, continuing on with the second ending of driving over the bridge but not finding other people just yet. and for gods sake cut out the over the top voice over.
  • Ponens
    I don't like either ending, but since I think the movie was uninspired, I think either ending suits it. There seems to be a lot of talk in these comments about vampires though, so maybe we didn't watch the same movie?
  • Chinda
    WOW. I was so disappointed with the ending they chose for the theatrical release, but I finally feel like I was vindicated from that with this alternative ending. It explains why that lead vampire (that, to me oddly enough, looks like John Malcovic) went to such extreme lengths to get back his love. That kind of dedication reminds me of What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams. I absolutely loved the book, and I feel the movie ran as far as it did because it used the name "I Am Legend" as a vehicle to propel it. Finally, with this ending, I'm satisfied with where it led. PS: Thank you so much for showing me this.
  • Curtis
    that was the ending they should have used, much better then wat they used. I have one thing that i dont like about it tho, at the end when Alice Braga's character starts talking, i think Will Smith should have ended it just my opinion tho still amazingly better then what we saw with the theritical ending.
  • Tim Clovefield
    Well, bottom line is it totally saves the film. I had a hard time with the "Scooby Do" monsters....this eased the pain a little. Still really did not enjoy it that much. I really wanted to as well. Still the Batman/Superman logo ad was still one of my favorite segments. But thank you for this, I will pass it on.
  • Cioeboy
    This should have been the ending in theaters. In the theatrical ending all of the vampires' behavior was explained away by saying they had socially degenerated. This actually explained why the lead vampire kept returning to try and kill Neville personally.
  • Chad
    Love the alt ending. The release ending left me disappointed and feeling the movie was uncomplete. Thanks for showing us the "true" ending.
  • Dom
    Thank you for posting this article as I completely agree that the theatrical ending we saw was not good. I didn't read the book so I was judging the film completely on it's merit. I enjoyed it up until the ending where I thought he needed to survive and make his way to the colony. Ideally I was hoping for a little bit more even from the alternative ending. Obviously this film is not CHILDREN OF MEN and I think I set my standards to that movie every time now. The raw emotion you feel when Clive Owen delivers the girl up the stream and to the ship is unsurpassed. Unfortunately LEGEND was never gonna deliver this kind of power and the ending in either form is anti-climactic. CHILDREN OF MEN mixes the sadness of Owen's death with the joy and optimism for the future of the human race. In the actual theatrical ending of LEGEND, its wrong that Smith dies. But in the alternative ending it can't avoid but be happy and cheesy as they sit in the car smiling at one another. All in all LEGEND is a fun flick that would have benefitted from the alternative ending but not been made great..
  • Wow, this ending was awesome. I was a fan of the movie overall. I understood why they took the movie in the direction that they did in order to make it appeal to a broader audience. But I think that they could and should have kept this original ending to the film. The ending to the theatrical version was the one slightly disappointing part of the film. I am glad that I got to see this version, as it is much better.
  • crankyoldguy
    well....I thought the film was...okay. I'm so damn done with bleak endings, no more mankind, etc. Yeah, sorry kidsNational Treasure was dopey at times, but more "fun" at least. Really now. Sure the we become the monsters (or Neville becomes the monster) and the infected vamp-like ones are the 'new society.' bullshit. What society? I've readmany of Matheson's works, including his original novel for this but.... this ending is more 'satisfying' in its own way. I'm all for humanity still existing, no coming to end replaced by these creatures. Perhaps it's because I'm a parent and not just some sci-fi fanboygeekola. Will Smith did a great job in the film, I just found it, again unsatisfying. But not as horrible as Cloverfield. Asked for money back, though the theater manager wouldn't do it because we'd stayed for the whole film, taking no responsibility for running what was ultimately crap. But that's another debate, ain't it?
  • Ranson
    This was the right way to end this movie. I won't buy a DVD of it unless there is a version with this one restored, not just as an 'option' to watch separately.
  • SO much better! Also, this alternative ending opens the opportunity for a sequel, something the studio should have thought of.
  • Tim
    I just don't understand why it would have been that hard to follow Matheson's concept. Braga's character is in on it. She has evolved further than first generation vampires. She becomes the narrative voice explaining why Neville had to be executed at the end. This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy about science fiction getting translated into films by major studios. Matheson wraps the vampire convention in a plausible life-science scenario of genetic mutation and species evolution. It's a big idea kind of book. And it builds and it builds and it builds and you have no idea where it is going until wham! You are on the last page and there is the big reveal and it is over and there you sit - astounded by what Matheson has pulled off. Something you never see coming. Just like the ending of The Sixth Sense. Imagine if the movie studio heads determined in the end that audiences weren't smart enough to understand what M. Night Shamalayan was doing in The Sixth Sense and told him to erase the part about Bruce Willis's character being dead - scratch that part. Let him solve the murder mystery conventionally and become a fond uncle to Haley Joe Osment's character. I can hear them: "Let's let him watch the young man mature and live happily with his wife into the future. Much brighter that way. Audiences like bright." That is essentially what happened to I Am Legend. Some studio head at Warner Bros. decided that people were incapable of handling a big idea movie and instead settled for science fiction movie conventional ending #435. I was fuming when I left the theatre. They took an amazing plot and eviscerated it. And that happens all the time. This modified ending helps some, but still leaves so much that could have been great unrealized.
  • Ingrid
    I love this ending. I thought the theatrical ending was a cheap gimmick, and that Neville never really "got" the real truth of what was going on. In this ending, he did. Amazing.
  • Dan
    I honestly thought the original ending was much better, this one was kind of bad. not gonna lie
  • Daniel
    this ending was better than the first but still missed the point of the book. he only becomes a legend through his death. the world has started over and left him behind as civilization has found another way and he is the only thing left for them to fear. so with his death he becomes the story that a new culture will tell scary stories about. the ending would have been perfect the way it was envisioned by the author. before seeing the movie i imagined a beautiful scene of will smith accepting and going to face his imminent death and finally speaking the same simple words that ended the book so powerfully. "Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend."
  • Tim
    This was the way the movie should have ended. It's SOOOOOO much better. Just watching the alternate ending made me change the way I thought about that movie. IT's now so much better, I hope the DVD has that version of the ending as a choice for you when you watch the DVD. I hope you can select that as the version cause it would make me go out a buy the DVD. That was the real ending as far as I'm concerned. FANTASTIC!
  • craziemutant
    i think the final cut shown to us made sense without knowledge of the book. i think that's why they did it that way. if you had not explained what was in the book, i would not have entirely understood this version and would have had to guess why things were happening. but all that aside, this version was powerful and broke the cycle of the same ol' ending. i would have been happy with either ending. on a side note: i like how Neville flinched when the other Vampire creatures tried to spook him. showing he's not in control of the situation and is vulerable.
  • dan
    bottom line, they trashed several classic movies and made a horrible version of Money Making Crap. I thought Will Smith had better morals. This movie (and all of your 'awesome' reviews) makes me embarrased to share a love for film with such kooks
  • Dick
    This ending was definitely superior. The one in theaters was so bad I laughed my dick off. What kind of frag grenade blows up like a nuke? Get dicked on WB.
  • payton pickard
    regardless of the book this ending was far better than the original
  • A friend of mine sent me this page because I complained about the ending and as an aspiring writer and director, I told him how it should've ended, just like this cut! I have never read the original novel, I just deduced that the ending should have the vampires more humane since that's how the entire movie played them out to be, that they weren't mindless. And that the boss dude was in fact the lover of the girl. Why Francis Lawrence didn't allow this scene in the final cut is just perplexing... But it has made me happy that I have a similar vision to the original's idea and they chose to film it.
  • nathan
    I much prefer this ending - what a great twist to turn him into the monster. It would be better though if the lead vampire wasn't a spitting image of Ted Danson - mannerisms and all.
  • Dinosaur Dan
    When watching the film in the theater I immediately picked up on the relationship between the head vampire and the captured test subject. That was further reinforced with "kidnapped mannequin" sequence. When none of that was paid off at the end of the film I was let down, even confused by it. This ending is SOOoo much more emotionally satisfying I can't find words to express it. My hope is that this will be an extra on the DVD release, then I'll just cut the film together the way I had hoped to see it in the first place. If it isn't an extra to allow that to be an option, then I won't bother picking up the DVD at all, because the way that it was released in the theaters was a "fine ride", but ultimately not worth my owning it. I know I just wouldn't bother watching it with that unsatisfying ending.
  • Mac
    I like this ending WAAAAAY more. It gives a more human feel to the ending of the movie. The ending in this movie was way too simple and Hollywood like.
  • That was SOOOOOOOOOO much better than that piece of crap ending in the theater...
  • In most cases, mass media has to follow a fixed format in order to successfully integrate into the market. The alternative ending does not follow the "golden rules" that make a product viable to the "dreaded" lowest common denominator (read: profitable). This is the sole reason WB consistently "slaughters" fantastic creative works in a rather predictable manner, regardless of artistic merit and plot integrity the deviations are required for a return on the millions of dollars invested in production. I'm sure it's a fantastic book, but intellectually challenging epic novels will rarely (if ever) make it to blockbuster level following the original storyline verbatim.
  • ...they ruined the movie. They RUINED the freaking movie. For WEEKS after seeing the film, the lack of this very type of connection irritated me. I needed to see the connection between Neville and the lead infected. I needed to see the point at which Neville realized that they HAD retained their humanity. I needed to see the point at which Neville realized that the lead infected was simply trying to rescue his love. Neville never should have died...that ruined the entire concept. Thank you. This has literally rescued the movie. If there's a petition to get a release of this movie with the alternate ending, point me in the right direction. I need to sign it. THIS MOVIE NEEDS TO BE SEEN WITH THE PROPER ENDING.
    I have never read the book or seen other incarnations of the movie...The Will Smith I Am Legend is the only reference for this story that I have - that said, I really enjoyed about 50% of this movie. The first half was superb, conveyed emotion and held my interest. The moment the woman and her child were introduced I began to get bored and started to dislike the story. You could see where it was going - nowhere good. The ending turned out to be ridiculous as expected, and defeated the first half of the movie that I had really enjoyed. I had hoped that the lead male mutant would back off after seeing that Neville had cured his mate and that Neville would become legend in the eyes of the cured vampires...As the female he had cured related his story at the end. I would have really liked that to have been the end, but alas, it was not to be...And the woman and her child as well as the sudden religous themes at the end ruined the movie. This alternate ending is, in my opinion, better than the theatrical one by far - but is still not precisely what I was hoping for after watching the first 50% of I Am Legend...Had they allowed Will to truly be the last man on earth this movie would have been great, however it will now go down as mediocre and poorly ended.
  • Chris
    Hi, I have not read the book, i thought the first ending SUCKED and ruined the whole move. I actually left, not liking the film, probably only because the last 10 minutes just plain sucked. This ending is much better. and I see it as bring much more hopeful, a scientist who discovered the cure and knows how to administer it, as opposed to the movie's ending where he gives some info, kills himself and hopes someone can figure it out. Either way I'm intrigued to read the book... and Omega Man was still 100x better than this film!!!
  • canadian kid
    Yeah this was deff a way better ending i mean come on his dog dying was enough sad dramma then him dying too nah way to much at that point i was like oh nah they didnt need 2 do that... but this ending saves tha day and i think its 100 times better ......wmhs is da click dat i roll wit .....
  • Tim
    I think some people are really missing the point. This end states clearly that Neville is the monster, hence the 'I am legend' title. Without this ending the title and film makes no sense at all.
  • azriel
    All I can say is wow. That was a better ending by far. There was so much feeling and struggle in that six minutes that would have pushed that movie over the top. Hell I probably would have seen it a few more times in the theater instead of saying at the end, I might buy it. thank you.
  • Carl
    Now that ending is a hell of alot better then the theatrical cut it should have been used because I wasn't exspecting thr hero to die at the end. :(
  • chris
    Better than the original ending, but still not what it could have been. From the moment the woman and child were introduced the movie went downhill. I agree wholeheartedly with post #79
  • lib4
    We constantly berate studios for NOT taking risks when it comes to their main characters. Well WB chose to kill their lead in the end and it ruined the ending of this movie. This alternate was everything I look for it was shocking yet touching, bold yet understated. I really wish they would have gone with this ending b/c after a great ride the movie fell flat in the last 10 minutes.
  • Harner
    That was a stupid ending. The theatrical release was actually a more daring attempt because it wasn't such a sappy ending...
  • Harner
    Come to think of it, these comments must be fake. This ending is the one that seems cheap and tacked on. The original unhappy ending was the correct and brave choice. Bravo WB.
  • rayhaan
    this ending was truly amazing, like 100 times better than the other, the other ending never actually made sense to me, even though the movie itself up until the ending was awesome, so this changes my once clouded opinion of this movie to it being totally amazing with this ending!!
  • Vinny
    The alternate ending is controversial and I loved it!!! Not even close to being as harsh as the book, but a twist reality whose really the villian now..... still a PG-13 ending, but that's the demographic the film industry is pandering to.
  • Sam
    That was really interesting. And I'm quite surprised most of you like this "happy ending" more than the one released. I really enjoyed the movie, I don't love it or anything, but it has many interesting things. The way the story goes, there is no way it can end in a fully-happy-fashion. As I said, it was really cool watching this alternative, but it's not quite believable to me. The mad zombie/vampires getting emotional? It makes no sense at all. Too much touchy-feeling to me. Robert Neville has nothing else to live for, his family is dead, he had to kill his dog (SPOILERS!). How can he be smiling in his SUV with his "new" family? It seems like a happy advertising. The one released isn't perfect, but I think is much more close to the original intention of the novel. There is no concept of legend here.
  • Tim
    Just to clarify..You consider a man coming to the realization that he's experimented on & tortured dozens of sentient beings as opposed to raging monsters a 'happy ending'??? The point of the story is that he's now in the minority..The legend element is what he perceives to be monsters are now the dominant species and they tell stories of him. He kidnaps and murders their kind, thats his 'legend'. The title and whole point of the story is him coming to this realization. If he blows himself up with a grenade, how exactly is he supposed to find out how they perceive him? I cant read these posts anymore. I despair.
  • Mike
    Scott, you are way out of line. People can have different opinions about movies without running the risk of being labeled assholes or fucktards. Grow up.
  • jose
    I watched the movie and I personally expected more.... but if this alternative ending was placed into the movie, it would have been a lot better.. I really liked it
  • Hans
    Thanks for showing us this version. I never read the book so I saw the I Am Legend film for what it was. I have to say I greatly enjoy the theatrical versions ending much more. It was tragic to see the Robert Neville die but at the same time it was refreshing for a movie. With this version Robert Neville lives but it just seems to come to a to common ending, they leave, Robert Neville lives and rides out with his new family to the survivors colony. The theatrical versions ending is so much better, it seems different from the typical Hollywood movies ending. I might be in the minority though, I've shown this version to some family members and they seem to like it simply because Robert Neville lives.
  • Jacob
    Love it,,,
  • Lis
    Legend was a complete rip off of 28 days/28 weeks. STOP THIEF!
  • this ending is a million times better!!!
  • Lis is an idiot.
    "I Am Legend" was written in 1954, you dumbass. 28 Days/Weeks Later were both made after 2000.
  • The altenate ending is definitely better but it doesn't save the movie for me. The ending of the book is much more powerful, that ending ligltly touches it, but it's still too light. In the end, Neville should be the monster without ambiguity, anything else and the point is moot.
  • Ian
    I feel like it's hard for this movie, considering the book was so breathtaking. While this new ending doesn't necesasrily SAVE the movie from what happened to it (unecessary character additions,) I think it certainly allows for a much more moving, engaging conclusion to the story. I wasn't the biggest fan of Neville's "FIRE TACKLE" in the long run. As a reinterpretation of the book, I really quite like this film. This made things a bit better for me. --IK
  • Mehraz
    I believe the original ending is the best way to show our emotional to our kinds from all races that we are humans already. Today, we faced war every where. I found the theatrical ending so similar to our today situation in the reality. Fight them, kill them, and having a castle for survivours. But the original's , I think, is trying to show us a balance between good things and bad things. Every one has a right for living even, vampires. We can not find peace in a castle which is so similar to a home, we can find it in a balanced world. Finally, I perefer the original ending. It was great. Thank you.
  • Ryan
    The theatrical ending was sloppy and lazy. I liked this ending much better.
  • Art
    This unreleased ending fits the movie better!! It already alluded multiple times to leader wanting the girl back. It played off of his last bit of humanity (and his growing intelligence in how he went about getting her back) and how he was like Dr. Neville, who had lost his own family in the tragedy that spawned the "vampires." The theatrical ending, although fittingly depressing in terms of Dr. Neville's character, just never really did it for me, and it was abrupt. I grow really tired of dumb suits who focus on money and know nothing of art and story attempting to dumb down the American audience, or consider us idiots to begin with who can't handle "complicated endings." You know, Shakespeare remains timeless for a reason and he was far from simple-minded in his writing. Hollywood keeps trying to clone Pixar's success but never realizes what makes Pixar's soul isn't computer animation but great story telling that doesn't dumb it down for the audience. Computer animation just happens to be the medium they like to tell their stories through--and they use that tool damn well.
  • shaun mcalister
    This ending far surpassed the theatrical ending. As someone who was a fan of the book well before the movie was even announced, I truely wanted to love absolutely everything about this movie before I even saw it. After watching it, I did love it, but was definitely let down with the ending. This new ending, however, completely changes the tone of the film. For the better. Bravo and thanks for sharing this.
  • Citizen54
    Jeez, we're all such moviemaking experts! Maybe I'm a sucker, but I'm baffled by people who bash this movie with such severity. I found it totally engaging; for 2 hours, I didn't worry about work, bills, the government, etc. I was completely entertained. I like the book, and even the Omega Man flick, but I watched this movie for what it is, for what it tries to be. Yeah, we could probably do without the woman showing up, and somehow saving the main character, but sheesh, minor point. Will Smith was terrific in the part, and as someone who lives in NYC, it was pretty neat to see him zipping thru Times Square hunting deer. But anyway, thanks for posting this alt ending. It puts a whole different twist on the story.
  • RStewie
    I liked this one better. The ending in the movie was too abrupt for me, and the idea that you could reverse those types of "symptoms" was beyond belief. And I think there was enough death in the movie, without Neville having to die at the end, too. The fact that the dog was sacrificed on the alter of "art" was more than heart-wrenching to me. I'm just glad Neville didn't have a cat! But I'm so glad you shared this alternate ending. I'm sure it will make it's way onto the DVD version, but I would have rather my theater experience ended this way than the ending they chose.
  • Why the fuck didn't they show this on the big screen? A million times better than the theatrical cut with the bullshit semi-religious ending! The alternate ending leaves a nice possibility for a sequel too.
  • bboy
    I was very disappointed by this film originally but this ending mitigates it somewhat. there were just too many dense stupid things done by a man who otherwise was doing loads of intelligent things. Not anyway near enough action for this type of film or enough tension instead of action. I haven't read the book but of course am aware of it and the impact it had upon publication etc. Am i wrong in thinking that neville went round the world raizing cities to the ground a la I am destoyer of worlds. If so that would have been much better than resorting to the cliche of another survivor coming to his rescue in his hour of need. but hey that's hollywood cater to the lowest common denominator
  • That's incredible. I would have MUCH rather seen this ending than the crap they are feeding us at the theaters! In all honesty, I was so disappointed after watching the movie the first time ... and I honestly think that I would have liked a LOT better had they kept the original ending!
  • Holy crap that was awesome.
  • Lori
    I think the theatrical ending fit more with the theme's that were emphasized throughout the movie. ie. saving humanity, finding the survivor city, etc. The ending that was used made the story feel complete and tied up most loose ends (this coming from someone who hasn't read the book and didn't know what the story was about until now). Now that I know what the real story was about the alternate ending is incredible and completes the story so much better. But of course Hollywood is all about making money and chose the ending that they thought would appease the masses. How did they cross the blown up bridges in the end??Haha
  • What do you think of this new ending and would you have preferred it in the theaters? I almost cried - that is the way the movie should have ended. Oh hell yes I would have preferred it in the theater. Hey, Hollywood - we're adults and we prefer being treated that way.
  • drancope
    Charlton Heston should not have gone from Hollywood.
  • Doug
    At the theatre I felt ripped off by the cost of the ticket, which tends to sour me on going back to the theatre for a while. This ending would not have given me that feeling. I'm vindicated though thinking about the gate receipts that I have withheld as a consequence of WB making a totally irrational decision that resulted in ruining the movie.
  • Mike
    Fact: The alt. ending is much better then the one potrayed in theaters.
  • Jon
    Alternate ending preferred by myself and at least 5 other folks I've shown it to.
  • Cat
    I like this ending MUCH better than the theatre one. I really enjoyed the entire movie in the theatre, but I felt like the ending was a bad cut and paste job. Now I know why. It was. All of the foreshadowing throughout the movie makes this the natural and more satisfying end. Too bad they had to "lowest common denominator" it at the last minute. As far as it not sticking to the book...honestly, have you ever seen a movie that did? You just have to accept them as totally seperate entities and it usually makes both much more enjoyable.
  • Jeanie
    I loved the original ending and feel cheated that the powers that be felt it necessary to change it. I was shocked at the ending in the theatre and felt like it ended too abruptly. This ending fits so much better than the one they chose to show us. Wow what a mistake they made in not showing us the original ending!
  • Neef
    Sheer Awesome. Much better than the original ending, and Im glad that it'll be appearing on the DVD. I'll be picking it up.
  • ALMA
    I really like this ending!! I read a part of the book but not the whole thing. I like this ending because it further affirms the fact that the lead "vampire" was just trying to get his woman back. I thought the part when Neville says to the camera that because the vampire exposed himself to the light that he'd lost all human charchteristics, made it seem like the vampires were animals. When, in fact, anyone with a brain could see that the male was hurt, angry that Neville had taken her. I, personally thought, that because the lead male thought his girl was dead that he wanted to hurt Neville in the same way by some how killing the dog (which, by the way, had me sobbing in the movie theater). I didn't like the chick showing up just like that all of a sudden, but reading all of your comments about an evolved female who takes Neville back to the rest of the vampires, makes sense. And this ending gave me that AHA feeling. I understand why he was legendary. Because he was a Serial Killer. The theatrical ending wasn't bad, but this one is makes alot of sense and it definately would've been a gamble.
  • Chris
    Wow. This is probably the best alternate ending I have ever seen. To me, it ties up the movie miles better than the theatrical version. I was extremely moved by the character interaction as well, and it really leaves me more satisfied at the end. WB needs to see this.
  • Mel
    This is the better ending, definitely and makes more sense based on the setup IN the movie. The fact that the movie completely drops the intelligent monster aspect lead to a fight within our group of whether or not the vampire intentionally set the trap for Will. It seemed like he did but then why have that aspect and no follow up, and further why make it a point to say that the vampires aren't intelligent after we clearly saw that they were! Not only was this ending better but, to me, the ending in the film made no sense whatsoever. With that said, I still found the reveal of the human woman completely lame if they weren't going to go the way of the book and how did she even get to Manhattan if all the bridges were blown up?
  • WAaaaaaaaay better
    To those saying this alternate ending was "rosey" compared to the final theatrical ending got it backwards. In this alternate ending, Neville realizes he is the monster, when he looks up at the wall observing all his previous "failed" experiments. He recounts the the acts he's committed through THEIR eyes instead of his own and realizes. We are then left with the thought that.. humanity is doomed. Possible coexistence is possible but we dont know if any of those immune are still alive besides the three as they drive away. I cant even believe they chose that popcorn crap ending over this one, did they even read the book? I mean... did they even understand the relevance of the title? They spun it completely the wrong way and nutured the story entirely.
  • Richard
    They called THAT the "controvercial" ending!? and the ending where they glorify a suicide bomber and make him the hero is. . . what? Seeing the film in the cinema was a big let down. They took a good book and twisted it into a generic Hollywood everyfilm. Too bad, could've been awesome
  • I really loved this ending, it was much more emotional and really would have made the movie, just that damn much better.
  • I much prefer that ending. I too felt the one in the film was rushed and abrupt. I preferred seeing the humanity left in those with the infection.
  • praxis22
    Much better than the twee small town USA dross we had to sit through at the cinema, had this been the ending I would have enjoyed the move a lot more.
  • Happy
    I did not read the book but I have to agree that this alternate ending is much better. When I watched it at the theatre I was drawn in to the film up until the ending. It didn't seem to really fit. I am really looking forward to reading the book to see the different dinamics. Thanks for putting this out there.
  • douche bag
    This actually changed my mind about the movie. Much more superior- much more emotional. Makes you ACTUALLY care.
  • Tommy Villarreal
    This ending is amazing!
  • Sinner
    I liked everything about the theatrical version including the ending, however I do prefer this ending for a few reasons that have already exhaustively been mentioned. I liked the visualization of the remaining human nature shown in the infected. I liked when Neville was made aware of the type of legend he was viewed as from the infected point of view. The only major part of the book missing now would be the execution of Neville, which should have been ordered by the lead Vampire after retrieving the female, & the fact that Neville should have been portrayed as the last human on earth. Alex, the theatrical version still should have easily made the "best of 07" list.
  • I never read the book, any reviews or even saw any previews before watching this movie, so I came to it totally clean. It was amazing! I`m quite hard to please with movie's. firstly, can I ask people to stop calling them "Zombie's" or "Vampires". I hate that. They were diseased and mutated human beings, extremely infa-red light sensitive, stronger and more violent. Even a major film reviewer (Julie something) on ABC tv here in Australia got it totally wrong, and called them Zombie's. She canned the whole movie because of it, that this guy was trying to save the Zombies blah blah blah. Totally missed the point. Secondly, I think the best ending (for me), having seen both versions, would be for a mixture of the two: - Will tells the chick and boy to open the door for him, then shut it and get into the oven thing. - Will takes the mutant lady out etc. Near the end of Will sees the wall of 'trophies'. - When the mutant boss leaves, the others go to rip Will apart, and then Will sets off his hidden explosives and blows himself and the rest of them away. - Chick drives off like above, movie ends as above (but without Will). Although I didn't mind that she found a virus-free colony somewhere in the original ending, I think it would be more interesting (and maybe lead into another movie) for her not to have tied up the whole story like that. I suppose they had to though, as Will's blood was needed as the cure, and he can't have died in vain. If it had to be a choice between the two endings, it's a tough one, but maybe the one they didn't use would have been better purely for the fact about the message of Will being the cruel and violent one (even if his cause was just), and setting it up for a sequel. They have to make a sequel, surely. But yeah, do a better job on the mutant cgi. I think they did a very good job on the movements and facial animations etc (definitely scared me), but the textures were too plasticky.
  • Landon
    Although I liked I Am Legend, that ending made it waaaay better. Way better.
  • Teno
    The book concept has the idea that Neville is now the legend in their myth, for he is the minority of reality. But this alternate ending while good has no bearing on that point it just shows that Neville has finally realized he under estimated their intelligence and worth as people and is willing to be the better man and be diplomatic to the creatures. This still has nothing to do with the concept of becoming a legend. Overall in vampire lore, there aren't points where the vampires (being the minority, the legend to humans) stop and go "maybe the humans aren't so bad after all" "maybe I will stop thinking of them as inferior". lol and no where in this alternate ending do they make an references to being or becoming a legend. So while good, this alternate ending doesn't add to the movie nor does it stay more true to the book, we already knew the infected were smarter then Neville assumed, we already knew that the Alpha was coming for his woman (hence that he loved her) the only difference is that Neville doesn't die which is not true to the book and we still don't get an accurate sense of what it means to become a Legend like the book's concept.
  • Teno
    So since there isn't a filmed ending that is exactly like the book, if I had to choose between the theatrical and the alternate, I would choose theatrical. Because this version is happy go lucky everyone wins, Neville doesn't become a legend in any sense whatsoever and from all appearances no one finds a cure either.
  • Teno
    Oh and the last thing, I see a lot of comments saying "this version made me care more" well in either version we know the Alpha male is coming for the female infected, just in the theatrical version he never accomplishes his goal but that doesn't mean he didn't love her. And if the theatrical version made you not care, does that mean you only care if people live? and when Neville dies you don't care? hmmmmmmmm.....
  • Skullfuc|
    This ending is marginally better, but the movie is still a crap festival that bears no relation to the book it is supposedly based on.
  • Yeti
    I liked it as it was shown in the theatre and with the alternate ending. But it is irrelevant which ending anyboby likes. The part that didn't make sense to me was Neville getting caught by the vampires. That whole trap stunk. When that dummy appeared out of nowhere on the street, his thought would have been "TTTRRRRAAAPPP". His sense of self preservation suddenly eclipsed by the emotional bond he had with a mannikin? Give me a break. OK, so they copied his trap. They were watching him like a hawk. They might have noticed he always carried a flamestick or boomstick or one of those AK-47s. The vampires might have gone looking for some of those. Do you follow me? One night while Rob is kicking back in the tub with Fido, the Vampires blow into town and start capping all the mannikins they can train their sights on. We get the usual scene where the protagonist starts stuffing every armament known to man in his shorts and bolts out of the house guns blazing. Nev is wasting hundreds of these twitchy fuckers when suddenly the head vampire arrives, grunts up and pulls a Browning out his asscrack. Everybody dies in a blaze of gunfire. The "Hollywood" ending we all know and love. OR..... We could beg Hollywood to apply the "Home Alone" ending to this movie. Robbie gives the bastards whatfor with swinging paintcans, tarpits, bricks, flaming rope and "Snakes" with his lousy cheating on the countdowns. All the vampires get picked up by the cops and Robbies mom and dad finally get back from Paris. I'd let one sneaky vampire bite Buzzs' head off at the end for that last thrill that tells us the whole damn thing ain't never gonna end.
  • Seth
    That is the ending I wanted to see in the theatre. Just so much better. Wow.
  • James
    If they'd wanted an ending like that, they never should've dumbed-down the vampires. There just wasn't enough time devoted to them to make that ending seem plausible to audiences. "Because this version is happy go lucky everyone wins, Neville doesn't become a legend in any sense whatsoever and from all appearances no one finds a cure either." Agree completely. There is no "legend" in this version of the ending. This whole thing just reeks of too many cooks, and it's a shame they wasted yet another opportunity to actually film the book's ending. It would be different if someone could actually come up with something better, but after three attempts, no one has.
  • Carrie
    I agree with what most folks were saying. I loved I Am Legend, and I thought Will Smith was amazing in it, but the ending did not sit well with me. It just didn't seem to follow through with where the rest of the film was going. But THIS ending follows through. I love this ending. Please, WB, release this cut.
  • Brandon
    There is one continuity error with this ending. It shows them DRIVING OUT OF TOWN OVER THE MANHATTAN BRIDGE. Earlier on in the movie, it was clearly indicated, and, in the case of the Brooklyn Bridge, shown, that the Air Force destroyed all of the bridges connected to Manhattan.
  • John
    To be completely honest, this was the ending that I expected to see in the movie. Everyithing pointed to it. It was obvious to me that the head "vampire" was there for the love of the woman stolen from him. I was surprised that Neville never caught on to this, and that they ended the film the way they did.
  • Sinner
    Wrong Teno & James. This new ending shows more clearly why he would be concidered a legend. He's not a legend b/c he found a cure. He's a legend in the infected eyes b/c he has hunted & killed so many of thier kind in broad daylight w'out being hurt. He is the last of a species & they do not understand why he captures & kills them. Like the book say's, & Alex points it out as well, Robert Neville is "legendary" because he is that myth that goes out day after day hunting them.
  • Papers2
    The altered theatrical version was a departure from the book's conclusion, but so was the original (alternate) ending we see here (Neville lives). I do prefer the alternate ending though, as Neville appears to understand his "social de-evolution" as much as the apparent cultural de-evolution of the nocturnal zombie's. The theatrical version misses the book's epilogue of demonstrating the nature of the (de)evolving zombie culture and their view of Neville's predation on their species; the primary head zombie character, his mate, and Neville are wiped out in the final confrontation of the theatrical release. After Neville's final solution, the story or "legend" of human existence cannot be passed on in zombie culture since all were wiped out. The theatrical version deviates from the book in that it is trying to make Neville a "legend" in the surviving human culture. The alternate version shows a somewhat remorseful Neville, but could have been portrayed in a more poignant manner -- Neville's realization of what he had become, and the effect that social de-evolution had on him. The photos on the wall are his works. He might have emotionally broken down against this wall of his work instead of against the isolation chamber. Although Neville doesn't die in the alternate version, the zombies (the relationship between the leader & his mate) could also have been shown to understand what they have become and how they may evolve into a civilization, by realizing Neville's remorseful act. I think the decision to present the theatrical version was made due to the time limits placed on the length of the film, and how much story can be told in the time allotted.
  • Suriel
    I saw this movie opening day and because of the ending they display in theater I suggested that people not see it because everything they foreshadowed turns into a huge letdown. This is what should have been displayed because it gives the movie its meaning.
  • Darrin
    great frickin ending, loved it , they tied up that movie well.why didnt they used that ending.
  • avoidz
    A slightly better ending, but Neville should still die and still be the ONLY human alive. It's not enough to save an already slow and boring movie, with little to do with the source material.
  • James
    "He is the last of a species & they do not understand why he captures & kills them." The only problem with this is that he is not the "last of a species", as the final scene reveals. This version wants to have the new society of Matheson's story, while also allowing Neville to live happily ever after with the human colony. The whole thing's a little too politically correct for my tastes. As I said, the vampires needed more time for development. There's not enough in that ending for audiences to walk away saying, "Oh, you know what, they now see Neville as a legend because..." They'd get the humanity and evolution aspects, but it would still be pretty weak overall. They should've just stuck with the book's ending, which completely blows away both of these muddled attempts.
  • The theatrical ending could have been improved if it just showed Anna and Ethan looking for other survivors, but you don't know if they find them. It occurred to me that another avenue they could have chosen would have been the captured infected female becomes "cured", but she has torn loyalties and in the end betrays Neville. I would have added a flashback scene showing the last of Neville's human companions getting killed by the infected. In the movie, you never see anyone actually get killed by them, and it would have added to the sense of terror to see what they were actually capable of.
  • Fred
    I liked the theatrical ending for the theatrical adaptaton. I haven't read the book and I would like to, but if the original concept was that he was the last man on earth, then what about the woman and the boy? I do agree that he being a legend in the eyes of the "vampires" is genious, but the thing is.... that does not really show during the movie right? Their less than primitive inteligence and them always attacking, never running from him, doesn't really quite make it happen for the real ending. And note that survival and fear are basic instincts.
  • Karen
    Having never read the book and seeing the movie purely because it looked like it would be good, I was a little disappointed with the ending. I actually said "What... thats it, he blows himself up and thats it? WTF". This alternative ending was sooooo much better, it just seemed.....right.
  • Yeti
    I liked the way the vampires huddled together in dark. It was sweet.
  • charles johnson
    This ending is absolutely fabulous, I can't believe they didn't use it for the original movie!
  • DaNky
    Thank you SOOO much for letting me see this. I would have wanted to see the movie more than once had it contained this ending. The entire movie was great, don't get me wrong...But the ending just disappointed me like a mUUFuugga. Thanks again.
  • Why are you all referring to them as vampires and zombies??? In the movie they were infected humans who mutated. What were they in the book then?
  • btw before I said the cgi textures for the mutants could have been better, but damn! he looks pretty real in that pic at the top of this page.
  • Zak
    As others have stated, the theatrical ending was a huge disappointment. I really wish they had this ending instead.
  • kat
    This "alternative" ending should definately have been the ending that they released in theaters; I would have told a lot more people to go and see it; rather than saying "It was great, but the ending was kind of lame"...
  • Patrick
    I told myself before the movie that I wouldn't associate it at all with Matheson's book because I knew I'd be disappointed. I was going to look at the two as seperate creative works. Doing that, I really liked the movie. I still found myself disappointed that they didn't use the ending from the book though. It's one of my favorite endings ever from any type of media and I was really hoping they'd use it. This ending is much, much better than what we saw in the theater. It would have elevated the entire movie (and my review of it) from good to great... well, maybe very good. Either way, this ending kicks ass.
  • Stryker
    Now thats what you call an ending...
  • avoidz
    They were "vampires" in the book, and Neville was figuring out the fact from fiction of their condition. The alternate ending is muddled, like James said in comment 166. But by the end of the movie adaption of the book (it's _based_ on the book) it's too late to inject any notion that the infected are a new society, since they spent the running time making them into videogame baddies with no development whatsoever. I don't count the mannequin scene, because I think it's safe to say the consensus is the movie Neville became delusional and walked into his own trap, rather than the idea of the infected leader copycatting the earlier trap. And where the hell did that bridge come from in the alternate ending? They were blown up!
  • Mark W
    A better ending for the audience maybe, but by Killing off Neville it acts as an ultimate sacrifice for the sake of humanity. The alternate ending totally changes the perspective of things and the 'Good guy is really Bad' role reversal isn't always the ploy that Hollywood buys into. You can now bet that with the publicity this ending will get, will act only to bolster the sales of the DVD "Contains original dramatic ending". The Hollywood machine that owns the, 'Will Smith saves the world' tactic sells theatre tickets and i wouldn't mind betting that's the reason it stayed in.
  • Paul W
    I prefer the alternative ending, much more powerful and thought provoking, but, it would be made so much better if the Woman and Kid hadn't been brought into it. For me, that totally takes away all the gravitas and suggestion that Neville is a 'Legend' among this new race of Vampire-folk.
  • Niklas H
    I hated the theatrical ending, I prefer this alternate ending sooo much more. I loved the whole movie, I really loved it, from start to just before the end. Again, I HATED the theatrical end, it almost destroyed the whole movie, I felt like it came from nowhere. Boom, they find his house. Boom, they get inside. Boom, one of "them" is cured by Robert's vaccine. Boom, he sacrifices himself. Boom, there actually is a whole freckin' village of people living somewhere else. Boom, end credits. This end was so much better, period.
  • Anonymous
    The theatrical ending provides proper climatic resolution, this version is just a wash out and I can't believe all the posts supporting it. What's up with all the zombie / vampire sympathizers in this post? On the sentient being scale they're two steps below mass murders and baby rapists, the good doctor was totally justified in his actions. Personally I was hoping he'd whip out the big guns and photon bombs and give 'em a real what for- but no he came across as a total goodie two shoes who never did no wrong (he even returned his video rentals?!). This alt ending just took the 'pansydom' to a whole 'nother level. Why not just make the monsters fluffy pink and foofy cute while we're at it?
  • AndyB
    I am a big fan of the original book. While a film will never be able to capture all of a books content I was pleased with this version of I am Legend until the end sequence. Warner should have used the one you have posted it makes much more sense and completes this version of the film.
  • Nicholas Abbott
    Definatly prefer this ending was hoping it was gonna end like this when i was watching the film.
  • damnsuicidalroos
    Not having read the book yet I can`t compare this movie to it but after seeing the movie I do want to read the book,I`m hoping it`s better than the movie. This latest version of the story was I felt weaker than The Omega Man. In that movie the ability of the mutated humans to speak their thoughts about Neville make him more of a legend than in this version. For all it`s faults The Omega Man was a far deeper and better scripted version and the death scene at the end had,for me, far more impact than the theatrical ending of I Am Legend. The mutants in The Omega Man were as pathetic creations as the animalistic creatures in I Am Legend but at least in viewing The Omega Man I didn`t feel like I was watching a pc game. As much as I preferred the alternative ending I feel that having it as the theatrical ending would have added an amount of style and depth that the film didn`t deserve. I hope that they will make another version of the film that lives up to the alternative ending.
  • I only read half the comments (haven't got that much time on my hands) so I appologise if this point has already been made but my problem with the theatrical ending was the idiotic subversion of the meaning of 'legend' away from the book. At least this alternative ending doesn't try to give the movie's title some idiotic explanation.
  • Ern
    I think this alternate ending falls flat as well.The original falls flat because of the introduction of the woman and child. They were not needed for anything except lazy exposition. But as far as the alternate ending goes... to Neville, the vampires are still infected humans. They are not a new race or society. They act like they do because they are sick from being infected by an incurable disease. They were society being devolved. I think the theatrical ending showed the seeming futility of trying to change a majority that believes one thing when they are exactly another. But back to the movie that was released, if the vampires were just this new society and Neville was the serial killer, why was the survivor camp at the end fenced in? Obviously to protect them from something? I thought the best way to end this movie within the parameters of the introduced set-up was to have the woman and child exist only in his imagination and show his descent into madness. Later we can see civilazation in whatever form it evolved to be and a museum like exhibition of Neville's lab and experiments. Whether it was positive or negative exhibition would be up to the writers.
  • However this movie ends, you can't polish a turd.
  • avoidz
    Never a truer word spoken 😛
  • SimeonD
    I haven't read the book but from reading the other feedback I get the basic premis. I enjoyed the moviebut boy did it have its faults! I agree that the female lead turning up in the middle of the movie was played out badly and completely unnecessary, it was like WB telling their paying cinema goers that Will Smith couldn't hold the audiences attention, Which i thought and am sure all will agree that he without doubt could of done for the entirity of the runningtime, as his performanceinthe movie was outstanding. The CG was at its worst was Cartoonish (What did they spend the budget on the Lions??) Anyway to the Ending I do much prefer the alternate ending sticking to the Idea that Robert Neville was the Legend (to this supposed 'Vampire' mutation of the humanrace)which you dont really get a feel for in the theatrical release, rather than a legend to survivors. I think it comes down to WB like many other big Studios believing that the cinemaq going public arent intelligent enough to understand the more complex emotional and existential ideas that the original story (and the alternate ending) explored. TO me the alternate made much more sence to the whole over all feel of the movie.
  • Norman
    Much cooler ending. Unfortunately it still has the shameless and jarring product placement of a spotless Ford SUV to finish it.
  • S
    Stunning. Beautiful even. And makes so much more sense than the original ending - they set up all the stuff with the trap, hinting that the head zombie/vampire was pursuing the girl who had been taken - and to finally see the pay off is brilliant. Thanks.
  • Helder from Portugal
    How on earth did WB consider that ending over this one? This one takes the movie to a whole new level. I also never really understood why they chose to do CG monsters. Real people like they used on 30 Weeks Later would have done a much better job.
  • Nate
    I thought the movie was amazing, up until the ending. It killed me that a series of avoidable mistakes eventually led to the demise of the hero. I truly did feel that the theatrical ending ruined the movie for me for more reasons than one. This ending gave me chills when I watched it and I only wish I could've seen it on the big screen because then I would've been walking out with chills instead of the feeling that I just watched a wasted movie!
  • Geo
    Holy cow. What an even FURTHER crap-tacular ending.
  • Thanks for this post! I am very happy to see that this ending was filmed, what a much more satisfying end to the movie! The biggest part of this for me is finally understanding why they were so aggressive once he had the girl patient, you would never know or understand that the vampire was his wife, etc. This ties together many of the theatrical scenes and makes the movie come full circle. Much easier to understand and watch this way. I felt a little cheated in the theater, but kind of enjoyed her finding the humanity camp. Then again, the natural questions of if th vampires could scale a 4 story apartment that they could jump over those walls came to mind, and the whole idea of that even being possible with the vampires shown "ability's" seems that much more improbable, and I could not enjoy it. I know, its just a movie right? Its just a person like me like it when a movie is so real, covers all its bases and leaved you informed and satisfied. The bean-counters at WB could care less what ending we saw, as long as we paid to see one or the other unfortunately. No movie produced by a major company is made with the first intention of quality cinema. Its all about the BOTTOM DOLLAR and how much money a movie will make. Good call releasing this WB, I will be buying the DVD now because of it.
  • Raphaël AJ
    Thank you very much for sharing this alternate ending. I prefer this one to the official one. In the book, Neville is a legend in the vampire world. The official ending made him a legend for mankind. Stupid, IMHV. At least, he gains respect from the lead vampire in this alternate ending...
  • This ending is far better than that of the theatrical cut. It brings much more closure to the story and really rounds things off nicely. The theatrical cut hinted at the "Dark seekers" being smart but never followed through. This ending gives them a whole new dynamic and a much clearer motive. Whilst I agree in some respects that they could have taken Neville away for execution, I always felt that aspect of the novel was a mis-step. At the end we're supposed to realise that Robert is the real monster... yet, in lining him up for public execution whilst having absolutely no sympathy for his cause shows THEM to be the monster. It's complete injustice. So I think, all round, had this ending been in place for the theatrical release, this would have been the more satisfying story.
  • Jorge Leiner
    I loved most of the movie. I didn't like so much when they used the butterfly as some kind of "god's signal" of what Will Smith character should do in the end. But in this alternate ending, they use the butterfly-aspect in a more believable way (well, "believable" within the consideration that this is a movie about a post-apocaliptic vampire society... ha!). I think this ending is in some way more attached to the original concept described in Matheson's book: Neville is the "bad guy", not the saviour of mankind, because... what mankind is left to save in that new context? Very cool. I'm looking forward to buy the DVD/Blu-Ray disc/whatever new technology the future brings!
  • James
    "it's too late to inject any notion that the infected are a new society, since they spent the running time making them into videogame baddies with no development whatsoever" Exactly. The real advantage for this ending is that the Big Bad Studio cut it, so we automatically assume it's an artistic triumph. In reality, this ending probably represents just as many conflicted visions as the theatrical. If they *had* used it, everyone would've complained about them tacking on a happy ending where everyone wins, and that it still wasn't true to the book. I like the idea of Neville finally realizing he can't solve the problem of Ground Zero, and that it may no longer be his place to try. But the film wasted the opportunity to tell that story, and instead chose to represent the vampires as (largely) generic, cgi zombies. A handful of cliched moments doesn't really make up for their lack of development. The actions of both Neville and "Main Vampire Guy" in this ending are simply too abrupt to be believable. It's simply too little, too late...except as a strategy for selling a few more dvds. The theatrical version ruins the "legend" aspect of the book once it reveals that Neville is not the only human on Earth who is immune. Once they made that creative decision, it becomes more logical for him to be a legend to humanity. They robbed the vampires of so much intelligence, the idea of them relating to Neville as a legend becomes a much, much weaker concept.
  • Svlad Cjelli
    An improvement.
  • Gordy
    Wow really liked this. The best thing is its just as bleak as there isn't isn't this big commune with people living there as in this ending they just have to move on but he has to confront the fact that to the big scary monsters he's the big scary monster. Loved it! WB please take note
  • J
    Hello from spain First, sorry for my English I think as you, this end of movie is better than original Hola desde españa Lo primero, lo siento por mi ingles Pienso como usted, este final de pelicula es mejor que el original
  • Cockapoopoopeepeeshower
    Much more 'powerful' than the original ending in the movie.
  • Ilona
    I didn't like the original ending. It was kind of cheesy and didn’t stand in one line with the whole movie. But this “new” ending doesn’t make to feel as a complete either (except for a wall of victim’s pictures of Dr. Neville). All of a sudden they gave so much human personality to vampires? I do understand they were on a path to become more cunning (primal instincts of survival), but not humanly cunning and certainly not so fast. To me the idea of killing the Leader and himself by Doctor Neville is more appealing as the Legend should die to leave in memories. But the ending the movie, I think, should be exactly as in “new” ending: a car on a road with a woman and kid inside and a voice calling for survivors…no hope for hope.
  • Micah
    Damn, I enjoyed this ending much more. The ending of the theatrical version left both my girlfriend and I disappointed. We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie up until the ending. I really think this should have been the theatrical ending. Thanks for sharing.
  • Taylor Hudock
    Definately a lot better. So much more depth in the unaired one than the one shown in theatres. The fact that Dr. Neville has realized that he has been killing the creatures and never really examining their actions with one another. I agree, breathtaking is the best way to describe this.
  • Tamla M.
    I never read the book but would be in agreement that the theatrical ending was too abrupt. The ending was tied up nice and neat, a bit contrived, and really left me wanting for more. In my opinion, the original (alternative) ending was better. Thanks for posting Michael! I hope WB takes note.
  • Emma
    Very well said Scott! Yes I am another person who read and loved the book. Especially the ending which is fantastic, but I’d like to give my opinion without whining too much about how "it wasn't the book" I still thought this film was quite mediocre I felt that the director was a little lost in approaching his subject matter, and congratulations to the CGI could the vampires have looked worse. Look! I can fit on entire beach ball in my mouth and I’m no longer affected by gravity, or appear to have any bones. This said there were some touching moments where the sheer desolation of his circumstances came through and while this ending doesn’t blow me away (mostly because of that stupid woman) it still so much better than the piece of excrement shown which was yet another flag waving america will never be beaten snore fest. If it had have been kept at least I wouldn’t have left the cinema wanting to purge my mind of it with a red hot knitting needle
  • John-El
    I'm still in awe at that ending. I felt like the only one to see that scene where Neville captures the female...that this was why the male stuck his head into the light. That there was a new evolved sense to these creatures that Neville dismissed. That scene comes full circle with this ending. At first, I thought that the writers completely missed their own story line...but now it makes sense. I would have liked the end credits to have us see some of their travels...finding more survivors...possibly curing others...
  • YES! That is exactly what I thought would have happened as I was watching it. The ending in the theater shocked me. And really kinda pissed me off a bit.
  • Oh and no, I never have read the book. It just seemed like the natural progression.
  • Tim
    I have never read the book, and even so I absolutely loved this new ending. The movie was very good up until the lab scene at the end and it made me feel very "so-so" about the movies as a whole. When I saw this new ending, however, I felt touched.
  • MCWagner
    I was, shall we say, more than a little angry with the theater ending of this flick when I caught it months ago. If I hadn't been so completely dumbfounded by the complete reversal of the orignal story, I think I would have thrown something at the screen. This ending is much better in that respect; I don't hold 10% of the ire I had for the first ending towards this one. I was downright outraged before. I'm just sort of resigned now. While at least partially restoring the actual MEANING OF THE TITLE that was so inexplicably reversed previously, this is still a rather vapid (though not nearly as much so) reflection on Matheson's work. Instead of a contemplation on the inevitability of the "Other" conflict in human society, and the inability of such dissimilar groups to exist together (thus always driving them to destroy each other) we're told that all monsters are just like us; seeking restoration of the familial unit. A noble message? Maybe. Matheson's story? Not remotely. Plus we keep the anti-science message of the film, and tack a happy ending onto one of the most nihilistic books of classic Sci-Fi. Color me unimpressed.
  • Necium
    when I saw the movie I was expecting exactly this, that the vampire really was in love of the vampire-girl that Smith had trapped, and he was seeking her. But that first ending, bad tastely inspired on inmolation (God!, it´s terrible to propose that he turns into a hero by inmolating himself, is almost terror-propagand!) and then the "great" idea was that curation was in his blood!, (what´s so great about it?, he already knew!) and the final scene, that disgusting utopic-post-apocaliptic-lutheran community (notice the white church...) Far better end this alternative one. The detail of the photographs behind Will, all the vampires that he killed for his experiments, is so heavy. Anyway, seems a little unbelivable that the vampires resisted eating him at last... sorry my poor english
  • Vinnie
    I was truly moved by this ending.... the love, the compasion, and let's not forget forgiveness...this should have been the ending that was released and showed to the movie audience.
  • Steven
    I don't understand, why are you so exited from this "happy ending". Behavior of these zombies is not coresponding with the rest of the movie, it's seems more like a cheap emotional trick to me. Even more, there's nobody to be called a legend - everybody survived, everybody's happy (obviously except me). So I'm glad that more darker ending made it to the final cut, this is just good enough to be on DVD in deleted scenes...
  • Vivien
    Yup, this is definitely a better version. Too bad, even Warner Bros fuck up sometimes.
  • Vivien
    And LOL for post #192, you are so right!
  • Amadamia
    The whole reason I hated this movie was because Will Smith dies at the end but now that I see this ending it would have been way better and I would be looking forward to watching a second film. This could of also run as a Television series just like stargate did.
  • Ronnie
    This is by far the better ending. The ending in the theater made me feel cheated.
  • Jason K
    Dont you find this movie a little like ....uhm lets see Resident Evil? Which i thought was a much better movie then this ... this movie was sooo bad i think i fell asleep and caught the ending.... And by far this ending was much better.
  • Victor
    I found this ending way much better than the one in the movies. I strongly believed that there is always hope at the end of the tunnel and this ending encourages faith and hope.
  • altho i like this ending, i prefer the one they showed in the cinema. because he dies, it give us that human emotion of a happy sad kind. a real tug at our heart strings, through out the film it is pretty much just him, we become attached to him and there for when he dies to save man kind, we find this more moving. a marter (not sure on spelling) is a better hero than an alive one in most stories. even tho most people seem to like this ending, and it is a good alternative ending. i prefer the cinema released ending.
  • edward
    to me the first ending was way better than this one it had a better jump to this i dont know how to explain this esacly but the feeling that i derived from the first ending was more powerful than the one i got from the second i know at the end it just goes down to the individual and which one he prefers best.
  • This was definitely a much better ending. I can see why WB changed it though because people don't want to think of the 'hero' as actually being the 'monster'. They wen't with the big explosion and the selfless saviour routine instead because they know the lowest common denominator of movie watchers understand explosions and heroes. I would love for this one to be the proper ending on the DVD though if I could choose.
  • lazycat
    WB if you are reading this, fire whoever replaced this ending with the one that was used theatrically. The alternate ending is MUCH better than the one theatrically.
  • cldoode
    def a better ending.
  • terra-rizing
    Boy did they screw up... And to think they want to make a sequel... "I am still Legend".. ANOTHER DUMB STUDIO MOVE
  • HOLY CRAP WAS THAT ONE BETTER!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVED this movie, all except for the ending; this really makes a difference. I WILL say that I liked his dying at the end, but this made the WHOLE MOVIE make so much more sense; the way the leader zompire behaved. In the theatre, it made no sense b/c they didn't justify it. THANK YOU!!!!!
  • Johanna
    Agree 100% this should have been the theatrical ending.
  • Contessa
    I too did not like the ending in the theatre version, it was too abrupt, this one is sooooooooo much better!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
  • maker11
    That was a better ending 4shore but the whole movie was out of wack. There wasnt anough fighting and no real survival action. It was pretty much just Neval going mad and having a bitty party for him self. They could of made a realy great movie with the money spent. Maybe they should of listern to the die hard fans of the book insted of making a pile of shit.
  • whazat
    I did like the original ending, but that was... Wow. Just 'wow'.
  • indya
    wow thatsz crazy
  • Ah Come On!! This alternate ending is amazing. The "religious" cinema version/ending was so bad it nearly ruined the whole movie for me. I am so glad I saw this
  • Frank
    It was nice how everyone lived, women love happy endings. I prefer realistic ones. This ending is not a legendary ending for those who did not read the book. Your average viewer would have left the theater wondering why the title is I Am Legend. In order become a legend one must die. It was easier to leave movie goers with a legend who died for the cure so that humanity could go on and tell the legendary story of Neville. In the movie, he could not become legend to a bunch of vampires who had a total of about 10 to 15 minutes of screen time to develop their character.
  • Eve
    Well after watching the film and thinking it was rubbish then reading the book and realisng the whole I AM LEGEND thing I have come to the conclusion that this ending did not fit the thetrical film. It may have fit the film if there were other bits in the earlier parts of the film to dictate that the infected where inteligent and had a society. The film for me started as a pyschological drama and then turned into a Video game. Great for kids and your average viewer but I dislike stuff like that immensly. The theatrical ending fitted the theatrical feature. Maybe the alternate ending may have fitted the true film before it was edited into a piece of mindless tosh. Who knows maybe it could have been a good film maybe it would have made less money maybe maybe ... Maybe it will all be on the DVD but i should imagine they will dedicate most of it to how they created the infected using CGI for the Fanboys.
  • Sinner
    Again, most of you still do not know why he is called a legend! It is not b/c he finds a cure! He is viewed as a legend from the infected! It's the reverse of the old "us (scared shi!less) against the vampires (legends)" story's. In their eyes, he is legendary b/c he is hunting & killing them. This new ending makes more sense b/c when the lead vampire / infected person looks @ all the pics of fellow infected that have been accidentally killed, Neville realizes how they view him; a monster...a killer...a legend.
  • smokie
  • Hmmm, after watching that "happy ending", I didn't like it as much. The whole point of the movie was for him to be a "legend". I understand his name was "Legend", but come on. There would've been no subconscious meaning behind the name to begin with. Besides, the way it played out is what Shakespeare would call "a tragedy". I think if he did survive that ordeal, and ended up getting the girl and driving off in a nice SUV with smiles and sun shine, it would've been just another "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" summer flick. I think the fact that he died, proved to make him a "true hero" and a "legend" at that. He made the ultimate sacrifice and for that he deserved the medal of honor. Otherwise, all he gets is a purple heart. Overall though, the movie wasn't that great to begin with. It had its moments, but not enough for me to put it on a scale with films like Gladiator, 300, or even 28 Days Later. And we all know where these raging mutant humans concept derived from right? Yeh, it was the last film I mentioned.
  • J
    This ending is wayyyy makes more sense but I guess this ending clip will be a myth, a legend to some of us.
  • Joel
    This movie would have been great just by sticking 2 the book, the reverse legend idea is a very original idea as far as hollywood goes... that being said the idea that them killing him making the alternate version less impacting because it would imply a lack of humanity in the form of ruthlessness doesn't quite register because it is an irony of the retaining of not only obvious and positive human characteristics, but also that of the mob mentality, as was seen during witch hunts and also in the direction of vampire hunters too which causes unnecessary death. in short, i believe in order to preserve a powerful storyline, Will Smith should have to die by the book if he was to die at all.
  • Didn't read the book. Normally I do, and i usually prefer the book over the movie. I decided to see the movie, then read the book. I will read it soon. Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. I like the fact that Neville dies and becomes a legend for all of humanity in the future. The savior of life as you and I know it. I'm really not sure how I would of felt about the alternate ending had i seen it instead. I think it would not have been as satisfying, because it was kind of anticlimactic. Also Eve made a good point; that alternate ending didn't fit the film as well as the one i saw at the movies. I didn't really like the look of the vampires, but they were pretty intense. Great action sequences too. Gotta say best movie i saw this year. And I think i'll like the book too! :)
  • lol
    TBH, both endings are ok. I personally prefer the one in theatres. This one was ok as well, but I was happier with the theatrical one.
  • avoidz
    It's a far more interesting idea for Neville to be the "legend" to the new society of creatures than the same-old cheesy "savior of humanity" ending. The book got it right; the movie just doesn't get it.
  • John D.
    I prefer this ending to what ended up in the theatrical release. It manages to tie up a few loose ends that bothered me. Neville's incorrect assumptions about the creatures were briefly touched on a few times, but I was disappointed that it didn't delve deeper into it (lack of humanity, etc). Even with this more appropriate ending, I still think I Am Legend is extremely flawed - especially the last half. By no means, is it a terrible film, but a lot of potential was wasted.
  • josh
    its too bad thats not the original ending i saw because i would have been alot more satisfied with it
  • I rated this movie a 72% when I first saw it in the theater. I watched it again a few days ago and walked out even more dissatisfied with the third-act turn the plot takes. This ending would have been worth at LEAST an extra 15-20% on my rating scale. Very cool.
  • Jamal O
    No doubt ... this is how the movie's ending should have been done and not the other way around. I trully don't know why they didn't keep this one. This movie was a true piece of art. However, by watching the original ending, I was not happy because a hero should remain alive in the story. True, in some stories the hero could die and beomce a martyr. But I preffer this new ending. It represents peace, a reward for someone's true believe in accomplishing something while hope is almost gone, a challenging decision from the hero when his woman was trying to make up his mind to stay behind the safety door and not to face the enemies, a loving ending clear and simple. Too bad it was not the original ending would have been the best movie 2007-2008. Ohh well... Decision making should be critical like they say.
  • Eri
    That made so much more sense. Everything that didn't sit right about the other ending is ... well, okay with this one. Much, much better.
  • Kendall
    WOW! That ending was so much better! I would have seen that at least 5 times in the theater if they used that ending! But because they used the other ending I only paid to see it once. WB could have made a lot more money!
  • 3v4d3
    oh yeah, this ending is much better. i was amazed at wide streaks of wonderful suspense and storytelling, but really wondered where that central picture from the trailer had been cut out... It all makes sense now. The conventional ending is a bit like "war of the worlds", with the chucrch bells tolling about god´s mercy. (I´m atheist, so I don´t find that all that thrilling.) With this ending, the movie really makes sense.
  • DK
    i loved the movie till the vampires attack the lab.. but killing neville frustrated me... after seeing it the whole movie gets bugged... but if dey had used this one, people have surely loved it... i love dis ending.. atleast in DVD they shud use this climax rather than the previous one...
  • Chris G.
    I have to say, I loved the theatrical ending, but I probably prefer this ending as it is at least closer to the concept from the book, which I unfortunately never read, but have heard much about. I also like that this ending is a bit more open to interpretation because it ends wtih the 3 of them searching for survivors, not with the definate finding of survivors, it still leaves some mystery to it... This should have been the theatrical ending.
  • Diego
    I loved this new ending, I must say that the theatrical ending didn't make me happy, I felt like it was missing something, now I know what it was... Greetings from Chile and thanks for showing this alternate ending
  • This was what would have made that movie a lot better. The ending they used was terrible and totally ruined the movie for me. They still should have gone with an ending closer to the actual books though. The movie execs still managed to mess with this movie in various places like introducing the counter hunt and the whole religion element... which made this film less than it should have been. It would be like if they made a movie out of Cormac McCarthy's "THE ROAD" and instead of the ending that he had written, or one that was thematically similiar, they opted to end the movie with the man and the boy finding a McD's selling hamburgers. It wouldn't make any sense unless you are a happy head member of the Idiocracy.
  • Wayne
    I read the book years ago and liked it very much. I have also seen the original movie and the first remake with Charlton Heston. I believe, had WB left the alternative ending in place, this version would have been the most powerful. I certainly would have left the theater with a much more positive feeling about the end. As it was, I left scratching my head (as is often the case with movies) wondering what they were thinking. No worries. It's just a movie and I liked it. Sean's comparison to McCarthy's "The Road" is spot on. Now that "No Country for Old Men" won all those awards, it's likely that "The Road" will become a movie as well. We can pretty much take it to the bank that the moron execs in Hollywood will screw up the ending. Too bad. It's a great story.
  • WHOA. THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! That ending was soooooo much better than the theatrical release version. I, too, thought the movie was good up until the ending. It wasn't bad, it was just... unsatisfying. This ending is spectacular, scary, exhilirating, unexpected, thrilling, shocking, and yes downright COOL. WB, if you're reading this, RE-RELEASE the movie in a limited theatrical run. You know, just for 2 weeks in the major cities at first. I WILL PAY MONEY TO SEE IT... AND SUPPORT IT. And I guarantee you, others will, too.
  • Deniz ARIKAN
    I read the book in a day and finished it minutes before watching the movie. I really enjoyed the movie until the end, which was "not enough". This ending is much much better than the movie one, it is at least related to the "legend" concept of Richard Matheson. Wouldn't this ending be better for "I am legend 2" with Will Smith? :)
  • The Great Bastard
    Much better! I did not actually like the film that much, the gammy cgi scuppered it for me visually and I thought the plot was as subtle as a brick to the face. This ending, however, has at least remedied the latter and boosted the film overall. Now the question is why this was not in the original...
  • nick r
    Sorry, the CGI monsters in this are so bad, no alternate ending even matters, and this "new" ending is not better anyway. It flies in the face of absolutely everything that comes before. The movie establishes from the first frame that Neville is alone and shattered and suicidal and that the monsters (not vampires) are souless killing machines, and that's why the movie ended the way it did. To have the monsters suddenly appear sensative and loving, and to have Neville live, or even want to live, is the exact opposite of everything that went before and makes no sense. This film, because of the terrible CGI of the monsters and the relatively boring, predicitable pacing of the entire film, makes it one of the worst of the year. This film will soon be forgotten and will not hold up as time goes by and the only reason it's even still around (DVD) is because it made so much money. You fan boys will watch anything the Hollywood money pit throws at you; really sad.
  • rodrigo
    I have never read the book, but i find this final better. i ask too, Why wasn´t this the original end?
  • Winter
    I think this ending is a lot better than the theatrical version because it isn't just the typical Hollywood and-the-day-is-saved ending. It seems that every single movie these days has to end all happy and everything is back to normal. This ending is a lot more realistic. And makes much more sense - Much more fitting.
  • Joe
    the origanal ending for I AM LEGEND doesn't download anymore that 16% and is rather frustrating.
  • Tom
    this alternative ending is much better than the original,
  • Francesco
    This ending is simply amazing, better and better than the original one. While the original gave me a sense of claustrofobya out of the cinema cause of the dead of Neville and a point of view a little bit pessimistic, this ending totally satisfy me and i think gave to the audience a true sense of optimism, and it' s what hope is about... sorry if i made some mistake with my english but i' m better in italian...
  • Alex
    Dude, why didn't they use this. I hate how people can change a movie and ruin it. I was so disappointed by the ending they used. It just dropped off and did that cliche: "He sacrificed himself to make life better for others" thing. Matheson's ending was so profound and unexpected and this ending actually gets at that. It's not the book, but at least it uses the concept.
  • Rainy
    Personally I didn't like the theatrical ending at all. I loved the movie sooo much, but then it got to the idea that "God" told her that there were survivors in this place, and Neville dies suddenly believing that she could be right, it just completely threw me off. Here's this great science fiction movie, and it ends far too religiously for me. I liked it when the only unrealistic thing you had to accept were the vampire-zombies and everyone being dead. I like this ending a lot better. It explains more, and actually shows what was implied to begin with, that the creatures actually were self-aware and, in a way, intelligent; forming connections and communication with each other. And while it didn't so much upset me that he died, just the way it happened bugged me, so I do like this one better, but not just because he lives. Anyway. For whatever reason, I prefer this one.
  • Tracey
    I would have been more satisified with this ending instead of the original.
  • SummerSunshine
    I had never heard of the book before seeing the movie, but I was excited to go see it because it looked like an interesting movie. When I walked out of the theater, it was with much disappointment. The ending didn't feel right to me, it felt almost disjointed with the rest of the movie. Throughout the whole movie, he thought that the monsters had lost everything that had made them human. The alternate ending proved that wrong, making the movie and the monsters much more realistic. It showed another side of them which brought the movie from being flat and the vampires from being 2-D to being much more complex and interesting. People and creatures aren't just one thing, they can change and have different emotions, the alternate ending showed that. If they had used this ending instead, the movie would have been so much better and I might have actually enjoyed it and recommended it to friends.
  • Shaula
    I thought that this ending was interesting, it was more interesting than the original. However, I do not prefer this ending over the original. I don't think that the "book argument" is even valid because I don't believe that one can even compare the movie to the book. The book is so different that I could potentially argue several changes that I would have made if and only if I were trying to make the movie an exact replica of the book. Obviously that wasn't the goal. I like the book and the movie equally. I'm sure I would like the book and all the other movies that have been inspired by Matheson's "I am Legend" equally. I'm sure each one has its differences. It personally dissatisfies me when a movie unrealistically ends in happiness. I'm sorry. It almost seems rather cheesy. Either way, both endings probably would have "disappointed" me in a sense that ...Yeah, I would have liked to see more of the outside world, maybe all the answers for the audience, maybe a conclusion to how the cure worked. Unfortunately film makers don't have all of eternity to finish off every last detail to satisfy their audience. I can only assume that film-makers leave these details to the audience's imagination. I'm not a film-maker but I were, I would expect my audience to trust the final decision. Not very many people may know specifically what the reasons are behind why the ending was chosen, or wasn't chosen, but I feel like I can make an educated guess. If my opinion isn't obvious to a particular, then I don't think summarizing it will be of any hope either. Unfortunately, those of us that are on this forum don't have the capability to decide whether to add the idea of pretty clouds, happy sunshines, and glittering rainbows or the realistic (in this case) idea of death and destruction. In both endings the film-makers' idea of hope is still exemplified. I appreciate both endings' illustrations, but I think I prefer the original ending the most. This is my comment. Not my condemnation.
  • maker11
    I have my own copy of the dvd. Is there any way i can swap this ending with the other? you know like tape over it? that would be sweet.
  • Michelasso
    Oh. Was this movie based on a novel? I thought it was a sequel of the Residence Evil videogames and movies. Let's be serious. The alternate ending may fit with the book, but it doesn't fit at all with the movie. They are all brainless monsters because infected by a virus (like resident Evil indeed) and in the new ending the girl is the fiancee of the leader? What? There is even a leader? Nonsense. The movie is wrong since the beginning and the new ending would make it even worse. Yeah, the Hollywood hero that stays alive and conquers the faith of the zombies. Happy ending and all stuff like that. And guess what? Now WB will make even moooore moneyin DVDs because of the alternate ending. Call them stupid.
  • Carie
    I've never read the book, but did see the movie. This ending ways much more sense to me...for pretty much all of the same reasons already stated above.
  • al
    This ending was much better. Leavse open for a second movie
  • Junghyun
    The original ending in theaters was really disappointing, and YES, this ending is absolutely better.
  • john
    I like the theatrical ending better. The theatrical ending signifies that the vampires are monsters and Neville is a hero for finding a way to save humanity. I did not the read the book nor do I care about the book's meaning. The movie stands alone for me as I suspect it does for most movie viewers. The theatrical ending gives hope to overcoming human's problems. This alternative ending and the book's meaning but humanity, us, as some sort of monsters. I am not interested nor do I subscribe to such ideas. I have no quarrel with those who view it otherwise. This is simply my preference and beliefs.
  • Kris
    I think this was a hundred times better than the theatrical version. Throughout the movie I was wondering why Neville was never catching on that the "Vampires" were starting to become or at least act more human. This leaves far fewer loose ends. And I prefer Neville not dying.
  • spatnatz
    I really liked it. It would've done nicer as the primary ending. Consider this my two cents.
  • jim
    the original ending sucked. i told any1 who asked about it that the movie was great except for the last 5 minutes. this one is way better. especially cuz the whole movie hinted that the girl he captures was the lead zombie's wife, but this one actually ties it up at the end and shows that it really is his wife.
  • stacey
    I think that this ending was better by far, but as for the scary factor it killed it. It fits much better with the movie, but WB was right in that certain people would rather see something scary than something heartfelt.
  • I also liked this ending very much. I like the fact that he goes to Vermont. Although, I find it a bit hard to believe that the vampires wouldn't just jump on him. Anyways, this ending made me think a lot more than the original one. I would have preferred to see this one in the theater for sure. thanks for sharing this! That was awesome!
  • Dave
    I don't know, I really did like that version, but it seemed sort of far-fetched. I think the concept of keeping the altered humans in an aggressive state is pretty important because we see them as the enemy. If we perceive them to have human emotions (aside from the attachment the male has to the female) we become to sympathetic to our "enemy". I liked both versions. I felt satisfied with both really. But for theatrical release, I would have left with Neville's abrupt death. While you may think the theatrical ending sucks, the worst part of the movie was when his dog caught the bug. :*(
  • mike
    its an all right ending but theres no need to get your panties in a bunch and try to "prove Warner Brothers wrong." What good will that do? I think the original ending (the one that appeared in theaters) makes more sense for the film adaptation because it was an epic movie. Therefore, it made more sense for Will Smith's character to have a heroic death as opposed to the alternate ending where he lives happily ever after.
  • cutelildrow
    I went to watch this movie without any idea what it was about, frankly. I enjoyed it. And liked it even more because well, for a change, the main character dies. I was duly entertained, and a completely empty Manhattan was eeriely well done. You glimpse the enormity of the loss, because everything is quiet. Going by the comments as I have not read the book, I have to agree that an amalgation of the theatrical ending and the alternate ending would have worked better (this ending, while showing the remnants of humanity in the infected humans, and while powerful, had a too fluffy ending, despite the 'I am a monster to the monsters' realization - and yes I echo 'how did the woman get in with the kid and how did they supposedly leave question. A good amalgation might have been to have Neville get the blood, give it to the girl, and then take out the infected woman to the rest of the infected. Cue soft fluffy scene with the infected's leader and the girl tying up the budding cultural/intelligence development the movie built with Neville looking at the wall with the pictures of the infected he'd experimented on, realizing what he's become... a horrific legendary monster to a primitive intelligence. then, the leader giving the others the go ahead to kill Neville - regardless of whatever else you think, you DO establish that humans are food for the infected. That's when Neville blows them all up to kingdom come with a grenade he had stashed in his pocket - because this ending had me go "WTF why are you going out there? Unarmed?" This alternate ending seemed unrealistic in that he was, while bracing to be attacked and eaten, also counting that he would be allowed to move around provided he moved slowly and non-threateningly. Then the girl and the boy leave, with the blood, broadcasting their last message, with some scrapes and bandaged up wounds to show, leaving the audience guessing - and the ending open-ended as to whether or not they found other people still alive. And Neville dies, as legends are supposed to. That's just my two cents.
  • Matu
    I liked this end, too..
  • Mark
    "The hero should remain alive at the end", the most used reason why people say they prefer the alternate ending. In other words what you wanted was teen oriented feel good popcorn fodder, cure the world, get the girl, ride off into the sunset. Strange also that those fluffing the alternate so much are comparing it to the books ending, when the alternate ending is the exact opposite of the ethos of the original book, whereas the theatrical ending is the spirit of it, as it was in Omega Man and I Am Legend. All i see from the comments here are a bunch of kind, in mind even if not in body that cannot take a film that doesn't give them a rosy glow, Disney provide movies for folks with that mindset...
  • Vodny
    Actually I like this ending much more because I thought this is the way the film should end. I thought (knew) that the butterfly is an important sign from the beginning. In the end, when the vampire leader was breaking the security glass, hesitated for a while, then I thought it will end like this. But suddenly he started again and we all remember the "cheap" grenade ending. This is much more better and explains lot of the main concept. After this, I'm wondering what will be I'm Legend 2 about.
  • jonni
    of course i prefer this ending jonni - italy
  • emmeline
    I knew it! there HAD to be some sort of relationship between the lead vampire and his lady friend, from the way he was acting in the movie. I hated the original ending, this one is wonderful!
  • nash
    yea this ending's much nicer ! .. tho i sorta wish it was a combination of the two if u know what i mean? like him finding the cure at the same time that he realises the vampire was just after the lady vampire ... then again, that wld be a perfect ending for a perfect world (which we aren't part of btw) lol. but yea, theatrical ending def got me frustrated..
  • Brad
    So much better than the theatrical ending, which ruined an otherwise good movie.
  • cptmoney
    much better than the theatrical ending. three thumbs up. change it.
  • Devon Shaw
    Much, much better. I would have left the theater happy about spending my money, as opposed to the pathetic ending of the first version. This ending is worth at least a half star.
  • Elizabeth
    MUCH better than the original, unity of setting and all!
  • Eileen
    I loved this ending. i also felt completely let down with the other ending. the trace of humanity shown was so moving. i prefer this ending above and beyond the one used
  • Heather
    I had not read the book and I did not get the same insight as other posters about the ending. I would have been puzzled by this ending had I seen in in a theater. That said, now that I understand the book and the "legend" better- this would have made a better ending. It would have required more... explanation in the movie though. When you read the book first, you don't realize how much more you can "get" in the movie than those who have not read it.
  • Kyle
    So, I've never read the book, and haven't seen the movie since opening day. It took me a minute to realize what i had watched, but after it all came together (and a little help with your explanation) I feel like this defiantly should have been the theatrical ending. I agree that the end in the theaters was quite abrupt, it felt like a cop-out. I invested 2 hours into this guy, only to have him clash with his vampire equivalent in a yin-yang style confrontation? I walked away wondering why any of the scenes in his lab were important at all. Why do we care that he's trying to cure them if he just ends up fighting them in the end? I wanted to see an epic movie that turned into every other action vampire blockbuster. Don't get me wrong, I still loved the movie, and now with this alternate ending, I think I will be watching this movie for years, instead of buying the dvd and watching it every once in a while. Thank you for pointing this out in advance, you have pushed this to a "buy upon release" title for me instead of "buy when I notice its finally out." WB should realize that we might actually understand an ending like this, or maybe it would raise conversations of people's interpretations. God forbid we leave a movie saying something other than "I liked it" or "I want my $10 back."
  • Barry
    Incredible. Like most others, I found the original ending terribly disappointing. This ending made much more sense, and really played out better than the "hey, let's just blow the joint up" ending.
  • Doug
    "DIDN'T THEY BLOW UP THE BRIDGE THOUGH?!?!" Isn't there more than one bridge into Manhattan?
  • Andrew
    The ultimate ending was much better than the original, I don't know how WB messed up what could have been a decent movie. The fact that the infected show signs of intelligence earlier in the movie when they capture Neville's dog, suggests that at some point in the plot there will be some form of communication between Neville and the infected. But to no avail, WB instead of taking advantage of this critical element decided to instead do all the talking with a grenade. If I wanted sub par plots and explosions, I would have rented Rambo. I am banning WB for a while because of this, cause there is no way they will give me my money back or fix the ending that they ruined by selling it on a special edition DVD.
  • Andrew
    In that last comment please replace the word "ultimate" with alternate....I am such an idiot, you think that I could at least use the right words if I am going to bitch.
  • Samir
    Color me underwhelmed by this ending. I don't care if it's more faithful to the book, it's very cheesy and schmaltzy.
  • Josh H
    Of the two endings, they both have their cheesy side but at the same time there is still a very deep meaning to both. In the first Neville sacrificed himself to allow Emma and Ethan to escape without being followed because at some level he had done what he wanted to do, fix the disease (problem), which he did or had atleast started to. This alternate ending allows the audience to understand even better than *spoiler* the trap idea near the end of the movie did, that the "vampires" as the author called them are not your mere zombies, they are still human, they still have a number of instincts and emotions that we do, the difference is the "disease" is all. Both endings are well done but I would have preferred to have seen this alternate ending in theaters rather than the theatrical one.
  • JPV
    This film is CRAP... no matter what ending it has.
  • Robert
    I love the alternate ending. I was not happy with the original ending and was so frustrated I had to read something on the internet. I am glad I found this website and the alternate ending with explanation. It makes more sence on why the zombies where so smart and wanted him so bad.
  • Carlos A. Valle
    I knew that the moment the creature jumped out into the sun light after Robert captured the female creature, that it had something to do with the leader caring for the captured creature (and even though when Robert was voice recording the behavior he said that all traces of humanity were gone. . . I was expecting him to say that he found it peculiar that the leader would jump out into sun light and risk death for one of their own and show signs of intelligence) This alternate ending makes much more sense but from reading the comments above, I guess there is even more hidden things in the book. That will be for sure one of my books to read very soon. Thanks for posting the alternate ending. I kinda seemed cheesy that they would just leave him alone in his basement after getting the female creature back, but at the same time i was expecting that the creature leader would speak some sort of cave-man English and show that they were intelligent. The actual ending is horrible IMHO because of the heroic antics and that she makes it to the supposed village of uninfected people. . . Great movie either way! Too bad Sam died *tear*.
  • Bradley
    i haven't read the book, but i thought the ending that was shown in theatres was not good at all... this ending was much better! as in the film i could see (or at least i thought i could see, which i see now i could see, (thats quite a sentence Bradley!)) that the lead vampire was somehow, wanting... to, well, do something other than just get in their and kill them. i was thinking perhaps he was understanding what Robert was saying about how he could help him/cure him - but now of course that he wanted his wife:P
  • Genevieve
    i really love this ending, but i see why they left it out. i think most moviegoers wouldn't have understood it. without really thinking about the ideas and the concepts the film and story are based on, which most people who go to see action movies, or movies of any kind, aren't going to do, it wouldn't have made sense. without a voiceover epxlaining what it means for that to happen, and for him to look at all the photos, i think it would have been confusing, because in movies the humans are always the good guys and the monsters are always the bad guys and anything else isn't going to fl unless explicitly explained. however, i do really love it and prefer it to the original.
  • code9d
    Well I think this ending sucked, thank you for putting it out for us to see but if you think about it all it shows us is that these guys love and care for each other and they just wanna be left alone and that will smith is the bad guy, wellllll isn't that a little hyprocritical considering that they are the reason that the rest of the people who did survive died? So I think this ending sucked for that reason. It was cool how he came in contact with them like that but throughout the whole movie it focused on these monsters being so violent and so aggressive and now at the end they are all giving hugs and kisses and Ol will is the bad guy when he has been just trying to find a cure to bring these guys back to human form. I mean come on, the only guy in new york city and when he is done watching a dvd he returns it and rents another one how bad do you think he is?
  • Demandra
    This ending made so much more sense. The elaborate trap to kill Neville's dog, etc., all created a story arc that this "vampire" simply wanted his girl back (I mean, DUH). The fact that a brilliant scientist couldn't deduct it and believed them to have no semblance to human nature/communities was absurd. Had this ending been in the theatrical version, I might not have wanted my money back upon leaving the theater. There was such an opportunity to touch on the paradigms of Other (us vs. them), social constructs, etc. It just seemed as if the producers dumbed it down to the lowest common denominator. Which, of course, given the rampant idiocy out there, is probably why it was such a blockbuster. Thanks for providing this!
  • Quinn
    This movie was complete and utter shit. I read the book 2 weeks before the movie came out because a friend of mine told me about the release of the movie, and let me tell you, the movie 'I am Legend' and the book have nothing to do with each other. Robert was a hard drinking, chain smokin, vampire killing, Badass. Sorry to spoil the ending of the book, but lets just say the women in the movie should have actually been a vampire, the end vampires should have kicked the shit out of Robert and he should have died a horrible tortured death as he realized he was the last man on the planet, a Legend if you will, to th rest of the beings on the planet. There wasn't even an explanation of how the vampires really worked; the significance of why a cross works against a "vampire," why sunlight kills them, why stakes work but not bullets. This movie should have been SO much more than it was. And seriously?...why Bob Marley throughout the entire film. I should have been on the edge of my seat throughout the whole damn thing, not relaxing thinking the world was going to be ok. This movie needed more grit. All the people that liked this movie are mindless idiots that probably think the "Da Vinci Code," was not only a good book but a great movie. Tip: if you really want to watch a good movie, watch Citizen Kane, the Bicycle Thief or the 10 Commandments (and not just cause its Easter or because you're in the NRA). Watch the movie, PAY ATTENTION to why the director/DP shoots scenes, and pull you heads out of your collective asses. FAIL.
  • Loved It
    Brilliant ending. I really liked the movie up until the end. The alternate ending would have been more satisfying.
  • nick r
    Please, you people need to find a good science fiction film to adore, this film is utter nonsense, boring and unimaginative. Just watch Aftermath Population Zero now playing on the National Geographic channel if you want to know WHY I Am Legend is a bore. The world suddenly without man would be a nightmarish disaster but for this film, Neville's world was, well, kind of mellow, a few weeds, an occasional lion, come on, watch the Nat Geo show and you will see the amazing complexity and catastrophic consequences of a world without man. You people need to read the classics of science fiction and use your imagination, then you need to go to Hollywood and make significant cutting edge ORIGINAL films because this is not one. If you are 10 and you love this film, that's understandable, but if you are an adult, you need to grow up.
  • autumn
    I don't understand. Why didn't they use this ending? It is so much better than the one they used? BTW didn't they blow all the bridges up? I only saw the movie once, so I could be wrong.
  • Lindsay
    This ending is so much better. It makes me not feel robbed. I hated the ending of the movie so much. I think that the original ending of the movie caused so many contradictions in the rest of the plot that it made me hate its existence. This ending makes me love the movie all over again. Mainly because the whole time watching the final scene I was thinking "Just give them the girl!!!" Now it happened
  • Yaya
    Hey Scott (#11) why don't you tell us what you really think...
  • Yaya
    I think this ending is better than the theatrical one, even though in general, I didn't think the movie was not very good. Great VFX, CGI, and acting (the vampires looked all the same). Also, I thought the movie was too short, I remember getting out of the movie theater wanting more of the story.
  • Kaira
    I'm incredibly impressed by this. I thought I saw some promise when we saw the male freaking out early on, his reaching out for her and getting burned hinted at an ending like this. It was just left dangling with the theatrical release. This ending is so much better.
  • Sirotilk
    I am one of the few that actually liked the theatrical ending more - maybe because I have never read the book and therefore am not watching the film with particular expectations. In the movie it was made clear that the "vampires" have un-evolved back to primitive beings. Therefore the alternate ending doesnt make sense because here is a vampire trying to get back their "loved one" where they can have a nice tender moment for all you bleeding hearts - it just doesn't gel with the rest of the film. The theatrical ending is more consistent with the theme that the vampires can't be reasoned with and therefore only something final like blowing them up will finish them off. Oh - plus I am sick to death of touchy feely endings where the hero always survives and lives happily ever after. Hollywood needs to kill off the hero more often!
  • ikkio
    it's much better, when I watched the movie the first time I had this impression that the end looked so so bad! and the entire movie was short! I'm so sorry they didn't use this end, hopefully they will put this end on the dvd version!... we'll see ikkio
  • Joy
    to tell the truth i wouldn't liked this ending too much, i mean this is too rosy to be a legendary ending, the idea of the the film is not to see human side of the vampires, the idea is to see how great Dr. Neville really is fighting them, trying to stay alive, having a family with 2, 3 kids is not my idea of how this should end, mb it is just me, but i liked the other ending better. anyway, both ending is cook i guess and i would have liked it anyway.
  • alessio
    This is the real ending, not the choosen one! Hoping in a director's cut version.
  • vincenzo
    I absolutely agree - the theatrical ending was simply disappointing.
  • Tucker
    Personally I would not have minded, as comment 288 pointed out a mixed ending. I would have liked to see Neville give the woman the blood, and then bring the vampire woman out to the Alpha vampire, then when the vampires are gone he'd send the woman away, and we'd see her driving away broadcasting the message. Then it cuts back to Neville staring at the wall of pictures of vampires he killed, then he would shoot himself in the head and it would end.
  • Silvia
    I complitely agree, this ending is much more better than the theatrical one. Especially because the theatrical one doesn't make me feel any emotions and hoping for the future and sensations of communication between the Nevillle and the lead vampire...and in my opinion the "men legend" must survive and establish a sort of respect between them...
  • Brendan
    I would have liked to see vampire flashbacks. For instance, the vampire patient the Neville almost "cured" could have flashbacked as she was getting back to being human. She could have flashbacked to her illness and turning vampire, during which maybe she kills and eats her own baby. As she is being cured she remembers what she did, and dozens of other deprications, and begs Neville to kill her, or let her stay a vampire, rather than return to being human and tortured by memories of what she did.
  • I think that both endings don't match Matheson's novel. However I prefer the theatrical ending. Patrizia, on Mar 10, 2008.
  • Lynsey
    Loved the new endin! I found the theatrical one dry and it left you with a bad taste in ur mouth. The original one portrays vampires as capable of loving and feeling. This was truly amazing. It also portrays Neville as finally realising that he does not listen in more ways than one! A cruel reminder of how he perhaps should have listened to his wife years back. Great to see this version since I hated the ending of the theatrical one!
  • Lacee621
    I have never read the book so this is my interpretation. They should used this ending. The other left me "Just There". Neville had a cure and nothing is permanent. I didn't like the fact that after all those years, the ending made Neville a "quitter". He could have device a plan to cure all of the mutants. [ a lease giving us a glimpse of hope] I had no clue why the lead vampire was so pissed off at Neville. I thought it was because Neville was the "last human" and he was hunting them. Who would have thought that this "PASSIONATE ANGER" was that he wanted to retrieve his love one. TWO THUMBS UP FOR THE ORIGINAL ENDING! and remember if a "NOVEL" is "GREAT" and someone decides to turn it into a "MOVIE", there is a 50/50 chance the movie will fall from grace.
  • First off, great post. I'm a huge fan of the movie & I'm currently reading the book now. I do have to say that I disagree w/ you about the alternate ending being better though. In my opinion the version we saw in theaters was way better. Why, well for a few reasons. First. Not everything has to be like its original (In this case, why make it like the book. That story has been told why revisit it, I welcome a refreshing new look on things). Secondly, Will's character giving up the girl to the head Hive creature makes no sense if she has the cure in her. They'd (the Hive) reject her & possibly kill her once she's fully healed, not to mention her rejection/fear of them. Another thing that didn't make sense was when the head Hive stopped to wipe his hands on the glass (& paused), what point was it established that these things weren't beasts anymore. Although I know they were once human I don't buy the sudden surge of emotional intelligence. That takes away from the fact that Neville was ALONE fearing for his life against a world of incoherent MONSTERS (it just seems less dangerous/adventurous all of a sudden,). This type of communication between Neville & the Hive is too much like spoon feeding the audience (why not accept that this man is in a lonely struggle but "is" working his way out via his lab studies, not that the he & the beast sympathizes for each other). Having the moment when the monster couple cuddled was too Hollywood typical. I'm a fan of love & all, but why must it be in everything (movie) didn't fit the format what so ever. Not having Neville die in the alternate ruined it for me (whether he did in the book or not....haven't gotten there yet) because it crushes his true legend. Living legends are good, but we all know dead legends are more glamorous. Again, I do want to say that this was a great post & I'm glad you still did like the theatrical release of the movie, but to me this alternate ending was just too....easy.
  • Christian
    Much much better ending. It was like the movie went through all the extra trouble to show you that the zombies had a civilized/intelligent side to them (even if Legend didn't see it) and then they just throw it all out to give an overly dramatized ending with Legend killing himself (which was totally unnecessary). The original ending is so much more effective at getting the point across that Legend is the "bad guy", not the necessarily the zombies (which seems to be the original intent of the whole plot). My wife and I excitedly went to see the movie and loved it, until it ended. We drove the whole way home cursing ourselves for wasting 20 bucks to see such a dumb movie. If this had been the ending we saw, that would've been frikkin awesome and we'd have recommended it to all our friends. Instead, we told them not to waste their money. Watch it on Redbox or better yet, wait till it comes to TV.
  • Cyborg264
    This was a slightly better ending. There should be a third variant. But since there isn't then back to the second. The second is missing some scenes. Between the scene where they cut from the underground lab to the above ground daytime shot there needs to be about 5-10 minutes of more footage to blend/smooth it out. There could actually be a real final climax in there as well but otherwise this ending is also lacking.
  • Like you, once his Dog died I thought the film suffered in quality. I haven't read the book, but I thought it was obvious the head vampire was concerned with his woman from the scene where he almost came out in sunlight, and I couldn't believe that Smith's character kept saying they were devoid of eeling considering what he had witnessed... I assumed he was going to realise they were there for the woman at the end - when it just descended into hollywood 'blow everything up' ending it was the last straw for me. While I still think the film needed more work from the point his dog died, this ending would have been much better than the one shown.
  • RJ
    Sorry but no... I disagree. Robert Neville has to die at the end of this story, otherwise it should really have been called "I am living-legend". It's been a while since I read it, but, to me, the concept that Matheson was trying to get across is that we are so self-righteous that even if (in the case of Neville) there was only one human on the planet, his right to survive would superceed any other creature's (i.e. the infected). The execution of Neville in the book is key, and I would have loved to see something similar. I enjoyed the Lawrence adaptation, but always felt that the ending was a let down. I don't think this alternative is particularly enkeeping with the rest of the story though. The idea of absolute loss of human emotion is introduced during the story (by Neville); all that is left of the infected, is the necessity to survive. I agree with some previous posts that a mix-ending may have been best. In short, Neville must die, and preferably not by his own hand!
  • Adamski
    Thanks for sharing this mate, not seen the film and was really up for it until I heard it didn't follow the book. I saw the trailer when it was first out and prompted me to read the book. For such a short book I thought it was amazing and was really looking forward to seeing the film until I found out what the ending was. If I knew it was this ending then I would of went to see it and gladly given my money. I still prefere the book and would of been a die hard supporter if it followed it. This may of convinced me to buy the DVD.
  • Katie
    absolutely loved this alternative ending. so much better than the one shown in theaters :]
  • Matt
    This ending was lame - HOW do those ravening beasts not kill him? It came out of nowhere. Theatrical ending was far better.
  • d
    I think this endig makes more sense than the other one respect to the continuity of the movie (head monster braves the sun, neville comments about it but thinks they are still animals, they set him up thus showing they are intelligent...) and I was kinda expecting the love between monsters to come out at the end...but it's also true that this ending doesn't make sense because the monsters should tear him to pieces so I agree with comment 288..thx 4 the post btw
  • corbin
    makes me want to reed the book now and makes me appreciate this movie more
  • Adrian
    Agreed. I prefer this ending. It suits the movie title.
  • I am Roberto
    *comment removed due to offensive material*
  • Joshua Cookingham
    Hmmm, pretty good. But not very emotional for me. Indeed, I felt Neville's sacrifice was more emotional in the original ending. Personally, I don't care what the creatures percieve Neville as, because they no longer care. It's apparant that their only reason for living, is to feed. Neville should be a legend to the survivors, as it is his voice that leads Anna to him, and eventually saves the world(we are lead to assume.) This is a good substitute, but not as good as the original ending.
  • Eric D
    Profound is the word. The feeling I get with this ending, just says hey. No matter how different we may seem, even the end of the day we all understand want Love. And we all not matter who or what we are will fight for it. That is the connetion, for all of us. This film should have had the alternate ending.....they blew an opportunity here....
  • Mike Kutha
    So, did a roomful of people watch both of these and unanimously choose the worst ending to put into the theaters? This alternate was a wonderful ending. The movie ending was awful. It was a borderline Rambo-style ending for the character.
  • anthony k
    much better ending, why kill off the one trying to save us all ot leaves a blank and bleak message about society and our expectations for survival in any situation that is challenging. thank you for showing me this.
  • KastaRules
    I love the book and I think this alternative ending is much, much better than the "original" one. I wish this was the version out in the theaters and not that crappy one...
  • ZacH Licht
    I read and really liked the book and this should have been the ending they went with. This ending turns the movie from a good to great movie in my opinion.
  • Yurs
    That was great. When I saw this movie, I was disappointed that they did not even explain the whole concept of the book/movie title. The whole idea that he was a legend for finding the cure is totally off-tangent with the book that I read the book again just to feel better. This ending is better suited to the book, but Neville was supposed to die by the hands of the vampires for them to achieve their own justice.
  • Cobra
    I wish they would have followed the book exactly. This ending was better than what was shown, but the movie was still...very lacking. On a side note: The bridge was blown up earlier, so how the hell did they drive away?
  • I very much rather this ending than the one in the theatical version. First off for the simple fact that the theatrical version didnt keep up with the "connection" the lead vampire had with the female vampire. It showed a glimpse of how the lead vampire felt after Neville captured her, but didnt follow through enough to be sure of it. This ending showed the actual feelings of it all and how they felt towards Robert Neville. Its ironic that him trying to fix his mistake was a mistake all along. Crazy. The relationship with him and Sam was just all too real and amazing. I LOVED the fact that it wasnt one of those "hero falls in love with girl, live happily ever after" The love for the female actress in this movie was his best friend and companion sam. And believe me, i cried when he had to let her go.
  • Eduardo
    I prefer the theater ending... sorry.
  • Hoy crap! I never read the book, but that was an ENDING, not just an end to the movie, like they actually showed. This would have been SO much better.
  • I enjoyed the ending here WAY better than the ending in the movie... the movie one left me feeling very confused. I still don't know why he had to go out in a blaze of glory like that... his death was seemingly unnecessary to me.
  • som
    it was way better then the cinema version.
  • WilSZN
    OMG i loved this ending. i personally loved the movie, and would of preferred the ending. Rather than the dam film companines also made it taht he "found" the cure on the same date and time as september 11. also all the bridges were destroyed...... just thought you would like to know
  • Richard
    A very good article Alex and thanks for sharing the alternate ending. I watched the theatrical version last night and even with no prior knowledge of Richard Matheson's book the ending did feel a bit like a cop out. The alternative seemed to 'fit' so much better. Watching the movie I did wonder about the idea of a zombie/vampire/whatever 'society' but the theatrical version obviously didn't go down that road. Thanks again.
  • Kevin
    LOL, the vampire zombies obviously rebuilt the bridge at night when Wiill Smith was sleeping (that was the sound you heard while he was sleeping in the tub) construction, not the soulless moan of the thousands of mutant vampire zombies... just to let you know
  • Kevin
    Oh and this ending was WAY BETTER, I felt it gave much more feeling to the movie, and I LOVE that they didn't show some survivor colony surrounded by some 12 foot wall that the vampires just couldn't seem to climb/ was too cold to go out and find, which is crap because last February in Manhattan I freezed my ass of in 15 degree weather. Thanks for posting the clip!!!!!
  • Billy
    Still a real shit film, a total waste of time!!!
  • Brent
    This ending makes this film strong and a story with a message i cant understand why WB thought their ending was better.
  • coyo
    omg all the comments
  • Alexander D
    I have not read the novel, but the theatrical ending, looking at I am Legend from a zombie-like survival movie point of view, was a complete let down. When the movie started I was excited to see a new take on the genre, which usually follows an average person during the zombie/monster take-over. I am Legend shows what happens long after humans are nearly all gone, from the perspective of someone who knows how to survive. The original ending seems to fit much better, and it's interesting that he is still alive at the end. His survival implies that, at the end of an epidemic, those immune to whatever happened will proceed with their now-somewhat-different lives separate from those infected/affected. I'm not sure if that would be accurate, but it's interesting to think about.
  • Ozan Keskin
    I've read the book, and watched the movie. This ending is astonishing, the books ending is different. WB made a huge mistake by killing Robert
  • It'd be cool if they used real people as zombies in the movie instead of the TERRIBLE CG atrocities that made the final cut (the effects studio responsible for these crimes should be ashamed of themselves). Actually, the fact that they didn't (use real people) is another reason on top of many as to why this was one of the biggest steaming piles of shit ever pushed out by Hollywood. See what happens when they get a good story? They dress it up with Will Smith in a Mustang (how the fuck was that car spotless) and proceed to shit all over any sort of artistic integrity the original author possessed.
  • Bryce Carter
    Thank you so much for posting this. I enjoyed every moment of the movie up until the final ten minutes where I found myself disappointed. Having never read the book I never grasped the true meaning behind the 'legend' aspect of the title. I have felt uncomfortable with the released ending ever since I saw it but after watching this ending I am much more satisfied in having the the a chapter of the story be complete. WB chose the wrong ending.
  • whitemale_98
    I don't like the new ending...and I wasn't crazy about the original either. In this new one it's appears like, "Hey, the zombies aren't that bad, and Will Smith gets to live!" I've never read the book, and they appear to be zombies, and one glance at the wall by Will Smith doesn't make me understand..."Wait, Neville is the bad guy!" You have to understand from the point of view of a person who's never read the book that Will Smith has been built up as a good guy for 2 hours. If you expect a person to figure that out from one glance to the wall, when they're geared mentally towards an action flick, good luck with that. This alternate ending only makes sense if you've read the book and I would guess less than 10 percent of the people who saw the movie read the book. Of course, the original theatrical ending was crap too. I knew she was going to find the village. Can't send people out of the theater without a happy ending. Can't have a gray area for them to fill in the blanks. The book ending sounds pretty kick ass, but it would never happen in the modern cinema. Hell, I was shocked they killed off the main character in the theater will they get a sequel?
  • whitemale_98
    By the way, in my opinion, the only way to get people to understand a twist ending is to hit them in the face with all the subtlety of a frying pan to the face. To serve don't's a cook book!
  • AlexB
    WOW. What a joke of an ending. Seeing how many people though prefer it to the original, I can see why they went with the original one instead. Sorry folks, but just because you have been fed sappy happy ending after happy ending for pretty much every movie put out by Hollywood doesn't mean that when they decide to actually kill off the protagonist is a mistake on part of the studio. Looking at this alternate one and watching Will Smith try to play all hurt and remorseful was like a kick in the nuts. What crap! Oh yeah, gotta laugh at the people who say "WB Made a mistake!!!!!". Yeah, as if you'd know, you peons.
  • Alex, you are so true! I saw I AM LEGEND together with a friend and my brother, and at the ending we all had the same reaction: "Great movie; though being sort of a vampire-movie it was still very original, fantastic acting by Will Smith (as always), the right atmosphere, great psychological stuff in it (the way Neville is being shown as extremely lonely)... actually we thought this almost was a perfect movie. There was only one thing we just couldn't really get somehow. The ending simply didn't seem to feel right. It wasn't a bad ending or something, it was quite surprising actually. It was extreme also. So it wasn't bad after all. But like I said, somehow it just didn't feel right. Now I've seen the alternative ending... and the funny thing is: THIS was the kind of ending we all were expecting. In many cases, a movie IS great when the plot is so extremely surprising as the original ending was. But with I AM LEGEND, we were not only expecting the alternative ending. We were also hoping for it, and we all thought it would've been the better ending. Anyways, I think you'll get my point by now 😉 I completely agree with you! greetings, Bart Holwerda
  • Count0nz
    WOW!!!! Great :) I'd but this on Blueray :) The original ending was kina week and a letdown Thanks for posting this Phillip.
  • alw101373
    Now that I've seen this true ending I am thoroughly disgusted with the change. It bothered me the first time that I saw it and this ending only solidifies that WB needs to wake up. It's not always about large bangs to complete the ending to a movie. Sometimes following the natural progression of a story line doesn't call for it. SHAME ON YOU WB!
  • eincross
    1. these things shouldnt have feelings. 2. if he were to make it out alive, he wouldnt be a legend, he'd be a hero and eventually forgotten, then turned into a folk tale. therefore, even though the movie was shit, the ended was upgraded.
  • eincross
    1. these things shouldnt have feelings. 2. if he were to make it out alive, he wouldnt be a legend, he'd be a hero and eventually forgotten, then turned into a folk tale. therefore, even though the movie was shit, the ended was upgraded. #2
  • Maureen Smith
    I much prefer this ending.
  • I Loved this alternate ending
  • Daniel Hathaway
    This ending was better than the theatrical. I could stand to watch the whole movie again knowing this was coming rather than the putrid garbage at the end of the theatrical release. Its still nowhere near as good as the novels ending. I wish film makers and studios would start staying a bit more true to stories that have dark endings rather than making them "happy" so the mindless masses will pay the ticket price.
  • Tom
    I'm sorry but I'm glad this ending wasn't used. Quite frankly, I think it's fuckin' retarded. All of a sudden this crazy, infected vampire is a caring human being that growls? Gimme a break. And in terms of being a "powerful ending," the theatrical wasn't THAT much of one, but this one is far less than even that. It's not powerful at all. It's a Hollywood happy ending that frankly makes less sense than the theatrical ending.
  • Random User
    This ending is much better, this should have been the theatrical release's ending. Much more thought provoking then Neville simply blowing himself up. Although it does raise further questions for me as to how much humanity the other vampires have, do they also retain any shred of humanity left themselves for wanting to protect their loved ones (if they have any).. or if they are simply drones willing to throw themselves mindlessly in harms way under their leaders bidding, which was the way it seemed throughout the entire movie. This ending still wasn't perfect though as per usual Hollywood still cannot seem to offer any other alternate then endings then that which are 'happy'.
  • tshannon
    I must say you are correct in my eyes. I loved this movie, except the last 10 minutes. I couldn,t put my finger on what I didn't like other than it just didn't seem right. I got a version that was supposed to be the alternate and wasn't so this morning I decided to read about it when I found this blog "thank god!" I really enjoyed this ending and think that I can now say theres nothing I didn't like about this version. Thank you.
  • Steven
    I'd have prefered it if he'd shot the lead vamp then jumped in the garbage chute and blown the lab up , its what i'd have done!
  • Nk
    superior ending, much more thought provoking. A films always successful when u are still thinking about it later, which I certainly wasn't with the original end though now with the factor of Smith being in the wrong, it was a whole lot more interesting
  • Andy
    This ending sucked just like the movie....
  • davide
    IT's perfect
  • CatK
    I haven't read the book at all, though I may hunt it down now. My brother was the one that recommended the film to me, and he mentioned having some issues with the ending. I am pretty sure he was unaware of the alternate ending, just as I was. Having watched the original ending I have to agree that it would have made a much better end to the movie. I think it gave a little more explanation to why the vampire creatures had followed them back, and it just seemed to work so much better.
  • Andrea
    I much prefer the alternate ending to the theatrical one. I really don't believe that a character ought to die just for the sake of having a dramatic climax to a movie. The idea of Neville being a legend to the vampires is dramatic enough in itself. But then again people are so shallow nowadays. Tsk.
  • The Shed
    Here's the facts the way I see it. I liked the alt ending better, it fit the movie well, but still wasn't as good as the novel. I read the book years before there was even mention of a movie. I loved it, and was just about sick when I discovered that a movie remake was being made with Will Smith of all people playin Neville. I like Smithie quite a lot, but he doesn't fit the character at all- there is nothing generic and ambiguous about him at all. Anyway, the film wasn't as bad as I expected, it had a few good ideas thrown in there and was quite entertaining- but the special effects destroyed half of it, and the ending was a joke. This alternate ending is certainly an improvement, it feels like much more of a conclusion- ending one conflict and leaving it open as to what happens next. Some who haven't read the book TOTALLY do not understand what it's all about, or what actually happens in the conclusion of the novel. Book spoilers here. The ending for those who want to read it, I'm doing this out of (controlled 😉 ) anger at the people who clearly think the book is based on the movie. Basically, Neville spots the first person he has seen in 5 years or somewhat. He grabs her an basically 'naps her, because he hasn't had human contact in quite a while. Then, a bit later, he grabs her wrist and some of her tan rubs off on him. He realises that she is in fact a Vampire, adapted to living in sunlight, with all this special chemical business. She is, in fact a Special Forces/ Secret Service member of some sort, a kind of spy who has been sent to infiltrate his household. In fact it turns out that a whole wee society of vampires has grown up elsewhere, totally civilised, and the legend of him killing hundreds of their numbers has been passed along, possibly cross-country- YES Vampires can actually talk, it's clear some people who haven't read the book do not understand this. After discovering the woman is a Vampire, a bunch of Vampires in SWAT gear burst in, killing a number of the other Vampires (who are like animals in their eyes) and nab Neville. In the conclusion, Neville is being held in a prison, waiting for execution- just like any death penalty in America or anywhere else- because he has killed so many (the alt ending seemed to get this right in the movie adaptation, but it was a bit more sentimental/ less deadly), and the woman he saw before comes along and gives him some pills so that he dies peacefully before they execute him. He realises the way perception of the legend has been twisted, and that he is now a Legend himself. The last line being: "I Am Legend."
  • White Shadow
    The fact that anyone could claim this is even close to the book makes my brain hurt. If you actually read it, you would be aware that Neville had no such understanding with the vampires after he freed one of them. Nor did he even come close to surviving. Not to mention that he was the last known human alive in the book. There was not a hidden colony in the forests of New Hampshire somewhere. The original theatrical ending at least kills Neville off, if in a somewhat more dramatic fashion. The whole idea of the colony does more to ruin the ending of that movie than anything else. This alternate ending is even worse.
  • Esteban D
    99% of you have no place to debate the quality of the ending when you haven't read the book. Read it. The ending would have been better if it was done the same way as the book. They missed the boat on this one. Although I understand moving the story into a city rather than a suburb, the entire movie was inaccurate from start to finish. Both endings are awful. The author of this article isn't brilliant either. Rather than show support for an alternate ending, someone should let Warner Brothers know that this "interpretation" as Billington so cleverly put it, is barely even similar to the book because they literally rewrote the whole thing. The only constants I saw were that there was a guy still alive and killing vampires, vampires, and a dog. DIAF.
  • Locksley
    From day one I had a problem with the ending theatrical version of the movie. It did not seem complete, nor in tune with the whole movie itself. This alternate ending seem more plausible and in keeping with the whole tenor of the movie. I agree, it still does not do justice to the book, but, at least it put a better cap to the movie than the one in the screened version.
  • Damon
    Awesome. I wish that had been the original ending.
  • koen
    This alternate ending sucks. I liked the "unhollywood" way the main character dies. Although i think the original concept of the book is good, the way the vampires are portrayed in this movie makes the alternate ending very unbelieveble. Those bloodthursty vampires suddenly turning into a couple of lovebirds... Its just riridiculus. Sorry...
  • ed
    This ending was much better. Thanks.
  • RB
    Definitively a better ending!!!
  • scotcho
    didn't like the ending in the theater, loved this ending... end of my story!
  • JayWok
    I thought this was a way better ending to the film than the original. Actually this was probably the original and then the studios skrewed it up. This new ending brings a different light to Nevilles character and really brings out an aspect of the film that wasnt aluded to in the theatrical ending. The "Vampires" ,if you can really call them that, actually never lost their humanity it just eveolved as did their bodies to the virus. Neville was actually a causual factor in the whole mess and in this new ending turns out to be the antagonizer instead of the hero looking for the cure. He dose however find the cure. which brings up other interesting questions. When I saw thsi in theaters I was dissappointed by the last ten minutes only and thought to myself why did that women and the kid show up for no reason. I didnt make any since. This is a classic example of why Hollywood Studios get involved and ruin a movie by trying to appeal to to wide an audience. Look. This movie was well done it had good acting and I thought that Will Smiths acting was strong regardless of the lack of character development. This new ending was right on except for the happy ending. I know it goes against the books story and the film but I think Neville should have turned into a vampire in the end to show that just as the vampires had eveolved so did the virus. The women and kid should never have been involved in the first place. They were stale characters anyway and brought nothing to the story line in my opinion. Thanks for the new ending it really changed my opinion about the film and I may even buy the DVD now. It makes you wonder what other great stuff was left on the cutting room floor.
  • BT
    I really don't understand why they didn't go with this ending. The one shown in the theaters wasn't really bad, but all of the build up with the main vampire being obviously "emotionally-attached" in some way to the girl doesn't pan out very well in the original ending. In my opinion, the alternate makes much more sense and actually challenges our view of what it means to be "life-deserving". I would not have purchased this movie with the theater's just lacking something.
  • mrturdstirer
    4 sure a better way to end this tale. Isometines think that movie makers are focusing too much on awesome computer generated graphics and forget to tell a good story. The theater version was good-but I much prefer this ending. As an added bonus the alternate ending could have sparked a sequil!!!
  • Sophie
    Well that truly was amazing it really did make me a bit upset! I think that should definately have been on the movie or even put on the DVD as an extra when it comes out. I am a HUGE Will Smith fan and i think that he has done very well in this film. But that ending was absolutley....well im just speechless. Thanks for showing it XD
  • Baden
    This ending by far topped the charts for me! The theatrical ending was thr ruining part of a movie that I was really lookng forward to see! If this ending was in I would have bought the gone to watch it again and recommended my friends.
  • this was the goods, however there is should be no lady and child, and freshprince should die at ends
  • Zach
    A huge improvement! This ending leaves you with a feeling of hope. Considering it ties along closer to concepts in the book, i feel as though this is the ending that should be the one associated with the film. DON'T BE FOOLS Warner Bros! Seriously!
  • Ryan
    Never did like the ending in the theater and was confused because in previews you see neville and the head vamp face to face...this is THE ending, much more what I expected and it storylines the book better. I hated the act that there was some village and humans were slowly gathering back together. Takes the LEGEND part out of the whole story
  • Rachel
    This was far better than the ending showed in cinemas! I would have been able to wholeheartedly recommend the film with an ending like this. As it was, the last few minutes overshadowed the rest of the film for me. I wish it had been shown with this scene instead.
  • Wait, are you suggesting that Warner Brothers -- The WB, fer crying out loud! -- might have made a . . . mistake in going with the bang-up ending? P-shaw! These are EXPERTS! How dare you second guess them. Blah, blah, blah. WITH THAT ENDING, the movie swings, baby. Absolutely fantastic. AND it clears up a mystery: once upon a PR time, there was talk amongst the WB boffins of how they are looking to the the Disney / PotC thang with everything with their initials on it and spin Neville into a multi-part hero. Heck, with THAT set up (the no-see-um version, that is), it coulda gone James Bond-like. Or, uh, original Planet of the Apes-esque. Hmmm . . . Or . . . right! Genius! Gangway for Success! A Cavemen-like spin-off ( for TV: Dash Mihok & Joanna Numata in "The Honeymooners Redux." Or it just coulda been Ms. Numata siting around for a half-an-hour. That'd been pretty watchable, too.
  • Way way way better ending. Thanks for posting!
  • JoeMama
    I really liked both endings. But I like the original ending better, because the good guy can't always win. But, I liked both endings.
  • Rachel
    I haven't read the book but I HATED the ending of the movie nonetheless. I think the emotions between the lead characters were portrayed well enough in the film to use the alternate ending. THIS ENDING IS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! It brings so much more to the is unbelievable.
  • V
    This was a real happy ending but I like the theatrical ending better. It makes you feel the sorrow and agony the hero had to experience all alone. This feeling would vanish it was a happy ending. Anyway, with either ending the movie was very good.
  • John
    I did prefer this ending to the theatrical one much in the same way I would prefer a swift bullet to the head over a slow death by drowning. Bottom line: the means are easier to take but the final product still sucks. The movie completely missed the entire point of the book. I cannot emphasize this enough. The ENTIRE POINT of the book was obliterated by Hollywood. Imagine that. Basically, I say if any of you haven't seen this movie yet go rent it (because it is decent for the most part) but turn it off with 10 minutes to go. Better yet, save some money and borrow the book from the library. The last paragraph of that book is enough to blow your mind.
  • kim
    I love this ending so much more than the one the studio selected. The humanity of it is so touching. We need violence to feel satisfied.
  • David
    I am legend, the movie not the book, was to me a movie about a man and his dog. Nothing more. Therefore once the dog dies the movie should have ended. But it keeps going, and goes downhill fast. Atleast with this ending you relate the concept of his love for the dog with these two people though.
  • Steve
    I liked this ending better overall, but Neville still should have died. The book's whole purpose was to show how Neville was the legend to the vampires, much like they are to us. When I first saw the movie, I thought Anna was going to be the evolved vampire and lure Neville into his capture. It was changed for this, fine. Perhaps Neville could have sent them away and he stayed behind to attempt more research, and that is when the vampires could execute him. This ending was closer to the fantastic ending of the book, but it still could have been better.
  • Aaron
    This ending shits all over the original. I loved the movie up until the chick saved him...... gay Then the end just absolutely killed the movie for me and i left the cinema very disappointed. It wasn't until a watched it for the second time that i began to appreciate the film, but this ending capped it off for me and would by far be preferred ending.
  • both endings are horrible...
  • LisaL
    Man.. this alternate ending is SOOOO much better than the one they released! I also was one of the people that just loved the movie until the woman arrived. I mean it was still good, but it did feel too "hollywood"... especially how her char ended up being with the whole "you're not alone" sappy bullshit. I've never read the book so don't know how it's 'supposed' to actually be so my commenting is only about the movie.
  • AndyLand
    The sheer stupidity of the original article and most of the prior comments has driven me to post... For the record, there are about to be spoilers: I have seen only a few that got it right earlier in their comments. The whole point of the book was that in the end, Robert Neville was the "legend." The one that was now different, and no longer fit into the society. This is not addressed AT ALL by either ending. We have the one where he dies (which is at least right), but then there's an entire colony of people thriving, and fighting back. So far off I'm not even going there. Or, we can choose the ending that Neville survives in (WHAT!?) because the vampires that have been going after him the entire time decide that the love interest? of the main vampire is now more important than their animalistic instincts. Had the rest of the movie actually followed the book a little better this actually would have been tolerable. In the book the vampires were split into 2 distinct groups, the more pure ones, that were actually intelligent, and even talked to Neville (with words, not just growls and nasty looks), and the wild ones, that were even hunted by the first group. The intelligent (book) vampires might have been capable of such an act; allowing Neville to live in return for one their own back. But not the movie vampires. Not once did they show such intelligence. How anyone could say that the new ending is closer to the original is beyond me? They're both so far from the original that their difference in negligible. Now that I've gotten most of the rant out of my system (I could easily write a lot more about why both endings sucked in comparison to the book) I will say that the movie was enjoyable at points as just a stand alone movie, but not as "I Am Legend." And if anything I prefer the theatrical ending, because they do not suddenly change the dynamics of the vampires, and Neville still dies. It's rare to actually see a movie that allows the main protagonist to die in the end.
  • GDW
    Wow. This is terrible. Not this ending, but rather how incredibly stupid the producers were to do this. When I saw the film, so much was pointing toward an ending like this. Then they change the ending, BUT leave in the things that point to this humanity in the creatures, wtf? Even worse, with Neville's comments on how, what is really an act of humanity, the venturing into the light for the girl, is an indication of a complete loss of humanity. It is just so stupid when they try to change one element at the end of production, and end up with a film that contradicts itself in so many ways. I woo loved the film up until the last 20-30 min. Largely because they all lead to the ending we saw. Were it to lead to an ending like this one, the film would have been so much better. Not just for a better ending, but because it keeps the rest of the film together within itself. This one change at the end that they made unravels so much already set up in the film. So much set up, and then just abandoned so they could do a different ending. If you're gonna change the ending like that, you can't abandon all else you put into it without changing it to be appropriate.
  • Ramon Antonio
    I've never read the book. But as I was watching the last few minutes, I was actually expecting something like the alternate ending. The theatrical ending was abrupt, unexpected. We want our heroes to live, and we want our legends to actually be legendary. The alternate ending provided both. Thanks!
  • BC
    Much better ending. The theatrical ending was hollow, but this actually offers some emotion. Let the studio know they messed it up and the concept from the book, which is probably why they chose it in the first place, was right.
  • Rossc007
    I actually preferred the ending in the movie! @ Ramon how does the alternate ending make him legendary? In the movie ending he sacrifices himself for the good of humanity, in this ending he realises that his studies have been disproven and there is an element of humanity left in the dark seekers. This alternative ending leaves too many holes in my opinion. I'd rather see heroes go out in a blaze of glory any day than ride off into the sunset with the woman slung over his horse, maybe a spagetti western would suit better :)
  • hannah22
    I want to know (without having read the book yet) why there had to be a mention of God and his plans? I enjoyed the film, right up until the woman and the boy entered it, with her message about god. Really, it felt unnecessary and to be honest kind of lame.
  • Esteban D
    If you have a question and you haven't read the book, then you should read the book. It is really short, maybe 200 pages. Easy read.
  • Ramon Antonio: the original history, the book, not the stupid adaptation that they do, has no hero, no hope, and there´s no promising future for the "human" race. Because in the moment that Neville dies, he becomes the legend. If he not dies, is just another stupid human. Hannah22: go read the book, in the novel, Neville becomes a modern Jesuchrist, even, there´s more religious symbols, that the producer decides to replace with the Bob Marley speech...
  • This ending makes much more sense in the plot of the movie. You clearly see that the lead "Dark Seeker" has a grudge against Neville and with the ending shown in theaters you don't get a resolution as to why did he set him up, why did they pursue him now, considering he's been around for over three years. The concept of him being reversed from the vampire legend is great and I appreciate the movie so much more thinking this is the message that could be transmitted.
  • Guido
    I Haven't read the book but I reallt prefer this kind of ending....I think that the One we've seen in theaters was too Rude and n sad....after havin already seen the death of his Dog....Nice decision to put this ending in DVD's
  • jjavier
    Both endinds are good enough for me. I did not read the book yet, so I think this way, the director will always have the chance to sell director's cut movie... more money 😉
  • When will Hollywood learn that audiences like endings to make sense, not just to blow up? Whoever chose the theatrical ending should be fired. This original ending is MUCH better.
  • Roninspoon
    Wow. I don't think it directly addressed the theme of Mattheson's story exceptionally well, but it did acknowedge it at least, and it is many, many, times better than the theatrical version. Had this version been attached to the end of the theatrical release, I believe Will Smith may have received an Oscar nomination.
  • pbp
    What pissed me off about I am Legend was that they never seemed to acknowledge the culture that they demonstrated being built up by the vampires and that Smith's heman posturing was fulfilled at the end totally frustrated me as well. In this, the other is acknowledged. I love this ending.
  • Thomas Mannino
    This is SO much better..... oh wow.
  • Amurana
    This ending is FANTASTIC.
  • Jack - Mexico
    WOW!!!, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, BEAUTIFUL, EXCELLENT, this is the REAL end, i saw the film, and definitively, i prefer this end, is better, I LOVE IT!
  • Rachael
    damn. that was a much better ending. i too loved the movie up untill the ending. I have yet to read the book myself, i have started it, but am only a few chapters into it. this ending makes me want to read it much more since i can see it is much deeper than i imagined. thats annoying when hollywood thinks people cant handle a nice ending that is actually deep and doesnt have alot of things exploding. sigh. and i like that you are making a big deal about it. hopefully some hollywood dudes are listening.
  • Wow... When I saw the fim at the theater all I could think of was "I feel bad, I feel bad and I don't want to go to the cinema and end up in a bad mood... It's not my idea of entertainment..." I felt sad, because, although I hadn't read the book, as the film developed I was waiting for a real climax, and I hadn't ot it. I was expecting something that would show that the vampires were not just irrational monsters... Neville mentions somewhere in the film that they have no rules, no hierarchy, no bit of humanity at all... but a couple of times the film showed a primal hierarchy, with that vampire leader actually leading... So I was waiting for an ending that would reveal that fact, that the monsters were somehow contempt with their fate, that although they were not really humans, they thrived, that they were not just monsters but a new species... (now that I think of it, the fact that, with all their violence, they were able to live together without killing themselves was an obvious tip in that direction... they hunted only others, so they were self-conscious...) And here it comes and I get to see the very ending I was hoping for develop under my eyes.... just amazing!!!
  • Stephanie
    This ending was much better then the other one!
  • Damn it I *knew* it. I knew there was a reason he was coming so hard, and it had to be for the girl. Why do they DO this to movies?
  • anonymous
    from a visually artistic perspective, i am so glad that warner brothers decided to include this ending in the dvd. i worked on the visual effects on this movie and was so disappointed when we were told to redo the ending. our zombies looked amazing in this sequence. we never get to really see them up close until then. many, many hours and tons of sweat were spent getting them to look this good and then have the shots deleted was very disheartening. this happens all the time in our industry, but this one was a tough one to take. i hope everyone who sees this new ending will enjoy it as much as most of you have.
  • Andrew T.
    Thanks for "making a bit deal" about this ending. I saw I am Legend in theaters several months back and was IMMENSELY disappointed with the ending. I agree with many others that the plot seem to consistently decline with the entrance of the female protagonist. While the film likely would not have had wide appeal had it stuck closely to the novel, the alternate ending provides a good degree of thoughtfulness to the film which, I think, people really enjoy. This ending was without question a botch-job. It makes enormous sense that it in fact WAS a cut and paste act, given that it felt like they ran out of money funding the big New York scenes and had to cut the film short because of bad planning. The trite, idealistic "he lives on in our hearts" ending was a slap in the face. It seemed very clearly to be a patch over a gaping hole. Though this ending is still a bit dissatisfying (they just didn't develop the plot well enough and focused too much on the protagonist's isolation), it is FAR more satisfying than the theatrical ending. I agree with some others that this is one of the worst film making mistakes I've ever witnessed (relative to the scope and budget of the film as a whole, and the weight and popularity of the novel/story). I suspect the main reason this feature did "well" in the box office (besides the lack of intellectual integrity in many an American mind) is that they packaged the previews quite well and made viewing the film look quite enticing. I imagine that, had they employed this ending, the box office results would have been much better. Unfortunately there's no clear fiscal indication of this film's failure to deliver, but such a mess up does deserve some measure of noticeable negative consequences so that such foolishness doesn't occur again. I'm glad they're at least offering the ORIGINAL ending on the DVD.
  • Brigid
    I was really excited to hear this book had made it to screen....and with one of my favourite actors to boot. I loved the entire film until the end. The altruistic self-sacrifice is moving, and is also parallel to Matheson's final scene.....however the way it played out completely disregarded Matheson's entire concept. To become a legend, Man must die. The original ending was formulaic hollywod - cotton candy gratification that dissolves as quickly as you begin to taste it. It followed the formula of every zombie flick ever - man's last stand against the monster, and in the end, the last few stragglers drive off into the sunset, carrying nothing but hope. I love zombie flicks, and I love the formula. ....But in this case I think it was dishonest to brand the movie in Matheson's name and discard the humanity in the monsters. Those moviegoers who came because they loved the book were buying tickets to the wrong movie. This alternate ending, while still a drastic change from the book, finally does justice to the monsters, and the book's concept. It comes closer, and it is Much Better! Still, I would like to see Hollywood take a risk, and accept the finality in the Matheson ending. Let mankind die. It's just a movie after all.
  • Haplo
    Look the biggest problem with the ending that was seen above is that first there where survivers and so that completely took away from the idea of him being a legend to the vampires. 2nd the lead vampire should have ordered his kill even though legend gave him back his girl. Its entirely unrealistic.
  • Jacob P.
    I thanks you fo this ending. It's not like the book, but it shows why Ben keeps coming back. To the people who don't know who Ben is, he's the 'lead' vampire.
  • Ged
    So, it means that Robert Neville doesn't really found the cure for the "vampires"? Plus, the leader of the "vampires" set a trap on Robert because Robert caught the "girlfriend" of the leader of the "vampires"? this is so COOL..! thanks for sharing your blessing, man..! ^_^ WB only cares about only the money and the enjoyment of their audiences?! i pity them.
  • Donnie B
    I liked this ending more than the theatrical ending simply because it ties the book and the rest of the movie together (somewhat). I think that Neville should have died in this ending though, although it may have been a bit too much for people who haven't read the book to process. I think by killing him it would have showed that the new species (I can't find myself calling them vampires after watching them onscreen) were a society and not simply mindless killers. This ending showed that they had a leader and, obviously, rules, since the other members of the group respected the wishes of the leader. By Neville being taken away and deliberating about what he has done before his execution it would have allowed the viewers to understand the concept behind the book without even reading it. Perhaps using a more direct method of showing the number of them he has killed in his drive to restore normality or what he considers normal than just having the shot of the test subjects at the end.
  • Travis
    I would argue this ending is inconsistent with the actions of the "vampires" up until this point. I am a firm believer that they could have pulled off the proper ending that takes place in the book. All the characters are present. Why not just have Neville escape with the help of the sympathetic female character only to be captured once they make it to the stronghold and have it play out the same way as in the book. I was disgusted with the film's use of God and religion because the book handled it beautifully. Seeing the church towering on the other side of the giant doors in the last shot of the film destroyed the film's chance of being any kind of "horror" film.
  • Jerod C. Batte
    I loved this ending more than what we saw in the theater, but I agree with Travis in that it should have played out more like the book (though I'm not certain I agree with Travis' statements on God and religion). Neville should have been captured and possibly killed. However, since I know they're already working on a sequel this ending - or an ending like the one Travis described where (like in Mark Protosevich's original script) Neville escapes - would have allowed Will Smith the chance to be in the next one. Moreover, the writers of part 2 would have had more freedom to pursue the story wherever it went, as this ending left the issue of the survivor colony somewhat ambiguous. (As it is, I don't see how they could continue this franchise with another film without having to star an entirely different cast of characters in an entirely different setting. I just hope the next film won't be about the "brave survivor colony struggling to cure mankind". That could only work if they pulled it off more like a traditional vampire/zombie film, with the Darkseekers attacking the colonists from all sides as in "Resident Evil: Extinction" or "28 Days Later".
  • Ian T
    Amazing. I feel this ending closes the movie better and that it companions the novel more. But the only thing that confuses me is, when theyre in the car going on the bridge, and we can hear the radio broadcast, she says she's "traveling with a man named Robert Neville and a boy named Ethan." If Ethan is supposedly her son, why doesnt she just say "my son Ethan?" Plot change made for ending perhaps?
  • Jacob
    Wow... now that's an ending. I bet they redid the ending because screening audience didn't feel "positive" especially when in time of war, a more proper solution/resolution is needed. Simply leaving the city in search of others wasn't enough. They had to make it so there is HOPE. btw, the original book ending is amazing although that will NEVER make it into a hollywood film ending. too bad WB, you missed out and played safe. boo
  • Brianna
    This movie is amazing, but when i saw it with the ending they put in theaters it made me almost hate the movie entirely because the last ten minutes were so horrible. This ending is much, much better. I feel like the other ending was a lazy way to end it. This ending is very touching because the monsters still manage to have human emotions.
  • Angela
    I haven't read the book. However, I enjoyed this ending much more. This ending ties a few things together that the theatrical version simply left alone. In the theatrical ending you only get to see briefly in Neville that he is noticing some form of human personality in the vampires. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but in this ending when the vampire leader tells everyone to leave, leaving Neville alive.. It reminded me of the part when the lion and family were eating the deer that Neville had been trying to hunt. He left them alone and ordered the dog to as well. So they were able to feel compassion too, apparently. :p
  • dip
    I like alternate ending however i think that the original ending was very great i loved it. I loved the movie. There are a lot of subliminal messages in that movie. I love it
  • Sam
    This ending is so much better than the original theatrical. My friends and I actually spent a good thirty minutes after seeing the movie complaining about how stupid the ending was. If this had happened I think we might have complained a little less.
  • Wow, this ending is great! While the theatrical ending was indeed good and fit the general direction of the final release, the dynamic presented with this alternate, original ending is astounding. I especially enjoyed the tense atmosphere created as the vampire-creatures exhibited restraint while the doctor worked. Excellent article and thanks for sharing this clip.
  • Donny
    I definitely would have chose this ending rather than the theatrical version. This is actually the ending that I was dying for in the movie. This is probably the greatest ending to a movie I've ever seen.
  • Aynen
    The whole movie slowly built on the idea that there was more left of the vampire's humanity than Neville thought, only to see how the original ending did portray them as mindless. The original ending undid a lot of work the rest of the movie tried to do, and the new ending does finally get the point across. It is hard to distinguish anger and hurt from evil sometimes. But maybe the studio felt that if you'd apply this concept to real life, the movie could be seen as supporting terrorists and the like, which would have gotten Warner Bross. in heaps of trouble.
  • ZOE
    This was a much better ending. Leave it to the hollywood machine to ruin a great movie based on an exceptional book. Way to go Hollywood!
  • so... all the plot is around a man who takes the girl of the enemy, to test some acids, and the grudge that conduce to a war of epic proportions?
  • chris
    so i guess im the odd man out cause i loved the way the movie ended. the reason i say this is because it wouldnt make sense to the title if he lives. by dying to protect the cure to protect what he has worked so hard on made him a legend thus the title i am legend so if he didnt die and didnt find a cure the movie should just be title i am robert neville. and to those that say he is a legend in the vampire type creatures eyes i totally disagree for one big reasons they are mindless and did not kill him at the end for all the stuff that he had done to them. this is just what i think though i personally loved the movie it was one of my favorites that i had seen in the past 5 years. ps i never read the book i didnt konw there was one taht could have changed my opinion i dont know
  • Zach
    I think, had this been the original ending, this would be one of my favorite movies of all time. Nice job getting this redemption of the movie out there.
  • tb
    much better and didn't detract from the feeling of the movie... as a matter of fact i feel so much better after that ending. the original theatrical ending was weak.
  • Adam
    that was amazing. I felt so robbed after the theatrical ending. The book left me floored and i overflowed with excitement in the months leading up to the movie. This is DEFINITELY how it should've ended. Though if they could've ended it like the book i would've danced around the theatre. READ THE BOOK...its like 170 pages...just DO it
  • allen
    I have not read the book. I liked the movie until the female showed up and introduced the religeous theme, and I especially hated the ending. The film does set the mutated humans up to being more than what Will Smith's character thinks of them. The guy that thought he fell into his own trap is way off. The theatrical version where Nevile blows up does not fit, the alternate ending allows Nevile to see through his near madness and realize how his wall of experiments was viewed by the mutated humans. His character was too strong to have committed suicide and i could not accept that ending. The movie promos, which were many, voiced by Nevile declared that he was the last man alive, and i nearly walked out when two people showed up stating immunity and that there was a colony of survivors! In the alternate ending the lead mutate "paints" a butterfly on the lab's glass doors and Nevile hears his daughter's reference to the butterfly. He then remembers and checks for the tatto on the back of the female mutate and you can see the flood of realization flow through his face. This is what the movie was building to and we were robbed of. Regardless of the movie's rewrite of the book or a happy or unhappy ending the movies was wrong.
  • tom cruise
    it's a will smith movie people...wake up! who cares! remember..the fresh prince?? i didn't read the book though. there's only one vampire book anyway...interview
  • Terri
    I thought this alt ending was great. It showed an understanding oh some kind. I like both endings, but this new one is great =) Thanks for sharing..
  • Becky
    OMG, this was amazing... if only we had seen this at the cinema - it would have saved the movie. I loved it at the cinema, Will Smith was great but the ending was RUBBISH. I remember walking home talking about it saying... "why didn't we see more of the relationships between the vampires" "it was obviously his girlfriend" and they just didn't let you see. that ending was great...
  • Claudio
    Very emotional ending. To be honest I believe that the released ending is too close with the spirit of the movie, maybe far from the book but appropiate with the movie line. The legend died not survive!
  • earluin
    After watching the movie, I've thought, that is not how it should have ended. The female zombie and the zombie leader should be together. They should be human again. Neville's work should succeed. Now I see that I was right. I also hated that curch at the last minute. Why does red cross always help saving the human race? This is exact the same ending I've dreamed of. Thanx!!!
  • Payner
    Wow! i have chills! I really enjoyed this movie, until the ending. I rate movies on a regular basis and I dropped the movie one whole star because of the ending. If the alternate would have been shown I would have given this 4 and a half or possibly 5 stars. So emotional and well written/acted.
  • Joshua
    Wow! This was great! Still could've been better, but it definitely worked better than what I saw in theaters. Hell, anything would be better. I can't think of a movie that had me more on the edge of my seat until the last 10 minutes of IAL, and I just felt like I had wasted it all. It went from one of my favorite movies ever to one I never wanted to see again almost immediately. THIS IS GREAT! This DVD ending is GREAT! It would've been better to leave out the cheesy kid and the chick though of course. At any rate, though, I would say this is definitely preferred. Also, if he would've found a cure and actualy saved the zombie chick and made peace of some sort, that would be good. I'm guessing he ended up kiling her, right? That's what I got but I could not tell 100 percent, it was a little vague.
  • This version was absolutely amazing. I preffered it completely over the original as it was more interesting and left it with a better feeling overall. This version should have definitely been released in britains theaters
  • Tom
    i do believe this ending is also give more personification to the you said we never really see robert neville and one close up...this ending gives them a more human-like quality that sends chills and adds an outstanding affect...this ending is amazing.
  • Tom
    This is closer to ideal than the theater, but if you combine them, you get the ideal ending: 1) He sees that the zombies are going to break through and sends the girl and boy up the chimney or wherever they went 2) He then proceeds to set down the gun, disconnect the zombie girl's IV and open the door 3) He presents her to the lead zombie and he whispers in Smith's ear and then embraces her, pretty much as in the alternate ending 4) All the intimations about him being a serial killer are still made during the hostage exchange, but they are cemented with the final shot being of Smith looking at the wall of photos wondering in self-pity about what he has become FADE OUT If needed, the end credits could be shown over a sky shot of the woman's car driving north to Vermont with some interior shots of the woman and boy as in the theatrical.
  • todd x
    I still thought this paled in comparison to the book. However compared to the version released in the theater, definitely far superior. Still, it was not really the same story. He is the new monster. He had to be killed just as Dracula had to be killed. If I never read Matheson's story, this might be a great ending.... but I did so it still fails.
  • Tyler
    That ending is WAY better. The theatrical ending sucked. my g/f and I loved the movie until the ending, which left a very bad taste in our mouths. It was a huge disappointment. Both his irrational suicide and the lameness of them finding that "survivors" town. This alternative ending you just showed was awesome. WB made a mistake by not using it. I completely agree with your feelings of the tension, especially when he made physical contact with the lead bad guy. Wow, what a breath-taker that was.
  • Sushil
    This was a new way to look at in, the vampires having emotions...although i believe that Robert Neville should have died, after such a devastating loss (Sam), he would have wanted to die. If they could have somehow combined the two maybe that would be my perfect ending.
  • This ending is way better. I would support your initiative.
  • Chris
    Wow, I'm surprised they didn't use this. It's easily better than the theatrical ending...
  • Chris
    This ending was so much better than the one that they showed in theater. It is more realistic. Such as at the very ending, it leaves it open instead of just stopping the story like when the lady and her kid show up at the town... This is an awesome ending!
  • Patsy
    This ending was so much better than the one shown in for many people, the last ten minutes absolutely killed for me the entire atmosphere and tone of the film, and it was absolutely right for you to post it here and show it to did move me to see this alternate and original ending. I am at a loss as to why WB chose the less realistic, true-to-the-film ending. Did they not believe that American audiences could handle a realistic ending, that they could only deal with the fairy-tale martyrdom?
  • Flaiano
    The movie is ok until the appeareance of Anna 's character then shher crap, apart from special effects , of course. It completeply betrays Richard Matheson's novel. Demagocical. rethorical and a plain spot for right wing propaganda . By the way in 1971 Charlton Heston played the same role ( Robert Neville ) Vampires c. They believe science and technology to be the cause of the war and their punishment, and Neville, as the last symbol of science, the old world, and a "user of the wheel", must die. Neville, using electricty, machinery, and science attempts to hold them at bay. Now the vampires seem to have taken power and starting producing these kind of film in syle " Science fuck s up everything but there's always some God with Plan B .
  • Flaiano
    Sorry i forgot to add that the 1971 film title is " Omega Man ".
  • Flaiano
    And further explanation : Omega is the last letter in Ancient Greek Alphabet , thus title meaning , in a more elegant way , The Last Man. Different times , different culture and , alas , different America..
  • Head Vampire
    I disagree with many of the people on this site. The theatrical version was way better, it just goes to show that there isn't always a happy ending. Braveheart is a good example of this, did everyone want William Wallace to survive? Of course they did, but it has so much more of an emotional impact on the audience when a character we have become attached to is gonzo. It was so epic when he went out with the grenade in his hand to save the cure, an ultimate sacrifice. I did not read the book, which is probably one of the main reasons why I liked the theatrical ending better, but all in all, the theatrical ending was WAYYYY better.
  • Judy
    This alternate ending had substance -- the theatrical version was fluff. I will buy the DVD, but only the extended version, because I will NOT watch the stupid theatrical disaster again. I LOVED the compassion shown in the alternate ending. WOW, Great!
  • Lisa
    Thank you so much for posting this alternate ending. I could not wait to see I am Legend. I loved the movie up until the end - by the time the last 10 minutes were over I was completely depressed and disturbed. I couldn't believe they killed him. This alternate ending has made me totally change my opinion of the movie. I only wish they had used this ending instead. Thank you!!
  • Wolfbite
    I hated the original ending.... i thought it washed out the rest of the film that was brilliant.
  • cognoscere
    I never read the book, but I also thought that the movie was great until about the last ten minutes. The new ending is way better than the original theatrical ending. I don't know what it is with all of these crappy Hollywood endings!? Thanks for the info.
  • Nic
    After a long awaited time and hearing about this "alternate ending," I finally found it and watched it. I really did not care for the one in theaters but like other movies, it's just they way "they" thought it would work out. I am very pleased by the alternate ending because it really shows that the "other humans" are not really bad and they still have that human side to them, whereas the Theatrical version just shows that they are non human and want to destroy the human race in some terms. I really think WB should have kept the alternate ending because it just ends on a good note with the doctor that started it all, fixing it.
  • Earth's Mightiest Yak
    This ending, well. What to say? It's fantastic. It pretty much completes the movie, there's so many hints throught the rest of the movie that the Alpha 'vampire' (and by extension the other ones) are far more intelligent than Dr Neville has given them credit for. The sheer frustration of the alpha male as he steps too far into the sunlight, the traps, the way he acts in the house. It's all there building up to an ending that's supposed to reveal that the 'vampires' are still, in their way, human. But the theatrical ending robs us of that. This ending doesn't, it rewards and completes the tale. Turning it on its head and letting Dr Neville understand that they see him as a monster, that they themselves are no worse than he and that both sides failed to understand the other. It is the ending the film deserves, and if they release a version of the film on DVD with that ending. I'll buy it. But I'm not ever watching it with the happy ending that they felt they had to use in the cinema. Yes, it was a happy hollywood cop out ending they went with in the end Dr. Neville sacrifices himself to stop the evil vampires, he cures the world and they all live happily in a magical little village on the hillside. Pfft.
  • fgiant
    Putting aside any allegiance to the book and looking at I Am Legend as solely a movie, I think the theatrical ending is far superior and less Hollywood than the alternative. What's more smarmy than Will Smith driving over a suddenly "unbombed" bridge with sunlight on his face as a "message of hope" voiceover plays? They got it right the first time. And for the vast majority of people who have not read the book, the closing voiceover in the theatrical ending neatly ties up the "I am legend" title in a bow.
  • Kragshot
    Okay, I stopped reading the comments at 60 because I couldn't take it anymore. All of these people complaining about the book ending and then, Cesar's comment about the book story being able to work in a movie...I just got fed up. First off, Cesar...the book concept did work. You ever heard of a movie called "The Last Man on Earth" with Vincent Price? That was the first time "I Am Legend" was done to film. The movie was almost identical to the book. The only thing that was different was that Neville was just flat-out killed by the vampire hybrids. As for the people who commented that it didn't make sense that they would kill him after all of that, you guys have never seen what a mob can do, have you? Let's look at this again. Here you have a serial killer; a person who has murdered countless numbers of your people. What do you do when you finally get your hands on the bogey man? They were going to allow him to be killed and in grand fashion if for no other reason than to put their fears to rest; to let everyone see that the monster is a man and he is mortal. You have to realize that Neville would be to these people. He had become something that the next generation of vampire hybrid parents would use to frighten their children: "You had better be good or else Robert Neville may come and get you in the middle of the day!" When some of you people catch a clue about critical literary analysis, start talking about how stories and plots work.
  • Jon
    This movie is far better than Charleton Heston's execrable 70's version (The Omega Man), but it's still a poor adaptation of the novel. The alternate ending did humanize the mutants somewhat (though can you really "humanize" poorly rendered CGI?), but it did it at the expense of a happy, cliched Hollywood ending where everyone gets to live and ride off into the sunset.
  • Mike Schreiber
    The theatrical movie definitely felt incomplete to me. But this one... wow! WB definitely made the wrong choice on this one. I may have to buy the DVD now, just to have this ending.
  • Eric
    I've never been one to compare literature to movies... never been a big reader. But I have a brief story as to why I think this alternate plot (middle through ending) would have been so much better... I watched this movie for the first time at home, alone, about two weeks after moving away from my family. That said, I felt an incredible connection to Neville through out the first half of the movie. I kept saying to myself "This is hands down the most engrossing film I have ever watched." Right up until another human showed up. No exaggeration, the feeling of captivation was entirely gone in an instant. Were the movie to have played out with Neville truly being the only human... I imagine I would have kept my feeling of wonderment to the ending credits. Film until Anna: 10/10 Film after Anna: 6/10
  • dane
    i think this ending is good for one reason:it ties up the main vampire and the girl and makes much more sense. now i know thats been said a hundred times but i just had to say it again. the only thing that doesnt fit is him living. although it sucks to see will smith die in a movie it made more sense for him to die to become a legend as another person said in an earlier comment. so all-in-all the alternate ending is good form the dvd. the theatrical ending was good for the theaters and the main film.
  • canadianguy
    the whole movie shouldve been longer.. I like the theatre version and then the idea of having a more hardcore cult following type alternate dvd ending. Gives you a reason to buy the dvd.. But the dvd alternate ending has to be good like this one.Alternate endings should always try to stay true to a book or original screen play etc etc.. Thanks for posting it. WOW!!!! There are always people that dont care about the book that was wriiten before the movie was made so let them have there theatrical version and the true movie buffs can have there alternate endings when the DVD comes out.. FAIR DEAL added not.. the 70;s version of omega man was amazing i thought the whole movie was gonna stay true to that and grow from there.. but whatever this is a good modern twist. they could have showed more of the people in the city getting infected and switching to these zombie / vampires.. infected whatever.. lol God i wish someone would ask me my ideas about these movies i would give you guys instant hits.. i know how to cater to the casual movie goers and the hardcore movie buffs.. :) but i guess they ran out of money to make the movie alittle better :(
  • Eddie
    I am glad that i saw that ending because when i watched the other ending i was not satisfyed. i saw that ending happening as soon as they broke in, right then and there i was like, hes dying. this ending makes you think. so i agree this one is better.
  • Brian
    this is a much better ending than the one that was shown in theatres. when i saw it in theatres the only part of the movie that i thought lacked strength was the ending. now that ive seen this alternate ending the movie makes more sense and has a deeper meaning to me. i think WB should have published this ending in the theatrical movie. i would have been way happier with it, just like many other viewers would. i would have also reccomend it to many more of my friends. if i am any similar to the people in my age group, i think everyone else would have recccomended it to their friends, therefore making even more money for WB. they should have published this ending, no doubt about it.
  • Slayer
    Suits better for the book, but if we think the movie only, the alternative ending doesn't fit. The alternative ending doesn't exactly make Neville a legend. It would make it simply another hollywood flick among the rest of them.
  • Jakob
    Honestly I like both endings. For the theatrical because it fit the theme of the movie, the alternate because it was the more powerful and filling ending. Though I think that both were not as strong as they could be, because they didn't go far enough. In the theatrical they really should have made his sacrifice more dramatic and mean more thematically and visually; for the alternate ending they should have had an other scene of screaming vamps putting him "on trial" and executing him. Have a voice over of Neville talking about justice and perspective. I have not read the book and I plan to at some time. My major complaint was the "vamps" look like ass.
  • Eric
    THE ALTERNATE ENDING SUCKED JUST ADMIT IT!!!!. from the responses i did read, the book ending would have been really good if they followed the book thru-out the whole movie but they didn't!!!. the whole movie would have to change, the chicks wouldn't show up an so much more. people that say it's not like the book, what did u expect it's hollyweird not us making it duh(thats why i wanna be a director). In conclusion the movie is better without the alternate ending. if i saw that ending in the movies i would have been left thinking these vamp/zombies were fucking pussy's! why did they leave him alive? do vamp/zombies have sex? where are the little vamp/zombie? so he didn't have to run home every night like cinderella because there pussy's
  • Felicia
    I haven't read the book yet. Though the theatrical ending completely ruined the film for me. I much prefer this one. I s'pose it gives the whole plot a very real twist, in that, although neville believed he was saving mankind, in turn he was the epitome of evil in the eyes of the "vampires".... I like. =)
  • Felicia
    Richard on Mar 5, 2008: you gotta understand, just because something/someone is different to "us" doesn't mean they are BELOW us. =.="
  • Tom
    I hated this alternate ending. I think this is horrible. While I have never read the book before I feel like this is your typical cheesy ending. The idea of humans talking and becoming emotionally attached to vampires is just nuts. More so, how many times do you see a movie where the lead character makes it out alive and survives. It gets old and boring. I prefer the original ending much more. Because of that ending I became much more attached to Dr. Neviles character, and I am actually willing to watch the movie again. If this ending had been used, I would have felt like I wasted my time watching the movie only to see the same ending as every other movie. Personally I think WB chose right.
  • Simply....the theaters endig was a bullshit! This alternative ending, instead, is really WONDERFUL! I wonder why they decided the wrong one?! Maybe producers was afraid that medium americans would not understand?..Strange, becouse i thought Will Smith was a smart man! I wish we'll have this alternative ending on dvd/Blu-Ray!
  • Sharon Wheeler
    Have you watched "Omega Man" with Charlton Heston? I have several times in my younger years. I believe "I Am Legend" was a total remake of "Omega Man" and Hollywood was afraid to change the ending! What a shame. I was hoping for the alternate ending you have shared with us. Will Smith was as good as Charlton Heston in this part. Both actors are legends in my book! Do you think they will make a DVD with the alternate ending included? I would buy it!
  • Courtney
    I came out of the theaters thinking that this film did not deserve to have the same title as the novel, as almost NOTHING is the same about the two. This alternative ending is much better, in that it makes you stop and think, like the novel. However, no ending could repair the damage they did with the rest of the script. That being said, I thought the movie was wonderfully acted and directed, it just shouldn't have been connected with the novel.
  • Daniel Jones
    I would buy this film on DVD released with this ending. I will not buy it with the theatrical ending. Further, I would have told people that "I Am Legend" was a great film that they should go see. Instead, I told people that it was ok but they should wait for the dvd to get released to one of the chain dvd rental houses. I think Warner Brothers lost out making a lot more money on this film.
  • Oh my god, the ending really killed I am Legend for Me. I can't believe they shot and finished this ending which is so much better. Who made this change? Was it the studio that mandated it? Wow.
  • John
    This is such a better ending. It actually makes u want to think about what is going to happen next. Thx for revealing it!
  • Zach
    wow! this ending was great.
  • Andrew
    I like this ending much better than the theatrical ending. I didn't read the book, but I like it because it seems to fit better with the behavior of the leader when he jumps into the sun and the added aggression.
  • David
    This ending was MUCH better than what was in the theater.
  • Shinger
    Well i havent actualy red all the comment 😛 just beacause its 3 am here and dont have the time to read them all but.. Like some people say that Neville shouldnt die.. and other say well he should die because you see him and the pictures of all the zombies (human experiments) he killed in the experiments. Well if you place your self in his position..3 years are an eternity when you are alone so humans lose track of being a person that thinks clearly and wouldnt kill somebody but Neville sees those experiments as a solution and with this ending shakes him awake of being the scientist but let him see the way he usually sees things and makes descions.
  • Roy
    I hope someone at WB see's this and at least adds this version on the DVD.
  • Fredfred Burger
    New ending rules just like green day!
  • Jonathan
    Absolutely amazing. I saw the movie three times as well in theaters. This alternate ending really brings out the true character of human nature, love, no matter how deformed the human has become. Astounding really that WB didn't release this ending instead. I really hope they ratify this. It is truly an amazing ending.
  • Landon
    Why oh why didn't they use this ending?!?!!? It would given the movie so much more substance. The ending they used felt so traditional Hollywood it made me sick. "Lets kill the main character in order to induce sympathy from the audience." Wow. I can't wait to show this ending to everyone I know who has seen the movie. In my mind this will forever be the true ending.
  • T-Roy
    I'm a huge Matheson fan, and this is much closer to the ending I expected to see. I knew the darkness and futility of the book's ending would be watered down, but to the creation of a survivor camp and Neville saving the world was rediculous. My wife had never read the book, and she was able to see the point where they started re-shooting to give everyone the warm and fuzzies. This is surely the ending I expected. Close enough I didn't feel lied to, not so dark that you left the theater depressed.
  • Lucidmike78
    I didn't read the book but I think I would have walked away confused with the title and the contents of the movie. In order to understand the title "I am Legend" with the interpretation that you've made, you must have read the book. In order to understand the title in the movie, the ending had to be what was on the theatrical release because the movie itself did not do a good job portraying the man as a legend during the movie. I think its a case of not being able to make everyone happy. The people who read the book, and the people who have not. I did find that the title of the movie, and how the meaning came about in the last 1 minute of the movie quite usual, abrupt, and a bit odd. But it did make sense, but it left me thinking that I would have renamed the movie to something else. "Not Alone" would have made more sense for the movie.
  • virus99
    for those of us outside the USA, this film strikes a cord — a growing anxiety about the inevitable and observable decay of american culture ... sentimental debates about "endings" are hopelessly irrelevant, and symptomatic of the endgame.
  • Matt P.
    All I can say is, that was truely breath-taking
  • bob k
    I enjoyed both endings but in all honesty i like the charater too much to see him die. I think the book would have been interesting if a group of vamps are telling the story of the day walker and as they tell the story of the beast that kills them he busts in and slaughters them. It would give much more sympathy to the vamps them then them killing him. I dont think a legend needs to die to be considered a legend there just needs to be something that sets you out from the rest.
  • Bosssy
    Noo, don't you think this alternate ending, although VERY breathtaking indeed was a little bit too much? I say this because there really is no way that he could get into that close of contact with the infected without them attacking him &Anna &Ethan, (realistically). True, it would have been nice for a main character to come out alive but not that way. There is no way that (realistically) the infected would leave Neville to be alive after taking the infected girl &doing multiple experiments on her. Also, do you think that knowing he found a cure he would want to leave? If anything, it would cause a whole nother part 2 with how he would take the survivors back to NY to try to get the infected, treat them, etc. In a way, Neville went a little psycho because he did think he was alone, do you think he would change his sanity just like that? I don't think so. I do believe WB chose the right ending, even though it was SOO obvious that he, indeed "was a legend" they should have had Anna say something else. There are a few other things I would have changed like how Anna &Ethan got out alive &what happened after Neville blew everything up. but still, it was a lot better ending than that shiz ^. but nonetheless, the most amazing movie ever! It makes you think about the future, &what's going to happen when someone does find a cure for cancer? Are we gonna take it? haha
  • catalin
    I didn't read the book, but I hate movies without ending. This is not an ending. Reaching the colony and giving them the treatment, the protagonist dying and becoming a legend, well ... thats an ending.
  • Nolo King
    Both endings suck to be honest, this ending is relatively better, but they just arent satisfying! This ending is too happy happy for my liking, it is just too improbable for this to happen, its just lame to be honest! The best ending would be for the monsters to end it and kill Neville, I mean the whole love ending thing was cheesy, either way the audience would be disappointed! The biggest complaint with the last ending was that it was too unrealistic, this one would get the same complaints as well, so this ending wont make people happy, lawls!
  • michael grenon
    i liked the ending in the theaters more, only reason being is because the original ending was way to long and the one in theaters made it much more dramatic. i think if they put in this ending the movie's actual rating would have more than lkely been lower.
  • Patricia R
    I much prefer this ending to the one in theaters!! It gave me an entirely different view of the movie and actually made more sense to me. I was thinking all along that the girl 'zombie' that he had may have been the lead zombie's girlfriend or connected to him in some way, but we never actually got that from the was just a feeling I had. Thank you very much for posting this for all to see!
  • Patricia R
    p.s. The 'relationship' between the girl and head zombies wasn't the only thing I liked about this ending.....It just seemed more 'right' that Neville should survive after years of trying to find the cure.......
  • This was a much better ending and I also think it should have been chosen for the theatrical version. I'm still not happy about Neville not being the last "human" left alive.
  • Knee
    The theatrical ending made me want to puke. A nice and safe (oh and lets not forget covered with US flags) little outpost of humans in Vermont.....WHAT!? I was waiting for Martha Stewart to pop out HEY GUYS ITS A GOOD THING!! Having read the book I like this ending for the LONE fact they show that the "infected" are not the monsters they are made out to be through the whole movie. It harks back to the ending of the book. That the infected have evolved into a new, advanced and civilized society. However I do not like that Neville is left alive! Can we ever have a movie where humans do not come out the "winner"*warm sappy fuzz*!?
  • Face
    OMFG. It is clear that whoever wrote this article is not only an idiot sheep but has also never read the book. In the book there are not only vamps and humans but thinking half-breeds. At the end, the woman who Neville thought was a fellow human turns out to be a half-breed spy and she and her people execute him. This "original" is just more hollywood ending bullshit to make the viewer feel better than they do about the real ending. Admittedly, the theatrical ending and the movie in general had nothing to do with the book, but they went well together anyway and changing out the ending for one that frankly makes no sense is just another way of appeasing the overly sensitive douchebag bitches who cannot stand to see a main character die even if it adds to the message and makes the story more powerful.
  • jimmi
    i think that to see him die after losing so much his family his dog every thing that in the end he pulled thro for what 9 years just to die at the end i think this version is much much better and leaves the person watching with a little hope knowing they found survivors it gives the same feal as the theatrical version just will smith lives
  • Face, you are wrong. in the book they aren't "half-breeds", there are just differences between vampires who are dead humans come back to life, and just humans turned into vampires. the ones that are still alive are actually quite smart and thats how they have the girl infiltrate him. anyway, i like this ending much more. i loved the movie so much but the ending just wasnt what i was hoping for. this isnt exactly like the book either, but much cooler, i think. its weird that he lives in this one, i figured he would die like in the book (which, by the way, if they would have made the ending... and probably the entire movie more like the book, i think it woulda been cooler) but thatsjust my opinion. yep, awesome alternate ending, im gettin the special edition probably on tuesday. this movie owns all faces.
  • Swiss
    this ending applied to the theme of the book more, but the ending shown in theaters was also a strong ending. the theatrical ending shows how after spending three years trying to find someone, he gives that idea up in favor of being able to protect the thing he was trying to find.
  • A Much happier ending! One of our members posted this in our forum, and Im glad they did! Thanks for sharing!
  • Catt
    This should've been the ending. Sometimes bigger isn't always better. The ending used in the theatres went for a dramatic, but I think this ending, the more quiet one, actually made more noise. I don't think I took a breath during the entire viewing of this ending, which is much like I felt during the entire movie, up until the end. I was disappointed because it seemed that he died quickly, or hastily, almost as if they were running too long. The writing also made mistakes in that the film went back and forth between the mutants being able to think and not think. This ending made more sense in proving that they were still somewhat human, and not brainless killers. They were able to feel. I don't have an opinion as far as killing off Neville, but I think that it can work either way, depending on the writing. It seems that most people who have read the book are adamant about Neville dying, but we have to remember that this is an adaptation, not a remake. The two can be judged independantly. This would have been an even more amazing movie with this ending. If the ending used in the book occurred, it would have ruined the movie. We can compare the two all we want, but the fact is, the movie took the basic storyline and made a script around it. If there were never a book, I think people would love this movie even more. This is not in any way to take away from the Matheson book, as it was amazing also. The movie is an entity of its own and more people would enjoy it if they just watched instead of compared.
  • Anonymous v2.0
    I remember when I watched this movie, I actually expected the ending to be something like this, I was actually disappointed when is wasn't.
  • Mark
    This is the problem: The theatrical release is popular generally because it builds up the action into an explosive climax. Afterwards it allows the audience to stew over Neville's sacrifice and leave the theater feeling good about the human race. It is a superficially "powerful" ending because the big name hero sacrifices himself on the verge of victory. In the process he becomes legend, immortalized. The alternate (original) ending is unpopular for those same reasons. The reason the alternate ending is so powerful is because Neville (and the audience) realizes that he is a legend to the Infected, he is a monster that stalks the darkness. He traps, experiments, and eventually kills their kind. He looks at the wall with all the pictures and realizes just how he must seem to them. Audiences don't want to think about things like this. They don't want to think about the consequences of their hero's actions. Good intentions (curing a disease, spreading democracy, etc) are all you need. They don't want to emphasize with the enemy. It's easier to kill someone when you deny them their humanity.
  • One must consider how they want to be remembered, the choices you make in life, to bring harm to others you are remembered in a bad way, people eventually will forget about you, and there is no honor in that, but doing something to help people and people know and see you for the good that you do, memories of you will be good ones in which you are honored and respected, you are seen in a good way for good reasons and remembered that way, people won't want to forget you then and those that remain as long as they remember you can see your legend. The movie was great until the end when the main charactor was killed off which was a huge turn off, I thought to myself "Another movie that kills off the main charactor just when the storyline was getting really good and made more sense what are they thinking?????", the scenary of the end itself was great, I'd like to see this version combined with the theatrical version in a way that shows this ending, and then transitions to the small village scene where the main charactor is still alive with the woman and child and takes the vile of blood which is the cure and enters the village leaving the original theatrical scenary intact with an updated narration and the music. Main charactor just playing hero and walking with grenade toward the monsters probably wouldn't have been enough to take them all out anyways and the monsters left would have probably seen and quickly followed or ambushed the woman and child before she'd gotten to the car outside, there's alot of inconsistancies to the theatrical version that just plain sucks ass, I mean sure, he dies and is known as a legend, but a charactor doesn't have to die like that to be a Legend, and he held a pretty good fight for a longtime throughout the movie and struck up enough interest in the charactor to just totally kill the charactor off. It's almost like someone else wrote the ending because it just does not feel right, he ending doesn't fit the rest of the movie's direction, because the theatrical ending is like another writer stepped in and finished the movie off at the last minute, that's how it felt, that or ending was rushed. And the monsters saw the woman and child ducking down into that hole, if the explosion was that strong and fire the fire probably would've brought smoke in where the woman and child were with heat with a massive house fire burning house down, they wouldn't have been able to stay in the smoke chemical filled area and probably would've died from smoke enhalation and the monsters outside would've got the woman and child once they got outside in unprotected area out in the open and all attention drawn to the housefire.
  • Another thing is how the female monster was handled is a big issue as well, that part was cut way too short in the theatrical version. I really thought she was gonna turn around and he was gonna work with her more as she was still going on the table, I thought there'd be atleast 1 love scene with the other female as well, and the guy was alone so long losin his mind talkin to manicuns and all and they didn't do anything!!!!!!! The shrek part could've been left out and just set where the kid was watching it and leave it at that, the repeating shrek words back out too long and it was a bit awkward, by then his actions at the table where he lashed out and the female had the gun it was already apparent he had some psychological distress goin on. It would've been more interesting if he had said something funny like I really miss Cheerio's, or I really love Cheerio's, or said to the female it's good that you're hear cookin up bacon and all but did you happen to bring any Cheerio's, you know it's been awhile since I've had any? That would've been funny, much funnier than repeating every word on TV.
  • Krull
    Un,WOW! that's one hell of an ending! O_O I like it more then the book because it is more true that there would be SOME of us who cannot be infected. So now we have to make room for a whole new breed of human.
  • Podunk
    I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about how it deviates from the book. When you went to the theater you knew you were not going to read text on a screen, you were going to see a theatrical interpretation of the written word. When you go see a live play is it always EXACTLY like the original work? No. If you read a book and ten other people read a book do all of them agree on the same interpretation? No, that’s why there are book groups who discuss different points of view. Now I think the movie was fantastic, except for the original ending, because it showed just how fragile Robert’s mind was during this time. The only thing keeping him sane was his “work”, companion, and routine When he lost his companion you can see that he lost his sanity, which I felt was portrayed very well. You also see how he strives to hold onto the normality of life before the event when he constantly visits the video store and makes “friends” with the mannequins. However, I thought the original ending of the movie was complete crap and the writers simply needed to end the movie. What better way to simply end a movie than by killing all the main characters? (Robert and the alpha-male). This ending shows how Robert’s perception of the infected changed, as though he finally saw the light. He finally understood that HE was the villain and that the zombies were simply trying to live their lives. It was him that was invading their space, and not them invading his space. The alternate ending to this movie shows a much better view of how Robert’s attempts at a cure were to him an attempt to save humanity while in the infected’s point of view they were attempts at murder and destruction of their society.
  • hey, thanks for this. This is amazing. I did a little write up about this article and link your site in my blog. thanks again for this. i'll be book marking your site now. great stuff on here!
  • Brad Stilwell
    Really bugs me how they reckon they made the right choice just because the movie made money. this ending is much better.
  • Millé-NEXT
    Thanks a million.......... I loved it, loved it loved it. I enjoyed the movie a quite a bit and thought the ending was the weakest point and could have been a lot better but after watching this I have a whole different view of the picture. This ending made more sense over what we got. I hope WB is reading........... Thanks again
  • Adriana Jeffery
    I absolutely love the alternate ending. Soooo much better than the one WB used. The original ending was a let down to me. The whole movie you know that the lead vampire wants his woman back.
  • Dave
    Some people are claiming this alternate ending is more "rosy" or a happier ending. Just because Neville survives hardly makes it more happy. Neville comes to realise he's a serial killer, that he has been experimenting on people. The theatrical ending fails as the whole film up to that point has been about the real hero Neville's nemeses trying to get the love of his life back after Neville kidnaps her for one of his experiments. It's just the story is shown from the perspective of the kidnapper not the victims. The whole film drops hints to this twist on the typical heroes tale all the way along, but then because of the dumb ending they gave it fails to deliver, leaving you wondering what the rest of the film was all about.
  • I don't get it. But then I haven't seen it yet. But I don't understand what you mean about the ending. Maybe I should go read the book?
  • BKW
    Just as human and humane as how all of them got into the situation in the first place. Makes sense. However, in today's culture, we only know how to demonize, dehumanize and embrace that 'other' is bad. Shame WB!
  • Number 553
    WOW, I really did not like the original ending, it really gave me what I thought Hollywood tries to do...shock us by killing off the hero. I do believe that this is a better ending, it leaves us more with some faith...the best faith is never proven. I have family in the business and I have seen the process...this can be rough with so many creative fingers in the pie...but thanks so much for showing me this...I was not going to buy the DVD, but probably will now. Oh, and by the way... I think WB knows they made a mistake...they are marketing this DVD based on the new ending...
  • Stan
    i liked the film loads, and i thought the ending in the theater was great, yeah it sucke that he died and everything, but it wasnt predictable. i imagined that it would end exactly like this ending. so that fact that it didnt.. made it good. Im still glad i seen this version though, i think both endings were good, but i think that having the 'hero' sacrifice himself to save humanity seemed to work with the film... if that makes sence.
  • somebody
    I never read the book. I'm not really sure if I would have prefered this ending, however. It would have been good if they did touch on the whole legend concept, but I guess I never really missed it that much because I never read the book. But this ending just seems kind of corny and stupid. It makes it seem like the monsters aren't all that bad, and it's actually all his fault (I mean, come on, they killed his dog). I just thought it was cool how he would sacrifice himself in the one in the theaters, because it makes him seem more of a secondary character to the main story of the others who make it to the survivors camp with the cure. However, if I were to have seen the alternate ending first, I might not have minded all that much. It was just too much of a happy ending instead of an ending where it's sad in that he dies, but there is hope for the future anyway, which is more complex in my opinion.
  • Kirsin
    "I want a DVD copy of the movie with the alternate ending being used as the actual ending so I don't have to go to special features to watch it." I second this. I loved this movie despite the predictability because of Will Smith's acting up until the point where the female protagonist was brought in. If this had been the alternate ending, it's still "Hollywood" in that Will Smith lives, but it's far more true to the original book source than the theatrical ending which left me feeling like I wasted half my time at the movie. How do we go about petitioning WB for a two-version DVD?
  • L
    I suppose (admittedly having never read the book) that if the "vampires" are represented in the book as being a new (superior? better than Neville?) race of humans, then there's a big hole in the story; namely, who's blood do they drink when there are no humans left?! Perhaps I'm misunderstanding and they really aren't vampires at all, just mutants created by the virus???
  • CAT
    Far, far superior to the theatrical release. Much truer to the spirit of the book.
  • joel
    I highly prefered this ending, the theatrical ending was just well, was a little empty to me at least. I felt something watching this ending and I didn't as much while watching the theatrical version.
  • Shahna
    The ending of this movie was so stupid! Thank goodness that they did not show this in the theaters! I am so sorry if i'm being harsh, but I never thought that it would end like this!!!
  • David
    I like the orignal ending better. I read I am legend and to me it sucked compared to the movie. The movie felt so much more real than the book did. Its just an opinon so dont freak out.
  • hollie
    to be honest you all are losers and need to get a life hahaha!
  • Mike
    Hated this ending. The ending they chose at least had 1 thing in common with the book (which was tremendously better than the movie) which is the fact that Neville actually dies. Why can't the film makers just realize that if a book is as good as it is to begin with...then why do they have to go through and change almost everything about the story? The movie was good, and the original ending was better, end of story. But for anyone who liked the movie - read the book, you'll like it a lot more.
  • joe joe
    i liked the second ending because it flows with the story line more and it reminds me of bobmarly because he spoke of marly as being a legend who broke down anger and hate. they are both simmilar because he hated the creatures for destroying his life but he gave them a chance and then the hate disappeared also it gives more of a closure unlike the first one which is just ment to make the main character look cool which was ok but at the same time made him look like a bum because he had a pretty shitty last 3 years of his life and i dont know anyone that would want to go through what he did also thanks for showing me the original ending it was sweet and i thought was allot better than the first ending thanks:Joe Joe
  • Anna
    Ah! I like this ending so much better! Of course, I haven't read the book, but I had heard about it and didn't like the original ending at all. Thanks for sharing! I'm happy now :)
  • Michael
    I liked this much better. I read the book and watched the other theatrical version with Charlton Heston from the 70's "Omega Man" which I liked better than this movie (ending). I felt with the original ending that Hollywood 'hollywood'ed' it up and thought they were so much smarter than a brilliant legendary (ha) novelist and though, hey instead of something to think about let's just throw in some yelling and an explosion instead! cha-chng! We're so smart! I am glad to see that this ending was available, too bad it was not the theatrical ending.
  • Michael
    Oh, and thank you so much for putting this on the site, I was so iritated by the original release I was not going to rent it to watch the new ending, even though now I see it would have been worth it.
  • Lexie
    I really liked this alternate ending. I think it definitely played along with the story line of the book a bit better, than the original theatrical ending. The book is pretty much a masterpiece within itself, I think it has a heart and mind to it that not many pieces of literature have anymore. It shows a very different side to these so called "vampires" or "monsters", than what we see in our usual novels. No matter what, I don't believe that a movie adaptation of I Am Legend really, in full, capture the essence, and the heart of the book. Whether it was "hollywooded" or not, the concept of the book would fly over most peoples heads, especially on just any friday night outing to the movies. As much as I loved seeing the humanity and the real, sort of love between the two "vampires" in this alternate ending, and seeing Nevelle really finding that he was in the wrong, as opposed to this whole other species of people, I truly find myself loving the theatrical ending better. I think that other reviewers 100% had a point in saying that the director and screen writer's vision of the ending being about Nevelle sacrificing himself for humanity, DOES get lost in the midst of "hope there are still others out there". It definitely does, but I found myself with chills, and in complete awe, that such a person WOULD die for people he believes have some kind of redeeming qualities left in them. "Hollywooded", or not, the original theatrical ending moved me a lot more than this alternate ending.
  • Jason Park
    The movie turns sour when the woman and the child shows up. By that time, I thought the theatrical ending was appropriate because then there was a need for them. But if they were going to use the alternate ending, there was no need to have the two extra characters in the film at all.
  • Meggie
    After reading many of these comments, I completely understand both sides! I read parts of the book (I hardly ever read an ENTIRE book, I skip around . . . I know -- awful -- but it's all I can find time for!) I really sought after this alternate ending! Now that I've seen it, both endings incorporate some parts of the book. In the theatrical, Neville dies (though it is a completely different death -- but still a death). In the alternate, it shows his regret for pursuing a cure so viciously and how the infected perceive his doings. The main reason I like the theatrical is due to the fact that there were 9% (I think. . . ) that were immune to the infection, HOWEVER, how long would it have taken someone to figure out that the infection cannot survive the cold? The people who are already living there? Wouldn't they then have no clue what was going on in the rest of the world then? And never the less (from a medical perspective) it could be open for interpretation because something could be dormant in a system in the "cold" as we saw when he had the girl who was infected. And another thing -- how the hell did the woman and child get on Manhattan? I live there. . . it really bothered me that the bridges were destroyed yet they seemed to do the impossible and drive on and off without any sort of way for transportation besides their car? They could of taken a ferry but it is nearly impossible to handle. . . I don't know! It boggles my mind! I feel that this would be one of those movies that should be remade to be in line with the book so that both are available! Either one would be intriguing. The latest theatrical one for hope and those who would rather hold on to concept that the humanity we know can be saved at all times -- and the one where those who haven't read the book would be in shock and leave with a twisted understanding. Ok, I've gone on long enough! I just really have always liked the book and enjoyed the movie! I was pursuing a career as a doctor then as a chemical biologist to create medication for the "good", but I have always written papers and stuff about how realistic this could be just because of the severe fight for a "cure" for everything that it endangers us because of the political aspects about the FDA! haha, it has always just been for fun and to get on my professor's nerves, but is still an interesting perspective!
  • George
    Gave you chills?! Breathtaking?! The alternate ending was interesting at best in that it changed the entire dynamic. Personally, still wasn't the right ending. Both were sub-par, just like the movie!
  • waz up
    cool movie both were good but alternative is better cuz he had to survive for the cure. i like it as much as i robot most peolple think they were zombies even me until now. i found out they were vampires they never explained that in the movie well at least i didnt hear dat.
  • Paul W
    Awesome ending! It sucks that the industry is so concerned about whether their target audiences will understand what's happening. I felt the idea was perfectly coherent and had no trouble understanding. I hope they add a full sound track to this ending in the DVD.
  • Skout
    Wow. I would have come out of the theater grinning ear to ear had that been what I had seen, rather than what they sold us. Typical of movies of late - great movies ruined by horrible endings. I had been renting getting the DVD just to see this... now I think I will buy it for it.
  • Tony
    I liked it but the ending is kinda ruined with the whole them going across the bring... I know it was probably said already but they destroyed the bridges at the beginning so where the hell did it come from
  • Brad W
    I agree that this ending is much better than the theatrical ending; but either way the movie failed to reach my expectations. SO much about the book would have appealed to modern audiences: The brutal killings of the vampires during the daytime (why weren't they paralyzed in the movie?), the part where the vamps blow up his generator, the female vamps making lude gestures at him and his struggle with his unfulfilled lust, his struggle with alcoholism, his wife and daughter dying (not in a random helicopter crash) and him bringing them to the massive funeral pyre, the betrayal of the one person he trusts in the entire book, the REAL story of the dog (he spends weeks trying to make this dog trust him and when he finally gets ahold of it it dies to the virus), the explanations for how the virus interacts with the human body and why vampires are afraid of garlic, his relationship to his old friend who is now a vampire that taunts him all night long, etc. The only good change from the book was HOW he got his immunity to the virus... in the book he gets bit by a vampire bat that's infected and builds up an immunity. Pretty ridiculous.
  • Derek
    I liked the theatrical ending for the fact it was more that Neville won, but with the alternate ending it just seems like he gives up and loses. And I notice people talking about the similarity to the novel with the ending, in the novel does it not just end with Neville standing on a balcony in front of the vampires and kind of left it open ending so who’s to say whether he lives or dies.
  • Shannon
    The alternate ending was better than the one released in the theaters. I read the book a few years back and I was suprised with how different the movie was from the book, however, the movie was good overall. The only real disappointment I think that I had was that the infected were changed so much. In the book, they could talk and communicate which made the dynamic so much better between Nevill and the infected. Also, I would have liked to see how they would incorporate the woman coming into his life like the book. Where the infected society was able to live as a society and infiltrate his life with an infected being able to be out in the sun and trying to live a normal life. Wouldn't that have been a great line for the story? Also, why do they always have to kill off the pets? Come on, if you are going to change so much of the story, why not let the dog live? The way the dog was introduced in the movie was so much different than the book. Couldn't you have just left it alone? I would have also liked to see more with the intelligence of the infected. Like how the leader used "Frank" to lure Neville to the lair. More of that kind of exchange I think would have shown more of the dynamic like what was in the book. Finally, I can understand the deer running through the streets, they are pretty fast, but you mean to tell me that the lions, with cubs no less, were able to survive the infected at night when there was a scarce food source? Not believable at all. Over all, this is a movie that I will own for myself. The movie was good in its own right.
  • LigiaMZ
    I like this end more than the theatrical one, because you can be a legend for trying to make things diferents and when you see this Dr. Neville with the cure and with the knowledge of how the humanity turn into this creature with some kind of order and feelings, you know for sure that he is going to produce the antidote.
  • Amber
    "Although I had wished that the alternate ending was more true to the novel in which Anna is an evolved daylight vampire who helps capture Neville and brings him to the vampires. She then explains that the vampires are a new society amongst themselves and view Neville as a killer and ghostly legend. And then they execute him." Random thought. Scary too...with the popularization of the "alternate ending" through the DVD - they kinda leave an opening for a in which the vampires come and take Neville, explain their society, and then execute him. Like perhaps doing it from the vampire's perspective. Or half through Neville's, then switching to the vampire's with some flashback...blah blah... Either way, I am hoping this doesn't happen. I did like the original ending (aka alternate that wasn't shown in theatres) - moreso than the theatrical ending. The theatre ending just felt too "American" - the "we always have to win/fix everything". (And I'm American, so I can say that!)
  • MovieBuff
    I think this alternate ending was more courageous of Robert Neville and it elicited more emotions from me as a viewer.
  • Ruth Anne
    I think that the alternate ending would have made a better ending. I say this because I am a BIG Will Smith fan and wasn't so happy to see him die on the movie's ending. I've never seen Will Smith die on any of his films. So I love this ending way better!
  • I REALLY did not like the original ending. I found this page totally by accident. This alternate ending has really changed my perspective and I have decided to watch the movie again on DVD just to get the movie experience as I think it should have been. I assume you can watch the movie all the way through with the alternate ending?
  • kiitos
    all of it is the authors responsibility. if you sell your story with no oversight as to what they do to it then you deserve to have your work crapped on by a corporation.
  • Steve
    You know what book- to movie adaption didn't suck. Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson should direct everything.
  • Neike Taika-Tessaro
    Oh my goodness, this made me weep with empathy. That aside: it's not quite as well executed as it could be, overall, but, damn, this is exactly the flavour of ending I was hoping to see. Over the course of the movie it became quite clear Neville was a bit damaged by his loneliness and a little crazy - it didn't take a huge leap of faith to think that maybe there's more to these creatures than he, himself thinks. I didn't read the book, but I found the actual released ending of the movie to have ruined it. There were other decisions made in the movie that upset me a little, like being spoon-fed the history of the city, but the acting and some of the details (the mannequin trap, for example!) were utterly awesome... only to be dunked into a vat of Lame right at the end, where I was wondering who the directors were catering to. So much of the movie screamed, "This is different than you average zombie/vampire apocalypse!", only to crash right back into the cliché at the end. I still enjoyed it, but it let me with that aftertaste of, "This could have been better." Now I know precisely in what way it could have been better. 😀 So I'd like to second the general responses here: this ending would have been so much better. :)
  • Joe
    Finally seeing this explains so much about the movie that seemed crap. I.e. in the theatrical version there is all this buildup around the lead vampire and implications that they are smart and more than just zombies. The theatrical version just dismisses all that and by the end you have no real reason for them trapping Neville. With this version you see that they too have emotions and intelligence and there was a reason behind the ruthless attacks on Neville. I still hate the girl and the overall feel good ending of the movie though, the books concept was way better. This new ending brings it close in line though which is good. I like the structure with the pictures of all his experiments in the background on the wall while hes looking ashamed.
  • Don
    Yes, I really like this alternate ending much better. The one in the movie is kind of illogical, he could have set and thrown the grenade, then hid in the wall along with the others.
  • I was very disappointed with this movie as soon as the first CGI creature was shown. I love this alternative ending though as it reveals the humanity inside the monsters something I felt was missing. I think I could have forgiven the earlier "falseness" of the creatures if I had seen this ending in the theaters. i think you are correct that they made a huge mistake.
  • v
    It is definitely a more powerful ending in terms of emotion but then it leaves us a sense of where exacltly does the title come into play. Is he legend because he faced the monsters and lived or that he found a cure. Both endings are geared towards pleasin both sides of our society in which some wish that the hero dies while taking out the bad guy or lives to fight another day. No one looks at the fact that he cause this ailment or that he killed hundreds of people yes humans trying to find a cure. Halfway through the movie he finally comes to the conclusiopn that they have no more human traits but his wall of death showed that he tested this theory on victims in the masses before reaching that diagnosis. All in all I prefer the book they obviously formed there own society scouring for food at night and here comes this man dragging them out one by one and dispatching them as if they were deer or some other type of game, not thinking that they were once his neighbors so in any polite society he was tried found wanting and executed accordingly .
  • George
    yeah wow, rally the cause behind an alternate ending.. it's still the worst movie to come out of hollywood in years.. i've seen better computer graphics on a playstation, and the ridiculous pacing was a far bigger problem than the ending.. the original wasn't much, but it was a damn sight better than this piece of trash..
  • jimbot
    this was a much better ending. i hadn't read the book and was enjoying the movie quite a lot until this last scene when i felt the tone completely changed for the worst. I thought it become really cheesy. WB ruined the movie by doing this.
  • Kelli
    Much better ending!!! I was quite disappointed with the original (theatre version). I had looked the story up on wikipedia prior to watching it and was sad to have ruined such a great story for myself. Then to get to the theatre and see the ending I was shocked. I am glad to know that there was a much better ending out there, and that it was created, even if not shown. I agree with what you said about the paradox of him being the legend. Great stuff.
  • Shawnda
    I knew it! Well.. sort of. I had the alternate ending played out in my head before I even left the theater! My ending went kind of like this: the head vampire is trying to get in the room (as in the movie) and when Neville sees the burn on the side of his head, he realizes that the female he took is actually the leader's girlfriend - which was clearly evidenced by the leader's change in behavior when she was captured. Neville shows the leader that he has cured her and the leader allows Neville to inject him with the cure as well. The others follow the leader and are all injected.. Happy ending for all :) The real alternate ending kind of leaves me wondering what happened to the zombies. I mean.. They just leave and that's it?
  • reed
    that was great i love i am legend so much its all i'v talked about for the last 18 days
  • Jordan
    Thanks for that loved it so much better than original ending
  • I really liked the movie in general and I think I would have liked it better with the original ending.
  • Jim
    Just watched the alt ending on DVD.... for those who were asking for a version where the alt ending is part of the movie and not just a special feature tack-on, you're in luck. The second disc is the entire movie with the alt ending seamlessly integrated. Bravo!
  • Mark
    You are all geeks. Go polish your enterprise model and watch Trekkies.
  • Cali
    The ending in the theaters ruined the movie for me. I would have much preferred to see this alternate ending in the original movie. But this movie is still one of the best of the decade!!
  • james
    Well I tend to like both endings. I never read the book so I'm not able to make a comparison between the two. But what may be missing here is the viewing audience expectations. Those that did not read the book went because of Will Smith. Those that had read the book went to see it come to life on the big screen. Lets face it, Hollywood almost never holds true to the real essence of any book. Primarily, as I see it, most books, regardless of popularity, are only read by 2-3 million people. While a blockbuster movie is seen by 10's of millions. Most of whom have never heard of let alone read the book. Judging by the comments here and those morbid cartoons on the DVD, the fans of this book seem to have no hope for themselves. I guest that's why so many want to see the vampires humanized. I belive the real diappointment was not in Will Smith dying, but in the Vampires being killed. Eveything bad is good kind of mindset. Regardless, $300 million based on a "bad" ending, they'll never change. Neither would I.
  • Isaac
    Although I haven't read the book, I really think this ending is much better. When I saw it in theaters, I thought what I saw just now was gonna happen, but I was wrong.
  • EJ
    Sorry. This was a really cool ending and all, and I'm glad that he lived in this one. But the original one made me cry in the movie theatre and this one kinda confused me. All in all they were both good, but I still prefer the original.
  • Thomas
    Scott in #11: Thanks for your post; I'll make sure to avoid taking any advice from an insulting nut job like yourself. Now please chuck your PC out the window so you can stop polluting the internet with your crass and self-important nonsense.
  • IronLone
    heh when i first saw this at the first movie i ever went to (yes i know im strange) it shocked me, this movie is completely realistic, with the advances we make in medical sceince everyday, this type of thing is possible. i love the alternate ending... should have been the main ending in the book... kinda makes you want to know about the other side of it, you know... the infected people.. you know..
  • Jenn
    I LOVED the movie and I hated the theater ending. Seeing the alternate ending was much better, I feel like it is complete now. It just feels right. greatest movie I've seen all year!!
  • Scott
    See now as I watched the movie and the creature first showed itself I sorta knew that it was really just evolving and that it probably was just pissed that wil smiths character had taken someone that it possibly cared about or bonded with. Then when it set the trap for him i was sure there was more to it. Now i realize I was right. Thanks, Great Alternate ending. Much better than original..
  • jim
    how did they drive away!!!!!
  • cumi
    the alternate ending is okay, i just don't see the point of the vampires (i guess that's what we agreed to call the CGI creatures now) not killing Neville after what he did, being the legendary serial killer for the vamps. and yeah they've destroyed the bridge..
  • Asmodeus
    The ending was changed because it encourages people to find peaceful, non-violent ways of resolving their conflicts. We can't have people thinking THAT, can we? Think what it would do to the economy!
  • Jullian
    For a person that works in a movie theatre... i heard and saw the dissapointments about the ending of this movie.. THe concept of Legend that they tried to push with the theatrical ending didnt fit that well.. this alternate however fits together the puzzle peices that were given through out the begining.. like the going out into the sun, to chase after his wife/gf.. the butterfly thing with his kid.. and the playing god concept... in the end when it shows him looking at all the victims that he killed.. I undoubtedly would choose this ending over the theatrical one.
  • Linda
    I haven't read the book but the movie ending was a shock and a disappointment and an insult. This ending is touching, intelligent and ties everything in a meaningful way. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING! This was so much the same depressing end like Last Man on Earth and Omega Man at the movies, give it a special place as being the only way an event like this could make sense.
  • szenen
    you're right when you say WB did it for money. but is it realy so much better? I have to watch the complete movie with the alternative end to give the answer, but the end is surly more emotional as the final one. What's sure better is that there's no church and jesus conspiracy like in the theatrical end.
  • Mike F
    I rented the movie last night. I couldnt figure out why i hated the movie until i found this website this morning.. Like most of the people i was enjoying the movie up until the woman and kid arrive. (also hated the part about the german sheppard dying, even though you knew from typical movies that is was going to happen. Any after they arrived the movie became boring and i feel both endings sorta sucked. If i had to choose id go with the alt ending. I do like the idea that he is considered a legend among the vampire as a serial killer. I havent read the book but from what i have read on the post it seemed like a much better ending then the movie. They never really said how the infection started. I know they kept saying it is man related. But in the very opening the doctor is on tv saying they found a cure for cancer. I thought that the cure they were using started the infection. Im going to assume that since they found the cure for cancer this was a new and more poweful disease that could whipe out man kind. But the question i had was that they never went into detailed how the disease stared or where it came from. I thought they should have related it in with the cure for cancer, as like a side affect a year later that transformed into into this KG disease. Again the movie wasnt bad until the end.
  • mb
    I think they should have used this ending. The theatrical ending leaves you so disappointed that you don't even care about the safe area in Vermont. We already had to watch our hero dog die so why kill the hero legend as well.
  • ACK
    Oh wow...this ending gave me chills. I like this SO much better than the original. In the original, I really really wanted the "monsters" to finally show their human side...Robert mentioned that one of them came out into the sun for a brief moment, and it was because they were becoming so savage they didn't even think of their own welfare anymore, when really it was because the monster wanted to save his mate so badly, he almost died for her. Then they set the same exact trap that Robert set for them. Clearly they weren't as savage as he thought, and this ending gets that point across MUCH more clearly. God, I love this movie.
  • Slick Rick
    You are an idiot, this ending is nothing like the ending of the book and it doesn't even make it a point to say the incredible final lines of the novel. Without this the story is nothing, and means nothing. It is incredibly funny to me to hear you and others talk about how amazing this trite and incredibly poorly written, directed, and acted film was. The movie should have never been given the honor of using the actual name of the story by Richard Matheson since it had absolutely nothing to do with the story. The entire point of Matheson's work is tossed out the window by those who made this movie and I find it incredibly depressing. This little 170 page novella is one of the greatest works of fiction or science-fiction/horror to ever be produced and it sickens me to see it get shit on for a third time on the big screen. Did you happen to notice in the credits where it says that this garbage film was based on a SCREENPLAY that was BASED ON the book? Wow, what a way to write a movie. Don't read the book, read a terrible screenplay that was meant for Arnold Schwarzenegger and write up a script that does no justice to the points made in the original. The support you idiots give to this movie is incredible, and I still have a hard time believing that people actually like this crap. Then I remember how the intelligence of the average person is apparently dropping day by day and I am no longer surprised. Maybe if you read the book you too would agree that they did an awful job of turning it into a film for the third time, and I wouldn't see these retarded reviews claiming that the film was "incredible". It was poorly directed, the CG monsters looked like shit (as always), and Will Smith's idea of a lonely man driven to near insanity is talking to mannequins. Wow, what an amazing actor (sarcasm). This film was shit, your opinion is shit, and this alternate ending does in no way make the point that the book does. I'm glad that writing for a film news website makes you feel that you are a critic worthy of writing insightful commentary on movies, but you have instead proven that you know next to nothing about good writing, direction, and acting. The people in charge of making this movie did everything they could to dumb it down for the morons who pay $10 a pop for tickets, and you fell for it. Congratulations. The American film industry is going down the tubes and idiots like you are wadding up your money in the pipes so it will never be plunged from the depths of the cesspool that it currently resides in. I beg you, be like the classic comedy show from years ago, and GET FUCKING SMART!
  • mr. spaulding
    i totally prefer the alternate ending... it makes the movie so much better..
  • shanna
    I really want to thank you for showing us that ending. I have seen the movie and I loved it but the one thing that I was not crazy about was the ending. My whole family agreed that the ending should have been different and now that I have seen this ending I believe that this is the one that they should have put in the final cut for theaters. That was the kind of ending that we felt was better then what was there. Thank you so much for showing us that.
  • Chris
    Much much better, though the movie still had lots of issues. Still, I would've been more inclined to overlook those issues had this been the ending... Thanks for showing us! And btw, there a new Director's Cut out now (at least online) that fixes this and a few other things...
  • L.
    I think this version is much better but it still had problems too. I admit the scene with them all driving away was a bit too "sunshine and flowers" for me. They should have replaced that with a small montage of how Neville's cure was being used by the survivors to turn the infected back to normal. Everything else in this ending really tied it together. The alpha male showing that shred of humanity he has left by his emotion over his female is what makes Neville see that somewhere along the line HE has turned into the vampire/monster/legend or whatever you want to call it. The movie was really good up until the dark seekers showed themselves. I mean come on...CG PEOPLE??? What is so wrong these days with having real actors in makeup. Think how much more freaky the movie would have been if they were real actors portraying the dark seekers. The animation was about as obvious as bugs bunny in space jam. A message to all movie makers, CG animation belongs in children's films and should stay there (well ok, Beowulf is an exception). Unless you can do a spotless job of making it look perfectly real you shouldn't mess with it at all. Oh yeah...and don't trust focus groups, they messed up your movie.
  • Chad O
    Hi Mike F, They infer that the infection is a mutation of the virus they modify to attack cancer. So their amazing, resiliant cure, becomes a death sentence for most of the world. As for the ending, I prefer the 'alternate' one, up until the driving and voiceover by the girl. Personally I'd still vote for some form of hybrid ending perhaps, or do something (rapid scene flashbacks) to emphasize his realization that he is the monster, at least to the 'vampires'. It might have been fitting to have the girl 'vampire' kill him just as/after he has this epiphany. Then the escape of the girl and the boy to the 'safe town' could have cemented the 'Legend' for both old humanity, and new mutated humanity. Anyway, just my collection of disjointed thoughts.
  • Charlton Heston
    I thought The Omega Man was a much better film. I also think the alternate ending was much more in-deph and thought provoking than the theatrical.
  • L.
    Oh yeah, and I think alot of you out there can get your point across without calling people names please. This whole "If you don't like exactly what I like, you're a retard." attitude has got to go also. The fact is, this isn't the book, it's a movie. And try to keep in mind that 75% of the audience probably hasn't read the book. So please get off your high horses and be nice.
  • Mike F
    Thanks Chad for clearing that up.. I was sorta thinking that was the reason but wasnt 100% sure.
  • Chad O
    You're welcome Mike. And I agree with 'L.' that a bit more civility would be great. I haven't read the book, but can understand that it would be awesome to see that ending. But portraying it without making the movie overly long would be the challenge. You could easily get rid of the girl and little boy mind you, if that was the slant they were taking. Now, I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but would it be trite, or ironic, if Neville died of cancer after reaching the town?
  • SandwichBoy
    Trite. Very trite, and totally not in keeping with the story.
  • Tom T.
    I'm so incredibly exited right now its crazy, and at the same time so very upset. The alternate ending was amazing, I loved it. WB has to know the ending they chose sucked as reviews for the movie are great, except everyone had same same issues. The ending. I honestly dont even know a single person who saw the movie that didnt say something about not liking the way it ended. Theatrical ending was horrid. I just want to thank you for posting the other ending so myself and others can replace the excruciating ending with an ending much more fit.
  • Yus John
    Slick Rick, you are stressing too hard about how people feel about this movie. Keep in mind, just because a book was a genius book, does not mean movies based on the book but altered can't also be enjoyable. People are not idiots if they choose to like the creativity of someone who was inspired by another artist to recreate their work. It happens all of the time in the food industry and sometimes leads to much better products. After reading the first Jurassic Park book, I am actually glad that the movie didn't completely follow all of it's story lines. I even thought the book that the first Rambo was based on (in which Rambo was killed), did better by being changed. Now, I can argue that for someone to want to see Rambo live is in poor taste because it is not true to the book, but that is all opinion and not foolishness. I'd venture a guess that most people never heard of the book until this movie came out. Therefore, they are liking this movie based on the creativity that was within it, and not based on the creativity of the original author. They are not dumb, but simply experiencing something from a different view than one who've seen the true source.
  • Ric P
    Loved the movie. I also prefer this ending over the theatrical one, but can someone explain to me the butterfly concept of this movie, especially when the main vampire drew a butterfly on the glass and the female had a butterfly tattoo? I dont get it.
  • Sean
    WOW. that was so much better that the one that was used in the theaters.
  • Jesper B
    Thanks a lot for breaking the rule... The orignal left me with an odd feeling that the movie ended in a compromise. With this version the movie finally made sense!
  • Guy
    THEY BLEW UP ALL THE BRIDGES... and this ending was weak
  • I am very grateful to have found this. I loved the movie, but the ending felt very false given some events leading up to it. I have not read the book, but I had imagined an ending similar to this 'original' one. I see it like this: Theatrical ending: mindless, violent, destructive, desperate, loose-loose, yet still managing to put a single (flawed) man on pedestal as a fake 'hero' to try and spin something positive from the disaster. Original ending: as said: profound and emotional, overcoming fear and prejudice and being willing to listen and negotiate, resulting in a win-win. Unfortunately I see an attitude in the US, especially regarding foreign policy, to have disturbing similarities to the mindset of the 'theatrical trailer'. Maybe this factored in to the decision to use this ending - on the assumption that viewers would prefer to see a show of power and big explosion with heroes held high, since this has proven to be such a successful technique in convincing the public that US foreign policy is doing the right thing. Hopefully, this strong show of support for the original ending can also help some people realise that a compassionate mindset can produce better results, and would be warmly accepted by the public.
  • Ric P (comment 632). From what I figure, the female vampire had a butterfly tattoo. Simple. The lead vampire wanted her back, and wanted to communicate the fact that he had a personal connection to her (otherwise his actions would be interpreted as "I want to kill everyone in the glass cage"). So he drew a butterfly on the glass. Neville's daughter talking about butterflies was supposed to be prophetic to help Neville 'listen', and not just react to violence with violence.
  • Phillip Seo
    I definitely prefer this ending over the theatrical one. For one thing, much of the movie seemed to move towards this conclusion. The alpha male's anger when his wife/girlfriend was taken from him, the trap the infected set for Neville, and the complex, distraught expression on the alpha male's face as he was hitting the glass near the end all hinted at the idea that the infected were more human than Neville seemed willing to believe. The appearance of the family of lions at the end is also poignant. In the beginning of the movie, Neville decided not to shoot a lioness, despite the fact that it killed the deer he was hunting, because he saw that it had a family. This mirrors the situation with the infected and emphasizes the sanctity of all life, all families, regardless of what kind. The only small weakness I found with this ending was that there was still a bridge left standing. I can imagine that maybe not all of the bridges had been destroyed (the infected did spread, after all), but the fact that this wasn't explicitly stated makes the presence of a working bridge seem like a mistake (even if it wasn't).
  • Danirae
    The original ending was good, but that alternate ending would've been better. They just started to dig into the fact that those things were social with each other and this would've helped me understand better where that was headed. Many times when I see a movie and I felt like something could've been better explained I would see it in the deleted scenes. That ending shouldn't have been deleted, in my opinion.
  • Luis Farinha
    The theater version started off well, it evolved more or less evenly along the way and then it just ... nothing, Neville just decided to give up and kill himself ... , not very good for a squeal in my opinion, very bad ending. Know the original (alternate) ending, that's what I call a decent ending, at least it didn't kill the story.
  • Just Fan
    I really like the alternate ending. Theatre one was good but I didn't like Rober Neville dies at end.
  • A. Giasone
    Liked the alternate left an opening for a sequel.
  • E
    I gave I Am Legend a rating of 2/5 on Netflix. I absolutely hated the movie. I enjoyed all of it til the end, and the ending I thought was so poorly forced together that I couldn't even enjoy the good parts I had seen. In the movie, all of the hints and insights they build into the main Vampire just get completely dropped and kicked out of the way in the last 10 minutes, it drove me nuts. The Vampires start showing intelligence, and seem particularly angry about the one female vampire being taken, so the entire movie you expect something to develop with that plot line. For them to drop it so dismissively was a huge insult to me as a viewer. I wrote a few opinions on how bad I felt the movie was...that is, until I saw the alternate ending. It actually finishes the movie, instead of treating us like children with short attention spans. We get to see Will and the main Vampire's relationship come to fruition, and Will finally gain the insight he seems to be searching for the entire movie. With the alternate ending, I would give the movie 4 stars. With the ending as it is currently, it will remain at 2. Currently I Am Legend gets mediocre reviews (only 3/5 general rating on Netflix). With this alt ending, it would have easily been at the top of the lists instead of left behind. Warner needs to stop considering their first week as a judgment of their success. I Am Legend was going to get an audience no matter what happened (as it did). To /maintain/ a following, to get respect for a movie, you need to actually do something good. You can't rely on cliche and a well cut trailer to get you through everything.
  • Sam
    If you look at the entire movie then the theatrical ending is more in line with what was shown before. If you've read the book and have an appreciation of it then you'll like the alternate ending more because it touches upon some of the concepts the book uses. The alternate ending comes out of left field if you watch the entirety of the movie and doesn't work at all. In the book there is a progression to show the blurring of good and evil, in the movie there was absolutely no blurring of those two concepts. Through the entire movie the vampire-esque creatures are 'evil', and Neville is undeniably good, in the book they blur the line between the infected and Neville. The alternate ending would have made no sense at all when considering the movie only, and even if they had changed earlier scenes it would not have made much of a difference. The alternate ending was an attempt to bring concepts from the book into the movie, so putting it into the movie would have required extensive changes both to the earlier scenes and even the alternate ending as well since they had no backstory to explain the infected's actions.
  • Bryan
    First of all anyone who thinks the original ending was better is a moron, and should go apply for a job at Warner Brothers right now! Second, most (if not all) of you are missing the point of the title. The title is "I" am Legend. It's a pun. Smith's character is calling himself a legend - a true legend would never say that "I am a Legend!" This fully supports this alternate ending. The point of the film is to show that he is more evil than the vampires. Which is also the very reason they don't kill him. If they kill Smith, than the vampires would be no better than he is. The point is to show that they do have humanity, If they killed Smith, they would be just as savage. The ending is a revelation in Smith's character, that he sees "oh fuck, maybe I'm not a Legend!" The title is a complete pun and play on words. Even to the point that Smith thinks he is the last man on earth, when he isn't! He isn't a legend - and that is the point of the movie! In many ways this ending and idea are better than the book - in the book, we find out she is one of them, and takes them to their lair and they kill him. Making them savage, him the last man on earth and a "legend!" But the film is the opposite, it shows that they are humane, that he isn't the last man, and that he isn't a legend - BRILLIANT! The book was a classic, but the film took a different, and perhaps better approach to the story. If anything certainly a more realistic approach - think about it, is it really conceivable that he is the last man on earth!
  • Michelle Owens
    I loved the alternate ending so much better than the original. Most of all because Will Smith still lived at the end. It made perfect sense to me because it shows that all the creatures wanted was the woman back. They never really bothered him until he took one of the infected. I would most definitely vote for the alternate ending.
  • I prefer the alt ending. It shows that love exists in the creatures. THEIR IS SOME HUMANITY LEFT IN THEM!!! We are always afraid of the unknown, albeit here there is GOOD REASON to fear them. The THEATRICAL ending seemed too hokey - sugar-coated at the VERY END IMO
  • I truly enjoyed the alternate ending, and so did my 11-year-old daughter. (My wife wasn't so sure!) We thought it did a pretty good job of walking the line between the "Hollywood ending" and the darker book ending. There was still definitely a compromise of sorts, but in this version of the ending the compromise worked beautifully. I would've been very happy with it in the theaters. The photographs on the walls and the vampire "hero" walking off with the damsel strongly alluded to the book's point, and that would've gotten a lot of people thinking. In a lot of ways it reminded me of the DVD of "28 Days Later", where they showed alternate endings which included killing off one of the main characters. But for that one they made the right choice in theaters — the alternates simply didn't work as well. With "I Am Legend" the alternate is (IMHO) the definitive version of the movie.
  • jess
    Honestly I think both endings have pros and cons. It was better to see the humanity in the zombies because they had already shown that they were able to replicate and learn the trap Neville set and using "Frank" (obviously marking them as not mindless zombies) the alt ending also stays true to the book by showing the evolution of mankind and making neville into a legend. At the same time I dont know how i feel about keeping him alive. If they wanted a sequel, maybe...
  • Barry Murphy
    Wow! I prefer the movie 28 Days later as I felt the two movies were pretty much the same but that ending was superior to the original in every way. The original cinema ending absolutely destroyed any credibility that the movie had. I agree that this one should have been used. Too late for me now because I seen the crap ending & therefore I am Legend was just another mediocre movie that dragged at times & was ruined. Thank God there's no sequel. Well all I know is I wouldn't be going if there was anyway! The CGI was below average for me so that was another negative point. I'm getting away from the subject now. Sorry! WB, you guys got this wrong. This was the better ending that would definitely have gone down better with audiences. Where do you get your test audience from????
  • ben
    it's funny... this ending brings lots of closure, and explains a lot in the movie... that scene where the main 'zombie' exposes himself to the light... everything. it was the perfect ending. I had no knowledge of what would happen at the end, and the entire time I was thinking "it's because of that zombie chick in the basement".
  • Ken
    Wow! lmao! I haven't heard a rant like that in sometime, but I agree with ya there! A little bit off topic I suppose but oh well. Thanks for the comic relief though amongst everything else.
  • Jack
    For me, this alternate ending is simply horrible :) Whole movie is full of weak spots, but including such a cheap pathetic ending would be even worse. I respect everyone's opinion, but I simply couldn't come up with more cheesy cliched ending. Original ending is pathetic but comparing to this it looks like actual movie.
  • I never read the book, though it was obvious for me the original ending did not fit the story. Now I see this, it explains all. Thanks for showing this!
  • misstyeye
    I really enjoy this alternate ending, not just because Will Smith is alive but because it is more true to the original story. I like movies that are true to the books and games. Thanks for showing!
  • M
    I think that ending kicks ass over the other one... it opens up more onto the themes and really shows that Neville was wrong when he assumed that the others were not evolved at all.. because how would they set traps or have a hierarchy...
  • Matt
    THIS ENDING SUCKS I have no idea how anyone could prefer this ending to the original theatrical release. This was a movie, it was loosely based on the book, but not a direct copy. I hate this ending.
  • daniel
    wow what a hell of an ending ive seen the movie four times but i never actually got wut the ending meant but now that i hav seen that ending i have one question..............IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN DOWLOAD THIS VID SO I CAN PUT IT ON MY PSP?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • david
    i think they put the theatrical ending in so that people would want to see the real ending and to do that they would have to buy the dvd. So i think they did that so they would make more money by selling lots of dvds cause people wanted to see the alternative ending
  • flash over
    This was a much better ending. Very reminisent of the book. Not in that he lived, but in that he realized that the vampires had a society, and that he was a killer to them.
  • Rex
    In my opinion, only one post seems to have the "I am Legend" angle right - Neville is a relic of what he believes to be an all but extinct race and society, and therefore is a legend regardelss of whether he as alive or dead, and regardless of whether or not he is remembered by the "new society"as some kind of serial killer or moster; it is a foregone conclusion that the human race as he knew it is gone forever, and in that respect he remains a legend in either ending, as would the woman and the kid. For me, the survining humanity of the infected was already apparent before seeing the alternate ending. It was obvious in the leader's willingness to expose himself to sunlight, in his ingenuity in trapping Neville, and in his determination to recover to the female infected. I can't believe other posters could not see this just because they didn't get to see the embrace between the two infected lovers that was included in the alternate ending, or simply because Neville makes a note to himself that the intellect of the infected must have somehow degraded. It was quite aparent to me that he had missed the point that the infected had indeed retained some humanity and intellect, and this because he was in denial - he had been since the trauma of the original outbreak and losing his wife and child. He demonstrated this by telling the woman survivor almost the exact thing he told his wife on the eve of the evacuation..."I can stil fix this.." It was as if he was stuck in the past. Neville's solitude was already putting him on the verge if going crazy, so it wasn't some wierd connection wit the manequin that made him fall for the trap. He was actually questioning whether the manequin was perhaps real, so it was a real mind trip for him to see it out there... Finally, I feel that the only thing that the theatrical ending lacks is some sort of realization and dismay on Neville's part that he was perceived by the infected as being the monster for abducting and killing so many of their own. This could still have been achieved, I think, with the same glance at the wall of photos, and his resignation to the reality that the infected would not stop till he was dead, but that he had to still save them by saving the woman and the boy who had the cure in their possession. The only way he could do this was to blow himself up with as many of the infected that were in te house...
  • Having never read the book and having generally enjoyed the movie, I thought that the ending was somehow wrong and missing one important element. My daughter and I discussed it at length after seeing the film and we both felt that there should have been an alternative ending that somehow acknowleged the residual humanity of the infected people. This was actually alluded to earlier in the film where the male was prepared to rsik coming into the light to protect his mate. This was very important to the storyline and was completely lost in the ending that made it to the cinemas, but is clearly present in the original ending. Someone should tell American filmakers that resolving a storyline with explosions doesn't really resolve anything - it's just a cheap way of giving an audience some kind of cathartic relief from the stress of the story and is used way too much in Hollywood (Explosions to offer cathartic relief are used way too much in American foreign policy as well... Eg: Iraq: Shock and awe response to 9/11, etc. ) - Allan (Australia)
  • GodDamn Batman
    Firstly, I have I am Legend, both BOOK and MOVIE. Now that I used caps somewhere in this paragraph, lets begin. I didn't like the ending of the book, I'm sorry but it wasn't well written, poorly executed, and is only hailed as "epic" by sentimental retards who can't let go of their first experience with it. (WHAT? WHAT?) I guess for pseudo literacy critics its a work of masterpiece, how "Nevelle" is his own evil when viewed by the vampires, the next step of evolution. but to be perfectly blunt "two sides of the same coin, there is no good, there is no evil" has been a concept implored in works since... A little before the dawn of f***ing time and a minute hand after Homer wrote his epic involving Troy, somewhere in there. Hell, it was even in the Matrix, what a brilliant movie, right? Stop calling the book's view "unique", for the last time, must EVERY DEFENSE for a book to movie remind us how "ITS NOT THE SAME". Again, if you want a page by page conversion, the book, otherwise, don't bring "unique" into the argument. Oh, you wanted a more faithful version? Yes you say? Use your imagination, read the f***ing book.
  • Cinema Sam
    Yes, Warner Bros. made a lot of $$$ with the theatrical ending, but shot themself in the foot with respect to future earnings via a Will Smith franchise and a better story. The story and Smith's character needed more than one movie to do the book justice. Those of you who argue that the creatures were devoid of all humanity, and that the alternate ending is too soft, missed one obvious detail....They still wore clothes ! They were not completely animals, as their intelligence in replicating Neville's snare-trap also revealed. I thought the movie was too short, and ended just as it finally got going. The book was great in it's time, but did need a bit of updating. I would have liked to have seen his wife survive the helicopter crash and later be discovered among the infected. Perhaps he could have even not recognized her and mistakenly killed her in his rampage after the loss of his dog, ( use the tattoo reference as a means to identify HER,) and show that in seeing these "things" as just guinea pigs in his quest to save humanity, that he had lost his own, and that he had become the monster. Hindsight is always 20/20, and it is far easier to criticize than to create, but Hollywwod could have used a bit more foresight, and insight, on this one. - Sam
  • I like this better than what was in the movie, and yet, I think this could have been improved, too.
  • Kaitin
    Yeah, I prefer this ending to the theatrical one. However, I can see why they would go with the theatrical one, as it gives closure (although quickly and not that convincingly), more so then this one does. Oh, and I don't think they intended to follow the book beyond the basic concept. I mean, isn't that Hollywood's way?
  • Just me
    Why hasn't anybody mentioned the fact that they drove across a BRIDGE to leave, when earlier a big point of the story was that all the bridges were destroyed. This lapse in storyline continuity probably had EVERYTHING to do with them dropping this ending, than anything else. (Although lets face it, they already botched that the moment she waltzed into town from Maryland). THE ISLAND WAS CUT OFF!!!!!!
  • Outsider
    This movie failed on so many levels. Will Smith was brilliant, the deserted city was well realised, and the first half really left you sharing his isolation. Then the "vampires" came. The special effects, up until this point, had ranged form brilliant - New York, empty and overgrown - to computer game - the entry of the mustang - to somewhere in between - the animals. However the entrance of the "vampires" managed to hit a new low in major motion picture effects. When I first saw these I though I was watching an animatic. They are truly terribly realised and unconvincing in every way. The we get the obligatory woman and child, and the inevitable hopeful ending. I was gutted, because I had high hopes for this, and with the exception of some dodgy effects work early on, it had been going well. There were also some glaring continuity problems, where plot directions had been obviously set up, then simply ignored for the rest of the film. The ending didn't surprise me though. I knew an alternate, stronger ending had been show to test audiences (read : Americans) who had hated it, forcing a new ending to be shot. It does not surprise me in the least that this ending was rejected by an American audience. If there is one thing the majority of American film goers hate, it is to be challenged. Good must triumph. There must be hope. Who cares if the real world isn't like that. This ending does tie up some of the plot lines that were left to dangle, and is, on the most part, and much better choice for the movie itself (audience testing be damned), however it does not rescue the movie from director, who is a second rate hack, and the "vampire" effects, which are simple shoddy, substandard and 'safe' Maybe the next person to film it will get it right.
  • Mixed Feelings
    First off, I was dissappointed by the fact of its deviation from the actual story. It's my opinion that it shouldn't have been called I Am Legend. It should have been some other title like Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man were. I understand why they didn't just make the movie exactly like the book and that is because all of us who have read the book have already seen the best movie adaption and that is the movie we see in our minds while reading the book. That's the reason why the book will almost always be better than the movie. I say almost simply because it is possible for a filmmaker to come up with a better story than the original. Taking that into account lets proceed. I think the original ending fit better with the feel of how the movie was progressing. When Neville kidnapped the female to find a cure and the male came to the doorway you could clearly see that he was her mate. It annoyed me that when Neville was doing his video diary that he stated they had lost their humanity when clearly they hadn't. It was also annoying that he didn't acknowledge this when he was trapped using the exact snare that he used to capture the female. Last I knew animals don't go around trapping humans in snares, but it could simply be that they cover up their tracks to well. Think about it, how many of us going missing never to be heard of again. I liked the original because it finally dawned on him instead of him still being ignorant and sacrificing himself for no reason. Third, the woman. When I first saw her I was excited because I thought that they were following the book and that she was the spy, but of course no, though I held out hope for quite awhile. All it did was end up making me dislike her. Fourth, taking into the account of the original and the theatrical endings I think that they could have done a better job with the change to the theatrical seeing how they left elements that lead up to the original ending still in. What they need to do is make two actual versions of the film. Overall, taking into account my first point and considering it lightly based on the book I give the movie a 7. Note: I did not read all the 660 odd comments already posted so my whole comment could be just rehash but hey that's how I feel so for any of those out there who ended up just rereading the same points, I'm sorry I wasted your time, but then again, I must not have wasted any precious time of yours seeing how you went and read over 660 comments.
  • Bannous
    Wow, I really appreciate you helping us see the real ending of the movie. I did not like the theatrical ending at all. I felt like the movie was hurried at the end, up to the time when he met the girl everything was on pace and the rythm of the movie was perfect, after that I felt like the rythm changed for the worse and they hurried the ending without closure. The alternate ending however is much better and gives a reasonable motive to the "vampires" agressive quest to get is not about him it is about the, carnivorous monsters who preserved the ethics of love, that's pretty amazing concept... Thank you
  • Just Me AGAIN
    OK LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN: !!!! They drove across a bridge to leave, when the bridges had already been destroyed!!!! There was no way on or off the Island! Which makes the woman showing up in the first place, CRAP, but makes the 2nd ending even MORE inconstant---which I am sure is why they left this off. You can't have them driving across A BRIDGE when there were NONE!
  • PL
    That's really true. This ending is so much better than the original one. The original ending was the worst of the movie. The original ending made the whole movie suck.
  • Stakex
    @#671 Is that even the George Washington bridge we see get destroyed in the movie? I don't think it is. There are several bridges off the island, and nowhere did they say every brdige was destroyed. In fact it would make sense to leave at least one bridge intact, and concentrate your forces at that one choke point to make sure no one gets off the island, but preserve a rout in if you need it. And the first ending has the same issue... in the first one she mysteriously drove her car out of the city (and in), giving absolutly no explination. At least in this ending they do show them crossing a still intact bridge which I really do think to be a diffrent bridge they we see get destroyed.
  • iftekhar hossain
    I still prefer the theatrical ending, for once studio executives got it right. Will Smith's character's sacrifice and handing the cure to the lady is more fitting. His legacy is rightly served. It also leaves everyone with a much more greater sadness seeing Will Smith's death but that also adds that extra sense of closeness with the character. So no i would say the studio version is more suitable.
  • blake
    i think the theater ending leaves to much of an empty feeling like he just wasent ment to die, i really like the alt
  • matt
    id just like to say they should of merged the endings but after reading a comment by that guy scott i noticed he gets enjoyment out of cutting down people on message boards and has no real life
  • A far superior ending, the original ending always left me wanting more. It's not the fact that this was a happier ending that makes it more appealing, it's that it feels like a true end to the movie. Not so short and abrupt. I hope 'WB' listens and takes note; This ending is a great way to finish off a great movie (instead of using the alternate.)
  • me
    this ending is way better seriosuly. i liked the show but the ending was really bad, i would say the intended version would have made me much more satisfied. to think they believed otherwise, seriously.
  • Greg
    Elvis D, I knew I was getting into spoilers for I am Legend but didn't realize I'd have SEVEN spoiled for me. Thanks buddy.
  • Craigf14
    Theres a reason the book is a classic and in my opinion the film should have been as close to the book as possible but in a modern setting but hey the studios are always dumbing down movies thinking audiences can't take a darker more thought provoking film. I mean people are still talking about se7en, do you think we'll be talking about i am legend in 13 years time???? Doubt it!
  • Ayu
    I personally liked the alternate ending much better. I went to see the movie in theaters with my boyfriend (who, of course, found it awesome that he sacrificed himself at the end) and my best friend. None of us have read the book (but I probably will have to now). I thought it was extremely annoying at the end of the theatrical version. How is one vial of antidote going to help? Good luck remaking it using only that! Anyway... I was completely taken by the alternate ending (which I did not find "controversial" at all... whatev...). I felt my heart start to beat so hard, and I couldn't help thinking "Is this guy completely lost it?" The look on the male vampire's face and how he got all of them to just back down just pulled the whole movie together for me. I had been trying to tell my boyfriend that the only reason the male came into the sunlight the first time (when Robert first takes the female) was because the female was his mate (because they were digressing to animal instinct), but he wouldn't believe me. It made me really mad when none of that was concluded in the end. I can understand why they would make the awesome gripping ending for the theaters. It's always fun to see people throw themselves into the line of fire with a grenade and kill as many of the enemy as they can. I found the alternate one much more gripping, though. Just my opinion, Ayu
  • Carl
    On the original ending that they showed in the movie, he could have easily tied a long string to the grenade and tied it to the pin and then went into the tunnel opening that both the child and woman went into and then he could have given the string enough lead and then when they were all at a safer distance he could have just pulled the pin and blew those bad boys up !!!
  • Carl
    Also, the movie company that had put the "so-called" depressing ending in there KNEW that people out there would BUY the DVD in order to watch the alternate ending because so many people DID NOT LIKE the original ending. The great thing is that you provided that for us so we wouldn't have to BUY IT !!! SO YOU DA MAN for doing that for us. Thanks for putting them in their place. Now I don't need to buy the DVD. I wouldn't have anyway...
  • Alexa Lingg
    I liked the one in theaters a whole lot better. The one in theaters says why he is the legend. Not the one you people used!
  • Arnel
    Actually, this movie i thought is the continuation of the 28 weeks later. Im looking for the ending of that same story, i thought this one, just my comment is how Smith end them up, is just like that, he let the state on that situation. Anyway, theatrical ending and this one is both great but i think the best on this is on the part 2 which need to be see on how this end up.
  • Russell
    While the death of Robert Neville was one thing they got right in the original, there were too many loose ends to the original ending. It never specified a relationship between the lead "vampire" and the young girl "vampire" in Neville's basement, and it left me wanting for more when I left the theater. I majored in English in college and still love to come away with something of my own and piece together the puzzle myself after I read a good book, but I've never enjoyed it in movies. For your average viewer, and this includes me, the alternate ending would've made the movie great instead of somewhat forgettable. The movie drug too much not to tie everything together in the end, and though tying everything together may not be the direction that Hollywood is headed (see some of the Academy Award Winners this year), it's still the preferred style among mainstream America... which I group myself into. Kudos to you for pointing out this ending and then explaining it in a way that makes it more true to the original book. I, for one, would've actually bought the DVD if this would've been the ending they showed in theaters.
  • Ayu
    I agree with Carl. That's a really good point because I payed twice the amount to get the special edition and I have a friend who bought the normal version and got mad because it didn't have the alternate ending. Now, he's going to buy the special edition, too because he can't return it! Very good point, Carl, Ayu
  • Netmonger
    I liked the theatrical ending better too. The religious overtones, and the 'butterfly' analogy, actually brought tears to my eyes -- even though I am very agnostic. This alternate ending is cool too, and I understand the points being made here, but in all actuality the movie totally doesnt follow the original book anyways. In the book there are *two* kinds of sick humans: the monsters - which are actual 'undead', and people who are still alive but who live with the affliction, and who are very much like vampires. In the book (in which he also dies at the end) the reason he is a 'legend' is because the human population has been replaced by the new mutant one - and as such he goes down in history as 'the legend of the horrible monster who dragged mutants out into the sunlight to kill them'. In the original movie ending, he is a legend because he found the cure and sacrificed himself. They are just completely different stories - to the point that the movie probably should of used a different title. I can see why you say that this alternative ending brings up the point of the book, by its vague because so much of the story is so different. Another blemish on this alternative ending, is that the monsters dont hurt Neville. This completely goes against what you've seen from them for the entire rest of the movie, and takes away from it. By combining the 'undead' and 'vampire' types of afflicted humans into this one 'monster' type, you lost the ability to give them the capacity for higher emotion, and trying to give them this character in the final 15 minutes of the movie, undermines the effort to make them terrifying throughout the rest of the film. If you wanted to convey this type of message, you should of been truer to the book. IMO, the theatrical ending is perfect for this version of the story, and makes much more sense.
  • Eric
    I was very impressed with this ending. To tell the truth, I was very impressed with the movie as a whole. It was the introduction of the other human characters to the story that threw me and made me want a longer time period in the film, where Neville and his dog act as a team and explore/hunt together. To me, that particular dynamic was far more inspired and entertaining than anything else in the movie. This new ending, in my opinion, is far better than the one given to theatre-goers and Warner Brothers definitely over-estimated the audience acceptance of violence over intellect. To address some of the nay-sayers, the fact that there is one "monster" that acts as the leader to the horde of infected humans and his interaction with Robert Neville seems to reflect the respect that Neville showed earlier in the scene with the lions and the deer. It's possible that I am reading too much into symbolism, or taking something completely different to mean what I interpreted, but it should be considered. The lion could have killed Neville as easily as the infected could have, but chose not to, because Neville showed them respect. Thank you for presenting this new ending for us and I intend to purchase the DVD and, more than likely, never watch the original ending again.
  • Drew
    Scott, I looked up "mindless fucktard" in the dictionary and it said "someone who insults others because they have different opinions". Sleep well fucktard.
  • kyle
    THE MANS DOG DIED!! I would have killed myself to kill those bastards too... poor dog, i liked both endings though
  • bob
    i like both endings, but i like the alternate better since Robert has to go out in a stupid way in the theater version. I would of liked the theater version better if, instead of kamakazi, Robert pulled out 2 M249 SAW Light Machine Guns and blown all the vampire things away, that would have been an awesome ending.
  • Niclas
    I dunno... this ending didnt make any sense. Here we have these beings that have taken over the whole world, killing people left and right and that are supposedly vampires who feed on blood(?) and for some reason they just left nevill alone here, why wouldnt they have torn him to shreads and eaten him when they got the chance like they did with all the others? Why just leave him be? I dont think this ending got any closer to the real ending... with this ending we got the feeling that the creatures are pretty nice folks that didnt really wanna quarrel with anyone.
  • Willem
    wow, that WAS breathtaking... so much better ! Thank you for showing it to me (us).
  • Kyle
    I think we can all just decide as a group that the movie wasn't as far from the book as Eragon's was. The end. (I did like the cut ending more, though. The survivor camp was lame)
  • Kar
    I never read the book and I was hugely disappointed in the original ending of the movie. It just seemed like it was leading up to something the whole time and then it never got there. this ending make so much more sense and fits in with the rest of the movie. Plus Hollywood never gives its audience enough credit - this ending makes me think and I like that more than the mind numbing explosions and trite answers they so typically force feed us.
    I think if they went with this ending the movie would've been a big failure the real ending is great but this one is not realistic at all , I loved the real ending much more
  • Mike
    I just finished watching the alternate ending and it is now going to be the only one I watch. Granted, I loved the original, until the ending. The original ending was so un-like the rest of the movie and out-of-place with Will's character. It was unbelievable that he would have a grenade and safe in his lab, and the way they got to the colony on the year of 2012 (special to the Mayan Calander) was so corny, I almost lost appreciation for the movie. But the alternate version was beautiful, leaving you thinking and made the movie beautiful and a must-see. I must point out though that they added a few scenes (where he is describing how the dark seekers could not have rigged up the snare and where Ethan is swimming in the pond and he gets his idea to use ice), I thought these scenes pulled away from the flow of the movie. They were great in character development and plot development, but were not very necessary. Anyway, that's beside the point. It was a poor choice to release the original ending in theatres and they should have gone with the alternate version hands down.
  • Emma
    After watching this ending, I really don't understand why it wasn't kept as the original. Sure the one they ended up using was sad because, oh look, poor Will Smith, he died, not like we didn't see that coming, oh well great movie. But this ending really gave the entire thing a point. I was so confused at the end of the movie because the way the lead vampire risked light to try and save the girl was a dead give away to some connection, and the fact that there was a "lead" vampire just set the ending up to be something big. Something epic. But then it really let me down. I am in complete support of the original ending, and i know had a few of my friends seen this ending rather than the other, they would have liked the movie, instead of hated it. I guess that's why WB is releasing it. To try and get people to buy it. Oh, and I agree that the arrival of the women and child really ruined the movie. I was so amazing, acting wise how Smith was caring the entire show with only the aid of flash backs and a dog to provide any form of verbal interactions. It's hard to make such a successful movie when only 15% of the composition consists of actual dialogue. But this movie really pulled it off on the emotional scale. So yah, ditch the theatrical end and take out the women and her son and you've got an all out AMAZING movie.
  • phil
    I just seen the alternate ending today, and will watch I am Legend for the second time around because this movie is excellent from the very beginning to the now alternate end.
  • becky
    i have never read the book, but I did feel myself a little disappointed in the ending. After seeing this, I believe it adds so much deeper meaning to the story. What a great twist that the protagonist is actually the antagonist whom everyone else sees as a killer. I would have much preferred this ending than the theatrical one. I also agree whole-heartedly with the opinion that I would have put this movie on my top ten list... until the woman showed up. The flow of the movie changed and it wasn't nearly as intense.
  • I really like the movie in theaters. I love and hate scary/suspense movies at the same time, and this was the perfect fit for me. After watching this theatrical ending, i realized that the lack of closure i felt with the original ending was evaporated with this new one, as well as that last little 2 minutes of an even higher climax to the end of the movie. WB please atleast recognize that the people like both, but prefer the alternate!
  • Kady
    This ending was much better, I was most definitely disappointed at the ending the chose for the theatrical release. It was unfortunate because the whole movie was great, and the ending just ruined it. They definitely should have used this ending.
  • Will Brown
    I do agree much better ending I was kind of irritated by the ending on the final cut but seeing this one made the movie better for me. GJ WB >.>
  • I have read the book. I think that the plot of the movie deviated far too much to even really compare them anymore except for the few plot points they left in (one man, alone, vampire-type creatures... etc.). Honestly, I much prefer the original ending. This ending seems way to cobbled together to me, for a variety of reasons. The main one being how, in one scene, he looks up at the wall of photographs and realizes something along the lines of: "Oh my Lord, I have killed hundreds(?) of semi-sentient beings. They weren't senseless brutes after all, I am something very near a murderer!!!!" next scene: "Man, I sure did forget all those moral implications really quick. Now I'm driving down the suspiciously clear road (on a bridge that was blown up... because they all, supposedly, were) with my new love interest! Awesome how this all ties together, isn't it!?" ^ Just didn't do it for me, I vastly preferred him dieing and taking the alpha male with him in the theatrical version to whatever that was supposed to be. But, if they had put this ending together (the unused one, I mean) it could have been a much better ending for me. Everyone I talked to at the end of the movie was in varying states of misunderstanding about most of it and a large amount of movie-goers were confused (there was a multi-page argument about its implication on my site's forums). If they had striven more for this ending with a less nonsensical, more cohesive scene order I would probably prefer it to the theatrical one.
  • Michael
    I was so excited to see this movie. I loved the concept, and when I got into the theater I could grinning as I waited for the movie to start.... And the ending... Well, I wouldn't say that the ending killed the movie for me, but it sure came close! When I watched this alternate ending all I can think is, "who in their right mind would pick the theatrical version over this???" It actually let him see the humanity in his enemy that he was trying to save, and a chance to attone for the "ends justify the means" existance that he had been living. The driving away scene was kind of dumb, but overall, the alternate was much preferable!
  • Lunthulbort
    I'm sorry to defer...but the alternative ending is quite gay. Which is different from the theatrical version only in that that one was trite. So we have trite on the one hand...and gay on the other. 28 Days Later...and then 28 Weeks Later....far better films.....FAR better.
  • Geoff
    I've never read the book, but I was extremely disappointed by the ending shown in Theaters. They kept hinting that there was something more "human" about the infected than the protagonist knew; that there was hope for humanity, but in a different way - the plague had set humans back and onto a different evolutionary track, but it was still there and would survive. That the ending suddenly veered away from that theme and I felt a bit cheated. This ending addressed those issues and gave me a feeling of resolution of the film's themes. If they were to release a DVD version with this ending-or at least the option to switch endings when watching the entire film, I would buy it, but I won't buy it as an extra.
  • Clint
    I did not like this film and felt it should have been renamed.....this was not I am Legend. 3rd try and the furthest from the sorce in my opinion. I'll take Last Man on Earth or The Omega Man any day.
  • joey
    The alternate ending was not better. I went to a showing about 2 months before it went to theaters. THey showed us both endings and had a poll where people voted on the better ending. Obviously more people liked the theater ending.
  • Randy Savage
    Bravo! This alternate ending was fascienating to watch. Will smith has certainly crafted and evolved into a brilliant artist. This alternate ending in my opinion should have been chosen.
  • Toni
    This ending makes the reality of the situation click. My friend and I kept saying "if they are so wild then why isn't the city destroyed?" It just didn't make sense. To see that Will's character was actually the monster in the scope of things was brilliant. They were simply trying to survive the hand that was delt to them. And he kept killing them off. Plucking them one by one. The final moment in the lab with the lead dark seeker is so well crafted. He was pissed. And was not going to take it any longer. I loved that they let Neville remain on his own. I really don't think there should have been other characters. He should have remained the last man on earth at the finish. I would change only one thing... Sam should not have died. I loved Sam. Great stuff here. Thanks for having this online. I missed it on the rental. All is right with the world and I can sleep soundly now. Cheers!
  • Ira
    Not bad but still not as good as the book. I'll take the book over both endings any day, honestly the book kicked the movies ass. Too bad too, it could have been a great movie and not just an okay movie. ...i
  • thomas
    Am I the only one who thinks that the theater version sounds like a scientology liberation plan for the world? With all the discussion around Will Smith being sucked into the sect, that's the impression I got when I saw this - apart from the ending - good movie.
  • Jay Yu
    This ending could have seal the deal for the movie watchers and WB. The ending in the movie they released was like "thats it?" they made me so curious from the start and then in the final minute of the movie it made me feel like they could have ended the film way better. For me its like the war of the worlds.
  • Lisa
    I liked the alternate ending MUCH better. The original ending was a real let-down and very abrupt in nature. The alternate ending actually opened it up for a sequel that has the opportunity to have Will Smith as a lead - I absolutely love his work!
  • Wyatt
    I saw the movie soon after its release. When the credits rolled I heard two things from the theater. First "That's bullshit" and second "You must be fucking kidding me". This was the sentiment reflected by almost everyone as they filed out into the lobby. Had this alternate been shown instead, I feel that the crowd would have left the theater pleased, rather than disappointed. Thanks for showing this to me, as it's confirmed my original belief that this was going to be a movie worth watching.
  • I saw the movie at the theater. I hadn't read the book at that time, but the ending still felt tacked on, inappropriate and it left me rather disappointed in the film. The ending that you've shown us here should have been the actual ending. I'll probably get the DVD now so I can watch the movie as it was meant to be, this "alternate" end was very much better then what they used.
  • WOW! I saw the movie, didn't read the book. I thought the movie was great, but the only bit of it that didn't make any sense to me was exactly this - the ending. I mean, Will Smith never dies, right? :) Just, kidding. This version really wrapps it up into a great story. I really don't understand those guys from WB... THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS! (please excuse my bad english :) )
  • Jazz
    I would have loved it if this was the theatrical ending. I'm tired or companies thinking American audiences are too stupid to enjoy anything but a "happy" ending like the one shown in theaters. This alternate ending should have been used because it really drives the point home that the vampires weren't mindless beasts. They had a society, and deep relationships with one another.
  • Sassy
    This was the ending I anticipated throughout the movie. When Will Smith speaks into his camera after capturing the woman vampire thing, he says that desocialization is complete... that these monsters have no human instinct left. It's foreshadowing that he's wrong-- the man exposed himself to sunlight because Will Smith took his woman. And moving the manequinn was a set up, designed by the monster-vampire-man, to capture Will Smith to repay him for kidnapping his woman. The original ending never touches on what was foreshadowed but this ending speaks to all of that. If this isn't the "right" ending, why are the other pieces in the movie?!
  • Cam
    Wow... That ending really felt right. As the audience, I felt more connected with the movie. It's better when everyone doesn't die in the end; that's so cliche'. But then when you have Neville and crew make it out to all go to the retreat just makes more sense. Just a thought what? Those "vampire/cannibal" things are left all alone, to finish corrupting the world...what about them? It definetely needs to be continued; with the exception of the original ending.
  • Cam
    With the exception of alternate ending...
  • Tom
    I think the original ending was best because it left that emotional and powerful feeling. The alternate ending was too cliche. Also, it seemed confusing since these are suppose to be creatures that show no signs of human behavior yet they seem to have sympathy and seem to understand Neville in the final moments.
  • Marius
    the stupid movie sucked. what a waste of time. no alternate ending can fix it.
  • Matt
    I agree, this ending should have been the one in the that was awesome.
  • Jo
    I preferred this ending to the theatrical ending. This ending makes more sense in terms of the film leading up to that point. It still feels like 20 minutes or so was cut from the moments preceding, but it's a better ending.
  • Chris
    That was way better! The final moments of the theater version left me wanting more from it. This version actually much more thought provoking by showing the vampires to still have some remnents of human characteristcs. As for the WB execs... this ending provides an opening for a sequel.... HELLO?!?!
  • Jamie Crawford
    They did this because they wanted to sell more DVDs. They sold plenty of tickets in theatres and now because of the new ending, even more money will be made on the DVD. It is actually a very good idea !
  • Paul Harrison-Davies
    Flawed, but a better. Much better.
  • DawgsFan117
    Wow this ending makes the movie so much better. I mean come on the theatrical version left so many unanswered questions that it ruined a great film. In the theatrical version you don't ever really understand why the main zombie thing is doing so much to try and kill will smith. So this clears that up and just makes for a better ending.
  • Michael Hickmott
    This ending was much, much better. Although WB will come around to liking this ending as it will make them more money to. But this one was more emotional. There is more of a human element to these creatures than what we saw in the first ending. You see the head vampire truly loves his wife or girlfriend.
  • andy
    this ending was ten times better. i though it was a lot more emotional and made you think more than the actual ending from the movie. this endings better hands down!
  • adeadcrow
    Like most, I loved the first half of the movie. So much that after seeing the movie I read the book, which tells a much more honest story than the film does. The movie pusses out the moment the other human characters are introduced. A world without survivors, a world with intelligent vampire esque monsters, is much more frightening than the hollywood apocalypse. This ending is better, but still not good enough. Why is it so hard to give Robert Neville a William Wallace death? If the world has stopped appreciating irony, than intelligent art is dead, and all thats left are brain tickling films like epic movie and meet the spartans.
  • adeadcrow
    This ending is not great, but it's better. The original ending disgusted me. The whole film plays into the idea that this is a pyschological sci-fi movie, and at the end all it has to say is that god will show you the way? Where the hell did that come from? Out of no where we're told god will give us a sign? This idea fits in no where with the rest of the film. It's as if a hollywood executive walked onto set that day and told the director the film didn't appeal to the Christian demographic, so science fiction was dropped, and christian fiction was used to replace it. It's kind of like someone gave you a pop sickle that tastes really great, but then at the end they tell you it's made of frozen shit. Why? Why'd you freeze shit and then sign will smith to give the best performance of his life only to lie to us at the end? It's as if we're staring at a beautiful model, who opens her mouth and and theres no teeth. That is this movie. We're watching something done so well to a very specific point, then they just let go, and let the idiocy of cliche american pop culture take control. This is the ending my mother would have written. She's 61 years old and the most insane person know. It just doens't make sense. It contradicts the nature of the character, and makes the movie completely unbelievable. This could have been a good movie. Instead it's mediocre. Half assed to the point that it's unforgivable.
  • Nina
    This ending fit the movie better. For instance, it would have better explained why the alpha male exposed himself to the sun when his wife was being caught in the trap. Not because human behavior no longer exists, like Neville states, but because they actually DO still have souls. The alternate ending also shows that Neville finally learns somewhat of a lesson in screwing around with nature. The background of all the pictures shows all the people he experimented on and killed to try and find a cure for the virus. In the theatrical version, by not even acknowledging that he was remorseful for screwing around with nature is disappointing. Basically what you got was "oh I made a boo-boo, but i fixed make me a legend"
  • Sarah
    I liked the origional non-theatrical ending so much better! Thanks for bringing this to light. I thought I loved the movie before, but this made it even better.
  • Chris
    This ending is infinately better than the theatrical release. It gives the story so much more heart than the original. It is a better point of closure for the film because it is a more definitive ending, showing that not only do the creatures still have a piece of humanity left in them that CAN be saved, but also closure in the knowledge we now have that they WILL be saved. I would've paid to see the film again if it ended like this.
  • Eric
    Does the CGI really matter that much? who cares? But seriously, I enjoyed the alternate ending and all; however, I feel the theatrical one is stronger and works better for the film. I understand why people get pissy it wasn't like the book, but get in the complaint line honestly, there are so many stories hollywood does that to when making them into movies. I thought Will Smith did a good job, the story could have been better, alternate ending doesn't work, how the fuck cares if CGI isn't great, if you don't like it, don't watch it!
  • Ovidiu
    i think that the dramatic final was better than this because.... this one ends like all the others movies... it's taken for granted, the dramatic final comes as a surprise 😉
  • Steve
    I personally thought it was a great film, and both endings worked for me, although I prefer the alternate slightly. Although I havn't read the book, i don't think people should judge the film as a comparison to the book. Books have the freedom to discuss ideas freely in the third person, film don't have this option, unless some kind of narration is used (not suitable for this movie). Therefore the book will be able to cover more issues (for example the percetion of neville being a legend amongst the monsters), and there will be consequently discrepancies between the book and the film. That is why the credits say "based on the novel by" as a opposed to "this is a novel by". I fail to see how a slight difference between a film and the story it is loosely based on automatically makes the movie a disgrace- it was a great movie
  • Carlos
    Wow. THIS is the ending that should have been released. I was extremely disappointed with the way it ended "originally"... abrupt. Filmmakers nowadays tend to kill off characters way too easily as if it were a niche (the self sacrifice thing is getting old). Now that I see the alternate, I can take solace knowing that in "my" mind, the other ending doesn't exist. :o)
  • DiJoBla
    This proves that the theatrical ending was clearly just tacked on at the end, because the alternative ending connects all the links. Now we understand how the dark dwellers set up traps, moved mannequins, etc etc, not to mention the whole "I am Legend" concept. Although I still believed Smith should have died and that the woman and child were unnecessary, this ending, as so many have said, justifies the whole movie. I think we'll find a whole tonne of deleted scenes on the dvd of other scenes that would have complimented the alternative ending, but were scrapped in order to play to Hollywood. This has definitely made me want to read the book and I don't even mind knowing the twist which comes at the end. Thanks for sharing, definitely, one hundred percent worth it.
  • martin
    The alternate ending worked far better for me. It actually changed the way I felt about the entire film, specifically the dark seekers. When I saw the film the first time during it's theatrical release, I viewed the dark seekers as villans, but with the alt ending, you see they still have souls. Then you have Neville, whos been systimatically kidnapping and killing them - of course they are pissed off and want to wreak havoc.
  • wheel
    I was very disapointed in the way the DVD ended I much preferred the ending shown above
  • leah
    i think this movie was disapointing all together!! i understand how it could have been seen as awesome to other people but there just wasn't much to it at all. yeah that alternate ending was better but i still expected more from the whole movie. maybe the whole dog part killed it for me. but you seen one zombie movie you seen them all. im sure the book was way better but it doesn't seem like they got in touch with what it was suppose to be about. the alternate ending was the best part of the movie.
  • kimball
    When I saw the preview for the movie, I ran out and bought(and read) the novel. The book was so good, that it built my expectations for the movie even more. Sadly, the movie pales in comparison. This is the third time a movie has been based on this book; and still it is distorted into an unrecognizable movie. The alternate ending is better than the theatrical, but the movie was just disappointing. the only good thing about it was Will Smith's acting. I just wish someone out there would make a movie that actually follows the script. I also hated how this some how became a zombie movie. It is supposed to be about vampires. All in all, I am glad the release of this film lead me to read the novel (which I highly recommend), but leaves me bitter to think a great actor was wasted on a terrible distortion of the story. Oh, I would like to know who they got to advise them on the virus scenario. I am finishing my second year of medical school in Fort Worth, and all I know is viruses don't work that way. Cancer sadly is caused by hundreds of mutations in the genome, a mutated measles virus is not going to go in and fix all the different problems for each of the hundreds of variants of cancers out there. That was jsut stupid.
  • Dave
    I would have liked a hybrid of the 2 endings. Most of the alternate with the more complext interaction between Neville and Mr. Hardhead but also at the end instead of leaving after the radio show the colony. I know it doesn't follow the book but I think that would be a sweet end.
  • Asha
    i loved this, becuase in the movie you realized Dr. Nevelle is wrong, this shows that he realized his mistake. i hated the ending of the movie in theatres i would have loved this. i also was unsure why they added more people. i thought it was suppose to be just him. the LAST man
  • michael
    love this movie
  • Daenan
    Omg... i love this version so much bbetter. When i saw the ending in the thertre it pissed me off.... I think i might just go pick the book up and i usually dont like to read
  • J.E.M
    I had no idea that this was based off of a book. Even so, I thought that the ending that WB wound up with was 'off'. Throughout the whole movie, I was noticing the subtleties such as the fact that the lead vampire-thing exposed himself to sunlight after Neville captured the female, the fact that the same lead vampire-thing showed up later, after setting a trap for Neville, and so on. Before the ending came about I found myself thinking "Oh, maybe they are sentient" and "What's Neville going to do after figuring out they're still aware of the world?" The released ending was abrupt and disconnected from the rest of the storyline, and really detracted from the overall feel of the movie. The original/alternate ending 'fits'. It ties the whole storyline together, from the repetition of Neville's daughter's butterflies, to the the lead vampire displaying an advanced sentience, and the subtle formation of a culture amongst the vampires.
  • Bri
    This alternate ending distinguishes I Am Legend from all the other apocalyptic scifi viral/zombie/vampire movies out these days. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this alternate ending as it really does bring the movie to a fuller conclusion. Movies make for great storytelling but I think I should have just read the book on this one.
  • Joe
    This ending made so much more sense. It tied together several loose ends. First, why else would the Alpha-male "dark seeker" risk coming outside into the light, except that he had just witnessed his "best girl" being kidnapped. He was that upset. Neville himself noted this unlikely behavior of the Alpha-male risking endangerment later in his findings but had the wrong explanation. Second, in the theatre version, when Neville heard the small voice whispering, butterfly, I could not relate it to anything (except Anna's neck). In this version the butterfly voice/symbol established significant communication between Neville and the Alpha-male. It also brought to light the humanity that still existed between the Alpha-male and the Alpha-female. This ending also broadened the relational dynamics between the "infected" and Neville. The infected were no longer minions of Satan, so to speak, but were infected humanity. The reason Neville was there in the first place.
  • Andrew
    The original was much better, it showed that being selfless, can create a hope for the world. Neville giving his life gives hope to humanity, not some rise to evil -watchamacallits-things-as the "new race." The "evolution theme" to the alternate ending is what made it the inferior of the two.
  • Alice
    you are completly right this endind is much better then the one seen in theaters(even thogh that one was amazingly great)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE I AM LEGEND!!!
  • Ryan Daugherty
    This was still stupid, really stupid. I honestly think they should make a movie about "I am Legend" Anyone who understands the profoundness of Richard Mathenons story would agree with me. This is an alternate ending to a movie - not the Original ending like everyone may be thinking. *Spoilers* below ROBERT DIES!!!! this is the POINT.. otherwise it would've been called "I am History" not "I am Legend" That women and her boy DO NOT exist! why would they add pointless characters. Where was Ben Cortman and Ruth? Ben was a big window into what little history we know of Robert. His wife and kid weren't killed in a helicopter accident in the book.. Robert wasn't even in the Military .. All we knew is that he worked at a Plant.. his daughter died and that his wife had died and turned to one of the "Vampires". His wife is a huge struggle for him and should've been included the correct way. OH! this will get'cha.. he doesn't have a DOG! there is a dog in the book, shortly. And it dies abruptly. The "Vampires" feared Robert. As this ending tried to show, he was a mass murderer of a New Society of creatures. He killed during their Night (our day). At the end of the book, Robert finally realizes this as he awaits execution. The reason I write "Vampires" is because they weren't even really vampires.. read the book, think about it and you'll get it.. Hint* Some don't respond to things like a crucifix. They could've made a movie off the book.. sure it would've been a lot of us watching a struggle within Robert. It wouldn't have been accepted by the masses as much.. but it would've been right.. and real.
  • Z
    Did anyone else think the alternate ending was a bit too preachy? Nothing like having religion forced down your throat. There certainly WAS an undertone to the last words of the film.
  • Chris
    Yes, this ending was much better, and added depth, especially considering how little the movie had to begin with, but really, putting a nice tophat on a big Hollywood cliche is still a big Hollywood cliche. Movies like this selling well is the reason far worse movies like Jumper and 10,000 BC exist.
  • jesse salazar
    I just saw this at the $1 movies with my dad, and that ending in the show made both of us feel we paid one dollar too many. The ending never really connected why the alpha male was so intent on getting back that one particular member of his group, and the whole butterfly deal was just way too cheesy the way the ending played out on the movie. This one really gave the same tone as the book, and seemed to fit better with the concept that the infected weren't going through devolution, but evolution as a new species on earth, one that still had their humanity intact, just on a more animalistic level, and robert was truly alone because he could never cope with what he felt he created, rather than the process that nature takes. All in all, good alternate ending, but that girl's voiceover has got to go. I would have preferred a summation of what Robert realized in that final sequence.
  • Amber
    yeah i like the alternate ending better I loved the movie I am legend but it did annoy me when he had taken the female vampire and the male came out pissed off clearly and he said that they no long have any human tendencies whch didnt make sense at all. then i saw this ending and it proved that they did have somewhat of human qualities, why else try and trap him and use the same techniques as he did to catch the female.
  • Claire
    Oh, my God. That ending is so much better. Closer to the book, but with its own twist. When he looks at his wall of "failures" and realizes that he has actually "murdered" these "people"...that is amazing. Says so much about our own prejudices.
  • Mark K.
    First of all, this ending would've made I Am Legend the best movie of 2007, and, yes, I think even better than No Country for Old Men and Juno. It speaks so clearly against prejudice, even against what we think are the most justified forms of prejudice.
  • George
    So much better but it still will never be as good as the book. It is so much more realistic and reflective of what it was supposed to be about.
  • Ryan
    The ending in theaters couldn't of gotten much worse. The whole movie started going down hill after the dog dies, this alternate ending is a lot better then the one you see in theaters. If the movie lasted a little longer they could have made a better ending because the beginning was great but the ending was a let down.
  • Brett Wolfe
    The theatrical release ending really only had one thing wrong with it -- Anna should have been shown driving up to the wall, the gate should have opened up, and an armed man should have emerged and told her that she had to leave because she was an illegal alien. Or maybe that she could stay, but would have to clean everyone's house. That would have been much more realistic. BTW, as far as the bridges go, the ones shown blown up in the movie are the East River bridges, if I remember correctly the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges (maybe the Williamsburgh). The one shown in the alt ending is the George Washington Bridge, which leads out of NYC over the Hudson.
  • …..
    dont you think the reason why they didnt use the alternate ending is because in a press conference in Tokyo Will Smith accidentaly spoiled the ending. So they might have thought that even though they told the people not to leak out the information someone might have, ruining the chance of making more money so they had to make the theatrical version.
  • i like the original ending better but the movie came out better that he didnt make it... because come on u cant make it alive and call yourself a legend.. well u can: but legends are so much better when they died for the cause and are just remebered. -Mario
  • Carlos A. Valle
    He's not a legend because of whether he dies or not. He's a legend because to the dark seekers he only appears to some of them and to those he appears to always end up dying. That's what makes him the legend. Just the same as vampires are to us. They are myths that some people believe in but no one can prove. He's the legend to the vampires, being that he's the last man on earth (well supposed to be anyways) the movie is great but it's in it's own category. One can hardly compare it to the book because both are so different. Book: Happens in california, he's a army veteran dumb as a board (at the beginning of the book) with a drinking problem and he talks to the dark seekers that come out to his house every night calling out his name "come out, neville" Movie: Happens in Manhattan, he's an army doctor with a very healthy lifestyle and the dark seekers don't know where he lives till the end. With that said, one has to keep in mind that the book is told one way and it's amazing. If you haven't read it you should. Only 158 pages long. However the movie with either of the endings caters to a world wide "average joe" appetite which, truth be told, is what the movie was made for in order to make money Now Both endings have its pros and cons. I would've like it better if in the alternate ending Anna was the evolved vampire that aides to his capture like in the book which he's eventually executed for his crimes (although that kinda still didn't make 100% sense in the book either). But that wouldn't make any sense the way movie was headed. Bottom line: The book is great and the movie (with either ending) was great but they are hardly comparable.
  • To me, I found the theatrical ending to be formulaic and just like every other blockbuster movie. There are good guys and bad guys. Good guys kill the bad guys and win in the end. His death had no emotional impact for me since it was almost stupid on his part. It wasn't necessary since he could have gotten in the escape tunnel and thrown the grenade as he slammed the door shut. So his death came across as silly because he could have helped protect Anna and her son escape and therefore ensure the cure would be safe. So to me, it made the entire point of him being a legend have less impact. This alternate ending at least puts a twist on the cliched 'good guys' and 'bad guys'. It says something and makes you think about that entire concept. I'm left thinking about the whole situation and seeing things from different perspectives. I just find it more poignant.
  • Palle
    I first saw "I am legend" with a friend who had downloaded a poor quality screener version. Because the original ending sucked so much I was utterly convinced that the version we saw must have been a test showing and that when the movie actually came out it would have a different ending. So sure was I of this that I later joined a friend to watch on the big screen. I was of course totally shocked when I realised that was not the case....
  • Film Fan
    I could never understand why anyone in this day and age would want to compare a book with a movie "based" on a book. They are never the same. Book lovers should not see movies and vice versa, period. The theatrical ending was just fine except that we all noticed that the head dark seeker was pissed about the female being captured. The new movie is more based on the older movie "The Omega Man". Although still concepted from the book, it more resembles that film than anything else.
  • Forrest J
    Just because someone dies does not mean that Hollywood is making the ballsy or anti-Hollywood choice. This alternate ending shows SOOOOO much more guts on the part of the film makers. Tons of movies now a days try and establish their nonconformist cred by killing off the main protagonist. This ending turned him into the antagonist, something that I don't think of ANY other movie has done (that I can remember). He is not a tragic hero, he is a villain. This ending was leaps and bounds better than the original. It single handedly transformed this film from an ok Action flick into one of the best movies of 2007 for me. If only the kid and Alice had died and Nevil drove off into the unknown alone, it would have been perfect.
  • auds
    i loved "i am legend" but like many other people was a little disappointed with the ending. i can't believe that an ending so satisfying as the alternate that is posted here exists!! i wish i could get a dvd where the alternate is the main ending, cause now i REALLY don't like the main ending haha!! thank you so much for posting it!!
  • Andrew
    I know nobody will read this seeing as it's the 775th post on here and nobody would read that far down, but I just wanted my word in this. The alternate ending was not as good for these reasons: - Robert didn't die: In pretty much all movies, there is a happy ending. It can't always be good. Cloverfield is another favorite of mine... SPOILER START and a lot because I didn't predict that EVERYONE would die in the end. SPOILER END -It didn't have the 'Legend' in it: There is a reason why it's titled "I AM LEGEND" and it's because Robert is a legend. Now I didn't read the book, but I pretty much know the differences and... SPOILER START Being that they weren't true to the book and left out that he was THE ONLY non-infected person and that he was a legend TO THE INFECTED PEOPLE, the original ending was better because it at least had something in it about a legend. I would have liked it better had they been true to the book and was hoping that, since it said "Alternate VERSION" not "Alternate ENDING", that they would have changed the story line completely by having just a few scenes that redirected it's story, but the Alternate Version was basically just the ending and it veered away from anything to do with a "Legend" The original was better because at least it followed up to ANYTHING to do with it's title SPOILER END Also, everybody wants to know about the bridge in the end and how it was destroyed. In order for Anna to get to Robert, she had to also cross. Now I guess nobody takes into consideration that there are other ways to get across a body of water than a car over a bridge. She probably drove there and then used a boat or raft to get to the other side. Same way back. They used a boat to get across and then got back in her car and we saw them over a different bridge. Another alternative if you didn't like this one would be that you only see the military shoot down 2 of the bridges. I don't live in NYC, but I am almost positive that there are more than 2 bridges to get across. One more thing that people aren't making sense of is the trap that the Infected set for Robert. You all thought he was stupid by just going up and not realizing it was a trap, but he's going mad, people, he has been alone, except for his dog, for three years. He has been living in fear every night for three years. He is going a little crazy. I know this was long to read if you finished, but I hope all of this makes sense.
  • Ayu
    I did read yours Andrew. :) What I didn't like was that the movie had so many gaps in it, and you bring up a lot of points. The way I see the "legend" point of view of the alternate version is that he is a legend to the infected because he looks like a serial killer with all the pictures of his victoms on the wall. The whole bridge problem baffles me because if the whole island was quarenteened, they'd need to block off ALL the bridges, otherwise, the whole separating the "clear" from the "not clear" would be pointless. If they didn't block them all off, then the "not clear" could just run and cross that bridge! I really don't get it. Well, in the alternate version, Robert looks over the trap and says that they were his snares and materials. I agree with you. He would be really confused and he's just hoping and praying that there's someone else out there like him. He's so hopeful that he wants to believe that "Fred" is real or that the person that moved him was real. ALSO, something that made me mad in the theatrical version is that they cut out Ethan's only line!!! "It's cold". lol. Just a thought, Ayu
  • Heather
    I watched I AM LEDGEND on DVD this weekend but didnt watch any special scenes or endings b/c the DVD was acting up and I havnt read the book. Since i watched the movie i just kept running things through my head b/c i knew there was something deeper or something I was missing. The obvious thing missing was the up-close and personal incounter w/the creatures and Nevel (this was what drove me to find alternate endings/missing scenes.) I also never put it together that the 'infected' were vampires. Granted they reacted to sunlight but nothing else lead me to conclude they were anything but 'zombies.' The animation on the infected could have been better also. there were too many 'repeated' and i understand they probobly are all supposed to look alike... but common... also if one of them is chewing on a carcas wouldnt they're face be a little bloody? I also wondered about the bridge, I understand there could have been other ways off the island but if the military was going to seal it off i doubt they would have missed any road ways. I suppose a fairy boat or something is HALF way believable... After all that babbling I really did like this movie in spite of its flaws. i'm now going to find the book and dive into it! cheers!
  • Carlos A. Valle
    Everyone have a sit. . . this is quite long. I apologize. I just have a lot of time in my hands and a lot to talk about #612 - Asmodeus Good point. . . hmmm imagine that. There's an alternative to violence? wow #619 - Slick Rick I agree that they shouldn't have called it I Am Legend, however if they hadn't I wouldn't have read the book so maybe its a good thing. #631 - Yus John that's a good point. Kinda reminds me of spider man and how disappointed I was at first of how they changed it but now I don't mind it much because times have changed. And people are trying to keep the fire of these stories alive still and to do that they have no other choice but to change it up. #638 - Phillip Seo good point with the Lioness and the family in relation to neville and anna. I didn't look at that earlier. #662 - Allan without jumping too much into politics I think that they don't have any imagination as to how else they could fix problems thus "just nuke them" right? #663 - GadDamn Batman I agree with you. The ending of it was kinda hasty and poorly done. I think it would've been better if he was legend because after being captured to keep him from killing the creatures he was forced to help kill off the undead and/or creat a cure since he got so smart throughout the book by reading so much #667 - Just me Anna says 'we came from maryland' not ' drove in from maryland'. . . they could've swam, boated, flew, etc to manhattan island. #693 - Niclas think of it this way. According to the info from robert the virus had a 99% infection rate. Then whoever was left of the population was feeded on by the dark seekers because at the time there was nothing left. Then three years later Neville is still around and now there are other things available for the dark seekers (deer) so they don't have to hunt humans anymore and also the leader vampire emerges after awhile and when neville shows compassion and kindness by giving the girl back, the leader forgives him for his actions and leaves him. But still that shouldn't be. It could be "I'll let you slide this time, but next time I see you I'll rip you apart myself". I actually think he should've said something like that in some broken english type as he left neville and called his minions off. Either that or Neville can't live with his disgraced self and commits suicide #698 - Mike what do you mean by the year 2010 special to the mayan calendar? And what about ethan swimming and what not? #735 - adeadcrow that's true. When Anna walks into his life saing that god has a plan. . . that was completely unnecessary. I didn't like that part of the movie. And in the beginning when he's driving the shelby and you see the butterfly on the wall and it says "god still loves us" or something like that. Yeah not necessary. Specially how he portrays his faith in the book. #736 - Nina that's a good point. That's why I still think in the alternate ending they should've sacrificed Neville after they got the woman-creature back. After he realized that he was a serial killer-like character to them he should've been captured and exectuded #739 - Chris the idea that they can be saved in the end is ideal, however the point trying to be made is that they don't want to be saved (made stronger in the book). When I read that in the book it lost me for a bit but after thinking for awhile I got why the book ends like that. #747 Kimball - You have a good point. Although I say you should've read the book AFTER watching the movie. Anyways about the virus comment. You know that since you're in school for it, however remember they didn't have in mind a medical school audience. So not everyone is expected to know what it's supposed to be thus making it the way it was. It's just what's better and easier to understand to most people #754 Joe - In the theatrical version the butterfly showes up in the glass as it's being cracked by the leader of the dark seekers. Watch for that next time you watch it. #757 - Ryan Daugherty Robert was in the military. Remember how he got a cross tatued on his chest in nicaragua and where he was bit and almost died from a vampire bat which led him to theorize that's the reason he didn't fall to the bacteria? Now to all saying that the woman and child should've never come into the picture. How were they supposed to end the movie? That's the ticket to the dark seekers finding his hideout. I think that instead of rolling his SUV, if neville barely makes out of the pier alive and goes home far ahead of the dark seekers but by the time he gets in they're not far behind him and then tie into the attack at his house would've been much better for the ending. One thing that bothers me is that they never touch why neville is invulnerable to the dark seekers. And also did anyone else notice that when he gets captured only the dogs attack him and sam? Another point to show that the leader is somewhat forgiving by giving him a chance knowing that he could probably make it out alive? or just a loose string set by poor editing? I don't think they should've used CG whatsoever. . . well except MAYBE for the animals. . . maybe. But the dark seekers. . for sure no.
  • I can't understand the decision to put this ending on the shelf and used the original. It was more intensed and dramatic - after maintaining his existence in mankind its only right to let him drive off in the sunset.
  • Matt Milburn
    I STRONGLY prefer this ending over the theatrical one. The ending in theaters was terrible and every single person I know who has seen the movie says they hated the ending. It was just so, "okay... the movies over now" and everyone gets up and leaves feeling unfulfilled. This ending makes everything just stop (much like the scene where Fred was moved), and forces me to the edge of my seat and I can do nothing but focus all of my attention towards the movie. WB is out of their minds to not use this ending in the final cut of the movie. Honestly, if it weren't for the bad theatrical ending, this would be one of my favorite movies ever.
  • lee
    yea ten times better !1 the endings these days are always terriable , what ever happened to live happily ever after
  • Sherry
    I think WB severely underestimated their viewing audience's capacity to understand what was going on. We would have loved it in the theater that way. I agree with the person who said we need a DVD that uses that ending, rather than just having it in special features.
  • shane
    for this ending i think it matches the story greatly. i rather have the legend and myth living then dieing it matches the story line best because of being the last human alive this should be the ending in the theaters 2 thumbs up and i stole this from my teacher if i had more thumbs they would be up
  • BOTH ENDINGS WERE TOTALLY RUBBISH a great movie was made mediocre with the ending, enjoyed it up until the last 10mins
  • Victoria
    I think the movie was pretty cool. I liked both of the endings. Even if the a.e was better I think seeing the end in the theathers might make u wanna go buy the dvd just to see the a.e. But they were both pretty cool. I got the dvd!!!!!!!!!
  • Ivan
    This ending.. Wow. I remember telling people that I thought the movie was pretty good, all things considered, if you were to leave the theatre after the woman and child show up. This ending fixes most of what was wrong with the movie. I agree that Neville should still die, but I forgive that considering how hard it would be to get the average audience to go with that. At least this version holds on to a truer feel to what the original story had. I especially like how they subtly pan across the wall of head shots of his experiments as he slumps to the floor.
  • This alternative ending is a bit better. However, it does not really bring a conclusion since there was not cure presented in it. So they both to me leave something to be desired.
  • Lauren
    This ending was much better. I really enjoyed the film but would have enjoyed it MUCH more and left the cinema much happier had this been the ending. It's amazing, more tense, more exciting and just better at gathering the loose ends. Awesome!
  • tb
    gewd moovie y'all.
  • Andrew
    I really liked the movie and haven't read the book but am planing on it. I have only read the first 10 or so coments and just want to say that the movie was clearly a variation of the book. In the movie, if they put in this alternate ending it would leave too many questions and not show the audience that Neville was a 'legend'. In the movie the 'dark seekers' are not vampires. The movie doesn't depicte him as hunting them and killing them or the 'dark seekers' trying to find him. In fact, the dark seekers don't even know he exists. The movie shows him as more of trying to find a cure. The movie depicts the 'dark seekers' as not organized, not intelegent, and not having a hierarchy system in place. This is obviously diferent from the book. It sounds like the book describles the 'vampires' as a new race; as a substitution for humanity. The vampires are not stupid or just animals acting on instinct. In the movie they are. The dark seekers in the movie evolved to become organized (one reason that the ending sequence was more scary then the dark seekers just comming to get them). They had no concept of Neville until he traped that one female. So, I feel that if the movie was more closely tied to the book then yes, this alternate ending would have been much better. But because it wasen't, the ending that was used was better.
  • Oh my gosh... This ending... WHY HAVE WE NOT SEEN THIS??? It made SO MUCH MORE SENSE than the other did. I mean I saw the movie and when they made it to the colony and was like "Everything is ok" I was like WHAT THE HELL THAT WAS CRAP, but then... this... I sont know why we didnt see it, but it definately blows the other one out of the water. I dont know if it's because today we feel that the main character in ever story must be killed to make it memorable and "Legendary" but I feel that in the movie, Neville's death was a bit futile, I mean honestly, why did they need to kill hiim off? SUPERB, I really hope that they will like Re-Release the movie or Put out a DVD with the full length film and the Original ending weaved into it INSTEAD of the "It's over, and cured, and we are safe" nonsense ending.
  • jac
    i like this ending better because it show the ego of humans .why are they wrong? why do they have to change?
  • Kevin
    I don't know, while I get what people are saying about the emotion and showing that Neville may have been the monster I think him living was wrong. It's just too american. I think the bold choice is to kill him because it makes sense. He had no reason to live anymore. I am thinking that the alternative ending starts after he discovers that the infected woman he captured is cured so with that still being true does he have much to live for? He lost his family, he lost his dog and he saw a cure through. I think if he also came to a conclusion of a revelation that he was a monster for what he did would have destroyed him. Emotionally he was done, throughout the movie he continued on because he thought he was going to save humanity. This ending destroyed that thought. Why have a happy ending?
  • Tito
    I really liked the alternate ending and honestly I feel as both ending would have done great in the box office. The alternate ending is a lot more emotionally charged which is pointed out above but Neville's sacrifice in the original ending appeals to me as well. At the end of the day I do prefer the alternate ending because it just makes more sense with the storyline. Why would the lead "darkseeker" be following Neville trying to capture him if it wasn't for the fact the Neville took something dear to the "darkseeker." Alternate ending was superior than the original but WB probably wanted to keep the distinction between good and evil(Robert Neville and Company vs Vampires).
  • alanna estrada
    this was an infinitely better ending! i didn't particularly like i am legend precisely for the reason that i thought the ending sucked. this ending made a lot more sense, considering the storyline. and really, do we have to be so literal? to kill off robert neville to tie up the "i am legend" concept... how boring and unimaginative. anyway, i think that WB would have gotten better results at the box office if they had used this ending instead.
  • Alex
    Ok the alternate ending was 100 times better than theatrical one. When Anna came about and ended up at the camp I thought to myself wow this is a real shitty ending to a pretty good movie. The way Anna was portrayed really ruined the movie for me although i still thought it was good. But i think that the movie could have gone a lot more in depth. Not just the interview with the Dr. with a cure and then NYC 3 years later could have gone a little deeper. Most of the time im a person that hates long drawn out movies but this was definitely one that could have been drawn out. The theatrical ending is what everyone expects its just like wow same shit every time. So yes WB should have put out this ending. Just thought id add that from the first 20 comments...Scott you just a total duesch just because you didn't like the movie doesn't mean you have the right to say stupid ass shit. You're one of those stupid viewers that everyone hates to listen to their bullshit. The movie could have been better but it was still could and more people liked it than people that didn't.
  • fresh
    Now I doubt any one will read this post as it is nearly 800 in a list of very interesting opinions, but I just wanted to say that I loved the alternate ending. When I saw the theatrical release I was hoping that Anna would be a figment of Neville's (Smiths) imagination, a departure of his humanity, or some sort of psychological deviation due to the loss of his best friend and confidant. I thought it would have been a great twist that would have kept in line with the book as Neville really and truly being the last man on Earth, with a monologue at the end of Smith showing his complete departure into insanity as he claims to be the "legend". The original ending was a disappointment to an otherwise phenomenal movie. I'm a huge fan of Will Smiths and thought he brought a depth to the quintessential hero. Anyway, hind sight is 20/20. But I recommend getting this DVD!!!
  • brittany
    i thought this ending was so much better. the theatrical ending really pissed me off. when i rented the movie i watched the whole thing once and then the next 3 times skipped the ending. plus who wants a hottie like will smith die?
  • jhency
    WOW! This is just amazing! This is the type of ending that I've been looking formward when I first watched the movie. Despite the intensity of the face-to-face scene of the lead vampire and Robert, the emotional made the conclusion and realization of what had really happend. I think every story must have a conclusion and the alternative ending did show the conclusion and realization of the story. Thanks for uploading! :)
  • Fred
    This ending is far better than the theatrical version.
  • Jesse
    That ending was so much better than the theatrical version. With that ending I would say that I am Legend is my favorite movie. The theatrical version left me wanting.
  • Time line
    I was completely excited to see the movie when it hit the theaters in Dec. The movie was intense! The originally released ending was terrible! I left feeling like something was missing. The alpha male had some sort of bond with the female that the original ending never answered. The next business day, we discused the movie at the office. We all agreed that no one should promote this movie to anyone else. The commercials had been misleading. We also had issues with the ending. You never saw the infected actually killed anything!! The walls of the village were barely protected, and just a lot of little details that didn't complete the story. All in all, the new ending made it more enjoyable, they just should have been walking out of New York rather than driving. The movie probably would have done better from word of mouth if they went with the second ending. Jaybyrd
  • Trey H
    I own "Last Man on Earth" with Vincent Price, "Omega Man", and now this. The ONLY thing that rings true with this latest adaptation of Richard Matheson's original work, which by the way is pure genius, is its title. If Hollywood REALLY wanted to appease the die-hard fans of this novel, they should have a look at the 1991 graphic novel put out by Eclipse books. It was adapted bySteve Niles and illustrated by Elman Brown. They could have even used it is the storyboards. While a big fan of all three of these movies for different reasons, I am still waiting for a TRUE version of this to be committed to film
  • Moe
    Umm... i dont see the self-sacrificing part. Thats what RUINED the movie for me. There was no clear reason as to why Will Smith had to die at all. If he wanted to kill all the vampires, he could easily have chunked the grenade through the hole created by the vampire/monster when he was smashing his head against the plexiglass. I mean you didnt have to be Michael Jordan to make that shot, plus most hand grenades have a 3,5, and even a delayed fuse of 10 seconds, thats why he pulled the pin and held the grenade for a while, so he could have easily lobbed the grenade and jumped into the coal chute after the boy and the girl and closed the door. It made NO sense at all that he died. And i like that other point someone made, how did they get out of new york, the bridges were most definitely destroyed.
  • Dan Doody
    The Idea of the movie was awesome. If you could go around and do whatever you wanted and drive sweet cars and teach yourself to fly planes and drive tanks I'd be set. But for real the theatrical ending didn't offer even a tenth of the closure that the alternate ending did. I was extremely impressed with Will Smith's acting in this film, along with the C.G work. The expressions on the K.V infected humans was very realistic, and I'd venture to say better than the C.G in Beowulf. I work at Movie Gallery in Maine and I watch a lot of movies as a part of my job. Had the alternate ending been used in the theatrical version I would say that this is one of the top 20 film's I have ever seen, and I'd say I've watched about 700+ movies in my life. As I've heard but not yet read (Thats a HIGH priority on my list) the novel has the infected as vampires. I think that would have made for an even more specular film because vampires are night creatures, so you don't have to make up bogus reasons for why the monsters can't come into the sunlight. ************* *9.7 out of 10* *************
  • Tom
    Just finished watching the original on DVD. Now I can kick myself for not spending the extra 6 dollars and getting the two-disk special edition with the alternate ending. I have seen three movies in the last 2 weeks. 3:10 to Yuma, No Country for Old Men, and this movie. All three had poor to mediocre endings. Even the alternate ending could have been better, but it was definitely better than the original. The original movie gives little hints along the way as to the relationship between Neville, the vampire girl, and the vampire leader, but the original ending doesn't fit. Also, I'm glad to see that the guy Scott from post #11 has cowered away. Perhaps he went back to surfing porn or playing World of Warcraft!
  • Heather
    Kevin #793 (just discussing, not being snarky 😉 ) - Maybe Neville after realizing he was the monster and he was working for the wrong cause (as in fixing and putting things back to 'normal') he could stop living in the past and move forward and accept what had happened and delt with it. You cant change the past, you must play the cards delt. Anyway do you think the 'vamps' could have gone back to 'normal'? I doubt it. Even if the cure stayed their hunger for flesh and allowed them to be in the sunlight there are just too many other changes... Also i've never heard of a breathing vamp let a lone a hyper-breathing one LOL Sorry love my vamps, and those things are not even close but i suppose they needed a reason they couldnt be active in the day... just like they killed Neville in the theatrical ending just so he could be a legened, what a waste.
  • Jay
    I liked the one NOT in theatrical release better. It addresses what I thought was a central theme in the movie, which was whether there was anything “left” to save in the zombies (or vampires). This end summed up it rather nicely with limited dialogue and powerful acting. I have to say though I have heard a lot of people say they hated the theatrical ending… it ruined the movie etc. I would not go as far as to say that. I was disappointed that it left so many questions unanswered. The thing I did like about the theatrical release was that it was not the typical hero saving the day and riding off to the sunset. It was an atypical Hollywood ending. Kind of a Hemingway hero thing at the end ( ).
  • citi
    i think the alernate ending was better than the movie version. yeah the movie version is hot cause we went out like a warrior for the human race . but this 1 would have made the same amount for money for them it was great
  • P
    I like this ending far better, the person or persons who said to use the other are asses, how many Virologist do they think survived the outbreak! You would need someone who had his notes and the samples to cure the population in the end and that would take many more years because you would have to weaponize the cure in order to insure that everyone one received the Cure! I even wrote an alternate ending myself, I told others that it would take from three to five sec for the grenade to go off, but they said I was stupid for saying how it had ending wrong. Also remember that we all saw those guys standing around him in the trailers so there had to be a better ending! I also explained who in part two how the virus was continuing to change the infected and that their abilities were increasing, and that they were becoming more like the vampires of legend! Dr. Neville had gone out on a search for more gin pigs to test how well the cure would work , because they could not afford to wait three or four day for it to work, he was developing a faster process to assimilate the cure into the infected! But during their search they encounter a new type of infected and they are running out of time the infected are have more trouble find food in the cities which provide them protection from the day light so they are having to expand their search for food outside the cities which in time have them come toward and humans that are left in the would in camps, this only protection right now is that they are far from any protection for the infected , but as their powers has expanded so has their range of movement throughout the country. So if Neville dose not complete his cure soon their will be now one left, because they will be food for the infected.
  • Frank
    hey, but in the theatrical ending, he got the cure by taking a vial of the alpha female's blood. so if he didn't take the vial from the female in the alternative, how was he supposed to find the cure when he drove up to Vermont? (the syringe he injected into her brought her to consciousness and did not draw blood)
  • P
    I like this ending far better, the person or persons who said to use the other are asses, how many Virologist do they think survived the outbreak! You would need someone who had his notes and the samples to cure the population in the end and that would take many more years because you would have to weaponize the cure in order to insure that everyone one received the Cure! I even wrote an alternate ending myself, I told others that it would take from three to five sec for the grenade to go off, but they said I was stupid for saying how it had ending wrong. Also remember that we all saw those guys standing around him in the trailers so there had to be a better ending! I also explained who in part two how the virus was continuing to change the infected and that their abilities were increasing, and that they were becoming more like the vampires of legend! Dr. Neville had gone out on a search for more gin pigs to test how well the cure would work , because they could not afford to wait three or four day for it to work, he was developing a faster process to assimilate the cure into the infected! But during their search they encounter a new type of infected and they are running out of time the infected are have more trouble find food in the cities which provide them protection from the day light so they are having to expand their search for food outside the cities which in time have them come toward and humans that are left in the would in camps, this only protection right now is that they are far from any protection for the infected , but as their powers has expanded so has their range of movement throughout the country. So if Neville dose not complete his cure soon their will be now one left, because they will be food for the infected. In the book the legend is mankind they no longer rule the world the new society of vampire would , but you have to ask yourself how would they survive they eat everything in cite, once their food is gone they are gone , then there is the possibility that the virus is not done changing them, in the book they found a way to maintain some of their humanity , but we know viruses do two thing really good they change and they multiply very fast to take over an organisms, how would the new society survive if they didn't find a new way to maintain themselves as human-hybrids. In my visions they are still doom if you look at the book! In the book they were stone cold killers too so don’t look too harshly on Neville for killing them at least he was trying to solve the problem of the virus.
  • P
    He has his notes from his research and he is a Virologist after all he can rebuild his research very fast, that cure is ineffective as it is it takes at least three days to work and cold too so he has to perfect the process and he is the best person to do it , and I say again how many virologist do you think survived their aren’t that many in the world now, their can't be more then to other if everything went well with the government’s plan for the camps for survivors!
  • P
    a raft can be built and thye could tranfer thir gaer to the other vehicle
  • P
    You forgot about the Lincon Tunnel dud!
  • F
    Much better ending. The one released in cinemas was blatantly tacked on, and tacky. This one had some credibility. We could have left the cinema feeling like we'd seen something, and it would have stayed with us, instead of feeling like we'd been sold nothing more than the opportunity to eat popcorn
  • P
    This is the Adam and Eve ending, think guys if you had been alone for three years you know you would be trying to get at Alice, what guy does not want sex! I would have been all over that girl and you would have too unless you like guys. LOL!
  • P
    are the bridges the only way to get out or are thier tunnels?
  • P
    I have never been to New York but i have heard of tunnels!
  • P
    there are ferries too!
  • Steve
    Both endings differ a bit from the book. Speaking of the book, can someone explain to me why, in the book, the "new age" vampires kill the other vampires outside of his house? Also, what is the difference between a "living" vampire and a "dead" one?
  • Kristie
    Elvis #3 Perhaps the bad guy dying seems easier and less "neat" than everything working out for him in the end, and usually that would be a more daring choice because the audience gets attached to the main characters. In this case, however, I think is is impossible to ignore that the theatrical ending leaves the vampire like creatures as simple "monsters" with a typical heroic sacrifice at the end. There is nothing profound there. The true genius of the original story is to see how the hero is actually a "monster" to this new society of species, he is the freak that comes while they are sleeping and terrorizes them. And they retain some level of humanity, too, with the love story that was never really revealed with the theatrical ending either. When Will Smith's character looks at the wall where he has photographed and catalogued the hundreds of them he has captured and killed in the name of finding a cure, he sees everything differently, and the audience gets to think. This is what makes great endings, not mere spectacles.
  • Chris
    I have read the book, and it does differ from the movie quite considerably. When i saw the movie, i enjoyed it thoroughly, especially the cinematics. But in terms of actual plot, i was quickly reminded of other disease zombie apocalypse movies (such as RE and 28 days later)and i was disappointed. The theatrical ending was easy to predict, and at the end i was left with a lacking. If this had been the ending, it would have completely changed my opinion. I prefer this one many folds over.
  • Kristie
    And Scott - Why the slew of crude language? That is all your posts contained. You've yet to offer a single substantial observation or idea about the movie itself, not a single supporting point! If you didn't like it, fine, and feel free to drop a few poignant four letter words, we are all adults. But please tell me you have something more intellectual to contribute than "mindless fucktards" etc., especially if you are going to attack the intellect of those who enjoyed it.
  • Chris
    i think that the ending they used ended too abrupty, they should have used this ending. and in the ending they used why didn't he just get into the protective thing then throw the grenade out so he lived? stupid man
  • Chad
    Interesting alternate ending, and less cliche than Will Smith blowing himself up... A few problems, though. The Vampires ARE seen as uncontrolled, animalistic, and driven by a lust for blood. Also, these vampires were ONCE human beings. It seems stupid for the film to preach "respect" for their new existence and society, since they've obviously "de-evolved" into growling and snarling neanderthals. It seems rather INCONSISTENT for the Alpha Male to snatch up his beloved, and for the hoard to then have a "...okay boys, we got what we came for" attitude. It turns the vampires into a group of pacifist flower children. Still, the theatrical ending DID need to indicate that the Alpha was after his woman. The movie DID need to indicate that the vampires were more "human" than the good doctor gave them credit for. I got a sense of that when the creatures had the intelligence to set a trap for the doc. I was surprised by that. So I propose an conclusion that combines both endings. An ending that has the Neville hide the woman and boy in the tunnel, after handing them the antidote. The alpha Vampire breaks through the glass, and instead of attacking the doctor, he grabs his woman off the gurney. Neville is confused. Slowly, Neville realizes that the Alpha is after the woman. He then injects the woman with the "KV Virus" active agent, and Alpha does his growl at Neville...then takes his woman away...with the Hoard parting to let him through. Smith looks at the wall with the photos, and muses verbally or non-verbally, "Have I lost my humanity as well?" Once the Alpha leaves, the Hoard is now free to come at him. The bitter and atheistic Neville now says "God forgive me" (...since his "listening" to the butterfly message already told us that he found some type of faith again), and THEN as the Hoard of vampires claw and bite into him, he blows them all up. This movie is very well made, but did have a somehwhat weak script. It's not just based on the novel "I am legend" but based on the original movie version "The Omega Man."
  • britt
    i like the ending shown in theaters MUUUUCH better! I've never read the book before so I guess this is from a different perspective, but the original ending to me seemed unbelievable (not that the entire theme is realistic) but the redundant grawling and hissing from the darkseekers and the way they slowed down (when in the rest of the movie, they never stopped moving fast) was impoassible to believe connected. Without reading the book, a moviewatcher would never think to consider him a legend to the darkseekers... keeping him a legend by saving all man kind by giving up his life was a smart choice by the people who know how to sell movies!!
  • Carlos A. Valle
    Steve #821 The "new age" vampires aren't all out vampires yet. They are infected but they haven't transformed (remember the woman that shows up in the book talking about a pill she takes?) and Living vampire is someone who didn't die and became a vampire (kinda like sam the dog in the movie) and a dead one is like his wife in the book, she dies, he buries her, then she comes back after him. Do you remember reading in the book how the bacteria takes over the body as a parasite and controls the body making it a trade off. I'll give your body this fake life and you give me fresh blood. Hopefully that helps.
  • Carlos A. Valle
    #827 Chad that would have been a pretty good mix of the scenes and would have made it more of a twisty ending. It's a neat way of ending it. The book's ending is still, after reading it awhile ago and turning over in mind, doesn't make sense. . . seems hasty but in the book they show fear to this legend and aide the fact that he is the legend to them so who knows. . .
  • Carol
    Actually, I preferred the original ending, other than the 'God' concept. The supposed real ending is too Hollywood predictable - ie male rescues female from captor and everyone lives happily ever after. And he wasn't the last human on the planet, was he!
  • Lynne
    Chad #827 has the right idea, I think, if they weren't going to stay more faithful to the book. The alternate ending explains several things that the theatrical ending doesn't - the alpha male risking coming into the light when the female is captured, how these snarling, growling, supposedly mindless monsters could set up a trap for Neville (the only explanation I could come up with when I saw this scene was that, maybe, it was a trap Neville has set himself and forgotten about, then fell victim to when he started to descend into that temporary madness). Chad's "blended" ending would also allow us to see Neville gain an understanding of just how dehumanized he'd become, as well, by the experiments that resulted in the deaths of so many of these mutated humans that he was trying to help. I do believe that Neville had to die in one way or the other at the end. Driving away with the woman would've have done nothing to explain how Neville became a legend, either to the Dark Seekers or to the remaining humans. He would've just moved on to continue his research. Hero, maybe, if he'd discovered and implemented a cure, but not Legend. And just my own personal prejudice as an unapologetically, over the top animal kook, why do these Hollywood types always have to include an animal in these flicks, just to kill them off in some really awful way?! When I first saw Sam, the dog, I just knew she was put there for no other reason than so they could do away with the poor creature, especially since there was no dog in the book this movie was supposed to be based on. It just sticks in my craw, especially in a movie like this that was based on a book where a large share of the drama and tension was the utter aloneness of the main character. For pete's sake, Tom Hanks managed to make it through almost an entire movie with nothing but a soccer ball for company! Quit killing off the critters just to tweak our heartstrings! (Off my rant now.)
  • Daniel Gagne
    Of the entries I read, Chris from 826 is the best. I think the ending he proposed is the ending I would like to see. It seems to capture enough of what I gather is the story from the book (from entries describing it - I've never read it), have some cool explosions, blood, and gore, kills off the main character who probably deserves to die, and yet still leaves that small glimmer of hope for humanity (the cure) that a number of humanists need to have at the end of such an apocalyptic story. In deriving my own opinion from the opinions of others, I think both endings are a bitter disappointment when one considers what might have been.
  • Daniel Gagne
    There is one additional aspect of 826's proposed ending I forgot to mention. The element of shock and cold empty "Oh my God!" that might be felt by the masses when they suddenly are made to realize that "Neville was the bad guy! His experiments were viewed as murder by these creatures, and they were hunting him for revenge, as well as the leader's girlfriend. He is going to die to pay for his mistakes!" It's not exactly "The Sixth Sense", "The Ring", or "The Others" style of ending - it's more like "The Wicker Man" in fact. However, it would leave people with a final sense of shock and eeriness that I think would have made for a new-age blockbuster hollywood ending.
  • Daniel Gagne
    Personally, after just watching the original theatrical ending again in light of the better ending I was endorsing above, I have concluded that I don't believe that there should have been a successful cure. Neville should have concluded that his efforts to find a cure were a failure and a mistake. The story emmanates the idea that we did this to ourselves out of foolishness. Why should humanity deserve a second chance? Is it right to attempt to "cure" a race of creatures that doesn't want to be cured, and even views such attempts at finding a cure as injustice and murder? The fact is that we created this new evolving race, and they deserve the same oportunity to live as we had. Perhaps the movie should have been truly apocalyptic, with the race of mankind ending right there. Neville should have went out with a grenade blast of glory - one last spark for mankind, with no hope for humanity to rebuild itself. As grim as it sounds, that would have made for an awesome story grimly attesting to the risks of experimenting with DNA viral research (just like the Resident Evil series). I conclude that the movie makers missed out on some amazing storytelling oportunities that could have really brought to life what sounds like an amazingly written book.
  • Erwin Tay
    I believe this would ba a better ending than the one played on the Moviehouses. Makes me wonder why they chose to Kill off will smith at the end while the ending of the book is way better than the one they chose.
  • Feral
    ...y anyone would want to use these sorts of forums to insult and frontally attack other peoples point of view is just wrong. we can criticize...but not in anger! its just rude, unnecessary, and i think barbaric to be doing so... whoever posted this...dude...u just made a great movie end even better... ...thank u...
  • AccidentalVisitor
    Chad, the lead character blowing himself up at the end is cliche? Really? In what universe? Don't get me wrong. I prefer the alternate ending but the ending shown in the theaters was gutsy to an extent to considering the lead guy died.
  • P
    the book is totallly different from all the movies but one the first one!
  • P
    the book is totallly different from all the movies but one the first one! I was lng and drawn out. In the book he had to leanr about viroligy it took him a very long to to learn what he needed to know about why they still walked the earth. It was becuase of how the blood was silded in side them once you open them up with a stake to a majoe organ you could kill them! For all those who do want to read it there are audio book on line for free!
  • P
    He can still die in part two, remeber how they messed up Ultraviolet by rushing the story sometimes it take a while to fully understand a charcter, what thier motovations are what kjeep them going each day know thw whole whlie death is just outside the door, how they loose the desire for se over time withut human contact, how you can start to here want is not there, and covence yourself a lie is the truth. to determine over time that we really do need one another even those individuals that get on our last nerve because they aid in shaping our live eeven if it is in a very small way!
  • P
    Humans deserve a second chance because GOD gives us a chance even when we have been awful in even thing we do. We know what is right and wrong but we as a people cast that away for what we want. We lie and cover it up so that other will not look upon us in a bad way. We betray to gain an advantage over someone that we deem not worthy of anything good. We follow the mob mentally which allow very awful deeds to be done and after everyone has calmed down no one pays for those deeds, we justify it and say that if was not my fault and that I was just going along with the crowd. But we know deep within our own heart that we did was totally wrong. We force our will on other and claim that we are for freedom for all mankind, as long as it does not cost us anything. We don't even realize that man is not basically good, even in the bible Jesus said that their in none good but GOD. But we keep on lying and tell people that they are good so that we can fit into our little groups that feed on those lies. We attack other who look, speak, think and act differently then us because it make us feel better to blame someone else for our problems that we created by not doing what we were supposed to do ourselves which is be self-sufficient. We barrow knowing full well that we can’t pay it back then yell foul for our own greediness, and the thing that we had gotten we do not even use or want. Mankind is just an infant and because we are an infantile race we need another chance and time to grow up, and I thank GOD that he give us so many opportunism to do things his way before we destroy ourselves and those around us. Everything we do affects others and if we took the time to realize that we might just one day become not good but a descent people!
  • P
    Humans deserve a second chance because GOD gives us a chance even when we have been awful in even thing we do. We know what is right and wrong but we as a people cast that away for what we want. We lie and cover it up so that other will not look upon us in a bad way. We betray to gain an advantage over someone that we deem not worthy of anything good. We follow the mob mentally which allow very awful deeds to be done and after everyone has calmed down no one pays for those deeds, we justify it and say that if was not my fault and that I was just going along with the crowd. But we know deep within our own heart that we did was totally wrong. We force our will on others and claim that we are for freedom for all mankind, as long as it does not cost us anything. We don't even realize that man is not basically good, even in the bible Jesus said that their in none good but GOD. But we keep on lying and tell people that they are good so that we can fit into our little groups that feed on those lies. We attack others who look, speak, think and act differently then us because it make us feel better to blame someone else for our problems that we created by not doing what we were supposed to do ourselves which is be self-sufficient. We barrow knowing full well that we can’t pay it back then yell foul for our own greediness, and the thing that we had gotten we do not even use or want. Mankind is just an infant and because we are an infantile race we need another chance and time to grow up, and I thank GOD that he give us so many opportunists to do things his way before we destroy ourselves and those around us. Everything we do affects others and if we took the time to realize that we might just one day become not good but a descent people!
  • P
    Polictal correctness will greatly aid in the destuction of mankind, by not being able to tell or reveal the truth we keep on doing what is wrong while we tell ourselves that it is for the good of mankind, aka for national security!!!!!!
  • rick
    It should both be on the DVD.. I like this one more than the one in the cinema.
  • Matthew De Louise
    Ok Here is the problem. I still do not like this ending. The woman and child should definalty die. End the movie with him killing some baddies, with a soliloquie and the last words being "I am Legend"....Thats how it should have ended...end of discussion.
  • drew
    aight i don't like the idea that the darkseekers are seen as ruthless killing machines in the majority of the movie, and then in this ending they're just all thanks dude i'm gonna take my girl back to our vampire hive. the only reason i went to see the movie was because i loved the book and the commercials showed Neville in close contact with the Darkseekers, like in the alternative ending. I don't like how Neville died in the regular ending cuz he could have just thrown the grenade out of the little door thingy. His sacrifice was unnecessary in the cinema ending. But the Darkseekers should have taken the girl, killed smith, busted the glass, killed Anna, while the little kid got away and you heard his voice on the radio talking about Dr. Robert Neville being mankinds legend or whatever. Or all three of them should have died and humanity should have been wiped out completely, and it has something to do with god doing something or other because the whole religion-God thing in this movie is very important. i still love the movie, but both endings are so so. + plus how do they drive off the bridge to the colony in vermont if the military shot the bridge down?
  • Chad
    Some great commentary here on my proposed "merged ending!!" Once again, movie fans seem to have a better sense of drama than movie studios, who crank out carbon copy themes and unlimited sequels so they can harvest optimal profit. HOLLYWOOD is SCARED of originality!! Someone asked " what universe" is it "cliche" when the protagonist sacrifices himself in a fiery blaze of glory? It's been featured in many blockusters, one that comes to mind is "Independence Day"...ironically, another Will Smith movie. I4 has many "protagonist-heroes,"" and the most unlikely one is the druken pilot played by Randy Quaid. He yells "Hello boys, III'mmmm back" and "up yours!" as he takes out the alien saucer with his plane, and it's "jammed" missile. A huge fire ball once again engulfs a self sacrificing martyr. Another forum contributor wanted Neville, the woman and the boy all to die. This would be reminiscent of "Night of the Living Dead." It's what I would consider the "Prozac" option...when futility and despair are the only emotions the viewer is left with. Artistic, but not my first choice. Keeping in mind that we are critiquing the movie and NOT the book, yes, the "vampires" are partially human and a new society, but they are basically "rabid." At some part of the movie, the flashacks refer to the KV virus as exhibiting "like Rabies." As a society, they probably will implode and eventually kill each other (...even more so than we are currently doing as a species). This is why the antidote is important. Yes, the alternate ending has Neville, Woman and Boy driving over a bridge...when it's clear that ALL bridges to Manhatten must had been destroyed. And those forum contributors who are angry profanity spewers should be understood here, of all places...they just have the KV virus. They are upset by the uncomplimentary depiction the film is promoting, and are currently pushing a lawsuit through the ACLU. Their boycott lines only occur at night. First, the profanity, then the eyes bleed. Remember...sleep with your lights on! Chad
  • Chad
    Great commentaries here! Viewers are always more creative than "play it safe" Hollywood and it's fear of originality. How is the hero dying in a self- sacrificing explosion "cliche?" One example would be in the blockbuster "Independence Day," another Will Smith film. One unlikely protagonist, played by Randy Quaid, yells out some cornball lines before flying his jet with the "jammed missile" into the spaceship. All that protagonists dying, as in another proposed ending, is too reminiscent of "Night of the Living Dead." All it leaves the viewer with is futility...we could call it the "Emo" ending. Let's all cut ourselves as we watch it. And yes, KILLING the loyal Dog is also too predictable!! What a shock it would had been, if Samantha the dog survived through the movie. I will admit, though...the look on Will Smith's face as he strangled his dog was probably the most compelling scene of the film. The alternate ending should NOT show them driving across a bridge. All bridges must had been brought down. Let's also remember, the new society of vampire mutants have something comparible to "rabies." As if normal humanity isn't violent enough! They are doomed through their aggressive impulses. Still, there resides enough humanity in them for Neville to have respected. Thus, the antidote is important... just not at the cost of being a serial killer, aka Nazi doctor experiments in concentration camps. Chad
  • Chad
    Sorry for the double post. I didn't think the first one made it through. Chad
  • Dylan
    I am legend was a great PG-13 movie right up until the ending and since seeing it in theaters I've been telling everyone it sucked simply because it was a horrible ending. This original was exponentially better than the one that ruined the whole movie for me. Thank you = )
  • Alex
    I don't know if anyone realized this but i think the main reason the quarantine didn't work was because of the faulty equipment they were testing people with. When Neville's wife was checked she was positive. Then she was scanned again and it was negative. So it could go both ways which is the whole reason the quarantine didn't work. Even if one infected person passed the eye test they could spread the entire disease. Give me some feedback on this.
  • Luke
    i dont think that quarantine would work anyways the virus would eventually find its way out of New york city and wouldnt matter eventually I dont think fauly equipment had anything to do with it
  • Candy
    I think it's completley agreed upon that this ending was the better of the two! I remember coming out of the theater and I was just so mad at th ending. I hated it because of how pointless it was. It did end out of nowhere and basically gave the title no meaning. I like this ending so much more! I'm glad I got to watch it.
  • Brandon Campbell
    The alternate ending of the movie wouldve been good to see, but I see the problem. The whole "legend" concept was destroyed by it. A legend to me was a huge, like major war or politics, person(s). But, like the other legends, that person(s) are now dead. In the movie ending, he could be considered a legend. In this one, I would consider him a hero.
  • Justin
    This ending was so much better. I couldn't stand the real ending. There is a screen play of I Am Legend floating around the internet somewhere. I read it a few years ago. It was way better than the movie and this ending.
  • Jedi
    Never read the book, but the last 10 minutes of the theatrical version ruined the movie for me. THis ending was FAR superior!!
  • antalon
    way better ending. book still trumps though.
  • antalon
    also, I hate the movie BECAUSE of the theatrical ending. leave it up to hollywood to destroy something beautiful.
  • Moe
    First of all, this movie could have easily been renamed to fit this ending, it could be a simple as " I am Alive" or "I am Human" or "Hope" anything. Secondly, Am i the only one who came to the conclusion that maybe the reason why he didnt take a sample of the female and why he was now willing to leave New York, " Ground Zero," "My Section" because he had come to the realization, or epiphany or conclusion that the vampires/monsters were evolving and now exhibited sentient and humanistic characters and that it would be Genocide to wipe them out by "Curing" them. I mean how is that really all that different from Hitler wanting to make the rest of the world Arryan, something he held as a superior and better species of humans. Who is to say that their existence is wrong or what they are doing is evil? I mean humans eat cows, chickens, lambs, and all sorts of other animals. Atleast these guys only seemed to be killing one animal, its unfortunate that it happened to be human, but what if they craved chicken or mice, would be so offended or so quick to judge and want them wiped out? Just some food for thought. Im still waiting for a reason why he needed to sacrifice himself and why the hell that grenade seemed to bee so potent, i have seen a grenade explode, they dont have a 10th of the fire and explosive ability as that nade was shown to have. And if he had prewired the room, as any truly paranoid person would have, why didnt he have a self destruct button, and why couldnt it be remotely activated away from the house. Also he only waited a good 30 seconds after shutting that coal door, but 2 good points my brother made, if he was using that room as a prison, why did it have such an easy exit designed in it, and if the nade destroyed plexiglass that a man with 600xs the strength of a normal human had trouble cracking, why didnt it disintegrate the back wall where the woman and child were in? I would love to get some feed back on these questions.
  • Hmm…
    I don't get the comments about how this alternate ending is better than the theatrical ending. The theatrical ending fits in based on what has already been shown from the first minute of the movie. I'm not saying that the alternate ending is complete crap but it doesn't fit. How exactly is Neville a legend when he realizes that all the "head vampire" wanted was the female? Many are analyzing this as they have read the book, but if you haven't read the book, it fits in perfectly fine. In the book, he's a legend because hunts "vampires". In the movie Neville is a legend because he saves mankind. No matter how you put it, one can make arguments about the movie about how such and such didn't work, but the movie is titled "I Am Legend" and from the beginning of the movie, you already knew that Neville was trying to be the "good guy" buy finding a cure (which he ultimately does at his own demise). Again, you can make points to which ending is better, but you can't mix and match and say it's better because you've read the book and can justify your arguments. "I Am Legend" - human population is almost extinct, Neville trying to find a cure, ultimately does sacrifices himself for the cure to work: Legend status achieved "I Am Legend" - human population is almost extinct, Neville trying to find a cure, ultimately does but realizes that vampire hunting him down just to get the girl back, Neville lives happily ever after: How exactly is his legend status achieved? (WITHOUT mention of the book where he is considered a legend to the vampires because he's the only living man capable of killing the vampires) Like I said, if you've never even heard about the book and just went to see this movie, everything works out fine, but when you complicate things by taking taking stuff from the book and asking why they cut it out, then it creates a mess of what the movie is really about and debates start to happen.
  • Dave Moran
    When I saw the movie I hated the end. It left me empty and it was very flat feeling. This version that WB cut is 10 times more moving and it just makes more sense. No comparison. I don't get the decision!!
  • Michelle
    Both ending makes sense. I liked the alternate ending becuase Neville didn't have to die.. But in order to be a "legend" in my opinion, you have to die while being a hero right? He did what he had to do to save Anna and Ethan so they could give the cure to the other survivors because he knew he wouldn't make it. And if you think about it, I'm sure he didn't mind being killed. He looked at his wife and daughters picture right before the gernade exploded. He wanted to be with his family again. Anna carried on his name and that is why it's called I am Legend. This movie was amazing. I didn't care too much for Sam the dog being killed, it made me cry lol. But Will Smith did a great job.
  • Robert neville
    A lot of bad opinions posted, such as Neville a serial killer and/or murderer. Especially the comments about his victims being displayed on the wall while the zombies were carting him off he was saying something like, what have I done or become? Stupid, anyway the dead zombies are casualties of war. The war is to create a cure to save mankind from a disease that mutates human genome. Both endings suck but the theatrical cut was the better choice, since the title of the movie is I am legend. Neville in the movies is a hero and I am sorry but the zombies have no humanity left, they are humans turned into animals, actually worse than animals but you get the point.
  • adrian
    i love the alternate ending but it still conflicts because he said he would never leave ground zero, it was his project.
  • WOW. I definitely would have to say that this one got my wheels turning a bit more. It was like the lead vampire finally realized that Robert had the best of intentions. Made the message seem to ring "if you can communicate your well-meaning ideas to your enemies, they will see you are genuine... so never stop trying to communicate that you truly care and can help..." - in other words... NEVER STOP REACHING OUT!
  • Daniel Gagne
    Two comments about the comments following mine. First off, about these creatures being like rabid animals, I'm not sure I entirely agree. I think it's our own arragance that makes us believe we were any different during our own "stone age". The author is trying to get across the idea that these creatures are evolving. If we evolved from mere apes, why can`t these creatures evolve into an intelligent and productive society. I suggested there should be no cure, simply because it kills who they are, which is against the idea that they have a `right` to live just like we had. The author is suggesting that it is not fair for us to judge them as `animals` that must `be fixed`. We created them, we brought about our own destruction. We must live and die with the consequences of our actions. As for the Christian argument, I would not disagree. However, the story is not a Christian story, and in fact appears to take place in a world in which God is not real or in charge. I was attemtping to view the movie in this context. I myself am a Christian, but in the context of this fiction, is irrelevant. Your argument would have been a good one if I didn`t ask my question in the philosophical context of the movie and book.
  • Alex
    Daniel Gagne i see your points about them having the right to live but theres a problem. We evolved because of nature not screwing stuff up. The creatures didn't evolve over time it wasn't adaptation it was a mistake we made that put ourselves in the bad situation that no one wanted. They aren't even what they were meant to be. They lost their state of mind for the most part and im sure if one fully recovered the person thats actually supposed to be there would be more thankful than anyone could ever imagine. If the "vampires" actually had the thought process they had before hand when they were actually people they would want to go back. And the biggest point is that people didn't voluntarily turn into them, they were trying not to. So becoming those creatures was forced apon them so they would not want to be like that. So there should be a cure to fix what one person screwed up for everyone else. And what did the doctor feel like once she realized what she did. She probably felt terrible and wished she never would have done that. Thats why we as people need to watch what we do with medicine and stuff. Im not saying something like that would happen but we could start a new disease and end up killing ourselves. Thats my opinion.
  • Craig
    The alternate DVD ending is better, much better. I read the book and was hoping for a real "i am legend" type ending too, and glad to see they at least made one.
  • Lin
    This ending is way better! I hated this movie when I saw it in theatres b/c of the ending. It was depressing and just plain sucked. Why did WB feel the need to change the ending I wonder? After suffering through more than an hour of depression and drama, they should have ended it with a little hope! This ending is awesome!
  • Nick Wilkinson
    I haven't read the book but have learned a good deal about it from reading these posts. 1) How can Neville be a monster when in his mind he is trying to save his own species from extinction. 2) How could he possibly surrender himself the the idea that the infected should be allowed to exist without him trying to find a cure after the virus destroyed everything he ever knew or loved 3) I agree with the person earlier who said that the alternated ending made the carnivorous dark seekers look like a bunch of pacifists 4) if another animal sees you as food and has a legitimate chance of eating you, you probably wouldn't be ok with the idea of co- existing with it 5) If you watch this or read a story like this and feel that allowing the infected to continue being mindless cavemen/ zombie creatures is the 'humane' way to operate you have a fucked up way of looking at thing...
  • Rob
    I was so pissed off when I saw the theatrical ending. I have never read the book, sadly. I expected a lot from this movie, I was satisfied until the end. I am very happy that this alternative ending was made. I fully appreciate the movie "I am Legend" now.
  • Daniel Gagne
    Great points, Alex. If the creatures truly wished they could go back to what they were before the dissease, than all Neville did would be justified. Have you considered that the creatures appear to be resisting and even resenting the finding of a cure? Could it be our own arrogant presumption that makes us believe that these creatures "can't possibly be happy" because they don't live the way we live right now? It's true that the dissease was thrust upon them. Howver, perhaps in some strange way that our arrogant human selves can't quite comprehend, maybe they "prefer" their new current existence. There is nobody to speak on behalf of the creatures except the author of the book. I think that is what the author is trying to get us to understand - there may be other ways to exist besides our own that give one a rich fullfilling life. If these creatures really wanted to be cured, "why did they resist so passionately?" Not once did any of the creatures call out and ask to be "helped". I welcome any differences of opinion - however it's a real challenge to overrule my suggestion that "arrogant presumption" causes one to feel that these creatures can't "prefer" what they've become. Now, Nick, my point also challenges your idea that allowing these creatures to continue being like mindless cave men/zombie creatures is a "fucked up way of looking at things". By that idea, some sophisticated evolved aliens should have come down to earth during the early stone age when we were cavemen creatures and whiped us out, saving us the trouble of an empty existence. We don't know what these creatures may become if they are allowed to evolve. They might go on to form a great world that makes our current civilization look like one of arrogant, materialistic, barbarians. Once again, our own arrogant presumption should not be a basis for judging other life forms in a lesser evolved state.
  • AccidentalVisitor
    Sorry, Chad, but a supporting character like Randy Quaid in "Independece Day" sacrificing himself is not the same as THE LEAD of a movie doing the same. That's a horrible example. Minor characters (often times minorities themselves) have been sacrificing their lives for the better good or for the lead hero for decades in films. But this type of action is rarely ever required of the main hero himself. Of course I know there are some films out there in which the leading man bites the big one to save the day and all, but for the most part it is still rare in mainstream Hollywod movies. So to call it a cliche is absurd. The hero getting the girl....that's a cliche. The hero, not so much. Again this is not to say the theater ending to IAL is good, but it also wasn't a typical ending either.
  • smith
    I dont see the problem with the theatrical ending, i like the idea of him being a legend to the survivors. If thats the way they decided to portray it then thats they way we are supposed to see it, thats the movie makers job. if you haven't noticed most films made from books are not the perfect adaption so why should this be?
  • Deckerd
    Hmm, Actually having this alternate ending reminds me of why I like DVDs so much. I think the choice to simply "kill off" Neville in the theatrical version makes sense - as in this version of the "Legend" he is flirting with is not "Neville the Vampire Slayer"... but "Neville the Savior." So, he has to make the ultimate sacrifice, a'la the Savior. It makes a lot of sense, thematically, imho. However, what would have really rocked if this 'vampire' he first cures escaped during the attack, and then later becomes the one who captures Neville. I don't but the whole "the movie should be true to the book" argument. Movies are their own art form, if you want the book version... READ IT. Movies are not simply books on film. I do agree that this theatrical version ending seems a bit abrupt, and I would have enjoyed a version where the 'vampires' are both shown to be humanistic/evolving, and where Neville still makes the ultimate sacrifice and realizes that it is actually he who the 'vampires' feel is the real threat.
  • Ben
    The alternate ending is the better one. I am really disappointed in the studio. For the reasons above. I was absolutely enthralled with the movie up until Anna shows up. It left me wanting so much more, from his hostility to the explosion. I infered the story line that gets resolved in the alternate ending. But was left unsatisfied in the theater. I was drawn to this picture from seeing the title online, the previews wetted my appetite further and the actual movie blew me out of the water. Sure it was a great example of present day movie magic, and a great example of a classic horror/thriller. But what got my adrenaline pumping even more than the monsters and action on screen was the allegory involved. The story line and characters are timeless. This movie disguised as a "hollywood horror action movie" packs a profound story that places it among all the great myths.
  • Ben Francis
    This ending is so much better.. Warners are idiots.
  • Alex
    Daniel Gagne i still can't go for that. They push each other around and kill each other sometimes. I don't know if you've read the book but im going to use some examples because i just started reading it. They kill the women and eat them. THEY KILL THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND EAT THEM. There's no way any of them would want that. If they were healed they wouldn't have to fight for their food and kill each other. They only think about one thing, BLOOD. They may have some sort of mind but not real good one. And if they were healed they wouldn't have to fear be eaten by the others. And the reason they don't express they want to be cured is because they can't. They don't know what we're trying to do so they're afraid. Thats like a wild animal if its sick and dying. It doesn't want us to go by it even though we're trying to help. But when it gets better its happy and grateful to still be alive instead of struggling. Its the same concept, we're like a foreign creature that they can't trust. Thats why they can't express the need of help.
  • Dan
    I liked the movie, enjoyed the book more, but on the ending, I agree, this was a MUCH better ending.
  • lb
    alex billington: as a "layman" moviegoer who has never read the book,i did think of the original ending as neville sacrificing himself to save humanity... especially since he kept saying during the movie that he could fix it and he could save everyone... i think it occurred to him that while he may be able to fix it, it was too late to save everyone, he couldnt save him self and everyone else, it was one or the other and he had to make that choice. also, i agree that the alternate ending was a bit sappy in that everyone lived "happily ever after". I have never read the book, but from what i gather from other peoples comments, neville was killed in the book right ( i may be wrong but i think i read that in the book anna was an "evolved daylight" vampire and she lured neville to the other vampires and they killed him. While i see how the alternate ending stays truer to general theme of the book, i think the happily ever after part ruins it because in reality, with or without the head vampires girlfriend, the vampires are still hungry and are still going to follow their own instincts to survive. All in all i like both endings but the original theatrical ending still wins for me
  • Thomas
    I have to agree this ending is a lot better. I found it odd that when Neville saw the main Vampire expose himself to sunlight to express his, what appeared to be, anger over his lover being taken from him. Usually movies dont make it a point to talk about things unless it is going to directly effect the movies ending. This clears that up and makes it seem like the vampires still have human qualities which would have made finding a cure more plausible. The one thing i did like about the other ending is that Neville died which made the title make more sense, but this is definitely a better ending.
  • chris
    i thought the original ending in theatres was dumb. but now that i've seen this ending, i'm not sure which is worse. the ending here is completely unrealistic in relation to the plot. there is no way the zombie creatures would have gone from hostile, bloodthirsty, pure instinct creatures to just, "ok, here's our woman. we're cool now"
  • Ichiro
    I like the alternate ending a lot better than the theatrical version. All i wish would happen if they explained more of what happend to everyone after they left the island. Other than that, great movie!!!
  • Tara amanda and william
    WOW! we just finished watching the movie at home and dang, this ending is sooooo much better! we all think that this would have been a way better ending in the movie then the actual movie ending!
  • Liz
    I absolutely prefer the altertnative ending. The theatrical ending was too abrupt and did close the loop on Robert's conviction that the vampires were devoid of human traits, which we know was not exactly correct.
  • JoeDaMan
    This is an idea I feel has yet to be floated; Everything is the same as the theatrical release. The only difference is that the reason Neville incinerates himself at the end is because he realizes that "Ben" is there for his woman and that he (Neville) must also be a monster for what he has done to the "vampires". Scene: Ben bashing his head against the glass, Dr. Neville looking at Bens eyes and seeing that his gaze is fixed on the "cured" female vampire. Ben madder and madder, bashing harder and harder as he grows more and more concerned for his mate, what have you done to her!? Dr. Neville seeing how different the "cured" female looks than the rest of her people. He looks at the pictures on his wall and is filled with sadness and disgust at what hes done to them. He pulls the pin on the grenade without even noticing or caring that Ben has made it through the glass and is at his mates side, is it possible a tear in Bens eye? We'll never know as the screen is filled with fire and then blinding white light....
  • alex
    i agree to this ending cause this ending showed to true act of living for a better tomorrow and not a end to a tragic death of robert neville it made me sad he found a cure but he didnt get to live out his purpose in this reality of finding out his fight for life
  • David
    Yes, I am with you 100% I like the original ending that you posted on your site better. MUCH better. in fact... I found this site because I heard there was an alternate ending, and when I rented the movie from blockbuster it must have come with a second disc that they did not feel worth allowing me to have because I could not find it on the disc. Thank you for making this ending available... I enjoyed it much more than the ending on the movie itself.
  • Daniel Gagne
    Ok, Alex, I'll buy that. You did a good job of supporting your position. From what you described from your book readings, even if one entertained the idea of these creatures being evolvable, obviously one would have to accept that they have an extremely long way to go. When you get near the end of the book, let me know how the head vampire compares to the masses. Does he appear to be an example of what the others may become in time, or is he just an anomily that happens to have a bit of intelligence? If the head vampire is not an anomily, it does give one some hope for the creatures. If he is an anomily, than we are looking at a world of permanant mindless zombies, which would suck. I would expect that the ending of the book should be interesting, as it should express the authors final view of this creature race. Are they a disease, or are they an interesting, new, and misuderstood people. Let me know what you think of the ending. Thanks for a cool debate.
  • Jeff Fuzzen
    I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, but if I had a criticism it would be the scenes with the CG characters. I am not sure how much of the book was followed in making this movie, but I didn't see how the CG lion(s) helped the story. Also, I may be alone here, but I thought that the most suspenseful scenes in the movie were the ones that the creatures were not visible, such as when he went into the dark building looking for his dog and whipping the beam of his flashlight back and forth at sounds he heard. It would have been interesting to see them film this movie similar to Jaws where you didn't actually see the creatures until the end. I also would have liked to see them use an actor rather than a CGI character. Although CGI has made great strides, these characters still looked fake to me which ended up hurting the story. A little more creativeness with the camera in showing the creatures blurred or zipping past the camera would have also heightened the suspense. I think Afred Hitchcock once said that some of the most frightening things are what you don't see. Just a thought. Thanks for posting the alternate ending. I definately preferred that version over the theatrical version. I also picked up on the thought that someone had stated earlier about the bridge being intact at the end. Don't they hire continuity people to think of these things or do they just all think movie-goers don't have the wherewithall to pick this stuff up. I think if they filmed it as the three of them reaching the far shore on a makeshift raft and Will Smith pausing and looking back at Manhattan before walking off with the girl and kid would have been a better ending scene.
  • Alan Songer
    I loved the alternate ending way more than the chosen one. At the end of the movie, I was just kind of left feeling empty. Just like it wasn't finished or something. I don't normally go for alternate endings, but this one ended much more like I thought it should, and I didn't even read the book.
  • Kerpal
    I agree that this ending was definitely better. The relationship between Smith and the aggressive zombie character is certainly an interesting and different approach.
  • Giuseppe Olivieri
    I really prefer this end. When I saw the film in the theatres I thought that there was something wrong. Unfortunately I haven't read the book, so I couldn't understand. Thank you very much for this news and sorry for my bad English. I am Italian... 😀
  • Alex
    Daniel Gagne no problem it was a fun debate. I'll let you know when i get to the end it might be a couple days cause i just started and i don't have much free time. Its a good book for anyone that wants to know but it is quite a bit different from the movie.
  • Iris
    I LOVE Will Smith. But once my friend told me about the alternate ending at work... I was like I NEED TO SEE THE REAL ENDING! So I came home and look up online and i was so very happy. When I saw this I knew it was time for me to be like, hell yeah i'm gonna see this and my eyes were astonished, because when Smith saw the butterfly that the freakin ugly vampire showed I was tearing up and was so sad because Smith didn't realize that he's actually the one who's killin all of their kind, but the vampires are too but they can't help it if it wasn't for the dang retarded lady who thought she found a cure. So i guess the alternate ending was soooooooo much better!
  • Nick
    I thought the alternate ending was awful. As a playwright and an actor, I did not see the ending fit with the themes in the rest of the film. The ending certainly fit better with the theme of the book, but here's a secret, the movie wasn't a book... That being said I do have to agree that overall the script was not a great adaptation of the book because it did not follow the theme, mood, and message of the novel, but you can't change that in the last five minutes. The alternate ending took every theme that had been building up the entire film and said, "No, we were wrong." It wasn't just the character realizing he was wrong, but it was the film makers announcing that they weren't on the right path. I can see how someone would like the alternate ending better, I personally prefer the original ending as a spiritual person. Isolated, the alternate is fine, but included with the rest of the theme packed film it doesn't fit at all. I think a huge part of that is because it seems like Will Smith was acting toward the theatrical ending and not the alternate. Robert Neville in the book became a cold man who hunted down vampires just because they were evil. Though we are rooting for him the whole time, we realize in the end that he was blind and callus. In the film however, Nevile was a man who wanted nothing more to save the world from the pain and torment he and his family had to feel. Ending the book with Neville becoming the Legendary monster fit perfectly with the book, but a more fitting ending for the film was Neville becoming a Legendary hero.
  • Steve
    Just saw the alternative ending. Like many here I liked it a lot better. When the woman showed up I assumed she had used a boat to get on the island. This ending showed a bridge still intact. I think its the George Washington bridge at the north of Manhattan going to New Jersey. I'm not sure. I guess the military didn't have time to finish the job or left that intact for some reason
  • Vince
    This ending is awesome in various ways. For one, Robert Neville doesn't sacrifice his life in this ending, which leaves much more of a satisfying feeling than the original ending in theaters. Second, it extends more of a lesson to be learned because you learned that darkseekers aren't really just savages and you should sometimes trust someone despite of their typical behavoir. Finally third , it brings more of an understanding to the movie because it shows that the darkseekers human characteristics aren't entirely absent.
  • Peyton
    While watching the movie in theaters with my friend, I had said to her that I though Smith's character should give the specimen back. I figured that that was why the creatures were attacking, was that it was the leader's mate. It seemed more plausible than anything else, and this ending makes much more sense.
  • George
    This ending was better, period.
  • I think the movie wasn't very good no matter the ending. I never think the lead character dying is a very bold choice. In fact, the most creative way of doing this (from what I hear) is the ending of the book. The vampires were CGI and you could tell quite well, which I found visually distracting. It was fairly predictable in the whole "that's his lady" lead vampire thing. I agree with the few who have mentioned this ending shows real inconsistency with the infected throughout the rest of the movie. I don't find lead characters dying edgy. It depends on the circumstances. It seems like movie makers always think "Hey, if we kill them, it will be a sad ending. That's bold!" No, it's not. Stop trying to be bold and just tell a good story.
  • Andi
    I just saw this movie, and when I was walking out of the theatre I can honestly say that, even without reading the book, I was slightly disappointed with the ending because it had left so many loose ends when it concerned the Infected. I much prefer this ending as it built on the way the Infected were acting, and it showed definitely why the male kept coming after Richard (first going into the sunlight and then setting the elaborate trap). I suspected that the female Infected was his "woman" (for lack of a better term), but they never built upon that. Oh, and I did also notice that they were attempting to drive over a bridge that wasn't technically there anymore (or shouldn't have been considering the government blew up the bridges, during Richard's flashbacks, so that no one could get across). I very much prefer this ending, and I have to thank you for posting it.
  • Jonathan
    I agree with #896. This ending was a little more exciting maybe, but it didn't fit with the rest of the movie. So, I have to take the theatrical ending.
  • thomas
    Hi i'm from Europe and i have to say the cinema ending sucked !!!!! The original ending is awesome !
  • invisioner
    The alternate was the better ending, although still a little wobbly. The movie was doing pretty well until the last ten minutes. Just like the original ending of 28 day later was the better one, which the original script was closer to I am Legend than this!
  • D-Ryder
    I thought the theactrical ending wasn't that good i like the alternate ending but it's too short and does he even get the cure for the virus?
  • bestfriendthemom
    I would have preferred this ending that you just showed me. My son and I were eagerly awaiting this movie's release. When we rented it we were so into the movie until the end , which seemed so typical to a nontypical movie and my whole family was disappionted. I am going to show this alternate ending to my son tomorrow becayse this is the real way this movie should have ended. Not the theater movie ending which makes it like just another "resident evil" type movie.
  • DEW72
    Personally, I LIKED THE ENDING IN THEATRES, it was MUCH more exciting, heart pounding, and makes you feel concerned, happy, sad, angry, and almost every emotion at the same time, BRAVO to the Director, he did a wonderful job choosing the ending he did. Athough, I DID like this ending,it was still good, just not at good as the real ending But i think the Theater ending was much stronger, and i loved the Idea that HE actually remade humanity, made him much more legendary, and left me shocked and wondering for hours.
  • Glenn Brandel
    The movie ending is better than the alternate.
  • drew
    the original ending was good, however the Alt ending did pay at least some homage too the book, however, the movie was really just a remake of Omega Man. I like both endings, altho i am glad to see they did make this one.
  • Cristian
    The ending in theatres was just HUNK vs. HUNK (leaving aside the cliche'd "not needed sacrifice theme") It was made to please the masses into forking over the dough! That and to tingle some important people's "happy glands". The alternate ending made much more sense (as it was clearly intended).
  • smoore
    Wow. This would have been a much better ending. Count me in to tell WB that they seriously screwed up the movie. I really enjoyed it until the end, I was left with a feeling of, "uhhh, what?"
  • Josh
    This is the ending i would have loved to see. No : " we got our shelter and in the middle is church" thingy
  • Doug
    I'm in the minority here liking the theatrical ending better. The way I saw this movie was that the infected were evolving. After years, they got an alpha male and became smarter (hence the trap they set up to catch Neville). This alternate ending it just so inconsistent. Why would the vampires spend 2 hours of the movie trying to kill anything that wasn't infected and then let Neville, Anna, and Ethan, pretty much go free in the end? I understand that the alternate ending is more consistent with the book, but this is the movie and not the book.
  • Nick
    The problem with the alternate ending is that it actually is straying from the book just as much as the theatrical ending did. In the novel the vampires that were closer to human weren't that way because they had evolved, the bacteria did evil, but they never did. The reason why they were more human is because they hadn't died yet; they only became beasts after dying. That being said the living vampires in the book were much more human (because they were) than the ones in the movie, and they still wanted Neville dead. In the novel the vampires took Neville to be executed. The vampires were bloodthirsty for him. Not because they were monsters, but because they thought Neville was a monster. To make the vampires soft compassionate innocent creatures at the end of the film is stupid! The alternate ending presented the monsters as more enlightened than Neville was. It is true that he was blinded by his obsession with finding a cure and his isolation, but the infected had been hunted down for years by Neville, and this was the last straw. Why would these characters, who were known for going out and killing other uninfected humans let the man the had vengeance for live? The best ending would be a synergism between the two. There is no reason why Neville shouldn't have still given the antidote to Anna. Neville gets the antidote from the infected girls blood and gives it to Anna, telling her and Ethan to hide until dawn. Neville then opens the door knowing the leader wants his woman back. The infected leader takes his woman and clings to her. Neville sees the pictures of his specimens/victims on the wall and realizes that they are all still human. Then the leader commands the rest of them to attack their monster. They grab Neville dragging him out and tear him apart. Anna and Ethan hear the terrifying scenes outside and then silence. Ethan goes to open the door, but Anna stops him when she hears someone outside. One of the infected is inspecting the door, but one calls him back. Deciding that he is satisfied with their revenge, he lives them. The next morning Anna and Ethan seek refuge in Vermont and find the commune there just had she thought.
  • Joan K
    My husband and I loved this movie until the end, when we looked at each other like "HUH?" I defintely like the alternate version SO much more. However, Will Smith is an awesome actor no matter how you slice it.
  • Bill
    The alternate ending was by far a better ending than the original because it closed the movie in a more heroic way and left the viewer more satisfied.
  • Wow
    " Alex, Your taste for movies must reside somewhere in your asshole if you think this movie even deserves to be near a best of 2007 list. This was one of the worst movies of 2007 and resembled I-Robot so much that it probably could have been called I-notveryscarymonster. For you to see this movie at the theatres 3 times is a disgrace as it proves that your intellect is somewhere beteween that of a turd and a retarded spider monkey. Also now that you are actually trying to decifer why the most retarded scientist in movie history was killed really proves your stupidity. Scott on Mar 5, 2008 " Interresting Scott, what made you think that " I am Legend " doesn't deserve to be near a best of 2007 list? Is it because you don't want Movies like " Across the Universe ", which IMO was a horrible video that made no sense and didn't show a story to me? You don't have to go around calling people assholes. I doubt you can even define the word without using someone elses name. Please leave this one alone, and don't be a disgrace to this website, you're basically waisting everyone's time.
  • Awesome Mc Awesome
    Look, i'm not saying this isn't a good ending, but i'm gonna give you what may be perceived as my pessimistic opinion of why everyone loves this ending so much. Specifically this-- Everyone enjoyed the movie, this is something that a predominant amount of commenters can agree on. But my reason for everyone loving this is my sentimental, because we've all grown up used to happy endings. No one can ever grow to except a saddening ending, and it's not because it costed them lass money, that's absolute bull; i'm sure it'd be a lower budget to have two actors/digitally animated abominations interact with each other rather than some behemothic monstrosity of an explosion that makes Will Smith a martyr in the movie. The blunt truth is, everyone just wants a happy ending where the protagonist lives and everyone's happy happy. They want some state of euphoria and some psychological comfort that'll help them with acceptance of the movie and leave with some remnant of optimism. My opinion is, I think people, rather they confess or not, where sorrowful about the ending and bitter. This isn't because of the repugnance and disconnection between the two characters, it's because we all want a happy ending. Truthfully I liked the first ending better, because the cold reality is, not every GOOD story can have a happy ending where everyone lives happily ever after. Leave the movie alone and stop protesting-- it's not even a decent cause, a resplendent masterpiece shouldn't be corrupted for someone's self-satisfaction, even if it is the majority of the crowd.
  • bestfriendthemom
    Awsome Mc Awsome, I know you are not correct in your assumption of why people don't like the ending. I expect the hero to die sometimes and it was predictable here. I want something unpredictable... the new ending is unpredictable. Also, I like the new ending because there is suddenly compassion for creatures hated and feared during the whole movie.. a new way of seeing things. That is so unique to find in a movie!
  • Donnie The Lion
    Nick (915) is right, that is how it should have ended (except maybe finding the commune could have been left out/left uncertain). I did not read the book but saw the Vincent Price version of the movie. The move title implies a concept developed in the book but not carried out in the theatrical release. Rarely does a film work better when it deviates from a great written story. Hollywood, there is a reason you chose the story in the first place, take it as a whole or don't take it at all. Moviegoers aren't as dumb as you sometimes think they are.
  • Seth
    Totally profound! The theatrical ending was depressing, unfulfilling. It did make money, though, so we're kind of encouraging them!
  • All I can say is "Wow..." And not in a good way. Everyone kept telling me how terrible the ending to this movie was. And how much better the alternative ending was. For some reason I couldn't find the alternate ending on my DVD. I'm glad you put this up here so I could see it, but I thought this version was terribly lame. The theatrical version was much better.
  • Dorothy Allen
    I strongly believe that the ending shown in theatres is the "correct" ending for the movie. The movie was "based on" the book but it was NOT the book. The movie was created, I believe, as an allegory which contains a positive message "for those with ears to hear and eyes to see." I am a Rastafari. The way the move was presented conforms entirely to Rastafari principles and presents a spiritual truth in physical form. The virus in the movie is a physical manifestation. It is portrayed as an evil thing which infects all of humanity with a disease that renders them violent and no longer possessing the human characteristics of social consciousness. They are described as vampires and parasites which prey on those members of the human race who have not become infected. Rastafari teaches that on the spiritual realm, there exists a segment of the human race that has a spiritual malady that has resulted in violent and predatory tendencies and lack of concern for fellow human beings (the most virulent example would be the mind set that resulted in the Nazi holocost, but includes the the perpetrators of all wars, violent crimes, political and social oppression, and every day con-men of all sorts). There is, on the other hand, a segment of the human race that is not violent and does not prey upon others but instead lives according to principles of equality, love, and concern for others. It is significant that the main character is named Robert Neville and that he plays the music of Bob Marley, that the main character's child was named Marley, and that he explains to the female character just who Bob Marley was and what his message was. Bob Marley's name was Robert Nesta Marley. He was a conscious Rastafari who formed a Reggae musical group, called the Wailers, one member of which was named Neville Livingston (aka Bunny Wailer.) Bob Marley and the Wailers spread the Rastafari message to all corners of the world. The Rastafari objective is freedom and unification of all peoples. Minds cannot be changed by force but only by divine guidance leading one person at a time to achieve a higher consciousness. Bob Marley referred to persons who prey upon their fellow humans (oppression, slavery, social injustice) as "vampires." This movie can be viewed as an effort toward the Rastafari purpose. The main character's goal is to find the antidote for the virus so that he can save the people who are already infected, and to do that he uses his own blood, which he gives for the purpose of finding that cure. Toward the end of the movie, when he has the vial with the cure in his hand and he is being beseigec by the vampires, he shouts at them, "I can save you." But they cannot understand and do not seek to be saved because they are in the throes of their malady. They know only the violence and they care only to prey on their victims. The main character is a Christ-like person who seeks to redeem those who have become like vampires. Even though these people have killed his family, he does not hate them. He sacrifices himself to save them. This is also the Rastafari response: resistance to the evils of the world, combined with mercy and love, as Yahshua (Christ) Himself proclaimed from the cross: “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34 KJV). “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?” (Matthew 5:43-46 KJV). Thus, the main character keeps the greatest commandment of Christ, which is also the greatest commandment of Rastafari: “Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Romans 13:10) The Rastafari motto: “One Love - One World - One Destiny” summarizes all the above when the famale character carries the vial of blood, which contains the antibodies for the cure, to the safe haven. As Saint Paul stated in his sermon to the Romans, "If by any means I may provoke to emulation them which are my flesh, and might save some of them. For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead? For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches." The vial will be used to make more of the antibodies which will cure the 'vamires' from the malady that had caused them to become violent and predatory toward their fellow human beings. Through the fulfillment by the main character of Yahshua’s (Christ’s) greatest commandment to love everyone (One Love), the cure will bring about the harmony that will unite all the peoples (One World), which will achieve the One Destiny: a united humanity living in harmony with no predators and no prey among them. Just as the main character's main purpose was not to obliterate the people who were suffering from the malady, so also physical revolution is not the intent of the Rastafari way. The reason for that is because physical revolution is destructive and, therefore, since violence and wars are part of the ways of the predominant oppressive powers throughout history, such actions are to be avoided. Not only are followers of Rastafari to do no harm to others but it is also part of the commandment of Yahshua (Christ) that InI (we) should do all in our power to lift up those who are downtrodden. Rastafari holds that Jah (God) has told us what to do and that He has given each person the free will to do it – the greatest commandment is to love. Violence toward others is not love. War is not love. Social injustice is not love. Anything that harms any human being (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) is not love and should be resisted. “Love worketh no ill to his neighbour.” However, Bob Marley did acknowledge that a revolution of some sort is called for: “I mean maybe it’s the beginning. You know, me live within the time, and me know what a gwaan. Because it’s the consciousness against the folly; that’s the Armageddon." In this quotation, Marley stated that he (and by extension all Rastafari) are not ignorant about the decadent state of the world: “me know what a gwan” (I know what’s going on). He suggested that a revolution in thought and spirit is beginning, and that this revolution is one of “the consciousness against the folly.” The “consciousness” he sites refers to the positive consciousness of the followers of the Rastafari faith, which has set itself as the spiritual opponent of “the folly.” In Rastafari terminology and the Jamic language (Jamaican patois), “folly” refers to foolishness and includes any actions that are not based on sound judgment. Thus, the decadent affairs of the present day world are viewed as being based on unsound principles (which bring harm to others) and such principles must be resisted and opposed. Marley defines this spiritual warfare as the “Armageddon,” which also calls to mind the Armageddon of Revelation, the prophesy of the final spiritual battle in which good will triumph over evil. Rastafari teaches self control in regard to each Rasta’s participation in the predominant system in which some people behave like "vampires" and promote or condone materialistic consumption, neocolonialism and labor practices that exploit the Earth and its peoples, and aggressive competition in economic and political arenas. Increasing numbers of people in all nations are gaining an awareness that with consciousness of the interconnectedness of, and respect for, all peoples and all living things, we (InI – each and every “I” – each individual) can make a difference in the lives of others, and ultimately in our own lives and the lives of our children and the children in generations to come. That is the purpose of Rastafari. The movie, with its current ending, conveys that message "for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see." Seen?
  • Adam
    I really have to go with the theatrical ending. I really like movies that show "the bad guys" as not always as bad as we thought but it isn't right in this movie. Let's just leave it that the Vampires are pure rage filled monsters and even if the alpha male wanted to save her, he would have immediately killed Neville after she was safe. I did like seeing the other ending though, it's good to see an alternative that truly is different.
  • Axl Rose
    That was terrible You don't want a creature/monster showing human feelings in any way The theatre one was perfect except for the part with the girl and kid. They all should have died with the grenade and it should have left it like that This ending was painful and frankly tried to make a disturbing concept come out nice in the end I don't want nice ! I want reality!
  • John
    I preferred the alternate ending much more than that of the theatrical version. In the movie, Dr. Neville comments on his belief that these creatures have no humanity left, that they are just mindless monsters. Then in the alternate ending, he realizes that there was some humanity left which was what he was trying to preserve in the first place. The realization really hits home when he looks up at his photos of all the test subjects and realizes he killed all these "people" to find the cure. The theatrical version didn't wrap up some questions I had while watching the movie where the alternate ending did. And, honestly, the little wall around the town in the theatrical version? These creatures can scale a 30-foot vertical building but not a non-vertical wall? Come on.
  • Lizzy
    To say that this ending is superioir to the one shown in cinema's is an understatement of Monty Pythian proportions. I am so glad to have stumbled over this site. For me it upgrades the film considerably. It renders the story much more powerful, the storyline much more interesting and, not unimportantly, much closer to the original idea of the book (where dr. Neville turns into the (freightening) legend to the vampire-likes.
  • Mike
    Well, I'll take your word that this alternate ending was more accuate to the book, because I for one have never read it. Without having any previous knowledge of the book and just taking the movie as it was, I personally thought the origional ending that was shown in theatres was much better. From the film as I saw it the first time, I thought it was pretty clear that this main vampire leader (I don't like calling them "vampires", because they are technically still people) cared about the person Nevel kidnapped (for good purposes obviously) and wanted to get her back. For me, the idea that there was still hope for a human race uninhibited by desiese was much more moving than the idea that the human race has changed, and will never be the same again. I would prefer us as we are now... I also thought that the butterfly in the glass in the origional ending, with it's mystifying coincidence, presumably brought as a sign from God, was a spiritual conection that was very inspiring to me. In fact, needless to say, I was pondering the whole butterfly thing, when I go into church the sunday after I saw the movie and there was a large canvas full of butterflys behind the alter. Sure the origional ending isn't at all like the book, but it was surely the better choice in my opinion.
  • Phillip Vector
    I never read the book... When I watched the movie in theaters, I thought the ending was crazy. I mean, they spend this time building up that at least 1 vampire is smart enough to set a trap for him and knew what a good bit of bait would be. The ending was horrible. Now that I've seen this.... OMFG... It was wonderful and MUCH better. I really can't believe how much better it makes the whole movie and doesn't cause it to be disjointed of "Hey, these creatures are actually smart. Perhaps there is hope for them" to "Nope. Mindless animals. Move along."
  • Jason
    I'm not an expert in film making, but I know a great movie when I see one. I Am Legend was an amazing movie, right up until the end of the movie. I agree with earlier comments about how the good guy doesn't always live to fight another day, but come on. Dr. Neville's character was the basis of the entire movie, and to just kill him off so abruptly was very disappointing. In my opinion, this ending should have been the one used in the original release.
  • Montana
    This ending was infinitely better than the theatrical one, it finally addressed what the entire movie was about from when he captured the female "vampire." finally the characters got to see why they were being hunted so fiercely and the real intelligence behind some of the "vampires." Very satisfying. Though the driving across the bridge didn't quite make sense.
  • Sandy
    WOW... is right. Had I seen this ending, I would of thought the movie was great from start to finish. The ending that is with the original movie did leave a bad taste in my mouth. This ending is beautiful. Thank you.
  • Garrett
    Well this should have been the real ending...that's all i have to say.
  • James
    Wow!! I saw this movie before all my friends did i loved it but seeing what the real ending was going to be i think they should have kept this one!
  • Mario
    WB really did choose the wrong (rubbish) ending. This one is absolutely the better ending for this great movie.
  • Zerrin
    The ending showed in theater left me unhappy with the movie so I, too, was happy to see this ending. I had spotted earlier in the movie that the head messed-up guy had lost his mate (the second Robert said his new subject was female and remembering that the head messed-up guy had ventured into the sun to "yell" at Robert when he took her; see what happens at the loss of a mate? :) so the ending in the theater didn't make sense. Yes - this alternate (and the correct) ending, was much better. I think, however, that beyond them just driving at the end, it should have showed them arriving at the Vermont Survivor's Camp together (keep in kind, I haven't read the book). And also, back to the ending showed in the theaters, how could Ana have known everything that Robert went through to get the actual cure to the world (his wife and child's death, his being tricked into being trapped - all part of the guy trying to get his mate back, by the by, Samantha's death, etc?) to even tell the story if Robert had actually died? Food for thought... And I guess the cure would have to be made airborn to get everything back to normal, huh? More food for thought...
  • Haven't read many of the comments before this one, so forgive me if I'm missing anything important, but here's another vote for this ending instead of the one that played in cinemas. I hated the ending I saw first, and that's nothing to do with any sentimentality - I have no problems with the "hero" dying at the end of the film, but quite frankly the ending I saw just didn't work. Although it's not perfect, this resolves things much more neatly - the other ending raised more problems than it solved.
  • eisser
    hayop! astig!
  • DyShez
    The theatrical ending was a more appropriate choice within the context of the movie. The "monsters" were portrayed simply as monsters (generally speaking) throughout the entire movie so that ending works. That being said, I did not like the theatrical ending. It felt like kind of a let down. It was boring and not at all provocative. It felt kind of like, "Ehhhhh," when I saw it. It's just more appropriate given the construct of the film. The alternate ending was completely unsupportable; it is a complete shift which contradicts the rest of the movie. Plus the CGI was completely unbelievable and impossible to connect with emotionally. It just doesn't work. They'd have to revamp the entire movie to make the alternate ending work. AND they'd have had to revamp the entire movie to go along with the themes in the book.
  • Sandy
    I have to disagree with making the movie over to match the better ending (the one shown here). If everyone remembers when he captured the woman, her mate came out after him. They did show one tiny little bit of humanity left. I think this ending is much better.
  • nemof
    Commenting solely on the alternate ending I would have to say that would pull an otherwise ho-hum Movie out of the gutter and give it a helluva lot more credibility. Tense and scary, I would have been much happier to see that roll and can't believe WB went with the other. As to the Movie in general, it did the book a disservice and butchered it, I was pretty furious when watched a significant science-fiction book being torn apart.
  • Ante
    That was an amazing ending, why did they done it the otherway? They realy make stupid mistakes WB, and yes I was realy enyoing the movie until the end. That didn`t feel right. And I still liked it, but now it is just better. Im disapointed because they choose the lame ending. But maybe next time... I hope they have learnd there lesson. Sorry for my english. By By from Slovenia
  • Luis II
    You are right, I was not a fan of the last 10 minutes or so. But after seeing the true, and real ending, I feel like it was saved the whole movie for me. I also hate when movie studios get in the way, and I think they should just let the Director do his thing, Let his vision show on the big Screen Not there's. I mean! That is why you Hire Directors is it not.....Will Smith ROCKS........................
  • Ash
    I would much rather him not dying, so therefore you would think that i like the alternate ending better. In fact, i don't. I think although he unendingly sacrifices his life, the original ending makes it a better film and it creates a bigger emotional impact. We as the viewers enjoy the movie, however we all wish that there was an alternative to him dying. think he should of got into the bunker with the woman and the child, then chukd the grenade. this way, the evil monsters die, however will smith still survives whooo! Will Smith is an amazing actor.
  • lewew
    that i think cold toch to people and ya it did seme like that he was a seral killer sort of becas he ysed difernt vacs sens but it dos show that thay still think and have fealing
  • Aaron Wheeler
    i do like the ending showed here, but the thing that made the movie better is that will smiths character was so fixated on finding a cure that he would not put up with resting for one day and eventually giving his life for that dream, just like his idol bob marley. hollywood endings are not always the best way to end a movie
  • Andrew
    As I saw the ending in the theater, I was deeply confused, as it didn't seem to mesh with the nature of the rest of the film. Now I finally know what the legend really is, and now the dichotomy is gone. Nevil seemed to act out of character in the last few minutes of the film, and it nearly ruined the film. The legend in the theaters implied that he was at least infamous, and at the end he was certainly famous, but this ending truly brings out the profound human population inversion - and that the story carries on. Thanks for making this one of my favorite films, and I look forward to watching it on DVD with friends who have not been biased :)
  • Aaron Wheeler
    he didnt go out of character at all throught the movie he didnt care what happened to himself as long as he finds a cure before he died, which he did, the legend is the man, not what he did, just the fact that he devoted his whole life to finding a cure im not here to argue just to make sure people get my side of the story
  • rick
    The alternate ending is the best ending for this particular movie without question. Reason being, Neville actually learned (and I can't emphasize the word learned enough) something. Rather than reinforcing the typical "if you love something enough you MUST die for it" ideology of the theatrical ending. This Book/movie draws heavily from Dunne's Meditation 17 in which he wrote "No man is an Island" meaning that we are ALL interconnected to humankind. Neville even goes so far as to reject his own family and other offers from Alice to leave the Island (Manhattan) and "join the flock". Why? The main character must learn something about himself. Even though everyone he loved died, he was still not alone. When he did feel most alone in the alien world (realizing that the mannequin in the video store was the only "person" in the world left to get to know), he tried to kill himself. Alice represents hope. She bridged the gap between him and humanity, even though he yells at her and another actual HUMAN being that there is no one left on Earth, she stands firm and tells him that she believes (that god told her) there are other survivors. The final words of the alternate ending are "you are not alone." The butterfly represents a change in HUMANkind which his daughter (aka Marley) was repeatedly trying to tell him look daddy a butterfly i.e. we are changing as humans whether you like it or not, and we're all in this together. "Don't worry about a thing....." If you use the theatrical ending, he's just another martyr who dies without learning Marley's lesson "One love....Let's get together and feel alright..." If you use the alternate ending, he learns what John Dunne, Bob Marley, and the author of I am Legend are trying to teach you and me: No Man Is An Island.
  • Crystal
    I think the ALT ending was soooo much better, don't get me wrong... the original ending was good but I would have much preferred the alternate ending.
  • rick
    BTW, Neville is the "Legend" in this movie for the same reason Marley's CD is called Legend....Neville broadcasts Hope everyday on all AM frequencies promising food, shelter, etc. People heard Neville's message of hope and responded to it. If she doesn't show up (with excellent timing I might add), he dies -plain and simple. He can't survive alone in the world. And he then can no longer deliver what his message offers. Just like people hear Marley's message today of hope for a better world, and respond to it, and even make movies today based on that message! I haven't read the book but I'm pretty sure it doesn't include reggae music and huge, overt references to Bob Marley. Cinema allows the artist to add other features, embellishments, enhancements, where words sometimes fall short. I don't want a movie to be like a book. I want a movie to be like a movie with rich music and images that show, not tell, basic human emotions. Like the connection between Sam and Neville, or a little girl who makes butterfly signs with her hands the way we used to when we were kids. I think books are great, but they do fall short in certain areas and movies help enhance those areas where they do fall short.
  • rory
    I liked both endings, but can see why the theatrical was chosen... The younger generations would not understand the alternate, and would prefer Hollywood style endings... Great movie though...
  • Cryora
    I liked this ending better. It gives the story a really nice conclusion a provides the possibility that New York could be saved without so much sacrifice.
  • meiliken
    First off, whoever the jackass is that coded this website doesn't know how to code very well since the place where you put your email address doesn't vanish when you put your email address. This makes it look like the words "email address required" and your email address, super impose over top one another, like a double exposure. In any event, the reason for my posting is this. I never read the book, though I wish I did. Both endings are fair, and I totally agree that the girl who saves him is lame and not needed. Let's not forget that she must be psychic to figure out where he lived to drive him unconscious back home. And why is everyone calling the mutant humans "vampires"? Because they eat human flesh and burn in sunlight? Listen here nimrods, eating human flesh means canabalism not vampirism. And burning in the sunlight? Look it up, there is a condition that literally does the same thing to people that affects very few people throughout history. We're talking one in a million or more. If I tell you the name of the condition, you won't remember and won't look it up, thereby not learn anything. As for the moral of the movie, simply take it as it is. He was a legend because he gave and spent his life finding the cure to the disease. Don't look for any more meaning than that. Get a life.
  • Paul M
    I have to say, had this ending been shown instead of that god-awful stupid one that made it into theaters...Well I would have told people to go see the movie instead of telling everyone how much it sucked and to avoid it at all costs. The movie was really cool until the theatrical ending...its funny, cause normally the alternate ending is stupid and they replace it with a better one. I am Legend not only reversed that, they emphasized it. Theater-worst ending ever, Alternate-wow that is really cool...I'm pissed.
  • Random Dude
    I liked the movie a lot, this ending is so much more satisfying. I'm not against a hero's death by any stretch, it just didn't jive with me the way it played out.
  • adrian i
    omg this ending just made my life soo much better when i was watching this movie with my friends it was so exciting and breathtaking with all the undead dudes and all but the last ten minutes of the movie totalyy changed my liking of the movie untill i saw this ending although, i think that the movie should have shown everyone actually dieing and turning into the undead, that would have been pretty cool
  • I loved the alternate ending a hell of alot better than the theater version. (But I was wondering why they were called vampires? I thought they were some kind of zombies. Oh well.) I absolutely loved Will Smith and all the movies he was in. This one especially moved me. He was brilliant in it. This is one movie I will purchase and watch over and over again. And I don't care who calls me a "retard or moron!"
  • Lizzy Bates
    I thought both endings were fantastic! I did think though that this orignal one was much better. Either way i think Will Smith did a amazing job at acting for this movie.
  • Ricky
    I thought it was... okay. It ends with the typical happy family driving into the distance, which is a total drag. Plus, how could Neville be seen as a murderer? To the creatures, obviously, but they are an infection. That's all, just a disease that needs to be purged. Giving them human traits totally defeats the entire storyline for me. BTW, I haven't read the book, though I plan to, so my opinions are subject to change.
  • vampires? they can't stand the light, they are attracted to blood, sharp teeth? also in terms of movie history, in the earlier films based on the novel e.g. omega man) there are stronger connections to traditional vampire lore. but also, some of those ealier versions actually influence george romero and others so you mgiht eb putting the cart before the horse a bit.
  • Robert Kim
    Thanks for sharing the alternate ending. The original ending was very clean with all loose ends tied up through the finale. The Alternate ending makes me want to watch it again. Did they show the butterfly tatoo in the movie previously? Overall the alternate ending is the one I prefer - its a bit deeper.
  • I like the alternative version. IT definitely has its merits. But something which came to me as I watched it... in one of the flashbacks we saw the military fire missles at the bridge to isolate the island. so how could they take the bridge out the city?
  • Also, just to put it out there... some of the different aspects of the post-infection world are fleshed out in the animated shorts on the DVD. One of them in particular does play around a bit with the issue of how are the "normals" and who are the "monsters".
  • Joelle
    I so much loved this one over the other ending! and this one was just so much more. The other one was just lacking in something, but this one tied it up nicly and you could do a secound movie so easley off of this one if you wanted to.
  • AJB
    yes, I agree as well, much better ending. Warner Bros, why mess with it in the first place? Have some faith in your audience and they'll return the favour.
  • Holy shit that ending was better.
  • DAMN thats what i wanted to see in the theaters that other shit sucked i was so pissed off im glad i saw the better ending i mean the house fight was cool but when he commit suicide that was gay.
  • Joshua Barnhart
    Being a film critic myself I fully support your opinion and feel that the alternate ending would have made the movie substantially better.
  • This alternative ending was far superior to the theatre version. When I first watched the movie, I was left feeling empty because it left so much out, in particular the built up suspense that the vampires DO have a social structure, something Robert Neville is convinced they do not have, as well as it gives closure to the connection the leader of the vampires has with the female caught.
  • Jakie
    It's actually funny, a lot of the complaints I'm reading here are the same ones I have about the Harry Potter movies (3 and 4 mainly). As someone who didn't read the book, and still hasn't, I personally love the theatrical ending. It really hit home for me, yes, I did get that he was sacrificing himself, and it almost made me cry. I did get the feeling that the girl that Neville took was important to the main zombie guy, even more so than the other zombies, but there were other underlying concepts there, too. Like the fact that the zombies were learning. I thought the way they did that was really cool, because before that you just think that these are mindless beings. The other thing that I got was that the main zombie guy was really vindictive. Yeah, the reason he got mad in the first place was that Neville had taken someone he cared about, but he didn't just want that rectified, he wanted to make him pay. I thought that was also really amazing, because for me, it made him seem more human. He didn't just want it made right, he wanted revenge, which is how LOTS of people think and feel in situations like that (death penalty). The last thing is just that I loved that the zombies didn't get to kill him. He went out fighting, and blew himself up (along with the zombies). I thought that was the best thing ever. I do understand, though, how it feels to love a story, and then have someone mutilate it.
  • Carlos A. Valle
    Meiliken - They were "supposed to be" vampires because in the book all they want is flesh, they are scared off by garlic, can't stand their image in mirros, can't be out in sun light and to some, squeamish when they see a cross. However if you read the book those are mere coincidences. As for the get a life comment. . . I will look for more meaning then that. He's a legend to the infected people as they are the new society of the earth. And he hunts them when they are out during the day. So before you pipe in calling everyone names, I suggest doing a little searching around to the actual meaning behind things before you attack people on it. Rick - Interesting response about the coincidence between robert's character and bob marley. However I can assure you that this one a work of the new movie writters and had nothing to do with the book. He never broad casted on the radio in the book. However this isn't the book, but the movie and it is a nice treat to have new insights into an old story to change things up a bit and I agree with you as to not limiting to just the book's guidelines. Dorothy Allen - Good point to think of the story in that way. However it may come across as a connection but it's mere coincidence that robert neville may be a connection to bob's real name and band since the book was published in 1954. I love your view of the movie. That's very unique and true.
  • Carlos A. Valle
    Correction They were "supposed to be" vampires because in the book all they want is BLOOD (not flesh)
  • ards
    i hated that movie when the girl came into his life... he was about to find the cure but then she had to lead them to his house...
  • 1 shot 1 kill
    Personally i like the original ending i think its more emotional, how just runs into the lead vampire and kills him. hate all you want but i like the original ending better
  • josiah's girl
    I loved this ending way better. I loved in the end where he glanced at the pictures of all his kills. Earlier in the movie he said that the every thing that made the vampires human was absent but he was wrong because you can clearly see that The lead vampire and his mates "love" for each other. the movie was still good regardless.
  • Woa. This make so much more sense than the cinema released ending. I remember watching the movie and thinking that this was great bit of sci-fi except for the sucky ending which felt very contrived, and abrupt. Here's to a re-release with this ending or atleast a DVD with it on. Soooo much better conceptually, emotionally, cinematically. How studios f**k things up like this still beggers belief.
  • Mike Sarubbe
    I was told by the clerk at blockbuster to purchase and not rent this so I would be able to watch both endings.After the film ended ,I waited for the credits to roll and was expecting the alt. end.I searched through the menu and did not see anything about the ending scenes or bonus footage,and was very annoyed.Luckily I found this page and watched the alternate and I must say,I found it more uplifting! to say the least.Not a very happy film overall,I think I'll watch blades of glory to change the mood! (it's after midnight,wife/kids asleep) feeling kinda creeped out!!!! Overall not as good a movie as I was told by everyone I.M.O. !!!! I mean,did they have to kill Sam too????? She could have survived and bread up in VT. !!!!!
  • Joe Grass
    I also strongly prefer this ending, and might have chosen to see it multiple times in the theater had it not been for their ending choice. In the box office version Neville makes less and less sense towards the end of the movie, which I perceive as somewhat contradictory to his actual film-character. The alternate ending does portray him as the great person again at the end that he is supposed to represent in the movie.
  • sean yannell
    I like this ending too. I love that for the first time, he see the humanity that is still left in them...that they are after him not as "food" but for an entirely personal reason.
    the hollywood ending was much much better! roll with me for a minute please: Neville's blood was the cure right? So they eat Neville in there...the ones who ate him got cured. those in continue were eaten by the rest of the vampires coz they had become human. They second batch of cured vampires in turn get eaten by other vampires and so get the point. This my friends, in the end leaves a couple if not a bunch of vampire-cured-humans as the last humans on earth! ( who can then set out to find the rest of the - if any - survivors) Which equals to Neville saving humanity and the humans can populate and live happy and free again! I don't know if this thought was posted earlier...couldn't go through all 981 apologies. I myself didn't like the alternative ending and I am thankful I didn't pay for seeing that in the Theaters!
  • meiliken sucks ass!!!
    whoever wrote post 955 is an idiot if not a mindless cunt!
  • Shadow-Mandalore
    I think WB was caught in a dillema They could: A. End the movie like this, but not have him die OR B. Kill him off, but not make sence to those who didnt read the book. Either way they were screwed, as the way they made the movie they didnt leave much room for explanation. And for those of you that think that this ending makes more sense, to a degree it does. But what this ending doesnt tell you is HOW ARE THE BRIDGES THERE. AT least in the other ending, there was the possibility of the woman and the kid going on a ferry or something..
  • Jaq
    I've been a fan of the book for around 6 years now, and it has been in my top 5 favorite books ever for as long, ironically sitting there with the book Jumper(which is MUCH better than the movie), and another book called Fade. All three books play on a similar theme at their core, which is to place a normal person in an extraordinary situation, whether it be by external or internal impetus. For I am Legend Mattheson accomplished this by having humanity transformed by an airborne blood disease, leaving the one person in the world with immunity as the last "human" on the planet. In "Jumper" and "Fade" the authors accomplish this by giving one person an extraordinary ability in an otherwise normal world (no paladins in the book folks, just regular old government agents trying to deal with something they can hardly comprehend). They are really stories about the people IN the situations, not the situations themselves. In that respect I enjoyed the first part of the movie for bringing this concept forward in the form of Solitude and Loneliness. I had some hopes for this film when watching it, in three places specifically. The scene where the "leader" thrusts himself into the light in response to Neville capturing his partner and the scene where he uses infected dogs in an attack against Neville both gave me hope that they would eventually introduce a certain level of intelligence to the vampires, if not to all of them, then to some of the vampire population, perhaps that we are being shown Neville discovering the more intelligent set of vampires that he has managed to miss/overlook until this point. The other was when they introduced the woman and child, I hoped that they were actually following the book's storyline and introducing intelligent vampires masquerading as human survivors. Alas that was not to be. While I definitely like this ending better than the theatrical release, I still think it would not have been THAT difficult, even after the introduction of the woman and child, to continue to follow the book's storyline. Still, I highly recommend the movie . . . up until they introduce the woman.
  • Matt R.
    Five words to WB about the ending they chose: So much for a sequel.
  • cabezon
    wrong that was a horrible ending and made no sense with the rest of the movie and the charachters of the creatures, and ur nerdish attempt to stay true to the book would have to a horrible flop of an ending and no connection the story from begining to end
  • cabezon
    i mean really come on he makes the grl a zombie again and all of the sudden they are calm and dont go by instinct and eat him, wat happened to his want to cure them dumb ending u guys are wrong to say it matches the movie cuz it definately changes the whole character dynamic
  • Cav3man
    Both endings to me are disappointing! Do the "vampires" go back to normality? No one knows for sure, but seeing both endings makes me feel like they really did not know how to end the film! I feel that the theatrical ending was more promising and moving than the one posted above! What really drowns my nerves though is that the movie proceeds that he is indeed the legend! How though is that possible when the whole structure of being the legend is based on him being the last man on Earth! The whole situation just disturbs me, because we the audience find out that he really is not alone! Which means he is not legend! Yet in the theatrical ending his voice is played out saying that he is! Almost saying that he is legend by being the one that found the "cure"! So they didn't fit the movie fully together, the way it was intended to be! Don't get me wrong! This movie is by far one of the greatest movies I have ever seen! I just feel that they could have made it better in terms of how it is played out! I would have done it by creating both endings together! Putting no one else in the picture! Than as he tries to commit suicide the last thing he sees is the lead vampires face popping down through the window followed by his hands reaching for him! He than wakes up in his lab finding the woman he has been working on coming out of transition from "vampire" to human! To his surprise the lead vampire is waiting intensively for Robert to get the "cure"! He than populate the cure through the air to surround the earth so that all of the vampires do indeed get cured! Than when Robert thinks everything is going to be "good" the cure reacts strangely with the bacteria in the atmosphere causing all of the victims to permanently die! Except for him because the first so called cure for cancer never effected him in the first place! Now he takes his gun, and right before he commits his suicide he closes his eyes and his voice plays out in the background saying who he is! Than at the end of his message he say and I am legend! (In which he really is) And as the screen goes black to go to the ending credits the last sound of the film is a gun shot! That way the perspective of what the movie is truly about is given to the eyes of the audience! Also giving the movie more of a twist as well as the end of the world concept!
  • Tak
    So, I have to admit that 'I am Legend' was not the best of movies. In fact, when I saw it on screen I didn't particularly care for it at all. To me it seemed a bit too fast paced, and unless you've read the book, the movie has to many unexplained holes. After seeing it, the only reason I would be willing to watch it again is to see Will Smith's acting...since I have to admit...that was good. Although I do like the idea of the romantic, slightly disturbing vampire/zombie reuniting love scene, without the theatrical ending the movie loses it's purpose. In the book he found the cure, and he died. So I say that the one they used was the right one. To me, it made him seem...more noble. Not to mention after watching the animated comics, I can see the whole 'love' scene cuts away from the fact that the creatures are supposed to be scary and running off of basic instinct! If they were there should have been no way that the one leader could have organized them and made them do all that stuff, because they would have reverted to primary survival instincts. (etc..etc.) Anyway, I still prefer the regular ending. The other kinda has that, 'god has a plan moment' which is neat when the 'look daddy it's a butterfly' moment ties in, but it loses it dramatic appeal with out Roberts death and the cure.
  • Tak
    and oh...some people do have a are they driving in the end?! the bridges were gone.
  • Steven Dalton
    Richard Matheson's 1954 "I Am Legend" is my favorite of all books. I have a black hard bound and silver edged copy of this greatest survival horror legend ever written. It is the prize of my library. It has been adapted to a feature-length film three times… The Last Man on Earth 1964 Vincent Price The Omega Man 1971 Charlton Heston I Am Legend 2007 Will Smith All these attempts have has sadly deviated from a literary legend. Even though the screenplay for The Last Man on Earth 1964 starring Vincent Price was written by Matheson, the studio behind the film deemed that the audience would not grasp the story. The re-writes twisted the screenplay into the vanilla and unimaginative quality of horror commonly screened in the sixties. The changes were so bad and differed so much that Matheson did not wish to have his name on the film and credited under a pseudonym. This latest incarnation is entertaining but disappointing. It felt as though there was rush to complete production and that film makers did not comprehend the story. The vampires in 30 Days of Night were not the best quality but were hundred times more impressive and present, lurking in the shadows, a threat about to pounce. Here in “I am legend” 2007, vampires should own the night and Neville should have been revealed as the monster in the light. But it didn’t happen. Partly a good movie but is also another disappointing perversion of a great story. Will Smith is what kept this movie cohesive and I think without him, the movie would have been buried. It would have been awesome to have the alternate ending. That would have at least attempted to give truth to “3rd time is the charm”.
  • Movie Man
    That ending made me sick
  • Just watched the DVD and was a but let down with the ending. I mean they set up this whole situation where Neville talks about how they are devoid of humanity, and it's clear that he's taken the leader's girl. All he wants is his companion back and he even uses Roberts trap against him. I just felt like they set up all his stuff in the movie and then the theatrical ending used none of that. So I was curious about the Original Ending and loved it. It's such a better ending to the movie, and wraps up all those plot lines. Thanks for posting it.
  • pher
    I liked how this ending tied up that the infected leader was wanting his girlfriend back, but weren't the infected starving for food? there is no way they would have left him or the girl and the kid alive. and that cheesy drive over a destroyed bridge with the kid in the back, and everyone ginning inanely? Please! This movie died when they introduced the girl and the kid. Will Smith was great through.
  • Rick
    Some people are still kind of missing a couple of BIG things....Ask yourself if you think Bob Marley is a Legend. Then ask yourself why. Bob Marley did not kill himself or anyone else to attain legendary status. What he did was leave a strong message of love and hope for others. It's more than just COINCIDENCE that that Will Smith's character is named Robert "Bob" Neville and Marley's real name is Robert "Bob" Nesta Marley. Will Smith holds the CD and shows the woman (and by extension the audience) the title LEGEND and the movie is named "I AM LEGEND". For those of you so hell bent and whining about the differences between the book and the movie, I think the studio is trying to tell you all "Hey, this is a movie about the life and growth and understanding of interconnectedness to humankind of ONE MAN: Robert "Bob" Neville. BTW, there are, I think, FOUR Bob Marley songs in this movie. Is that a coincidence? With the exception of his singing I shot the Sheriff, the other 3 are OVERT references to HOPE. Listen...3 little birds on my lawn/singing sweet songs of melody pure and sweet/singing THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO YOU/ don't worry about a thing/ 'cause every little thing IS GONNA BE ALL RIGHT. Also, Redemption Song and Stir It Up which have so many relevant lyrics you'll just have to look them up. Think Redeem. As in he redeems himself by stopping all the killing of those innocent people. Thought...was Neville ever really their prey? If he's one of the only guys in Manhattan, how many people could THEY have possibly eaten in THREE YEARS? They couldn't have eaten everyone; they Are the everyone. The woman (and CHILD) are VERY important to THIS movie. Again, I don't care about the book. She is unquestionably a woman of faith, meaning that she not only believes in god but also takes BOLD acts of faith. She "bridges the gap" (look at the word BRIDGES) between Neville and the rest of the world. She didn't KNOW for sure if Neville would really be there but she sought him out anyway. Also, she doesn't KNOW there is anyone in VT but she is going to go anyway: on pure faith. Note: the climax of the alternate ending is a COMPLETE act of faith by Neville. His faith in humanity. It is a total risk. That's what really put me on the end of my seat! My god, I thought the man was toast! She shows him that he is not alone (i.e. no man is an island). The child is completely symbolic. I don't even think the kid has ONE line the entire movie! So why is he there? "Son of the coach" type thing? I don't think so. Children symbolize hope and the future. As in "I believe the children are our future..." In this particular MOVIE, the kid represents a future for Neville with hope that he will embrace the living and accept that he is not alone in this world. I can't explain the bridge thing. But in both endings someone DOES make it off the island. The woman and child were able to get on AND off Manhattan in both endings so it CAN be done, but for THREE long years Neville never even tries. In fact, he vehemently rejects the idea of leaving. Was Neville in the book ever able to change his situation like that? I'm guessing no, especially if he really was the last human in the world, which Will Smith clearly is not in the movie. I've only seen the movie once and don't remember what her idea was for them to get to VT and I don't remember what watercraft she used to get to Manhattan to meet him at Seaport pier.
  • Angela
    I watched the movie last night, and needless to say I was quite angered by the ending. To me, it just didn't sum up the movie enough, and the whole time I found myself asking "Why didn't he just give them back the female and talk to them?" I wondered why the movie would feature a more human vampire creature, only to have it have no direct effect on the movie. I absolutely loved I Am Legend--that is, until the end. The Original Ending tied up all the loose ends and made the story a bit more believable. If only they would have kept it, I think the movie would have been a much bigger success and all around better liked by its viewers.
  • Zerrin
    Funny - I forgot about the bridges - good point. Duh! Anyhow, would have been awesome for it to end a happy ending and the alternate ending still left that open, because you do not know for sure if they make it to Virginia and got the cure spread and how did Ana know how to defeate the messed-up humans single-handedly and also with a child in tow? Anyhow, I think that Will Smith is an awesome actor and I think that Samantha should not have died and everything should have been a Hollywood ending. However, Samantha's death really was "an eye for an eye", Robert Neville stole the lead messed-up-guy's companion so why not kill Robert Neville's? Anyhow, I need to read the book but overall, a lot could have been done to make that a better movie - it did leave me with an emty feeling. Apparently a lot of people did not agree with the theater ending and there is a lot of debate going on here. Does that normally happen with movies? :)
  • Lori
    I am a middle age female sci-fi fan and as such, I am actually not familialr with the book this was based on. However, i watched this movie last night and and while I enjoyed 99% of it, the ending seemed off. I started seacrhing the internet today to see to see if i could find more info....I discovered the alternate ending. The film makers really blew it! The alternate ending was so powerful. Too bad they did not leave well enough alone!
  • Lou Ann
    The original ending would have satisfied me much better than the obligatory sacrifice of the main character. Until the very end, the movie had me convinced that one day he would find the cure. Blowing himself up at the end just didn't fit.
  • Kadeem
    simple,awsome ending,in my opinion,i rather see alot of movies with alternate endings,it brings out more in the movie,the bad and good ending,love em
  • Jeff
    Ok, I understand the need to simply things down to a level that "layman moviegoers" can understand, but heres my question. Why oh why, am i sitting here listening to all you so called "Non Layman" idiots call these freaking things Vampires. Are you all that ignorant and unimaginative that you feel the need to attach a well known fantasy creature to them instead of creating something new for them? In that damn case lets just call them Elves. The jackass that did comment #35 acuttaly complained that they where not as real as the Vampires in 30 days of night, that they just looked like really sick humans. Did you even watch the movie dumbass, they ARE really sick humans. Seriously, you are the kind of people that kill movies. I pray that none of you ever produce or direct your own films because it is going to gurantee me another century of the same crap im seeing now. Get a original idea, then feel free to comment on someone elses.
  • strader
    i like how it almost seems that the vampire don't want to cure in this ending they would rather live with what they have and like in the book form a society around it oh and jeff comment #1002 the reason people are referring to the creatures in I am legend as vampires is because in the book the author referred to them as vampires by saying they are... vampires so yeah do your research
  • xtina
    Heh heh. I can't watch sh*t like this - it makes me too paranoid.
  • KIM
  • Em
    I really liked this ending better and the ending from the book would have been better than this. When I saw the movie, I tried to point out to my dad who I generally consider an intellectual but haven't had read the book and he didn't take to the idea of there even being a relationship between the lead vampire and the girl. The movie without this ending is just another thriller but with it, it would become something more. Of course, my younger brother would probably hate it since they tried to actually throw in some advance concept among all the suspense and action but I think for the general audience, this ending would be better. I think I want to pick up the book now, it sounds much better.
  • great ending! hated the one they used. Reaked of the christian concept of human sacrifice.
  • Colleen
    I do not think the original ending works for this movie. To all of a sudden realize at the very end of the movie that Dr. Neville, the hero, is a monster in the eyes of the vampires is too much to take in. While I understand this is why he is "a legend" in the book, this is not why he is "a legend" in this film. There needed to be more interaction between Neville and the vampires (and of course, no more humans appearing at the very end) to have this ending work. I really enjoyed the movie, theater ending and all, but I hope we will see a film that is closer to the book someday. Has anyone seen Last Man On Earth, the 1964 film with Vincent Price that is based on the same Matheson's novel? How close is this movie to the novel?
  • Good question Jeff! Why are you still here listening to us? You obviously don't get the point of a discussion on how others feel about the movie! And think twice before calling people idiots! If you know this world half as well as you should, some people take things more difficultly than others! Sometimes those situations end up with somebody seriously hurt or even dead! Oh, and don't give me the nobody knows who I am speech after this comment! What people like you don't realize is that whenever you leave a mark no matter what anytime after that scratch is broken you can always be traced! NO MATTER WHAT! Just be careful saying things to people! Especially people in which you do not know! There are people out there that aren't like me, that don't help you try to realize what you say could be taken offensively! Please be respectful!
  • T
    actually guys the alternate ending was supposed to be the original but someone leaked on the internet and they didnt want anybody to know the ending hence the not as good as the original ending
  • Alternate I am Legend Ending forever
    This is the first time I have a done 2 things: Sought out an alternative ending to a film online and; 2. Written about an alternative ending in some forum that I'm not familiar with. But - all's well because yes, the alternative ending shown here is the one that should have been in theaters. My friends and I are avid movie-goers and I've seen alot in my life. We walked out of "I am Legend" awe-struck and loving it. BUT, we all immediately thought there should have been a different ending. We had our own opinions about how that should have gone but did agree that there should have been something else. Now that I've seen this one (NOT that ending that I and my friends fabricated), I am a bit relieved that another ending was shot. Whew, I'm certainly writing more than I thought I would on this subject. WELL done to the cast and crew of the alternative ending to "I am Legend". It's worth it.
  • that guy
    best alternate ending since the butterfly effect
  • lege
    I hadn't read the novel before so was unaware of any story changes. I think this "alternate" ending was much more powerful than the theater ending. I remember watching the final scene thinking the zombies were there for the zombie girl, not necessarily him, so I was hoping he'd shove her out the door or something. But the twist of HIM being the "serial killing monster" was great. I was going to buy the novel, but some jackass in the top five posts summarized the differences from the novel in one sentence. Thanks a lot jackass.
  • Joejacobi
    Haven't read all the comments but here's my selection: The alternate ending was much, much better! intense, climatic, emotional - the way Neville chose not to make eye contact and apologize was fantastic...I was much more moved by this ending. The original left a bitter taste in my mouth - like it was missing something?
  • mclarko
    They didn't look like vampires. Anyone who hasn't read the book (95% of us) wouldn't know that they're refered to as vampires in the text. They looked like Imhotep from Brendan Fraser's "The Mummy". And the movie refers to their disease as a form of rabies. I only saw the movie once, but this alternate ending still doesn't make Neville legendary... what would have done that is him inventing a cure that spreads like a virus and making them all well.
  • Braden
    Shit dude what a gay ending.
  • Viken Wellman Jr
    This is the ending that i truly saw in my mind. This is absolutly grate, and almost made me cry. It is extreemly moving. It gave the movie a sense, that there truly is hope for the "Vampires" they arent completly lost. Now that ive seen this ending i am almost compeled to go and buy it, while before i was extreemly upset that they had shown the ending that they did. I hope that this site does do good and will show that a happy ending in a movie is always the best way to go! I was talking to my dad and we both decided that they chose the one they did because it kept us thinking on what truly happened, but thank you for showing us the true ending to an amazing movie! And to all those who like to put vulger language and mean comments in these post are rude. Even if you dont like this movie by all means there is no need to call names and be mean. God Bless All! and ty again for showing the light to an amazing movie
  • RMS
    Much better ending.
  • Aaron
    A far superior ending. There was foreshadowing throughout the movie that this was coming, and it never did. Now that you have exposed this ending, it makes so much more sense.
  • Christine
    I thought both of the endings were bad. It would have been way more cool if Neville could have been allowed to cure the infected people. That was a sick, perverted, evil way to have to live...surviving on human flesh. It would have been so much better if the Alpha male saw his woman and came to reality that there was some help for them and submitted to the vaccine. Everybody told me the alternative ending was soooo much better. I was disappointed.
  • Gloiz
    It was very confusing for me. The ending of the story I AM LEGEND never gave me an idea of how did the character show and narrated as LEGEND. Though I only saw the movie ones.
  • darkpawn
    to say the truth i like the movie but seen better and yet to this end that u say it was breath taking i have to go the other way on that it was whatever and it didnt really go with the concept that monsters or what ever u wanna call them have no human feelings so in reality the dr would of got torn to shreads but out of 10 that ending was 7 just because im nice
  • Good stuff. Still liked the novel better, but definitely an improvement compared to the theatre ending!
    Wow- That ending would have been a MUCH better choice!! There's no question about it!
  • C J Hamilton
    The Theatrical Ending left a lot to be desired.........kind of like missing desert after a good meal.......seeing the Original gives the movie more of a sense that these Vampires were evolving into their own............especially after they baited and trapped Robert Neville..........proves that they did learn..............
  • MLB
    This should have been the ending to the story. I would have liked to have walked away feeling that even though they were sick and infected with a virus that made them close to inhumane they were still somewhere deep down inside human. This ending showed us that even though their primal instincts wanted them to kill, even though they were suffering and trapped within a deep dark hell - love was still stronger.
  • Cherry
    I can't believe they opted for the other version. After seeing the movie in theaters I actually told people not to bother because the ending sucked and ruined the movie. This ending made the film so much better, so personal and so mult-dimensional. We never see movies from the other side and this gave us the chance. Very cool.
  • Christopher Shanahan
    Definately a much happier ending. I thought the Theatrical Ending provided more closure as the Cure was actually found and created the Legend which Robert Neville was. I liked both endings. But there probably would have been a much larger public opinion of "Great movie" if it had this ending. Much like 12 Blocks (or whatever it was called) in the end the main character dies. But in the Alternate Ending he lives. Both were good endings, but the Alternate one is much more of a crowd pleaser.
  • rick
    Mr. Valle #973 There is no naming coincidence. Bob Marley and his music where CHOSEN to be added to this movie. Marley and his music could have easily been omitted from this film. Probably could have used Johnny Cash if they just wanted a music legend who sang songs about redemption or rising above a tough situation. How about "A Boy Named Sue" playing while he gives Sam a bath? Not trying to be a jerk but seriously, Bob Marley and his message are a HUGE addition to this film. Will Smith's explanation of Marley's beliefs even comes in the middle (or focal point) of this movie. Certainly should not be ignored or dismissed. Dorothy Allen #924 I read your entire post. I can't believe you liked the theatrical ending after everything you wrote. Will Smith (Neville) was BLIND. He couldn't see Marley's basic messages of love or unity. He had to lose everything dear to him before the infected humans show him the importance of being with the one you love. The importance of sharing your pain and struggling and suffering together (uniting); you become stronger and able to endure and overcome the most difficult adversity (like the Holocaust survivors for example. How many tried to single handedly stop Hitler but rather saved each other instead). The alpha mutant human, a human transformed and in his lowest state, just wants to be with his woman. Together. Will Smith rejected his wife AND child in their time of need. Why? This whole movie is about Neville searching and finding and learning. If he kills himself at the end, he learns nothing. He needs to live in order to show that he's learned the value of InI (we, us) uniting and becoming stronger by coming together. No man is an Island. Peace, Love, and Unity.
  • Random Dude
    Marley and his music probably should have staye