Must Watch: Jim Carrey's Yes Man Teaser Trailer

July 22, 2008
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Yes Man Teaser Trailer

Just say yes… A few days ago we brought you the first official poster for Jim Carrey's next comedy, Yes Man. As Alex rightly pointed out, it smacks of Liar Liar in an oh-so-obvious way - instead of having to tell the truth all the time, Carrey plays a guy that always says yes. Same difference. Today comes the first trailer for the film, and I can't say I'm too excited. While Liar Liar holds an enviable 79% on Rotten Tomatoes, I don't think we can expect the same from Yes Man. As you'll see in the clip, the prospect of saying yes to anything can create some interesting scenarios. But if the trailer is any indication, the film looks like a bunch of discrete, wishfully funny sequences that probably adds up short in the end.

What Yes Man does seem to have going for it is the supporting cast, most notably Terrence Stamp. This guy is everywhere nowadays, recently appearing in Get Smart and Wanted. Carrey "kneels before Zod", who appears to be the leader of a self-help group, wherein the say-yes malady comes into play. All told, Yes Man looks like an expected Carrey vehicle. He'll have his funny moments, facial ticks and quirky sequences, but it's doubtful the film will carry as much energy as the poster implies. Are you at all excited?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Yes Man:

Yes Man is directed by Peyton Reed, of Bring It On, Down with Love, and The Break-Up previously. The script was written by actor Jarrad Paul ("Living with Fran"), newcomer Andrew Mogel, and fellow director Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). The film is based on the book of the same name written by Danny Wallace. Yes Man arrives in theaters everywhere on December 19th. The poster is featured below.

Yes Man Poster

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  • MT
    Ads before the trailers! Noes! Please let it not be!
  • tuwhitt
    Looks pretty formulaic and derivative, but I'm not going to deny chuckling at the leaflet that says "YES! is the new NO!"
  • Garrett.king
    alright, that looked funny and SO unlike Liar Liar. I'M IN! RED-UH BULL-UH!
  • Gene
    Looks funny, I like the supporting cast. Jim Carrey can generally make anything funny. Can't wait to see it.
  • Alyx
    I don't like Jim Carrey, (except in ESotSM of course) but this actually looks kind of funny.
  • ugh... looks pretty lame
  • Darrin
    this looks great. Jim carry is the man
  • I dig it.
  • Xerxex
    Classic Jim Carrey, something that will be genuinely funny, but really nothing special yet, just gonna have't to wait till release. Pretty sure that anti-drug promo was funny as hell, these weed commericals are stupid!
  • Curtis
    im down with it looks like it will have some great moments im still holding out for that next great Carry movie.
  • Matt
    fine! i giggled the whole time. its in
  • whats the deal with that dancing arcade game? it was funny in grandmas boy. i dont want to see jim carrey doing it.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    Liar Liar 2?
  • Maxx
    ok I love Jim Carrey and I am glad to see another comedy of his coming out...I think it looks like it will be a great story and yeah not exactly original from Liar Liar but I dont care Jim Carrey is one of the funniest comedians ever...
  • David
    Is this going to be a Liar Liar clone? Yes, but Jim Carey definitely needs this to be a success if he wants to be taken seriously as a comedian ever again.
  • Blake B
    Okay, it's obvious why everyone say this is another liar liar... But did anyone else actually watch the trailer? It looked nothing like it! I end up loving everything Jim Carrey does so.. Yes man..
  • funnytunney
    what the hell has happened to terence stamp? he's done hardly anything noteworthy of film till this year and he's got three (get smart, wanted, yes man)? don't get me wrong he's creepy as sin but he's done well in all his roles so far if you were from control, you'd already be dead
  • Max
    Haha, nice to see Murray from Flight of the Conchords in a movie 😀 Seems like a pretty basic Jim Carrey movie. Nothing really new or anything.. Oh well ill probably still go see it.. or not!
  • CJD
    That guy in the bar looks like he's gonna knock out Jim. Girl's boyfriend?
  • It looks nice ... the only problem I have is Zooey Deschanel !!! She is so much ... NOT for comedy movies :-) ...
  • creator
    looks like jim carrey's back!! cant wait
  • That looked more amusing than I expected. I can tell because I actually laughed.
  • SillySil
    I like what I see, hehehe. 😀
  • spect8re
    was that the guy from Flight of the conchords at the start of the trailer or is it just me?
  • Spider
    This is where Jim Carrey thrives! I'm so glad he's doing comedy again. I hope this is a big hit for him! :)
  • Ya know, I never saw Liar, Liar. And that's the truth. This looks pretty funny though, and possibly might introduce some philosophies of positivity into peoples lives. I know it's unlikely but it doesn't hurt to hope. :)
  • Wait! Maybe the positivity is starting to sink in already. Look at all the smiley faces on this page. :)
  • C-Young
    Bucket List meets Liar Liar... PASS!
  • Shige
    Carrey is great. Given a nice script such as Truman Show, The Mask Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he can really make wonders but I think the big problem is that many directors still do not regard him as an actor and more of SNL material which I think is wrong. So he has to stick to the B scripts. Not saying this wont be good though.
  • jason_md2020
    So I guess this saying YES to everything explains The Number 23....
  • Dave V.
    You know I think Carey got really jaded after no one payed him real credit for his portrayal of Andy in man on the moon and ever since than he has been on this sorta mission to do his own thing. Occassionally he returns to his roots in comedy and thats were everyone fell in love with him. I think he is a super talented guy and a gifted actor,this film looks good and there really is no hints of his wacky humor its more of a straight comedic role. It looks loke a maturer Jim Carey comedy with thought out dialouge rather than improvisation till you get that outrageousness that he's really known for. Good on ya mate!
  • I can't remember the name of the movie where the lead decides he's going to do everything on his list; but that sounds a lot like this as well. Which really sounds a whole lot like My Name Is Earl, come to think of it. Anyways, I'm not a huge Carrey fan, but this looks like it'll be worth at least a rent.
  • 30 stole my comment! Anyway, Carrey is hilarious and a Christmas release, you KNOW this will be big.
  • Josh
    actually does look funny and im not a jim carry fan
  • insanartist
  • Clamson
    Jim Carrey is one of those old actors like Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler. Having said that, Jim Carrey stands out from these people mainly because, oh that's right, he's still funny. I'll totally see it. I'll support him until he retires.
  • Enola
    This dude is getting so old, retire man. This trailer sucked big time!!!
  • vu
    I haven't cared for Carrey in a while because he hasn't made anything great since dumb and dumber (in my opinion) but that did make me laugh.
  • vu
    I just think he should stick to comedy because I can't take him seriously as a serious actor. I think he takes himself too seriously.(but that's just me)
  • Nick
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind...the most underated film! Jim Carrey has made nothing good since...reason was tooooooooo good for him to ever make a movie as good or better ever again!
  • Nick
    Dead VU, Could you please say the word serious one more time I don't believe you said it enough in your comment. You're awesome! -Nick
  • vu
    Dead vu? Can you spell correctly? Seriously. 😉
  • Nick
  • Adam
    The vast majority of you are morons. Jim Carrey is without a doubt the best and most versitile actor of the current generation. He has time and time again proven to be a genius when it comes to portraying any type of character. Every movie that he has ever been in is a masterpiece and this one is going to be no exception. It is going to be nothing like Liar Liar and will as I have already stated be a phenominal movie. Also, most of you really have no business talking about Jim Carrey's film credits because I doubt the vast majority have even seen half of the movies that he has been in, so piss off and enjoy a freaking amazing movie.
  • Nick
    Adam - You are my hero, and always will be!
  • Lauren
    I LOVE Zooey Deschanel! The Movie looks funny, but I don't think I'm going to go to it for the story. Maybe just some light hearted fun... as it looks from that trailer.
  • M0v!3_Fr3AK
  • paa a
    this is actually a book
  • Khannz
    ohhh its a funnny jim carrey movie more of a liar liar and fun with dick and jane or bruce almighty rank...what i want to see jim carrey do is of the ranks of a wacky comedy movie like the ranks of dumb and dumber and ace ventura 2..i hope jim will make a movie like ace ventura 2 again...but yes man is a fine jim carrey comdey movie...go jim you can do more wackier than dat..Alrrrrrigghhty thennn!!
  • wotcrap
    got to be at least half of these comments are coming from the producers/studios boiler rooms - this is just a cheerleading site.
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  • magdy
    I saw the movie in dubai. It was very interesting and funny as usuall...




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