Must Watch: Charming Marley and Me Full Trailer

October 16, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Marley & Me Full Trailer

What a cute little puppy! Wait - "Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog"? Uh oh! The second full trailer for Marley & Me, Fox's holiday family comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, has been released. Can I say that this looks amusing and entertaining without being beat up? It may be nothing more than a typical family comedy, but it still looks fun. Apparently the book is fantastic, I just hope the idea about learning lessons about life from such a nasty dog comes through. And being a dog lover, I really love that voiceover: "A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, give him your heart, and he'll give you his."

Watch the full trailer for Marley & Me:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Marley & Me trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Marley & Me is directed by David Frankel, of "Sex and the City" and The Devil Wears Prada previously. The screenplay was adapted by Oscar nominated screenwriter Scott Frank (Out of Sight, Minority Report, The Lookout) and is based off of the book Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog written by John Grogan. Marley & Me arrives in theaters everywhere on Christmas Day this year.

Marley and Me Poster

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  • vegeta
    I'll totally see this.
  • -peter-
  • Andrew
    I'll admit, the trailer was cute and somewhat enjoyable, but knowing how family comedies tend to turn out, I doubt that my interest for this movie will ever go beyond the trailer. It also reminds me too much of "Beethoven."
  • joy
    I can't wait!!! I love every bit of the movie. My dog looks identical to Marley...
  • Vicky
    I've been waiting for this movie, and it seems like a fun movie to watch with the whole family. Love Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston as well. :)
  • darrin
    looks good
  • Chris
    @3 - I was going to say it's just a Beethoven knock-off. Even the furniture getting yanked away by the leash was their trailer-fodder too. So has Owen Wilson reached that comedy actor's 'Eddie Murphy/Robin Williams' point in his career now, then?
  • Viper
  • Wow, a Beethoven knock-off?? Are you kidding? Let's see... The book this is based on, published in 2005, is a New York Times Bestseller with an average of 4 1/2 stars on Amazon with 1300+ reviews. It's an autobiographical real story about a guy who owned a dog named Marley. Just because it has a dog doesn't mean it's Beethoven. And that movie was made 16 years ago - get over it!
  • K
  • Tyler
    Hey Alex, bit defensive there?
  • Ya know, you can get a dog trained up pretty good in basic obedience in like 2 weeks. Alls I'm saying.
  • Roy
    I'm watching the Spirit. Nuff said.
  • samy
    awwww i'll see it...for Owen..the dog..and McSteamy! 😀
  • tzarinna
    I'm all about Owen, but I think I can wait for the DVD on this one.
  • janet
    This looks so adorable but I hate the tag line.
  • Chris
    Hey Alex, you're the guy who gets his panties in a twist over films he's never even seen. Hypocritical much?
  • JayBear
    I had a lab and for some reason this trailer made me tear. She died on my birthday august 06'. Labs are puppies all the way until the end. That dog reminds me of a blonde version of my black lab. I'm going to grab anyone who will go with me to see this.
  • JayBear
    btw for that other guy..I can't believe you actually think this is a beethoven knock off, ha ha. I guess you've never ACTUALLY seen beethoven, or you think any movie with a dog must be beethoven. You must have been devastated after watching Kojo, huh?
  • Shige
    Wow, both Aniston and Wilson look kinda mature in this one.
  • avoidz
  • Ken Masters
    Wow Alex, a bit defensive for a person who praised MAX PAYNE? I wonder what the more renown critics think of your attitude. Don't let words on the internet bring down your rising reputation.
  • Jason R
    I saw this a few weeks ago at an advanced screening. My kids loved it and my wife really enjoyed it. It was a solid family movie.
  • VV6"Vasco"
    If you read the book you now that this film will be a great film
  • kathy
    Come on folks. Knock off of Beethevon????????????? Did you even bother to read the book? Do you know it is a true story? This is a story of a family's life with a dog full of love and dealing with a pet that was a handful and that is a understatement. Most folks take a dog to the near by pound if they cant handle the pet. I feel that when you commit to owing a dog you choose to take care of the animal. So many times folks just dont think. A puppy grows up. The cute little ball of fur that you bring home grows into a part of the family. Better or worst they are a part of your family and people with anytype of smarts learn how to handle your pet. This is going to be a wonderful movie if it is anything like the book. John and Jenny and the kids were great pet owners. The damage that Marley did to the family home was something like I never seen before......but the love that a family came to know and the devotion of a big old dog made me cry so hard I could hardly read the ending of the book. I had to have a big old laugh for Marley...perhaps in memory of her....I left my book down with the cover marking the spot where my reading stopped and went to the grocery store. My two poodles and one big bad male maltese by the name of Brodie hates for me to leave them...Well I laughed and thought of Marley when I came home....Brodie had grabbed the book off my coffee table and chewed along with ate the corner completly off the book. I could not get mad. Hey it had to be his own way of honoring the memory of Marley. If that 100 pound of lab could eat almost everything in site....well a 7 pound maltese could eat the corner of his book to keep the memory alive! Only a dog lover can see the true meaning of this book. Perhaps other people just will not get it and I feel sorry for them. Life without the devotion of a dog and the love for a dog just makes no sense to me. Way to go Jenny and John for hanging in with what turned out to be a dog that touched many hearts and taught many of us to give our own pets one more belly scratch!
  • Amber
    My dog is identical to this cute ball of fur. We've had those days where nothing goes right. But in the end their your life!! I love my dog to pieces. Maggie's my life, and nothing could change that. I'll be defitnitly going to see this movie!!
  • Stephanie
    "Marley and Me," the book, was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't put it down. I don't think I've ever read anything that made me laugh so much, so genuinely. And I know for certain that no book has ever made me cry the way this one did! Please don't pass this movie by, thinking of it as or calling it a "Beethoven" knockoff if you haven't read the book. (If you had, I'm sure this assessment would not have been made.) It's really not fair.
  • Lori
    Read the book and it was womderful can't wait to see the movie. so glad they made a movie of it.
  • Alyse
    Wow you people are pathetic, if you don't like it or whatever then shut your mouth. Don't watch it if you think its dumb, or a flippin knock off. Most people enjoy a movie based on a true story.
  • Jeff
    Get a grip Alex!! You are so full of it. And "@3", Beethoven was fictional, although, cute film. And that's where it Beethoven ends. You probably never had a dog while you were gorwing up. You probably a hair ball cat. Try reading the book first.
  • Paula
    this movie is not really a comedy...yes, it's funny. but it has a bigger meaning and a rip your heart out ending. this movie is going to be #1 in the box just wait!
  • cindy
    best movie ever! i love it, its not just a kid movie. i cry, i admitt. but it was so funny and great. i love marley and owen and jennifer
  • yaeker
    The cute little dog dies at the end and will leave your little niece or nephew totally scarred for life and emotionally screwed up for years to come. This movie should be Rated R.
  • paul
    saw it and loved it. not all comedy, which was nice. it wasn't what i expected. i was kinda "dragged" into seeing it. the ending is predictable but well done.
  • AJ
    Marley & Me is the saddest movie I've ever saw




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