Must Watch: New Trailer for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie!

September 25, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Valkyrie Trailer

A fantastic new trailer for Valkyrie has just debuted and can be watched below. We also launched the new poster for the film earlier today, which hits theaters at Christmas. This is a vast improvement of the first teaser trailer that debuted in November last year. It looks like Bryan Singer definitely has a hit hiding in the shadows just waiting to be revealed. While I can't exactly work out exactly what his style is yet, I think he's got an incredible story and, of course, Singer is a phenomenal filmmaker who always has strong visuals. This trailer is very well thought out and will be a great way to start early buzz. If you've been waiting for something to finally show you that Valkyrie might be an amazing movie, this is definitely it. Take a look…

Watch the newest trailer for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the Valkyrie trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

At the height of WW2, a group of high-ranking German officers hatched a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and seize power of the military command in order to end the war. The operation was codenamed "Valkyrie", for the emergency plan that was meant to be used in case of a revolt against the Nazi government. This plan had been modified by the conspirators to ensure their success, but for various reasons the plot failed when finally carried out on July 20th, 1944.

Valkyrie is directed by Bryan Singer, who previously directed The Usual Suspects, X-Men 1 & 2, and Superman Returns. The film's screenplay was written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun) and Nathan Alexander. Valkyrie arrives in theaters on December 26th this year.

Valkyrie Poster

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  • Domingo
    Ok, the movie looks good, and I'm sure the story line is nothing short of amazing, but I just can't get over Tom Cruise and his American accent!
  • Two Socks
    Wow that trailer looks really good. I think this will be a pretty solid flick... plus the dude puts a burning cigarette on a mosquito. I freaking hate mosquitos. I'll watch
  • OCP
    No German accents? What happened to authenticity?
  • JD
    I agree with everything you just said, Domingo! I wonder if its going to be a subtle accent and we are just not hearing it, or none at all. I know he can do an accent of some kind because of the irish one he did for Far and Away. So I find it odd that Singer chose to overlook this. Hopefully, the movie is so entertaining, that I will not think about it while I'm watching.
  • Ali
    I'm glad they didn't put German accents in the movie, it would be fucking a hundred times cheesier than having them try and speak German. Plain American/English accent is good enough, something new and bold -- I'm all in. I don't want to see another person bitching about the accents.
  • twispious
    save katie
  • mike
    Accents aren't neccessary for this film as it is set in Germany, where people speak GERMAN with each other,NOT English with weird accents. So if you are not gonna have the entire movie in German, there is no point in this fence sitting crap :)
  • #7: I totally agree. I'm German myself and having watched the first episode of J.J.Abrams' Fringe, where they let American actors play a German airplane crew, I can definitely say that it's only to the best of the movie to not let them imitate German accents. The "German" pilot and stewardesses in Fringe sounded absolutely nothing like native German speakers, in fact once or twice they even used wrong grammar which additionally showed that their lines had been written by a non-German. 😉 I only support and "demand" accents in movies like Blood Diamond - where Leonardo DiCaprio did an amazing job at really conveying the way Danny Archer WOULD talk. But as you said, since Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg did not really speak English with a German accent, it's best to just leave him his plain English. :)
  • The trailer looks great, but though it's probably better for them to speak plain English, I just can't get over how unnatural the whole thing sounds. Here's hoping nobody either a) speaks German, or b) speaks English with a German accent for the sake of consistency.
  • dom
    looks good and quite epic...I am a big fan of this period and will see this. BUT I do still feel this is Tom Cruise trying to cash in after seeing Black Book last year.
  • Napoleon Dynamite
    It's weird how an alternate cut of a trailer can change ones perceptions, but if the film turnes out to be absolute crap, it goes to show that maybe you can polish a turd? ...well at least the pure sent of it.
  • Darren
    looks so tight dude
  • David
    should have been in German with English sub
  • Divad
    should have been in English with German sub
  • The Shad
    @ dom Black Book was good but it was so over the top. Give this movie a chance and I'm personally getting sick of Tom Cruise basing. See the movie first then comment.
  • DinoChow
    I like that there's no accents; they would be speaking in full German in reality, so if they're speaking English, why have an accent?
  • Peloquin
    Is Singer directing the new Superman movie, Man of Steel? He's listed on IMDB as the director/producer...god I hope not, I thought they were going in a different direction.
  • I bet you 10 bucks they had him go through some classes but I'm sure it just sounded awful coating Tom Cruise's .... Cruisiness in a German accent. Movie looks great though. I'm for seeing it.
  • janet
    The accents or lack of is odd but it looks good. I really liked the trailer.
  • Looks good. The last 20 seconds might induce a few seizures in epileptics though. I hate that strobe effect crap. I'll take my American Germans without the German accent.
  • Boo-Yah
    While Cruise's past antics have turned me off to his movies, I think I can overlook that as this looks great and I like Singer's work on Usual Suspects and the X-Men films, so I'm in.
  • vegeta
    Can't believe I'm saying this, but it looks pretty sweet.
  • OH. MY. GOD. Fucking epic!
  • Ian Dubbs
    Why would they need to speak with an accent, Germans don't speak with an accent while speaking to each other. At least this way we don't have some bad accent clouding otherwise strong dialogue. What the trailer did lack, was excitement. These guys have conspired to kill Hitler, that is monumental! The trailer was just meh.
  • Kyle A. Koyote
    The trailer was good in the sense that the direction/cinematography of the movie looks interesting, and even the story..but it didn't do much to build excitement..other than the cliche ticking clock sound..I'll watch the movie because it looks epic but the trailer could of been good (or at least built more excitement)
  • Max Russian
    AMazing! Tom Crusie is BACK!
  • MC RAY
    I wonder where Tom worshiped aliens during the filming of this movie?
  • Chrystal
    This movie looks good from what I saw in the trailer, but the accents didn't sound right for this movie.
  • Wonderful cut trailer.
  • Darrin
    its good that they showed abit of action. now i'm convinced.
  • crabby
    I will wait for the DVD. The accents are very poor.
  • Looks pretty good actually.
  • moldybread
    I dont get it...we all know that Hitler wasnt assasinated so what is the point of a mivie about a failed attempt?? actually, I am amazed that people still wnan to see war movies anymore...isnt there enough real war going on today to satisfy the public appetite??
  • Curtis
    Dang this looks damn good im going to have to hit this movie up when it comes to theaters, Tom Cruise is the man and i dont really care what he does during his free time hes still a great actor dammit.
  • Trent
    I agree. Singer can definately shoot a beautiful film, but what the fvck is with the American and English accents???????? At least in Defiance - Daniel Craig talks with a German tinge to his accent - and he's A BRIT!
  • bill
    I agree with the people who support no accents. Saw Miracle at St. Anna today, and the scenes with nazis were in german; in my opinon either you either should have the whole movie in german, like St. anna, or you have the characters speak english without a german accent.
  • avoidz
    I'm sure the lack of accents won't be problem once you start watching the film and get involved in the story.
  • Obiwopkenobi
    If you want an authentic movie then Singer should have them all speaking German and add English subtitles. Since he decided to take the easy way out I don't really want to see this. When Costner did Dances With Wolves he didn't have the Indians speaking English. When Gibson did Apocalypto he didn't have them speaking English. I'm a firm believer that if you're going to do a historical movie you should try to be as authentic as you can. Clint Eastwood did letters from Iwo Jima and there were subtitles. That's what Singer should have done.
  • Gooner
    The trailer seemed to have a lot more action than before. As for the accents, was Russell Crowe's accent Roman/Spanish enough for you in Gladiator? What about Titus Pullo or Lucius Vorenus in HBO's Rome? I doubt it. Movies can still be great without the accents. This seems to be a little bit of finding something bad within the film because Tom Cruise is in it. What about 300? They obviously didn't speak English in ancient Sparta. A movie with Bryan Singer and Cruise both influencing it seems like a good match. Both have been able to create great dramatic and action films. This one looks like their combining the two. I'm for it. If the film doesn't work, maybe Tom can ask Ben Stiller to create another role for him.
    This looks very very good. The thing that rings true with me is we have an idiot in the WH and he's as destructive as Hitler if not more so. There are differences but there are also similarities. Cruise is a class act and anything he does I will go see. As for the German accent 'discussion', frankly German accents give me the creeps. The German people don't creep me out but somehow that accent is pretty distracting for me personally. Maybe there are too many psychiatrists with German accents. That could be it. Because they are f-ing nuts but don't get me started. Back to the film. It's timely. I'll see "W" too. Refuse to listen to the real 'W' but I trust Oliver Stone to deliver an honest story about the village idiot. So I'll see both films.
  • martin
    The story has been told many times before. One of the newest versions is "Stauffenberg" from 2004. It were made for german TV, so the germans speaks german, and its worth watching.
  • Conrad
    Won't be great, but definitely will be good. Singer is back!
  • Looks good this, doubt I'll watch it until it comes on tv though. Nazi's are old hat...
  • Watch "Downfall" instead. This movie looks really bad.
  • Looks really bad. You Cruise, We Lose.
  • Mark Ywain
    Oh not this whole accent/english argument. THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER. AMADEUS. GOOD (2008 with VIGGO MORTENSEN) Not the first. Not the last movie. The only reason ppl are complaining is cause it has Cruise in it. Admit it.
  • BONGHOLEioh.
    Wait,is Tom playing a German in this .................or is he undercover ??
  • martin
    are u serious??? he is playing Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg !!
  • Lance
    Germany really should have been next on the nuke list. Cruise still has not been forgiven for his War Of The Worlds documentary.




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