Must Watch: Phenomenal Trailer for Edward Zwick's Defiance

October 10, 2008
Source: Variety

Defiance Trailer

Looking for a World War II movie that looks better than Valkyrie? Here it is. Variety has debuted the second full trailer for Edward Zwick's Defiance, which stars Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell as three Polish brothers. I'm a big war movie guy, so these kinds of movies usually excite me more than normal, but I still think this looks absolutely phenomenal. This really looks like it could really compete with Bryan Singer's Valkyrie in terms of production and intensity, but remarkably Paramount is giving it a limited release. After the buzz that this trailer is certain to cause, I'm hoping they change their mind.

I really mean it when I say this looks like a huge sleeper hit, maybe even the best movie of the year. It hasn't been shown to anyone yet, most likely because they've been finishing the effects, but it still has the potential to be amazing. At least what we've seen here (and in the teaser) has looked stunning so far.

Watch the full trailer for Defiance:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Defiance trailer in High Definition on MSN

Defiance is co-written and directed by Edward Zwick, of Legends of the Fall, Courage Under Fire, The Last Samurai, and Blood Diamond previously, and is written by Clayton Frohman, of The Delinquents and Checkered Flag. The film is based on the book of the same name written by Nechama Tec. Paramount Vantage is debuting Defiance in limited theaters starting on December 12th this year.

Defiance Poster

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  • Perturabo
    looks realy great!and i think its better than valkyrie!!
  • K
    WOW! Very impressive! Going to be a huge sleeper hit. And yes it looks (in my opinion) much better the Valkyrie.
  • Divad
    good lord god almighty...
  • Craig looks impressive as usual, but Schreiber's accent is attrocious. But you're right about it looking a hell of a lot better than Valkyrie.
  • twispious
    1 & 2 are twins,if not the same person. now lets make a movie out of that.
  • Dusty
    looks awesome.. and I am with you Tom #4 terrible accent that Schreiber is giving(did you expect different results???? hehe)
  • Seeing a trailer like this and Transporter 3 on the same day makes me really wonder why Hollywood wastes money on movies like Transporter 3. Based on the comments in that article, however, obviously there's an audience out there that wants cheese on a rubber platter.
  • dom
    Looks excellent.. and yes I am looking forward to this more than I am Valkyrie. Good casting!
  • darrin
    this looks wicked.
  • K
    #5... get a life. oh wow, 2 people that have a the same opinion. that's a first. can't even come up with an educated, insightful comment about the trailer. LOSER!
  • Look very harsh and hard. A very promising title indeed...but I doubt whether this will do it better, at the boxoffice, then Valkyrie.
  • b
    Man oh man oh man. This looks awesome. Plenty of raw action and plenty of tears and emotion. Sans Liev's accent, I'm going to love the ingenuity of fighting in the woods. This is like a Polish WWII Apocolypto. Can't wait. Seems like Zwick would've pushed wide to get in the Oscar run.
  • Sam
    Never seen a bad Zwick movie...this one is going to be good.
  • Liev Schreiber's accent is fine, Jamie Bell's is good and so on for Daniel Craig. Oscar worthy, in the long run.
  • I'm definitely seeing this movie. Looks very cool. I still like this teaser trailer better though: :)
  • Icarus
    Hot damn. Daniel Craig is the new generation of bad ass.
  • Matthew
    I wad admittedly sold when Liev character was dragging the woman across the river with the gun in his hand, it just looked pure epic. This movie should do well in terms of story, action etc etc... but I must say it's hard to see Daniel Craig in another role, shaking that bond complex is not easy for a movie viewer like myself >.<
  • phil
    They have absolutely terrible polish accents. Wow.
  • Jay Selis
    This movie looks fucking brilliant. I can not wait to see this. Edward Zwick has not dissapointed me yet with his films such as "Blood Diamond.", "The Last Samuraii.", and "Glory" So i really do not see how he could mess this one up. I am so excited for this movie. It also has Daniel Craig. He is going to have a great year with two amazing movies under his belt
  • Max Russian
  • Ady
  • Daaaave
    Looks good, but I'm still more excited about Valkyrie. Singer and McQuarrie working together for the first time since their masterpiece The Usual Suspects is enough of a reason for me. I'll happily watch both of them, though.
  • Rolando
    Hmmm! Dunno. I don't buy much of the actors. Bell Yes. Bot not Liev and the rest of the cast. Intrigued me but did not grab me. Will I see it? Yes. Without a !
  • Rolando
    Reading number 18. I agree. Probably that is what disturb me. The accents! I don't know there is something that simple pulls me away. I loved Glory liked Blood Diamond and hated, hated hated Legends of the Fall and I did not buy The Last Samurai. This trailers looks like a good action film but no more. Hope I am wrong. Or not.
  • Darren
    i think valkrie and this movie are diffrent in a way of style but they both look equally good
  • sd
    Looks amazing. How the F**** does this look like an good action but no more?? huh Show me one trailer that looks half as impressive as this one. Valkyrie looks interesting but Tom doesn't even try to have an accent. It just sounds wrong. But its not supposed to be a documentary, its an action flick after all. My guess is i will see both.
  • Conrad
    This not really a war movie persay, looks more like a crusader film than anything else with aspects of war in it. Still looks good, but Valkyrie seems to have a better plot line. I'll probably see that one instead of this.
  • pete
    looks good buty why should they speak english with a polish accent and not polish altogether?
  • Adam
    Why has is this movie taking forever and a day to get released? I've been seeing trailers for this movie for over a year and a half now and it still hasn't come out - whats up with that?
  • Daniel
    Daniel Craig is a realy good actor. I love Holocaust based movies. But, I think Valkyrie will be better.
  • raider98
    DAMN another movie that looks good
  • Emma
    This looks fantastic. Probably won't do nearly as well as Valkyrie, even though it appears (from the trailers) to be a much better movie, if just because it hasn't been getting the hype nor does it have as many big-name actors in it. If it's not released in a theater near me, I'm finding it somewhere. This is the best trailer I've seen in a while.
  • LeeMan
    they should replace defiance on the poster wit hquantum of solace. now that's a good poster. andyour not gonna get 1/2 your money back for the cost of the movie if they give it a limited release. cmon i mean you gotta great movie on ya hands, what the hell r u thinkin Paramount!!
  • #29 - It'll be out in December... That has always been the plan. I wonder if it'll get buried or if they're trying to push it as a big Oscar film? I'm glad so many of you guys are also excited for this! I was worried I was alone...
  • Mark Ywain
    This movie is being given a wide release in January 16, no? Paramount doesn't seem to have that much confidence in it.
  • viral
    how not to be excited.... the movie stars daniel craig and is directed by the same guy who made blood diamond... the background score was brilliant... i am definitely excited for this movie... it looks spectacular... plus the USP of a story never told... paramount should hardsell this quick... it is a definite nom for edward zwick if released in december... the guy is a genius!
  • em
    this movie looks great, i can't wait to see it! anyone know the name of the song used in the trailer?
  • James Roberts
    I watched a documentry on these three brothers. What they did and the people they saved in the process was amazing. I am very glad to see this story get told on the big screen. Bravo.
  • Lance
    Schrieber's acting is also atrocious - didn't he suck on CSI?
  • Irene
    looks exciting -- the brothers are not Polish but Bielorussian, and the movie was filmed in Lithuania -- I recognize a couple of the scenes in Vilnius
  • This should be awesome. Only thing that might drag it down a little bit, is the fact that there's just no way it'll have a happy ending. The good guys have to lose against such insane odds. Unlike The Sound of Music i don't think they'll make it to Switzerland. =P
  • Rosalee
    Perhaps with this film goers can begin to see what a talent Craig is.......I first saw him in Layer Cake and was blown away and the ironic part is as I drove home I thought 'this guy needs to audition for the next Bond' I was so shocked when he was tagged for 007, but for those who think of him only as Bond, they need to see Layer Cake.........




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