Must Watch: Rainn Wilson's The Rocker Trailer

May 6, 2008
Source: Yahoo

The Rocker

The first trailer for Rainn Wilson's The Rocker has debuted. "Office" fans are definitely going to enjoy this. The movie is about a drummer from a failed 80's band that joins a high school band to live his dreams of becoming a rock superstar. It stars Rainn Wilson as Robert Fishman, the drummer who joins the band. Superbad's gorgeous Emma Stone also stars and even Will Arnett has a cameo, too. I'm not sure this is going to be one of the best comedies of the summer, but I definitely think it'll be one of those better-than-the-others comedies. It also reminds me a lot of Hot Rod but with Rainn Wilson as a rockstar instead of Andy Samberg. Take a look at the badass new trailer below and let us know what you think!

Watch the first trailer for The Rocker:

[flv: 504 272]

You can also watch The Rocker trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

The Rocker is directed by Peter Cattaneo of The Full Monty, Lucky Break, and Opal Dream. The script was penned by Maya Forbes ("The Larry Sanders Show" and Seeing Other People) and Wallace Wolodarsky ("The Simpsons" and Seeing Other People). The Rocker is currently set to hit theaters on August 20th this summer.

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  • JLA Reject
    Yes!! Looks like one more to add to the list this summer!
  • Dusty
    haha.. ok.. nice.. I am not sure I would jump out the THE MUMMY to go see it... hmmm.. well.. ok.. so I might... hahaha ALEX, DID YOU JUST SNEEZE ON MY FACE?????????
  • hanalex
    its DWIGHT! on a side note, this looks pretty amazing.
  • silver
    I love Dwight but... i think this looks horrible. I still hope it does well though... I love Rainn Wilson. It definitely has that Hot Rod feel (which had a few laughs for me :)). I'll stay open minded
  • FACE
    hot rod was genius, this looks kinda weak though
  • Les
    Correction, that isn't Will Arnett that's Jason Sudekis.
  • twispious
    mmm,looks goood
  • Looks funny... in a dumb way. I would probably see it. What's up with the fat kid with the curly hair? What - was Jonah Hill busy? Was this kid directed to act just like him?
  • Showtyme
    The only part I found remotely funny is the end when that chick got sneezed on... I won't be seeing this 'til I get my BB employee rental, no way money is going to get wasted on this.
  • Amanda
    THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gunne be like there the second it comes out! idk what you guys are talking bout. this movie is gunna rock. 😛 TEDDY'S IN IT!! WAHHOOOOOOO
  • Andrew
    This movie is for all of the new "Rock Band" rockers out there that have been patiently tearing it up at home, wondering what it would be like to take their SkiLLz0rz out on the road! This is well timed and definitely fills a quiet demand out there...
  • Djo.
    I always knew Rainn Wilson partied like a Rock Star. Now we've got a movie to prove it. This looks like the Wayne's World / Wedding Singer for a new generation. I may not see it in theatres, but TONS of teenagers & little kids will. And they'regoing to be quoting it ad nauseum to kingdom come. (Brats)
  • Looks it Looks like HIGH SCHOOL ROCKS 2
  • Nadine From Canada
    Teeehehee this movie looks soo good! Im soo excited! I love tedddyy =]=] ??
  • Brian
    Looks like it will be a REAL FUNNY movie..... def. watch
  • Gonna see it just cuz my man Teddys in it :)
  • kuku
    IM SO STOKED TO SEE IT!!!!! TEDDY GEIGER <3<3 I MET HIM 😀 😀 😀 and our wedding was nice ;D
  • goober
    This looks very entertaining.. I'm sure a lot of teenagers are gonna watch this :] I for one is psyched to see it ;D
  • I think this one will be worth two hours of my life.
  • bethie
    i am just wondering why teddy geiger is not mentioned in the summary?
  • alyssa
    even if this movie didn't look good, i'd be seeing it just because teddy geiger's in it looove him :] :] :]
  • CHEEKYmonkey
    to number 6 les yes will arnett is in it you can see him he is one of the rockers in dwights original band but jason Sudekis is in it he is the one who goes bloop
  • Sinner
    Look @ all these comments. Love it or hate it, it's already causing a buzz & you just know it's going to be funny as hell. Oh yeah, & it's gonna ROOOCK!!
  • Lea
    Holy Sh** I'm so watching this movie when is out in Theater or DVD. I can't wait for teddy to come at my home town in Twins Cities ^_^
  • Heckle
    I must disagree with the majority. This looks terrible.
  • what what in the butt
    i think the only reason i think it looks superrr awesome is bc teddy geiger's in it. and a lot of teenage girls probably will feel the same. he might get really well-known from this, and im happy for him but i dont want him to become the next like freaking jonas brothers or something eww. anyways, teddy geiger is quite the hottie.
  • Kristen
    This is looks so fepic! I can't wait to see it! Teddy Geiger<33
  • Terra
    omg! i can't wait to see this. i was on set for it .. TEDDY GEIGER <3333
  • ash-a-tack
    teddy is in it... im DEFFINATELY going to see it... most deffinately i dont care if it reaks! its gunna be my NEW favorite movie!!!!!!!!!
  • Katie
    haha! this looks hilarious! I'm gonna love it! I've been waiting for this for forever!...I love Teddy :) anyone know what it's rated?
  • me
    i saw an early screening of this movie... stupidest movie coming out this summer...besides that one playboy bunny movie. dumb. period. it's surprising emma stone would go from superbad to lame excuses like this (and that playboy movie)...if she plans on making a permanent stay in hollywood, she better start scoring better roles because these are just plain stupid and i can't take her seriously anymore and i actually like her. she's probably in this just so she can be with her boyfriend.
  • jEssica baaby [;
    omg so fucking excited to see it! TEDDY FUCKING GEIGER BAAAAABY! <333333333
  • Katie B
    I am going to see it for Teddy Geiger!!! <3 I think it looks good though.
  • sha kee luh
    i will drive for 4hours from campus just to watch TEDDY GEIGER!! and i agree with you,me
  • saaaaaargysah
    teddy is in it rain is in it two of my favorite people are in it so im seeing it the day it come s out and i think it really looks funny
  • Jen
    yah, so whos pretty much only seeing this coz teddy's in it? come on, raise your hands.. i know i am...
  • Apparently, I'm an old f**k, cuz I have no freakin idea who Teddy Geiger is. To quote the legendary Abe Simpson, "I used to be with it, now it has changed. And now it scares me sensless" Or words to that effect. I'm old remember? I don't need to memorize everything. Get stuffed you youngsters! Yeah, so I'm really only 37, but still have no f'n clue who Teddy Geiger is. But still, Rainn Wilson makes me laugh, so I'll give him a day in court.
  • jEssica baaby [;
    i know im seeing it cuz of teddy geiger :] but i cant see it the day it comes out cuz i'll be on a cruise until august 3 :[
  • The *BEEP* *BEEP* ...*BEEP* bit about the 'money truck backing up to your front door' has just embedded itself into my personal lexicon for all time! Teddy Gieger who?? Don't know him from Adam, but Emma Stone looks hotter than ever. Please tell me she's legal.
  • Kate
    Looks like it's gonna be funny. Gotta see this one...I was in the crowd during the concert scenes.... :-)
  • Kate
    Oh ya, and why wasn't Teddy Geiger mentioned?????
  • mollyandemma
    omg. this looks amazinggg TEDDY! yay
  • Layla
    OMG i cant wait to see this I've met teddy twice(: even if teddy wasnt in it id still see it cause it looks good 😀 and shutup to all the people who don't wanna see it or think it was bad or w/e SO EXCITED august 1st was the first time i met teddy woo! ohh and ppl who don't know who he is, he's a singer/actor he was on a tv show love monkey andd his two famous singles are "for you I will(confidence)" and "these walls"
  • hang
    this one looks freaking hilarious!!
  • Ally
    TEDDDYYYYYY!!!!! <3 bahaha the bands called A.D.D. aww i remember when they were filming this! my friends went to toronto and got to meet everyone and hang out with ted and emma. i'm seeing it opening day for suree.
  • that guy
  • I will see anything 1. About Rock or 2. With Rainn Wilson in it!!
  • human skills




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