Must Watch: Teaser Trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012!

November 12, 2008
Source: AOL

2012 teaser trailer

Look closely. Those aren't just mountains you see above. Watch the trailer and you'll find out. The first epic teaser for Roland Emmerich's 2012 has just hit. It has one of those "oh shit" moments in it that only Emmerich could pull off. Is this the next Day After Tomorrow or something more? This is the perfect teaser for those who know nothing about the end of the world in 2012 or nothing about the movie. I think the reaction to this is going to be intense. I also think this has the potential to be a very epic movie. This doesn't show enough to give us an idea of what the plot will actually be about, but damn, that was crazy!

Watch the teaser trailer for 2012:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the 2012 teaser trailer in High Definition on AOL

2012 is directed and co-written by epic German filmmaker Roland Emmerich, of films like Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, and 10,000 B.C. previosuly. It was also co-written by Harald Kloser, of The Thirteenth Floor, The Day After Tomorrow, Alien vs Predator, and 10,000 B.C. as well. 2012 slams into theaters everywhere on July 10th, 2009 next summer!

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  • Kilo Alpha
    It has me very interested.
  • Reub
    Remember the phenomenal teaser trailer for The Day After Tomorrow? This looks exactly like that. The end product is most likely going to be exactly like that as well. Lot of great "Holy Shit!" moments and lame paper thin characters trying to save themselves. Nothing more. But i'll check it out regardless.
  • JoeG
    Hey man.. that's scary one hell of a teaser.
  • Chris W
    These never turn out to be quality movies, but there's this strange attractive force that always gets me to see them...
  • DinoChow
    Emmerich is a hack whose only good movie is Independance Day, and that's only popcorn fluff. Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 BC were both shit. Shit shit shit. This will be shit, though I enjoyed the "Shining-esque" trailer
  • joseph muzzi
    this looks really good, interesting story line i think
  • BahHumbug
    I hate Emmerich with a passion. I haven't liked a single movie of his.
  • Another all spectacle, no substance POS. Vic
  • Looks like the same as Day After Tomorrow. Turn off your lightbulbs and be saved! When this world decides to swallow us up, turning off the heating isn't going to help. Trailer was good though, I'd watch it.
  • Wow - why don't you wait to see more of the plot before you tear this apart Vic! :)
  • Johnny Crow
    If it's an end of the world movie NOT about global warming it may be fun to go see. If it's more liberal media brain washing then fuck it.
  • Red Buttons
    Why can't more trailers be like this. Anyway, i won't know if this is good until i see it on dvd.
  • Jojo
    I have to say that studios are very good at marketing DISASTER movies that involve explosions and destruction. Not only that but they feel epic and make shit loads especially overseas.
  • Vinnie
    Because Alex! If you have seen the movies these guys have made in the past all they are are all spectacle, no substance POS. You think these filmmakers have changed and learned how to tell a real story? No. Your nuts if you think this movie will be any but a shallow film full of eye candy.
  • But there is nothing wrong with liking eye candy films... There's no limit on how many films a person can enjoy! On one hand I like my Oscar winners, on the other I like my eye candy epic "end of the world" movies!
  • darrin
    google search 2012. what.
  • tom
    wow, The Day After Tomorrow part 2.
  • Scott McHenry
  • The Real Alex
    Please, no more global warming propaganda... i cant take it anymore...
  • Unbelievable. Really.
    "GOOGLE search 2012" Are you serious. Yeah, I know!! Let's just PANIC everyone into seeing our movie, and enduce a wave of PARANOIA while we're at it!! This is the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time, and by far the most irresponsible. It's a new low for Hollywood, and I'm sorry for saying so, because I actually do like a lot of Emmerich's films. Hope it's a good movie though, because I'll definitely see it.
  • Daniel f
    When does it come out, 2013?
  • Tremolan
    been there, seen that.... NEXT!!! I promise everyone that the best part about his movie will be this trailer, and it isn't that good either.
  • Unbelievable. Really.
    I can almost hear Al Gore hyperventilating. What a load of nonsense.
  • Drew
    Emmerich is the king at making great teaser trailers for bad movies. I remember when that awesome teaser for Godzilla was released an entire year before the movie came out. I was excited that entire year until I finally saw the movie on opening night. It sucked big time. This teaser looks really good, but I don't want to be suckered into another one of his epic crapfests. I'll wait for the reviews to come in before I get excited this time.
  • Alexander
    another epic suckfest, hurah.
  • Its easy to stir instant 'watercooler' discussion with crazy CG in 30-60s leaving nothing but epic ambiguity. I'm just glad it isn't a meteor, or aliens, or jebus. Makes me curious at this point though. That's about it. Hahaha, #21
  • Denver
    Nick, Who knows, it coule involve Aliens attracting a meteor to Earth by some sort of gravitational pull generated by their spacecraft that has malfunctioned causing them to crash into the Pacific Ocean and cause that ginormous tidal wave. Then again, maybe it's the ever-anticipated sequel to Godzilla...oh boy...
  • big r
    21 i cant stop laughing. I will be in theaters to see this however.. im such a sucker for movies like this. i know there have been trailers that had us thinking the actual movie would be fantastic and we were let down, but i will be drawn to those movies until we actually get a movie that lives up to the hype. call me crazy.
  • Dexter
    @#5, i totally get what you're saying. Same with me, its not really my kind of movie somehow i find myself at the ticket counter on first day first show.
    umm, let me clear things up...for those that have never heard why 2012 is so signifacant. it is the official end of the Mayan calendar, a society known for its mathematics and science achievements. its probably all hocus pocus gibberish anyway, but the mayans predicted that the world would end in 2012, sometime in december if i remeber correctly, so it has nothing to do with "Global Warming"
  • don't put too much stock in the Mayan Calender telling that all humanity will vanish in 2012, but as far as the film concept goes could be good.
  • Unbelievable. Really.
    I think the Mayan thing refers to the end of a particular cycle of existence. The Mayans didn't believe in an END the way we think of it.
  • I know it is early but crappy fx like that piece of crap 10,000 BC and sort of like the Day the Earth Stood still trailer... not really impressed by either
  • OCP
    I always heard there isnt enough water on earth to cover the planet fully
  • Ray
    How long before Alex nominates this movie as one of the influential films of all time based on its amazingly realistic water CGI????? It's a hell of a shot and a terrific teaser, but I think we've already seen enough of this from Emmerich.
  • Ganaesh D.
    His stories might not make sense, they might even insult your intelligence, but boy do they look good or what!
  • Ions
    This could suck, and if it does whatever....that was one of the sickest teasers in a long..long time.
  • Christopher
    How dare that hack of a Filmmaker use the original music from The Shinning Trailer!!!! This movie looks like Crap!!! Like his last few movies!!!!
  • Steven
    If you guys knew the history and the significance behind the year 2012 you miiiight be a little more interested in this. And damn guys you need to give things a chance before you bash the living hell out of them based upon a TEASER TRAILER. Are you kidding? Open your minds for 2 effing seconds. Seriously. On that note, I think this has a lot of potential. Like all "epic" movies, it could very well suck, since it's hard to pull off "epic" movies of this nature, but hey I'm looking at this optimistically and am hoping this is Emmerich's masterpiece. Because if it is, then holy mother of mary this is gonna be awesome. Fingers crossed. And yeah, there's a reason why it says to Google Search 2012. Go learn for yourselves. And what the hell is wrong with using The Shining music? It worked once before, people liked it, and in my opinion it is honoring a great film. Stop hating, people.
  • Christopher
    I beg to differ. I would not say that the music is honoring The Shining! Not this movie. The shining was by a Masterful filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick. I would not go as far as to say that this trailer is honoring his movie!
  • Alex, You can have popcorn movies that are fun (I've given good reviews to those sorts of movies) or you can have popcorn movies that are retarded - the sort of thing that belongs on Mystery Science Theater 3000. And we ARE talking about Roland Emmerich here. 😛 Vic
  • Film Fan
    "Two Days After Tomorrow"!?? Like most have vented, I too feel Emmerich is a complete hack. I've seen all of his work and I haven't liked a single movie of his. In fact, I hated them all.
  • Jaf
    I'm all for this film if the characterization's intact Because that teaser was boss
  • People have said it above, and I'll agree further: Emmerich is a hack. A complete and utter hack. Even Stargate, which I had fond memories of from when I was younger, turned out to be cheesy beyond belief when I watched it recently. The Day After Tomorrow was arguably one of the best comedies, though absolutely unintentional, of that year.
  • Angelo
    This is probably everything I hate about films in general, and maybe more. It could very well be the worst trailer I've ever seen, my god what fucking asinine and ludicrous film this is gonna be.
  • Josh Rowe
    The characters are going to be so annoying because it's a disaster film but this trailer made me feel dread more than any horror film of late.
  • Darunia
    Jesus christ, another one of these Roland? lol Day After Tomorrow, the sequel.
  • CSpuppydog
    Wow this looks really awesome...
  • Ions
    I love how hardass people be on the internet, talk mad shit yet have nothing to back it up with in the average day life. Then they'll respond to this, insulting me and asking me what I have that is so special. I love the internet, everyone wins.
  • marty
    #45 why are you on this site then!!!
  • K
    That was awesome! I wish that would be all they would show until the movie comes out. Put they won't.
  • JustinWhy
    Seeing how The Day After Tomorrow was one of the few movies I almost walked out on, I have to agree with everyone else about this movie. The Day After Tomorrow 2 indeed. Maybe this time we'll have another family member of some important scientist in danger that needs to be saved. Can't wait. *yawn*
  • Great teaser trailer. Very good.
  • dee
    O.K. this movie freaked my kids (teenagers) out more than SAW V or the Unborn. Psychologically it is a good ploy because they have studied about 2012 and now to match the visual it kind of has the whole paranoia feeling going for it. I don't think it will be another Day after Tomorrow and with Cusack and Chiwetaol signed on it will be more credible I hope than his previous movies. :)
  • homer350
    Okay, so I googled 2012 and besides the fact that everyone should already know that is the year the Mayan calendar ends, have you seen this cast? John Cusack? Amanda Peete? Woody Harrelson? Danny Glover? This is supposed to be a disaster movie and indeed the cast has this movie doomed from day one.
  • BahHumbug
    I'm just not a fan of eye candy movies. I just find them pointless.
  • "It has one of those "oh shit" moments in it that only Emmerich could pull off." You're right, it does have one of those moments... but in another way than you mean...
  • big r
    I wish people would have more of an open mind. This movie looks to be awesome!
  • Angelo
    @ marty I'm here because I think Alex has established a fun little film site, he's a great interviewer and most of all this site has had quite a bit of information on films I didn't even hear of before. Slumdog Millionaire, Jcvd, Hunger etc. Now, that I don't agree that this 2012 trailer is interesting at all, doesn't mean I should leave :\
  • therblig
  • Squiggly_P
    This is just another stupid Emmerich film with incredibly infeasible things happening that destroys the world. I agree with #57 c-r-u-x. I heard about this movie and use some profanity, but it wasn't "oh shit!" it was more like "fucking hell...". I really hope that the third strike is the one that loses Emmerich his career. He, Micheal Bay, Paul Anderson... they make films that are so incredibly bad, and yet people eat that shit up for some reason. When you think about it, these guys are targeting their films at a wide audience, but look at what they put into the films. They dumb everything down, use every opportunity to have a character say shitty one-liners, they use most of their budget for pointless effects, they re-explain obvious shit to the audience again and again... They are basically saying to you "You are stupid. I think you're stupid and so I need to make sure you can understand what's happening in my film because you're so obviously stupid". I've felt that way about Emmerich since Independence Day, and I feel that way about pretty much all of the 'big' directors, barring a few. A lot of people loved Transformers, but that movie was for stupid people. Bay made a movie for stupid people, and just look how many people loved it! Not only that, but whenever i point out that these films are made for stupid people, people get upset - probably because they liked the movie. But there's a difference between 'liking' a movie and saying "that was a good movie". Just because you like it doesn't mean it's 'good', and bottom line is that these directors are insulting all of us by assuming we're all too stupid to follow along with their shallow little movies. What does that say about the directors, but what does it say about the audiences when those directors get huge box-office numbers and legions of fans? @#49: What do you have that is so special, huh? 😛 @#55: I think Woody Harrelson and John Cusack are about the only good things I can see about this flick so far.
  • vu
    Being a space nut I know a little bit about 2012. Some say there's another planet not accounted for called Niburu or Planet X. Supposedly in 2012 it will cross through our solar system and wreak havoc on our axis. Reversing north and south pole gravity somethin. Hence the flooding. It's probably all bullshit but some people believe it. Anyone remember End of Days? Well I guess this is a little different.
  • harrison
    is this like a what if sarah palin is elected president in 2012?
  • bourneidentity
    Tell it Angelo! I love how everyone is getting wet over a 60 second teaser. How many teasers have we seen over the years that turned out to be horrid? That's probably why they are just giving us a teaser. I do have to agree with Mr. Homer. This cast looks horrible. If your gonna make a big time movie you need to put some good actors who fit the roles. Just an example of why this cast will F this movie up, if the hack already didn't do so. John Cusack; Igor, Martian child, Ice Harvest, Must Love Dogs, Serendipity. Not exactly your hero. Amanda Peete; The whole nine yards, Saving Silverman, the whole ten yards. Not exactly quality movies, although she looks like she can take a whole ten yards the only other actress this annoying is well the cast from sex in the city. Woody Harrelson, White Men Can't jump, Money Train, Kingpin, Semi Pro. Not his finest hours. Danny Glover, Letha Weapons, Predator 2, Sorry but I can't picture him as president, I guess if there is an alien in this movie he can use his whack tactics from Predator 2 to snuff him out. Oliver Platt, anyone see Ready to Rumble? I think that speaks for itself. Those are my reasons why this movie will suck ass.
  • TCox
    There's a lot of unhappy people on here. Why you guys feel the needs to trash Alex's comments, and start hating on a movie that you haven't seen is ridiculous. It's a fucking movie. Get over yourselves. I noticed a few mentions of Global Warming. It's not propaganda, it's science. Put down the Bible and read an Almanac or something. Are there any Mayans left? Just curious. Maybe they were a little off on their calendar.
  • BobTanaka
    Is it just me, or is this movie going to age VERY quickly?
  • Cody
    Seriously you people dont even know a fucking thing about it besides a scene that "looks" like day after tomorrow. Like cox said get the fuck over yourselves and dont dis something you dont even know shit about yet. This could be a totally epic awesome suprise that has nothing in common with DAT besides big waves...except it is emmerich so all that is probably bullshit.
  • I love diaster films with My all time favorite film being The Poseidon Adventure. Im still waiting for an extended cut DVD of Wolfgang Peterson's Poseidon. One hr was trimmed from that film after its test screening. If you put back 30 minutes of back story that movie would be really good. As is it has great moments, but its not long enough and it hurts the film. I though the first half of The Day After Tommorow was really good with the second half OK. Im looking forward to 2012 because I love the genre. Chuck
  • hdctambien
    I don't really see the "Day After Tomorrow" comparisons besides, the same directory and it's a disaster movie. However, could this be the prequel to Waterworld?
  • Luis M
    Hell yeah, it's "The Day After The Day After Tomorrow"!!!
    Haha #70
  • Matt
    "Global Warming liberal propaganda?" Holy shit you're a dumbass. Kill yourself please. That having been said, this is the kind of movie that I could only watch the morning after a long night of drinking. Destruction and mayhem make me forget about my headache and my natty light shits.
  • hibbidy dibbidy
    Natty Light? I see you have a taste for the finer things in life.
  • Dusty
    hahaha.. sorry.. this just made me laugh at what I did.... I think I just spoke that monks words when that water came closer ------ "Oh Shit!!!"
  • Chris C.
    Damn, I couldn't watch the trailer straight because of the music. Hell, the original trailer for The Shining also has a type of tidal wave, but it is soooooo much creepier in that trailer. Yeah, just looks like a rehash of "The Day After Tomorrow". Yawn....
  • "google search 2012" Hahahahaha. aahh . that was great. made my day.
  • Mark
    Another piece of crap, big budget, big special effects, end of the world epic from Emmerich. Once again he has assembled a mediocre large cast. This film will have no substance, science, or reasoning to it at all and will just be loud and visually exciting. Other than that you can probably bet on that plot will suck and the acting will be lousy. I say skip it already!
  • big r
    Its amazing what you guys can come up with from a teaser not even a minute long. some of you are fukin rediculous. give it a chance. who here can do a better job? i didnt think so. bunch of babies on here.
  • a-dog
    I think it will be good if it isnt like 10,000 b.c. ... that movie was awful. its a fuckin cool idea though.
  • avoidz
    Roland Emmerich gets his skillset from the Brett Ratner/Uwe Boll School of Film.
  • avoidz
    Even if the icecaps melted, there still wouldn't be enough excess water to cause that sort of bullshit.
  • Maybe a big fat baby jesus, complete with beard and 10 stories tall, did a dive bomb into the sea causing the biggest tidal wave ever, that would be great. It's gonna be balls if everyone dies at the end. I've seen enough movies where that happened this year.
  • marty
    I hear ya angelo, just looked like for a min that you didn't like films "in general"! To be honest these kind of film topics/genre are decided in congeuction with the current affairs / hotets topics etc.. Lets not get too carried away with the fact that there are really really really big waves coming over the hymalayas! It's a film!! to #81, don't get so angry about it! your right though i mean aliens invading the earth and the president of US jumping in a plane and a drunk vietnam war pilot saving the day bla bla bla much more realistic! haha!
  • max
    Ill be waiting to see a guy run, the water pouring frm behind him and he just runs runs and escapes somewhere. Just like in Day after tomorrow with the ice :/.. This just doesnt sound ANY good. Ok, tbh it sounds at the moment ok, but im so sure this movie will feature some bullshit mayians coming from space to destroy the planet or something... Emmerichs movies have sucked ass everytime.
  • Jont
    ZOMG what happened to with the PARAMOUNT logo
  • smo
    there it was, this *holy shit* moment - great :) we'll see how this movie turns out, hopefully better then "the day after tomorrow"
  • alan
    woowo im shocked with what isaw in 10,000 this is far better than that shit whole of 10,000 wowo
  • L
    the mayans perdict the end of the world in 2012
  • Lady Aerin
    I saw The Day After Tomorrow, forget why. I was thoroughly disappointed by the storyline and acting, but the CG impressed me enough that I couldn't entirely hate it. I'm an artist and a nerd, and I enjoy seeing movies that are visually and technically impressive. It's not that I consider the visuals of Day After Tomorrow on the level of, say, Road to Perdition or Soy Cuba, but I can appreciate them all the same. I also enjoy well-constructed trailers, and this trailer definitely fits. I may start poking around and looking for preview screenings locally (not hard in SoCal); this looks like a movie that I'd prefer to see on the big screen, but probably wouldn't want to waste the money to do so. And I have to say, that as someone interested in filmmaking, I'm just as open to seeing bad movies as good ones, and I think they can often be more instructive. It can be difficult to pin down exactly what makes a film great, but it's generally a lot easier to point out what makes one suck.
  • L
    you are all stupid this is the end of the world. not because of golbal warming this is judgement day
  • ristusk
    +1 Picture ~1 Human who produce panic
  • Virtuals
    Number 90, You are correct in what could possibly lead up to Judgment day. Anyone, with a basic knowledge of math can figure it out. Every 3600 years or so, there has been a cataclysmic event that has been marked. This system of things is at the threshold of that now. You have to remember that most people in here draw conclusive thoughts from their own assumptions due to what the media has desensitized them with. Much lack of imagination and attention regarding such things will continue to be paid without self gratification coming first for some – or perhaps a lack of understanding. Hence, such judgments within this feed made by them. When it comes down to it, it really doesn't take much that with other statistics and studies by top minds of this system and around the world that have their eyes on this, that all planets are warming up - not just earth. (That's just one subject). Scientist however, very much agrees that something strange is going on - and they can't figure it out - just yet. What we do know is that something is coming, otherwise referred to as “Judgment day” or “Armageddon”. Anyone can start with weather patterns - Why do we have record breaking temperatures everyday? Common wisdom will tell you that it is due to man's careless ways. (Not to say that we are responsible to bringing ourselves to our injury). However, if everyone chooses to look through the binoculars in reverse, evidence can be hard to base any decisions which show something entirely different... You have to remember that common wisdom = "ignorance is bliss". However, I do disagree with calling everyone stupid. Giving everyone a chance to base any such decision on such a subject requires digging for truth. This takes time. Not everyone has the same knowledge to make their minds over that can easily make one faint out of fear of the expectation of things that are coming upon the inhabited earth. Hope needs to fill the void that fear chooses to occupy.
  • suresh
    The teaser is eye catchy.. but not making much sense.. They showing like huge wave crossing the Himalayas from north.. There is huge landscape the wave should cross b4 it reaching Himalayas.. if thats the case.. then the whold world would b flooded and wonder wat would b the reason.. I don't think Roland Emmerich is the smart guy.. so I assume its just to make eye catchy visual..
  • Ariel
    What do you mean these aren't just mountains. Please reply
  • Farris
    This movie has to be about an axis shift. I don't see how it could be anything else.
  • Anonymous
    It seems the movie, visually and technically, will be great. But I hope that storyline and the final point (end of the movie) also could make such a success.
  • Anonymous
    Well, another "end of the world" movie. I lost my trust in this kind of movies after watching "The Day After Tomorrow" and "War of the Worlds"... I hope this can make the things better.
  • Ajax
    "Google search: 2012" what is Ronald trying to do, start a riot? Even if one starts, it won't help your movie. Oh, and your use of the colon is wrong.
  • Terry Bones
    I think I might have found the plot: (there is also a link to a NASA article at the bottom of the page). Hi Alex! :)
  • This is lame, my money will not be spent on this. This looks like day after tomorrow another natural disaster movie "oh! the end of the world disater".
  • Richard
    I'm scared
  • Rusty
    I'll go see it in the theaters, enjoy it for what it is, even though it could turn out to be bad. That's why I love movies, I like to actually see them, and then judge them. You can't correctly rank a sports team without letting them play out their games, though you might get close on swag (stupid wild ass guess). Let it play out folks, and scare the living crap out of all the people that have been brainwashed about global warming. Loving it.
  • Lance
    An axis shift? If the poles reverse or the Earth's alignment changes it does not mean the water will be displaced. gravity will still hold it in check in the locations it find itself how. Don't forget, some lakes and the oceans are miles deep and trillions of tons of water are not going to be able to just up and leave. Such a wave - what, 20 or 25 thousand feet high? would have to be caused by a high velocity impact of an asteroid or something. Even then, the water would recede as it returned to the ocean minus of course whatever was displaced and vaporised by the fallen body. Pretty cool though - Monk got OWNED!!!! His faith did not save him and neither will anyone elses. Time to ditch this nonsense (faith/religion) and get a little world peace going. What was depicted could actually happen and nothing could be done about it.
  • lenny
    How over the top is this trailer. I mean, the mountains are over 20,000 feet. The plot with that theory has no leg to stand on. Lets at least make it logical for once.
  • Peluco
    The water moves too fast for that scale landscape...cgi sucks!
  • Peluco
    And btw the programmers forgot adding some "debris/dirt" particles to the clean water...bah!
  • FactCleaner
    A man named Patrick Jeryl published a series of books, I think originally in Dutch, because he started studying the whole 2012/Mayan calendar thing. Here is the website: I'm pretty sure that Emmerich would use at least some of the descriptions in the books this man wrote to flesh out his ideas. It's pretty interesting (and not just a little fanatical), and though I don't believe what he says, there are several people who apparently believe it wholeheartedly. So, if you want to know what the movie might look like, go to that website and read his descriptions. My other comments: 1) The only movies I've ever seen that try to be ACCURATE rather than ENTERTAINING are the ones that try to present historical fact. This movie is not doing that- it is going out of its way to use expensive special effects, but only accurately enough to scare the SHIT out of the fanatics that read and/or believe Jeryl's books, and hopefully also sell many, many tickets in the process. 2) If you believe, as I do, that this movie is connected with Jeryl's books, you will realize that what is going on in this movie is way the hell more fucked up than global warming, asteroids or aliens with really big WMDs. Try to imagine what would happen if something inside the earth caused the entire CRUST to move--like an entire tectonic plate--rapidly. Suddenly, after truly devestating earthquakes, you emerge from some kind of rubble to see that the Sun has changed its position in the sky- the mountains you used to watch the sun set behind have re-oriented so that the Sun now RISES from behind them. Then you see the big waves... 3) Emmerich doesn't care which way north is relative to the Himalayas- it will be in the precise orientation so that the waves spilling over the mountains will be lit perfectly by the angle of the Sun in the sky-as is always the case in every high-budget movie. Emmerich is only concerned with the best camera angle, the most awe in a scene, the most entertainment...or is he? 4) I think it will be like The Core, The Day After Tomorrow, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Deep Impact, and Dante's Peak all mixed together, only no one survives except Patrick Jeryl. 5) Why so negative and cynical, people? Let's all just get along...
  • storebought
    103, it might not be an axis shift. Another idea is that the mantle of the earth floats on a sea of magma that surronds the earth's nickle iron core, and the it might one day "slip" as you will, to a new position. Think of it like the skin of an orange and we're on the surface of the skin that is loose and able to slide around the orange inside. So, they say it possible the longitude and latiutde lines will stay the same, the pole and the equator will stay the same, but the earths skin has slipped and New York City is now where Rio De Janiro used to be as seen from the Space Shuttle. If it happened fast enough then the oceans would slop out of their basins and wash over the mountains just like if you were carrying a bowl of water and stumbled, the water in the bowl would slosh over the sides.
  • face facts
    It is a movie when watching a movie especially one of this nature you must at first suspend all natural laws of physics and replace with movie physics. where a car would just smash into another a movie a car would smash into another car then explode taking out a 1 block radius...I am glad this does not happen or rush hour would be hell. so in disaster movies it is possible to flash melt all of the arctic ice without turning it into water vapor....and then displace that water in such a way to scale 20,000. The only way to create a wave that large is to sink the land mass of the Americas into the sea all at once with such force that it drives all of the water surrounding water away from the fallen land.
  • Ajax
    Emerich is the master of trailer exploitation. We were all pumped for "Stargate" and "Godzilla" after seeing the trailers, but the movies were terrible. This is just going to be like all of his other films. Check out this link to see what I mean (its hillarious, but you'll have to copy and paste it):
  • Jose
    Can we do that then? Sink the entire land mass of America? That would solve a lot of the worlds problems all at once. Sadly though, as the land mass of America is already at sea level or close to it, and not being dropped from any height, surely the water would rush inland to cover the receding surface as it went deeper and deeper, not outward as if from an impact. The sea level would then recede, wouldn't it?
  • suresh
    105, Yeah the water moves too fast.. its no logical.. Its creating lot of buzz... Its better not to be a dream sequence.. I will b extreamly pissed off if its so..
  • Px
    The film-makers/writers are clearly avid followers of the the goldenthread & zachary sitchin
  • Bob
    Little boys are my thing.....
  • Mil
    CGI bollocks.
  • Steve
    The little boys are drowning.......
  • Susana
    oh wow wow! looking back at the picture, i can see what i missed... and dang!! the music is pretty creepy too.... has me interested!! and i like how they put a year that is so near! 2012.. imagine the world actually ending in less than 4 years!!
  • Susana
    oh ok lol apparently these people made many previous bad movies.. none of which i have seen! well, hope this one is good!
  • Jim
    So they finally made the long anticipated prequil to Waterworld :oP I agree with most everyone else, the visuals will be good the story will blow.
  • Anomander
    The real idiots here are the people that go to a "disaster" movie hoping for some uber thick plot line, rich with character development and dialogue. Wake up. The only reason to go see a disaster movie is to watch a f@##ing disaster!!! If I was looking for a real life disaster I'd pick up a damn newspaper. The characters in this kind of movie are only there to A: die and B: make it so you aren't watching a national geographic documentary. CHRIST!
  • isa
    Nº 7, 61, 120, etc,... My Goodnesse... You all need treatment... Será da comida??? Cá para nós...acho k estão todos cagados de medo...o medo torna as pessoas irracionais! Falta de informação = desconhecimento = trevas informação = conhecimento = LUZ
  • Merc
    God, Roland Emmerich gives me the shits... I'm sick of Disaster movies and I don't want to even think about 2012 if it's really going to happen.
  • This looks so bad I thought it was a fan-made trailer.
  • bob
    Gil.. as far as the effects of it go they weren't so poorly done.. in actuality it doesn't look bad at all. And no, this isn't a Al gore movie. Or a global warming movie. Just look at the you tube vids on 2012 (not the movie.. what is expected to happen more so) Tho it deals with the global warming its not about cars etc poluting causing the problem, but the polar shift that is expected to occur..yea it could all be bullshit, but i hope its not . Also, this is not "insert your long over done plotted movie here" its a visual presentation.. why do you need a story? to fuck this up?
  • lando
    wake me up when its over..
  • Scott
    I was just talking to my friends about the second Great Flood today.... That's creepy.
  • Jason
    December 21 - 2012 The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, notably used by the Maya civilization among others of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, completes its thirteenth b'ak'tun cycle since the calendar's mythical starting point (equivalent to August 11, 3114 BC in the proleptic Gregorian calendar, according to the "GMT-correlation" JDN= 584283).[4] The Long Count b'ak'tun date of this starting point ( is repeated, for the first time in a span of approximately 5,125 solar years. The significance of this period-ending to the pre-Columbian Maya themselves is unclear, and there is an incomplete inscription (Tortuguero Monument 6) that records this date. It is also to be found carved on the walls of the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, where it functions as a base date from which other dates are computed.[5] This date figures prominently in the religious syncretism of New Age Mayanism. English translation Some believe 2012 to be the end of the world because its the end of the Mayan calendar.
  • very funny all this for a movie u got to be jokeing me lol stupid
  • josh
    its not about global warming. its about the effects that planet x will have on our planet when it comes back in to orbit in 2012. scientists have known about this planet for a while. its very real and scary. read about it. so people freaking out about it being about global warming. relax its not.
  • pavitra
    Not to disapoint anyone ... it is probably one of the best trailers of its kind ... but unfortunately it seems one more time Emmerich screwed it ... Instead of relying on the solid plot of the mayan calendar prophecy and the likely black hole in the center of the milky way causing havoc at the time of the unparralleled planetary alignment of 2012 (which both astrologers and scientists asknowledge) , he has instead choosen to develop its own story with some scientist connecting to his other self in some alternate universe ... Ridiculous ...
  • madmark
    Sssh, can you hear that ???? It's Al Gore getting a stiffy ! I'm sure the movie will blame bush for this too !!! How long will "Oduma" and the DNC be able to blame today's stupidity on yesterday's b.s. ???
  • will Vigar
  • josh kelly
    this will probably be as stupid as 10,000 B.C.
  • D-D-D
    You all realize that this is a very thinly veiled remake of 'When Worlds Collide" with a mumbo jumbo myth tacked onto it don't you?
  • mo
    hi hi
  • Plop
    its stupid to think the mayas now every thing of  the hole world i belief 2012 gone hapen somthing on the plays where the mayas lifed ore a nuder therory is that the now how long the star from earth when the gone hit the earth  that are the only thinks i belief




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