Must Watch: The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading Trailer!

May 29, 2008
Source: Apple

Burn After Reading Trailer

The first red band trailer for The Coen Brothers' latest film titled Burn After Reading has officially debuted! The film is a dark spy-comedy about an ousted CIA official's memoirs that accidentally fall into the wrong hands. I'm glad they launched this as a red band and not a tame green band - because it looks awesome! Brad Pitt and John Malkovich are absolutely frickin' perfect! What an incredible follow up to No Country for Old Men. I think the Coen Brothers finally got another classic comedy on their hands, since The Ladykillers really wasn't that great. I really don't think Burn After Reading needs any more of an introduction, because all you need to know is that it stars Pitt, Malkovich, Clooney, Swinton, and McDormand and is about some lost CIA documents.

Watch the red band trailer for Burn After Reading:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the Burn After Reading trailer in High Definition on Apple

Burn After Reading is both written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, the directing duo behind Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and most recently the Oscar winning No Country for Old Men. After debuting at the Venice International Film Festival, Focus Features will be releasing the film domestically in the US. Burn After Reading arrives in theaters on September 12th.

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  • Steven Ormsbee
    With the Brothers behind the camera and this cast in front, there is no way this can fail. Looks solid!
  • Alex the Burn After Reading " first line after the trailer " link is wrong ... it linked to The Longshots movie ....with the Ice Cube movie and for the movie ...Wow ...that looks really funny and it will be really good everyone is nominated or an Oscar winners ...and it must be good
  • jason_md2020
    "Did anybody lose their secret CIA Shit?" Classic. I'm so there.
  • Vega Bro
    Anybody here like "The Ladykillers"? because this film is going to be in the same exact vein as that one (not No Country for Old Men).
  • Maxx
    it kind of resembles the feel of Raising Arizona and Fargo...I like will definately be a great add to the Coen brothers' repitoire of films...
  • Dylan
    I can't wait to see this movie. It's one of my most anticipated of the whole year.
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    This film has what every spy comedy should have, in order to be successful... SLEDGEHAMMER!
  • FAIL! ... haha... NOT. Very cool trailer. Would definitely watch this. Seems like a lot of fun!
  • September 12? I can't wait that long (whine, whine). I guess I'll just watch the trailer every day. Twice. :-)
  • Nodnarb
    Looks hilarious.... the cast is perfect for this movie.. cant wait its going to be a good fall
  • The Brain
    Was that George Clooney and Tilda Swinton? Are they reprising their roles from Michael Clayton? I was kinda disappointed when I saw Clooney, just because when he's doing comedy roles, he kinda does the same schtick.. Oh Brother was forgivable because it was the first time he did it, but then he did the same kinda thing for Intolerable Cruelty and Leatherheads. Almost seems like there are too many big name actors in this, but I'm always down for a Coen comedy.
  • L
    Don't forget J K Simmons. Awesome in just about anything he has been in.
  • Vic
    Emmanuel Lubenzky cinematography! I'm there.
  • That's one fine trailer.
  • Who talked Brad Pitt into going back to his "Cool World" haircut?
  • Janet
    I think this looks great and wow what a cast. I agree that this should definitely be a winner.
  • Nthngmn
    Malkovich is a nutbag
  • Josh
    This looks epic.
  • Kyle A. K.
    Good cast..good people making the movie...funny preview..seems like a safe bet thus far..
  • Adam Araujo
    looks good! funny serious good cast! the brothers might have another one for their resume's
  • nha
    Looks brilliant - Bradd Pitt on top form!! What's with all the REDBAND stuff these days - is hollywood finally making movies for adults? lol
  • Level1Alt
    lol "pc or a mac"
  • Stumm
  • Heckle
    Looks fantastic. Very Fargo...people in over their heads....funny yet has a hint of darkness.
  • Roy
    nha: Looks like it. Movies for adults NEED to be made.
  • Scorpio
    Again the Coen Brothers have hit it out of the park, I can't wait. SLEDGEHAMMER RULES
  • #7, I feel the overwhelming urge to see if I can track down a Sledge Hammer! box set now. Catching bullets in your teeth has never been funnier!
  • Xerxex
    "I am a mere good samaritan," That sold me along with Malkovich punching Pitt in the nose.
  • Looks VERY good but I like THE LADYKILLERS, not perfect but good.
  • Minic
    How different will be from The Big Lebowski, I wonder? It seems like the same plot: ordinary schmoes with too much confidence get themselves tangled up in a big conspiracy.
  • JG
    Wow, look at brad pitt's face at 0:52 after he gets hit in the face by malkovich. Classic.
  • Curtis
    I didn't think much of this movie before but after watching the trailer i really want to see this looks hilarious, Brad Pitt was hilarious "Did anybody lose their secret CIA Shit?" priceless.
  • Basically like Chuck- but with the CoBros directing. Also seems a return to Big Lebowski style stoner/slacker comedy. Can. Not. Wait.
  • jack
    whats the second song?
  • Delvis
    I am also curious about the music in this trailer. Anybody know? I prefer the Coen's when they do dark comedy. No Country For Old Men was good, but I'll take Lebowski anyday.
  • Delvis
    Found out! For those wondering: First song is "Grounds For Divorce" by Elbow. Second song is "I've Got A Line On You" by the band Spirit.
  • oscar
    Looks very dark and funny i think the cohen brothers done it again
  • Joyce
    Gsss, Brads looks hot with his older coen brothers. I can't wait to watch real movie. xoxo
  • serious?
    uh this was done before and way better




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