New Green Arrow Movie Details Revealed; Still Questionable

May 20, 2008
Source: Latino Review

Green Arrow

Back in 2007, it was announced that screenwriter David Goyer, who has some serious comic book-adaptation cred (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, the Blade series), had sold Warner Brothers an idea for a movie based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow, called Supermax. A far cry from traditional movies of this sort, the film surrounds Green Arrow's wrongful incarceration and battle to escape a super prison, all which sounds more like a comic adaptation of Fox's "Prison Break". So, really, what we have here is a TV series turned-comic story-turned movie. From what Latino Review tells us of the script - you can read all the specifics here - there's not much to counter such a glib summation.

Goyer's widely reported synopsis from 2007 goes like this:

"He's Green Arrow for the first 10 minutes of the movie, and then he's arrested and his secret identity is revealed. They shave his goatee and they take his costume and send him to prison for life, and he has to escape. It's like 'Alcatraz,' and he has to team up with, in some cases, some of the very same villains he is responsible for incarcerating in order to get out and clear his name. Of course, tons of people try to kill him while he's in there. We've populated the prison with all sorts of B and C villains from the DC Universe. For the fans, there will be all sorts of characters the hardcore comic book junkies will know, but they're all going to be there under their human names and no one is wearing a costume, but there will be a lot of characters with powers and things like that."

Usually, this is where I'd go into some background on Green Arrow as a character, but that really doesn't matter here. And that's the biggest issue I see so far with this project -- Green Arrow isn't Green Arrow without his arrows and green costume!! That's like making a movie just on Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, or better yet, eating two slices of bread without the PB&J. Granted, Goyer's project might not be as bland considering the peppering of second-tier villains that serve as cell mates to Oliver Queen - that's Green Arrow's real name, which is a tad more fitting under this scenario - such as Count Vertigo, Blockbuster and Aryan Nation. You can see a complete list of the "B and C villains" that might show up over at Latino Review, complete with photos.

Fanboys of the DC Comics universe will probably get more out of this film than anyone else. Cameos apparently abound, including that from Lex Luther, The Riddler and confounding of all, The Joker. But beyond fleeting, niche recognition of this character or that one, all you have is a souped-up version of "Prison Break". And while the characters might get to use a superpower here or there, the prison is specifically designed to keep them contained, in part by changing shape - "cells rearrange, and [the prison] reconfigures every night to disorient the prisoners from breaking out" - so there won't exactly be grandiose displays of destruction. This isn't wholly unappealing, since the Fox series is actually pretty damn cool, and it's intriguing to study the various cliques, which include prisoners' outfits that are color-coded by their powers. Additional positives might be had if the defenses of the prison are really that good; then maybe the battle and use of abilities might elevate to a very cool level.

But put very plainly, Supermax seems to miss the target by centering itself on the Green Arrow. Certainly, a superhero with innate powers (those that would actually be available in the prison) would be a might more interesting. I can just see Green Arrow using his archery skills to turn the cafeteria utensils into deadly projectiles. Maybe he'll change his name to the Orange Spoon.

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  • REAL6
    The Prison stuff sounds Interesting!!!
  • Darrin
    im loving it. im glad its not the same kind of comic book adaptation and since we are dealing with prison stuff is should be rated R.
  • I thought it was far from "sold" to Warner, that Goyer was really just putting his name on this for the Justin Marks (or whoever) guy who wrote it. And I can imagine, after the Hollywood Reporter took Warner to task for not integrating The Dark Knight into the DC universe, the only hope for this one is Dark Knight bombing.
  • Peter
    I hear Matthew McConaughey is supposed to play the Green Arrow :)
  • Jesse
    Yeah this isn't happening. DC movies never work out.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    DC B and C villains in their civilian names, how obscure can you get? it's hard enough knowing their A class villains IN costume let alone in their civilian names. good concept bad character, wasn't Marvel doing something similar with Luke Cage anyway?
  • Frame
    I love the hell out of the concept but I can't get over the idea of DC characters appearing without their recognizable traits. An original super cast of characters (a la the TV show "Heroes") would be just as effective, I think. I could be wrong, though.
  • If I saw a movie about Tony Stark, or Bruce Wayne, I'd be happy. Iron Man was 70% a Tony Stark movie and that's why it worked. The problem comes with Peter Parker, who nobody lives or gives a shit about. And I'm sure, at some point, he will get his dumb costume back and grow his goatee and all that shit.
  • jason_md2020
    Marvel should do a version of this using the Punisher...makes more sense than Green Arrow. (Although G.A. has been a reoccuring character on Smallville, maybe the TV kiddies will be lured into it.)
  • Garrett.king
  • Lori
    This would be an awesome movie, but like all DC properties it will rot in development hell, because WB execs are idiots. DC needs its own studio or at least the ability to license their characters to other studios. WB is so f'n stupid. Supermax would be a refreshing take on a superhero genre that is getting stale. It has the potential to be very popular and make a lot of money. So, of course WB won't do it!
  • HornetSting
    Yeah, It's the Smallville formula. Booooooooring!
  • murderofcrows
    If Matthew McConaughey really does play Green Arrow, this could be one of the best Super Hero movies ever made. A star in the role of a movie about a (relatively) obscure comic book character? Sounds a lot like that $100 million blockbuster called "Iron Man."
  • ArcherAddict-
    I've always enjoyed archery along with anything related to it ever sinceI got a Green Arrow charactor for Christmas when I was 5, my first bow at 7 or any of the movies that have archers in it (Robin Hood, etc.) I would be in the theater the day it comes out for sure. Would it be as popular as Batman? Probably not..... it would get people involved in the sport for sure so maybe there's some archery co. that would help flip the bill????
    so it is a movie about a superhero in prison wasn't that Hancock? I am a huge Green Arrow fan I have even cos played him at conventions but this film makes me want to go out on a vigilante spree of my own for the good the fans. Don't get me wrong WB did a great job with Dark Knight and the Green Lantern movie looks great but this is an insult to the Green Arrow Legacy. If you want a GA movie that would be great talk to Kevin Smith he did the comic for a while and is an accomplished Director he would do an excellent Green Arrow film.
  • Green Arrow fan
    "this is an insult to the Green Arrow Legacy" i agree and think that they should do an original superhero film with the origin story and where we actually get to see the hero in action and not "Green Arrow for the first 10 minutes of the movie"
  • Aquaman
    I know Oliver Queen ( Green Arrow) very well, we have been friends for years. And I think they should make the Green Arrow movie more like The Dark Knight movie, because the Gree Arrow is just like Batman, he is a rich Playboy who's parents die, and decides to control the crime in his city as a myserious vigilanty. heros dont go to prison, there rewarded with the key to the city AQUAMAN-King Of Atalantis
  • Aquaman
    I agree with you 100% Green Arrow Fan, And they should make the movie really brutal...that would be more like the Green Arrow. And what about Speedy, his sidekick. is he going to be in the movie or what. Matthew McConaughey would do horrible as the Green Arrow, They should get the guy from Smallville to do him, all he needs is a gotee.
  • Green Arrow Fan
    I'd like a show Of Votes, who is for this to be Green Arrow's First Movie? I vote No
  • ultim8
    it's a neat idea......but not that great. it SHOULD be more dark knight-esq. no. no speedy. maybe a bit of red arrow or arsenal at the end. (i know, speedy IS red arrow, but, SPEEDY?) btw. "Aquaman? King of Atlantis?" You're an imposter. Everyone knows Atlantis has a PRESIDENT!
  • Mind Haxx0rZ
    If they make a Green Arrow movie they should't use Matthew McConaughey they should use Orlando Bloom because, he already knows how to use a bow from playing Legolas in Lord of the Rings He could pull it off just my opinion.
  • mikez nro
    MIND HAXXORZ. i totally agree with you, hahahaha, anyways, i hate the idea of supermax, whats green arrow without his arrows? give supermax to punisher for all i care, come up with a better story line for GA!!
  • Randall Warren
    Next to Batman and possibly Spidy, Green Arrow is my favorite... . Response number 21 above... my sentiments exactly... there is no other Green Arrow other than Orlando Bloom. I came to that conclusion when I first saw him in Lord of the Rings. In fact, when I saw him in the multi arrow shot annihilate I can kick butt more than you Gimli count sceen in LOTR, I thought much of Green Arrow, not only Legolas. Forget Matthew M. (I just cannot picture a somewhat normal guy turned mythical character such as GA with a Texas drawnout accent... and I am from Texas). Nicolas Cage... are you kidding? Not even close. The movie should follow the original comic book story and Green Arrow should be human but with the reception of an extreem gift in using the bow and arrow... and he would have to be very athletic... much like Legolas. Get it right... . This is a classic once in a life time chance.




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