New Hancock Extended Trailer - Actually Looks Good?

April 24, 2008

Hancock Trailer

I hope you remember the first Hancock teaser trailer? An extended trailer for Hancock debuted last night on American Idol and has showed up online for our viewing pleasure. Whether you're enjoying the trailers for this or not, you better accept what it is - it's the only movie opening this July 4th so far (no Transformers this year). Anyway, now for my own take on this new Will Smith superhero comedy or parody or whatever you want to call it. This time with this trailer - I'm honestly actually a bit intrigued. I still hate the ridiculously bad wire work and stupid lines, but I'll be damned, could this movie be good?! No, no, I can't get ahead of myself…

Don't get me wrong, I still am not looking forward to this, but maybe, just maybe, this could actually turn out good. I think my biggest problem is that it's in the 4th of July spot - one that should be reserved for exciting blockbusters like Transformers and Independence Day, not this awful superhero parody. I hope I'm wrong but so far I'm still not sold - this isn't going to be an exciting 4th of July.

Watch the new trailer for Hancock:

[flv: 596 322]

Hancock is directed by Peter Berg, of The Rundown, Friday Night Lights, and The Kingdom previously. The film's script was written by over five different writers, including John August, Vince Gilligan, Akiva Goldsman, Vincent Ngo, and Peter Berg. Hancock arrives in theaters on July 2nd this summer - Will Smith's own 4th of July weekend spot. The teaser poster is featured below.

Hancock Poster

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  • nemes1s
    Looking forward to seeing this movie, definitely a unique change of pace. But the title still bugs me a little.
  • This makes it look a lot better than the original trailer. I dunno, something about the original trailer cut just didn't sit completely right. I think this exposes a tad more plot, whereas the original one just made you think it was a movie about a drunk superhereo.
  • K
    Looks good! Will be better than people expect. Plus it's Peter Berg.
  • harrison
    certainly a step up but thats the only direction the teaser gave it to go, and the special effects/wire works still looks like it was done on an extremely low budget as in it looks like shit
  • searching4j
    ... all of a sudden EW's Summer Box Office Predictions don't look so "wacky" now, huh?
  • I must admit that this trailer does make it look much better... I may actually give this a chance now. Damn it.
    I really don't liek that poster.
  • What I can't believe is that Will Smith STILL has his stamp on July 4th. Ever since Independence Day, July 4th has been "Big Willie Weekend." How many of his movies have opened on that date? Seems like 5 or 6 at least. It's brilliant marketing when you think about it. No doubt part of a calculated plan of making Smith one of our most bankable movie stars. You think July 4, you think America, you think fireworks, you think... Will Smith? Crafty. I'm just surprised that NO ONE is willing to go toe-to-toe with another blockbuster on that date.
    now thats what im talking about!! looks wayyyy better than the previous short ass trailer lolz i'ma have to agree with tom too =]
  • Matt Peloquin
    I've been looking forward to this since it was first mentioned after I am Legend premiered. Smith will do something interesting with a character like me.
  • Jojo
    Ya Batman is officially fucked. People will get to watch 3-4 superhero or comic book movies before that comes out. So they will be burned out.
  • taurinh
    Wow...i don't know what to say, the first preview made it look like poo...this one, actually makes me want to see it. Will smith somehow manages to put his dramatic, heart-pulling flare into this trailer. the scene where he talks about the people deserving better, i see potential for this movie being really entertaining while being fun. I will have to see it, i do like me some will smith!
  • Mortuus
    Wow, i actually cannot wait to see this movie now. that preview makes it look amazing. And as for the batman comment, i dont think any of these superhero movies coming out before The Dark Knight will shadow it by the time it is released. The anticipation for it has been going on alot longer than alot of these superhero movies except for perhaps Ironman and Hellboy 2....i wouldnt worry about it in my opinion.
  • Avelanch
    I was intrigued by the first trailer (it wasn't as bad as some people made it out to be) and this one was much improved. It definitely looks like something that needs to be seen on the big screen, so I'll be watching it in theaters. It looks like fun, though his outfit looks a little Batman and Robin esque... I kid, I kid... or do I?
  • Tyler
    that was gangsta, Will Smith is a highly motivated and intelligent movie star, he is the new Tom Cruise, and the only truly bankable star working today. People love to hate on Tom Cruise but not long ago he could do no wrong. 10 movies in a row at over 100 million. Will Smith does the same thing he did. Picks smart projects with good players backing it up, the supporting cast is important but in recent years it has become very clear that the crew makes the movie great, and Peter Berg certainly seems to be finding his stride as a director, and Bateman is always on point. Plus who honestly can say that they don't like Will Smith, the guy is solid on all fronts( in film, life, rapping not so much any more)
  • heckle0
    DAMN i cant wait for this. I have been saying since the first trailler. Looks fantastic.
  • l.21
    surprised. looks pretty good. not sure if I'll see it in the theater though, still too expensive.
  • I want to see it. Jason Bateman woo!
  • troy
    much better than the first one, at least in this one we don't have to suffer through will's drunk acting as much. Overall looks more appealing, but still not 4th of july caliber.
  • Very nice. This totally redeems the film for me. Commence hype...
  • chris
    looks good, i liked the first trailer which basically made it look like a campy drunk superhero movie. This one shows the film to have more to it, which can only be a good thing. 2008, the year of the superhero + comic book movies!
  • funnytunney
    ok i wasn't sold at all at the first trailer: terrible looking wire/green screen graphics when he's flying, looks like he can't move or talk from one side of his face like a stroke victim. but after watching this it looks better to me so maybe i was wrong
  • I thought the first one was hilarious! Y'alls crazy.
  • ha1rball
    from the first trailer i thought it was gunna be good but now after seeing this trailer im kinda thinking it has the potential to be one of the better "super hero" movies! it looks like its gunna give us all the shit we wanna see that the others don't give us
  • pj
    why the fuck does that damn video only loads partially? I've tried refreshing like 6 times now, and haven't managed to watch the entire trailer...getting tired of this shit, looking forward to the movie anyway, will smith just fcking own
  • Really confirms that this will be a big hiot come summer now. Reminds me of that fun shoot-em' up BAD BOYS II feel.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    first trailer had me sold, this trailer has me anticipating! i can't wait!
  • Looks great................ The first trailer did nothing for me, but the second is making go watch it
  • miracle disease
    from bad to good... old formula but let's see how they twist it... i just hope that the "turning to a new leaf" thing is not because of some hot chick, it's too cheesy... and yes! it's too old for a plot.
  • DavidR
    I don't know how, but i saw potential on the first trailer and now IT's all showing.
  • Anthony
    This trailer completely changes my opinion of what I thought this movie was going to be like. From the first trailer I couldn't really tell if there was going to be a plot or not, but this trailer displays that there is one well. I think Will Smith is a great actor and this movie looks like it will be pretty good.
  • silver
    goddam u will smith... and your ability to make me see any movie you're in... im so weak
  • Curtis
    Will Smith is a great actor and he really gets me to go see his movies, this movie looks good and will be a great line up for a great summer, im looking forward to it the trailer made it for me.
  • Icarus
    We all agree. Will Smith is not only a good actor, he's box office GOLD. Why did we doubt in the first place?
  • craziemutant
    eh...doesn't seem like anything big. worth a watch.
  • woogie
    this one is much better because it doesn't have the little dwarf lookin' kid talkin' smack to will smith. the "whatchu want, a cookie?" line was terrible.
  • really not in the mood to write a fricken sonnet on a simple movie trailer, so simplicity seems best if it's rated R, it has a lot of potential. it it's rated PG13, it's thrown up in the air. if it's PG, save the cash and wait till some other poor shmuck sit and gawks at it.
  • Trinimarlon
    Loved the trailer and the hancockwashere website is hilarious. Definitely a must see movie.
  • DCompose
    Someone removed my praise for this trailer. WELL THEN.
  • m4st4
    I was actually laughing during that teaser trailer...Smith is THE MAN, I hope this will be just fine...
  • pacmanj
    i would argue that a drunk superhero is premise enough for a movie... jack + invulnerability = a $billion+ blackout plus its basically a look at what life would be like if pacman jones had superpowers
  • Raj
    Looks like hes fighting someone at the end, like a matrix 3 final fight thing. How else do tornados show up in a city?
  • TCox
    I predict that Hancock will be the break out hit of the summer. I don't think it will tackle Batman or Indiana Jones, but it's gonna have legs. Will Smith has a way of putting people in the seats, and having Jason Bateman as a co-star (after his turn in "Juno") will help. With all the comic books movies hitting soon (Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, The Dark Knight, Wanted, Punisher: War Zone) , this will be the anti-comic book movie that people will turn to. The new trailer is very entertaining. This is on my list of "must see" movies this summer.
  • Chuckycheese
    This is going to make lots of money. I laughed at both trailers. I just can't figure out how bootlegger get the movies first though. Sad.
  • jon mac
    Alex Billington needs to stop being a hater, and Get off Will's nut sacks.
    see here again with the new trailer at least he go into trying...and trys to teach people how to chance for the better when you have a gift... i will say though they need to try and keep the humor...otherwise it will go from being funny to another serious hero movie.. though i like the change of pace..and will smith is perfect for makes any roll he has ever touched a memorable one. Independence day...."Now thats what i call a close encounter" but the seriousness came into play. I robot..." I told you so" remark funny and still keeps the seriousness there. and when he plays serious rolls..the keeps it real...i almost fill how he would fill in that situation. I am Legend...i like the new one far better than the original charleston heston "Omega Man" Legend of bagger Vance, even though he wasnt the star..he help the roll alot made it better...expeciall with the oddities of the character he played. finding any actor that can do that is hard, will smith has remarkable tallent...what sucks though is he is going to get old, the rolls for him will start to decline. and he will just be a good memory. I am a big movie buff i am 23 years old and i have probally seen over 5000 movies old and new. and remakes inbetween. Like Super mario bros...that was a good of the the first movies based on a game..and it was done well....compared to "In the Name of the King" or "Blood Rayne" even "House of the Dead" The actor brings the emotion and heart to a movie, but if the story is thin then no matter how good he is..the story makes or break the movie..but the actor can improve the story line 100 fold.. What if Hand cock was Huge Jackmen, or John travolta (10 years ago). no matter how great the story is the actor can break the film.. Battle field earth was a great movie...but seeing jhon travolta outside drama/comedy...made it weird....but still good forget what critics say.
  • Squiggly_P
    How could you NOT be looking forward to this? I mean, yeah, it's not going to be winning any 'best picture' awards or anything, but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Popcorn movie. Leeeeroy (...): that was just about the most ignorate rant about movies I have ever read. "Super Mario Brothers" good? I think I was 12 or 13 when I saw that, and I knew even then that that was one of the worst films ever made. "...i almost fill how he would fill in that situation." I think you mean "feel" And being old with acting ability is like the best retirement plan ever. Morgan Freeman, Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson... these guys can get a role in pretty much any damn movie they want. All they have to do is call up a friend and say "hey, I want to be in film XYZ" and I'll bet you they'll have someone re-writing the script before they hang up the phone. battlefield earth was also a crap film... Independence day was crap (but fun crap, at least), I robot was crap (tho it had it's moments as well). You've got a list there of just about the apex of badness in film making. Will Smith is great, he's done a lot of great work and I wish he'd do some more dramatic stuff. also... you would have to watch two films a day, every day, for 7 years straight in order to see 5000 movies...
  • Grifter
    "You don't move, your head is going up your friends ....*Bonk* " EPIC GOLD!!!
  • jason_md2020
    "Battle field earth was a great movie…" Seriously? Anyone else think his hero costume looks left over from the X-men films?
  • Ray Stanton
    The movie looks very good and I'll take it as a comedy, but why is it when a black person is a super hero, there is something wrong with him. For example, Blade is a vampyre, and yes that is the proper spelling of the word. Hancock is a drunk and bum, not a reporter like Superman or a photographer like Spiderman. When you reply to this message, please give me some examples of some black superheroes. Thanks Ray
  • Ray Stanton
    Don't get me wrong, it will be the funniest movie in a long time. I will of course support my brotha in everyone of his movies. From rapper to box office superstar......only in America....I love this country but we still have homeless and starving children in every county in's a damn shame......
  • haze
  • Tejas
    It's Will Smith on July 4th weekend, even if this movie isn't good it will still one of the summers biggest grossing blockbusters!
  • justin
    i haven't read the other comments and more than likely wont. But this quote is bull shit, "I think my biggest problem is that it's in the 4th of July spot - one that should be reserved for exciting blockbusters like Transformers and Independence Day, not this awful superhero parody." July 4th weekend without a Will Smith movie release aint right.
  • Don
    It looks good but I already know who is the villain. If you look closely at the trailer, you can see the person. Why would they put this spoiler in the movie? Anyway, I am still going to see it.
  • hytham
    wooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww ... i have to say this movie look fantastic ..... i cant wait to see this masterpiece ... this trailer is looken so good than the first ...... to the greet day 07-02-08 see u
  • Bubba
    the first one was not bad at all...just created that suspense while trying to figure it out. It looks hella funny and i am definately going to see it.
  • jarhead
    Will Smith is the fuckin man he never dissappoints i can't wait to see this one
  • Josh Rowe
    The only thing I didn't like was the girl with sunglasses 15 seconds to the end. It looks like he's got a supergirl >_<
  • Richard
    The reason why studios are avoiding July 4th is because it's a Will Smith blockbuster. They don't want to be snowed under by Hancock
  • Joshua
    Hey don are you talking about the lady at the end.
  • Dallas
    Looks good.
  • Joel
    Saw the advanced screening back in April in Plano, TX. Applause was tepid when the movie ended. Peter Berg was there and I hope they re-cut the last third of the movie to match the greatness of the rest. If not, well, half a great Will Smith movie is better than none, but this movie will drop like a rock after opening weekend.
  • How does he keep his eyebrows raised all the time without getting those deep lines on his forehead... Now thats acting
  • MarvelMan
    Looks like Will Smith couldn't get a role for a Marvel movie, so he just decided to made up his own superhero character. Lame. You all know its gonna suck, just admit it.
  • ashii
    I have been hearing about Hancock ever since I Am Legend. I saw the trailer for the first time when i went for a movie a few weeks back. The trailer is amazing. Will Smith is just so good. I love his attitude. Will Smith is one of the finest actors in Hollywood!! I am sure Hancock is going to a great job on the box office just like any other Will Smith movie. Hancock a must watch this season…
  • alan
    fellas think about it y would the show chalieze in the trailer its not a spolier first one sucked but this mad me change my mind worth watching it im there 4th of july
  • I like Will Smith... Hes a great actor and i like all his movies
  • XXX
    Has any one seen the 3D hancook promotion poster thing the theaters yet its pretty funny
  • BATI
    I'm gonna be 1 of the first people to watch this movie when it comes out.
  • Smokeydogg7
    how can anyone say people wont want to see the dark knight due to the fact that ironman the hulk and hancock have made people burnt out on superheroes i doubt anyone is burnt out on superhero movies i saw the hulk and i will for sure see hancock i still have yet to see ironman just because i never had the time but i will see it on dvd and i damn sure will see the dark knight when it comes out
  • David Pinolo
    Two thumbs up!! It was actually a great movie, despite that the previews I'd seen prior to seeing the movie only showing him and that other guy talking in chairs, lol. I was like... WTF is this movie about we're about to see? But yeah... it was damn good. Storyline wasn't all that, but the humor kept it going.
  • Jaz
    Been watch this movie it certainly is different than usual superhero, even is a litle bit short on duration but still wort to watch…




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