New Line's Inkheart Gets Full Trailer Debut

September 18, 2008
Source: AOL

Inkheart Trailer

The first full-length trailer for the fantasy adventure film Inkheart has just debuted. This may look somewhat similar, and that's because New Line Cinema put out a teaser trailer last year. But as we all know, New Line Cinema later collapsed and now Warner Brothers, who runs the company, is trying to salvage some of their films, including this effects-heavy one. Inkheart stars Brendan Fraser as a guy that has an amazing talent to bring characters out of their books and must try to stop a freed villain from destroying his family. It's nothing more than a standard adventure film with more CGI than reality, headlined by one of the worst actors in recent years, Mr. Fraser. Still interested?

Watch the full trailer for Inkheart:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Inkheart trailer in High Definition on AOL

Inkheart is directed by British filmmaker Iain Softley, of Hackers, K-PAX, and The Skeleton Key previously. The script was adapted by David Lindsay-Abaire (Robots) from a novel of the same name as written by Cornelia Funke. Warner Brothers is releasing Inkheart on January 9th, 2009.

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  • Roy
    Alex, come on. Maybe the project isn't out of the ordinary (I wrote a spec script with a similar yet personal theme), but saying Fraser sucks is too harsh.
  • Goliad
    i just wanted to comment on the worst actor statement. I think He's a good actor that makes bad movie choices. remember gods and monsters, Bedazzled and monkeybone? all good films (not great, but good) My favorite role he acted in was on season 1 of scrubs in a two part episode and then again in season 2.
  • Cmurder
    monkeybone? Good? No! School Ties was his best role by far!
  • vegeta
    Looks like fun
  • peloquin
    The only thing I ever enjoyed Fraser in was Blast from the Past, and even in that I think the films major appeal for me was Christopher Walken...I agree that he is an aweful actor who plays the same character in every role he takes.
  • Red Buttons
    I agree with Peloquin on Blast from the Past, but i will extend my own to include The Mummy and Bedazzled
  • Mondo Jay
    ... Am I the only one who thinks this looks good? I still love Brennan Fraser, despite some of his past works... I think this movie looks good, and I'll go see it... Gotta Love Andy Serkis... ...
  • I think Fraser is a good actor, but takes the wrong roles or just for a big paycheck. This looks like fun but how is everyone missing THAT WOMEN WAS HELEN MIRREN?!
  • Spideyfan84
    I also think that Brendan Fraser is a great actor. You can't obviously forget bad decisions, like Monkey Bone..., but The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, George of the Jungle, and of course School Ties made me laugh, jump, and feel his roles. And yes, I also think this trailer looks good, and hope its releasing will be the same here in Mexico, because definitely I'm going to see it. Greetings.
  • Lolly
    Okay, so I read this book a few years ago and it blew me away! I can see already that the changed some thins crossing it over into a movie but that's typical. Also, I like Brendan Fraser and I always have. I think the thing we have to understand about him is that he doesn't take things too seriously and I don't think he's really going for those oscar nominated roles. A big thing to know, also, is that he is perfect for this movie and the only actor who could do it. Want know why? The author, Cornelia Funke, based the character around BRENDAN FRASER Check the sequel "Inkspell" she dedicated it to him and stated the fact in a few interviews. She said he's the only man with the right voice to play the part. Hehe!
  • Red Buttons
    i didn't know that #10, proved with a quick google search. Thank you for the information, makes me want to see it more knowing that the character was built with him in mind.
  • jon
    looks good, and i completely disagree with that remark about fraser.
  • siesta chair
    Frasier rocks, his agent sucks. He was awesome in scrubs.
  • Kendra
    I read the book a year or so ago, and the style and casting is spot on. Especially Helen Mirren, she's who I pictured without knowing I was picturing her.
  • sorr
    i actually fell asleep during this trailer, woke up.. then killed myself
  • Curtis
    Brendan Fraser isn't a bad actor like other people said above he just makes bad movie choices, in my opinion this movie looks like it could be good and im digging him in it im in. Your to Judgmental Billington
  • Nathan
    I like Brendan Fraser. When he plays the hero it feels very everymanish like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies. He is a normal guy who gets caught up in these adventures and even in his horrible movies (The Mummy 3) he is very endearing to me. His last appearance on scrubs made me cry. Part of that was good acting and part was the amazing writers. This movie, well it looks meh to me. But I would still rather see Brendan Fraser star as an everyman I can relate to in a movie than watching some movie about a guy who is the greatest guy ever to have lived who now has to beat up people (Bangkok Dangerous, The Bourne Series). In fairness, I did like the Bourne movies.
  • Alexander
    Go Brendan its your birthday. We're gonna party like it's your birthday.
  • Johanna
    I never comment on this site; but it's my favorite place to get the latest movie trailers and news, but Brendan Fraser the worst actor? I really disagree with that. Ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so here is mine. He really plays an every guy in most of his movies and that makes him funny and relatable. Some of the movies he's been in have not been very good, but he was fun in them. Every cinema experience is not going to be Gone with the Wind, and every actor isn't Gary Cooper. But he does the best with what he has been given. And as far as acting for a fat paycheck, last time I checked acting is still just a job, and yes he should get paid to do it no matter how good or bad the end product is. Because I guarantee if any of you highly qualified couch critics had the choice of schlepping to your dreary little crap hole job to pull another 9-5+ hours of unappreciated labor or be in Monkeybone, you'd choose the latter.
  • raider98
    this movie looks good and i dont know what the hell alex is talking about frasier being a bad actor he is a good actor
  • Goliad
    Johanna. I would have done monkeybone for free.
  • Derek
    You people are forgetting the TRUE Brendan Fraser Tour De Force. And that movie my friends is ENCINO MAN! Brando himself couldn't have pulled that off any better. You can truly see the extensive training with such line delivery as "Weez the Juice". Plus, ingesting that much squishee at once without getting brain freeze is a true testament to his "craft". Yeah, I haven't seen ONE movie put out by Walden Media, and this clunker's going to keep the streak alive. Jan 9 2009? The release date says it all folks. Even WB knows it's a steaming turd. Save your money and pick it up on the bargain DVD bin come February 2009.
  • ??
    Derek, Did you take Encino Man seriously?? Was someone else supposed to turn Brandon's character into an Oscar worthy performance? Just so you know, they don't give Academy awards to cartoon characters either... IT WAS A COMEDY!! So get bent
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    I agree with the poster above who mentioned Fraser's roles on Seasons 1 & 2 of Scrubs. He was down right a different person compared to the roles he takes on film. I think he's just "a guy" when it comes to acting. He takes roles that are interesting to him that won't require a lot of work. If I were an actor, I'd probably be Brendan Fraser because there's no way I'd be able to take my job serious enough to shoot for Oscar worthy roles. I'd much prefer to just be myself in front of a green screen and run from invisible non-existant flying creatures. I think this film looks good. Not amazing by any means, but creative and interesting for a kids film. It's not going to be Pans Labyrinth, but that's not a bad thing....fairy tales are kids films, and sometimes we just need to suck it up and realize if you make a really good fairy tale it makes it too hard for kids to understand. But if you make a fun and visually appealing fairy tale, it's normally a great kids movie....that from a child's mental perspective is actually pretty dense. Fraser is the perfect actor for roles like that because he can basically play a human cartoon character almost by accident he over acts so bad.
  • Zamora
    This looks epic! Epic fail. But still epic!
  • dom
    Nice Visual Effects - lets hope the fx team got paid this time!!
  • LW
    Let me guess... at the end, to rescue his family, he summons the mightiest spy in written fiction.... Waldo. 0-0
  • WS
    I miss the other movie trailer voice guy, it will never be the same.
  • Bry from Chi
    I still think Brendan Fraser is a good actor. Sure the last two Mummy movies were a bit "interesting"...but still someone pointed out earlier, School Ties, Crash, and several other of his movies were excellent and showcased his talent quite well. I will still see this movie. I will see it for what it is..not an Oscar movie..just a family movie about a dad with a unique talent for telling stories. But yes...Monkeybone was quite bad..but you must consider there is a writer, a director, a producer and a few other people involved with making it bad. So just don't blame one dude. He and Whoopi cracked up about it a few weeks ago and agreed that it was bad. So're okay in my book.
  • Daniel
    I think the movie will be great. Fraser has his ups and downs in movies, but this a definite up. It's even right around the corner. January 9, that's only 4 months.
  • -Ingrid
    I'm looking forward to this movie. The Inkheart books are very good, and I think that Brendan Fraser is usually better than most of his material allows. When he's working with good writing, he's very good. So count me in for an effects-heavy standard adventure family film. Not all films need to be masterpieces. Some just need to accomplish what they set out to do.
  • Dunbar
    Count me in as another one that thinks that Brendan Fraser comment was ridiculous. He's a good actor; has great comedic timing and is charming in many of his roles. I'm glad to see that this film will finally be released. While some of Brendan's movies aren't great, he is enjoyable in every single one of them. Besides, he has also appeared in some interesting independent films as well.
  • LW
    I like the time-period this is set in... so he can't short-cut the movie by summoning the X-Men.
  • Thunder Heart
  • madelaine glacken
    I am teaching this book and I was wondering if you have anything that I could use to add to my lesson plans. I think this book is great. I am working a character development in a creative writing class and it is just what I need.
  • max
    Its nice seeing Brendan trying to act at least in a BIIIIT DIFFERENT role. But as yu mentioned.. "one of the worst actors in recent years, Mr. Fraser" doesnt really make me want to see this. Ever. And looked terrible. Should have gotten another actor for the lead and it might have looked even watchable.
  • Sandstorm
    Hey, i think the movie is going to be great, because the book was great, too. Inkheart-the-book was soooo cool, and i really don't think you guys should judge the movie by its actors. I, personally, can't wait to see it!
  • leilani
    hey i just thik eliza bennett is gorgeus!! she's the most amazing person you could ever meet. you'd think she's stuck up but she really isn't. i hang out with her older sister since we go to the same schools.( eliza bennett is the girl playing the part of meggie)
  • Tucker
    well, i'm still waiting for the trailer to load on my comp. so that i can watch it, but i'm a fan of brendan. he takes the roles he finds interesting. if he was always trying for the awards and not what he thought important he'd be a sellout now wouldn't he. there are some of his movies i like, and some i don't. don't base this off of just him though. i loved the books when i read them. i'm excited whether it's good or not. you people need to learn to ignore the person's reviews that runs this site though. i've read them and quickly discovered that they are unprofessional, don't know how to do the job, and is completely biased.
  • Jennifer
    Journey to the Center of the Earth looked good, but was a little boring. This movie looks very good and fast paced! I am a huge Mummy fan (except 3 since it did not have Rachel). Brendan is a cutie who is good in some, stupid in others. Depends on the script not him. And yes Helen Mirren, hello?? Oscar winner!
  • Personally I'm willing to cut a fair bit of slack, to any movie that falls into 'Family Friendly' territory. It seems to be getting harder to make a movie profitable without copious amounts of fake blood, nudity, and/or swearing.
  • Acro
    I agree with allot of you guys and Alex you are being more harsh then needed to Fraiser especially considered YOU haven't acted or done a background check and read the book first. If the people who post these movie don't think they'll like the movie, keep it to yourself out of respect. And as for everyone else who post for all movies here you don't need to curse to get your point across. I have read the book and its sequel and Fraiser is a good choice of actor but I can't recognize the actor of Dustfinger but I was hoping for it to be the actor of herald in A Knights Tale/




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