Norwegian Nazi Zombies? You've Got To See This Trailer!

October 4, 2008

Dead Snow Trailer

So I really don't know what's going on, but this trailer for a film called Dead Snow looks pretty damn exciting. The story follows a group of friends who drive to a cabin in Norway where German troops were slaughtered by locals in 1945. Now the undead zombie Nazis are coming alive to feast. Besides zombies, there's snowmobiles, dark cabins, and well, more zombies! Just ignore the foreign dialogue and check out what could potentially be a cult classic. All I know is I want to catch a screening of this as soon as possible. And thanks to Quiet Earth (via SlashFilm) for first discovering this - you've made my day!

Watch the foreign trailer for Dead Snow:

[flv: 480 270]

For more info, head to the official website for the film:

Dead Snow (aka Død Snø) is both written and directed by Tommy Wirkola, of Kill Buljo: The Movie previously. The script was co-written by both Wirkola and writing partner Stig Frode Henriksen. This hits theaters in Norway in January courtesy of Euforia Film. Unfortunately Dead Snow doesn't have a US distributor yet, although I hope it picks one up soon. Check out one of the posters below.

Dead Snow Poster

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  • Chris
    Looks good? Okaaaay.
  • L
    Looks like fun. I thought displaying the Nazi Flag in Germany was illegal, no?
  • Cool poster.
  • Saw this yesterday. Funny.
  • That is a fine poster.
  • Derek
    Wasn't one of the fake trailers for Grindhouse about Nazi zombies?
  • TN
    #2: there are exceptions i think, but this is a norwegian film anyway. zombienazis... reminds me of illuminatus3
  • darrin
    looks alright
  • L
    #7 yea, I caught the Norwegian thing after I posted, heh.
  • Viper
    Seeing as this is how nazi zombies have shown up in movies in the past... Shock Waves (trailer): Zombie Lake (clip): Oasis of the Zombies (full public domain movie): Night of the Zombies (trailer): I'd say this will be the best nazi zombie movie ever made (that's not very difficult lol). I'll definitely be looking to add this to my small-horror (small casts in small places) movie collection. (Examples: Dog Soldiers, Feast, Descent, etc - I guess these are more properly called survival-horror or something)
  • insanartist
    I need to watch why??? The poster looks cool
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    HAHA, this movie looks alright, ill probably end up downloading it... But this movie does remind me of a film called Outpost, which focused on dead Nazi soldiers coming back from the dead as Ghosts/Zombies. As anyone seen this cept me? : Outpost (2008):
  • MonkeyMan
    #6 no that was werewolve women of the ss.
  • safichan
    i bet hollywood will remake this film some time in future... just like what they did on asian film...and recently on swedish vampire's "Let The Right One In" now i know why most of the original movie's directors got fury when hollywood wants to remake their film... coz its rubbish!!! and the only thing they just care is money!!! what's wrong with putting subtitle on the movie rather than remake it...are Americans dumb enough to get understand with other language??!!! why asian and europe people can deal with it but Americans dont?? the studio keep making stupid mistake from time to time...
  • Shelby
    bout time they add the two things everybody hates Zombies n Nazis!!!
  • Tedious Ted
    i bet hollywood will remake this film some time in future… Yeah, and most likely they will f*** it up.... that aside, its about time we had some good ol zombie nazi movies.
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    there is something about Nazis and zombies that just naturally go together...just seems the write combination of script/dorector/cast havent been found yet...this could have potential...doesnt show a whole lot but enough to get some interest...I still wish someone would do a serious screenplay around the Castle Wolfenstein game...I am the first to say I really hate the movies made from video games but thsi one seems to have the right overall components to maybe make a fun and exciting film...JMO...
  • Phizik
    Nazi zombies? what next KKK zombies? that's just plain stupid. :S
  • J:
    this movie looks like it could be pretty cool. i'll wait for the dvd w/ an english dub-over.
  • Dreckent
    I can picture the writer trying to sell the pitch: Producer: Ok im busy so you have two seconds... Writer: NAZI ZOMBIES!!! Producer: Sold!!!
  • Lars J
    What foreign dialogue? 😉
  • Hmmm... looks a tad mundane after I just watched 'Outpost'...
  • justin.
    dare i say... american remake?!
  • dave13
    @19: amazing. and yes, probably true. wouldn't you be sold on that pitch too? also, american remakes suck... because american remakes of horror films always make them worse. *cry*
  • BadKarma
    wood be cool if it lasted longer than 10 seconds an it wasn't in a diff language, oh yea they show like a maybe a zombie nazi for less the a half a sec. Let me rush an spend 30 $ on another foreign box cover . sorry like american movies an horror here
  • tzarinna
    Ha, this certainly got my attention.
  • Tomi
    Its actually a Finnish movie not Norwegian.
  • mrbobbyboy
    Worst trailer since you posted Bride Wars. Congrats on breaking another exclusive.
  • This looks to be only the second most interesting Nazi-themed film that I'm anxious to see. The first:
  • to 29: Right on! kevjohn. I've been waiting for that Iron Sky promo for a couple of months, I even forgot about it. You've done your good deed for the day.
  • cool poster but worst trailer ever
  • raidenn
    Yeah I saw 'The Outpost'. It was a bit of a let-down though. The ending threw me off.
  • Kilo Alpha
    Trailer isn't good but the Zombie's growl is fuckin cool as hell.
  • MBD
    #27 Not true, it's norwegian not finnish. As a norwegian, I'm actually not fond of norwegian movies. I'll see this one though, for two reasons: #1 - Tommy Wirkola, the guy behind Kill Buljo, a foolish parody of Kill Bill in true The Naked Gun style made a by a couple of students(including Tommy Wirkola) with a shitty budget which turned out to be the funniest norwegian movie I've ever seen. #2 - The Grandiosa chick:
  • #34 Is she in the movie, or did he just make that commercial? 😀 Also, Rømme on pizza, seems like a strange choice. 😀
  • tha_lode
    Kilo Alpha: Thanx. I did some of the SFX on the teaser. It's a gorilla making that sound.
  • stef
    saw this movie a while back, really enjoyed it. real tight fight scenes. those nazi zombies sure are fans of disembowelment, though. i mean... almost everyone killed in the film had an intestinal-trauma related death.
  • FlyingHippo
    Its actually quite decent. Not an awesome movie but that is to be expected with such a low budget :) I really enjoyed it. Especially the part at the end with the norwegian folk music playing while they chop down zombies left and right :) But there is one point that really grossed me out... A guy takes a dump in and outhouse = no sink/no washing of hands, and then some chick starts sucking his fingers after he wipes :s But other than that en really enjoyed it 😀
  • Woa
    I'm norwegian and this movie is great. It's more like a splatter/comedy though.
  • Master
    Ever heard of the sub-game on Call of Duty World at War? Its called nazi zombies. I can't think of anything more fun the destroying endless hordes of nazi zombies.
  • Chris
    I saw this movie last night, and I must admit, it was a great movie. Definitely worth a watch.
  • mystery box
    mmmmm nazi zombies. get the laser gun!
  • Just caught this flick last night and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! It starts off slow, but the ending is worth it.
  • Margot
    This movie has the unsexiest sex scene I've ever seen... in a latrine *ugh*




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