One Last Speed Racer Featurette To Fuel Your Hype!

April 14, 2008
Source: Apple

Speed Racer Featurette

Although May 9th is still a few weeks away, Warner Brothers is throwing out everything they've got on Speed Racer. Finally they're showing us the best parts! A high definition five-minute featurette for Speed Racer has been released and it kicks some serious ass. I'm personally going on Speed Racer hiatus after running this video tonight because I want to go in to my press screening completely fresh this Thursday - I don't want to get overhyped. That means this is the last of anything Speed Racer you'll see at least until Friday. If it's as good as I'm expecting, you'll be seeing a lot more after that.

All Speed Racer doubters MUST go watch this extended trailer! It's not high definition enough for us to run here, but I guarantee it will convince all of you who weren't sure of this movie. Maybe it's best you keep your expectations low when you go in to see this - the resulting experience will be that much better!

Watch the Speed Racer featurette below:

[flv:speedracer-featurette.flv 502 284]

You can also watch this Speed Racer featurette in High Definition at Apple

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, directors of the Matrix trilogy and producers of V for Vendetta. The movie is based off of the Japanese manga and anime series originally known as Mach GoGoGo that first debuted in the 1960s. Speed Racer hits both regular and IMAX theaters this summer on May 9th - be there!

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  • Zach
    i'm definitely looking forward to this, but whenever someone in the cast promises that it'll be "nothing like i've ever seen before," i involuntarily wince.
  • John
    The Wachowski brothers burned me on those godawful Matrix sequels.
  • John - those movies have absolutely nothing to do with Speed Racer. They don't even look the same or anything! Give this one a chance...
  • ha1rball
    Looks absolutely amazing!
  • There's definitely something unique going on here with the visuals and effects that I'm excited about. We're entering the era of the live-action animated film... The plot looks pretty by the numbers, but even knowing that going in, I'm hoping that we're going to get something more exciting than a totally empty (and slightly cynical) spectacle like Transformers.
  • Icarus
    This looks phenomenal. Just tune in, drop off, drop on, switch on, switch off and explode.
  • twispious
    Looks pretty amazing,the colors and all-plus I'm glad Matt Fox finally gets to play a different role.
  • chris
    I think the danger is that the level of eye candy and action will cause people to switch off....the action is going to be totally overblown and unlike anything people have seen before and could end up leaving audiences feeling 'oh gee, ANOTHER fantastic coloured action sequence' when they get halfway through the film. Overkill i think is the word! Personnally i can't wait, i want to be wowed and bombarded with as much action and bright colour as possible!
  • This or HULK will be the flop of the summer. I just feel that this one has no core audience to appeal to thats wide enough.
  • I mean, Speed is agurably less known than CHIMPMUNKS. If FOX was behind this film I would have a lot more faith in its box office companies. You can hate their movies, but you have to love their marketing.
  • Djo.
    Escapist tripe. Which is actually a good blockbuster gamble, in war-time. It's funny- there's Cinematic Ecstasy- along the lines of 2001, Dune, or perhaps Fantasia, maybe throw in the original Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Gone With the Wind, Citizen Kane... Then there's Cinematic X-stasy: A chemically-induced artificial experience that overloads your synapses, leaving you thereafter slightly less capable of experiencing "Natural" ecstasy. I can't help but feel like this movie will have that effect, on more impressionable viewers. I'm picturing a whole generation of movie-goers, saying: " Movies that make you think are nice & all- but they're No SPEED RACER!!! WEEE-EEEEE-EEEE-EEEE!!!!!!" The cynic in me does not allow me to picture intelligent people lining up to see this flick. But then again, go to any amusement park, and try to rationalize why people would voluntarily put themselves in situations of forced Danger & Fear, while watching the lines pile up all the way down the next two Highway Exits. I guess any question of Humanity is nil, regarding this type of entertainment. Print me up a ticket, and strap me in... (heaven help us... I just don't want to be left out of all the Fun!)
  • Dusty
    AHHHH... marry me Ricci.... hahahaha This movie is gonna be amazing.. still not too keen on the monkey and kid... but I am still so unbelievably pumped
  • Andrew
    At the least, the film should have a solid opening weekend, and has a good shot at hitting #1. Warner Bros. has done tons of marketing, the film has a family-friendly rating that allows it to be marketed to kids, there are no other options for families on the week of May 9, the Wachowskis' name sells tickets more than you might think, and its only major competition that week, "Iron Man", will be in its second week, where it's likely to have the average drop in earnings that a summer action movie has most of the time. And IMAX always manages to get some extra tickets sold. I mean, just about any movie opening in IMAX gets the #1 spot (ex. Harry Potter 4 + 5, "Happy Feet", "I Am Legend", "Beowulf"... this list can go on for a LONG time). So its only real problem is its second week, when "Prince Caspian" opens to target the same audience. Now with all that aside... This movie looks AWESOME! I HAVE to see it in IMAX! GO SPEED GO!
  • Manfred Powell
    Yo, Allex! It's gone Thursday, my man! Got any Speed Racer reviews for us? Spoiler-free, preferably 😉




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