One Last Wonderful International Benjamin Button Trailer

November 24, 2008

One Last Wonderful International Benjamin Button Trailer

It was nearly two months ago when we last featured a full trailer for David Fincher's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Today we have one more final trailer for what looks to be one of the most enchanting films this year. Every time I watch a new trailer for this, I feel like I'm going to cry. It's easy to compare Benjamin Button to Forrest Gump, not only because it was written by the same screenwriter, but because the story has a lot of similarities. Some early reviews have started to trickle in that claim it's a "historic achievement, a masterful piece of cinema, and a moving treatise on death, loss, loneliness and love."

If you love Alexandre Desplat's beautiful score in this trailer as much as I do, then you're in luck. You can listen to the whole soundtrack over on Warner Brothers' BAFTA site (just click on "Score"). Anne Thompson's review on Variety (that we quoted above) goes on to say that "the movie is sadly beautiful, of a piece, as impeccably wrought as its ornate clock that runs counterclockwise." Give this final trailer a quick run through and let us know if Benjamin Button is still on your list of films to see to Oscar season.

Watch the last international trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

[flv: 598 254]

Watch the last international Benjamin Button trailer in High Definition: 480, 720, 1080

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is directed by visionary filmmaker David Fincher, of Se7en, The Game, Fight Club, and Zodiac previously. The screenplay was penned by Oscar winner Eric Roth, of Forrest Gump, The Horse Whisperer, Spielberg's Munich, and The Good Shepherd. This story was originally adapted from a short story written by legendary writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1922. Paramount will debut The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in theaters everywhere on December 25th, Christmas Day.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Poster

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  • A must see, of course.
  • Fenris
    very intruiging and looks an emotional ride. must see for me
  • Jeremy
    One of the more dramatic trailers I have seen in a long time. It looks amazing and I really do want to see this.
  • All the trailers for this film offer something different. I still like the first two the best because you get to see the different phases on Benjamin's life.
  • Dave
    Wow, that really does look amazing.
  • Darunia
    Looks amazing, but the whole old dude looking kid with a young girl, seems awfully pedo.
  • Chris
    Im getting scared for the Dark Knights Best Picture hopes. Although it seems a bit wierd i think this could be an extraordinary film.
  • big r
    Agree with the first 7 comments
  • Dusty
    umm... wow.. random Oliver... anyways I am pumped for this... looks like an interesting ride. Just hope I don't laugh at the intense scenes like I did in Forest Gump, like when Bubba Died:::: Bubba: Why'd this happen?" Forest: You got shot. I know... terrible... and everyone around me kicked my arse, but out of context still funny to me.. hahahhahahahahahaha
  • dave13
    that trailer just made me want to see it even more than i did before, and that poster is great. this film keeps looking better and better.
  • AndyS
    This is definitely on my "must-see" list of movies coming out. Is it me, or is Brad Pitt becoming one of the BEST actors of his generation? Everything he's in lately is quality and if it's not, HIS performance isn't the reason. I think that in 30 years people will be looking back at Brad Pitt and compare him to Brando, Cagney and Bogart. Let the flaming begin....
  • My friend is a jerk. He told me this was a true story and I totally believed him. Now I know it isn't, so joke's on him. I like Brad when he looks younger BTW.
  • Betterchill
    It looks great. Can't wait to see it.
  • biznatch
    could be the next forrest gump
  • Everything he's in lately is quality He's ALWAYS been in quality films. He just got dismissed as a pretty boy and now that he's more middle-aged, people are seeing his talent through a different lens. I cant wait for BB. I'm sure it'll be on my top 10 list of '08.
  • Bry from Chi
    The trailers all creeped me out. I'm sure it will be a hit and a dramatic masterpiece, but it's like getting used to Yoda all over again.
  • Bennett Potter
    this is strangely very close to my life story, jeepers!
  • Carmen
    It gave me chills.... honestly...
  • Dianne Dhee
    a film MUST see!!! this is so amazing! everything is way beyond... (love Brad Pitt) very versatile
  • D
    This would have been a wonderful film for James Stewart, some of Brads line even sound like he was mimicking him
  • carly
    i love this trailer cant wait to watch the movie definitely one of the years best or probably best film of 2008.
  • jrc ven
    omg what a wonderful trailer. a must see film. i love cate blanchett shes amazing in every film that she does.
  • Pedro Lopes
    I just hope that the movie is as great as the idea behind it... It such a tremendous concept and I believe that if it is well written, directed and played will be one hell of a movie!
  • alyanna
    amazing! hands down my favorite/top movie of the year.
  • Oh my god, what an amazing trailer, it looks like its going to capture a LOT of peoples imaginations about life and everything inbetween it. Well done to Brad Pitt for knowing a good story and acting his socks of. He is one the greats. I swear i cried when i watched this trailer, it was so emotional.
  • Tremendous trailer, A must see! for sure.
  • RSH
    I am looking forward to seeing this one, and "The Spirit".
  • Adrian
    I'm very excited, I'm so glad ppl are starting to take Pitt seriously. Though really, why shouldn't they. He's done great serious work from the very start of his career. I find it very funny that when he was younger and the whole "pretty boy Brad" thing was starting, he seemed to go out of his way to humanize and even mar his appearance with the grunge look. And now when he seems to accept what he is, his career has hit a rennaissance. With this, Tree of Life and Inglorious Basterds next year he's going to definitely cement himself as someone to look out for. I can definitely see him getting a best supporting actor nom for Basterds, kind of in the vein of Sam Jackson. But best actor next year will definitely go to Leo Dicaprio for Shutter Island, for now anyway.
  • Sylvia
    Awful movie. Long and draw out and a real sleeper, and 3 hours to boot! Basically goes on and on about his backward life, in a very monotone drawl. The only thing that was funny was the old timer that struck by lightening. Save you money...
  • Cla!re
  • Cla!re
    plus, brad pitt is just sooo amazing! cant hide it!
  • It looks amazing and i really do want to see it.




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