Rant: How Does This Shit Get Made?! Disaster Movie Trailer

June 23, 2008
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Disaster Movie Trailer

I don't even think this deserves mentioning, but this is one of those few opportunities where I can unleash my vicious wrath of hatred. Lionsgate has debuted the trailer for Disaster Movie, which I will be the first to say is the biggest pile of shit you'll come across all year. These kind of movies are the kind that keep me talking about other movies so positively. This looks so downright stupid and utterly atrocious that Sex and the City actually looks entertaining in comparison. I'd rather see a feminine comedy than even watch this trailer again. They make these movies for idiots who can't appreciate quality entertainment. If you laugh at a single line of humor in this, it shows that you have no soul. Please don't watch this trailer.

This not funny. Not even in the slightest. I promise this is the very last time this rancid creation will ever featured on Disaster Movie is a film that taints the world of cinema with its very presence.

Watch the terrible trailer for Disaster Movie:

[flv: 500 282]

You can also watch the Disaster Movie trailer in High Definition on MySpace

Disaster Movie is both written and directed by wanna-be filmmakers Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, who have slowly beat cinema to death with Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and now this. Lionsgate is releasing the film in theaters on August 29th nationwide. I truly hope no one sets foot inside a theater to see this movie. This is not worth a single penny or a single minute of your time.

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  • Ethan
    Yep, because having someone bonk their head is "satire".
  • tuwhitt
    These movies are black-holes for comedy. It's where jokes go to die. They're vapid holes of nothingness sucking any shred of humor into themselves. There's no jokes.. just vague references. How is Juno a Disaster Movie? The sad reality here is that idiots go see these movies in theaters, and rent them on dvd, and push sales up. Dear god..
  • Brian
    At the end it said, "The End is Near". Sounds about right, this movie will be the end of Hollywood, if they keep making this crap. Seriously, is anyone going to see this?
  • Holy crap. They're spoofing Hancock, which comes out a month before Disaster Movie. How is this possible? They're pirates I tell you!
  • Finally! A film that will live up to its title!
  • That looks like another pathetic movie just like Date Movie, etc.
  • Seriously now, this movie looks so bad and was the worst part about seeing GET SMART was this trailer beforehand. HOWEVER it did have the audience (and this was an older audience, soldout 450+ seat auditorium) howling. I laugheed once or twice shamefully (the last sight gag) either out of pity or not knowing what else to do. Probably both. However, it gets made because it fills seats so the best thing to do is just don't look! JUST DON'T LOOK! (sorry, just saw the Simpsons treehouse of horror when all the ads come to life). the best thing to do is just get on with our lives. But really? The spoof of Hancock says they even spoof TRAILERS! Sheesh! And they don't even bother spoofing disaster flicks. it should be called GENRE MOVIE or MOVIE MOVIE!!
  • Spider
    I agree with you 100% Alex. Another stupid flick in the vein of "Superhero Movie", "Date Movie" and "Meet the Spartans". I will not bother to watch this trailer.
  • Derek
    Don't these people think the person getting hit by the car gag has gone on far enough, I think who ever allows these movies to be made needs to step in front of one of those cars
  • Pickle
    Lionsgate should be ashamed of green lighting this crap. Why the hell don't they give a real talented filmmaker a shot!
  • Darrin
    shit,shit,shit. stop making these movies. only make them if wayne bros. are working on it.
  • JeepFu
    I (really, really, REALLY) hatred Epic Movie. I mean it was painful to watch. If there were any good scenes in that movie, the writers honestly went out of their way to ruin them. How the hell can those guys actually get the funding for ANOTHER movie after such a piece of crap as Epic Movie? Who the hell would want to see ANOTHER movie written by those guys after Epic Movie? If anyone sold their soul to the devil it has to be Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg. That's the only reason I can believe as to why they got to make another movie. *shudder*
  • I would think the reason Seltzer and Friedberg, with their spoof anything for spoofing sake movies, are still employed is because their movies are made cheaply ($30 million or less) and there are enough people dumb enough that see the films, so they are able to make a profit. Heck, I admit that I was dumb enough to see Date Movie in theatres, but I since learned my lesson.
  • Cmurder
    I can't BELIEVE i'm about to say this but....I'd rather watch an Uwe Boll movie than even watch this trailer again...and I signed the petition to ban him from ever making another movie again. This looks so fucking horrible!
  • CHICKImonkey
    to counter this movies awfulness i am going to go see good (hopefully good) movies lilke pinneaple express and tropic thunder. You cant even call those jokes all they do is take some one elses original joke and try to make fun of it and it turns out terrible
  • jman571
    Well I agree completely with Alex on the matter of this movie sucking balls I do find it a bit ridiculous, I wouldn't even call it hypocritical, that you write: "Please don't watch this trailer." And proceed to post the trailer directly below it. If you thought it was so bad, why did you give it any attention at all, there's no law saying you must comment or report on every new movie coming out. Obviously, I proceeded to watch the trailer because I was interested to see if it truly deserved the hyperbole you described it with. And well the trailer really WAS that bad, I don't understand why you're giving this movie ANY attention: "Any press is good press."
  • Britt
    mel brooks is the only filmmaker who can pull off satire without seeming utterly idiotic. i agree with tom when he mentioned earlier this year that this genre will cannibilize itself eventually. we can only hope....
  • that guy
    come on, the zohan reference was alright.
  • Jesus Christ. No wonder we've got terrorists crashing planes into our skyscrapers... This is fucking.. pathetic... I can't even believe people would see this. I saw this trailer attached w/ Get Smart... and people laughed... a lot... America is retarded.
  • #16 has a good point. If you didn't like the trailer so much, why post it in the first place?
  • Walter
    God help me if I ever see one of the people involved in the thing. Because if I do I will drop whatever I am doing an personally destroy them. Oh, and if I am within 50 square miles of Aaron Seltzer or Jason Friedberg I will hunt down the snotty little freaks and torture them with extreme paper cuts made with their movies film strips. THEY WILL GO DOWN!!!
  • miracle disease
    this movie is totally down the drain... unless, the world is now ruled by pathetic retards... seeing this trailer reminds me of the movie meet the spartans... damn! the was one hell of a movie that should have been gone to hell than in cinemas... not even worthy of a betamax copy...
  • TJ
    this movie looks awesome!
  • theMK
    C'mon guys, is this really a surprise? We live in the era where Disney Channel rules about half the teenage population, and it's all cheap stuff. They're not going to know what a film is.
  • omega728
    I think I just lost some brain cells!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do films like this even get made????
  • Maxxx
    is the writers of this horrorable movie the same two people on the i loves 80's stuff on vh1...and if it is now wonder i never laugh at there parts anyways
  • craziemutant
    haha. i love how we all hate it. how did they ever think this was a good idea?
  • Micah Wilkins
    So they are making this......why????
  • Eric
    The only target audience for this type of movie are the single-minded, laugh at anything teenagers of today. There is enough of them for this to make at least 10 million on the first day alone.
  • Tom
    Yeah... I was unfortunate enough to see this before Get Smart. I am thinking of waiting at the box office with a bat the day this comes out, and beating to death everyone who tries to buy a ticket to it.
  • Boo-Yah
    I can't even put into words how stupid that was....
  • starvs
    I think this film is proof that capitalism is a bad.
    i'm proud to say that the only piss take movies i have seen is Scary Movie 1 and 2, after that i refused to watch any other of these types of movies. I never even saw Scary movie till it was out on DVD, and the hype that surrounded that movie was that it was fucking hilarious, to be honest i didn't even really understand it. No offence but americans are pretty dumb
  • Alex
    It's so clear that they're not even trying anymore. They're not even spoofing movies. They're spoofing the trailers to movies! Untalented hacks. Just a bunch of guys in a room who think they can write and since they're cheap enough, the studio gives them the directing reins. And you'd think it couldn't get any worse from "Epic Movie" and "Date Movie", but does. I'm insulted. I'm embarrassed for American filmmaking. Can't we start a petition or something to revoke these filmmaker's guild memberships? Shouldn't we be talking to their friends and family to intervene and stop these people from creating crap on screen. God is Dead. This makes "The Love Guru" look like an Oscar contender.
  • Alex
    No offence but americans are pretty dumb BILLY on Jun 23, 2008 Billy, I feel I need to apologize for Americans. I truly am sorry that we are subjecting the world to this crap.
  • nate
    What happened to the Mel Brooks style spoofs? Like Spaceballs, or Men in Tights? Pic a movie, make fun of it, and maybe MAYBE throw in a few refrences to other movies... But, this attempting to spoof on 30 movies in one movie, just ends up shitty.
  • harrison
    i have to admit i laughed at the end when her junos babies foot kicked horseface
  • Rob G
    Well that joke is basically riding on how funny the original part was. I did smile at it a bit but that's because it closely relates to an inside joke between a pregnant friend of mine and I
  • ha1rball
    it sucks that it comes out on my birthday :( :( i hate my life..... haha
  • Who thought this was a good idea?
    to #35 (Alex) Thank you Alex, i feel a lot better now
  • DeathBus
    It really is unbelievable that crap like this gets made considering that have of this movie probably wasn't even written. They take scenes from like 30 movies and re-in-act them. Makes me want to puke. By the way check this out. I saw this a couple months ago and this guy hit it right on the head.
  • EFEL
    Just follow the money trails STUPID. Meet the Spartans - $30 Mil budget, box office gross - over $84 million (not counting DVD receipts) no. 1 first week Epic Movie - $20 mil budget, grossed over $86 mil (not counting dvds) no.1 first week Date Movie - $20 mil budget, $84 mil gross Superhero Movie - $35 mil budget, grossed just over $51 mil (prob not the best return on its investment) all of these films are financial successes even though they all SUCK. hollywood produces what sells! we're gonna keep seeing these movies until they arent profitable anymore hard to believe that epic movie has made more then speed racer (120M budget, 80M marketing costs)
  • Garrett.king
    Cmurder (14), that must've hurt your soul a little. and it's about to hurt mine, but I would to. OW..soul..sprained something.
  • phobic
    That was horrible but I'll admit that I chuckled when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie... oh wait... that was a man? Oops!
  • Vole
    That is brain-poison.
  • angryKid
    Where are they handing out the film money? You obviously don't have to have talent, skill, or humor to make a film... So, seriously, where's the money window? I've got a pretty good chance of making something better than this, but if not, big deal. I'll just make three more.
  • zwandaba
    God help us all
  • REAL6
    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??? Are they serious??? This shit is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Everyone... everyone just gets hit! That's all that happens!!!
  • David R
    What I want to know is how they're spooking such recent movies...
  • All these fuckers have done is make fun of trailers!
  • l.21
    I tried not too, but I laughed... just a little... I feel so dirty.
  • Christopher
    That could be the worst movie ever, possibly surpassing Epic Movie
  • Please DO NOT go see this movie. Gosh movies like this piss me off so much, because the $1000's of dollars that went into filming these shitty movies could be going to independent film makers. There is great potential out there, but it is ignored by movies like this.
  • Dusty
    I LOVE IT ... I am glad everyone is responding.. and actually glad you posted this one Alex... This is truly terrible and I can honestly say that I am adding this to my list of "NOT-TOLERATED" films - all the spoof films that get the wide distribution that Epic Movie did should STOP... utter shit.(no pun on the cow utters or anything there)
  • Garrett.king
    I think this looks fucking stupid. but I do have an answer as to why he says that the trailer looks stupid, tells us not to look and then posts it. Because he knows that if he didn't post it all of us would be bitching about "Well, hey. We haven't even seen the trailer yet so fuck you. Let us see the trailer so we can post about it and stop bitching." and that kinda shit. that burned my brain just a little.
  • Arnold
    This reminds me of a question somebody asked after seeing The Love Guru.... "Will i ever laugh again?"
  • hmm still looks better then the last spider man movie
  • insanartist
    Only one way to stop it people................................. Quit spending money to see it, if the company makes no money they would vanish really quick, Problem is we have KIDS in the world that want to see this crap.
  • Reverend
    This looks terrible.
  • yh
    I think we don't see many (or any) high brow spoofs anymore because the targeted audience have fallen below the intelligence threshold. Kinda sad really, cuz the intelligence threshold for a movie like Spaceballs or Men in Tights is pretty low to begin with. We will also sadly never see a movie like Blazing Saddles again, because the MPAA censors will have a field day with that cut. Only in movies like Get Smart and Austin Powers can we really get our fill of the quality spoof category.
  • NMS
    You know people watch it anyway that's why you published as news! 😉 My favorite part: Giselle beeing run over by that car! What an annoying character! Ah, and JSP looks better in this.
  • Alexander
    my big question is, how do you pitch that movie, and who the hell green lights this shit
  • the guy that dosen,t like "ihatechildren" in chuai station
    At least hannah's dead. i hate that son of witch.
  • searching4j
    seltzer and friedberg should be shot and killed.... along with any moron caught watching this garbage.
  • Ivan
    Fuck. Makes me think about originality. Even when filmmakers are faced with material with a past (i.e. comic book and novel adaptions) they can still strive by adding some originality that will be new and fresh to audiences. For parodies, see The Naked Gun, Airplane and Young Frankenstein. I'm 22 years-old. I was teenager a few years ago. The main reason teens see this shit is because they can take their dates (wtf?) and after the movie they go home and fuck. Other reasons include being brainwashed by recent unfunny crap movies and Dane Cook believing they are *funny* when older folk know, and seen better. Fuck if I know why any other human being would want to wasted 80 minutes of their life for this.
  • Question: how man of you guys were pissed that I posted this? Normally I don't post trailers, and it seems like the post is kind of hypocritical, but I thought I'd give you an opportunity to bash this terrible movie all-together...
  • Icarus
    Do you think that the filmmakers are actually proud of their work? They must not care selling their artistic souls for a tawdry paycheck.
  • Its really an abused system. A plot consisting of sewing together all summer blockbusters/current events/etc with a thread so cheap and hackneyed with low budget actors, they put all their money into the advertising - blowing their load all over the internet, TV, billboards, airwaves - Resulting with people being more aware of movies like Meet the Spartans than they are Motorcycle Diaries. Ya see what I'm getting at here???! I HATE movies like these. THESE GIVE MOVIES A BAD NAME. I don't even like labeling it as a movie. It's shit like this that's dumbing us down as a culture. Movies are too expensive as it is. Lets go see something inspiring. Not a movie that's an hour and a half of crude dick jokes. They should donate their sales to needy children or something. Get some sort of benefit for such shit. KEEP UNLEASHING YOUR WRAITH OF HATE FOR ANY OTHER MOVIE LIKE THIS ONE.
  • This makes The Love Guru seem so very classy, witty, and intelligent. There was not a single moment of this trailer that rose above a 2 on the Humor Meter. And that meter goes up to 37! When I was a teenager we had the Jim Varney (R.I.P.) "Ernest" movies. We had the Friday the 13th movies being churned out like cheap Happy Meal toys. We had action stars like Stallone bringing us gems like Cobra and Over the Top. We had Caddyshack 2, Howard the Duck, Tougher Than Leather, and Jaws: The Revenge for chrissakes. Jaws: The Revenge! A shark wanted revenge!!! I saw all of those, but nothing looks as bad as this! Did I mention that a shark wanted revenge? On a human.
  • tinman
    I think I just died a little inside...
  • Manda
    okay, no funnies for most of it, but the feet thing at the end did make me laugh. If I had been drinking something, Idda spit it out.
  • moldybread
    yep...havent seen a steaming pile of shit this big since Cloverfield...what a waste of money...
  • Dylan
    What kind of sad people would make this shit. I wouldn't ever want to have my name anywhere near it.
  • Squiggly_P
    @ moldybread: Cloverfield was not a steamy pile of shit. It wasn't perfect either. It was - at best - a mediocre film with an interesting gimmick which either made the movie work or completely ruined it, depending on your point of view. I enjoyed it for a number of reasons - the actual plot and scary monster stuff being low on that list. On topic: I will tell you why and how they are able to make these flicks: Rental places. This - to a large group of people - is worth a rent. The studio and the rental places know it. That's why you see these poorly reviewed, poorly grossing flicks take up most of a wall section of the rental place's wall. I dunno about netflix, but I assume a lot of people rent these from them as well. The rental places pay a MUCH higher price per copy due to the licenses needed to facilitate legally renting them out. I'd be willing to wager that these "Movie" flicks practically pay for themselves just from the commercially licensed sales on DVD.
  • Squiggly_P
    although I should add that many of these stores aren't really 'buying' the DVD's but rather leasing them. They still pay at least two to four times what a normal consumer would pay to purchase the DVD.
  • Cody
    I am a teenager, I have seen the constant social muttering in my high school about movies like this. WHATEVER DUMBSHITS SAY THAT TEENAGERS LOVE THESE MOVIES NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THERE TALKING ABOUT! EVERYONE AND I LITERALLY MEAN EVERY FUCKING PERSON IN MY SCHOOL HATES THESE MOVIES HHHATES!. My generations comedy consists of horrid incredibly mean insults on race, nationality and the like. I know its very sad but at the same time even fucking teenagers have the common sense not too see this shit, trust me the people who go see these movies are not teens or kids. Its the stupid ass American populous and and there antidepressant drugged up sheeple that see this movie. Now scary movies that a different story but after scary movie 2 we all stopped watching this horrible trash and waste of film, money and time. So please I beg everyone who sees thiis post dont go see this for the good of america and the FUCKING WORLD!
  • Cody
    BTW IAM 16 SO ITS NOT LIKE IAM 18 and am all matured and blahda blah blah
  • LeeMan
    @cody- i was thinking the exactly same thing, but maybe without all the profanity i saw this when i saw get smart(great movie) and right away i knew what it was, but how could they make a movie before a movie even comes out (hancock) i guess these idiots just watched all of the trailers, added a unbelievably bad impression from hannah montana and you get this. i went to go see date movie three years ago thinking it was like scary movie 5 or sumthin and needless to say that i havent seen epic movie, meet the spartans, or superhero movie, nor am i planing to... wat does that make like three movies like these this year alone??? dont forget sci-fi movie coming out this february i am really being totaly serious when i say that i can put together a better script, not direct it, but write it better than these jackasses... everybody go see BABYLON AD instead!!!
    MUUUUAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! I cant belive that this is being made
  • @Question: how man of you guys were pissed that I posted this? You've lost all credibility... at best you will be forever known as Peter's alcoholic "friend".
  • searching4j
    Alex... i believe i speak for everyone when i say that we're more pissed at the fact that this movie was made than that you posted it. i figure it was inevitable that we'd all catch a commercial for it at some point. you're right. at least here we have the forum to trash it... thanks.
  • The most popular tv show is called 'Ow, My Balls', and the big Oscar-winning movie in the year 2505 is called 'Ass'...
  • E
    "This looks so downright stupid and utterly atrocious that Sex and the City actually looks entertaining in comparison." Truly the expected comment from an all male film blog ... Alex, you'd get a lot further without comments like this as the foundation of trying to make a point. But yes, this is awful and a testament to America. We're either STEALING other people's material OR making this CRAP. But really I guess thats why we're stealing other people's material BECAUSE we can only make this crap. These movies seem to be churned out of a machine ... I'm tempted to start voting for Uwe Boll at this point. God, did I really just say that ...
  • tinman
    Maybe we should lobby for Uwe Boll to team up with these guys and make "Video Game Movie" which could possibly drive enough people over the edge to actually make them stop..
  • miracle disease
    @tinman or actually assassinate them if not mauled by a mob...
  • Chris
    to number 3 your last question. Who is going to see this? loud and obnoxious black and mexican people who this this is "HILARIOUS SHIT HOMES"
  • Joel
    I had never walked out on a movie until I saw Epic Movie, it has been the worst movie I have ever seen and anyone who likes it should beat themselves with a baseball bat. Just by seeing this trailer I know its gonna suck, I just hope they stop making these lousy attemps at movies. PS: chris shut up u fuckin racist!
  • E
    joel: i second that. its bad enough we have alex and his sexist comments ... we dont need troll racists added to the mix.
  • Chris
    ok prove me wrong then.
  • E
    Dont feed the trolls.
  • Fenris
    please take this trailer of this and every site.. do not publicise this crap any longer. even Uwe Bolle is better than this at least he makes an attempt at some originality and content. they say they spoof things but they make the same gags as the film they attempt to
  • B-Rent
    Horrible, just effing Horrible!
  • Scott
    Movies like this are entertaining.. unfortunately all the best parts of it are already featured on the trailer with no substance inbetween ..Thats the limitation of it. It spoofs movies you dont wanna see or personally hate but should leave that to SNL in 3 min bursts .. It just has no cohesion after an hour ..
  • And … Cut!
    You know who likes this stuff? 14-year-olds. They think it's funny: a ninety minute fart.
  • Revils
    how is chris a fuckin racist. i hate these stupid idiots who get racist and stereotypes mixed up. he never said he hated black and mexican ppl, its just these ppl who go out and spend to see these movies. no offense and before i skip off the topic, when the fuck are they gonna make scary movie 5, they should have atleast one writer who can put together a half decent film. seriously
  • Scooter
    this is why Cheech and Chong need to make a comeback, so stoned teenagers can spend their money on something a little more worth while. These movies make money because there is little out there marketed to young teens. I really hope Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are aliases, I would be embarrassed to attach my family name to this mindless excuse for a bad movie.
  • Cody
    Yeah but in SNL you actually think the people are a bit funny. My hate for the people who act in these things GROWS BY EVERY HOUR! By the way if you guys didn't know already meet the Spartans was the top grossing movie the first two weeks it came out. Now doesn't that tell ya something about Americas intelligence level.
  • Will
    These movies will cease to be made as soon as you kill off all the middle school kids that thrive on these steaming piles of crap.
  • murderofcrows
    People get stuck in a rut. I used to frequent a certain maniacal toy site and noticed that several people there would go see whatever movie debuted that week EVERY WEEKEND. No Joke! No matter what it was, even "Meet the Spartans"! Idiots like that get what they deserve, but honestly I wish someone would introduce them to this magic item called "On Demand." A really large cable company provides it, usually for free with your cable plan.
  • TJ
    Can't wait to see this.
  • emmonster
    man i'm just gonna see this movie, because i love crista flanagan :(
  • gl3nk
    I commited suicide while watching thie trailer.
  • minadrake
    I had to stop watching this trailer because it was all the same thing! These directors really have to stop making these movies! Scary movie 1,2,3 etc, date movie, meet the spartans! WE SEEN IT ALL ALREADY!!!!!
  • cody
    dont read this article thinking all spoof movies are for idiots. just the recent ones are (not including superhero movie though, hilarious). Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg just aren't making the kind of spoof movies like craig mazin and david zucker used to. it's kind of depressing to see the smart comedy go to waste like epic movie, date movie, meet the spartans, etc. and they're not ruining hollywood, sometimes it's just a little fun to make fun of a movie. seriously people, ur lives are NOT going to end just because one simple movie is coming out. *sigh*
  • fushi
    JEEZ!!! i can't believe these movies are still going on!! wow i think i just wasted 1.5 minutes of my life watching that. and i'm pissed off as hell that they're making fun of the superheroes now (especially the hulk, DAMN i loved that movie). i thought the scary movie ones were funny but that's about it. now it's just getting ridiculous.
  • cody
    u people are pathetic examples of our country. you're bashing and saying anyone who goes and sees this movie is a terrible example of the U.S., but you're just ending up like them!!! why try to be like them when you don't want to?? all i see hear are loser 40 year olds bashing middle school kids because they wanna go see a movie on a friday night. to me, that's making a terrible example for our country. so what if they name a movie ass? maybe it'll be about a donkey!!! that's not that bad! gosh, YOU people need to grow up!
  • cody
    oh, and by the way, you used the word shit in the title! uh oh you better go get that deleted thats such a nauuughty word....*sigh*
  • Destroyah
    Jesus H. Christ...i honestly dont even know what to say about this. The incredible part is that people actually got paid to put this pile of horse-shit together. I would rather contract herpes than spend $50 on a movie ticket & a kids drink. I bet this makes Uwe Bole feel that he hasn't wronged the world his cinema gems.
  • Destroyah
    wronged the world with his cinema gems. sorry, got flustered with this one.
  • curtfrmcali
    this isnt happening right?! this is a joke...we're all being punked right?! i swear if they do any 911 jokes im burning the studio to the ground!!!! (im not really gonna burn anything down,but i will still be offended)
  • Andrew
    We need to kill these people. They're basically prostitutes who imitate other movies for brain damaged 10 year-olds in exchange for money. If we can't ban them from making films or unite together as a mob and chase them out of the country, then we should at least do the next best thing: spread horrible internet rumors about them and ensure that they become widespread and popular enough to be considered fact and thus ruin their careers of scum-sucking!
  • Darkr0nin
    The first and only of these movies I saw was "Meet the Spartains". I'll never make that mistake again. This POS looks God-awful.
  • Epic
    man, the guys who make these movies have wayyyy too much time on their hands, scary movie 1-3 were decent and then it went overboard into a river of crap
  • Alec
    You can't spoof The Dark Knight! Heath Ledger just fucking died! God rest his brilliant soul. I would normally turn my head to such hollywood horror but i can no longer accept the knowledge that these heart-less bastards recieve millions upon millions of dollars every year. ITS A SCAM PEOPLE, WAKE UP! Think of how far America would come if those funds didnt go to the pockets of two greedy low lifes looking for a quick buck and instead into the resources we desperatly need. And further more, It makes me cringe in my gut to think that anyone would produce a nation wide film that shits on the heads of talented directors hard work, im praying death on this movie and to anyone involved in its spawning.
  • John
    Holy crap, I thought I was alone in hating the very souls of the people who made this movie. I am glad we are all on the same page. And at Tom, poster #30: Best comment ever.
  • John
  • JRN
    I tilt my head in shame for being the same species as these morons. My hope for humanity decreased dramatically when I heard about these stupid movies. Thankfull for all the people who hate it, it increased just a little. If I heard that the guys who made these movies died, I think my hope would rise back to the top. And the name of the movie fits, it describes itself perfectly: Disaster Movie.
  • JRN
    Did anyone know that Lionsgate made a movie in 1999 titled "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"? Just reminds me of Disaster Movie. I also hate that in Disaster movie, they make fun of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Now, I didn't even see that movie, it's the way they made fun of it. Rabid handpuppets. Seriously, they must hit each other in the skull with metal bats until they think they got a good idea.
  • Norm
    Wow, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are so terrible, that they don't even get their own wikipedia page. They are lumped together like two piles of dog shit that are put into one bag from the dog's owner.
  • How do you guys hate it so bad? I actually thought they were all funny even though I haven't seen Date Movie.
  • OK.... OK.... Alright.... I did it. I went to go see this last night. It finally made it's way to the dollar theater here, and on Tuesdays the admission is cut to $.75. 75 cents! Any movie is worth 75 cents right? (say it with me now...) WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Not only was this festering mound of feces NOT worth 75 cents, or the $2 or 3 worth of gas I burned to get to the theater, or the hour and forty-five minutes out of my life I used up to see this, it's not even worth the effort I expended in getting dressed to walk out the door of my home in order to go see this! It wasn't worth the trouble I took to boot up my PC so I could double check the starting time online. It wasn't worth the brain cycles I wasted in trying to decide whether or not to even go see it in the first place. It's not even worth wasting any more of my time talking or thinking abou...
  • Spoof Fans, Inc.
    My husband and I are huge spoof movie fans and fans fo dry humor, like Mel Brooks, Leslie Nielsen, Lloyd Bridges to name a few. We decided a few years ago to give new filmmakers and actors a try...and LIKED it! We loved Date Movie (those of you who didn't are gay if you didn't get wet or hard when Sophie Monk slowly walked out of the pool in a bikini!) and all of the Scary Movies, etc. We have been looking forward to watching Disaster Movie. Hell if Carmen Electra's in it, all the more reason to watch it! She's fine as hell! I can't believe this many people hated Disaster Movie! I actually think it's all one person making up different names and emails. Seriously. What the fuck is your problem dude?
  • Dan Walimaa
    What's with all the bitching and whining about this movie? Geez! The movie wasn't that bad. I saw it and actually thought it was pretty funny. Lighten Up, People.
  • Tamsin Parker
    I wrote my own rant about the trailer, but it's more detailed, and is part short story. Better watching a feminine comedy than an utterly misogynistic woman-hating one, I'm telling you.
  • Tparker04
    You think your wrath is vicious? Wait till you read my short story about a girl who goes to the cinema and recaps the 'Disaster' trailer SCENE BY SCENE.




Alex's Top 10 - 2016
1. La La Land
2. Paterson
3. Arrival
4. Captain Fantastic
5. 20th Cent. Women
6. Pete's Dragon
7. Jackie
8. Kubo & Two Strings
9. Everybody Wants
10. Wilderpeople
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Jeremy's Top 10 - 2016
1. Moonlight
2. The Handmaiden
3. High-Rise
4. Elle
5. Arrival
6. Kubo & Two Strings
7. 13th
8. Jackie
9. Toni Erdmann
10. The Witch
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