Raunchy Red Band Trailer for Chuck Palahniuk's Choke - Back Up!

August 2, 2008
Source: Official Website

Red Band Trailer for Chuck Palahniuk's Choke

If this movie doesn't touch you, then go ahead and touch yourself… An incredibly raunchy and hilarious red band trailer for Chuck Palahniuk's Choke has just arrived and it is pretty much the most sexually fueled thing you'll see all year. That is, besides actually seeing Choke for yourself in theaters this fall. Choke is Fox Searchlight's big indie hit this year and they're selling it hard (pun intended). You've been warned, this trailer features enough nudity and sex to make you hard by the end of its two minute running time, so make sure you're wearing pants and sitting down. When I saw this for the first time I don't remember it being anything amazing, but the more I watch these trailers, the more anxious I am to see it again. Anyway, enough of my own introduction, I'm sure you just want to get right into it.

Update - Fox Searchlight asked us to remove the trailer a few weeks ago, but they've given us permission to put it back up again! So if you haven't seen it, or want to watch it again, now's the time. Enjoy!

Watch the red band trailer for Chuck Palahniuk's Choke:

[flv: 480 262]

For even more laughs and info about the film, head to the official website:

Choke is both written and directed by first-time filmmaker and actor Clark Gregg. The film is an adaption of Fight Club writer Chuck Palahniuk's novel of the same name. Choke premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was bought by Fox Searchlight for around $5 million. The film currently arrives in theaters starting on September 26th this year.

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  • John
    I absolutely loved this book, I cannot wait to see the movie.
  • "Choke premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was bought by Fox Searchlight for around $1 million." FAIL! look under "related articles" and see where it sold to Fox Searchlight for... drum roll please... $5 Million Dollars! Sorry to point out the error... I hate to be a bitch about it, but facts are facts! I cannot wait to see Choke!!!! This movie is going to be fucking AWESOME!
  • Darrin
    he hit the chick in the head, that was some funny ass shit.
  • HAHA
  • craziemutant
    haha. that was awesome.
  • Cartholomew
    I think it looks hilarious - but I'd probably hard to get more than one person to join you to go see. I think this dude's a seriously under-rated actor. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was totally bizarre and cool. I've hung out w/ a few milk-maids myself! Good times, good times....
  • Alyx
    This doesn't say anything about the movie's plot, it's basically just saying it's pornography. Kind of weird.
  • moldybread
    FINALLY!!! a movie for adults...just pornagraphy?? so what?? it is very well done pornography and doesnt make you feel totally retarded for watching it...I would stand in line for hours to catch this one...
  • It's not a prono guys, geez... You're obviously missing the point of the rather intelligent story. it comes from Chuck Palahniuk's mind, which is a bit twisted, but Victor Mancini is a sex addict and the one scene where he's in the gym sitting in a circle he's actually at a group rehab for sex addicts. It's all part of the story and it makes sense when you see it - so it's definitely not a porno!
  • I do not see how this movie can be bad. From the looks of it, the film is very true to the book.
  • Wow, there's red band and then there's RED BAND! The Pineapple Express red band trailer was one thing. I feel the need to scrub the outside of my PC case with soap and water after viewing this one though.
  • Django
    It looks like a bad (ass) movie, because I've never seen boobies for real, and I always make sure I treat girls I like as nice as humanly possible. That means buying them things, complimenting them on how pretty they are, and yes, almost immediately introducing them to my parents. That's right. You guessed it. I'm a girl's worst nightmare. :)
  • Mat
    Zzzzzzz. Another movie about a bunch of A-holes. I think I'll pass. "this trailer features enough nudity and sex..." I can't agree there. A shot of a pair of stunt-boobs later followed by two quick shots of same and some simulated sex/hand jobs? Boring. All the supposed 'censored' bits for the sake of titilation. Hell, go The Punisher route and throw it all, non-stop, in my face!! Then they'd have my attention. " make you make sure you're wearing pants and sitting down..." Oh yes. Another reminder that this website has a lot of growing up to do. I feel like I should apologize to the professionals (men & women, gay & straight) in the industry I've recommended this site to.
  • theotherbluth
    Mat, you're a pussy
  • I think could be the most sexually charged trailer I have EVER seen! LOL - but could be a pretty funny film.
  • Eric
    Love it. Read the book. Now a must-see movie for the millions that have read Choke. Does anyone know what the song on the trailer is ??
  • ck
    hey, didnt you post this a little while ago? i vividly remember reading the same article with the same lame attempt at perverted humor in the opening paragraph.
  • Keith
    looks grossly hilarious, cant wait to see it
  • Nettle
    Ya, why did you re-post this? It has all of the old comments and everything.
  • Didn't you read the article?? When I first posted it, Fox Searchlight quickly came and had us remove it. Now they've just given us permission to run it again. Choke is a great movie and I wanted to feature this red band again for a second time since not everyone got a chance to see it the first time around and because I want to give this great indie another big push...
  • Nettle
    Aha, I did not. I read the first paragraph on the main page and hit the comments button. Sorry for the ignorance.
  • Ivy
    I loved the book, but it's true that this doesn't talk about the plot. And I don't like how the little image with a girl in his mouth sort of misleads you; the title is really about one of the character's other recreational activities. With that said, I kind of like that it's sort of just a teaser. Previews these days sort of tell you the entire story.
  • MrBlu
    Red Band indeed! I just hope the story is better than "Good Luck Chuck" that was basically two movies in one and WAY too many sex scenes. GLC had so many sex scenes that it got uncomfortable to watch them because you know that nothings happening and yet they continue to throw naked couple after naked couple in your face. We all know it's not happening but when you have like a dozen sex scenes it gets pointless. Now, if they were able to make every scene look like "Monster's Ball" then we'd have something! By the way, if you've never seen the uncut version of that scene with Billy Bob and Halle... whoa! I'm almost speechless because you'd swear that he was in her.
  • dave13 the other trailer made me want to see it... this one, not so much... interesting...
  • Max
    Haha that sounds like a fun movie! Love that "Satan, satan.. Satan, satan.." in the background. Not a big stripes fan, but suits the trailer at least nicely x)
  • John
    Thank you Alex for clarifying the point of the book/movie. It is a brilliant novel and really not a porno at all.
  • Clamson
    That shit looks hilarious, porno or not. lol. Just kidding, Alex. But for real, if the book is anything like the movie is showing itself to be, i'll buy it TODAY
  • Coolness
    @mat Please take that shit elsewhere, we don't give a shit about your little "opinions" STFU or GTFO
  • bigpattylee2008
    With that said, I kind of like that it's sort of just a teaser. Previews these days sort of tell you the entire story.
  • Adam
    Fantastic. I love Palahniuk. He is the best thing to happen to American Literature in years. His books are smart witty and provocative. I am excited to see this directed in this upbeat summer comedy tone, considering the actual storyline. I once thought that David Fincher would be the only possible person to adapt Palahniuk. This guy looks like he is doing something fresh though. I hope this makes millions at the box office so we can get a greenlight on Invisible Monsters finally. Go see this movie sex is used as a plot device in this movie it is not mindless it is an adiction just like they would use an alcoholic. You will kick yourself if you don't watch it. It is heads and shoulders better than the trailer. They are trying to let you come into the film without knowing anything at all. Then you will get the shit kicked out of you by the plot. They give little hints like " I just had to ask myself What Would Jesus Do" but thats all they are giving which is absolutely genius. Go see it or you will regret it.
  • jason
    Max from 4 Aug posting, the "Satan, Satan. Satan, Satan" song is actually by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The song is called "Satan Said Dance." ...just in case anyone else was looking for it.
  • Nilo
    No wonder the producer wanted to withdraw the trailer. It is disgusting by itself. The whole movie can only be much worse!
  • MBD
    "Man overboard" Cant wait.
  • CHarlie
    Did anyone actually read the book???this movie is going to be good for fat guys who cant get laid and adolescents...that's it...Chuck Palahniuk could do better
  • BagRaider
    Yeah, I read the book ! And it's not so much about the sex parts, it's the comedy. I really liked the book and like the trailer shows this movie is going to be awesome. By the way, for people commenting that this trailer suggests a pornomovie are wrong. There is also a (rather) normal trailer.




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