R.L. Stine's Goosebumps Books Headed to the Big Screen

August 18, 2008


Sony Pictures picked up the rights to Scholastic's Goosebumps series of children's horror books written by R.L. Stine and has hired two writers to adapt them into a feature film. I knew this was coming, considering these books are huge with kids and have sold nearly as many copies as Harry Potter. I actually remember reading a lot of them when I was younger, with the embossed Goosebumps logo being one of the most prominent memories - you'll know exactly what I mean if you've ever read them. Experienced screenwriter duo Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, of films like Ed Wood, Man on the Moon, Agent Cody Banks, and 1408 previously, have been hired to write the live-action adaptation for Sony.

The Goosebumps series of books, with 62 in total, were written by R.L. Stine and first published between 1992 and 1997. Stine admits that a lot of the stories are inspired by classic sci-fi and horror movies, including Night of the Living Dead and Invasion of the Body Snatchers as well as "The Twilight Zone". Although the books do include horror elements, they're aimed at the younger teen demographic and I remember them being written perfectly to keep young readers interested, but not too scared. Neal Moritz, of Click, Evan Almighty, I Am Legend and Made of Honor, is producing and will be casting young actors for the lead roles and well-known adult actors in the supporting roles.

I'm guessing most older moviegoers won't care about this even when it does hit theaters because I'm sure Sony is going to keep it focused on younger demographics. In fact, referencing two of Karaszewski and Alexander's previous films sums up exactly what I expect this to be like: a mix of Agent Cody Banks and 1408. The only reason I'm this interested and will be keeping an eye on the production is because I was a fan of the books as a very young kid and have that nostalgic connection. Even if this turns out to be a cheesy PG rated kids movie, I might still be able to go in and enjoy it. Hopefully Karaszewski and Alexander put together a film enjoyable for all ages. Please tell me I'm not the only old Goosebumps fan left?

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  • Spideyfan84
    Hi, Alex: No, you're not the only Goosebumps fan left, hehe, I'm also a great fan. I loved the books even that I only read 7, because not all the books came here, in Mexico, but what I didn't missed was the TV series, I think I saw all the chapters and I still wanted more. As you said, they kept you interested and not too scared, what is good at that age. I gifted all the books to my youngest brother, 10 years old, and now he's reading them, so both of us will be also attending to theaters to see the movie. Just hope it won't take long. Greetings from Mexico.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Holy Crap! Both of my Sons have owned and read ALL 62 issues. My question is however, what will these ratings be? Some volumes could be a PG....but most were a little scarey and PG-13 will hurt the bottom line. Did I not just see this ratings topic a little earlier??? An idea would be to do 4 stories per film. Much like the old Twilight Zone film. Approx. 45 of these books were really good.
  • Lindsey84
    Wow, I know exactly what you mean. I really enjoyed this books when I was young too, and I clearly remember the bumpy feeling "Goosebumps" title on the front. After I got a little order, I caught on to the formula he used in his stories and lost interest, but I still have fond memories of going to the mall with my mom and getting to pick out one Goosebumps book to read. As far as the TV show, I remember my grandmother would tape them for me at her house so I could watch them at home (we didn't have cable). I look forward to seeing how this movie turns out!
  • LeeMan
    really? are you serious? i used to love reading this books when i was a little kid (which was about five years ago!) i think the idea is okay, but if u remember, there used to be a tv show every saturday on fox way beack when, so i don't see the use of just extending a half-hour episode into a film and then charge $10 when you can just rent the shows on dvd. if they make a whole new idea with lots of gore, then i wouldn't mind, but if they make another "stay outta the basement" then im gonna have to pass
  • Oh my god i cant wait. This is the best news I've heard of in AGES!
  • You're Not The Last Goosebump fan, I still have all of them from when I was a kid. Those were the only books I read. I been reading them since I was six, Im 18 now so Im a little excited but disappointed at the same time because I was gonna adapt a few of them when Im known as a film maker...hopefully they'll save some left for me to do (lol).
  • I was wondering what the hell took so long for this.... Is this the comeback of a horror anthology b/c that is how they should make the movie. Like CREEPSHOW or TWILIGHT ZONE. THAT would be awesome!
  • Viper
    I had all of the original run of books, and then a few of the later ones including the Goosebumps 2000 series. The very first one I ever got was a present from my godparents. It was The Phantom of the Auditorium. Guess where we were when they gave it to me? A funeral. (It was a late birthday present and they decided to give it to me then since it was the only time they would be seeing me in person for a while) My favorite ones are... A Shocker on Shock Street Monster Blood I, II, III & IV Egg Monsters from Mars The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight It Came from Beneath the Sink Night in Werewolf Woods I used to watch the television series as well, but many of the episodes were very dull. The best one they ever made in my opinion was the 2 part special called Welcome to Camp Nightmare. I never read the book so when I saw it the twist ending caught me by complete surprise. However, Are You Afraid of the Dark was the best 30-minute kids horror anthology show, the best episode of which being The Tale of the Dead Man's Float. I hope they make several of these movies like some commentors have said, where it's an anthology much like The Twilight Zone Movie and the Amazing Stories movies. Hopefully it can strike up a new fad where they do this with several of the famous horror book series (Goosebumps, Fear Street, etc) or old television shows (Are You Afraid of the Dark, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Dark Side, The Outer Limits, etc). I'm sure not many people know that I, Robot appeared in The Outer Limits well before it was its own movie.
  • Hi! At first, i'm sorry for my english! I thought about the "young and famous-adults" thing and this remembered me Spy Kid and then... I just realized that Robert Rodriguez would be just GREAT to direct this movie. I mean wouldn't you want to see a From Dusk Till Dawn or a Planet Terror mixed up with a Spy Kid? I would! I'm 18 year old so I obviously was a great fan of the R.L. Stine's books, it's great that a new generation will discover Goosebump!
  • Rob
    I, too, have nostalgia when it comes to Goosebumps... I tried reading one again recently and couldn't get past the first page, but being that I'm in my twenties now I shouldn't have expected anything less 😛
  • big r
    I loved goosebumps as a kid are u kidding?! I cant wait for this! It could be rated G and i will definitely go see this hehehe
  • Daniel
    That's awesome. How could you not love goosebumps? They are cool. i can't wait for the movie.
  • AWESOME. Can't wait.
  • I remember those books. I loved it later on when they all became retarded, like the Abomidable Snowman of Padedena, and... fucking... My mom's cunt's made of bees.
  • Curits
    I loved Goosebumps read a couple book but the tv series is what i really enjoyed scared the crap out of me. Im ready for a scare 😀
  • wow, i'm surprised to hear this!! it's been years since i've even thought about this series! glad to hear it's making its way to the big screen!
  • tev
    say cheese and die was my favorite book in the series!
  • Abdallah
    I am a huge fan I love your stories
  • Abdallah
    I am a huge fan I love the night of the living dummy
  • robin
    I'am so excited for the goosebump movies I loved reading the books when I was younger and sometimes still read them but Im hoping for the r.l stine fear street books to go to the big screen.
  • Josh
    no you are so not the only fan left sure i may be turnig 11 but i watch episodes online and sometimes on cartoonnetwork knowing that it is October.and i read the books every once and a while but not too much.and im hoping to get the new horror land game for my b-day!!!my faverate show was bride of the living dummy. it was kind of horrifing knowing im afraid of dolls. i do not get it from myself i get it from my dad...
  • robin
    hey josh , same here i watch goosebumps on cartoon network all october long too. have you the new r.l stine movie mostly ghostly its cool but nothing like the goosebump series by the way mine favorite is say cheese and die.
  • mbc
    no ur rly not the only old one left im 13 and my bros also love em and they're 14 and 16 so lol
    How many goosebumps books have u written in total?
  • Shanelle
    Nope not even close. im 18 and im am still in love with goosebumps. Im even writing a college speech on how great r.l stine and his books are!!
  • Peyton
  • nightmarish
    OMG i hope they don't make it like the old TV series they were nothing like the stories in the books
  • Randy S.
    Oh, no, you're not nearly the only one left; I love them, with a collection of about 90 of them to boast of... They're great.
  • Catrina
    Dear R.L Stine i love your books and movies and wish i had all of them plus i would love to be in the fan club but i just love Goosebumps they are my favorite books and movies in the world oh and my name is catrina Hirsh and i am 10 years old
  • fhg
    nasol man are you a crazy very match// r.l.stine is the many writer and he was the person who created caracters such .it seems that he is ill of the head .. the goosebumps is a horror books and are my favourite books my favourite volumes is the haunted mask and night of dummy my name is varna rares and a12 years old
  • Hi Stine, I love your books. There the most scariest books I've ever read. My favorite books are Say cheese and die- again, Monster blood, Welcome to dead house, and one day at horrorland. I've read 27 out of 34 books of yours. All of your Nightmare room books are scary enough to give me nightmares for a week. I was reading They call me creature when I looked on the back and it said, go to and read the scariest book of the nightmare room and I cann't findit. Could you please email me the book on my email? I have seen one of your movies and im like Oh my god, this is the best DVD I have ever read in my entire life. So thanks for everything. I've herd theres a fan club, could you please give me some more information about it. Thanks, Sunny Patel
  • i love goosebumps. r.l stines a geinus my favs are best from the east and night of the living dummy. i wonder whats next? thanks abby leach
  • riley
    is this movie actually gonna be made???
  • zara himy
    hi i am a big fan of u r.l, stine i love to read your goosbups when is the nite of the living dummy 4 coming did u come to maldives u must come it is a good place for your stories i love your nite mare room too and the fear street sieries please write books ilove your books from where do you find thos informations luv u thanks . zara hilmy maldives
  • GOOSEBUMPS ARE AWSOME I've read all the books i could find and ive read one of the fear st. books: The Evil house. The only one i haven't read is "Slappy new year" And others i don't know about. I want MORE!!! Do you know any website that sells any old ones?!?!
  • Georgiawright
    i luv it when u get 2 pick ur ending even tho i end up with the page the end all the time
  • Tanderson698
    I can't wait for this to happen I hope it will be abit more creepier the haunted mask was the best book ever and there was alot of the elements from the book that wasn't there in the first book 2nd one not so great. Night of the dummy loved it and that one reminded me abit of the twilight zone also so many more that could be a great movie to place on the big screen
  • Tanderson698
    Slowing down lol okay I really hope they do it there was nothing I really liked as a child to read other then enders game then came goosebumps to spoke me out for fun . Horrorland great book haunted mask, werewolf on swamp lake,night of the living dummy,ect also the ant one when the ppl are the ants and the ants r the ppl that was trippy twilight zone style with that one ;p




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