RoboCop Remake Confirmed - First Marketing Banner!

June 10, 2008

RoboCop Remake Confirmed - First Marketing Banner!

What a day! First we find out that Jon Favreau might not direct Iron Man 2 and now we find out that the RoboCop remake is confirmed! Actually, this isn't as bad as that earlier news, but it's still a bit painful. The rumors of a RoboCop remake first began in March, when MGM said that RoboCop was a franchise that they wanted to bring back. Considering RoboCop's screenwriter Ed Neumeier is completely clueless, it's likely MGM is getting this moving without the involvement of anyone from the original three films. And with that introduction, take a look at this banner from the floor of the Licensing International Expo 2008.

Thanks to SuperHeroHype for forwarding us to Ray's Gallery from the Licensing International Expo 2008 currently taking place in New York City. There are also a few other photos of G.I. Joe displays.

RoboCop Remake

Since that announcement in March, no other details have been released by MGM. However, it's obvious that they're putting this on track for 2010. This remake actually reminds me quite a bit of the Terminator reboot that McG is currently shooting down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was an awesome series back in the day and I think this remake could be a fun modernized rehash. There's nothing wrong with remakes if they can make them entertaining and exciting and it's obvious MGM wants to license this and turn it into an even bigger franchise. We'll be sure to update you once we hear more.

Update: A fan in attendance at the expo asked the MGM rep about RoboCop. He was told that it was going to be rated R and would "blow everyone away." He said they've offered it to some great directors, but didn't reveal any names. We'll update you once we hear more!

Are fans of the original films looking forward to seeing RoboCop return in 2010?

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  • Mike
    from this promo it looks like the franchise is still stuck in the '80s.
  • chrisUK
    argh! I'll put Β£5 on this being a PG-13 're-make' which doesn't feature any of the things that made the original as awesome as it was.. Best thing that can happen is the new CGI ED-209 go's crazy and uses lethal force on the studio execs.
  • Curtis
    i agree with Mike 100 percent, not really a fan of the originals and don't care to much here.
  • jason_md2020
    Why does the banner look even more retro than the original?
  • Wow, that looks just terrible.
  • Alfredo
    Mike, that was my first thought.
  • REAL6
  • j_money
    I don't know man. As long as they keep it in the R-rated, gory, sci-fi realm and shy away from anything Robocop 3... they should be okay.
  • Dusty
    Right with you J#8... that was exactly my point... nie carnage in first two... third is something I would let my 8 yr old watch and still be pissed that he was not even grossed out at all.
  • Garrett.king
    i've always hated Robocop..not gonna see this incarnation either.
  • avoidz
    I've loved the original RoboCop since the late 1980s (RoboCop 2 in 1990) was violent and nasty, but otherwise a weak sequel). RoboCop 3... Uh, I didn't bother... That promo banner, however, looks like absolute shit. Look at that crapout typeface, for chrissake!
  • considering there's no word on the creative team, which will make or break the project, who gives a crap? I mean... through Paul McGuigan on it and I'm all over it.
  • avoidz
    Fans of the original RoboCop might give a crap.
  • Kyle A. K.
    This just seems to unlikely to be is either an elaborate hoax (which given the low quality banner might be true) or it will be scrapped. The only hope is if Frank Miller writes this.. Or maybe they want a crappy series to ruin with a Terminator versus Robocop movie?
  • Tirrell
    Awe man, terrible banner, just terrible. There aint nothing good about it.
  • Cause they don't have a movie for it yet!
  • nha
    lol yeah this looks way too retro - they should be embracing the modern world as we know it today and then enter robocop! It would work perfectly.
  • personx
    It's a sad day and It's official, there is no more originality left in the world - Comic Book Films, Video Game Films & Remakes until the end of the world - Why god why?!... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • avoidz
    @personx: It sure does feel like that, doesn't it 😐
  • Kyle A. K.
    I predict a mario brothers rehash next...why haven't we seen an Archie movie? God the possibilities are endless, and horrifying.
  • Has Hollywood run out of ideas? Why do they keep re-making stuff?
  • nha
    Is this a photo of the poster cos theres a frickin guys head in the helmet.
  • This can't be a ligit poster. You can also see an ordinary house window reflected in the helmet. This is hopefully something fan-made?
  • jason_md2020
    I heard a rumor that Mathew McConneheghy (sp?) is gonna play RoboCop!!! Just kidding. RoboCop shouldn't suck THAT bad.
  • avoidz
    If Matthew McConaughey was RoboCop, how would they write it so he walks around half the movie with his shirt off?
  • Breach
    Im sorry but this looks like ASS. How can you redo Robocop? Granted the sequels were bogus compared to the original, but come on, the original is still awesome. Come on Hollywood, stop leeching off of past success already. Why did the writers come back if this is all they can give us?
  • I understand the first draft script has Robocop leading a combined DEA/HS/IRS no-knock raid on the EFF based on tip-offs they grow SHA-1 and MD5 hash.
  • Silence
    Jesus. This looks like a fan made video game advertisement. If this is what to expect of a new Robocop movie I will lose faith and give up watching movies all together. Who knows, Maybe they will make his suit rubber AND metal with little nipples and alot of muscular features. A**holes. I am sure they will screw this one up and Robocop truly will be "dead".
  • Art Nam
    I heard from the director of the original, that the young execs at the studio wanted to have Robocop fight Predator. I'm not kidding. He laughed and scoffed at the idea and so should we. After that, I'm sure they'll have tag teams fighting it out with Predators, Aliens, Terminators and Robocops in films titled PREDALIENTERMINACOPS parts 4,5,6,7 & 8. Problem is the kids will probably see all of them. DAMN KIDS!
  • Biscuit
    F***! LEAVE ROBOCOP ALONE! No more remakes! No more PG-13!
  • KillorBekilled
    mgm must have some crappy designers to whip up some that underwhelming ..
  • mike
    why would anyone want frank miller to write this he wrote the third one and it blew
  • steven
    What kind of teaser poster is that???!!! Is people gone nuts??!!! Looks like they use cheap water color to paint the poster.... My god!! Some many sick ppl these days!!!
  • Chris123
    I loved the series as a kid....I won't judge till I see a trailor. Why is everyone so negetive all the time? Its true that hollywood is leaching off the past but still I think i'd get a kick out of watching this fill. I thought speed racer would suck and it didn't so whats the big deal?
  • Joerg
    As long as Sony/MGM will deliver a R-rated remake with top-notch CGI and action and a good director able to make the movie a success then it will be a success. Alex Proyas that directed the sci-fi classic Dark City and I,Robot could be their best bet.
  • wow looks awesome. i cant wait. i hope weller has a cameo hah he MUST. why all the bad comments guys? a robot cop, gore, stupid story. i cant wait. the first and second were so ridiculous this is going to be amazing πŸ˜€ high hopes. but thats what they said about "a momentary lapse of reason" album =/
  • Cockhear
    Stop ruining great movies you money grabbing pricks!
  • J To the O to the E-S-P-H
    In the interest of inflation considering its been about 20 years since the original... "I'll buy that for $4 dollars!!!"
  • craig
    What's sad is "PG-13" only means Hollywood greed. Which means "keep it tame enough so we can get a ton of people in to see it, but push a biiiiiiit moooore blood and t&a to go a bit over the limit. But you guys are aware of that. Why does Hollywood keep remaking stuff? Think about it... Kids. Teens. Ones that have NO IDEA who The Beatles were, what an LP is, only watch "reality TV" and think that's "great TV".... If you were lucky to catch the classics in theatres before they were made into remakes, that's great. But, we're "old" and the "new" Hollywood is moving onto the "new" generation. It is sad. The first Robocop was a classic poke at the way society is goin. And Hollywood now would miss the point COMPLETELY if they took the humor out of the story to make a "shoot em up and keep the summer blockbuster crowd happy" type of flick. It's business. Just business. Integrity is gone. You want integrity? Go see independent films.
  • Brian
    I am a huge fan of the originals and cant wait for them to remake it. I just hope they get it right, like the latest Transformers movie. Dont let the franchise die! "Dead or alive, your coming with me..."
  • andrew
    That promo poster can't be real. Why remake something that's not broken? Remake the starwars prequels and the last indy movie...they're broken.
  • avoidz
    Agreed, #41!
  • menace
    This poster is a fake. You can see a window and very faintly a guy who looks like hes taking a picture. I agree with the 2 above comments. Robocop is a classic and should not be touched. It would be good to see a vamped up version of the original. maybe the effects for the ED 209 could be made abit better, like they did with the star wars trilogy. other than that, they should leave it alone. Hollywood, please bring back some sort of originality. Why keep bringing movies out that we have all seen before. Give us something fresh!!!!!!!
  • avoidz
    " they did with the star wars trilogy" - Heresy!
  • randoface
    I'll buy THAT for a Dollar!!!
  • joe hodge
    I got one thing to say to whoevers idea this was.........bitches leave!
  • avoidz
    They made a mistake announcing a remake of RoboCop. Now it's time to erase that mistake!
  • D
    Thanx for ruin my day, FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD, STOP DOING THIS CRAP, GODDAMMIT!!! Makes me wanna puke... No Verhoeven... what's the point, I hope this movie goes sooooo bad n the B.O. Hollywood producers, are so fucking scares to make a film that go to the "safe" to "not loose money" UNBELIEVABLE. FUCK YOU ALL, HOPE YOU ALL DIE.
  • Jason
    I hope they make it in Houston again that would be awesome since the city has grown way better since then.
  • LOL
    Okay u guys r dumb who say this is fake because a guy took a picture. First this was from an expo so how would the guy get it any other way? They put the poster in a glass case do you people know what that is? The guy in the picture is a reflection of the person taking the pic yeah the poster doesn't look great but if there is a remake. I hope it's good
  • Jester222
    I'll give it a chance if they stick to 'R' Rating.- it must be dark, violent and gory- I agree that the Original is still excellent to this day- especially the uncut version. (the sequels sucked ass!)- and don't even mention the series and other movies (Prime Directives!!) But at the end of the day- RoboCop is just a ripoff of Judge Dredd- Even the director Paul V admitted it in interviews! As he had been trying to do a Dredd movie for years- then just went off and did RoboCop instead!! So make a Dredd film (As one hasn't really been made!! - as i won't allow Stallones crapfest to stain my brain ever again!). I hear one is in the works- it needs to be violent- and have the four dark judges.
  • Jester222
    Oh- and the poster is the most ridiculous picture i have seen- it sucks so badly- the people who designed it should be ashamed!!! Who designed it? So ametuerish - a kid could have done it! I'm shocked!
  • Andy
    I think that they should get michael bay to direct this movie!
  • Luis
    People somebody of course did the picture of the promo for robocop 2010.... the funny thing is that some amatuer did it if you look closely its from the movie xmen and the guy in the pic is cyclops.. some retard didnt know how to use photoshop well...and just pasted the robocops face in top.
  • Detarra
    IF, and that's a big if, they can do it right, it might be worth it. But if I don't get to see Murphy get shot to hell six ways from Sunday and then proceed to shoot everything in sight, I'm not going to be satisfied. Robocop NEEDS to be an R-rating, its just better quality that way.
  • dskessler
    Considering that Frank Miller is actually respected by Hollywood now as he clearly was not back when the original Robocop movies came out - to the point that he is directing movies now and not just getting screenwriting credits after studios butchered his material AND the fact that his scrapped concepts for Robocop 2 and 3 were recently made available in comic form, all points to the slightest chance that a contemporary remake of Robocop might not be such a bad thing. Any way you look at it, it won't be worse than R3 so it's not like they are tarnishing any fond memories.
  • Passos, Mario Sergio A.
    Well, at least the cast of characters could be it: ROBOCOP (2010)?! IN MY OPINION, THE CAST COULD BE THE FOLLOW: Well, Daniel Craig ,The 007, could be: Alex J.Murphy/Robocop in the role! Anne Lewis could be: Rachel Weisz or katie Holmes Sargeant Warren Reed could be Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman(with make up to looks younger as the original actor who plays him looks liked) The Old Man= John Hurt or Clint Eastwood Richard β€œDick” Jones= Jack Nicholson or Tommy Lee Jones, or maybe: Willem Dafoe(The Vilain from Spiderman movie) Robert "Bob" Morton= Billy Zane( from Titanic, and The Phantom) Donald Johnson= Forrest Whitaker(The Last King of Scotland) Mr.Kinney= Will Ferrell Clarence Boddicker= Kevin Spacey(Lex Luthor) Emil Antonowsky= Kieffer Sutherland(Jack Bauer) Leon Nash= Thomas Hayden Church(Sandman from spiderman) Steve Mihn= Jet Li or Lou Diamond Phillips Joe Cox= Marlon Wayans Sal= J.K.Simmon(Janah Jameson from spiderman movie) Lieutenant Hedgecock= Clive Owen from Media Break channel: Jesse Perkins= Sarah Michelle Gellar(ex-Buffy, the vampires hunter ) Casey Wong= Gary Oldman
  • Neil
    Will they please stop with the remakes. They do nothing but take from the memory of the orginal and provide nothing but a pay cheque for unimaginitive directors and writers.
  • alan mighell
    I LIKE TO SEE PLAY THE PART OF ROBOCOP dwayne johnson or johnny depp and the girl cop jessica simpson please please
  • Vikotronick
    FAKE You can clearly see the person taking the picture in the front of the head and in the right you can see a window apparently from the room where this pic was taken Peace Out Beers In
  • john
    fuck cops !!!!!
  • alex murphy
    I'm having..... trouble. Why destroy my good name after all these years prtotecting the innocent. Don't make it. Your move creeps!
  • Mike
    All these remakes just prove how lazy Hollywood is becomming. GIVE US SOMETHING ORIGINAL!
    • Jtg870
      They're running out of idea's. 1st comic book hero's, 2nd Action figures, what next.... board games as the theme? What ever happened to creativity and originality? But you know what.... I'll still probably watch it thou...
  • Apoc
    That picture looks photo shopped. If you look at it long enought you can see other images in it. Every thing in it looks off, like some kid made it for fun.




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