Rowdy Red Band for Ferrell and Reilly's Step Brothers!

May 27, 2008
Source: Apple

Red Band Step Brothers Trailer

Whoa, language! A ridiculously rowdy red band trailer for Step Brothers has just launched and I promise you it is some downright fantastic comedy. John C. Reilly definitely has one hell of a badass summer lined up. Not only is he hilarious in The Promotion as well, but this looks funny as all hell, too! Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as two 40-year-old momma's boys who end up becoming step brothers when their single parents get married. At first they hate each other, but after discovering that they both would sleep with John Stamos if they were chics, they instantly become best friends. If you're up for some loud ass and ridiculous humor, including foul language aplenty, then fire this new trailer up!

Watch the red band trailer for Step Brothers:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the red band Step Brothers trailer in High Definition on Apple

Step Brothers is directed and co-written by Adam McKay, of Talladega Nights and Anchorman previously. Ferrell and McKay originally signed a deal with Sony to make three movies, Anchorman being the first, Talladega Nights the second, and now Step Brothers. The movie arrives in theaters on July 25th.

Step Brothers Poster

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  • talladega nights sucked... maybe this will turn out ok.
    • Vikanug
      Im sorry are you from the past? T. nights was a gr8 film and so was this. you cant relly say jack shit since you aint making good movies with will and john who work like gods when they are toghter they could be in a movie where all they did was sit and watched tv scratching there asses and id still watch it and id love it. noob
  • Maxx
    Even though I loved Talladega Nights I think this will be a lot better...they seem to be going all out with nothing holding them TN it seemed they were given limits which should never happen in a comedy...
  • CHEEKYmonkey
  • This looks pretty damn funny. but I've got a nagging feeling it won't be that funny. Not to mention, they give away the whole plot structure in this trailer! What's with that?!
  • Maxx
    Adam McKeys movies always show the whole plot...comedies like this are successful because of the shock factor of the comedy not the plot
  • Vega Bro
    This could turn out to be the best Will Ferral movie ever (not that thats saying much, but it looks great nontheless). Reilly and Ferral play so great off eachother it reminds me of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. They just work as a comedy dream team.
  • I don't care what anyone says - that scene where Ferrell is burying John C. Reily is worth the price of admission alone. "He'll *never* know you're gone!"
  • John c. Reilly ... is really an actor and he got his own stable characters and I mean his roles in : Chicago or Gangs of New York ... But will Ferrell is a bit not stable actor ...and I mean by that his try to become the second Jim Carry ... and that is the problem with his acting and his movies .... But I really liked his role and the movie : Stranger Than Fiction it was a movie with a story and a bit different character for Ferrell .... The trailer of this one looks nice ...but we will see ... I really hope Ferrell to get a better and stable characters ... and become himself ... 😉
    • Camden
      Alright... I'm not gonna lie I was a little shocked when I read this. There is no way in hell that Will Ferrell resembles Jim Carry in the slightest bit. Excuse me sir but that is false. Sincerely, Portal Time
  • jeff s.
    now this is looking like a great r rated comedy, great trailer hope it holds up.
  • Minic
    Looks like just another Will Ferrell comedy to me; nothing really amazing.
    • Vikanug
      you're mum is amazing but this movie is still better
  • Triston
    I couldn't help but laugh out loud...its so stupid that it has its moments of truth making me want to see this one....
  • Nate
    The bunk bed scene alone is enough to make me wanna see this!
  • Heckle
    Ok. I watched this last night and LoLd. So i decided to wait till today and see if i feel the same. And yes.....i love it. Hope we didnt just see all the good parts.
  • jono
    dose sony really think this will beat the dark knight in its second week fucking losers
  • Curtis
    hahahaha i am so seeing this, should be Will Ferrell's best movie since Anchorman
  • Silver
    Rarely does a trailer make me laugh out loud so often. :) As long as they don't show a crappy TV spot or something I'm in. I didn't have that good feeling before but i got it now.
  • Scorpio
    I actually laughed out loud several times also. This could be pretty funny. I am there.
  • This looks HILARIOUS!
  • Roxy
    "Just let the dirt shower over you..." This actually looks funny (and I am not a Will Ferrell fan). Just hope it's not one of those all-the-good-parts-are-in-the-trailer movies.
  • Garrett.king
    gotta recent years I've gotten sick of Will Ferrell and all of these unnecessary and unfunny bullshit comedy flicks that he keeps chuckin' out there..but this actually seems like it may have potential. I haven't laughed that hard at Will Ferrell (in a nice way) in a long while.
  • Max
    The Bunk Bed got me interestd
  • Soak Cork
    this house is a prison, on planet bullshit, in the galaxy of this sucks camel dicks....yeeeaaaappp, this movie looks rad....some clutch one-liners for sure in this one.
  • Kari
    I think Will Ferrell sucks and I am every other movie he has too will fall short of what he thinks is comedy. If he thinks he can hold a candle to Jim Carrey or Mike Meyers he is sadly mistaken and he will never be in the same category of these funnymen. He should do it like they say in the movies and wrap it up! I am sure that some large corporation would hire him he would probably make a great test dummy...oh wait...I think he already that was funny :)
  • Tony
    If you remember Anchorman's trailers looked like they gave away a lot of funny parts but then half of the scenes weren't even used in the movie. I'm hoping Step Brothers does the same, this trailer's pretty awesome, the movies gotta be hilarious
  • Kari
    Hey Tony...I hope that you are not disappointed...enjoy the movie :)
  • james
  • Kari
    Hey James...WHATEVER!!!!
  • Ktina
    this movie is amaZing! go seee it! talladega sucked balls... but this is f-ing amaZing! ima see it way more that 2xs




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