Rumor: Brett Ratner Trying to Make a Guitar Hero Movie?!

August 29, 2008
Source: 1UP

Rumor: Brett Ratner Trying to Make a Guitar Hero Movie?!

We try to do our best to stay away from terrible rumors like this, but this one was way too fun to pass up today. This story is unfortunately quite legit - but it's not actually getting made. Apparently Brett Ratner, the man who ruined X-Men: The Last Stand, did actually say in an interview that "I would love to do a Guitar Hero movie, if Activision would ever let me." Thankfully they're not letting him, but he seems quite persistent and even has an awful story idea already in mind for the film. Let me be the first to say that this is one of the worst ideas in video game adaptation history. We thought Uwe Boll was bad, what would we get if Ratner actually did make a Guitar Hero movie?! I don't even want to think about it…

Ratner continued to say that "I'm trying to convince them, but why would you have a movie screw up such a huge franchise? Not that I would make a bad movie." Are you sure about that Mr. Ratner? As for that pitiful story idea he came up with, here it is, if you are read on. "It could be about a kid from a small town who dreams of being a rock star and he wins the Guitar Hero competition. One of these dreams-[come-true] kind of concepts." I'm already cringing just reading about it and thinking about how bad Ratner would screw up a film like this. We see tons of stories like that on the big screen every year, but a Guitar Hero one helmed by Ratner sounds like the worst there could ever be. Please stay away!

I actually love the game, although I prefer Rock Band a lot more, but a movie based on either just won't work. Even if Ratner wasn't attached, a movie that capitalizes on the popularity of a video game that has no real storyline in it just won't work as a movie. I admit that the intro to Rock Band where they race in their van down to that city is a great cinematic, but it's meant to be a 5 minute thing, not a 90 minute movie! There are enough Guitar Hero and Rock Band fans out there (including me) that instantly have something to say about this, so I'm glad I mentioned just so that we can all tear it apart. So what do you think? Is it good or a bad idea that Brett Ratner is trying to make a Guitar Hero movie?

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  • bat
    Ratner should do the Pac-Man movie while he's at it.
  • I'm going to re-read this article again, this time starting at the bottom and working my way to the top. If I read it backwards like that it should erase any memory of me having read it the first time. That's what they did in Ferris Bueller to erase the miles off the Ferrari. :) Wait a minute, that didn't work in the movie! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Precious brain cells... gone forever.
  • Ryan
    Screw Pac-Man. He needs to make a Tetris movie!
  • Itri
    Normally I dismiss movie ludicrous like this, however for some reason I don't hate Ratner. X-Men 3 was entertaining, despite being flawed. And the first Rush Hour was funny; the rest weren't but hey, we can't have everything.
  • Richard
    this is horrid.
  • Davis
    South Park already did it.
  • Jookie Juice
    This WILL BE THE BEST Movie of 2010 without a doubt!!! I've been waiting for this since Guitar Hero 1!!! FINALLY!
  • goudos
    Did you forget to type "April Fool's" in there somewhere?
  • LW
    Hey!.... Maybe it will be based on the 'Guitar Hero' avatars? :S
  • Xerxex
    Well he could do like an underground world of high stakes Guitar Hero, This kid who thinks he is the master of all things Guitar Hero is thrust into the underground world of G.H. and he must prove he is truly the one they call the "Master!" there an idea...
  • Viper
    "South Park already did it." - #7, QFT (Listening to Carry On My Wayward Son) Manager: Well, what do you think? Producer: I like it. That's these boys playing? Manager: No, that's Kansas. But these boys scored a hundred thousand points to it on Expert Level in Co-op Mode. Manager: This is Thad. Thad: 'Sup Manager: Thad is so good at Guitar Hero, he doesn't even need a TV screen. He can play acoustically. Stan: Yeah, but can he play Buckethead on Expert? (Thad hits notes on Guitar Hero controller) Stan: Nice, but now play John the Fisherman. (Thad hits notes on Guitar Hero controller) Man: Ooh, I love this song. (People at restaurant start to clap) Cartman: Real guitars are for old people. A serious theatrical movie about this would be awful. However, I think the creators of South Park would be able to pull off a full comedy movie based on the same idea, but with a slacker(s) playing the game - not some kid. The creators of Guitar Hero would never allow it though, unless they're fine with their game being mocked in theaters worldwide.
  • Viper
    By the way, the whole idea of a kid dreaming of being the best at a video game and going to a competition and winning it all was already done with Super Mario Brothers 3 in the movie The Wizard. It didn't work.
  • Kail
    Didn't they make this movie 20 years ago and call it The Wizard?
  • Zerge
    What an ass.No wonder X-3 turned out the way it did,all screwed up like the director.
  • Wow, just when I didn't think he could go any lower. Hey! How about you just make another Mariah Carey music video.
  • Maxwell
    Brett Ratner...rob cohen ...uwe boll...the dudes who directed Epic Movie.... ...sigh... i just cant wait for an extreme version of Survivor to come put 16 Terrible directors on an island and they have to kill off each other until only one remain..and he is the only one who has the right to direct anymore... I mean enough is enough...
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    a movie from the video game "Guitar Hero"???? I am laughing so hard I blew half a sandwich out my nose. You really are kidding arent you??? Please say you are just kidding about this. The game itself is a big enough joke as it is.
  • Keith
  • SlashBeast
    If this is allowed to be made then it just proves the movie industry is scraping the bottom of the barrel.




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