Rumor: Eva Longoria Interested in Wasp in The Avengers?!

September 14, 2008
Source: LA Times

Rumor: Eva Longoria Interested in Wasp in The Avengers?!

This rumor is so far-fetched, but it makes for great discussion, so why not? Here's the story: Eva Longoria was photographed by paparazzi in a parking garage leaving the offices of Marvel and in her hand was a copy of an Avengers comic book. Thanks to the reckless minds of journalists, the LA Times shot off an article claiming that this meant that Longoria was interested in a role in The Avengers movie in the works for 2011. There's no way to prove that this is not the case, but then again, that seems like quite a stretch when all she was doing was holding some comic books. Maybe she just wants to start reading comics? Maybe she's interested in some other role? Maybe she wants to support some upcoming Marvel comic? Who knows?

Rumor: Eva Longoria Interested in Wasp in The Avengers?!

If Longoria is indeed interested in playing some role in The Avengers, she might be looking at playing Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp, who was one of the founding members of the superhero team and eventual wife of Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man, who's getting his own movie soon anyway. She was initially a shallow, self-centered, flighty heiress, daughter of wealthy scientist before Pym helped turn her into the superhero that she is today. Besides Longoria, actress Evangeline Lilly has been a popular choice amongst fans for her beautiful looks, which are necessary for the role. So if it isn't The Avengers, maybe it's the actual Ant-Man movie that Edgar Wright is working on? Either way, her potential involvement is rather peculiar.

For some odd reason, Longoria just doesn't seem like the caliber of actress that I'd expect to see in any of Marvel's upcoming films. She seems like nothing more than a pretty face hoping to be a damsel in distress, just like Eva Mendes, and we all know how Ghost Rider turned out. One of the predictions that the LA Times made is that she was purposefully "flashing" these comics in order to start up this sort of buzz which will in turn help her get further into it. Does anyone really think she's that smart? And she looks like she was just caught off guard - not that she literally positioned herself with comic books in hand so the paparazzi could take photos. Anyone, there's a lot to discuss with this, so I'll leave it up to all of you.

Would Eva Longoria make a good Wasp in The Avengers or Ant-Man?

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  • Darren
  • The Delightful Deviant
    ugh, don't ruin the Avengers for me.
  • Soup Nazi
    "Maybe she just wants to start reading comics? Maybe she's interested in some other role? Maybe she wants to support some upcoming Marvel comic?" Wow, you are dense. And that LA Times article speculates that her playing The Wasp is a possibility. Reckless journalists my ass.
  • Daas
    Not sure about her acting prowess for this role but jeez could you imagine Eva Longoria wearing that black and yellow Wasp costume??? um......yeah.....
  • oh now that you mention the costume...but she's too latin for the Wasp. Janet Van Dyne, that's far from latin.
  • Rob
    Please use Evangeline Lilly instead. As gorgeous as Eva is she has NO real acting ability, this would be worse than Mendes in Ghost Rider or Halle in Catwoman, nice to look at in the costume but painful to listen to.
  • Daas
    I would much rather Evangeline Lilly in the role too, shes gorgeous and she can act. Eva is hot but Evangeline would be perfect. Either way, for the love of God please use that black and yellow spandex costume!
  • OK since no one gets the inside joke that the Wasp is supposed to be a WASP-y (White Anglo-Saxon Prostant) Eva would be the WRONG choice like Jessica Alba was a bad choice for Sue Storm.
  • Darrin
    i'm with no.7.
  • BinYe East
    "Maybe she just wants to start reading comics? Maybe she's interested in some other role? Maybe she wants to support some upcoming Marvel comic?" Wow, you are dense. And that LA Times article speculates that her playing The Wasp is a possibility. Reckless journalists my ass. ______________ Your sarcasm-gauging/deductive reasoning ablities are obviously not mutant powers of yours.
  • I'm in total agreement with most of the prior posters: forget Eva, get Evangeline! Sure, Eva Longoria's a hottie, but there is no way she's going to be able to pretend to be smart for that long. Evangeline Lilly, on the other hand is awesome at playing that "strong, intelligent woman" role. Unless they rewrite the Avengers to include a scene where Wasp sleeps her way onto the Avengers roster, they need to pick someone who can act like a scientist.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    the misleading thing about that photo is that she is holding a copy of the New Avengers, which the Wasp is not a part of, but then again Spider-Woman is.
  • IK
    No one holds comics like that.
  • Devon Shaw
    It's a trap!
  • Erwin
    She doen't have the breast!!!!
  • big r
    Im the only one who doesnt want to see a spider woman or wasp in the coming avengers movie. Id rather it just be hulk, thor, ant man, iron man etc.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    chances are and this is all pure fan speculation that if she gets offered any role she'd get the Maria Hill role. it hasn't been specified if Maria Hill is hispanic or not but with a name like Maria they can push it and make it believable. Maria Hill was at the time Nick Fury's replacement as Commander of S.H.I.E.L.D but she can also be turned into his Second In Command and still come out on top. Maria Hill and Iron Man/ Tony Stark do NOT get along so she can be there to reprimand and quote regulations to the Avengers team. again this is pure speculation, other than that she may be after the Echo role, nothing beats a Deaf Martial Artist who copies skills and fighting ability by sight.
  • D-9
    She is with out a doubt, the worse actress I have ever seen. You watch her for her beauty, and then your dumb-founded on how horrible she is. But for the Avengers....I really do not want to boy-cott the project. But if "they" add Nick Cage.....well it goes with out saying.
  • DarkRaven18599
    I'm really hoping they don't use a ditz who relies solely on her looks instead of acting ability like Longoria-Parker. I mean, look how horribly Jessica Alba did as Susan Storm. When you go with someone who is popular due to their looks instead of someone who can actually act you get a sub-par performance and a crappy movie. Marvel doesn't need any of that in their new Avengers film.
  • |R|M
    Big R, you're sexist.
  • ERivas
    Ok Alex, So let me get this are being the voice of reason concerning jumping to conclusions? I mean come on Dude!!...You are Mr Jumps-to-conclusions. Cause a few articles later you state that you hate a movie franchise in the same sentence where you indicate that you have never watched the movie? Just really are something else does credibility mean anything to you? give me some substance..I will say this though..I agree with not jumping to conclusions, after all she was just holding comic books..but you are not the poster boy for this cause...Tighten up man!!
  • I watch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (guilty pleasure :)) and Eva is actually pretty damn talented and underrated. I think she could be good in a dramatic part, but this is a toss-up.
  • Pitt
    Agree with 22. If you watch some of the older desperate housewives (season 1-3) you'll see that Eva really can act and is pretty talented.
  • i like eva longoria as the wasp on the wasp movie and the avengres i like eva longoria she's pretty hott sexy and beautiful i hope i meet her and i like her i like her as the wasp so i will see her on two marvel movies coming soon im glad im a marvel fan.
  • cleetsb
    i agree with 12. the wasp isn't even part of the new avengers. there is maya lopez but... that would be extremly random in the avengers movie so i don't think so....




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