Rumor: Rob Zombie's Back for a Sequel to His Halloween?

December 1, 2008
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Rob Zombie

It's delicious to report on horror news amidst a month filled with cheer and goodwill. And one story that continues to make headlines is an upcoming sequel to Rob Zombie's 2007 re-imagining of the 1978 classic Halloween. Zombie's vision was noteworthy, so it's been slightly worrisome that he might not return for a possible sequel. When producer Malek Akkad said last month that long-considered French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary still didn't have final paperwork, I started to wonder. Well, someone phoned today with word that Zombie will, in fact, return. Bring on the haters!

Following Akkad's statement, and which was overshadowed by Black Friday, was word that Bustillo and Muary had actually left the project, despite writing for the film for some time. There's little to the story of why they left, but I can't imagine this bodes well for the French duo hoping to make their American debut. If you recall, they were also attached to the Hellraiser remake, but left that project as well. What gives?

But back to the reason we're here, it's great to learn that Zombie might return for the sequel. I say might because all we have to go on right now is a little bird that spoke to STYD. Granted, most dark, pestilent little creatures that whisper to Ryan Rotten do seem to be reliable. For Zombie to work on the sequel, he'll reportedly have to postpone his other project, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and potentially an album in the works. If it all works out, and like I said before, I'm certainly not going to shy away from Rob Zombie returning - though I do wonder if he'll have time to partake in much writing (as he did with the first film) being that filming is due to start in March. So are folks excited that Zombie might be back?

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  • Drew
    In all honesty, Rob Zombie's Halloween was the worst movie I have ever seen.
  • Kail
    Yeah I didn't think it was all that great, the kid wearing the KISS shirt was probably the only thing I liked about it
  • Fuelbot
    No. Not at all. Rob Zombie is the worst thing to happen to the Halloween franchise since Busta Rhymes.
  • tzarinna
    I'd love to see where he plans to take this story. Not matter what it's going to be brutal.
  • Jesse
    He pretty much covered every red neck cliche in the book. Well except for a trailer park. I guess thats where the second movie will take place.
  • Chris
    I myself am a very big fan of slashers and i enjoyed Rob Zombie's Halloween. It was more of a telling of Michael Myers backstory then a remake but it was entertaining nonetheless. And while Rob Zombie possibly returning for the sequel i have to ask. WHY. Why make a remake of a sequel to Halloween. How will it be different
  • Conrad
    I thought Zombie's Halloween was all right nevertheless. I could go for him coming back for a sequel.
  • Florian
    Totally agree with 6. Love Rob Zombie's work, specially house of 1000 Corpses the first remake was well done in my opinion, the first half was a great and entertaining insight into the character, although i must say the second half was fairly dull - i really don't see why a sequel would be necessary at all, they WOULD be pretty much the same, and i'd prefer to see Zombie do something more original like TREX or who knows maybe Werewolf Women of the S.S. (hehe)
  • i loved it
  • I love it. I cant wait for a sequel...from one else...unless its me (lol)
  • Meli
    Until Rob makes a note on his myspace blog this is a complete and utter rumor. Would I'd like to see him come back to Halloween? Not really. While I liked the movie I'd much rather see him move on to another project such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and also to get a new album out in '09, which from what I understand is nearly studio complete.
  • DD
    I really enjoyed his version of Halloween, though I am not partial to the originals like a lot of people are and who hate to see their movies changed. I loved the background story as it gives the character more depth, but I agree, I have no idea where a sequel will take us. I say, let the remake end with the first as it was a good movie and sequels will only lessen its worth. Also, I really enjoyed House of a 1000 Corpses, as that should have ended without a sequel as well, because the sequel to that was absolutely terrible. So terrible I can't even think of the name of it at this time.
  • Angelo
    A sequel could be so fucking good. No more useless and aggravating introductions, you can just begin immediately. And seeing how the last 45 minutes of Halloween (2007) saved the entire film, I'm more than excited to see how a sequel will be worked out.
  • adamsweet
    i liked zombies verison of halloween alot, and i wouldnt mind seeing him do another. but i was also excited to see maury and bustillo's take on the character. i really enjoyed their film 'inside'. it was super fucking brutal and disgusting like good horror should be. if they are really off the project thats a bummer.
  • I was all about HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and even more for THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. But Zombie's HALLOWEEN was an aggressively stupid turd. It was THE HAPPENING bad. Big opening weekend thanks to all of the original Halloween fans, drops like a stone (a whopping 63.9%!) to less than a third of it's opening take the second weekend (that was the Horror fans giving it the thumbs down. Five weekends in September, it barely survived three in that low performing month. Daeg was the only good thing in it, which says more about the kid's acting than it does about the whole movie. Uwe Bolls on his worst day makes better than Zombie's HALLOWEEN. Hell, Ulli Lomell on his best day makes better than Zombie's HALLOWEEN. Rob needs to get back to his own stories. He was going somewhere great with those.
  • richie
    that movie gave me goosebumps every time i saw it!!!!
  • Black Dynamite
    Zombie version was better than the first. It stepped Halloween into our era, he informed us of who Myers was, why he started killing & what he came to be. It was brutal, intense, realistic & I can't wait for the remake.
  • Louis
    To be sincere, I am very excited. Rob Zombie's Halloween was by far, not the best Halloween. But as I am a Halloween fan, I AM REALLY EXCITED I've been waiting for this news since a long time!
  • vherri
    Rob Zombies Halloween is my favorite movie and the best remake I have ever seen! The shot angles, the colors even the music were perfect. I could smell autumn and feel the chill! Every actor fit there part and I loved all the backround information. I cannot wait for 2!!!
  • corey
    halloween 1 was great and i think halloween 2 will be great 2
  • Randy
    Ugh...Rob's Zombie's Halloween was TERRIBLE. Why must their always be rednecks in his movies! The original Halloween had nothing to do with rednecks. So wish he would stop destroying the Halloween franchise.
  • My mom says the remake was soooooooo bad!
  • Nick
    all of you are retarded. Rob Zombie's Halloween II is probably the best Horror film made in 30+ years. People just don't understand that it's not a "torture porn" cannabalistic, grotesque, and intolerable experience. That's what horror has become now a days and Halloween II is nothing like that at all. Halloween II is a story based journey that is reliant on it's visuals, fast-pace, violence, music, and character evolutions. Halloween II is literally amazing. Watch it again. Kudos Mr. Zombie. You have made my 2nd favortie horror film of all time.




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