Sam Raimi Considering Making Evil Dead 4 Already!

July 26, 2008
Source: Geeks of Doom

Evil Dead

Not only did my favorite geek Sam Raimi share some fresh new clips from Drag Me to Hell today at Comic-Con, but he mentioned that he would love to make another Evil Dead movie! The unofficial title would be Evil Dead 4, since Army of Darkness is the sequel to Evil Dead II, and Raimi mentions that he's going to work on the script with his brother Ivan Raimi starting next week. This update arrives courtesy of our friends from Geeks of Doom who have been covering Comic-Con all weekend. Since we were out doing interviews with Seth Rogen and David Gordon Green of Pineapple Express, we didn't have a chance to catch any of the footage from Drag Me to Hell, but from what I heard it didn't sound too bad.

Raimi explained during Universal's surprise presentation for Drag Me to Hell, his other horror throwback, that he loves working with Bruce Campbell because "he's super willing to do anything to make it right. He's a very funny guy, but mostly he's got this quality where he will physically do anything to get the shot done right, so I would love to work with Bruce again because I'd love to test those limits." Raimi confirms that he would love to direct Evil Dead 4 and that it, in fact, is already "in the wheelhouse." This sounds eerily similar to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: after finishing a trilogy, he's coming back for a fourth movie 15 years later and the star (this time we're talking about Bruce Campbell) has aged so much that he would be a noticeably different kind of character.

If you're concerned that this would cause Raimi to skip out on Spider-Man 4, don't worry too much. Although he didn't confirm he would direct that fourth movie, Raimi did talk a lot about it, which makes us believe that Evil Dead 4 might be a long way out. In fact, Drag Me to Hell was first written back in the 90's when they made Army of Darkness and didn't even get made until now. If you're curious whether Raimi can still make great horror 15 years later, here's what people have said about the Drag Me to Hell footage so far. From Mike at Great White Snark: "Drag Me To Hell looks like the same schlocky humor horror with cheesy effects of Evil Dead." Anyone excited for Sam Raimi to return to the Evil Dead series?

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  • REAL6
    Shit i hope Bruce and Sam do another one!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chris
    If he's bringing Bruce back, he'll have to get him to hit the gym. Love the guy but he's looking a bit flabby in Burn Notice (which he's also great in).
  • moldybread
    there can be NO Evil Dead without Bruce ... he made the series what it is and it would have flopped on its ass with anyone else in the lead....I look forward to anything that has Bruce Campbell in it...
  • Carlos
    Oooooohhhhh HAIL TO THE KING BABY!!
  • Cool, but I am more intrested in what they showed for DRAG ME TO HELL right now.
  • mangelo
    DOOOOOOOOOD, I loved all 3 evil deads and i watched them all with my brother when I was only like 11 years old!!! I'm about to tell my brother about this!!! Bruce Campbell deserves to star in more movies
  • Darrin
    i hope they don't go all cgi on us like what they did with indiana jones 4
  • Conrad
    Thank goodness Sam Raimi is still sticking to his roots and I was worried, but prepared that once he started making the Spider-Man movies, he was going to leave behind his horror trademark, but alas, he's making some classic throwback horror. With our Bruce Campbell no less!!! Can't wait for any of his projects!
  • That is what I call : GREAT NEWS 😉
  • Neil
    Loving the idea of Evil Dead 4 - get in Nicholas Brendon (Xander from BtVS) as "son/nephew/cousin of Ash" and get twice the fun!
  • He should call it Evil Dead 3, just to mess with peoples minds. Whatever he calles it, it's going to rock. Also looking forward to Drag Me to Hell and hoping the studio is going to be wise enough to bring him back for Spidey 4.
  • John
    Oh God yes.
  • zlajonja
    WOO HOO! GO GO GO GO! :) I am going tomorrow to the seaside and bringing all 3 parts on a laptop to enjoy them while there. :) Can't wait for another one if Sam goes for it. :) Bruce is the King, baby! 😀
  • ricardo
    im ricardo from portugal im 27 year old.i have been born in the same year of the first evil dead(1981),and i can tell you something,PLEASE MAKE EVIL DEAD 4. its the best 3gy i hever seen...from the movies to the comics passing to the games its fantastic... "iou,she bitch...lets go."
  • RAM0
    oh really i love to see am number one fan of bruce..... actually ive already seen the evil dead I, II, III.. and it so beautiful and awesome..... So PLEAASE make the evil dead IV
  • R.Williams
    What I Think! If Sam Raimi or his people read this, WE LOVE YOUR WORK! 1.Make Evil Dead 4 2.Use Bruce Cambell, because he IS Evil Dead. No movie without Bruce. 3.No CGI, it can so easily ruin a good scene. It may seem cheesy, but stick to your roots - and use stop motion, or latex suits from creature shop or something. 4.Know that there are still die-hard fans, even if the movie flops - we will still love what you have given us in the past. 5.Even if Bruce is a little older, use it. I remember him sleeping for something like 700 years in one ending of Army of Darkness - if that doesn't age you, I don't know what would. 6.Please don't take a backstep like they did with Terminator 3. The enemy always has to be stronger, scarier, and timeless somehow. Does anyone remember being scared of cops after Terminator 2? Exactly. AND always make the stakes higher. ps for the love of god don't let it end with some disney-esque happy ending. Thanks!
  • davey
    this i sone of the most greatest horror series ever created ... there could be no other way bruce has ta do it for the fans!! go bruce!!!
  • davey
    please god make that movie it will be amazing if u do...
  • Xhanth
    I dont know if you people that think bruce can not do another evil dead cuz he is old or not perfect like all the movies stars now days from what corp america says is perfect, that is BS. He was awsome in his movie "My name is bruce" I would watch him run in to a wall or beat him self up at age 90 and enjoy it. Bruce is the king of B movies and only he could do another evil dead with sam, sam needs to get back to his roots too spider man sucks the life from him I mean WTF was the little look alike peter parker from the 70s show DOING trying to be VENOM wtf VENOM WAS BUILDT like a brick S&^% house I mean really WTF happend there. Any way bruce, sam, evil dead rule cant wait to see it. One last thing bruce was really old in the second ending to Army of darkness if you cought that or not yea it would all tie togeather like I am sure they all planed on doing.




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