Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds' The Proposal Trailer

December 9, 2008
Source: MSN

The Proposal Trailer

Disney has unveiled the first full trailer for The Proposal, a big summer comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. In the beginning, the two hate each other, as one is an asshole boss, while the other is a troublesome assistant. Due to a technicality, the boss fakes her marriage to her assistant in order to prevent from being deported. In essence, the concept is like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, but with a real heterosexual couple. Admittedly, this trailer doesn't look that bad. And if you didn't think Sandra Bullock could look attractive anymore, then watch this, I'm sure you might change your mind.

Watch the first trailer for The Proposal:

[flv: 480 272]

The Proposal is directed by ex-choreographer Anne Fletcher, of Step Up and 27 Dresses previously. The script was written by producer and first-time writer Pete Chiarelli. In addition to Bullock and Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Betty White, Denis O'Hare, and Malin Akerman all appear in the movie as well. Disney will debut The Proposal in theaters everywhere on June 12th this summer.

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  • Jazz
    So It seems Van Wilder is finally in Love!
  • Darrin
    im not big on romantic comedies but this looks decent
  • JustinWhy
    Wow a very original and fresh take on the romantic comedy genre. Sign me up!
  • Not a theatre watch for me but I LOVE sandra and I think Ryan Reynolds is one of the most underrated actors in hollywood. Does look good.
  • JL
    Betty White is farkin' hilarious.
  • Fuelbot
    I like that a choreographer is directing a movie but people with actual talent, vision, and originality get the shaft.
  • Isn't Sandra Bullock, like 45 years old? This movie looks like The Devil Wears Prada except with a dude. I'll see it for Reynolds, though. Even if he picks shitty roles, he's always fun to watch.
  • /vomit
  • Derek
    I laughed, wont see it in theaters but I probably wont pass over it like most romantic comedies these days.
  • cyn
    Wow, a romantic comedy I'm actually interested in seeing. Liked the trailer. Sandra looks great!
  • K
    LOL! That looks good, will have some great laughs for sure.
  • kitano0
    I love Betty White...what a hoot! I would love to see her steal this movie away from the leads, although I love SB a lot too.
  • b
  • The poster for this movie has been up at the theater I work at for almost a month now and it seems that EVERYONE loves Sandra Bullock, I can see this making a surprising amount of money.
  • xylo
    ohh...I'm waiting for this trailer for a long time.! Sandy B. ..but kinda hate Ryan a little...I would also love to see a movie starring Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep and maybe with Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey,Jr.....just make a movie with Sandra and meryl!...pleaaasseee! them both...
  • Waynson
    I wonder when Sandra Bullock learns that Ryan Reynolds is actually a ninja created by Weapon X.
  • janet
    I don't know what but something about this works. It looks a lot better than what I was expecting.
  • zach s
    a bit cheesy but not horrible. could be ok. hearing betty white saying "its like finding easter eags. there they are!" is pretty funny. we will see though. a girl may be able to drag me to this without much hassle......maybe
  • Chris W
    I pretty much like anything Reynolds is in... I may be 'Waiting...' on this film *cough*
  • RandyG
    Contrary to what Howard Stern said, Ryan Reynolds really is a likable, talented actor and he pretty much does a great job with whatever he's given. This will be fun (I need three or four of these movies a year).
  • Being a total softie for the romcom genre, I'm still passing on this one until it's on DVD. Why? Watch the trailer. Seriously - watch the damn thing. It hits on every single romcom trailer cliche possible, including "loveable old people" and "forced into uncomfortable intimacy". Hopefully the movie is better than what it's trailer is trying to cover up.
  • The_Phantom
    Ryan Reynolds is awesome and a great actor. I'm not to sure about Sandra though, I don't really care for her movies, but she seems alright in this one, judging from the trailer.
  • wm
    I smell a winner
  • Kiran
    This looks REALLY REALLY GOOD! Can't wait...I usually never watch romantic comedies in theatres but I could definitely make an exception for this one!
  • Lauren
    Andrew's reaction to finding out he's getting married. xD I love how- Ryan rocks, okay? I'm totally seeing this.
  • aaron
    this is a disney movie? whats with the implied nudity and morningwood
  • Manda
    Ohhh, I have to see this one. XP
  • Ali
    I jizzed myself.
  • normf
    Oh wow, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in the SAME MOVIE? *shoots self in face*
  • LeftHanded
    Holy Crap! That looks awful!
  • Not as bad as I thought. Looks pretty funny and not in a bad way at all. I think this will make a good amount of money.
  • Yamika
    o.o looks fun!, ill watch it.
  • Silver
    "its the morning" christ i freakin snorted at that one. to me reynolds is always entertaining so i'll probably watch
  • yommma
    betty white = Awesome Easter egg hunt !
  • Susana
    haha i think it looks good!
  • Case
    This should've been a Worth Watching! I don't even like these movies, but this one has potential.
  • irox
    where's the token black friend these kinda movies always have?
  • RandyG
    He's busy running the country.
  • Laia
    I love Sandra Bullock!!!She is the bets moive star!!! an the most of his films are great!!!!!!!
  • Defeatedfrog
    It looks like a great movie. Betty White...awesome! ...Eater egg hunt' LMAO
  • MBD
    #7 Said it perfectly.
  • Robin
    First trailer that made me bust out laughing. That body slam -- They got some total bugs bunny Warner Bros looney toons shit going on there. Gonna see it just for that.
  • Carolina Guy
    Sandra Bullock is the best actress in Hollywood.Period.If Sandra's in it, you know it's going to be good.
  • marianne
    i just ADORE sandra bullock and i think this is going to be a great movie.
  • Kendra
    I can't wait for this movie! Looks hilirious! I love Sandra Bullock! June 12th - I'm there! LMBO @ easter egg hunt!
  • Brigette
    Ryan reynold is HOT ! and Sandra Bullock is hilarious
  • Loved this movie
    This is a must see and a must buy......truly enjoyed every last minute!
  • Ryan lover
    Omg this film is perfect I LOVE RYAN. hes sucha gr8 acter a pretty fit to but he just really makes u laugh. cant wait 2 c it
  • Mimihankins
    Sandra tattoo




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