Seth Rogen Already Up For Pineapple Express Sequel

July 7, 2008

Seth Rogen

Actor Seth Rogen has quickly become one of the most beloved comedic actors in recent years. You may remember him most as the careless stoner friend in 40 Year Old Virgin, the careless stoner father in Knocked Up, or the careless stoner cop in Superbad, or maybe you're looking forward to his next role as just a careless stoner in Pineapple Express. Whatever he ends up in, he's always damn funny. The guys over at (via SlashFilm) recently caught up with Rogen and got a few brief updates from him regarding the previously announced Green Hornet movie that he wrote and is starring in as well as Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make a Porno. However, we were most interested in hearing what he had to say regarding Superbad and Pineapple Express sequels.

"They've been wanting us to do a sequel to Superbad for so long – but we've held off. We eventually said no. But this one, it's not a precious coming-of-age story like Superbad, it's a weed action-movie and if it did well, and they gave us like $50 million dollars (as opposed to the $26M we got for this one) we could benefit from that."

First off, Rogen confirms that they wouldn't allow Sony to make an unnecessary sequel to Superbad - finally someone in Hollywood with common sense! Secondly, he says that he'd up be for a Pineapple Express sequel. In fact, that isn't such a bad idea, but considering I still haven't seen it, I can't comment on it. But from what I've heard and what I know about it (from the hilarious trailers), it looks like an awesome stoner action movie. And who wouldn't want sequels to that? My guess is it's going to end and we're going to be anxious for more anyway. So it's good to already hear that Rogen is up for it, too. I'm wondering whether Rogen and Franco are destined to become stoner heroes upon the release of Pineapple Express?

Rogen also explains the wacky choice to include Eric Bana in Judd Apatow's upcoming comedy. "There's a role in the movie for an actor that you normally wouldn't imagine acting with our crew. We just said 'What about Eric Bana? He's supposed to be really funny.' He is really hilarious in Chopper - not that it's a comedy…" Although James Franco was funny on Freaks and Geeks back in the day, it's Apatow who put him in Pineapple Express and brought him back to his roots after years of serious roles. Maybe that will be the same for Eric Bana. For now, I'm looking forward to seeing Rogen and Franco in Pineapple Express the most. I've got a warm and fuzzy feeling it may be this year's best comedy, but only time will tell.

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  • They wanted them to do a sequel to Superbad for "so long?" Dude, Rogen... it's only been out *a year*! It's not an AFI classic, or something!
  • Unseen
    But to hollywood it hasnt only been around for 2 yrs. so I can see why he would say that, for them its probably been in their lives for around 5 or more years.
  • Garrett.king
    awesome for Pineapple Express. the first film that I actually want to see Rogen in and it's getting a sequel already. Not bad, no not bad at all.
  • Brian
    I've read the script for Pineapple Express. It's every bit as ridiculous as it looks but it works, on the page anyway. All those guys have amazing on-screen chemistry. And their improv is almost always better than the script. I'm not worried. Judd Apatow is the Pixar of comedies right now.
  • Jesse
    I guess I'm looking forward to this. I don't know if I'll like it though. So far I haven't enjoyed one Rogan film, or Judd movie yet.
  • Kail
    Sequels, adaptations, and remakes. In a world where the theater is no longer a place to experience things once thought fantastical and new, does it not make you wonder why we are no longer astonished by moving pictures on a screen?
  • Oh for the love of God, Garrett.king. There is nothing in this article that says Pineapple Express is getting a sequel. "Up for" a sequel and a sequel being greenlit are two completely different things.
  • StamasterArson
    @5 This guy was just waiting for a chance to use that ridiculous line of garbage.
  • Garrett.king
    Gordon (@7), shut up. didn't bother reading the article cuz I was in a hurry. I know what the hell the differences are.
  • I guess if you're outside of Australia you may not be aware that Eric Bana started as a comedian staring on Australian TV sketch comedy show Full Frontal and also did stand up gigs. He is a very funny guy who then went on to be an outstanding actor.
  • Brian
    Jesse, you're dead inside. I don't care who you are. Someone getting hit by a car in the ass is always funny.
  • Curtis
    only time will tell i have to see the movie first, ill most likely really enjoy it and look forward to a sequel if necessary.
  • dan
    Yeah...another drug film with a sequel already planned. Let's make th sequel bigger and badder...ooh I know liquid ecstacy this time. these druggy films are crap and make drug taking seem funny, cool brilliant bla bla bla
  • Darien
    OMG!!! they seriously need to do another pineapple express!!! that movie is far out the best movie ever!!! even if your not a stoner its friggin hillarious!!!! james franco is sooooooo effin hot too!!! and so funny!!!! so we need another movie of him crackin stoner jokes!!! and seth rogen is such an awesome actor!!!! one of the best!!! those two put together was a comedy miracle!!!!!! MAKE ANOTHER PINEAPPLE EXPRESS!!!!!!! PLEEEAAASE!!!!!
  • Darien
    and hey 13!! your dumb!! weed isnt a drug!! its an herb bitch!!




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