Sexy New International Poster for David Goyer's The Unborn

December 11, 2008
Source: Empire

Sexy New International Poster for David Goyer's The Unborn

We're going to play a little game. Time yourself and see how long it takes for you to notice that there's also a kid on this poster somewhere. It took me about 30 seconds. Empire has a fantastic new poster for The Unborn that is sure to brighten everyone's day. Even though this is a horror movie, this will bring a smile to your face, that's for sure. That beautiful body you're looking at is that of Odette Yustman, the same beauty who appeared in Cloverfield back in January. Now she's headlining this January release as well and as good as she may look, The Unborn is actually about a soul that attempts to inhabit her body. Creepy…

The Unborn Poster

The Unborn is both written and directed by David S. Goyer, who directed Blade: Trinity and The Invisible previously, but also wrote scripts for films ranging from Dark City to Blade to Batman Begins to Jumper to The Dark Knight. This is not based on any other past horror films or books, this is an entirely original project. Rogue Pictures will be bring us The Unborn right after New Years on January 9th.

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  • Syphous
    If I was a wandering soul who wanted to inhabit a body, I'd make the same choice. Cuz god damn, that's nice.
  • evilnik
    nice. nice. nice. oh i saw the boy in 3 seconds..cos i didint scroll down the image properly :(... and Odette Yustman looks mmmmmmmmph :)
  • felipe
    boy? what boy? with a distraction like that, he´s as important as the wall (lack of) paint.
  • MCab
    You didn't notice the kid because you were staring at that flawless bottom of hers.
  • I want her to carry my unborn child... Yea It was obvious but i had to go there. Very sexy poster...not sure a horror movie screams sexy but i guess sex sells anything.
  • ehhh
  • tashawnda
    o god. I wanna smack that ass
  • vu
    yeah it's nice but it looks like she may have camel toe
  • darrin
    she is fucking hot. i hope the poster for transormers 2 should be like that. instead of the kid , put a robot.
  • imaclatchie
    Kid looks like Vlad the impaler Jr. I did so notice her ass first. But I have a wee bit of respect, sheesh. I.
  • Dusty
    terrible, distasteful, wrong.... but.. hmm.. for some reason I am still staring at it
  • That has got to be the tightest pair of underwear on Earth.
  • And why is that a bad thing Tom?! 😀
  • Dookie
    "Evil will do anything to live." Would he do his own sister?
  • drake
    this movie is going to be big. the trailer is awesome. the script is original. and my lord that poster is sweet.
  • LeeMan
    nice cheeks
  • Jmoney
    I love how were to the point that it's required that we point out that a project is a completely original idea.
  • Jmoney
    and by love i mean disgusted
  • Who cares about the kid, the only thing that sells this movie is this girls ass!
  • This is the only way they can sell this movie. When ever i see the previews i start laughing.
  • Nothing wrong with it, Alex. It's just that I've never seen a pair of underwear that both lifts AND separates!
    Spoiler: i actually saw a preview screening on tuesday and she does have a slight camel
  • I've got no problem with Camel toe! Since we have THE BABY, THE BORN and now THE UNBORN, I'm inspired to write my own screenplay: THE ILL CONCEIVED.
  • Fuelbot
    Odette Yustman's ass will be amazing in this movie.
  • mangelo
    Why are lil girls (the ring, the exorcist) more scary?? Is it their long hair that can cover their whole face? Anyways, the style poster takes a lot away from it being scary since the focal point obviously not the boy. Hell I don't think anyone cares if the boy is on it considering what else they can look at!
  • "Who cares about the kid, the only thing that sells this movie is this girls ass!" Yes, that's a hot poster - but doesn't it scream of desperation by the studio to anyone? "Look! An awesome ass! PLEASE come see our movie!" Vic
  • Oh, and it DID take me a few seconds to notice the kid, lol.
  • KyB
  • Darren
    nice looking back-side
  • b
    Nothing will be able to be born out of those tight panties. Pretty sure that ass actually belongs to the little boy.
  • Deedog
    The trailer looks nice and I have one thing to say about the poster - ASSTASTICALLY DELICIOUS!!!!
  • Conrad
    Number 30, there is no boy on Earth that has an ass like that!! I'd like to believe that's a good thing. Sweet poster, good god if that's not a good idea for a movie like this then I don't know what is. Word!
  • edi
    Bad photoshop work.
  • tw
  • Jaf
    No kidding about the photoshop is the twin standing a milk crate or something?
  • Eric
  • Daniel F.
    yummy 😉
  • Redge
  • Rob G
    wait i still haven't seen the kid....XD
  • Just imagined Quagmire instead of the boy. That would be fun-ny! ...Giggiddy giggidy goo!
  • NadaNuff
    @ #12: I've seen tighter.
  • El señor
    I think the kid is behind her staring at her ass too!
  • I saw the poster first than read what you had to right and same thing with the kid. Didn't notice him either until you mentioned it :)
  • She is pretty sexy. Great ass =) lol
  • miguel (ela)
    I need to buy one of the poster.A.S.A.P
  • moe
    yeah there is a FANTASTIC camel toe in the movie!!! made it worth the 7 bucks!
  • chris
    the posters are the best just like the movie and the pics




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