Star Trek Reveals Galore: Kirk, Spock, Nero, Full Crew and More!

October 15, 2008
Source: Just Jared

Star Trek on Entertainment Weekly

J.J. Abrams' Star Trek is gearing up to take this weekend by storm. Not only does the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring Captain Kirk and Spock on the cover, but five new photos (so far) have been unveiled across the web. This is the stuff we've been waiting months to see, since the first teaser trailer debuted way back in January, eight months ago! If you're as excited to finally see some finished visual effects and better glimpses of Kirk and Spock (and the villain Nero) as well as the entire supporting cast on the USS Enterprise, then here you go! This is definitely an exciting day for Tekkies worldwide.

The Entertainment Weekly cover comes from Just Jared and will be out this Friday with more photos from the film and most likely a great story with J.J. Abrams. Stay tuned for more coverage this weekend!

Star Trek

Each of these photos below comes from various websites. Click each one to see a high resolution version. The first photo is of the entire supporting crew of the USS Enterprise including (L to R) Chekov, Kirk, Scotty, Bones, Sulu, and Uhura; the second features a look at Spock (not Sylar) in action; the third is a look at the brand new bridge of the USS Enterprise; the fourth is of the villain in the movie named Nero played by Eric Bana; the fifth is of the USS Kelvin under attack; and the sixth is of Kirk after crash landing.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek

I've got a good feeling that these photos are all from the full trailer that is debuting in front of Quantum of Solace in just under a month. With the film originally scheduled to hit theaters in December (before being moved to next summer) and the massive amount of time since we last saw anything from this, it's very exciting to know we'll get a full trailer with lots of actual finished footage from the movie. And I must admit, all of these look stunning so far, the kind of photos I needed to see to get in the mood for Star Trek again.

Star Trek is directed by J.J. Abrams (of "Lost" and Mission: Impossible III) and is written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (of The Island, Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). This is the 11th movie in the Star Trek universe, following most recently Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. Star Trek is set to land in theaters everywhere on May 8th, 2009 next summer!

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  • Keith
    I'm not really a Star Trek fan, but these look great.
  • Last pic. looks amazing.
  • Smiffy1
    Shit I just wet myself.
  • The Real Alex
    Is "Harold" Dr. Sulu???? 😛
  • turkish
    Same old shit. Looks like donkey dick!
  • Zachary Quinto looks awesome as Spock and me likes the nice Hi-Res pictures!!
  • RP
    That's a bit of a 'Sylar' pose from Spock there. Looks wicked!
  • Curtis
    Im not a Star Trek fan what so ever but damn these pictures have got me excited to see the movie, looking forward to that trailer.
  • big r
    Im not a huge fan of star trek, i wish i wouldve been though... especially from the beginning. I cant wait to see this movie and these pics look hella nice!
  • Vie
    Oh god no, I was worried before but now... ..dear god no. Rewriting Startrek Lore and Cannon? Did they learn nothing from Enterprise? You know, now not even having Simon Pegg in it is enough to make me want to watch this. Well done Abrams, your actually worse than Berman, at least he just messed up the time line pre-TOS!
  • OH MY. I am a trekkie and am having heart attack.
  • Andy
    haha, that's a bit too much like Sylar... the bridge picture looks great... also, these all look so colorful. can't wait for trailer, i think jj abrams will do a great job with this
  • Spider
    These pics look great! I hope this flick kicks ass! Being a life long fan of "Star Trek" and it's many spin-offs, I'm really looking forward to this flick. By the way, I sure hope we get a William Shatner cameo---at least as a flashback! :)
  • jmoney
    KHHAAAAAAAANN!!!!! LOL Looks sick
  • Jesse Wilder
    Wow! I absolutely LOVE anything Star Trek. best show EVER.
  • Hugo Sanchez
    it looks like a gay space space no one can here you get ass raped
  • I am not impressed. The new crew looks horrible. The movie is going to stink, just like the last Star Trek movie. Wait for the DVD
  • high budget movies these days are more intelligent and, for want of a better description, more better. I agree with #2 - wow. This will be a good movie.
  • Gee
    I am not a Star Trek fan, I just leave comments on Star Trek Fan sites. I am not a Mac Fan. I just spam Apple news on every website that talks about Apple
  • yeah couldn't agree more
    Yep... this look really bad with the crew so young... I remember the 200 episode of STARGATE SG-1 with the scene where they remake stargate with a younger, hipper crew... i fear this is the movie...
  • Wes
    My girlfriend loves star trek so thanks for the article, cant wait to see the movie.
  • Blake B
    Ahahaha This looks awesome.. but. Is that Simon Pegg? lol I LOVE THAT GUY! He's probably going to be the funny one.. if not i will be dissapointed.. He has the best humor ever!
  • neoky
    When was the last time you saw a movie starring a bunch of teens that was actually good. Spok and Kirk in diapers is a horrid idea, which hollywood movie producer thought that would be a good idea?
  • The Enterprise does not require a metrosexual crew, but it seems Hollywood does.
  • Drew
    wtf is star trek? is it anything like star wars?
  • Awa
    Man, I had my hopes up considering JJ was directing it... but this crew has me worried. I guess we'll find out soon.
  • werdnafaz
    FUCK YEAH ENGAGE BABY WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!! I Love anything Start Trek i love anything with space lol.
  • Jimd
    I cant help it. When I look at Spock now I see Sylar.
  • LW
    Awesome! Can't wait for this movie. Could they have brushed Spock's and Kirk's nipples any closer for that magazine cover though? gah!! >_<
  • Alfredo
    since when are Sylar, Harold and Fatboy "hip teenage stars?" Quit making baseless complaints people. Can't wait for this. I wonder if audiences are gonna cheer when they hear the "beam me up scotty" line like they did with "hulk smash"
  • Michael Timmons
    Star Trek 90210. Please. The orignal concept by Gene Rodenberry was western+space. Let it rest in peace.
  • LW
    ... once again. nipples.... brushing...
  • trek00001
    Can. Not. Wait.
  • JaySin420
    Yea those look real cool...I was never a star trek fan but i'm really interested in this movie, any ideas on how to get somewhat caught up? Am i better off watching a few of the movies or the tv shows? If so which ones? any help is appreciated
  • Gump
    I may be wrong but in the Pilot episode of the original Start Trek series, Kirk WASN't the Captain of the Enterprise. It was some guy called Pike, who very quickly got killed off. If this is supposed to start when they are all in the Academy then it B*llshit...
  • You know how Superman Returns was a shit idea? Like Episode 1, 2 and 3 of Star Wars? Yeah, it's like that.
  • eric
    looks like spock is emoting.
  • Henche Mann
    Gay Trek: The Next Penetration Star Trek: 90210
  • Dave
    Abrahms is not a bitch. Abrahms is not Lucus.
  • Icarus
    Look, I'm excited. I always liked The Next Generation and Voyager, but I'm excited to see where this is going to go.
  • The movie is supposed to take place BEFORE the time of the original series, so yes the crew is supposed to be younger. I wouldn't be TOO concerned about watching any of the shows to be caught up. Supposedly they are trying to find a balance with the diehard fans and the newbies.
  • dmeso
    they've raped star trek...damn u jj...
  • wahahaha
    haha it's harold! and why does spock look like sylar (i know its the same actor) but hes making a classic sylar face when choking the guy!
  • tom
    He's making an angry face...there aren't many different types.
  • a major reboot ala BSG, what's with that bridge? but it really looks quite cool, my nipples got hard.
  • Shige
    Never been a trekker but seen a few episodes and some movies. I was a bit excited for this one since I saw it as a chanse to finally get into the whole universe and lore. Now that I see the crew and horrible colours I get turned off. Seriously, a bunch of teenagers and Simon Pegg doing Star Trek ???? How on earth did JJ think this could be good in any way ?
  • sleepykid
    Is that really the bridge? It looks like a mobile phone store, and a bit tacky. Abrams should stick to TV. M:I 3 sucked and so will this.
  • fdsf
    don't like the bridge
  • Kat
    so far.. I approve proceed
  • john
    lame, will not go to see this or ever rent it. Kirk and Spock were done many years ago. cheap remake of a classic.
  • SR
    I was on the fence about this film until these pics. Now, I'm gonna see it in the theaters and cash in my chips to get the wife to go with instead of wait for DVD. 1. 'Syler' doing the pinch - awesome! 2. Looking at the bridge shot, give it up for Kirk doing Shatner body language - angular and 'know it all'. Let's hope it goes either just far enough, or so far it becomes Gay Camp In Space. Either would be entertaining. The new bridge and odd uniform color changes are somewhat confusing - not even the first ST film looked this 1980's - but ok, we'll see. Any bets for the 'other' blue shirt to be first officer who dies, paving the way for Spock? Any bets on winks to 'this is ensign Expendable, in the red shirt, who you've never seen before and won't see again after a few minutes on the planet...'?
  • big r
    i agree with #18
  • Uranium - 235
    The crew looks like they fell out of a teenage girl fantasy on The WB and right onto the bridge. I can understand wanting them younger, but this is stupid. 'Captain Kirk'? Did they even consider how many years you need in the Navy before you command a ship? Yeah, just hand the keys of a starship over to someone who still pays high rates on auto insurance. Ridiculous. Probably going to be full of drama as well. Young actors suck.
  • Matt B
    what happened to the crew? Did some disease kill all the grown-ups on Earth so they had to use kids? wtf? I mean Kirk is supposed to be quite 'young' for starship captain in the original series , but this takes the biscuit.
  • dmhorus
    All this time Ive been trying to figure out what the angle is going to be on this movie and I finally get it! Its a relaunch of the franchise for all the teeny bopper, heros, popular series fanatics. A bunch of young women jumping around in skimpy suits. A supposed "captain" who acts like a horny college student. A stereotypical cliched villain. Odd technobabble thrown in. ITS EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINAL SERIES! Im not bashing this thing, Im just saying this obviously aint no Next Generation. Its basically the style of the original series done in our modern style. The only problem with this is that those trekkies that were brought up with the serious topics in some of the better series (TNG, DS9, several of the movies) might not be too happy about the bouncy-90210-esque remake this appears to be heading toward.
  • cherrorist
    I wish the assholes in Hollywood would all just fu*ing die. Cause then we'd have no more of these shitty recreations. Leonard Nimoy was, is and alway will be Spock and this unconvincing pansy and the rest of the catwalk will immediately be forgotten along with this obvious disaster of a movie. My year's salary this is gonna suck immensely. Not that I'll know cause I ain't tossing 2 hrs of my life on that gabage 😛
  • Arg
    I get it. We're out of new ideas so we're recycling 40 year old ones. Umm I'm sure the effects will be nice. Maybe we can box this movie with the new speed racer and call it the Lazy Writing but Easy to Market package?
  • Josh
  • Darkside
    Looks like a teenie bopper pile of shit. Though the pretty colors make me hope it can be half of what the Fifth Element has been for my TV. Beautiful eye candy....
  • Agent X
    I wanna like this I really do but.... lets wait and see they might pull it off. But that bridge looks lame...
  • Adolf
    Spock showing emotion in the picture above? thats ILLOGICAL!!! Oh stop make it stop, the ship looks like the apple store and ikea crashed into each other, oh the humanity!
  • D-9
    JJ is the Man. There is no way this will fail. If you understand the concept, then you understand the direction, understand the orginal, then you understand the colour. Sylar aside. I am so glad the insight is inpecable concerning just viewing photographs. Years salary? Fuk ya! Make it so!
  • Enough with the canon already! Star Trek "history" sucks. It was cobbled together without any thought to continuity or believability. It was already broken apart by the films and Next Generation (remember the nuclear holocaust that never happened in the original series but was part of the Next Generation history? Klingon with head ridges anyone?). Enterprise failed because the first season episodes had no sense of adventure, not because the broke canon. If the franchise is to survive it needs a rebooting badly. Just think of all the other pop culture icons that have had retellings -- Robin Hood, King Aurthur, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and James Bond. And comic books are always rebooting series for each new generation and that helps them from getting stale. If I can have suspension of disbelief for anything in the old Star Trek universe, I can certainly apply that to a reboot. I just hope Abrams does it right, because I don't think Star Trek will get a second chance.
  • Adolf
    ya this is like high school musical in space, this kid does not and CANNOT pull off being a captain of ANYTHING! Come back in 20 yrs sh*tdick.
  • pedro
  • Samm
    The captain looks too young. But the rest of the crew looks good.
  • This looks sick! I think its going to make a lot bigger fanbase after this. ...wait.... do we need more trekkees?!
  • JL
    When I was a boy, I watched the one with Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard; Star Trek: The Next Generation, and enjoyed it. Haven't seen it since I was like, seven, or some shit like that. Never got into the original, and that may have something to do with the fact that Shatner is a shitty actor. Now, that may offend some fag-boys, I mean uh.. fan-boys, but cram it up your ass. This looks good, though. I think I'm starting to like J.J. Abrams. And Zachary Quinto, too, for that matter, though I think he may wind up giving us a Sylar/Spock amalgamation. And I heard someone saying that Abrams isn't like Lucas. Maybe Abrams should helm episodes VII, VIII, and IX of Star Wars, assuming they will ever be made. I guess they would cover the new Jedi Order or something. That would be the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsnappy. I was really disappointed by a lot of shit in episodes I, II, and III, and Lucas is definitely a sell-out.
  • Bishopsring
    The casting is absolutely phenomenal. I am a Trek Fan, but not a Trekker. I could not give you all the lines and history, but I can tell you that this is a vast improvement on the old product. Visually it is stunning. I am a graphic designer and artist and the primary colors, the complimentary colors, contrast is just gorgeous. I hope, which seems positive based on the writers, that the cheese is taken out of the dialog, but allow for the old lines to remain. Basically a comparison would be the Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars with Jar Jar Binks. Enough said. I do hope there is enough seriousness to give the tension we need. All along, you knew they were going to get out of their situation week after week. There has to be tension on a scale of Silence of the Lambs to really get people emotionally involved. I hope this is it. I hope this has the makings of the Dark Knight reboot only optimistic. Looks good so far. Cant wait for the trailer.
  • Frame
    I agree with #52.
  • leon
    #68.... fag-boys? you sound like a pretty big star wars "fag-boy" to me... to the average person, there's not much difference. everyone else... this movie hasn't even come out yet and already people are tossing around baseless hatred and generalizations. just like everyone hated Daniel Craig and thought he'd be a terrible 007. those same people who said they'd never accept him or pay to see him as Bond PAID to see CR and now they love him. imagine that. same goes for Heath Ledger as the Joker. everyone said in the beginning what a terrible Joker he'd be. and every one of those people has seen TDK 5 times. just like everyone here is gonna shell out their cash to go see this new Trek. ESPECIALLY the haters. you people with your "Never was a Trek fan, this movie is gonna suck," a million dollars says you'll be standing in line at the box office to see this just like the rest of us. i swear, the hypocrisy. wait for the movie to come out and see it for yourself before making brain dead assumptions. oh, and i love all the people who claim to hate Star Trek or not be fans, yet they take the time to read every article about the new Star Trek movie and post on all the boards. trolls
  • DaVeO
    Call me crazy. But I'm actually going to wait for the trailer before giving an opinion. I know. I know. I must be mad not to rip into the film before seeing the final product. But that's the way I roll.
  • leon
    #72... agreed.
  • Brian
    I have high hopes for this film. Looks neat.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    # 69.....Careful Bishop, you make correct and valid points as your vocation reference. As a Lighting designer/director, I have used my career as a reference in trying to make a point and validate the post since I have been highly successful in my craft. Alas, many in here refuse to believe you and attack your opinion and doubt your talent or your job which affords you better insight and vision more than just a fan of the street. I agree with you, 100%. Good job! And Leon, terrific post!
  • Carlos
    I like it so far. But an all 20-something crew? Weird.
  • vu
    huh huh, he said "Tekkies" I like the fact that it's an all twenty something crew. Then maybe that's just because i'm twenty eight.
  • Safi
    This movie looks really bad-ass....
  • Lauren
    I almost had a heart attack at Bones!!! To me, he looks the best right now. But I'm with DaVeO. Even though I'm a Trekker (Trekkers and Trekkies are different), I'm gonna hold out until I see the trailer. But... Spock's eyebrows are bugging me... so bad.
  • reality-check
    What's all this crap about having the crew being too young? When the first season of Star Trek TOS went to air in 1966, the main cast were aged between 28 and 35. In the remake, the main cast is currently aged 28 to 33...
  • TBone
    They picked up Simon Pegg to hunt some zombies in space, and Harold jumped on board after a pit stop at White Castle....come on people....this is terrible!
  • Another update with 3 new photos and a LOT of information, including plot details and so much more... Hit that link to check it out! I've become so excited for Star Trek all over again that I think I'm going to spend this weekend re-watching every last Star Trek movie/episode I own! :)
  • eric
    yeah, fuck hollywood for making movies, and doing things that don't include sitting on their asses and nitpicking, and being ambitious. hey hollywood, go back to community theater, you assholes. don't like it?? get your shitty fan fiction optioned, punk. i'll be watching some neat looking sci-fi.
  • Mark
    To all those people who are bitching about JJ Abrams messing with the canon, and complaining about the age of the crew etc. You know you're going to go and watch it......
  • Rolando
    Is it just me or this looks like Star Tek 90210 or Star Trek O.C.? I am a fan of ST so I was exited about the revival of the franchise going bacl to kirk, spock, McCoy and gang. When I new about the cast, I romp into internet for photos of the actors and my first though was... Uhm, looks promising. I buy them. Quinto, Pegg, Saldaña.. this will be One of a Hell great ride! But now, seeing them altogether, got seconds thoughs. On an very premature judgment, I will say that the problem is not just the teen look, but they as a ensemble lacks of chemistry. Of course I am going to give it a try. God allow me to be wrong. But if they star to feed whispring lines. THAT'S IT
  • JL
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, Leon #71, I did no ranting and raving about Star Wars that should earn me the label of fag-boy. There is nothing wrong with having an appreciation for fine cinema and being disappointed by a film or films that is/are supposed to be in the same story line. No one will dispute that the original trilogy was better than the drivel they pumped out in the last few years. And you only have to watch each one once. Do I own episodes IV, V, and VI? You bet your ass. For the same reason I own a copy of Blade Runner, Dawn of the Dead, The Matrix, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, or Dances With Wolves; they are fantastic films, but I don't watch them hundreds of times whilst strokin' it. "to the average person, there's not much difference." now it's obvious you're a trekky fag boy, fag boy. referring to non-fans as average people. I do agree on one note, though. People will openly lambast a franchise and then give it their money. BTW, I definitely saw Ledger's Joker totally owning. Biggest reason I saw that movie more than once.
  • Dusty
    go go Power Rangers ... um wait .. this is Star Trek... dang.. well I have the same expectations for the story line and the villian(wow he is scary)... He is about at the level of these phenomenal portrayals
  • Look crappy
    Sorry it's not Trek. this is supopsed to be the early missons of NCC-1701 USS Enterprise well kids the Bridge set is way to Next Generation. Mr. abrams obviously never watched a classic Trek episode The beloved 1701 was not all super shiney ultra modern in her bridge area everyone had a seat no standing watch area like in Next Gen. which by this shot is what JJ watched the absolute worst Trek series stiff wooden acting bad scripts and no soul Nexty Gen sucked big time even the campy DS9 was better then Next Gen.
  • LW
    Wow... did like... everyone who commented here skip reading the premise, make up a story in their minds, then trolled this movie when they found out it's not the movie in their mind?..... wow... Anyway... nipples.... *nod*
  • Chris C.
    These pictures really show a lot of promise. I'd really like to see the trailer when it comes out in about a month.
  • ThunderMonkey
    For the naysayers that complain about the timeline being worked over... Get over it. The timelines in Trek have been written... erased... re written only to be erased and redrawn again. You're operating with the preconceived notion that this is replacing everything that has happen... this is just another divergent timeline and this may be the correct one.
  • dave
    bridge looks gay. ipod crap. new kirk looks like a pussy.
  • Sean Cranfield
    wicked Simon Pegg as Scotty did not see that coming but still pretty cool
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Is Startrek a Youtube pron for Cyberpunk Kiz?
  • Rishada2001
    I AM a trekkie and this just looks like the WORST thing ever in the history of everness!!! Enterprise was crap...the beauty of TOS was the fact that sometimes you could see the strings, and yes the foam rocks always did bounce a little higher than normal. It was the unpolished that made it each series came along the technology in our time space continuum got better and so as the future moved forward it was better...but oh this is just wrong all around!!
  • irish979
    Oh man the bridge looks like one of the sets from ugly betty. Also Enterprise has got like got like 50 guns on it. Argh JJ why.
  • SanoKitty
    My only question is this. I LOVE Star Trek... I mean I was sitting on my dads knee when I was very little watching Next Generation... Ironically I didn't start watching Barney till I was almost five because I was too interested in other things but... I do digress.. Here is my true question. Is it just me or does that 'ship' or wherever they may be look like it is more futuristic then their ship in the actual series. Though I understand it is forty years after the original and it is going to always look better, what doesn't make sense to me is that it looks like it is a couple hundred years later... We have to remember Next Generation is almost 100 years after Star Trek... And this story is when the Star Trek cast is still in the academy (so within 10 - 20 years prior to lift off of the USS Enterprise). Does that confuse anyone else too?
  • Eric Bana as Nero should be good.
  • Tricky Trekki
    I hate the Uniforms. They look cheap. I loved the old 60's TV show but hated the costumes. I hate scifi that puts its characters in ridiculous Clothes. I guess I'll have to hold on to Good Characters & Stories, which is what I loved about the original. I'll give it a chance if the Characters blend well with the new faces, Good Script + Great Villian and Special Effects. The movie will have to be outstanding to overcome this. Why couldn't they have blended the 60's style with Star Trek Wrath of Khan style uniforms? This is what happens when you try to please Star Trek fans stuck in the 60's.
  • Tricky Trekki
    P.S. I Would have minded at all if they made that the official science officer and medical officer uniforms. It would make sense to me. Also the bridge looks all cluttered. REMEMBER THIS ANYONE WHO MAKES SCIFI, IT HAS TO LOOK COOL.
  • bassbin
    spock strangles kirk in the movie, he just loses it. then gets sent away to a barron planet called where kirk goes to save him, the bad guy does through falling on his sword at the end. spoilers sorry.
  • twocents
    dear lord. trek has run its course. time to let this die me thinks.
  • Paule G
    I think we need a new series ,,, Please.
  • Bad Brad
    Who the fuck is Sylar?
  • Knights
    I always like Star Trek its a great franshise just love it but they only but but guy on the cover of the magazine to me it's looks a little gay how the are so close. but still lovind star trek
  • SanoKitty
    Sylar = Spoke... Though it is weird, I am wondering how young he is actually supposed to be in the show. I didn't think Spoke joined the team until he was like 50 or so? I mean he is in his 200s when he visits in Next Generation...
  • Deuce Savage
    Chris Pine is fine but actor Tibor Csaky (Hungarian Hunk & Shatner clone) is way much better!
  • Robert Simonovic
    One thing I've noticed in the trailer is that eveyrbody is young. Did all of the old people get wipe out by a plague or someting.
  • Just another Trek fan
    Old bessy may be running dry, this cows been milked to long perhaps?!?!?! So, I want to make sure I have this all straight:.... J.J. Abrams and crew get theis old moldy script Harve Bennett has been trying to sell for 30 years. A script that smelled so bad Gene Roddenberry wouldn't even let it on studio lot. They 'tweek' it (or is that twink, it's hard to tell in Holywood) as only Abrams and crew can. I'm thinking of a Will Ferrell movie here (doesn't matter which one). Then taking a que from Berman and Braga (better known in Trek circle as B&B or the Blunder twins), Abrams decides to redress the sets, sex up the crew, and rehash every odd reference he can. All in the name of new young fans who can't come to the series by any other means (say, like parents, appreciation for sci-fi, etc.) then to have latest commercial technology (read: product placement) the coolest settings (read: product placement), and and the flashiest special effects (read: hypnotism). We'll add to this bubbling cauldron as many references to the hit (hahhahahahaha) TV show Enterprise, I mean Star Trek: Enteprise, no I mean Enterprise AND Star Trek: Enterprise. Because the merchandising sales for that fell through the floor about ten seconds after the premiere aired. So we'll have every possible line of dialogue present to prove how legitimate that crapfest was, courtesy the studio execs. .....That all said I think we have the recipe for the best movie ever, the one movie that out does them all. A movie so great that the movie industry should just shutdown because they'll know, no matter how good there best is, it will never be a Star Trek 11. (sarcasm off) Really, in the end this will just be another sorry attempt to reproduce a classic that far misses the mark, here some recent classics killed by way of Hollywood; Flintstones The Beverly Hillbillies Get Smart I Spy Transformers Every other remake Hollywood has touched for the last decade. This will be the first (and last) of the 'remake Trek', at least it will be nice to see Quinto as Spock, but that's pretty much it.
  • Trekkertom
    I think it is a bunch of shit that they moved it back to may. I'm just gonna wait for it to come out on DVD. It would serve em right if the whole movie was leaked on to the net before the premier. But I'm glad to see a classic Vette made it to the 23rd century. Them old chevys were built to last. Too bad Kirk's ass didn't go off the cliff with it!
  • -Oz-
    Well i am looking forward to this film, if you take all of the actors separately they all did great jobs in their roles, now bringing them all together this should be good...the special effects look amazing and the the new look of the genre is compare this to enterprise is stupid this is a motion picture with motion picture money and time backing it. I think fans of the genre will love it, and i think closet fans of the genre will love it..cant wait for this movie and the fact that they made the crew younger says alot about the direction they took with the film..
  • Brigitte
    Ok I have just seen the movie... Amanda is dead (Spock's mother who will later appear in TOS Journey to Babel and Movies.. Vulcan is destroyed and Romulus also... and Christopher Pike is still able to talk... This calls for a second Star Trek movie to explain the disrepancies... OK No one on this movie was born in the sixties... but there are DVDs... ?




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