The Dark Knight Currently Ranked #1 on IMDb's Top 250!!

July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight Currently #1 on IMDb's Top 250!!

Not only is The Dark Knight on its way to beating Spider-Man 3's opening weekend box office total, but the public has currently ranked it the #1 movie of all time. Well, unofficially, 23,611 people have ranked the film 9.5 on IMDb. This is very impressive! Actually, this is beyond impressive, this is truly phenomenal. A lot of people believe that IMDb's Top 250 is one of the most accurate lists ranking the greatest films in history. It's far superior to AFI's Top 100 and is based on the popular public opinion instead of snobby critics. If anything, The Dark Knight is one of the only movies in the last few years that really deserves to be that high up on the list. The movie is absolutely incredible and most people who have written a comment in our What Did You Think? post seem to agree. The Dark Knight truly is that amazing!

I think the most impressive aspect of this is that The Dark Knight is a sequel! It is generally assumed that in Hollywood, sequels never ever live up to the original. The only two in history that have succeeded the first (arguably) are The Godfather II and The Empire Strikes Back. But even on IMDb, Godfather II is still ranked below the original. And instead of arguing, I'm going to sit back and say that I truly believe that, for the moment, The Dark Knight deserves this glory. Although I'm sure over time as more votes pour in, it'll decrease in rank, I'm certain it will still end up in the top 10. The moment the movie ended the first time I saw it, I literally thought I had seen the best movie of my life. And honestly, I'm still debating that in my mind. But now the world is coming to an agreement - The Dark Knight is a masterpiece.

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  • Mr Pockets
    a 9.5 with so few votes is very impressive. there are always the random jerks that give movies the lowest rating possible to be funny, and yet its still ranked #1...
  • Shwan
    Sorry, but I don't agree that its better than the Godfather as is shown in the picture.
  • It's only a spike. It will level off and be placed lower in the list as more people vote on the film. I remember the same thing happened when The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring came out.
  • NW
    I think TDK deserves it Godfather was freakin awesome but it was a little slow and lacked action.
  • Will S. (Co. Springs)
    Godfather II> Godfather in my opinion. @4 I wouldn't even classify this as a superhero movie. I'd place it in crime dramas, alongside The Departed and others. It doesn't necessarily belong in a single genre as it pretty much blurs quite a few lines. Are we lookin' at a Best Picture Oscar? I don't see much comin' this year that could beat it out to be honest. "Australia" perhaps, as it fits the Oscar stereotype. Still have the Coen brothers movie, but comedies rarely make the list. It'll be interesting to say the least.
  • P Ross
    The Godfather inspired WAY MORE "campy" stuff since it came out. From the pop culture jokes about a chubby man with a raspy, cotton voice, to the often tasteless movie/TV spoofs and so many others....even Rugrats spoofed it. But that's no reason to discredit it's drama is it? No. Not everyone thinks that comics are for kids. The same for cartoons. Surely, WALL-E, Ratatouille and Finding Nemo weren't voted into the top 250 by a bunch of 5 year olds? No. A lot of adults consider the aforementioned movies to be classics and among the best...even though they are animated! Any serious fan of art in general will see pass the surface and will see that, no matter what the medium is, any art can have a deep message. TDK has every right to be on the top. But sadly, it won't be there forever. I know for a fact that lifeless losers will be doing all they can to vote TDK from the top by rating the movie as low as they can. See...nothing is sacred anymore :(
  • Gdn | TD
    TDK is #1 in imdb & it deserves it.. Nuff said.
  • Kail
    The reason WHY everyone thinks The Dark Knight is so amazing is because it's a Super Hero movie and a Summer Blockbuster that has the same drama as an Academy Award winning drama flick that you'd catch in the fall during Oscar season. It's a great film, don't get me wrong, but the fact that it's a movie based on a comic book series that people once thought not too long ago were only for kids, and it's so realistic. When you think about it it's absolutely ridiculous that a Batman would run around saving lives like that, and it's even more ridiculous that a Joker would come haggle the city like that. And the fact that the movie makes you BELIEVE it's happening and that it's possible is what makes it great. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the movie or anything, but a great deal of why it was great is simply because it's a brilliant drama piece... that happens to be based on the same material that inspired a hilariously campy 1960's TV series.
  • I can't say The Dark Knight being the first in the top of IMDb list is nothing ... that is Good ... But I think IMDb is not an official voting machine... what I more care about is how many awards the movie will take ... and that will be officially good ... specially Oscars :-)
  • atgeeks
    Wow, am I in the majority that thought spiderman 3 truly sucked in the biggest way possible, and yet it seemed to make money, that's crazy
  • tartooob
    It's not like the rating system on IMDb is "Yes or No: is this better than The Godfather?". It's just simply that its average rating is higher.
  • Shige
    Imdb top 100 is an absolute joke. The only ones who believe in it are those rabid fanboys who keep posting 10s for the flick they like and give a 1 to every film that could "threat" their precious baby.
  • Nate
    I consider anyone who spends time reading and posting on a movie site to be "rabid fanboys" :]
  • derby
    not as good as the godfather. sorry. it's very very good -- but not 'better' than the godfather. and yet, its all subjective...
  • Kail
    Dear NW, The Godfather was not an action film. If the main star in The Godfather was Vin Diesel, then I can see you wondering why it lacked action, but when I go to Blockbuster I always see it in the Drama section. Love, Kail
  • breach
    Id venture to guess that fanboys havnt even seen half of what is even on that list... Not to say TDK doesnt deserve some respect, because it most certainly does.
  • CaesarAnavel
    Did you just say IMDb's Top 250 is widely respected and recognized as accurate? You must have never seen new release films do this before. It's nothing but zealots (10s and 1s) the first week and then more and more hate votes (1s) until the general public catches on and evens things out. The system is NOT better than RottenTomatoes and Metacritc. That was a really foolish thing to say... But whatever. Anyone with a damned blog can get 'e-published' these days.
  • AllmightyKeim
    To say that TDK deserves the number one spot, I will not say. I enjoyed this movie as much as the last good good movie I saw, The Departed. TDK was a good story, good direction, good acting. It was good movie to watch. I would say that everyone deserves an oscar nod for suporting actor in this movie. Everyone did such a great job. I can not wait to go see this again and again. Now to be the Comic Nerd. BEST COMIC MOVIE EVER!!!!
  • Statistically speaking, it should be of note that out of 23,611 votes, 18,503 were by males ages 18-29 with an average rating of 9.7. Moreover, the 39 "Top 1000" IMDb voters gave the film an average score of 7.1. Now, while I personally think it's better than the 7.1, it's inevitable that this will easily hit below 9.0 in a matter of time. When I saw the midnight show on opening night, I believe the average age of the crowd was probably 20... mostly because everyone who had work the next day didn't want to go to work with dark circles under their eyes.
  • Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt
    "I believe that IMDb's Top 250 is one of the most accurate lists ranking the greatest films in history. And since I believe that, most people believe so too." There, fixed it for ya Alex.
  • Oriein
    All I will say, all of the people commenting here seem like Godfather fan boys to me. Bash me, go ahead, but honestly the Godfather was boring and I wish I could take the time I wasted on it back. Don't tell me I "don't understand it" because that's just your fan boy reaction to me.
  • I'm inclined to agree with CaesarAnaval and Colin. You're statement about the IMDB and AFI list is a bit overblown. Who are these people who think IMDb's Top 250 is more accurate than AFI's 100? I'd argue your average cinema buff - who isn't afraid of old movies - wouldn't place as much stock in the IMDB list as they would in the AFI. Then again maybe I'm out of touch. Then again, who is to say what list is accurate anyway? What defines accurate? Seems a bit self-serving. "I think it's more accurate because it reflects what I think." Which is fair though since lists are subjective ultimately. When I argue I like the AFI list better, I am actually arguing in the end that I think it's better because I agree with it. Anyway, this is why lists are so much fun to write and read and comment on. That's why I think we should be happy we have both lists. One that is compiled by "snobby critics" (as you so charmingly put it) that are not prone to fan-boy hyper-voting and probably have a more expansive knowledge of film than perhaps you've average moviegoer. The other is good because it is, as you said, based popular opinion which I think is an equally valid perspective to appreciate becuase they are the people going into films slightly more for the experience than for critical evaluation.
  • chris
    I have seen the dark knight twice and im not suprised its number one. The thing about fanboys are making the movie rank so high. The movie truely is amazing i don't say that light heartedly. If you have seen it and your saying to yourself its not that good or as good as people say it is. Then its your problem setting yourself a bar that no matter how much the film was enjoyable. u'll never like because your bar is too high. Any one who reads all the comments that continually say the movie is amazing is right in thinking its all fanboys of batman. But really if u have seen you will understand where people are coming from. I don't wanna hear crap like people are only raving about the film because (sadly) heath ledger died. Its a load of %^$& that the press spun. people where raving about the approah to the joker 3 months prior to his passing. And for those who single mindedly think it emo people talking themselves into raving about this film. shame on you. go see the movie and pretend its not a batman film. u'll see why people are raving. its coz the movie is frighteningly realistic that plays like a crime thriller. The only reason i can see people not liking the film is because there overweighing there thoughts to publics thought or they have read/seen so much stuff on them movie there totally ignorant to it. Believe me its not a comic kids movie. u'll be thinking its not as good a people say until the movie starts and the roller coaster begins.
  • Jan-Øyvind
    Re Rahat. If you analyze the top 1000 voters, 17,9 % of them has given TDK a rating of 1. I assume that the 1 voters do this to get the Godfather back on top or something like that... There are also "only" 16 546 males 18-29 that have voted. 18 503 in the age group 18-29, but that includes women.
  • Yeah, the first week or two, film ratings are usually very high but then they level out. However, DARK KNIGHT absolutely deserves to be in the top 10, if not top 5.
  • Steve-O
    dear kail................sure its a comic book movie, but this is the only superhero movie i have seen that I can safely say that I actually completely forgot it WAS a comic book movie. Now that is pretty impressive to me. When people were like 'oscars for leger' a lot thought 'oh they are jsut saying that because he is dead' and honestly, I thought that a bit too. But when I saw the movie yesterday, he was the best actor in the film by far and played the role perfectly. Once again, i forgot it was heath ledger playing the role and just some lunatic.
  • LeeMan
    just because imdb is based on the public's opinion, doesn't make it more accurate. if anything, it makes it less accurate. hopefully, the dark knight will show up in afi's top 100 for its 20th anniversary. no way the dark knight is gonna stay on top, partly bcuz it doesn;t deserve to be. the godfather was virtually flawless, but the batman has its share, such as when harvey dent survived a horrific car crash unharmed but couldn't live from a fall at the end. this is why the godfather is better, but i don't see the dark knight falling below an 8.8
  • sam
    Bruce Wayne will find a horse head in his bed soon....
  • zachary
    you know what? i think that every actor in The Dark Knight is absolutely flawless especially the joker. He definitely deserves an oscar for that. As for imdb top 200, i think that The Dark Knight definitely deserves number one it but its all based on the voters. The Dark Knight is better than any movies i have watch so far. Dark Knight all the way!!
  • overmatik
    Don't worry people, in a couple f months the movie will get to its true position, among the first 50 or so... This rating was provided by Batman enthusiasts.
  • Sinbad
    FUCK THE GODFATHER!!! there i said it!!! It's a great film, and an important film but it's also vastly overrated Honestly take a moment right now and and look at the list again, which of those movies would you rather watch right now? I'm thinking Pulp Fiction and Shawshank, you? Don't get me wrong, i loved the Godfathers when i watched them, but i won't be rewatching them for a very long time, and you know why? it's because they're not actually enjoyable to watch, and personally i think that should count for something. The problem is that at some point someone decided that the Godfather was the best film ever made and now everyone accepts it blindly without question... well no more! There's a new crimefighter in town and he's cleaning scum like the Corleone's off the streets. As an audience the only thing we can hope for is escalation!
  • Jan-Øyvind
    I agree, Sinbad. The Godfather is a great movie, but there are lots of movies that are more enjoyable to watch than for instance The Godfather part I, II, the Shawshank redemption, Schindler's list and Casablanca.
  • Pickle
    The worst thing about reporting numbers is that now more moviegoers will become superficially obsessed with dollar amounts to influence or gauge their opinions about movies!! There is no need to have additional variables.
  • Antonski
    well the votes doubled now, 40K+ and its still n1. im so hyped about this now i cant wait till friday when europe gets the release. im sure it'll fall but im thinking n12 is where it'll end up
  • Broken
    This movie deserves to be in atleast top 10 in my opinion. I was not really a Batman fan, more of a Superman fan. But, after seeing The Dark Knight I am reconsidering. Batman Begins was all right but this is amazing. It transcends it genre. It seems people don't like it because its a comic book movie. But, if you remove batman suit and all the theatrics that make batman this movie watches like The Departed with intense action and drama. The Dark Knight deserves its #1 spot even if its only for awhile.
  • AFC
    It seems that TDK has gathered almost 47000 votes by now.... and it still holds the no 1 position in imdb top 250. What do you say about that, hatters? Now truth be told, I haven't seen the movie yet and I'm a huge fan of the Godfather, so I still can't believe that this movie is better than the Godfather, but somewhere deep inside I hope that I will be proven wrong 😀
  • Raj
    As someone else said, this is just a spike. It will fall as more and more people vote this movie. Better than The Shawshank Redemtpion ? That's an awful joke !!! Yeah, it's good alright, and there's a lot of hype, but to say it's going to top off the all time greats, is not even realistic. Take a look at the figures for yourself. Do some weighted average arithmetic, and you'll soon know that 340,000 9.1 Average vote for The Shawshank will prove superior in the end.
  • Gene
    Wow, I think your putting way too much into this. I don't know anyone who gives a shit about this list, but I sure do know plenty that watch the AFI list shows. TDK is great, but not the top movie of all time. I know it does'nt mean much , but you lost credit in my eyes for reporting this.
  • Curtis
    I dont think The Dark Knight is the best movie ever but the best i have seen for a long time maybe since The Departed, i think it deserves the top as of right now but will drop when more votes come in. Going to see it again tonight and cannot wait loved the movie best of the year hands down.
  • avoidz
    IMDb's Top 100 list is not an accurate indicator at all. Most of the ratings are from 12-year-olds who give 10s to anything and everything. You should know that by now; it's been that way for years. (Personally, I'd rate The Dark Knight an 8 out of IMDb 10.)
  • Tom
    Now you see where the promotion-budget went to.
  • Gene
    Normally I enjoy your work Alex so I hate to put you down in even the slightest way, but who is "a lot of people"? Thats a bold statement dude.
  • Darrin
    now they are just over doing it, the dark knight doesn't come close to godfather. godfather was far better.
  • the top 250 on imdb is bs... interview with a vampire is not on there, or the last samuari
  • Alfredo
    I'm just curious as to why they keep naming The Good, the Bad and The Ugly in Italian.
  • avoidz
    Probably because it's originally an Italian production and later released in the US, hence the Italian title on IMDb.
  • I can't understand, why is it first on Imdb? I don't believe that this film is going to be better then The Godfather/
  • jon
    over 91,000 votes now with a 9.4... the next highest movie, the godfather, has a 9.1. that's a pretty big gap. and to put it a little more in perspective, the number 5 movie, the good the bad and the ugly, has an 8.9 with 97,000 votes. i'm not so sure batman should be considered the best movie of all time, but i won't argue that it shouldn't at least be in the top 50.
  • mark
    I don't agree with everyone saying Ledger deserves an oscar. Don't get me wrong, the performance was unbelievable. But, when has an actor completely covered in make up and costume won best actor. I don't think playing the Joker really proved Ledger deserves an oscar. I think Bale played Batman as flawless as Ledger played the Joker, and neither deserves the oscar. It just wasn't a role that truly showcased their acting performances. Although I will say that if Nolan does not get Best Director, I will be disappointed. I credit Nolan for most of DK success.
  • Now many agree that IMDB ranking system should be changed. I proposed a reform some time ago, based on the simple idea that not every viewer should have the same weight. The complete idea (still very brief!) is on my site (click on my name).
  • Bill
    TDK is far too overrated, it's a good movie, but it is in no way the "greatest" movie ever
  • Aaron
    The Top 250 is well recognized as one of the most inaccurate "Greatest" lists of all time, actually. Just a few minutes of reading the comments on the forums will prove this. It's nothing more than a popularity contest. The Dark Knight was damned impressive, but overrated. Too much hype.
  • zombie
    This was so silly. Yes, the Dark Knight was very good and deserves top 15 at the least, but The Godfather and The Shawshank Redemptions were timeless classics.




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