The Dark Knight's New Joker Poster

May 18, 2008

The Dark Knight's New Joker Banner

I know that we're all incredibly excited for The Dark Knight; with each and every day, my heart begins to beat faster at the prospect of finally seeing the highly anticipated Batman Begins sequel. This brand new poster has been floating around for a few days, but we thought today would be a great day to finally feature it. It's a wonderful compliment to the previous poster we showed you in April that only featured Batman. This time around, the Joker makes a solo appearance. I know as we count down the days to The Dark Knight, fans are beginning to solidify their allegiances: Batman or Joker. Which side are you on?

Thanks to for debuting this banner. I'm not as fond of this as I am of the other final poster or the five other international posters released recently as well. It might be partially that I'm rooting for Batman or it might be partially that this just isn't as striking as the others. Thoughts?

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is again directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige) and co-written by Nolan, his brother Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige), and David S. Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins). The movie arrives in theaters worldwide on July 18th this summer!

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  • Nettle
    Neither! Harvey Dent FTW!
  • Fans are beginning to "solidify" their allegiances? That's kind of creepy. So if you like the Joker, you think wanton killing is cool? Wouldn't a Joker supporter be like those people who think Charles Manson is really cool?
  • Ali
    Man I'm gonna miss Heath.
  • funnytunney
    the only better poster would be a picture of harry in front of our theater playing the wii. i'm on his side
  • It is nice poster ... and a bit creepy ... it looks like : " Hey ..... I am back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " * With all my respect to Heath Ledger ....
  • Joker is the best. Thread solved.
  • Ronald, The Boy
    Visually, this is not as powerful as the poster holding batman with the bat burned into the frame of the building in the background. When that invited itself onto my computer screen, i sadly browned my favorite hanes... I then wiped, and got so excited I put on my batman cowl and watched "Batman Begins" twice in a row. Unfortunately for my diaper rash...not in that order.
  • Vic
    I'M THE JOKER!!!!!!!!
  • jono
    it looks fucking cool end of story all these fags over me it looks like heath coming back get a fucking life
  • craziemutant
    when i first saw this on my friend's myspace page, i honestly thought it was a manip... still like the WSS and burning bat posters.
  • I've always had a soft spot for The Riddler 😛
  • It's awesome.
  • bltzie
    kickass! the hair could be a tad more greenish :p
  • Tirrell
    With so much hype behind the film It seems nearly impossible to live up to the hype all the viral videos, posters, trailers, etc. I'm rooting for this film in a big way as many of you are. But if it fails to live up to the hype...Well, I certainly hope it does and can't wait I'll be there opening night like many of you.
  • DUSTYMAN1505
    How would a revamped batman tv show do in the near future???
  • Matt
    i will own this in the near future.
  • Movieraider321
    I am on the side of The Penguin. A man with an umbrella that has a multitude of uses. Simply astounding!
  • keniwa
    ^ riddler? penguin? I hope Nolan wouldn't consider these two on the third batman installment. I will give you a tip. Two face and Ras al ghul will be on the next batman film. He died on the first and his daughter will bring him back from the dead. There will be a love angle between Ras' daughter Talia al ghul and Bruce Wayne. thats all for now.
  • keniwa
    I forgot to mention Robin will be in the third film.
  • interl0per
    Looks good, cant wait! Ive noticed that Nolan seems to be following a path that not all Bat-villans are all super evil geniuses, rather a structure of bosses and under bosses like the Mafia. Example is the Scarecrow, who was more or less Falconi's bitch while Raj was the real master. If Penguin, catwoman, riddler etc come around they will most likely fill those roles around TwoFace in the next film. I read at one point Penguin would be some kind of arms dealer in this franchise. I hope to hell they avoid doing Robin unless it is really spectacular.
  • bltzie
    No no no ! not robin! noooot robin! besides nolan stated that By the time of batman begins robin's probably a baby. Robin's the worst thing that ever happened to batman
  • keniwa
    I'd say put Robin on the next film then kill him in the end. That would be great!
  • keniwa
    for Batman's sake this is not Godfather IV!! I hope Nolan wont bring in too much mafia...
  • Tartooob
    No keniwa, its actually better than the godfather :)
  • DUSTYMAN1505
    Chris Nolan said he had no intention to bring robin into his trilogy
  • kris
    This joker looks better than all the others in the past,Nolan did a good job of capturing the psychotic look.Nicholsons version was good for it's time but Heaths joker is by far the best
  • BABi€ LoV€
    Fuckk wut anyone says.. i like joker and hes fuckin bomb ass fuck and uhh Charles Manson is wack anyone who compares them two are dumbasses lmao..
  • Pirate
    Director ad bale said NO ROBIN!!! Batman is a younger version that th last time through. The riddler look like a top contender for next villian. No pengiun either. And two face is for all purposes dead to Noland
  • erdna
    Nolan should quit while he is ahead...there is NO WAY that he will be able to top that masterpiece....besides the movie ended with the joker to continue to be in it, but without ledger there is no point
  • moha
    i heard theres loads of spare footage of heath hat they will use for the next movie
  • Mary-ashley
    I love heath ledger!!You were the greatest!And hella TALL!!!lol LOVE YOU SO MUCH.I love the joker so much. R.i.p ^^




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