The Day the Earth Stood Still Coming to IMAX This December

September 8, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

20th Century Fox and IMAX have announced today that the upcoming sci-fi reboot of The Day the Earth Stood Still will be released on the same day in IMAX and conventional theaters this December. This mirrors the opening of I Am Legend, which hit IMAX on the same December weekend last year. Unfortunately there is not a gorgeous prologue to The Dark Knight attached to this. Today's announcement is only the most recent big IMAX news, in addition to confirmations that both Transformers 2 and Night at the Museum 2 would show in IMAX next summer as well. Obviously the Hollywood studios are wrapped up in the success of The Dark Knight and trying to put out as much as they can in IMAX.

For the longest time, Warner Brothers was the biggest supporter of mainstream IMAX films, stemming all the way back to Matrix Reloaded in 2003. Sony joined as well when they released the later Spider-Man sequels in IMAX. Now Fox joins by releasing The Day the Earth Stood Still in IMAX this year. Don't be fooled - this film was not shot with IMAX cameras and will not look as good as The Dark Knight, which remains the only Hollywood movie that will ever be actually worth seeing in IMAX. As everyone knows, I'm opposed to 3D and similarly opposed to IMAX, unless it was shot on actual IMAX cameras. Anyway, The Day the Earth Stood Still arrives in theaters on December 12th. Will you see it in IMAX?

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  • SlashBeast
    Does anyone besides me think this is a totally unnecessary remake of an already great film.
  • Al
    I defiantly wont see a movie in IMAX if it isnt filmed with an IMAX camera. That just ruins the point. To me it aint worth the 6 extra bucks.
  • Sam
    I like the idea of this remake. The original is too old but has a premise that would make a great modern movie. You guys act like if the remake would destroy all the copies of the original... get real. Remakes are not made to "improve" the original, what they make is to imagine how the essence of the originals would be if applied to a completely different era than the one which produced them. Just that.
  • Cool news. I had two IMAXs near me, but they were each a half-hour to 45 mins. a way depending on traffic. However, another one near me that is only about 15min. just opened with an IMAX so I hope to see more films like that in the big screen format now.
  • Keith
    They won't get my $15 for the IMax.
  • Darrin
    there is no imax in trinidad so i won't give an opinion.
  • LeeMan
    wow this movie is getting a lot of negativity towards it, whuch i cannot see why. i hope this movie doesn't bomb purely based on the fact that keanu reeves is a bad actor. you're rong, it's not an unecessary remake, it's a re-imagining , so just give it a chance. unfortunately, i don't live near an imax, so ill be seeing it at sheepsead bay instead
  • Joker
    A remake may also give attention to the original which most of this generation never saw.
  • werdnafaz
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Yes...brilliant!!! # 1 look at #8! Thanks Joker, you are correct!
  • vu
    If I was a woman or gay I'd totally be hot for Keanu (even though he's not one of the best actors but who cares) I don't care if I have to watch this in black and white while on LSD. I'm there.
  • D-9
    but....if you know the part of Klatuu and the way Michael Renni ( spelling) played him, Keanu Reeves is THE only actor that can play this part. There are many bad actors out there, but Nick Cage and Ben Stiller were not in the running for the part. (Thank God!)
  • nef deppard
    Wooden actor, "I have to come to save you from Global Warming, or else." Nef, "Bugger off, the earth stopped warming 12 years ago!" A crappy movie with a crappy lead actor, and an inaccurate and crappy contemporary political storyline that deserves to sink. The original is too good to be ruined by this easy mode approach to storytelling.
  • dcc
    SlashBeast and Al are loser queers!
  • Jim
    What next..... they'll be painting bigger breasts on the Mona Lisa?? The original is such a perfect work of art, but I think it will be most interesting to see the result of modern techniques applied to the old idea. But, prepare yourself; I understand they may have changed the storyline back to the original short story. I'll be attending with cautious anticipation.
  • SlashBeast
    Well you pathetic sacks of puss, this movie sucked, just like I predicted. Eat your words.




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