The Joker Makes a Special Delivery!

April 2, 2008

The Joker Makes a Special Delivery!

When I woke up this morning and checked my doorstep for any packages, I found a mysterious box waiting for me. Sent from "The Clown Travel Agency", I quickly opened it up to discover what was inside - a Joker bowling ball and cell phone! Just yesterday we followed the worldwide hunt for Joker's decisively placed bowling balls and ended up empty handed. I'm not sure how, but the Joker and his team must've decided it was necessary that we were part of their ever-growing army. I've been waiting for an opportunity to join the front lines of this viral campaign and I was incredibly surprised to find that somehow they had made a special delivery right to my doorstep!

Included within the box and bag were a bowling ball with name (Larry) and phone number engraved on it, a note from the Joker, and an evidence bag with a cell phone and charger. Time to join Joker's army firsthand! If you've been following this closely, yesterday some 28 Joker bowling balls were discovered all around the world. In the end, the website pointed towards a new security system located at If you follow the instructions there you'll get a phone call and realize it was all a trap - April Fools on you, too!

Here are the photos of my own bowling ball and box that arrived today.

Joker Bowling Ball

Joker Bowling Ball

Joker Bowling Ball

Joker Bowling Ball

I'm anxious to find out what's next in this brilliant viral campaign. Last year the acquisition of phones eventually lead to that IMAX preview and a trailer. Rumors have been spreading saying that Warner Brothers is planning to release another new trailer in front of Speed Racer. Unfortunately it seems like we've still got to wait until the next major step until anything concrete, but it sounds like something big is definitely in the works. And now thankfully we'll be the first to bring you the latest updates and any news that comes from this viral campaign. We've joined Joker's army full time!

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  • i hate you :)
  • Hahaha, whoa, whoa, that's unnecessary! 😀
  • Melissa
    Ahhhh!!!! *dies of jealousy* (but quickly revives to follow what happens next)
  • Stephen
    Haha lucky, great stuff.
  • Richard
    wow, thats pretty awesome dude
  • bltzie
    you lucky bastard... hehee hold on tight to it =)
  • bat
    there's a bowling ball with all the other stuff on eBay for $30,000 doubt it's going to sell, though
  • Ck
    wow, alex, how do you get so lucky? im am literally obsessing over this movie i would pay any amount of money to get my hands on one of those thats incredible keep us updated on everything you get, all the way down the exact words you hear him say if you get a call, i want to fell like im involved also your awesome man great job!
  • Keith
    ck: as bat said, theres one for 30 grand on ebay, will that do?
  • Heckle
    If any of you heard that Alex did go to the bowling alley to try and get the ball but someone went there an hour before the address was released and whined to the manager till he gave it to him. His video is up on YouTube. Search for A True Joker and tell him what you think of his wuss move.
  • bltzie
    I saw the video on youtube Heckle #10, so thank you for the information. Also I read some of the comments on the video and somehow a dude found out about the telephone number on the ball of the cheater. I called and it's quite the real deal. 202-657-0007 Call if you want to hear what alex heard. hehe
  • Sean
    Damn lucky...but what if it blew up? :) Compliments of The Joker...
  • sam
    So, I made the mistake/whatever you want to call it.. of calling the acme thing and got trapped.. funny thing...when i showed it too my GF later.... didnt work anymore... so this only happened to a certain amount of people for a certain amount of time!!! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED
  • Icarus
    WTF, it just showed up at your door? Does Warner Brothers have your address or something?! I guess if you run the site they could have looked it up, but I'm freaking bubbling over with jealousy right now. You'd better let us know EVERYTHING that happens with that ball. By the way, nobody has thought of cracking open the ball... there might be something inside.
  • Curtis
    So did anyone call the number? was kinda creepy o.o
  • Marcus Louk
    ummm. the ball (and the phone) that is listed on ebay is going to be destroyed soon if it doesn't reach $15,000
  • Joel
    I got called by that acme security website. It was kinda creepy.
  • steve
    I just called that number and it said that they now know who I am...does that mean they have my number? I really don't want my number on some list. Anyway, cool marketing scheme - as long as they don't abuse the phone numbers.
  • Avelanch
    rent a clown scares me. but gotham police scare me more. I LOVE this marketing campaign. I want more of this type of marketing.
  • Drake
    hey i dont care about these little tricks i want another trailer
  • Alexander
    I wish the Joker would drop one of those on my doorstep, DAMN YOU ALEX BILLINGTON. stupid St. Louis gets skipped over by all the cool marketing campaings
  • craziemutant
    hey um...i noticed something. you didn't have a joker card included in your package. and did you add your ball name and such to SHH!? and to steve, if you were scared that they'd do something with your number, why'd you submit it in the first place?
  • Harley E. Quinn
    This is so esciting! I love this campaign! I'm so worried I'm going to miss out, I keep checking these sites at least twice a day! The police phone call was so creepy! I hope they phone again! I'm so anxious to get more involved. I wonder if the movie will have anything to do with bowling alleys?!
  • AWESOME!!!
  • Robert Myers
    Ummm....I got a call from one of the ARG numbers and I missed they call back? 'Cause if they don't, I'll be mightily ticked if I missed out on a chance to participate.
  • craziemutant
    robert, if you're refering to the call about the survey that started yesterday, call 877-777-6197. and if you would to call again to get the secret message, 1 6 4 9 3 8, as your answers.
  • craziemutant
    *and if you would like to call again to get the secret message, enter 1 6 4 9 3 8 as your answers.
  • Robert Myers
    Thanks...means a last question: are there any leads in regards to the message? Again, thanks.
  • craziemutant
    i haven't heard anything big. but if you want to get the lastest, you should consider visiting Superhero Hype. i'm a regular there, myself.




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