The Joker's Defaced Dark Knight Trailer!

April 30, 2008

The Joker's Defaced Dark Knight Trailer!

If you were following the Joker's trailer hunt on Monday for The Dark Knight viral, you may have heard that one winner in each of the 12 cities received an actual 35mm copy of the new trailer. Besides being a pretty damn nifty gift, given studios usually never let anyone keep any actual film prints, everyone was excited that it featured the awesome new trailer. Unfortunately we won't be able to see a high res version of that new trailer until Sunday, however something interesting was discovered on the reels - every last frame has been defaced by the Joker!

This was first discovered on the London print over at Chris Presswell's blog. You can check out his site, which features photographs of nearly every last frame. Apparently each frame was drawn on by hand (which seems like a LOT of work if they did this 12 times over) and most of it is the typical defacing we see on sites like Now the next step would be to actually play it in a projector - and thankfully some guys have done this!

The Joker's Defaced Dark Knight Trailer!

The following video (courtesy of byte19 on SHH) is a taped projection of the Chicago reel - check it out. No one knows whether there is any secret code yet, but goons are currently search for new clues as we speak!

We don't know what the next part of the viral marketing game will be, but we do know that the new trailer will officially be out on Sunday. As always, we'll be following this viral game as it progresses and will always keep everyone updated on the latest happenings. If you don't care to continue to follow it, then please ignore our updates! I'm excited to see what happens next, because it keeps getting better and better…

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  • coyo
    Not until Sunday why so serious
  • Mortuus
    booo it isnt working.
  • bltzie
    damnit! this is so much better a gift than the normal trailer! kudos to the guys over at Warner who made this, excellent excellent job!
  • harrison
    haha wow they did a great job with that, i wonder how long it took them to do just one reel loved it when joker had himself carrying a lightsaber, and batmans flyin and bat droppings are goin everywhere
  • Tyler
    This film is truly going to be amazing, and the marketing is far more brilliant than I originally thought. It is all probably more expensive than we realize, but I know that the fans will return the favor not just by going to see the film, but making sure others do as well. In this trailer the film looks a lot more like batman the original than batman begins. Less wide shots, the close up shots especially, ad the cinematography. I dig the direction they are going. The shot of the joker with the fire next to him( maybe at a church where u light a candle?) is one of the best I have seen ever. Heath Ledger was truly a great talent, the world will miss him even more when they see what looks to be a truly remarkable performance.
  • Djorschach
    Brillant. This is by far the most impressive piece of viral caMPaigning to date. You're wrong though, in thinking this is expensive. It takes time, sure, and manpower, but not onr bity of hard-drive space or processing power. All this kind of campaigning requires is a dash of creative thinking, and the ability (and will) to apply a hands on approach to something that would otherwise be very costly and ineffective. As far as my imagination's concerned, the Joker is very real, and he's fucking with all of us. A special effect no computer could possibly generate. I'm sold.
  • darrin
    i need a better look at the trailer, but it still looks good
  • brian
    Alright; they've won me over. That is pretty freakin' awesome. Jaw-droppingly cool. When Mama's Boy comes on the frame when Bruce Wayne is there...just seriously amazing.
  • The Brain
    LOL "Boring Part" All trailers should be defaced like this.
  • Richard
    That was just damn awesome, really great viral stuff, i wonder tho does this really affect anyone other then the very few people like us who will go anyway? I don't know, I kinda think it might sway us to tell other people to go, but i know that if I were to tell my friend about this campaign he'd gloss over and pretty much ignore me lol. I'm not sure what the impact is other then getting fans really pumped to see it.
  • Saucy
    The Dork Night? Hahaha I'm totally sold!
  • Brilliant. Haha, the DORK KNight :)
  • The Brain
    Is it just me or am I gonna be yawning every time Batman/Bruce Wayne is on screen? The Joker is gonna steal the show.
  • Matt Suhu
  • interl0per
    Never in my life have I wanted to see a movie so bad....
  • Nettle
    What IS that at 2:16? Is it a bomb or an apple? Possible clue? Rich people suck is the best.
    What else can they do to make me watch this movie..................... Top movie to watch this year
  • twispious
    Really looking forward to this. Putting the Joker at the front & centre of the viral campaign can make people forget its heath ledger starring,if the campaign successfully establishes the Joker character to be such a domineering character.then it'll be known as dark knight,not that last heath ledger film (hopefully).
  • Djorschach
    I love how he tries to retitle it "The Joker" instead of the Dark Knight, only to give us "the Dork Knight" treat in the end. And he's right. Rich people DO suck~!




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