Universal's Slap Shot Being Remade - More Updates!

August 29, 2008

Slap Shot

As we've said countless times before, it feels like every single day we always write about another new remake. Today it's Slap Shot, the classic 1977 politically incorrect hockey comedy. The update comes from YourMovieMaven via SlashFilm, where screenwriter Peter Steinfeld (Analyze That, Be Cool, 21) mentions that he is "finishing writing the re-make of the iconic hockey movie Slap Shot for Universal." As you might have guessed, he's under attack by fans, as he rightfully should be! "I've never had so many people hate me for writing something they haven't seen yet. It's such a classic film and fans of the original feel like I'm grave-robbing or something. But I think the movie will be really fun and will capture what it’s like to play minor league hockey in 2008." Is this a good idea?

I'll admit that it is a bit harsh to attack someone before we even see what the finished product will look like, especially considering Slap Shot is sort of in need of a modern remake (don't you think so?). Hunter from SlashFilm makes a great comparison - look at what happened when Richard Linklater, who is a great filmmaker, tried to remake the classic 1976 sports comedy Bad News Bears - it turned out awful. Steinfeld doesn't exactly have too many hits under his belt, but considering Slap Shot literally is the iconic sports comedy, I'm not sure if his updated version will remain just as iconic or end up targeted toward a specific (younger) demographic. What are your thoughts - is Slap Shot in need of a remake or not?

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  • I thought the Stephan Baldwin direct to DVD sequel was the definitive version! No-Not really! Lets face it,they will remake everything eventually! Unless we take out the Assault rifles there nothing we can do about it!
  • zach s
    WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? there is absolutly nnnnoooooo need to remake this comedy classic and it is disgusting to think of what damage could be done to it!! it may not exactly hold up today regarding sports teams, but the humor of slapshots is still timeless and is in no need of being redone or remade!!!!! first rocky horror, now this?!?!?? HOWEVER, I guess my biggest disapproval with this is that it is being redone by Peter Steinfeld, who has a horrible track record of movies!! maybe I would feel better about this if it was being done by someone else or different people, though still not exactly thrilled, but I am totally against what is currently being done and who is doing it!!!!
  • Will S. (Co Springs)
    "politically uncorrect" =)
  • Jesse
    Go ahead remake it wasn't funny anyway. Sure it was a crazy comedy for back in it's day but now it's just another movie.
  • moldybread
    something I have noticed over the years...comedy is getting less and less entertaining...each year brings more untalented wannabe comedians...and right along side of that, unimaginative producer/directors who shamelessly do these remakes as if they had something better to add to the original....doesnt say much for the next generation now does it??? there is simply no need to do this one because it cannot possibly be better, or even equal to, the advice: either get some talent or get the hell out of the business...
  • Grooviemann1
    "comedy is getting less and less entertaining" moldybread, Judd Apatow...Judd Apatow, moldybread
  • Tyler
    I am disgusted at this news. Makes me sick that they would even try to remake such a classic.
  • Drew
    This is very bad news. My stance on remakes has always been that if you think you can make a better movie than the original, go ahead and try. But Slap Shot is perfect as it is and is still considered one of the very best sports movies of all time. How are you going to replace the legendary Paul Newman or find some guys that can imitate the Hanson brothers? There is no chance in hell that a remake could be better in this case, especially coming from the guy who gave us Be Cool.
  • Mark
    It will never have the satirical balls of the original. It said: Many people are into sports just for watching violence and profanity. This one here sure features just the OC with joints and lowbrow jokes. Political incorrectness in movies has jumped the shark long time ago. It‘s like remaking Network and getting Fox News - The Movie.
  • L
    Screenactor's Guild need to start protesting these remakes.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Old time HOCKEY?
  • JD
    Terrible idea!
  • Ray
  • Bryanmakeup
    Enough with all these remakes. Come up with an original idea. FUCK ME!
  • tommyturner
    Maybe it will be a REBOOT instead of a REMAKE. That will make everything OK. (Cynical bellylaughter to follow)
  • Xerxex
    The 70's was the movies revloution, leave this in the revloution of movies, c'mon make up you're own film, don't remake, make and leave it there.
  • Denny Kolburn
    This is ridiculous, setting the story in the present-day minor league hockey instantly takes away everything that was compelling about the original (mainly, the satire about the level of violence and bloodlust in hockey culture (and American society in general) during the 70s). Are they going to remake Bull Durham too? This is probably being produced by the same morons that made a movie about a hockey playing chimpanzee.
  • avoidz
    Same as others: Enough. FUCKING. Remakes/Reboots!!! For chrissake!
  • tim
    I sure hope the star of the movie is Will Ferrell, yeah right, but that's probably what's gonna happen. Leave it alone, please.
  • thejugfather
    this is a massive travesty if this film gets remade and besides the humor that you could get away with in the 70's would cause a firestorm of protests and whinning babies from coast to coast! this is one of those iconic films that should be left as is and released as a 20th or 30 aniversary edition with outtakes or bonus reels included. next thing you know they'll be remaking airplane or the jerk or how about remaking blazing saddles!?! please someone shoot all the writers in hollywood and start over again! but this time bring in people that actually have a brain!
  • AK
    I heard they want the remake to be very DARK and mysterious because apparently that's what is hot these days. You know, try and mimic a hit movie although you don't realize that the story has ALOT to do with why it was successful?
  • John Madden
    If he wants to capture what it's like to play minor league hockey in 2008, then um... why not write an original movie about what it's like to play minor league hockey in 2008? Or if that's too much effort, why not adapt one of the thousands of books on minor league hockey that have come out since 'Slap Shot'? I know, it's crazy talk. I'll see myself out.
  • brad
    Seems like Universal is dead set on doing this, they've gone through 4 sets of writers before settling on Steinfeld, who has a true passion for getting it right. I hate the idea of remaking one of my favorite flicks, but if the studio is gonna do it, I have faith in the hands it's in.
  • DId this happen? Im searching on hockey movies and seeing a few different ones mentioned. I dont remember ever hearing about this coming out. Did it?




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