Updates on Kevin Smith's Horror Film Red State

September 12, 2008
Source: STYD, MTV

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has been in the news quite a bit recently, primarily because his latest comedy (Zack and Miri) is due out within the next few months, but as always, we're already thinking about his next film. The last we heard of Red State was in April, where Smith revealed some early details on his horror film that's about a group of misfits who encounter religious fundamentalists in the heart of the country. Now two new updates from the man himself have hit, one from STYD, the other from MTV, that shed a bit more light on the project. Not only is the film still searching for funding, but apparently it's going to be such a huge departure from Smith's previous work, that he wants people to "flat out not believe that I made it."

Smith told STYD in an interview recently that they're still looking for cash because "it's not a really commercial film at all. It's very bleak and very dark, and there's no one to root for in the movie, so it's a real film festival type of film, but it's not the kind of movie you can take into multiplexes and do a bunch of business with." The script is done and ready to go and they're only looking for about $5 million to shoot it in the Midwest with a bunch of unknowns. If you're still confused what exactly this is about, and why it's not very commercial, here's another tidbit from Smith. "It is definitely a 180 from everything else we've done including Zack and Miri but at the same time, it's not like a splatter film, it's not like slasher balls-to-the-wall gore, it's more unsettling and disturbing type of horror."

In a separate interview with MTV, Smith said that "the dream would be to have people watch the movie and flat out not believe that I made it. To pull that off would be cool." As hilarious as Zack and Miri was, Smith wants to challenge himself with Red State in order to prove he's not just a one-genre-wonder. "I'm interested in doing it to see if I am a filmmaker after all." he confessed. "If I can pull it off in another genre maybe I am a filmmaker. If it fails then I'm a dick and fart joke guy and I should stick to that." Smith adds that "there are no laughs in it. It's straight forward, creepy, unsettling horror. I'm aiming high. I'm aiming at the unsettling Rosemary's Baby kind of vibe. I also want to throw in a little of Race with the Devil which is one of my favorite scary flicks." Interesting horror inspirations, I must say.

Considering I'm a massive Kevin Smith fan, I'm obviously interested in seeing what he's planning to do with Red State. I'm not the biggest horror fan, but I'm always up for the occasional scare, especially when it's more psychological than gory. It's fun to juggle excitement in Smith's upcoming projects, considering we've got Zack and Miri due out in October, and Red State hopefully starting production by the end of the year. Even though it was way back in 1994 when Smith first burst into Hollywood with Clerks, he's still kicking ass even today. I hope Zack and Miri gives him the boost he needs to get the funding for Red State, because I definitely want to see it. Does Red State sound like a horror movie you'd see?

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  • Caleb
    I'll be watching it for sure
  • Bing Bong
    Kevin Smith is one of the most genuine film makers in Hollywood. He never let his ego get over inflated. Now, can he do a creepy horror type of film like Rosemary's Baby? Hell yes. Will he truely give in and do one just like other film makers have like Richard Donner’s Omen and Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby? I certainly hope so. A great film is like great food, desert breakfast appetizer dinner, it all can be great if done by a great chef.
  • peloquin
    Like I've said before...the true film makers are the ones who can jump through genres with no problem. It's what continues to impress me with Danny Boyle recently as well. Smith won't be able to resist casting Jason Mewes in it...I swear that guy just sits around waiting for him to call.
  • peloquin
    HAHAHA... I just IMDB'ed Mewes to see what he's been doing and he's got Red State listed as one of the upcoming films he's working on... I told ya so...
  • Matt
    Watch Vulgar if you want to see Smith do something outside the norm of the View Askew universe
  • Al
    waitin for a long time, but i dont think this will happen anytime soon. Unless Zack and Miri makes over 30 million or so.
  • #5 Kevin Smith was Martan Ingram in the movie and he was Ex-Producer. He really had nothing to do with that film. So whats your point Matt?
  • athena
    Wow, I hope this comes out soon...and that he give a good credit to Witches, not the stereotypes that been read about over and over and over again....I wish I was working on this film with his company.
  • Rob
    Aw, no Silent Bob I guess 😛 Sounds intriguing anyway :-)
  • Al
    tagline "From the makers of Jersey Girl"
  • My One-Eyed Willy
    Kevin Smith?!!? A horror film?? ehhh, pry some comic book movie or something where Stan Lee and Adam West fight to save a young girl from the clutches of the Shocker. And no not the Shocker from Spider-Man, I mean that thing you do with your fingers. Anyway, the self proclaimed King of Comic Book Nerds can't pull this off in my opinion Gorilla Monsoon!!!
  • Roy
    I love Mr. Smith like the older brother I wish I had, but this idea is better for a graphic novel/comic book, not a film, let alone a theatrical release, because the country's so damn divided along political/social/religious lines. "Red State" would make a great film in an alternative universe (Earth X, perhaps?).
  • Ishmael
    Count me out. I love Kevin and his movies but the idea alone has put me off. I can smell this one a mile away. Even the title gives it away. Red State people are small minded, religious zealots who will murder any sophisticated, urban, liberals who cross their path. Stick to dick and fart jokes, it's what you're good at.
  • Jaybear
    kevin smith could make a film about the dictionary and I'd watch it.
  • Roy
    #14: He already did: the first Clerks film, with the elaborate words for the segments.
  • keroppi1369
    Since the begining of Hottie Kevin Smiths career I anticipate all his new projects. I loved "Jersy Girl" even if no one else did, it reintroduced me to the broadway production of "Todd Sweeny" if he can be that classy and show that production in a "Chick Flick" I can only imagine what he is going to dazzle us with "Red State" by the way I love "Zack N Merri Make a Porno" I can't wait til it comes out on video so I can snatch up a copy (no puns intended sntach get it) that I look forward to geting ready four my day by watching it every morning. Kevin Smith is the hottie with the body from the Jersey side of the right tracks. LOVE YOU KEVIN< you are lucky to have a brillant wife and kid by your side. Hurry with "Red State" Please Please Please. Another thing I did not even know u had made "Zack N Merri Make a Porno" til I saw the credits lol so ur doing great at throwing me off at least.
  • Nathan DeGuzman
    Although it seems very few people are on board and excited about this new flick, i have a trust in my favorite director/writer/hero. I, personally, can't wait until Smith releases this surefire masterpiece. horror movies nowadays are terrible, all of them thoughtless and mind numbingly dull. Nothing since Silence of the Lambs (& maybe Seven) have truly scared me, or captured my imagination. I think that Smith's amazing writing ability will show for this great film. I'm counting down the days to its release, I can't wait!




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