Wall-E Officially the Best Reviewed Movie of 2008!

June 30, 2008
Source: Rotten Tomatoes


Rotten Tomatoes has officially announced that Pixar's Wall-E is, so far, the best reviewed movie of the year. The film has a 96% fresh rating with 149 reviews counted, which beats out Iron Man at 93%. Additionally, this makes Wall-E Pixar's third best reviewed film in its history, just barely above Ratatouille at 96%. Let's hope it holds out as a few more reviews trickle in, since Iron Man has 209 reviews counted. I've talked so much and so highly about Wall-E over the last few months, that I think this intro is best left to Rotten Tomatoes. "It's rare that a picture earns comparisons with Chaplin's City Lights and Kubrick's 2001. It's rarer still that said picture is also praised as intelligent, visually remarkable, darkly funny, and ultimately, heartwarming family fare. However, critics say the good folks at Pixar have done just that with WALL-E, perhaps the studio's most audacious film yet." Congratulations Pixar!

"With WALL-E, Pixar at last takes the great leap forward many of us knew the company had in it. A 'family movie' in name and MPAA rating only, it's a major visionary work, a sci-fi parable of astonishing scope and depth that is anchored by an adorable bucket of bolts and yoked to a sensibility that is - there's no other word for it - furious. It's also, by a substantial margin, the best American film of the year to date." -Ty Burr, Boston Globe

Our review was written by Ken Evans, who gave it a perfect 10 out of 10 rating. He even asked me, jokingly to give it an 11 because he loved it so much. It's so great to hear that not only did everyone give it a positive review, but that it has been praised by many as a masterpiece. I'm always afraid that each new Pixar movie is not going to live up to the last, especially with Wall-E because I love the character so much. But when the film surpassed all my expectations and everyone else's, it was such a relief. Congratulations to Pixar yet again, and especially Andrew Stanton, for creating such an incredible film. You've truly shown the world that you're one of the best storytellers in cinematic history.

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  • Davor
    they haven seen the dark knight yet
  • leni
    Toy Story and Toy Story 2 don't count as Pixar movies anymore? They both have 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and, last time I checked, 100% is higher than 96% 😛
  • Joshua
    Leni, Last time i checked, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 weren't 2008 films. And Wall-E is easily better than those movies combined.
  • Curtis
    The Dark Knight hasn't been released yet...
  • Fresh white bread
    @3 the article said walle became the best reviewed film from pixar ever too so #2 is right i was going to comment on that but leni already did
  • The Enchanted One
    Best film so far......till July 18th. The best animated film this year. Bar none.
  • Maxx
    Toy story and Toy story 2 have high ratings yes but less reviews...Toy Story only has 46 reviews on and Toy Story 2 has 121... walle has 150 reviews...I think that takes a big part in the rating process...if Toy story and Toy story 2 had more reviews I am sure it would beat out Walle but the numbers show Walle being more successful on that site...
  • Curtis
    I was just going to say the same thing as Maxx, as much as Wall-E looks good and is being said to be a masterpiece no Pixar movie can ever be as good as Toy Story, i loved that movie when i was younger and still do.
  • The Brain
    The same number of critics will find fault with Batman, too. To be different and sell newspapers.
  • Well Dark Knight hasn't come out yet :) (saw it already and no words can possibly describe it. There is NO POINT of anticipation you can go into it and NOT be disappointed.)
  • Josh
    ...and I can see why. This film was absolutely brilliant - adorable, hilarious, smart, and beautiful.
  • #3 - Sorry about that, I got a bit confused... Going to fix that now!
  • Michael Hansen
    It's truly impossible to eggagerate the level of greatness this film achieves. On a personal level, I can't say if I enjoyed 'Wall-E' or 'The Incredibles' more, but this film will undoubtedly be remembered. Within 5 or 10 years, film students will be studying and dissecting it. It's that good.
  • Galethog
    personally, i felt disappointed!!! and apparently Im alone in this one!!! O.o After seeing it, I felt like if I had just seen half of a movie. Yeah the animation is excellent as always, but this time Pixar only bet to the romantic plot. the story wasn't fully developed. I felt like watching a Tom n Jerry cartoon instead of a Pixar's movie (and it isn't because they barely talk). The fats were funny, but silly in different aspects. As I saw the trailers I felt very interested but in the end it wasn't as I imagined. Anyone feels like I do?
  • The advisor
  • "they haven seen the dark knight yet" Ahahahahahaha! Love reading these comments, now that The Dark Knight is out and WALL-E is *still* the best reviewed movie of 2008! You guys are hilarious. That film was good, but soooo overrated, and it's clear that the critics took it for what it was, good but not perfect like so many fanboys make it out to be. WALL-E will go down in history as the best reviewed movie of 2008, and most likely the first animated film since Beauty and the Beast to be nominated for Best Picture (possibly even to win it!) The movie was absolutely perfect, not "half a movie" or anything stupid like that. It was the masterpiece it has been declared to be, and if you don't agree, you have no heart.




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