Watchmen Comic-Con Footage Free on iTunes!

December 9, 2008

Watchmen Comic-Con Footage Free on iTunes!

In a very rare but exciting move, Warner Brothers has debuted the Watchmen footage that fans were shown at Comic-Con in July on iTunes for your viewing pleasure. If you recall, this footage is part of reason why I ranked the Watchmen panel as the best panel from this year's Comic-Con. "The five-minute extended trailer we saw was truly breathtaking, even more than the first trailer." It may not exactly be in true high def, but anyone very excited for Watchmen needs to check this out right away. All you need to do is head to iTunes and download the item labeled "Exclusive Clip - Watchmen: Comic Con 2008 Preview". Enjoy!

Click below to watch the Comic-Con footage from Watchmen:

Watchmen Comic-Con Footage on iTunes

Zack Snyder had to edit it out some of the more violent scenes and the nudity, so this is a tad bit shorter than the actual footage, but who cares, you'll still see a lot of the same footage that we saw. Watching this again now, I still get shivers hearing the song and seeing it all play out. For those curious, the music is contemporary remix of Philip Glass' "Koyaanisqatsi" song. Like the original teaser trailer, there is no actual dialogue, this is just a composition of slow motion shots and some action scenes, which might turn off a few viewers. However, I know that everyone at Comic-Con enjoyed the hell out of this! What about you?

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  • Darren
  • kees
    I hate iTunes' fucking region restriction.
  • zach
    wow. ok #2.
  • thanks warner, thanks for US only -__-
  • Epic Banana
    FUCKING HATE US restrictions, seriously on the internet, there are no countries >_>
  • Jordan
    I have no problem with registering with itunes to view these sorts of things, but forcing people to submit credit card info... fuck right off.
  • Lady Aerin
    That shows Rorshach's shifting mask MUCH better than anything else I've seen. I've never been more excited for a movie.
  • Derek
    ....fucking amazing....
  • felipe
    damn your region restrictions.....this is absurd.
  • Alex, I love this site. Its one of my absolute favourites on the entire INTER-net. Please don't support the cretins who are trying to take corporate and regional ownership of an enabling technology which has freedom and openness at the very core of its being. Watchmen fans are not limited tot he US. This kind of meaningless exclusion is insulting. Out of the entire Watchmen Movie hype/build up/marketing, this is the first wrong foot Zach. Booooooooo
  • felipe
    couldn´t agree more with Dr.Duvel. I understand that Alex being in the US wouldn´t know at first, so here´s our statement, it really isn´t nice to support such meaningless exclusion.
  • SB
    Except that US fans might want to see it?
  • Florian
    Please Alex can you upload this clip on this page for people who can't have it on iTunes ?
  • The_Phantom
    This movie looks frickin sweet! Can't wait.
  • FRIG!
    Fuck iTunes. Like I want to see it on iTunes, of all places. Not only that, but even if I got iTunes, they wouldn't let me see it because of "country restrictions"? Fuck you, iTunes, FUCK YOU!
  • felipe
    just out of curiosity.... why on earth they would need a region restriction? afraid of piracy? it is a FREE video of SNEEK PEEK footage. wtf??
  • JB
    Any links to us non americans?
  • Harle
    God I wish someone would upload it so, ya know, all the other Watchmen fans, like a Britfag like myself, who grew up reading it in the 80s and 90s, could also watch the it. -_-
  • Q
    Q is unhappy...
  • Mike McRorey
    wow. I have never seen such a cry for attention from people. Alex has no control on what iTunes does with their policies. All he did was link something legit that more people than not have the ability to see.
  • felipe
    Mike, The main attacks were on iTunes for its maningless exclusion...what some of us (including me) said about Alex was more of an advice since he wouldn´t know that there was and exclusion. He is a great guy, I love his blog, I read ALL of them, and that being said, I would expect at least a statement, agreeing with us on this absurd. Everyone should see it, including US residents, but I don´t think this situation should pass by unoticed. I´m not crying for attention, I´m crying to see the video that I can´t for no aparent reason.
  • Rick
    No problems getting it through the Canadian store. Nice to see it, but it doesn't show much that the previews miss.
  • Al
    anyone catch the easter egg of a picture of Laurie in Comedians House? its gracing the left corner of the frame 38 seconds into it, for those interested.
  • Allen Sharpe
    waaaaaaaaaaah. seriously guys, have some patience.
  • OCP
    its a 20secs long wtf am I missing something?
  • OCP
    NM I got it....F'ing great
  • spanx
  • bsweber
  • Jaf
    What a coincidence me and my buddy were just talking about whether or not Rorschach's mask should instantly change in a camera cut kind of like how it changes in a new panel in the comics, and not in the middle of a cut but I'm all for this
  • Rorschach
    I hear that all of this footage and new stuff will be going on itunes stores all around the world shortly. Warner Bros. only controls the film in the U.S. and Canada. Did anyone check out the App - pretty cool!
  • #10 Dr.Duvel - Sorry, I didn't know it wasn't US! It doesn't say that anywhere... Plus it worked for me. Sorry guys, I didn't know! Don't come after me with pitchforks!! :(
  • Epic Banana
    It's on facebook, with good quality. Check it out, some sweet stuff inside :)
  • Sumit
    Click here for the clip in AVI format available internationally:
  • K
    All you have to do guys and gals is search... it's findable...
  • Casey Sanders
    how the hell did i miss this??? sorry alex. (ooops)
  • tt
    bullshit american restritions fucking nuts. Everybody give the americans what they want but they will never share anything.




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