Will Smith Says Hancock 2 Definitely Will Happen

December 4, 2008
Source: JoBlo


Actor Will Smith talked to JoBlo recently while promoting Seven Pounds and told them that a sequel to his superhero movie Hancock will "definitely" be happening. When asked if he would play more superheroes in the future, Smith told them that "there were a lot of unexplored characters in the Hancock universe that would be ripe for a sequel and confirmed that we'll definitely see the rumored Hancock 2 in a few years." Hancock, which was released on the week of July 4th earlier this summer, earned a respectable $228 million at the box office. Enough to warrant a sequel, no question, but is another one really necessary?

If there is one movie that I hated with pure passion this year, it was Hancock. Even after seeing it, I thought it was absolute shit. An utter disaster of a superhero movie that should've flopped quickly and quietly, but alas, anything with Will Smith will earn a minimum of $200 million. On top of that, I don't know what "unexplored characters" Smith is talking about, because the only characters that were unexplored were his and Charlize Theron's, and I mean that in the worst way. The story and characters in this were haphazardly slapped together by inexperienced writers. I, for one, do not want to see a sequel.

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  • Spike
    What do you want, a cookie..? Hancock was great, so i'm looking forward to part 2!
  • Richard
    Great? I don't even remember the bad guy in the movie, oh wait there wasn't one, great!
    • John
      fuck off
  • Brooke
    While I don't hate Hancock as vehemently as you do Alex, I agree that it was a poorly written superhero movie and a sequel would make absolutely no sense. At all. It would be better if it just remained a stand alone movie.
    • Gazzor1
      i think it was an excellent film and there should be a second sequel, and who ever think otherwise is an idiot, and there was nad guys in the film, because they were tryin to rob the bank and kill hancock, for the sequel they could have more of super powerd people that could of survived.. 
      • Gazzor1
  • Honestly, I thought Charlize was gonna die and her husband would of turned into Hancock nemesis. Especially round the end....but that didnt I really want to see what happens next. I wanna kno about their past, how they get their powers and I wanna see a bad guy in the next one
  • Alfredo
    Yeah... this movie was crap. If they said they'll make a sequel for the first half of the movie, I'll be down for it. But since it'll include the turd that was the second half.... uh, just let this thing die alone, forgotten somewhere. Can't believe I was actually excited to watch this before it came out.
    • John
      ok just shut up if u make a better movie then u can talk
    • Roxy240sx
      thats your opinion but I think the movie was sick. P.S.Your opinion sucks
  • sng. Sheep
    why wasthere a 1st??
  • NadaNuff
    I liked Hancock, and would see another if it seemed interesting. SPOILER: Since Hancock and his sister/ex-wife can't be together without losing their powers, I wouldn't expect them to revisit this plot line by putting her in the movie. If she is in it, she would definitely be a background character, or have a separate storyline altogether. But I'd love to see Bateman's character come back.
  • Peloquin
    I really didn't like this one previously mentioned, the first half was alright, but pitting two super heroes with the same powers against each other just didn't work...having dynamic powers go against each other is what makes a super hero finding the ying to defeat the yang.
  • Myles
    I think Hancock was a really interesting and neat idea. Most superheroes are defined by their biggest villains so to have a totally unchallenged superhero be in meltdown because of that was really clever. I liked the idea of a villainless superhero film, that said, clearly no studio wanted that, hence that slapped together final act that was pretty needless. That being said, I dont see any place left to go for a Hancock sequel unless they do just turn it into every other superhero film and have a supervillain turn up and kidnap Charlize Theron.
    • Diechucky999
      Hence the reason your not making movies? You haters obviously have no imagination, there are countless ways to make another, and yes, even improve.
  • Alex is a horrible writer
    Hancock was a very fun movie. Alex you are a bias/terrible writer.
  • L
    #10 nice review, haha!
  • Narf
    Hancock is an awful movie. Bad actors, bad story, bad at all.
  • Rick
    Hancock WAS fun. It WAS different. It WAS refreshing
  • The only way to describe Hancock is "the best indie comic movie not based on an actual indie comic". No matter where you go, you're going to find people who loved it, and people who hated it. If you're into the whole "superheroes having regular flaws and problems" subgenre, you'll like it (as I did). If you want Hancock to be Superman and fight some eeevil archnemesis over the streets of the city, you're going to hate it with a vengeance. It's not that kind of movie. Plus, Will Smith action movies = fail for writing. That's why they have so much cool action - to hide the crappy writing.
    Yeah t hey can totally do another and it will make money. See, the whole thing is now everyone thinks a superhero film has to be serious and totally action packed. Just because iron man and TDK did great you think you cant explore the comical side of a charector. I think we needed to get that out of the way in order to make way for a serious version of handcock, You see at the end he has his shit together, and fighting crime. No glittery outfits, no nippled costumes, and noBullshit Speedos. It was what it was and you guys need t o accept that. You already knew it wasnt going to be TDK or Iron Man or Watchmen, they said they make fun of themselves in the film, so why are people complaining. I would welcome another Handcock i am totally open to seeing new stories and you kind of contradict yourself by saying it was a piece of shit and then you complain there is no original material out there just remakes.
  • Peloquin
    @ Therblig...I have to say I disagree with you...the problem most people have with Hancock isn't that it was too comical it's that it wasn't comical enough. Most people will say they enjoyed the first half when Bateman and Smith are interacting because their dynamic was funny, but once they tried to get too serious the plot holes were endless and the new character that emerged was completely different than the one we saw at the exposition. If they would have stuck to the gritty drunk Hancock who only thinks of himself they would have had a much more entertaining film. Changing him into this serious do-gooder seemed like they were trying to follow some cliched superhero formula. They should have stuck to their guns and created a completely unique character rather than trying to fit Hancock into a mold created by TDK or Iron Man. Also I believe he was in a tight-stretched spandex-like costume at the end, but I think they left out the nipples at least. Also, I'd be careful how you spell that in the future..."hand-cock" doesn't help the films reputation if you want to give it some positive buzz. I'm also upset with this film because now they took the idea of a drunken hero away from the Iron Man possible story lines from the comics...I think Downey would have been a lot more capable at portraying a powerful drunk than Smith. Just my two cents though please feel free to rebut...
  • CMK
    I thought this movie was good, but COULD HAVE been great. Somewhere in making the movie, they forgot to put the middle of it in. Hancock suffered from the fact that he didn't have anyone viable to fight who had powers close to his own, since Theron ended up not really being his nemesis. I've never read this comic, but it seems that the plot borrowed heavily from the POWERS comic, in so far as the origin story, but I could be mixing up my comics.
  • I finally saw Hancock last night. I wasn't expecting much after hearing pretty much everyone say they were disappointed in it. I liked it a lot but thought it was wayyyyy too short for how much good stuff they could have worked in there. It felt like they could have turned the first half and second halves into their own complete movies. Seeing Hancock struggle to try and be good was great. But he breaks up his first robbery and then that's the end of that tale. I thought the whole part of his sister/wife loving him but just trying to get him away from her was great. Again, could have been its own complete movie.
  • Antonio Cruise
    f**k hancock... f**k a sequel... and f**k will smith alex ur totally right... this movie was complete shiet...
  • j money
    What made Hancock great was the fact that he was a down-n-out bum... Now that he's a "good guy" there's no real conflict to overcome once he came to terms with Theron's character & his reality as an immortal. He'd have to fight one of his own kind and maybe peek into his origin (flashbacks?) to make for a good sequel.
  • Janu Hull
    Hancock's worst enemy was himself, the villain was his own apathetic nature he had to overcome. Nothing is more destructive than someone doing the "right" thing for people he could honestly care less about. If anything, the movie felt rushed because it was cramming what could have been a great Showtime or HBO series into a two hour movie.
  • jesus
  • kimval
    dear Alex Billington, i have a piece of advice for you dipstick, don't go see the sequel, that way you can spend your time watching what you do like, which judging by your (lack of) tastes, is probably the real garbage out there, and for you, i'm sure there's plenty. i happen to like the movie, i thought it was much more imaginative for the superhero genre than that bloated, over hyped, piece of crap Batman, has been done to death. i'd be willing to bet you just loved. thanks and have a nice day
  • mike jones
    i'll be there if there is a sequel.i dindt love hancock,but i like it.
  • peloquin
    @ 23... Wow, can I get your autograph? Being part of the 6% of the world who didn't like The Dark Knight and the 30% who liked Hancock...that's pretty a hybrid of bad taste. What was wrong with The Dark Knight? I'd love to hear you explain yourself on that one.
  • I liked Hancock. Both halves. Saw it twice. There was a definite shift and letdown during the second half, but the first half was enough fun to make the overall movie enjoyable IMO. I'm betting the unrated version is better than the sanitized one they released into the theaters though. I need to go check out the DVD. Hopefully they won't have to hold back and can make the sequel a proper "R".
  • SlashBeast
    The main problem with Hancock was that it abandoned it's premise halfway through the film. The whole idea was that Hancock would have to become liked by the public again and actually have to be a good person. Half way through, the movie just drops that entire concept, throws in another superhero, completely forgets about how the public responds to Hancock and it just becomes a bunch of nonsense. Sequels are inevitable though, any movie which makes more than double it's budget is guaranteed a sequel.
  • Hancock wasn't that bad! I loved it, personnely and I'm not really in dire need for a sequal. Peter Berg did a good job, and I get what most people say, but I was sold at the end of this movie. Hancock is for a few people, not for everyone.
  • dan
    hancock was "meh". don't see the need for a sequel.
  • N
    It was obviously poorly written in some ways, but I still had a lot of fun with it. I'd love to see a sequel, hopefully they can write it a bit better.
  • IK
    Hancock was a great idea with awful execution. The plot could have been great if it weren't introduced halfway through the movie. It was half comedy, half drama, and not enough of either. That said, I think that a PREQUEL would be the proper way to go. --IK
  • ill will
  • Butters
    i really like will smith, but i just watched Hancock a couple nights ago and it was really bad. i wish he wouldn't waste his time making another movie like that.
  • DinoChow
    The first hour was pretty good. In fact, I really enjoyed it, with the best moment being the rescue at the bank. And then it went downhill, in a big way. I mean, those last 45 minutes or so were awful, some of the worst shit I've seen in a film all year. I've never seen a film where i was into it for a while and then suddenly wanted to walk out. The last half nullifies the quality of the first because the resolution of the story is so stupid. I was pissed. Will Smith is a teriffic actor who should not be wasting his talent on shit like Hancock.
  • Rob G
    Why? Just....Why...
  • avoidz
    Hancock was a piece of shit.
  • Noemi
    Alex, you are biased but since I usually agree with you, I have problem with that. Hancock was a complete train wreck during the second half.
  • Primo!
    I think that in a way the first movie definitely had its low points...especially with the storyline and Charlize Theron's character...There was no back story except for Will Smith's bit confessional at the dinner table...but that does leave alot of room for exploration in the sequel. I mean they can go anywhere with it...It could be set years in the future long after Jason Bateman's character dies and Charlize Theron is going through a bout of depression and Hancock comes to the funeral lol I dont know...Or think that they might not be the only ones left and they meet some one else who they have to team up against...or another pair like themselves.....Either way I enjoyed Hancock and Will Smith is the summer blockbuster man so who would think they wouldnt make a sequel...Ill watch it all the same
  • Gorman
    Wasn't Hancock just a giant turd sandwich? What was with the shaky camera? Am I watching Traffic with Superheroes? I pray for the day when people other than myself realize that Will Smith is just a walking cliche.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    In peloquin we trust....they only thing worse than Hancock was Tropic Thunder.
  • peloquin
    Aww man...hating on Tropic Thunder? I could watch Downey in that all day...could've done without Blacks and Stillers characters though. I still enjoyed it much more than Hancock though.
  • peloquin
    Oh and we can't forget about Cruise...he made that film a must see
  • ill will
    bring it back, BRING IT BACK, i mean honestly this movie reminds of those movies you just enjoy watching over and over again, regaurdless of the critics, like one of those corny movies that you enoy being apart of no matter how many times you watch it,
  • DemiAlbedo
    I love Will Smith so seeing trailers for a movie staring him as a super hero just blew my mind and was a must see for me. After watching the movie I was a little disappointed in the fact that there was no super villain. . .and pitting him against Charlize was a "neat" fight, but in fact a waste of time. Who wants to see batman vs batman? The whole situation with captain hook also seemed like a big waste of time. Guy gives a ridiculous speak about how handcock took their power and recruits a few solders, he then breaks out of jail like its nothing, and somehow arms all his men with full body armor and guns with no storyline at all. It just seem a little rushed with the enemy. However I was still pleased with the movie and can't wait for them to make a sequel. Let's be honest not every super hero movie gets it right on the first try. Just thinking of Dare Devil, Electra, and the punisher to name a few. Maybe if they had taken another stab at such movies as those they would have done a better job. Sometimes it takes two tries, which sucks to say but it's true. They developed his character which is a super hero must. Gave him an identity, a suit, and a logo like all great super hero's. So in the new movies they have more time now to introduce a villain and work around that. So the sequel should be more like your typical super hero movie, don't know if that is a good thing or not. Hopefully he will still have his old "call me an asshole one more time" attitude.
  • benos
    You don't have to act like "assholes". It was a funny movie with action(please no, lol unorginal), and original hero character with a sense of not caring. Not sure if there would be a sequel. I doubt it. A prequel would be a nice, just to settle on what happened between Hancock and Charlize's character. And add some new villain for some apparent reason. Not saying it may or may not happen. As long as it's not a ID4 sequel with Will Smith and Jeff. Then we are fine. But the ending suited the movie well without a promising sequel. Sure Will will make more projects in the future that is not sequel material. Not sure what 7 Pounds is all about. lol. Well see what Hancock 2 will bring us. Shit is promising for all of you bawling about it.
  • 46
    Thats great news. the first was one of the best superhero movies to come out in a while. and couldnt have picked a better actor. everyone who hated it have bad taste in movies. they should have gotten will to play neo in the matrix as well. would have made that movie way better than whats his name did.
  • BDub
    Hmm... As mentioned earlier if your comparing hancock to superman or some other established venture your in for disapointment heck... look at the earlier Batman, Iron Man Superman and 007 movies?? Not so great. Overall while not new hancock was a little different so give them a second chance and if the next one sucks DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY WATCHING it you punks. . jp but seriously give em a second chance.
  • 666
    seariousalily.... hancock from the begining ............. hancock origins
  • 666
    48 seariousalily…. hancock from the begining …………. hancock origins
  • Jayaltman
    Your an idiot. It's not suppose to be a marvel comic like movie, and batman like? aren't we all a little tired of weirdos in in capes with a little boy sidekick? i hope someone takes your keyboard away o you can keep your crappy opinions to yourself. Side note- just about 3 quarters of the movie is unexplored what are their peoples story? maybe theirs another super natural force thats what killed off their people? the list goes on... get your head out your ass
  • Diechucky999
    Finally, someone with a little imagination posts in this thread, good job Jayaltman.
  • Vanlostcontrol
    wow Jayaltman pretty much just killed you all haha
  • LDJ
    I LOVE HANCOCK . . . I can't wait to see HANCOCK 2!!!
  • Num1norm
    If hancock 2 is made then don't f**king go see it lol I thought hancock was a good film can't wait for the next one
  • John
    Brooke you pissed in your trousers while watching this film you motherfucker i will come to your house and i will show you the film a million times so you whole house is filled with shit.Furthermore i will put your head up a sumo wrestler.. You know brook you piss me off give me a hell  of a yell .reply or if you dont your a bastard you gay idiot. you should like the film 100% you mental...... i will get the anger management team and i will bazooka your head you hear watch a little toooo much in the night garden and dont man up ad watch pg films come on are you that much of a idiot u slag go shit yourself and fill up that whisky bottle in the bathroom (REPLY IMMEDIATELY YOU SHITTER SHIT YOURSELF OR DO YOU NEED YOUR MAMA TO HELP YOU..............................................
  • Lipgloss_lizzi_08
    Fuck off
  • Steve
    I think the only way to determine weather it be worth making a sequal is too market research the subject and if it's determined that the majority want a sequal then give em what they want....You gotta remember that there are younger people that loved this movie....why would you idiotic adults try to prevent something that your kid could of loved...think before you speak....I'm 36 and I loved the movie....And even if I didn't and my daughter did....then I'd say make the damm sequal....
  • Whoever left the comment above was a complete jackass. I for one think there must be a part 2. And my son and I loved part1. After Will Smith appeared in what seemed to be the final part of M.I.B. I feel this is the next movie that deserves a sequel. And I can't wait for it.™™™!!!! Steve Jordan San Jose, Ca




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