Worth Watching - April 7: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Teaser Trailer

April 7, 2008
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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Teaser Trailer

It took Fox nearly two weeks to finally put out the teaser trailer for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs that initially played in front of Horton Hears a Who. But now it's here in all of its high definition glory for everyone to enjoy. People seem to love this whole Scrat thing, which is all this teaser is, but it's laugh out loud funny. I'm actually a huge fan of the first Ice Age, but never even saw the second one (heard it wasn't too good). Apparently it made enough money to warrant yet another sequel, this time involving dinosaurs. Thoughts?

Watch the teaser trailer for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs:

[flv:iceage3-tsr.flv 502 270]

You can also watch the Ice Age 3 teaser trailer in High Definition at AOL

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a Blue Sky Studios production that is being directed by Carlos Saldanha of Robots and Ice Age 2. The film hits theaters on July 1st, 2009. The poster is featured below.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Poster

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  • CSpuppydog
    So basically this movie destroys all logic.. what the fuck?
  • I didn't even know there was a 3rd one in the works. Should at least be good for some good natured laughs.
  • Heckle
    Yeah the title is rediculous. Lets make kids laugh and at the same time make them stupid.
  • Frame
    So if it's the "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" then that means the "Ice Age" is through, right? So the title pretty much doesn't make any sense. Reno 911!: Miami.
  • Zach
    Since when do sequel titles have to make sense? Look at Terminator 4: The Return of the Terminator.
  • harrison
    why is there ice way up in the sky, and as ice reflects the most sun how is there life underneath it? it defys logic. and it sounds like he gets eaten at the end but ill probably still see it when it hits pay per view.
  • Curtis
    I agree with Zach who gives a shit about the title its just another Ice Age movie does it really matter, its just a fun movie to watch and it probley wont be good anyways the 2nd one pretty much destroyed all hope that the first one had. (Queen Latifah anyone)
  • Alfredo
    I might be used to suspending disbelief in movies, but this movie's asking to suspend common sense. "Dawn" of the Dinosaurs?? And then they'll make one about the end of the world... with the same characters that have apparently lived for millions of years.
  • Rob G
    Oh, so it's a lost world kinda thing...Ok that makes enough (cartoon) sense to keep me from tearing my eye balls out
  • Curtis
    are all of you crazy you do no its a cartoon right it doesn't have to make sense its just spolls to be fun..
  • nemes1s
    I honestly fucking hate each and every one of you douche bags that argued about the fucking title to a fucking 3D animated cartoon...
  • Frame
    Oh, please. Cartoons are most definitely allowed to defy logic in its themes and storytelling but we're talking about a TITLE. The ridiculous name isn't even satirical and doesn't appear to intentionally promote comedy (a la Reno 911!: Miami), you stupid fucking truck (#11.) 20th Century Fox is simply capitalizing on a financially successful -- if low-quality -- franchise which is typical Hollywood fare. Still, I was hoping the CG comedy genre would stay fresh with Pixar classics and hit-or-miss Dreamworks flicks.
  • People ...People ... What is going on with you ???? It is 3D animation movies mostly again I am saying mostly for children from age 2-15 ....and it is really good animation ... after all for the name it is funny for me because it remind me by Down of the dead 😉 hhhhhh but however it pass with the trailer for now :-) we will see what will happen with the movie .... You can't wait a name like : Godfather or Gangs of New York for such a movie .... yes they could do just name it Ice Age 3 but why they didn't ? maybe to be a bit different from Shrek the third ... maybe !!!! Not every movie has been made for you guys sometimes it is for your children if you have one ...
  • l.21
    yeah, my kids loved both movies and the second one was funnier than the first. They play with science and the mythologies and the stories are hilarious. pigmy sloths! hee!
  • REAL6
    That looked AWESOME!!!!!
  • taurinh
    im sure that my daughter who is 2 at the moment, wont think 2 times about the dinosaurs being alive after the ice age. if it makes her laugh and she enjoys it, GOOD. there are not many wholesome family-friendly movies anymore. I have plenty of time to inform her that the logical explanation for the dinosaurs is different than the movie. But for now, she thinks these movies are fun. I mean, does a 2 year old really care about logic? If we cared so much about logic, then we probably would not watch as many movies as we do? i mean, its a movie, its fantasy. Charolette's web, could a spider logically make spider webs with words? no, but my daughter does not care, its a movie that is fun, wholesome and kid friendly, like ice age. Take it for what it is, a kids movie. SO, needless to say, my wife and myself are excited to watch that stupid squirrel continue to try to catch that acorn and that sloth continue to be the goofiest thing he can be. Maybe it will suck, maybe it wont. but if it bring a smile to my child's face then ok.
  • Dusty
    WOOOHOOO... Scrat in 3D... all that needs to be said.... For my son that is.. haha Should be a fun .. and yes.. no logic to a land trapped below the ice during the ice age... but WHO CARES... haha... it is what I enjoy about this series.. doesn't need logic.... just dumb slapstick humor and somewhat mixed dialogue to make me laugh and my son won't catch.
  • Can't wait!
  • hey none said that dinos were alive *after* the ice age. from what the teaser shows, it's a land in the heart of earth. besides, it's an animation movie, not an academic encyclopedia!
  • Peluco
    Any 10,000 B.C. complainers left? This is the new Hollywood style: "No sense but fun!"
  • We are talking about logic
    We are talking about the logic in the movie about dinosaurs living under the ice and all that other BS, but I dont hear anyone complaining about talking animals, a mammoth hanging from a tree (2nd) and a Sabertooth that doesn't eat the mammoths or the sloths. That's the worst thing about the internet is people whining about the stupidest things.
  • Josh
    Some people seem to take animated films WAY to seriously. Yes there does need to be some sense of believability to the situation but it doesn't need to be realistic. Blue Sky's main issue with Ice Age is making a compelling story with compelling characters (except Scrat who is a really great character with a really fun story)
  • Anonymous
    ahhhh..... the movie idiocracy really was right about where our future is going to be lol...... this is going to make all of the children that see this movie at least 10% more stupid...
  • D Mizzle
    #23 and everyone who thinks like that are retarded!!!!! There KIDS!!!! Growing up watching movies and tv shows and reading magazines such as the Smurfs, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, must have made you all sooooo intelligent seeing as how they are so logical and mentally stimulating. Movies dont make kids stupid, STUPID PARENTS MAKE KIDS STUPID!!!!!....As for Ice Age it will be funny and kids will love it. P.S. All superheroes listed above are great, im definetly not bashing them.
  • nemes1s
    Amen #24, amen.
  • Anonymous
    i don't agree with that at all #24... yes parents do have a affect on children, but your saying TV does not have a effect on kids these days? Rap? gangs on TV have no effect on teenagers and kids? i live by cleveland and i can tell you that that has a huge effect on our culture...
  • WOW
    Just Shut Up Its a Freaken Kids Movie!!!!!!!!!!!
  • since the dinos are here i'm thinkin this is the last of the ice age movies coz there will be no more snow for them to live in or what the dinosaurs are gonna die first then the ice age gang
  • Keith
    Ok...I am a father of 2 wonderful girls who absolutely LOVE Ice Age. I don't care about the Title, I agree with #24. Let Kids be kids and not have to grow up too quickly....I am sure when all you guys bashing this movie were totally into this illogical stuff as our kids today....its for fun, and entertainment...really let it be and just be a kid again inside....see if its stupid when you look at it through your 6 year old eyes.....I for one am looking forward to this movie and I am sure I will be laughing just as hard as my girls....
  • john
    ok let me get this right: Ice Age: 30,000 to 40,000 yrs ago Ice Age 2 the Meltdown: 10,000 yrs ago Ice AGe 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs: MINUS several hundred million yrs ago?! Huh?... wha?
  • XD Reyes
    Ace Age: Give the HUMAN baby back to his family. Ace Age 2, The Meltdown: Try to survive a meltdown that was suposed to happen like 10000 yrs ago. Ace Age 3, Dawn of Dinosours: DINOUSOURS??!! What the fuck, all logic destroyed...well, it'll stlll be fun.
  • Dinosaurs did not live an ice age. That was like 65 million years before. the ice age was like 65 000 years ago? Do the math. Dinosaur and megafauna(like the sloth, sabertooth and mammoth) did not roam the land at the same time. They both occupied the same ecologic niche.. SO NO LOGIC. Please could you scriptwriters even try... kids are watching...
  • Blake B
    I honestly wish Queen Latifah (WTF KIND OF BULLSHIT NAME IS THAT??!) would die a slow painful death, that way I would never have to see or hear that fat bitch again!! Race has nothing to do with it, she just sucks in every way possible..
  • murphy
    What happend to Ellie, Crash, and Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so inportent
  • Mica-green
    I love ice age....Yay! Only Sid makes me happy. I don't care if it's a cute movie and history is going's still a kid movie...Adding dino's makes it even cuter! YAY!!!
  • tayman
    boo! pixar rules!!!
    I can't wait to see this movie..I don't care if the title is right or wrong..this movie is for fun and viewers are taking it too a dinosaur fan,and when I first knew that this movie would come out on July 2009, I became very excited..just hopin it would be relesed soon here in the Philippines...
  • viral
    okay all you geniuses there wasnt just one ICE AGE (about 65000 yrs ago) according to some theories there is an ice age every 100000 years... So all you calculus geniuses need to stop breathe and not take eveything so seriously... if anyone paid any attention to the IceAge Franchise you'd know that they do try to infuse some wisdom in the story... case in point Global Warming in the meltdown... i am sure this is goign to be a tonne of fun and it will be smart too...
  • Susana
    i'm interested! i like the whole prehistoric animals thing lol, and i think there will be some laughs
  • Esther
    Okay, well...if you ask me..."logically" this would have to be a prequel. I am not saying that it is...because obviously it looks like Diego and Manny and Sid are all friends which they weren't at the beginning of the first movie BUT...if it's to make ANY prehistoric sense it would have to be a prequel. "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" is just a title yes...but if it's going to be even the slightest bit prehistorically accurate the dinosaurs would have to be on their way out in the movie...not on their way in. So possibly the dinosaurs ARE on their way out of existence and the characters would get involved in this story somehow. Either way...prequel or IS a cartoon and cartoons don't have to make sense...BUT if they did want it to make any sense or have any logic at all they wouldn't have even made the movie. Easy to see they didn't make the movie to be logical. Dinosaurs existed and were extinct long before large ice age mammals ever evolved. So, it's a cartoon it doesn't need to make sense or have any logic. If you want logic go read the encyclopedia, don't watch an animated movie that is made to make laughs and make millions... which btw is steeped in logic....because none of you had the idea to create an animated money maker so...where's your logic now? Kids love love love cartoons...there are a whole lot of freakin' little kids whose parents are going to take them to see this and buy the dvd and then the blue ray. Very logical indeed.
  • Jenna
    I can't wait for this movie, and its a cartoon u people have NO imagination at all.
  • Daniel
    I love all the movies so far, i hope the next one is good too for all you people that haven't seen it you really should see all of them they are really funny.
  • Ainsley
    Seriously, it's a kids movie. Since when does it have to be logical? It's made to enterain children and if you can't accept that, then that sucks for you, don't go see it! People who enjoy good humor and entertainment (such as the first 2 Ice Age movies, the second being funnier than the first), i'm sure will like this movie. It is bound to be funnier than the second. Get a life and quit scrutinizing a kids movie!!




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