Worth Watching - Aug 26: Trailer for Viggo Mortensen in Good

August 26, 2008
Source: Rope of Silicon

Good Trailer

Another new trailer for a movie we never knew existed just popped up online courtesy of Rope of Silicon. It's for a movie named Good starring Viggo Mortensen as a "good" man that is forced to join Hitler's army in Germany during WWII. It doesn't look half bad, which is definitely a good thing, but I'm not sure how it will stand up to meatier WWII films like Defiance, Valkyrie, and Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards. There are almost too many WWII movies on the horizon, but most of them look good, so as long as they hold up. Mortensen looks great as well, but I'm much more excited to see how he does in Appaloosa than this. Anyway, give it a shot yourself and check it out - maybe you'll appreciate it a lot more than I did.

Watch the trailer for Good:

[flv: 504 212]

Good is directed by Austrian filmmaker Vicente Amorim, of 2000 Nordestes and The Middle of the World previously. The script was written by John Wrathall (Magic Moments) and is adapted from a play by C.P. Taylor. The film will be premiering next month at the Toronto Film Festival. Good does not have a US distributor yet, but is expected to pick one up soon and head into theaters sometime in 2009.

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  • viggo is, more or less, a badass when it comes to acting prowess. if he's in it, we're excited. that's the bottom line. the trailer looks good. thanks for posting! we're also pretty danged excited about 'Appaloosa.' no question.
  • Darrin
    this looks incredible. viggo will get a nomination.
  • The Real Alex
    I never knew germans back then had british accents....
  • I love WWII history and I dont think we can be flooded by too many movies, as long as they are done well. This looks great.
  • Mario Tenorio
    This looks WAY better than Valkyrie, but of course, have you seen Valkyrie’s trailer? Besides... It’s Viggo.
  • Keith
    Much more of a classic drama than a WWII film. Looks very good, I'll be seeing it.
  • Peloquin
    Looking forward to Viggo's post apocalyptic tale as well...The Road
  • David
    How many movies in Viggo in this year?!
  • dustyman
    The Real Alex has my thoughts.
  • coyo
    real alex? 😀
  • Xerxex
    What I like about Viggo is that he can act in any aspect, but in a one on one interview he cannot, do it! He dosen't have an answer for questions, but it gives him idenity, an amazing actor but a terrible interviewee, no negtive comment meant, just watch an interview with him and you'll see, and this movie looks great.
  • Josiah
    I think this is exactly what we're missing from the WWII perspective in filmmaking. Too much stock lately has been put in the good guy Allies vs. the bad guy Axis, but no one is really looking at what was going on inside the heads of rational German men during a period of irrational German leadership. Viggo Mortensen is perfect, this trailer is incredible, I will see the movie.
  • Phizik
    lol @ The Real Alex. It's better than Germans speaking with American accent, isn't?
  • Viral
    Viggo can do no wrong... this movie is poised to be this year's Atonement... but in my opinion it will eb several times better than atonement... looks BRILLIANT!
  • chris
    I'm looking forward to see this movie. There is no doubt for Viggo's performance. He is incredible. The movie looks very interesting. Of course i'm going to see it.
  • J'osh
    Why do people care about accents so much? It always comes up.
  • Jon
    Wow, Viggo does a great English accent. Shame he's playing a German. Has he ever played an English character?
  • Looks good (no pun intended). Mentioning Valkryie I am surprised you didn't post up an article on how UA is being sued by the extras on the film for getting injured.
  • chris
    I think viggo is always perfect. Why do you care about accent? I agree with J'osh
  • Bobby
    "I'm as German as you are," is a pretty hilarious line when said in a thick English accent. I have no problem with accents since they're not actually speaking German, but that line in the trailer was pretty hilarious.
  • dave13
    I agree with 19 on that. However, I want to see this film. Looks like a good ride.
  • Josh Rowe
    I'm sure the critics must be excited to make some puns about the title in their reviews.
  • Nick
    at the risk of sounding like a 10 year flamer I say this to anybody who gives out about "accents". ok, we KNOW they are german... we KNOW they are not speaking german, and yes... we KNOW that the fact that they are in germany and not speaking german is ridiculous?? wrong! it would also be fucking hilarity if I saw a bunch of germans during WWII speak english with german accents. some so over the top and stereoptypical that it would detract from the entire movie. what you are looking for is a movie in german with english subtitles? Enemy at the Gates was another near example of this... all english? so what, were we to listen to fake russian accents for 90mins? and with Bob Hoskins the only one with a russian accent.. I won't even go there. better if he just talked normally. and don't get me started on Alexander and Angelina Jolies accent. simply put, in a movie about germans made for an english speaking audience.... better get english speaking actors. nuff said not trying to get anybody riled on this, I just don't understand why people can't see the obvious reason why accents are not used.
  • chris
    Just see the film and stop talking about accents is boring.




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