Worth Watching - Aug 6: Ed Harris' Appaloosa Trailer

August 6, 2008
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Appaloosa Trailer

The first trailer for Ed Harris' western Appaloosa has been released. Last year when both 3:10 to Yuma and Assassination of Jesse James hit theaters, I predicted that the western genre might be attempting a return. While I would hardly call one extra film a return, this has an impressive cast and looks fantastic, so I yet again might ask whether westerns are indeed trying to make a comeback? Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris star together as hired sheriffs in a small western town. They're joined by Jeremy Irons and Renée Zellweger. This trailer for Appaloosa looks fantastic and definitely has potential, but I'm wondering if this will be another forgettable western or something more. Take a look below and decide for yourself.

Watch the trailer for Appaloosa:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Appaloosa trailer in High Definition on MTV

Appaloosa is co-written and directed by actor Ed Harris, who only previously directed the 2000 biopic Pollock. The script was written by Harris and fellow actor Robert Knott and is based on the novel of the same name written by Robert B. Parker. The film will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival this September before being release domestically later this fall. New Line Cinema, under operation by Warner Brothers, is releasing Appaloosa in limited theaters starting on October 3rd.

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  • Matthias
    well....looks like a western. i doubt that it's more.
  • dom
    seemed to miss that spark or intrigue that a trailer needs - I'll still go watch it given the casting.
  • John
    Looks good. Longing for a well told herostory.
  • Anyone know where the music is from?
  • wetworks
    i'm interested...i like harris in this role, looking badass but that whole "you go first" piece has been worn out...
  • Josh
    i think the music could use a litte more........twang
  • minadrake
    it looks good, shame it's been done before
  • Fish
    This looks like a great western with a great cast, especially Mortensen and Harris reuniting since "A History of Violence". Great story, clever dialogue. And its a western, what is cooler than a western.
  • Dave V.
    I love these actors and Ed Harris is so talented I will deffinatly support this movie. Looks like a good western. And Viggo already looks like a damn cowboy so it's a sure fit.
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    Really looking forward to this. Harris and Mortensen are great actors; I, also, think that Robert B. Parker is the best working novelist today. I'd love to see someone do justice to his Spenser character on the big screen.
  • Ripper
    Kinda reminds me of Way of the Gun but they are good guys. Looks good Viggo is amazing and Ed harris and him were both great together in History of Violence. Lookng Forward to it.
  • Film Fan
    "An Ed Harris Film".....that cracked me up. Like that carries any weight. Need to go to IMDB to see if Ed's directed anything else. Great actor, and what a cast! But the trailor looks like any other western.
  • Darrin
    this looks good
  • Fisherman
    I'm down.
  • me
    Looks Fun but more films should have Jeremy Irons such a cool guy, even the name, Jeremy Irons more films should have Jeremy Irons
  • robert
    #11 what about that trailer reminded you of "way of the gun"?besides that there are two guys vs. many and they have guns. just curious but i agree with the rest of your comments
  • Maxx
    I love Westerns and also both Ed Harris and Viggo Mortenson...the trailer seemes pretty solid but the cinematography didnt wow me in the trailer...what made 3:10 to yuma so good for me was how authentic it looked...this made me think of a set, not the actual "west"...but any movie with Jeremy Irons being badass I am all for so I will be seeing this most likely...
  • Brian
    Sort of interested. Jeremy Irons in a western is an interesting choice.
  • harrison
    think they may have overdone mortensons outfit though, looks more like a mexican bandit, pancho villa type
  • This has Tombstone-quality potential here.
  • Hector N
    Look great!, definitely watching it
  • Echelon
    I love good westerns, and given that that aren't many that come out, this is a must see for me. Looks like it could go either way though, the trailer didn't necessarily capture me.
  • Xerxex
    With that cast I'm sold.
  • lalola
    i don't like the cowboy movies, i think they suck... buuuuut all the rules have their exception and my exception is Brokebreak Mountain
  • moldybread
    dont care what anybody sez....I F*&^ING LOVE IT...........
  • Manda
    I saw a whole lotta' tombstone in that trailer. Looks good, but... seen it, haven't I?
  • avoidz
    @lalola - you're a chick, right? Of course you liked Brokeback :p
  • a-dub
    PREDICTION - THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE A SUPER HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i will be there on opening day. and for those talkin that sophomoronic crap about "seen before"---it's all been seen before, kiddies. all been done before. it's who is in the deal--and how they deal the deal. harris, mortenson, zellewegger, irons--and lance henrickson--I AM COMPLETELY THERE...and you should be, too.
  • lalola
    #27 Yes I'm a girl... but I think I have a very good taste of movies, the think is that I really don't like this kind of movies
  • Looks good.
  • Tomi
    I was wondering about the music also..... Anyway, looks good and I will see it.
  • Joshua
    #6 I agree. A little more twang.
  • kellen
    anyone who has read the book knows this is not a typical western. the trailer is very careful about what it reveals and i'm stoked to see the end result. expect award buzz for harris.
  • kellen
    oh by the way...... viggo doesn't look like pancho villa! he is carrying a belt with eight gauge shotgun shells ,which is straight from the book. hence the rambo- esque image of his character.
  • Chrisbo
    who cuts these things together!!!!!? Thanks for ruining the ending by showing our two heroes lying in the dust as Rene cries over them. It might be for a split second but it is there. Idiots!
  • eldin
    look greate.
  • Freako
    Loooks very very good I have always liked westerns.
  • gary
    The music from 1:10 - 2:00 I think is 'Audio Machine - House of Cards' used on both the Gone Baby Gone and Pride and Glory trailers




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