Worth Watching - Dec 6: Whacky Mystery Team Trailer

December 6, 2008
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Mystery Team Trailer

One of the films that caught our eye in the midnight section of the Sundance 2009 line-up was Mystery Team. In it, a group of kid detectives struggle to solve a double murder to prove they can be real detectives before they graduate from high school. Yes it sounds quirky and fun, but just wait until you see this trailer. There is no way you'll be expecting this, no matter what you've come up with in your twisted little mind. And do I still want to see it? Hell yes! I can't even place my finger on this; maybe I'll call it a odd combination of Saturday Night Live, Scooby Doo, and Mystery Men? Take a look for yourself…

Watch the trailer for Mystery Team:

[flv: 480 320]

For more info, head to the official website for the film:

Mystery Team is directed by first time feature filmmaker Dan Eckman, of the short Checkout previously. The script was co-written by Donald Glover, D.C. Pierson, and Dominic Dierkes, the same three kids who start in the film as the three young detectives. Mystery Team is set to premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009 and will be searching for a distributor at the fest. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Voltoid
    Don't think the video's working.
  • Woops... Fixed it! It's up and running!
  • Brooke
    Haha, "Aw, dude, did you fuck this bread?!" XD
  • Rob
    I'm really looking forward to this. I've been a subscriber to their YouTube channel for ages now, they have some genuinely funny sketches on there. If this movie is half as funny as the videos on there we'll have a winner.
  • Jon
    I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this looks genuinely awful. I watched the whole thing hoping it would get funnier, but it just got worse.
  • darrin
    it reminded me of pineapple express but less funny
  • AndyS
    @ #5-jon, you're not the only one. Ugh.
  • IA
    I watch these guys perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater at NYC all the time. Each of them are genuinely funny performers and teachers and have put together some of my favorite YouTube sketches (which #4 linked to above.) If the movie captures even a small fraction of their awesomeness, I'm sure it'll be fantastic. They screened it at UCB a few months ago and everyone I talked to who had seen it was pretty excited about it. P.S. look for Bobby Moynihan (a new SNL cast member this season) in the trailer and in Derrick's "Bro Rape" sketch:
  • heath
    MMMEEEHHHH.......... Didn't even crack a smile.
  • Matthew
    I love that song! What's the name of it?
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    I'm with #5...looks like shit-on-a-stick...more teens & toilet better things to do with my $$$$...
  • Looks cheap, but only a third nasty. Maybe they saved all the really funny stuff for the film...
  • wow this is weird. gotta see it.
  • -Peter-
    haha looks oddly funny
  • Max
    Wow, this looks great! Always been a fan of Derrick Comedy, and psyched to see that when they took a break from making internet sketches, with a notice that they were making a feature, they weren't just fucking around. Congrats. Looks good.
  • LMAO This movie looks fucking hilarious. totally bizarre though of course lol
  • bizarrely hilarious seems like the appropriate description for this one. hahaha can't wait
  • DCompose
  • SmartGuy
    HAHA its gonna be so good, Derrick comedy is amazing.
  • Max
    Here's a link to Checkout, the previous film by Dan Eckman:
  • I laughed and thats what matters to me most. Ill go.
  • Padme
    its fun 😛 looks good !
  • Ali
    Pathetic attempt at humor. Denied.
  • ha1rball
    holy shit!! i love these guys! there from derrick comedy. i've been watching there videos for years. hilarious!!!
  • dan
    at commenters 5,6,9,11,12, 23.......what "brilliant" comedies make you laugh? you people are waaaaaay too serious and uptight. this may not be a perfect film but it looks damn funny and i look forward to seeing it. these kids would fit in good with the kids from the "sasquatch gang".
  • Syphous
    I'm on the fence about this one. Like, if this trailer just showed the "funniest parts" then it's in trouble. But if it just showed us some of the funny, then it could be good.
  • Big r
    #3 I was dying laughing when i heard that part on the trailer. This looks AMAZING, i will definitely go see this. Alex definitely keep us posted on when this will be coming out and where. #10 Im so with you on that as well, i want the name of that song NOW!
  • Wow, really? This looks like shit. Sorry.
  • Cascade
    The name of the song in the trailer is "Get Like Me" by Childish Gambino. You can get the mp3 of the song from his blog Also this movie looks like its going to be great, i've been watching these guys for years now and i also want to see how good this film came out using the RED camera.
  • Kaycee Williams
    This looks stupid. #27- you were "dying laughing" at that part? You really need to get out more.
  • Trademark
    This looks fucking awesome
  • Quanah
    I'd call it a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Clerks: Quirky, off-beat, and full of foul references... It may be a decent outing for a first time director. I'd cut it slack just based on that. I'm sure it'll have SOME funny moments. Give it a chance folks.
  • Echelon
    @ #10 Check their website - they actually have the song free to download, on their news release when the trailer debuted.
  • K
    LOL! Different but looks good for a few laughs.
  • 9mm
    That begining part where he said "So we meet again my old friend" or whatever had me loling for tru!
  • LeeMan
    derrick comedy is hellarius you should watch their youtube videos
  • 05a88
    i like it...
  • big r
    #30 Im not going to tear you to shreds like i normally would, but when i saw number 3's comment i was not sure what he meant because i didnt view the trailer yet. However, while viewing the trailer i understood what he meant and thought it was so funny. Kaycee please get off of my dick and keep your stupid fukin remarks to yourself, i go out plenty so dont worry about my life.. go fuck yourself.
  • Conrad
    Go big r - holee shit, haha. Weird but funny trailer, can't wait to see more!
  • A'ight.
  • sillycal
    I think it looks good and funny! I like the song playing in the back ground, the comedy is different, the acting is over the top and the characters come across as stupid but funny! I will be in line!!!!!
  • Susana
    saw something about this on their youtube site! funny stuff
  • curtfrmcali
    yes!!! derrickcomedy pwns all! cant wait for this
  • TCox
    I'm not going to knock anyone sense of humor. If you think this looks funny, then great. For me, this is completely void of anything humorous, with the exception of the "fuck the bread" part.
  • Adam
    I have to say, I can't wait for this movie to come out. I worked as an intern for the grip crew and everything I saw was hilarious. If its as funny onscreen as it was in person, then its gonna be great.
  • Leiner
    Not... a... single... laugh. What's so funny about this?? No, really, people: What's funny about this!!!
  • Roberto Dinamite
    DUDE!! Did you fuck this bread?? If that didn't make you laugh, you must be a mormon.




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