Worth Watching - June 17: Tony Jaa's Ong Bak 2 Promo Reel!

June 17, 2008
Source: Twitch

Tony Jaa's Ong Bak 2 Promo Reel

Many will argue that Tony Jaa is one of the most impressive martial arts actors alive today up there with the likes of Jet Li. His first film, Ong Bak from 2003, was what put him in the spotlight here in America. He followed that film up with The Protector in 2005 and now is starring in and directing his first feature film Ong Bak 2. Remarkably, the film has no actual connection with the first Ong Bak besides Tony Jaa's involvement. The guys over at Twitch got their hands on the first promo reel from Ong Bak 2 and I must admit that I didn't turn away at all for the four minutes that this runs. It actually looks exactly like a Thai version of the newest Rambo movie. If you thought that Tony Jaa was impressive in Ong Bak, just wait until you see all of the martial arts styles in this.

This film takes place earlier in time than the first Ong Bak and stars Tony Jaa as a young man named Ting. He is saved from execution by a group of global martial artists as a boy who and trains in every one of their arts in an attempt to fuse them all into one master martial art. You don't want to miss this!

Watch the promo reel for Ong Bak 2:

Ong Bak 2 is directed by Thai martial artist Tony Jaa himself as his first feature film. The script was written by stunt coordinator and filmmaker Panna Rittikrai who previously wrote the screenplay for Ong Bak and Born to Fight. The Weinstein Company has the distribution rights for the film and is expected to release Ong Bak 2 in America sometime later in 2008. Stay tuned for more details!

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  • Rigo
    Loved Ong Bak and The Protector.. anyone who hasnt seemed them, I recommend watching it. Great Muy Thai fightin sequences and Tony is on his A gamee..
  • Skids74
    Sick Nuts!! Tony Jaa is da man.
  • Josh
    omgosh. this just may outdo The Protector. i'm excited now
  • steven
    who the hell is writing this stuff? Well I'll tell you it was alex billington. Please Alex when you go to write a story on a new film with its trailer in the mix, dont copmare it to other movies, like rambo. did you even see rambo? Rambo is a greasy italian guy stuck in the jungle, this about a greasy thai guy stuck in the jungle doing his own stunts.
  • William
    Gee, Steven give Alex a break. Do you have a blog with all latest movie wtrailers? I think all he was trying to say was that OBG 2 looks very gritty and realistic, the way Rambo did. of course he saw Rambo. Did you read his blogposts on Rambo?
  • I am done with learning and telling Alex ... Rambo !!?????? However ..Tony Jaa is a great Martial Artist ...but as most of the others he want to control everything ...and be under his own eyes .... He can fight ,choreograph the fights ...make his own stunts ... but he understood that he can't act ... Let's be real Tony is not an actor ... he is a fighter ... now he want to cover that by directing ... and maybe he will do well ...I hope so ...because Jackie Chan was a great director for his old movies ... you may be angry to me when I say that Jackie Chan is not good actor ..but it is the truth ... However I was a big fan of Jackie when I was child and I will respect him forever ...and now I like the new way "style" that Tony Jaa use for his movies .... and hope it will not effect a lot by the Hollywood way of movie making ... By the way this movie looks great ... 😉
  • Tirrell
    Thats what the F*&^ I'm talkin bout. Some real martial arts not no JC comedy shit. Luv TJ. I'm there.
  • Tirrell ... Are you blind ?..... I wrote the old Jackie Chan's movies !!! from how long you watch Jackie Chan's movies ???? last 4-5 years ??? Even Tonny Jaa said by him self that Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan were his legends ... I don't like the new Hollywood Jackie Chan movies too... I agree with you they are really bad ... But go and watch his old HongKong movies ... Moron ...and let me see how you will think later ...
    Tony, Has always been the man, and yeah jackie cant act. Any one that says he can needs to back and watch some stallone movies and compare the to side by side. But i will tell you this, The style of martial arts movies wouldnt have been anything without the help of jackie and all the other martial atrists at the time, SHAW BROTHERS RULE!!! Anyhow Lets stop comparing, This is a new day and age for martial artist, You guys probably dont see half of the films that comeo ut over seas, unless it is at blockbuster. Theres so many other good actors out there in asia, Tony Ja just happens to one that is up in coming in thailand. If you guys havent seen any good martial arts movies check out these Shinobi :heart under blade City of Violence Dragon Tiger gate Machine Girl Fist of legend Crows Zero
  • meh, I could beat him. ....Keep in mind that I'm writing this as I sleep, and I can do anything in my dreams.
  • i am tony jaa and i know where you guys live. haha...
  • RStewie
    Oh, I'm excited about this one! Please keep on top of it, I'm interested to know all the details!
  • jason
    I like how the movie promo displays the moves he's doing as if they're some type of WWE wrestling move.
  • Alex
    Absolutely bad ass... Tony Jaa is the greatest martial artist ever and ong bak 2 and the protector are 2 of my favorite movies of all time. You are not a man unless you seen these movies. And rambo. And eaten a baconator. You are not a man unless you have done these things.
  • theTruth
    i can't wait 4 dis one. both Ong Bak and the Protector was on point. i could care less about the acting. just as long as he does sum crazy sh*t like he has in past films, its A OK wit me
  • Darrin
    ong bak and the protector had the greatest fight sequences ever. hope this one is great.
  • cmurder
    Fucking sweet.....
  • when my boyfriend said he'd be stoked to raise Tony Jaa's love child I knew he was the one!
  • Dusty
    OK.. and now I will be rewatching the Protector to see if it was truly as bad as I first thought. Loved Ong Bak, but even that pissed me off when it was dubbed in English. The obnoxious sidekicks drive me nuts and having them in English sounding all cheesy doesn't help. This movie is going to be amazing.. I am pumped, just PLEASE release it somewhere in KC with subtitles or in the originating languages. Keep it up Alex, great find.
  • Garrett.king
    daaaamn. I didn't watch the first Ong Bak for the storyline, Tony Jaa is THEE MAN! Simply incredible, can't wait to see it. Hope I didn't see the best stuff in the trailer.
  • jason_md2020
    Ho-Lee Fuck. Excuse me. I have to go find my jaw now. It's somewhere on the floor...
  • I don't know what you guys have against Rambo so much? Here is my point - first off, I meant Rambo 4, as in, the one that came out THIS January, not the old/original version. Why I say that is because... basically, this tribe captures some people, pisses off Ting, and he goes in solo on a mad rampage kicking the crap out of everyone. In Rambo 4, the Burmese captured people and Rambo went in solo on a mad rampage and killed lots of guys. That's how I was comparing this - not for anything else! I hope you otherwise enjoy this trailer. There's no need to jump on me, just enjoy it for what it is and write your own opinions instead of bitching me out.
  • Jake
    OMFG! I'm so excited I almost pissed myself! TJ is pure poetry in motion, and this movie looks AWESOME!!! thanks for sharing!
  • Jont
    get a few beers and shots in me and i can wu tang sword style anyone at the bar
  • creatir
    i came a little watching that. that is amazing!
  • besi
    tony jaa is the real fight
  • besi
    I love to came Tony Jaa in Albania
  • you are the the best martial artist . I loved your movie tom yum goong .




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