Worth Watching - Nov 2: Bruce Campbell's My Name Is Bruce Trailer!

November 2, 2008
Source: Apple

My Name Is Bruce Trailer

This is a very long-time in the making - the last official trailer for Bruce Campbell's self-titled horror movie epic - My Name Is Bruce! The film is currently touring the US right now (see the schedule here) and will most likely be coming to your own local town soon, so don't miss it. If you need any incentive to go see it - this trailer is it! My Name Is Bruce stars Bruce Campbell as himself - a self-obsessed B-movie star who is coaxed by a group of fanboys to fight a real undead monster in a small rural town in Oregon. This looks absolutely ridiculously fun, much more so than Man with the Screaming Brain, and I can't wait to see it!

Watch the trailer for My Name Is Bruce:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the My Name Is Bruce trailer in High Definition on Apple

My Name Is Bruce is direct by "The Chin" himself, Bruce Campbell, who has directed a few odd indie films previously, most notably Man with the Screaming Brain. The script was written by "Smallville" and "Battlestar Galactica" writer Mark Verheiden. The film was produced by Dark Horse Entertainment and is theoretically being distributed by Lionsgate, although there is no actual release date. Instead, Bruce Campbell is touring around the US himself showing the film himself - see the full schedule here.

My Name Is Bruce Poster

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  • darrin
    looks alright.
  • max
    looks terrible, sounds terrible, why "worth watching"? -.-
  • Markmos
    "NOT Worth watching!" so solly! Is racial stereotyping still considered harmless and funny?
  • JL
    Cripple hating douchebag. j/k Just you and me 'Top Ramen'.
  • Netflix material
  • LW
    I want Evil Dead shampoo...
  • Tester
    Saw this the other night....really horrid as much as I like Bruce.
  • Nick
    in (1:30 ) Bruce said : I made a movie in Bulgaria ! I am ready for anything ? What does that mean ?
  • Da Man
    I love Bruce Campbell but this one looks a little iffy. There were some decent looking scenes but I don't think that trailer really did anything to psych me out. I'm gonna save my judgment for the finished product, though. I'll prolly rent it.
  • Nora
    #8 - "Man With the Screaming Brain" was filmed in Bulgaria and he wasn't too fond of that city. As for the movie I'll wait for DVD.
  • jman571
    wtf, Bruce Campbell is the shit, but this looks just retarded, imo he's a great cult film star, but the persona he's created is not one that lends itself to this kind of self-referential garbage.
  • Nora
    I meant to say country.
  • dac_fan
    Well I am a big fan and I will be waiting to see this one in the theater.
  • avoidz
    At least Bruce still has his Burn Notice gig...
  • heckle0
    Bruce is awesome and i hope i get to see this soon!
  • Dude! Awesome!
  • Bruce brought this movie to the Alamo Ritz in Austin last weekend. The first show sold out in five minutes. They added two more--all sellouts. The movie is silly, really silly, but a lot of fun. He references everything from Evil Dead to Three Stooges in it. If you are a Bruce Campbell fan, or if you want to see a dumb comedy that isn't just a string of fart jokes, you may like it.
  • Can't Wait
    I saw him speak during the tour for his book If Chins Could Kill, and he was great. A really funny and genuine guy who stuck around for well over an hour to sign everything everyone in the auditorium had. He made me an even bigger fan if possible. I can't wait to see this one.
  • avoidz
    Bring on Evil Dead IV! :)
  • this looks horrible lol
  • J.R
    You guys are wacked. This looks funny.
  • Dunkhan
    Oh c'mon guys! It's Bruce freakin take yourselves way too seriously. Unhook your mind and enjoy it for what it is...a jab, a poke, and a teasing of himself and all his movies. Jeez!!! Unreashed...hahaha
  • Chef Christine
    This is a Bruce Campbell dream. As tacky as it gets and impossibly bad plot.... I can't wait to see it!!!
  • Bucklee
    Stupid Funny, I have been looking forward to this for a while, but this is the first time I have seen the trailer. I can't wait for it to come out!!
  • Zedora
    Well said, Dunkhan! Lighten up, people. He can laugh at himself, and had a blast making the movie. It's Bruce Campbell, for crying out loud. He's not known for making "serious" movies. It just doesn't make any sense to watch this trailer, or read about the movie and then say, "OMG! A CHEESY B MOVIE? FROM BRUCE CAMPBELL?! Oh noes!" If you want to go see some uptight I-take-myself-too-seriously-and-don't-even-know-it actor in a lame movie trying too hard to win Oscars, obviously this movie isn't for you. So acknowledge that and move along or try and enjoy the lighthearted content in My Name Is Bruce. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out at the local indy theater.
  • I hope this comes up to Canada, it looks pretty funny.
  • JL
    I agree with 22 and 25. If you nay-sayers would just smoke a little and mellow out, I'm sure you might enjoy this. It makes no sense to watch a trailer for a BRUCE CAMPBELL movie and complain that it looks cheesy. Doing cheesy movies is his thing.
  • JL
  • Wow, this looks awful.Didn't laugh even pnce.
  • Philip Brown
    Hey,if you want art go to a museum. If you want entertainment get in line behind me. When is it playing Kona?
  • david
    I cant Waite i got my tickets in advance for the Boston screening on Friday night and all the shows are sold out for both Fri and Sat. I know its cheesy and a lot of people will hate it but that is what he he does and that's what i love about his films.
  • Chris Rainbolt
    *only for Bruce Campbell fans*
  • Looks like good, cheesy fun. Potentially this could be as good (and bad) as Big Trouble in Little China. That said, BTiLC is much better on dvd while you're at home on a rainy Saturday. In the theaters... not so much.
  • moldybread
    this is a movie for BRUCE CAMPBELL fans...we will absolutely love it...if you dont like Bruce, then dont go see the movie thats easy enough to understand, yeah??
  • Looks stupid, can't wait. Bruce Campbell is better than fat baby Jesus.
  • Ash
    Well put, moldybread...let me expand on what you said: There are two ways I rank movies. One is "best movies" reserved for excellent production quality, great stories with a message, great acting/directing, etc. The other is "favorite movies" these are movies that I can watch over, and over, and over, and over again and enjoy them EVERY SINGLE TIME.... At the top of my list of the latter category is "Army of Darkness" of the greatest movies ever made (which I have seen at least forty exaggeration). If you can't understand the comedy of Bruce Campbell playing his trademark character with equal parts bravado and incompetence, then you'll never understand why "My Name is Bruce" is a movie that I am more excited about than any other in the last five years. May there be a slew of sequels.
  • boyracer
    Bruce Campbell AND Ted Raimi. How could it possibly get any sweeter than that!!!! This better come to Australia or else I am invading your country!!!!
  • Da Man
    Bruce Campbell wears the greatest shirts.
  • I own his damn movies I've read all of his damn books I've played every single damn video game I even watched friggin' Burn Notice and FINALLY i feel obligated to actually see something new that's Bruce this could be either fun or failure
  • Billy
    Looks tacky,looks crapy....Can't wait... :)
  • Saw him and the movie last Friday in NYC. Someone actually proposed to his girl two rows behind me. "As Bruce Campbell is my witness..." Movie was good. May be lost on people not so familiar with this living legend and his work.
  • how much is a Bruce Campbell doll in mint condition in the box worth?
  • movie is good, but it seems that they can do their best if they have enough budget




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