Worth Watching - Nov 23: Badass Black Dynamite Trailer!

November 23, 2008
Source: Official Website

Black Dynamite Trailer

You've heard about it and here it is - the badass red band trailer for Black Dynamite! What is Black Dynamite you ask? You know what exploitation films are, right? Well, Black Dynamite is a blaxploitation film at its finest. At first I didn't even think this was real but it turns out it's an actual film heading to Sundance next year. Michael Jai White stars as Black Dynamite in one of the most action-packed, sex-filled, and utterly badass cinematic treasures you'll ever set your eyes on. Don't even think twice, just fire up this trailer and get ready for one hell of a smooth and unforgettable experience. Feel the anamorphic duovision!

Watch the red band trailer for Black Dynamite:

For more info, head to the official website for the film:

Black Dynamite is both written and directed by Scott Sanders, of only Thick as Thieves previously. The screenplay was co-written by Sanders as well as actors Byron Minns and Michael Jai White. This will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival early next year. Black Dynamite doesn't have a distributor yet, but will be searching for one at Sundance. Expect to see this in theaters sometime in 2009!

Black Dynamite Poster

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  • ZaFaR
    Really Awesome!
  • cmedina
    movie looks bad....BADASS!
  • McScottsonfelds
    Holy freakin crap. That is all.
  • Max Russian
    Are u serious? Why so serious? this movie looks like a homemade movie!! Corny has heck! dumb dumb dumb!! omg.. waste of time! Holly crap!! HATE IT!
  • Marcus
    Sure you didnt just record an old trailer from the 70s there, Alex? hahahahaha, 2 minutes ago I didnt want tot even think twice about this film, now I wanna see it on the big screen. My heads in 70s mode...
  • George
    Oh Man, I want to see this NOW.
  • Bo
    OMG....I'm speechless, DYNAMITE, DYNAMITE, DYNAMITE, gotta love that trailer, hahahahaha
  • jman571
    wow wtf that blew my mind.
  • Matthew
    I have to admit this is a pretty awesome throwback, but it's not without it's flaws. My biggest issue is with Michael Jai White and his comedic performance. Watching him deliver all this one-liners was just weak but on the other hand I can't think of anybody that looks better and can kick-ass so I digress. Another thing, where is Dave Chappelle? I understand he doesn't like to play to the stereotypes but his invovlement would have been spectacular, I see him in a side-kick role deliving massive laughs, wow.
  • MrSammich
    Is the world ready for a white Black Dynomite?
  • al
    is this a sequel to that Napoleon flick a while back?
  • Nick Lawless
    reminds me of Dolemite... 😀 that trailer looks badass haha
  • sick
    black version of charles bronson
  • coyo
  • Alexander
    Wow, take that you jive mothafuckas! I lol'd pretty hard at this.
  • Is that a David Choe poster? Liking it! The posters a lot of the time were the best part about Blaxploitation films. Putting yo ass in traction!
  • big r
    Holy crappppppppp! this looks effin awesome hahahaha
  • Collin
    This looks terrible. I get it, it accomplishes its goal, but it still looks absolutely terrible.
  • DCompose
    "You know what exploitation films are, right? Well, Black Dynamite is a blaxploitation film at its finest." Oh my god you are so lame.
  • grapes
    "sshhhhhh you gonna wake up the rest of the bitches"-black dynamite haahha lol looks good
  • Phizik
    doesn't look bad but still straight to video material
  • adrian
    "You gonna wake up the rest of the bitches" ahahahahahahahaha best line in awhile. Should be kind of cool, probably won't blow up though. Cult classic material, i bet.
  • Adam
    GOLD GOLD GOLD !!!!! im in for VIP tickets....
  • Ross
    You know that part of my life were I spent watching this trailer? I want that back....!!!
  • joe
    so fucking cool, i hope this opens everywhere
  • Gale
    "Believe it or not, it's an actual genre." Jesus christ. What the fuck, Alex?
  • Fenris
    looks awesome all you honkys better recognise !!
  • Adrian's amazing (the trailer). Looking forward to see the movie, as it has what i'm looking for in an action movie: action :)/buffed action hero (since Spawn i like Michael Jai White)/hot bitches (plenty as i see) and comedy/parody. Of course i didn't see a good action movie for years (really..the last one i remember to have an impact on me was Sin City) Dynamite won't dissapoint.
  • Jaf
    Black Dynamite is my new boss
  • Richard
  • Cody
    HA! freaking awesome
  • Dvaid
    26 - "Jesus christ. What the fuck, Alex?" I know...I shook my head when I read that line. Alex might want to take a modern film history course someday so he doesn't make mistakes like that again. The trailer looks great though.
  • mrbobbyboy
    26 and 32 - I know. I mainly visit this site now to bask in the warm glow of fan boy reviewers getting it wrong time after time after time.
  • Rodrigo
    best trailer I ever watched in my life!
  • mos
    mother of god!! i have to agree with #6 and 34. this is the most awesome trailer ive ever seen in the history of my life and i wanna see it now. GUARANTEED TO PUT YO ASS IN TRACTION!!! lmao
  • Funny trailer. Dynamite. Dynamite.
  • Is this the pinnacle of Black cinematic achievements? Hope not whatever happened to Shaft or Ray, what about How High or Undercover Brother. This could be a cult classic but I think its trying to hard to be a in your face, kick in the balls, indie classic. Overall as a good movie this cannot be more than anything than life time TV movie. i mean Jai White is a good actor but this isn't a good movie in any sense, so FUCK OFF! And bring on the nasty, shit talking comments...I think I can take all of you!
  • shaq-attack
    Yes. It is a David Choe poster. Choe has done all the promo art for the movie. I've seen Black Dynamite and it will blow minds. The best stuff is not even in the trailer!!
  • b
    I saw Obama was supposed to put an end to blaxploitation? This looks bad as fuck. Surprised Tarintino doesn't have his ass all over the producer credits since he supposedly has a monopoly on anything ironic. -First in Line
  • TREY
    movie looks great!!
  • Phil Macdonald
    WWOOOOWWW!!!!!!! THIS MOVE LOOKS LIKE AN INSTANT CLASSIC. i cant wait for this to come out. Black Power at its Finest!!! im deffinetly going on opening night and im gunna sneak my kitties Timsdale and Squirt in with me just so they can see how awesome this movie is gunna be!!!!!! Whelp.... Cyeah Later!!!!!!!!!
  • Phil Macdonald
    P.S. Squirt is also black. So its PERFECT!!!!!
  • Dusty
    WOW>.. I felt like that guy was Richard Pryor... hahaha... too funny
  • Ger
    Who needs 3-D? I want all see all MY movies in ANAMORPHIC DUOVISION YO!!! Does anyone else think that this may be more slap stick than anything else? I have to admit, I was waiting for OJ and Lt. Drebin to appear. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting it to be "serious" like Shaft, I just want the movie to stay consistantly cheesy throughout. Regardless, this has to be one of the best red bands I've ever seen and it was enough to make me want to own this movie (I'm pretty sure it won't hit the theater in my town ever).
  • miracle disease
    Why do I get the feeling that the movie is comedy? Is it because I can't brush off the chuckles I made while watching the trailer or it's just the voice over that keeps screaming Black Dynamite! who sounded like one of the bitches who just woke up? Hmmmm
  • Fox
    Black Dynamite > Machete
  • PimpSlapStick
    This was tailor made for yours truly Fuck the haters
  • not yo mommas cat
    Greatest movie trailer EVER! Black Belt Jones has nothing on Black Dynamite. Hells yeah.
  • tzarinna
    Shit, I can't watch the trailer right now. You had me at sex filled. 😀
  • Zinglebert Bemzidak
    Alex, you are the biggest fucking lunchbox on the internet. Your site has good info, but reading your articles is like reading a third grade book report. But that movie looks...awesome.
  • This is lookin fuckin hilarious! hahaha The VO was the best part! I think I'm gonna be laughing my ass off this entire movie.
  • Dave
    Hahahaha that is awesome!
  • Allen Sharpe
    #9 dave chappelle should be in this movie for sure. itd be so much better
  • Brandon
    Total Dolemite ripoff. Even the story is the same. Looks fun, but Rudy Ray Moore can never be topped.
  • Now thas what I"M talkin' bout!!! Shit! Mo movies should be like this here!
  • ill will
    that shyt is soooo SERIEAL..................i know throwbacks would be a hit again, just look at BERRY"S LAST DRAGON AND THE KARATE comment on that onw though buddie
  • lalafrog2003
    hahaha what the eff? this looks hilarious.
  • ConnerF
    All you dudes are puting in your stupid comments about how this movie looks good, or it looks terrible, well you really have no idea what you're talking about. I love the genre and I could recongnize just about every clip they took from a genuine blaxploitation movie. This trailer is 95% film from vintage blaxploitation movies. And 5% Michael Jai White close ups
  • BennyDaButcha
    Ya'll some hattas out there this is just a brilliant idea ya'll couldn't come up wit !!!!! SO STOP THE HATIN' BITCHAS
  • ConnerF
    I need to make one correction. I thought the above trailer was the original "Black Dynamite" trailer which just consisted of clips from other blaxploitation movies, however this one is actually the newest trailer with original footage. I'm not hatin', I was just referring to the original trailer. So BennyDaButcha don't try to school me on blaxploitation, I know more about exploitation films and film making than you ever will. All I'm saying is give some credit to the source material and respect some original blaxploitation films from the early seventies.
  • DLove
    1 step forward 2 steps back. This movie is HORRIBLE timing!
  • Bumboclot
    Prediction: best movie EVER!!!!!
  • Smiley
    Is it a documentary?
  • Fisherr
    Damn the movie looks like it will be off the hook. Can't wait.
  • Ash
    I saw this trailer last year, and knew as soon as i saw it that it was gonna be a cult classic, and then sony buys it in less than 6 hours after for 2million??? if you don't GET IT, or GOT IT and still don't like it.. THEN YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MOVIES... movie history, or just good movie making.... instead of going to see this, just buy tix for SAW 29, you'll probably like that crap better... BLACK DYNAMITE was an indie made movie, that is gonna BLOW UP... it's gonna have a cult follow just off the trailer.... so get on, or STEP OFF.... sorry but people need to open their minds to things they don't know....
  • Tom Dearsley
  • Silky
    I need to see this IMMEDIATELY! If I get the chance - I'm taking it.
  • It looks horrible.
  • Long time no see it from a good film to see some really liked it. Think of the black powder is as good
  • I watched the film at the cinema.It gave me unexpected surprise.It is worth watching.
  • I saw the movie, It is OK but I cannot think this is what I'm waiting for long. Average movie.
  • yeah it was an average movie. ...
  • Definetly worth watching the film, The trailers looks amazing but not compared with the movie, Pure quality. Great film
  • Check out this insider interview with Director Scott Sanders and Screenwriter / Actor Michael Jai White on their experiences on the set of Black Dynamite.
  • Definatley worth a watch ! great film
  • It is sweet ...check it out, awesome film!
  • Redcloth
    OMG haven`t seen such a Kick in the ASS movie for a long time!!! Can`t wait for Blu-Ray release, it will look awsome on my 60"LG full-1080p hd, just like Sin City :)
  • One of those films where the trailer is better than the actual film!
  • Great film, well worth checkin out !
  • Terrible film!
  • I have seen this movie just last year, February 2009 to be exact. The movie is fantastically amazing! The screenplay was good and the characters were surprising.
  • Awesome film thanks for the article!!
  • OMG some of these moments are the most classic of all time!!!!
  • Reminds me of some scenes out of Pulp fiction!
  • Cracking lighting effect and sound track
  • OOOOH the screen play... just sublime!
  • I wonder how much they get paid? ....mmmmmmm mmmwwaaah
  • I really appreciate this article thank you so much.. films good
  • Hi thanks sharing this information I found it really valuable…I'll be coming back to see what's happening in the near future.
  • great blog thanks a bunch!!
  • Internet Marketing Business
    Hi can I just thank you for this post... i have seen the film and love it!
  • In Business Solutions
    Amazing film !!! yeah
  • Raf
    That's really good stuff, many thanks
  • Can't believe i missed this one, looks good.
  • I saw this and can confirm it was pretty awesome!




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